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I See Things That You Don’t See And That Is Blue, Blue, Black And Dylan - Sweet Sweet Moon


In Batman, Ra’s al Ghul (one of the many recurring antagonists) is able to go on living for centuries, along with recovering from any injury, by slipping into his vat of health potions called: ’The Lazarus Pit.’ This plot device was actually used a couple of times in the 90’s Batman cartoon, which I grew up watching. I have this mental image of Ra’s al Ghul emerging from the pool, rejuvenated, with an aura of sheer power emanating around him.

Basically, that’s what I looked like when I walked out of the shower 10 minutes ago.

As some of you heard, I pushed myself a little too hard yesterday– so much, in fact, that after work I just collapsed on my bed and woke up the next day, mere minutes before my alarm went off.

Let’s just say that the guy (or gal!) writing my story could have eased that transition. Just saying :p

Of course, as you can imagine, after oversleeping like crazy I woke up feeling like trash– but I powered through. Once work was done, I decided to do the only thing that made sense. I ran for half an hour. I don’t know what it is about working out– but it seems to battle that sluggishness better than anything else. Right now, after emerging from that (awesome) shower– I feel like my batteries have just recharged.

What I am saying is that, for me, working out is kind of my Lazarus Pit. I just put on music, run like crazy, and all while picturing little music videos of my characters working out or just being silly :p

Alright, I will stop talking about working out. Just know that I do more than running though– if you don’t have the means (or the confidence) to go for a job outside (and trust me, I didn’t for like 4 years), then you can just dance in your room. No, seriously. Dancing is a full-body activity, and it is also fun. Best of all: nobody has to see you dancing. Lock yourself in your room. Nobody needs to know, it will be our secret c;

So, what about today? Well, I’m still trying to get back into the flow of things. Writing is coming in– it’s not easy, not at all, but I am regaining confidence little by little. I know myself too well. I know I always go through this every time life gets in the way and I lose momentum.

Think of writing as… building up your combo in a fighting game. You can’t start with a 30-hit combo. You have to land all of the punches beforehand. This is why writing everyday is SO important. You miss a day, and you’re not putting yourself at risk of missing one 1-hit, you’re at risk of ending the whole combo! I got an ask a little bit ago, talking about back when I had my metamorphosis (and when I finished my first book). They were asking how I managed to write 60K words in 14 days.

You wanna know how I did?

I wrote recklessly. I wrote without fear. I wrote without doubt. And I wrote every single day. I built a combo. Next thing I knew I was pushing more than 5K words in a single sitting. It’s all about that combo.

Build momentum. Build that combo. And you will achieve things you never thought possible c;

Also, you may wanna take some time to dance and be silly. Especially the being silly part. Promise me you will be silly? Life is too darn serious. I love Warhammer 40K as much as the next nerd, but I don’t want to live in a Grim and Dark world. So, smile. Be silly. Dance by yourself. Put on music and pretend you are dancing with your characters.

But, above all… have fun.

I hope you are all having a good night, and if not– make it a good night. Alright? Make it a good night~ ♥︎

omg i LOVE the video… i literally havent read anyone elses opinions but the whole time i was smiling and it was just really cool!! they’re at fucking NASA ffs!! like do you know how much money this band has to be able to fucking hire out NASA for the day to shoot a music video… i dont care that it doesnt mean what the song means… neither did bts! i thought it was really really cool.. they all look awesome.. LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT!!!!