they should date tbh

  • Riza: *wears a dress for Hughes' wedding*
  • Maes: That dress looks great! I bet it'd look better on Roy's floor.
  • Roy: ...Are you hitting on Hawkeye...for me?

straight friends coming at me like “oh i think i should breakup with my boyfriend maybe but it’s a hard decision we dated for years i don’t want to make him sad” to which i always replies by “uh dump him be free”. They then proceed to praise how level headed i am and how nice it is that my feminism allows me to not put boys first. 

Internally i’m just like what do you even see in boys in the first place………….. oh shit i’m gay that’s right makes sense

Imagine Being Peter’s Sister and Having A Crush On Hank

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“Whatcha staring at?” you jumped as you felt Peter zip up beside you. Snapped out of your trance, you shoved him with frustration.

“Peter! You know I can’t control my powers as well as you! You’re lucky I didn’t grow a damn tree under you and put another hole in the mansion roof!”

“Just asking a question, sis,” Peter shrugged. “Soooo…what are you staring at?”

“Nothing. It’s nothing,” you looked back down at your notebook.

“…Is it Hank?”


Your brother merely gave you a Cheshire grin. Hank was looking over at you now; he gave you a friendly smile. You smiled back, cheeks pink, before you looked back down at your notebook.

“Ooooh, it is Hank!”

You rolled your eyes and walked away, popping up a bush from the ground and nailing your invasive brother in the stomach. Hank’s shoulders sank as you walked away; he had thought for sure that you liked him.

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Me: the rr novel might include official Kubo illustrations of Renji&Rukia explicitly being a couple in love

Also me:

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Tbh I don’t think you should date a trauma survivor if you’re not exactly ready for that or have trouble helping the person and committing.

If you do it’d be good to read up on how trauma can affect your s/o so you don’t question why they act or do a certain thing

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Lmao 17 and 19 isn't even a thing..? This is still the same generation? This is not too big what are you talking about?

its not about age its more about life stages and where u are and what u want and tbh no 19 year old should want to date a 17 year old

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Foreal though, no PR or beard. Who do you think would be a good match for Camila not including Lauren? Not trying to play Cupid what so ever. I feel like she should date an actor or something.

a guy like shawn tbh

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Hi Haley it's ok if you don't answer this but I just need to vent a little... everyone around me is making me feel horrible because last year I finally worked up the courage to come out as bi and now I'm dating a boy and everyone is saying I faked coming out for attention... but that doesn't make any sense? I came out as bi, not gay. And I really like this guy but idk if I can stay with him if everyone around me is making me feel fake and dishonest

 ugh thats absolutely disgusting people are the worst tbh you shouldnt leave that boy because of what people are saying if anything you should keep dating him out of spite tbh as long as you are comfortable with your sexuality and your boyfriend understands thats the most important part. It really sucks that people can be so dense and inconsiderate but maybe you can try and educate them  and say “hey look dudes bi means i am attracted to more than one gender and one of those genders happens to be male and so i am currently dating a male and still feel attracted to other genders but rn this is the one i am most attracted to and who has chosen to reciprocate that attraction also its none of ur business… did. not. ask” or something anyway you are valid and ppl aree biphobic and they suck but you do not so keep being great and sapphic ily

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Ok so my crush can sing and play piano and write music and she's so so gorgeous omg and for some reason she thinks I'm the cuter one??? But her and I are literally the same people and we have the same sense of humor and we get along so well and sometimes she falls asleep on FaceTime (on purpose so I sleep with her, I think) and she talks in her sleep and it's the cutest thing and she has the prettiest eyes and the prettiest smile and the most soothing voice but she lives 2.5 hours away from me:/

oh gosh she sounds amazing! i think even if its kinda long distance you should try dating tbh, she sounds like shes really good for you and you two could make it work tbh. like have weekend visits or something!

send me cute anons about your crushes/gfs!!

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Ok so uh I have this crush on a girl and she's like literally so amazing I love her?? And it's crazy bc I'm smely but I think she might like me back??? Should I go for it? I've never ever dated before plus I'm a lowkey social trainwreck so idk if we did date if I'd do it right?

yes!!!! you should!!! tbh i dont think anyone knows how to date “right” just hold her hand a lot and share an order of french fries