they should its pretty fun


DAY 12: FAVORITE SONG - Disco Girl

This is why Dipper has trust issues


*doots a trumpet* AND HERE WE HAVE IT!!!! MY BRS SONA (AKA THE EDGIEST THING ALIVE) and yet they look so fucking cool look how tall they are
i actually had a lot of fun designing LMG (it took me all yesterday morning 

i was messing around with ttob on skype and now LMG only speaks in emoticons like a fukin weeb but they usually wear a monotone expression and they fucking talk out the emoticon

its horrible

sign ups for the phandom little pop are now open!

that’s right everyone! starting now you can sign up to become a part of what is possibly the laziest creative writing/artistic event this phandom has ever seen. drabblers, doodlers, and betas will come together now to create something great. or pretty good. or kinda meh. but definitely something which we will post throughout the month of january in a series of little pops.

(for a better explanation of what this event entails, click here)

please read all the sign up info carefully, as this system is different from the big bang system you’re probably used to. if you have questions, read our faq or send us an ask

info you will need to have in order to sign up:

  • url
  • email address
  • an open tumblr ask box
  • if you are writing a drabble, urls of your teammates (if you have any yet)
  • if you are writing a drabble, a very brief summary of the idea for your story
  • if you are writing a drabble, a list of any warnings you will be including in the story

please note:

  • each individual drabble requires its own form. if you’re writing more than one drabble, you must fill out more than one form.
  • if you are already a member of a team, we only require the drabbler to fill out the form
  • the doodler/beta form is for individual sign ups only (this means that we will pair you with a drabbler & doodler/beta to form a complete team)

drabblers: sign up your teams here!

individual doodlers/betas: sign up yourselves here!

if you are a doodler/beta who is already on a team with a drabbler, you do not need to fill out a form. your drabbler will sign you up. however, if you’d like to work on additional fics besides that one, you can fill out the individual sign up form and be assigned a second team.

- your directors

Whenever Moriarty kills someone he makes a total mess. I mean he doesn’t do it often so might as well make the best of it.

But Sebastian isn’t very fond of that idea.

Inspired by this gifset made by the oh so freaking lovely apinchofsanity (check her out! I love her work ffs)

//edit: forgot the fucking facial hair

um. i dont know why im learning k*orean honestly i probably WonT go there for college so theres no point to it ahhh.. and like even if i just apply 2 colleges there when i grad and get accepted i dont want to go to a country where im minority and most of its people are so harsh and racist………..