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The Kind of Magic

Summary: When Emma accepted Killian’s proposal, she thought a year-long engagement would be a wise decision. But two months before the wedding, she’s at the end of her rope, and it’ll take a miracle to solve her problems.
Rating: T (language)
Word count: 6k

Happy birthday, kat2609​!! Your comments/reviews as you read With Affection totally made my day, way back when, and as a gift to you, I’ve written a one-shot from that universe.

If you haven’t read With Affection, this story will make no sense to you, so go read that first: FFnet/AO3


“Oh, come on.”

“Ruby, no.”

“It’s not like he’ll have a problem with it.”


“Who are you? Mary Margaret?”


“You need to live a little. You only get one bachelorette party!” Ruby smirked. “Well, you only plan to get one, but you know what I mean.”

Emma rubbed her temples, resisting the urge to hang up on her friend. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but when have I ever made you think I’d be interested in going to a strip club?”

“Come on, Emma! Mary Margaret’s bachelorette party was so boring!”

“Hey!” High tea wasn’t for everyone, but Mary Margaret had always wanted to go. And the bride had said it had made her feel like a princess. And, more importantly: “I worked hard to plan that!”

“And we’re working hard to plan this,” Ruby replied. “You’re giving me nothing to work with, babe.”


And she was sorry. She remembered how much she’d stressed over planning a bridal shower and bachelorette for Mary Margaret; if her sister hadn’t given her so much guidance and feedback about what kinds of parties she wanted, it would have been borderline nightmarish. But she had a feeling that giving Ruby something to work with wasn’t going to help, unless she told Ruby that she wanted to get a lap dance from a mostly naked dude.

“Okay, look. I just want something low key, just us and Belle. No penises.” She sighed. “This doesn’t have to be a wild night to remember. I just want to have a little celebration with close friends.”

“Ugh, you are no fun! I’ll try to think of something. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”


Emma hung up and let out a long, heavy sigh. When she’d accepted Killian’s proposal on Thanksgiving, she’d been equal parts shocked and excited. It wasn’t like marriage was totally off the radar until that point, but it was always just this hypothetical thing they’d talk about very occasionally. But she’d had no idea that he’d been ready to take that step.

She was a little worried, though, that they’d been moving too quickly. Before going downstairs for breakfast the following morning, she’d warned him that the first question her parents asked when Mary Margaret and David got engaged was when the wedding would be. Killian had simply shrugged and asked if she had any thoughts, giving her the perfect opportunity to ask for a year-long engagement. A year would give her plenty of time to feel unhurried, to feel confident that they were getting married because they loved each other, and not because they were in some ridiculously prolonged honeymoon-phase bubble.

Emma regretted that decision. With two months to go until the wedding, every day seemed to involve suppressing a homicidal rage she didn’t even know she was capable of experiencing. How could she have ever thought that a year-long engagement was a good idea?

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I hit 150 followers this weekend, so to celebrate I”m giving away this cross-stitch!  I can even add a word or two of your choice to it before I get it mounted and ready to hang on your wall.  It’s got a lovely iridescent sheen to it that doesn’t quite come through in the photo.  

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