they should be glow in the dark dont you think

Egos--- Imagines


Dark surprisingly likes Christmas. Damien and Celene both have good memories about and Dark has some good memories of it himself so he celebrates it. He doesn’t like anything small or something that would make noise so when you walk into his office is nothing but Christmas lights. LIke you would think that he painted his office with glow in the dark paint but nope he just made the electricity bill fucking skyrocket instead. 

Wilford is ALL ABOUT THAT CHRISTMAS BAKING. Gingerbread house?? He accidentally smashed it but HELL YEAH HE’LL STILL MAKE IT. Christmas cookies?? He doesn’t really know how to use an oven BUT DONT WORRY WE HAVE THE GOOGLES TO RESEARCH AND LOTS OF GUNS WE SHOULD BE FINE. 

Googles don’t really celebrate any holidays (except for the egos birthdays because Wilford set fire to Google Green when the Googles didn't get him a gift one year). The Googles help out the other egos instead. Dr. Iplier is looking for his knitting needles? Dark blew a fuse and needs some help? Wilford set fire to the kitchen again? Bim won’t stop singing? Host is trying to put up Christmas lights even though he’s never used a ladder before? Dont worry they’re there to help. 

Bim and Host fucking LOVE Christmas. They go all out with decorations and would probably win one of those insane Christmas decorating shows. Bim is in charge of inside decoration while Host takes care of outside (which was really dumb but no one wants to spoil their fun). Host usually shows up with a green and red ribbon on his head and lots of glitter stuck on his coat (don’t ask he won’t tell us why). Bim shows up the next day with a BRIGHT GREEN suit and one of those ties that light up (bim’s tie is really bright when its on and the rest of the egos watch him just in case if he spontaneously combusts). Bim gave one of his light up ties to Dark and Dark actually wears it because if it has lights on it DARKS FUCKING DOWN. Bim has MOUNTAINS of Christmas decorations and he uses ALL OF THEM SOMEHOW. Host, on the other hand, is having trouble climbing a ladder in order to put lights up outside. Google Green usually takes over hanging lights for Host and Host just kinda meanders around instead. He is incredibly happy during Christmas and will creep up behind you quietly just so he can plop a pair of reindeer antlers on your head or a Santa hat. 

Dr. Iplier and King of the Squirrels are like the grandmas of the Egos at Christmas time. It got really cold outside so King finally came to live inside the building for a while (don’t worry he brought all of his squirrels and has been very successful at stopping them from eating Christmas lights). He and Dr. Iplier usually sit in the living room knitting or watching a Christmas movie while drinking hot cocoa. Dr. Iplier knits and King crochets. They usually make stuff for Host (because Host is the only one not doing anything and they need to measure this.. does it fit so far? why is your hand so big? it’s soft right?). Dr. Iplier has a lot of knitting needles (Anti keeps taking them so he got extra) and they’re all different colors and have stickers on them (King is very fond of stickers and Dr. Iplier lets him put stickers on the needles). 

Chica is the most festive one. She’s got a little bit of flour on her from her visit to Will, a small necklace that looks like Christmas lights from Dark, reindeer antlers from Bim and Host, knitted booties from Dr. Iplier, and a small squirrel buddy from King. Oliver is the one that has to clean her off and play with her (don’t worry its a win-win Oliver loves chica because she is an angel). 

anonymous asked:

My mom got me a cave for my betta tank and its cool cus it glows in the dark but its kinda rough and feels like sand paper im worried if i should use it

ooh! i know what youre talking about! :p they’re like these caves!

A few people on tumblr have these moon rock caves (or similar products) and i used to have one as well :p (i think solidgoldaquatics also has a similar cave for her betta) i dont think anyone’s had any issues with injured bettas from them, but if youre worried, you could grab some aquarium-safe silicone and some disposable gloves and smear silicone all over the surface :p a thin coating shouldn’t hurt anyone and it’ll still be all neato and glow-in-the-dark while ensuring there’s no rough textures for your fish to rub up against :3

if you’ve got a similar cave, please share your experience with us! :D the one i had before was too small for my betta to use, but i’d like to get a bigger white one for my crowntail since it’ll match his sand and i’d love to hear everyone’s opinions! :p