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Request: Can you please do a peter quill imagine where the guardians come down to earth and meet the avengers? the reader is part of the avengers. when the guardians are having a “meeting” with the avengers, Y/N comes down singing one of the songs from the awesome mixes. and peter falls head over heels and it’s all very fluffy. thank you.

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Earth-13 Sara Lance.

Sara refused to let Oliver go on the Gambit alone with the abusive bastard who called himself Oliver’s father, and the night of the storm, she was doing what she wished she had been doing for years: standing between the two and keeping Robert’s fists at bay.

Then the boat went down, and Sara found herself in hell.

But she survived. And kept on surviving.

The Amazo, Ivo’s punishments, the gut shot that would’ve been her sister-in-arms head shot, a second sunken ship, and the League of Assassins, all of which should have killed her but never quite managed to get the job done.

Not physically, at least. But her humanity was wasting away, and she had no desire to stop it from rotting away into nothing.

A trip to Central City at exactly the wrong moment gave her a powerful weapon: a scream that could liquefy neural tissue and turn buildings into rubble.

Of course, by then she had found a name that suited her much better.

After all, when a Banshee screams all those who hear it know death is coming, and this Banshee in particular just met an interesting man with a ship he claims can travel through time and a mission to kill a supposed immortal … 


Today I found out that as a fanartist I was probably given too much power

(14/2 is Yamagata’s birthday and 15/2 is Kinoshita’s and I was drawing them for it and then I wondered)


Danny Phantom concept that I don’t think anyone thought about yet: these two. 

Every time I think about them, I feel as if they should definitely know each other?
They both have that Stupid Hairstyle and they’re both crusty old fancy adults who are secretly ghosts taking advantage of teenagers and ruining lives

ThorBruce content u didn’t know u needed until now:
  • Thor likes to wrap Bruce up in his cloak like . Whenever Possible because despite the fact that he literally Cannot Be Killed, Thor is still adamant he needs more layers on so he doesn’t ‘catch a cold’ as they say in Midgard.
  • Bruce takes Thor to ballets and operas and theatre productions because there’s just something about them that enthrals him and Bruce could watch that awed look on his face all damn day.
  • Height difference. 
  • They can never watch movies that don’t have happy endings bc Thor just starts crying and Bruce has to buy double his boyfriend’s bodyweight in chocolate just to calm him down again.
  • Bruce highkey loves snuggles. Thor loves offering snuggles. This is a win-win relationship.
  • HeiGHt dIFfeRencE
  • Quite frankly astounding amounts of PDA.
  • Thor taking Bruce to see all the stars and constellations and galaxies bc he knows they fascinate him.
  • On a sadder note- Thor is the only one who ever stands a chance against the Hulk if something happens, and so Bruce doesn’t have to constantly fear for the safety of his partner if his pulse gets too high.
  • Bruce stress bakes. Thor stress eats. Again, a win-win relationship.
  • Thor is the best person to calm down the Hulk. Also 100% fearless and will just get up in his face until some part of Hulk registers him and Chills Instinctively.
  • Thor totally subs just sayin
  • Thor is the only one Bruce is 100% comfortable with, simply bc he knows Thor can handle whatever he (or the Hulk) throws his way, Literally, in some cases.
  • Thor is wildly protective of his tiny human. Bruce often reminds him he could probably survive being thrown into the sun. Thor just shakes his head n kisses him whilst tucking him tighter into his arms.
  • mutual respect & love 24/7 honestly their /fights/ are the weirdest thing U will ever see they’re always both calm as fuck and say things like ‘I respect your opinion’ and ‘don’t worry, I’ll let you speak’ and honestly everyone is lowkey creeped out bc healthy behaviour? In THEIR team? Sounds fake.

  • Bruce and Thor loving eachother unconditionally & Bruce smiling more whenever Thor is around and Thor showering him with affection and attention that he’s gone so long without and both of them being stupid nerds who adore one another more than Anything Else Ever.

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

Haikyuu fandom in a nutshell

- bro jokes
- too many ships
- Hinata is our sun child
- Crying until season 4
- cat jokes
- owl jokes
- too many bro jokes
- 3rd gym
- “you should have come to shiratorizawa”
- Ushiwaka is a cow
- IWA-CHAN!!!!
- Yachi, more like the personification of anxiety
- mom squad
- Asahi is jesus
- someone save Akaashi, please
- the freckles™
- Matsuhana meme lords
- where’s the beach ep ??
- srsly, where do you get so many bro jokes ??
- thighs™
- really long polyship names
- city boy
- mEaT iS gOoD
- someone save Yachi Hitoka 2k17
- knuff..knife… nice!!
- are you my mom Iwa-chan ??
- kuroo’s laugh

Loud House: LOVE WINS <3

You should already know what this is based from! Thank you for finally making this cannon, Savino! I gave Luna a bi flag though just in case because it’s not officially confirmed if she’s a full lesbian. But I’m glad they did this. Imma call the ship name Sana.

And for those who are sad and ship Luna with someone else or your oc, just remember, no matter what, draw for yourself. Have fun with what you see with these characters. Enjoy the Loud House and what it gives you. Beside….I guess Rocky and Lucy aren’t a thing anymore? Continuity? WHAT’S THAT?

PS….I’m straight but I support LGBTQ. Have a good Pride Month.

things you SHOULD DO with the character of Zoe Murphy:

-love her

-cherish her

-make her happy

-but also sad at times because that’s how life goes

-give her flaws


things YOU SHOULD NOT do with the character of Zoe Murphy:

-make her seem like a villian in the name of tree bros or because she wasn’t completely understanding of connor’s mental illness

-make her seem like an angel who did nothing wrong

-ship her with Connor


things YOU DONT HAVE TO DO to make her seem like an important character, but it’s okay if you do because everyone is entitled to their own opinion

-ship her with Evan

just in case I needed to spell it out for some people 🙃 this goes for most women characters in theater though and that’s very disappointing

Coran, Coran, the meddling man

Hi. I’m still lazy. And I’m sharing a prompt again.

Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe had a family once, one that he wishes he could’ve said goodbye to, and crushes, crushes that never ended in his favor.

He is too old to start his life again, but maybe he can help turn another one’s around. The life of one person that reminds him of his younger self in a way.

While Coran can’t bring Lance back to his family, he might be able to help the boy in another way …

Basically : Write about all the ways Coran tries to get Lance and his crush(es) together.

Bonuses : I’d suggest making it humoristic, but feel free to write in a genre that suits your tastes. After all, I’m the lazy one.

You can try to dwell on Lance and Coran’s relationship.

Add Kaltenecker, the mice, or both.

You can set it in an AU. (Like a Fantasy setting, or a zombie apocalypse … etc …)

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The ship name for pidge and Lance should be "don't be upsetti have some spaghetti" because Lance is insecure and pidge is Italian