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Here We Are (Jim Kirk x Reader)

Request: Anon asked 18. I shouldn’t be in love with you.” And
23. “Just pretend to be my date.” For jim kirk please? Im so glad to find your blog accepting star trek requests omg 
Word Count: 1108
A/N: My first Star Trek drabble, I suck at endings but I hope you like it!

Why had you told that guy that you’d come with a date? Should have sized him up and told him to keep his hands to himself, you chastised yourself, though in all honestly the voice sounded closer to the stern voice of Bones, who would have given you that exact same advice. Now you found yourself slipping through the crowd – the crowd that consisted of basically the entire crew who were enjoying shore leave – in an attempt to find a man you could pass off as your date. Your eyes found Scotty first, and though you put one foot forward to head towards the Scot, you thought better of it; poor Scotty didn’t deserve to be put in that situation. No, you needed someone your age, with an unwavering confidence that meant that that gross little man wouldn’t be able to see right through him. Briefly, your mind wandered to Bones, and while Bones would have helped you out in a heartbeat, you also weren’t ready to receive a life lesson as soon as the little stunt was over. You huffed and raked your hand through your hair as your eyes found Jim, only to find that he was already making his way over to you. Did you look that flustered? You willed your feet to start moving again, and met him halfway, his hand instantly going to your shoulder to that he could duck his head low enough that you could hear him over the chatter that filled the room.

You didn’t focus on what he was saying – did he ask you if you were okay? – you were too busy trying to figure out how to break to your Captain and close friend that you just needed him to pretend to be your date for a few hours. You felt your shoulder getting nudged back a little, looking up to find that Jim was searching your eyes with a deep frown creasing his brow, and concern in his eyes. You finally lifted your hand to hold onto his bicep as you decided the straightforward approach was probably the best one, “Just pretend to be my date, okay?” You watched his eyes flicker up and past you, towards the bar that you had come from. Had he been watching you that long? You squeezed his arm, asking for an answer, and he nodded firmly, “Of course,” came his answer, and he pressed a kiss to your temple without hesitation. You smiled up at him before heaving a sigh, “God, I need a drink,” you groaned, tugging him towards the bar while your eyes searched for the man who’d pestered you earlier. You hauled yourself onto the barstool that remained miraculously open after you’d left it a minute ago, while Jim opted to linger at your side, ordering both of your drinks before you had the chance to open your mouth.

You spotted the man from earlier across the bar, and instinctively leaned into Jim, who didn’t need to look up before putting his arm around your shoulders and pressing another kiss into your hair. The other man – what had he said his name was? He’d insisted he was a Lieutenant, but you were sure you’d never met him before – visibly flushed and turned away, and you decided that settling for the Captain was probably the best choice you could have made. Your thoughts are interrupted by Jim’s voice, “That him?” and you panic briefly, certain that he’s going to go over there and give him a piece of his mind. You look up, and Jim’s gaze is so set on the other man that your panic only increases. You elbow him in the ribs to get his attention, and his gaze snaps back down to you, “I know that look, James Kirk, don’t you dare,” and he laughs, grabbing his drink from the bar and shrugging, “Only because you asked so nicely.”

You don’t remember how many drinks you had before the night was basically over, but you did note how few of them you had to pay for after Jim was at your side. When the bar began to empty out, Jim encouraged you to leave with him as well, and he led you towards the plaza. You held onto his arm, “Thanks for saving me tonight, Jim, I owe you one.”
“It was nothing,” he insisted, looking down at you and flashing the grin that every girl – yourself included – fell for. You grinned back, “Isn’t it against protocol or something, to date superior officers?” You couldn’t rack your brain for where you’d heard it, but it was likely just a rule that circulated because, well, it was a wise thing to keep in mind. “Doesn’t stop Spock and Uhura,” he observed, and you hummed in agreement, holding yourself back from bringing up just how dramatic it had been whenever they fought, and definitely when they broke up. A short silence fell over the two of you as you stopped at the railing to look out over the water, and you sucked in a breath before speaking again, “Still, maybe it saves people from getting hurt. Or things being awkward.”

“People don’t have to get hurt. Things don’t have to be awkward,” he argued, without looking at you. You glanced up at him, trying to read his face that seemed to have no expression other than calm. He continued, “Love is love. It’ll hurt more if people don’t act on it.” You opened your mouth, trying to form an argument, but you closed it again when he finally looked back at you, “Don’t you think?”

“I think it could hurt either way. What if it isn’t reciprocated? Maybe it’s better to keep quiet. I think I shouldn’t be in love with you, so-”

“Who says that’s not reciprocated?” You fell silent. He answered without hesitation, and with the same confidence he always had about him that you could only falter. You blinked at him, “You’re the captain, Jim.” He smiled at you, a broad, genuine smile that somehow managed to look even more dazzling in artificial moonlight than it usually did, “I’m the captain, so I shouldn’t be in love with you? Yet here we are.”

“Yet here we are,” you mumbled, and it took you a moment to realise that he was getting closer to you before you moved your hand to the back of his neck and pulled him the rest of the way down to connect his lips to yours. After what you would label far too short a time, he pulled away, resting his forehead against yours and grinning, “So much for ‘protocol’.”


Two years ago today, I brought Schala home from quarantine after she was found in a dumpster. The top picture does not show a baby kitten as you may think, but a severely malnourished 18-week-old young cat who already had her first heat. She weighed 1.1 pounds - as much as a four week old kitten. An 18 week old cat should weigh closer to 5.5 pounds.
Beneath is her again a few months ago. She weighed in at 11 pounds at the vet last month - on the heavier side of average for a cat, surprising for her small frame. You can see Alfador appears a little bigger, but they actually weigh the same. The vet called Schala ‘hefty’ when he picked her up for the first time and refers to her as ‘Muscles‘ now.
The first pic of her and Alfador shows their size difference when she first came home. (I know the pic makes them look angry, but they were actually playing very nicely.) The last picture shows them together, just now. Apologies for the bad light, it’s very dark in here.

Tails and Ears (Chapter 1)

Summary: When Lauren finds a seemingly cute puppy by the side of the road, she decides to take it in. Convincing her other roommate to let them keep such a cute pup with wolf-like features wasn’t terribly hard, but when they wake up in the morning to find its not a dog, or wolf for that matter, things get a little confusing.

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things you said under the stars and in the grass

The only time LA ever seems quiet is when starlight falls over the hills, when a light breeze rustles the leaves and crickets chirp lowly in the night.  Harry’s folded in Louis’ arms as they lie out in their backyard with Louis’ hand in Harry’s hair, and he might be thousands of miles away, but this feels like Holmes Chapel.

He prefers night to day - always has - and loves the way the world is covered with a blanket of calmness, how something about the stars makes him feel safe and has from the time he was a kid.  Still, when he lies outside and looks at the stars above him, he can’t help his mind from wandering, from wanting answers to questions that probably can’t be found.

“Hey, Lou,” he murmurs, tracing a pattern down his chest.

“Mm?” Louis replies, and Harry can tell he’s close to falling asleep.

“Do you think there’s, like, other universes out there somewhere?”

Louis presses his nose to the top of Harry’s head, nuzzling into his curls.  “What d’ya mean, love?”

“Different timelines or something.  Where we still exist but differently.  Like, maybe I’m still a baker studying to be a lawyer and you’re a drama teacher and the world as we know it doesn’t exist.”

“Hm.”  Louis hums thoughtfully, and Harry looks up at him, moonlight reflected in his blue, blue eyes.  “I reckon so, yeah.  I bet we find each other still, though.  I’d love you in any universe, Curly.”

Harry feels his entire body flood with warmth and love as he presses a kiss to the side of Louis’ jaw.  “I love you,” he whispers moments later, once his mind has stopped racing with the thoughts of all the versions of them that are out there somewhere, so different but still so in love.

He’s answered with a soft snore and he chuckles to himself, knowing this universe will always be his favorite.

things you said with no space between us

“Can you promise me something?”

“Depends, Haz.  Promise is a big word.”

Harry rolls his eyes as he mashes his face into Louis’ neck.  His voice sounds nervous when he starts speaking, quieter than usual even though he’s pressed against him.  “Even after X-Factor is over, can you promise you’ll always be there for me?”

Louis swallows hard, and he feels like he should have more trouble thinking about the answer, but he says, “yes,” without a second thought as he buries his face into Harry’s silky curls, knowing he’ll do whatever he can for this boy.

He can feel Harry’s smile even if he doesn’t see it, and his heart grows three sizes when Harry replies, “I’ll always be there for you, too.”

Five years later, Harry’s lying the same way he was that night, letting out tiny snuffles and trying to get even closer, as close as he possibly can.  They’d been apart for two agonizing weeks, and Louis wants to live in this moment forever now that they’re reunited, spend the rest of his time in LA with Harry in his arms, secluded in their bed.  He’s about to drift off when Harry murmurs into his skin, “thank you for always keeping your promise, babe.”

“It’ll always be the easiest one to keep,” Louis assures, and just like five years ago, he can feel Harry’s smile against him.