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I can only explain the similarities between our!Kaneki and fake!Kaneki because the imposter has his face surgically changed to Kaneki’s. Without his control, of course. Wouldn’t surprise if it’s Kanou, who has an obessission with his prototype, who managed to make his face almost identical to Kaneki’s. That says more about Kanou than Furuta to be honest…

We will probably never know who exactly he was and how he ended up in Furuta’s “care” in the first place, but the pain and fear he felt was really intense that it made me actually quite depressed. 

And it goes without saying that this whole ordeal was scripted, just like Imposter’s reluctance to answer immediately, so Furuta give the audience a more dramatic show. This whole scene is getting even more disturbing if we consider that these investigators are not only indirectly cheering for the executions for their own collegues and citizens they actually should protect, but also that none of these investigators actually objected to these children, who have their eyes hidden with a cloth, doing the deed or even noticing that Furuta is using child soldiers. 

All in all, what I am saying is probably not something interesting, but this is so incredibly scary to me because Furuta literally treats this all as a freakshow and the investigators welcome it in their desperation. For the first time in my life I can actually sympathise Furuta’s enjoyment of hypocrisy. He must really get off to the fact that they indirectly stripped off their last remnants of humanity and compassion in favour of self-assurance and conquest of power.

And I am really glad that Urie as well as Ui witnessed this and were utterly disgusted. Urie, with his superiority complex and powergrasping, can’t even take a look at it. Although I am not sure if it’s just disgust, but also the possibility that it hit him pretty early that this ain’t Sasaki in the first place. But that his mouth wasn’t drawn shows to me that there is a great inner conflict, which I appreciate to be honest, even it could also indicate that he, for now, doesn’t intend to share his inner thoughts with anyone, or at least publically so to speak. But I won’t deny that there has been great character development with him in the first place, because there definitely was quite a lot of it prior to that scene.

And Ui, who is recognizing, no, admitting, the situation for what it is (although it is not the fist time that he anticipated that the CCG won’t last) and realises that the CCG is lost for good. Well, I would want to also have a realisation on his part that it was all illusion in the first place and that his mentality was never reconcilable with this organisation in the first place, but I am definitely satisfied for now. Although… the “weak” analogy was quite interesting, too. I am not quite sure if he is just referring to the physical stuff, as most investigators are not very strong in general, or if these people are weak because they are defying Ui’s mentality of what an investigator is supposed to act.

And I also wonder if he is shocked because he did some self-reflection in the process, too. 

And what I didn’t see being pointed out yet is Suzuya’s expression. Not only is he witnessing a demonstration of said freakshow he had to partake in himself throughout his childhood and thought to have abandoned it for good, only to discover that it’s practically dominating his own home. 

No, he also knows that his own collegues and the people he, they, swore to protect actually were killed by the protectors of mankind in front of them. 

He could not do a single thing about it. Did he think of Shinohara this time, too? What would he have said to this? 

Does he still intend to stick with the CCG? Or has his mistrust of Furuta reached its peak and thus is going to fight against Furuta’s new system?

I really hope Ui is going to drag Saiko’s, Urie’s and Suzuya’s assess out of there as soon as possible. 

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I'm the first person to be annoyed at those who spam their families and friends. I really don't see the point of doing that and it must be incredibly frustrating and annoying for them. But 'are you mental'?... Really? Was that really necessary? It's just not the correct way for her to show her annoyance tbh. Mental was an unnecessary word

I agree and it’s not the first time a family member or friend of the boys have made an unnecessarily rude and/or abelist comment in response to this stuff, which they really shouldn’t do. But while we can’t control their behavior and the words they use, but we can control our own behavior, and it’s absolutely ridiculous that Larries on twitter and Instagram should still, in the year of our lord 2017, be spamming every single person related to the boys and plenty of people who aren’t with Larry-related comments. So every time this happens, I’m going to beg people to PLEASE stop doing that stuff because it’s probably ridiculously frustrating for Gemma and others and it accomplishes literally nothing at all except making us all look immature and annoying as fuck.

So for context-

My girlfriend was at work for the first two hours of the show today so I was on my own. Luckily, I’m alright at selling my stuff and the show doesn’t really pick up until noonish. 

A man came up to me and started talking to me about my stuff blah blah what do you write blah blah where you from blah blah. “Are you going to the party at Kerouac?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“You should come. You look like you know how to have fun.”

“I try.” Promptly flash ring. 

“It would be really cool if you showed up. We could talk art… I could flirt with you…”

Wow. Rewind. “I’m… sorry?”

“Flirt with you. I could flirt with you.”

“That’s what I thought you said.” Lemon face, and pregnant pause.

“Okay, maybe not flirt with you.”

Oh good. He learns.

He also walks away awkwardly. 

Meet the most over-the-top sneakers we’ve ever seen: “I know these sneakers are kinda silly. They say things like ‘I love pizza pasta and music,’ and 'So fab!’ on them, and yet, it’s the exact right kind of Italian maximalism that I totally get behind. They are, you could say, coo coo bananas, and should only be worn with a cleavage-y printy floaty Dolce dress (and a crown!). They’re also unbelievably expensive, which makes me want them that much more. In order to afford these sneakers, I’d have to give up my cell phone plan for about seven months—meaning I wouldn’t even be able to show them off on Instagram. And if you can’t put them on the 'gram, do you even really own them?” — @lapantin #livingofframen
📷: @jakerosenberg

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Bitterness seeps through... Justin lost Selena because of his own damn actions. Even earlier last year he could have worked to get her back, yet he was parading around with all these females. It was not until he saw her with Abel that he showed some type of change. She is a powerful woman who can do whatever the fuck she wants. She is a rare breed in this business and deserves non of this judgement. She looks so happy and healthy you should be happy for her since you claim to be a fan.

then I’m not a fan.Happy ?

  • Blizzard: *removes Tracer's pose that shows off her butt*
  • Straight men: You are censoring your own character! She should be able to present herself as she wants! She's just owning her sexuality, let her be who she would be!
  • Blizzard: *reveals that Tracer is gay*
  • Straight men: Why do we need to know so much about her?! Who cares what she wants or likes, let me have my own fantasies!

This is another small moment I really like. When Yuri makes a mistake, Victor reacts very negatively but then shakes himself and goes back to being stoic.

Considering Yuri had just earlier been very uncertain about his own performance and stated that he needed Victor to have faith him, to me what happened here is Victor telling himself a) to not show any outward negative body language to not impact Yuri should he glance Victor’s way and b) to have faith in Yuri and thus not act so pessimistic over one small mistake.

He paid attention to what Yuri needed and wanted, and adjusted to it.


Festive icons I made for you and your number one

People have given Trevor Noah a hard time ever since he took over The Daily Show, but he totally scored a huge win on last night’s show with Tomi Lahren from The Blaze. While she jabbered on at top speed and bitched about BLM and Colin Kaepernick, Trevor remained calm, collected, poised, and allowed her to hoist herself by her own ignorant petard. As I’ve seen some people point out on Twitter, I don’t think she may fully realize that Trevor is a biracial man from South Africa who had to be zealously protected by his mother because his birth actually violated apartheid laws. He could have easily been killed as a child due to his identity as biracial.

If you haven’t seen the full interview, I urge you to seek it out, it’s remarkable. 

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You should definetly come the England and show off your 'amazing' accent

I don’t know, I don’t wanna embarrass anyone over there by having a better English accent than their own. *Pops collar of jacket, walks off, and immediately trips and falls, smacking face into pavement*

so guys my mom is a doctor and while we were watching the episode she said “johns a pretty bad doctor, he should have laid mary down and put her feet up so she wouldn’t bleed out”

it made me think that possibly mary’s death is part of sherlock’s recurring dream and that’s why it’s inaccurate

we know john’s a good doctor; sarah tells him he’s over-qualified for that office and he demonstrates his knowledge throughout the show. would he really forget this significant method of keeping someone alive when they’re bleeding out? especially with his own wife?

BTS as things my father has said:
  • Namjoon: this may be the third day in a row we've gotten chilli's for dinner but i don't hear any of you complaining
  • Seokjin: *someone calls his daughter pretty* thanks. oh you meant her?
  • Hoseok: *laughing hysterically at viral cat videos from 2010*
  • Yoongi: *teaches own children how to illegally download music*
  • Taehyung: guys. oh my god. there's a frog in the garage.
  • Jimin: do not make me dance mediocre ballet in the middle of this JC Penney i WILL do it
  • Jungkook: *almost bursts a blood vessel trying to carry 12 bags of groceries in one trip*
Why you should watch Sweet and Vicious

What is this show about ?: Campus rape and two girls who decide to punish the rapists

Who are these girls?:

We have Jules. She alternates between being a stone cold badass that can beat up men twice her size and an awkward lovable dork that’s a bit lost

Then we have Ophelia. A computer nerd and the campus weed dealer

Ophelia lives her own rather comfortable chill life until one night she stumbles upon Jules beating the crap out of a rapist. Their first meeting is intense

Ophelia is immediately intrigued and starts snooping around trying to uncover who is the campus vigilante. She quickly discovers her identity and tries to annoy her. Jules is not amused

This naturally makes Ophelia even more intrigued. She finally breaks down Jules defense and after some really messed up stuff they decide to partner up

Are there any other interesting characters?:

Yes. We have

Kennedy: Jules’s best friend and one of those rare people who really have their life together. She is really worried about Jules who’s been acting suspiciously and is trying her best to take care of her

and Harris: Opehlia’s best friend who just wants to become a lawyer and spends most of his time eye rolling at Ophelia’s insane computer and weed stunts and having her back

I just saw that it’s an MTV show. Please tell me it’s not some dumb humor: Nope. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not some dark drama. There are fun and light moments but they also show how heavy this topis is and how girls are dealing with it

Why isn’t it more popular on tumblr?: Probably due to bad marketing. Not enough people are giving it a chance. Here is the trailer

Seriously watch it. It’s awesome

The Fifth Harmony fandom is mad at Camila for saying that she felt uncomfortable being sexualized when she was younger (even UNDERAGED). Somehow because Camila said that she didn’t like her sexuality being out of her hands & being forced by management to show more skin/be more provocative shes a bitch? And yall call yourselves feminists?

Also she even said that its important for women to be able to control their own sexuality & feel comfortable with herself. So don’t throw Bad Tings at her face or call her a slut shamer?? She literally just didn’t want to be sexualized by grown ass men without her will. 

Saying that Camila doesn’t have a right to complain about being forcibly sexualized because of her song leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and it should leave one in yours too. This is the same argument people give while raping girls/prostitutes, like “oh she willingly had sex once, so now she must always be willing”? Just because Camila wrote a song about sex does not mean that she is suddenly allowed to be sexualized without her permission.

Ariana Grande fans could understand this, but Fifth Harmony fans? All they care about is hating Camila, and they are willing to throw their feminist ideals under the bus to do it.

  • Steven Universe: Today we'll be talking about how important it is to love yourself and others, and always give people a second chance! Also all relationships have to be completely consensual and how dangerous they are if they're not.
  • Over the Garden Wall: This takes place in some dream purgatory where a man has to give up his own love for his brother and makes people think about the meaning for up to 2 years later!
  • Regular Show: Everyone makes mistakes, and it's okay to break the mold when needed.
  • Teen Titans Go: Lol so randem XD liek and subsrib
  • Cartoon Network: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm which one should take up our entire timeslot

hey so im moving out and my official move in day is feb 1st which is super soon and i’m not nearly as prepared as i should be but i made a wishlist of things i still need if u wanna help me out since i’ve never lived on my own before!! and am broke till i get paid again in two weeks


So a while ago people were talking about ‘liveaction tv show, actors!au’ and i love imagining blooper reels for animated things, so my twin sister and I came up with this silly thing. Now seemed an appropriate time to share with the recent liveaction movie announcement. 

Marinette’s actor would be a total jokester