they ship dair

  • otp: both have a severe case of abandonment issues that they don't discuss and use anger or jokes to avoid talking about them.
  • me: yes...
  • otp: hate and annoy each other at every turn and have an overtly antagonistic relationship yet have more in common than they think.
  • me: niceeeeeee
  • otp: form a begrudging friendship that they deny to other people while still obviously caring about each other.
  • me: incredible
  • otp: fall in mutually beneficial love where they subconsciously help each other become better people just by being together.
misc ship icons
  • 31 icons under the cut at 245x245
  • i recently made a ships page and made my own icons for it but accidentally made them 245px like a dumbass, but they still work! so i thought i’d put them in a post for anyone who would like to use one! 
  • it’s very specific since i know they’ll be some ships people will and won’t like, but i thought ‘what the hell?’
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  • other icons are here / requests are open

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It’s Been Years...

It’s been years but I still think it should’ve been Jackie and Hyde just like it should’ve been Barney and Robin just like it should’ve been Lucas and Brooke just like how now, it should’ve been Stefan and Elena.


I do think it should’ve been Blair and Dan too. But anyway.

“holster can you please for once sTOP NARRATING EVERYTHING LIKE GOSSIP GIRL”

“hey upper east siders gossip girl here. looks like our dearly beloved baker B feels a bit burnt out, although his pies definitely aren’t.” 


“until next time. you know you love me, xoxo gossip girl”

You Know...

There’s this annoying tendency in fandoms to regulate ships who communicate to friends as opposed to lovers and I mean that in, every time I would get into a debate with a DE shipper about why I loved SE and I’d describe how Stefan and Elena had emotional chemistry and vulnerability, how they could talk about their dreams, their fears, their goals, how Stefan provided Elena a safe space in which she could come apart at the seams because she felt overwhelmed by all the death in her life and could be honest about what she was feelings, I’d be told yeah, they would make for great friends. Same thing with Dan and Blair, if I would talk about how Dair was a partnership, how Dan and Blair would actually have debates about film and literature, they would go to museums, they would experience New York together, they would be about equality, Chair stans would scream about how that sounds very platonic. Jake and Olivia in Scandal, I talk about how Olivia can be honest about her wants and her doubts with Jake, she can tell him that her life is falling apart, that she’s falling apart, he would give her advice, he would also put her in her lane when needed, and I’m told “yeah, Jake makes for a good platonic friend.” Michael and Jane in Jane The Virgin, same thing. Michael knows Jane implicitly, he can tell when she’s sad, when she’s excited, he can calm her down or encourage her, they can stay up all night talking on the phone or texting and I’m told that’s platonic. And I’m just sitting here like … there is a serious problem if the ability to communicate with someone feels inherently platonic to you. I would want to share my life with my partner not be afraid of speaking my mind or being truthful about my emotions in case it disrupts the relationship, relying on other people for emotional security and comfort. Communication is not antithetical to passion. Talking is not antithetical to sex. Like I NEED PEOPLE TO GET THIS.

Reasons for not starting a new show:

☐ I don’t have time and I already watch so many, you know?;

☐ I tend to lose interest after a few seasons and always end up dropping it;

☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ I’ll fall for that ship, the underdog ship, the “they are just friends” ship, the “eeeeewww why you ship that it’s gross” ship, the “you’re a delusional sucker” ship, the “guess what we’ll fall in love eventually and you will be happy for like 5 episodes and then it will be over” ship, the “bitch it will be totally one-sided and you’ll have to watch one of us dating someone else while the other is constantly giving the sad puppy eyes” ship, the  “excuse me, do you still have a place on that ‘ships that broke my heart forever’  list? May I be added?” ship.