they should bang


when I went to get my hair cut last week the guy said he didn’t like my middle part and that I should get bangs to hide my forehead. it’s been bugging me for a while but you know what? I like my ugly middle part and my giant forehead so eat it hair guy 🍒

Stucky Sleeping Positions - 3. The “I’ve-got-your-back-position” (aka post mission cuddles)

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My stuff for the Primary Big Bang! I was one of the artists for the great fic Make a Wish by @klance-my-way, so this is what I’ve been working on lately. Everyone should go check it out! ♡

If you wanna see what everyone else has been working on (and you should) just head over to @voltronbigbang to have a look-see! *:・゚✧ 

SasuSaku addiction
  • Friend: What's you biggest dream?
  • Me: I want to see Sakura and Sasuke having second child. Or twins. Or maybe flock of kids. Just imagine teen Uchihas around the town. Handsome boys with spiky, pink hair. Stunning girls with long legs and seals on their foreheads. Each of them with Uchiha’s symbol on their back. I want to see this so bad. Then I can die peacefully.

There’s this Korean Historical Drama titled Scarlet Hearts that me and my friends love to crossover KuroTsuki with hehee

PSA!!!! stop hating on:

•groups you don’t stan
•older groups
•newer groups
•groups with really big fandoms
•groups with smaller fandoms
•girl groups!!!
•girl groups that do sexy concepts
•girl groups that do cute concepts
•female idols that are close friends with male idols!!!
•male idols that are close friends with female idols!!!
•idols who have a boyfriend/girlfriend!!!
•idols who get really silly on broadcasts
•idols who don’t speak much on broadcasts
•idol’s skin color!!!
•idol’s figure!!!
•idols who don’t speak English well
•idols and groups in general because they all went through a whole lot of struggle to get where they are so they don’t deserve any low class bullshit coming their way.