they shared a bed

CS modern AU. Who is this half-naked person in my bed?

Rated T. 1.6k words

Happy Birthday @swanemma🥞🥞!!!! I saw the anon you answered last night and this is what came to mind when looking at the word bedsharing.

Emma Swan is tired, cranky and slightly nauseous. It’s 11 o'clock at night and she should be returning to her home, crawling into bed with a cup of hot cocoa, and reading until she falls asleep. But, no. Instead of resting after a long stakeout, she’s going to David’s.

David and Robin got a new roommate, because Victor has become enough of a fancy doctor to afford living on his own, and what do you do when you get a new roommate? You throw a party and demand all your friends be there. At least, if you’re David and Robin, you do that.

She hasn’t met the man yet and doesn’t particularly look forward to meeting him at a house party (they’re fucking 26 years old, my god) where everyone is likely to be annoyingly drunk by the time she gets there. David had insisted she come though, pleading with her for what felt like hours to “at least make an appearance.”

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anonymous asked:

‘we’re on a roadtrip with some friends and we have to share a hotel room and there’s only one bed and a whole lot of sexual tension’ Nessian au

I adored this prompt so much so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Nesta, Cassian and their friends stop at a hotel during their roadtrip. Now Nesta and Cassian are put in a room together. With only one bed to share. This leads to an evening where Nesta does everything in her power to make Cassian on edge after the endless amounts of flirtatious remarks.

But she’s not the only one playing in this game. And Cassian isn’t one to admit defeat lightly.

Nesta fumbled with the hotel key card as she tried to adjust her backpack that slouched precariously on her arm.

“Need help Nesta?” Cassian asked from behind her as he too held his own duffel bag on his arm.

“If you kept quiet for once that would helpful,” Nesta bit out as she swiped the card and the door opened with ease. She stepped into the darkened hotel room and flicked on the light switch.

Cassian followed behind her and both stopped dead in their tracks as they looked at the bed. One bed. Not two as they were told would be waiting for them.

“Are you kidding me?” Nesta asked and whipped out her phone to call Feyre who was in her own room with Rhysand. “This has to be some sort of joke or nightmare.”

“More like this is a dream,” Cassian laughed and launched himself onto the bed. His arms spread out wide as if they were wings. He took up most of the bed space with his large muscled body as he stretched out his torso that inadvertently caused his grey shirt to rise up enough that Nesta caught a hint the skin hidden underneath.

Nesta rolled her eyes at him and waited for Feyre to pick up the phone. Her sister failed to answer not once, but four times as Nesta continually tried to call. She received the same lack of response from Mor who was rooming with Azriel.

With a frustrated sigh Nesta made her way back to the door fully intending on going to the front desk to fix this problem.

“Where are you going?” Cassian eased up on his forearms to watch her grab her purse.

“What does it look like? We obviously can’t share this room together,” Nesta replied.

“Why not? You weren’t to opposed to it earlier,” Cassian raised a brow and the corner of his lips began to turn up in a smirk Nesta knew well enough.

“That was only because my sister and Mor guilt tripped me into staying with you so they could have some alone time with their boyfriends,” Nesta tried to push away the imagery that came with that sentence. She now had a good guess as to why none of them picked up their phones now. Which also meant there was no way she would be tempted to even knock on their doors for fear of hearing what may come from the other side.

“So what’s the big deal,” Cassian rolled back onto the bed, but turned his head to face Nesta who was reaching for the door. “Are you scared, because there’s only one bed?”

Nesta froze with her fingers mere inches from the door handle.

“Scared? Who said I was scared?” Nesta faced Cassian with ice in her eyes.

Cassian schooled his features. Making sure not to smile in triumph before shrugging with disinterest. “I’m not the one running out the room in a fluster.” He paused to raise a brow. “I never took you to be a woman who gives up so easily.”

And that did it. Nesta’s ire rose to new heights as she strode back into the room with lethal grace.

Her nose wrinkled in annoyance, but Cassian always found the little movement adorable. Especially when the rest of her face was hardened in stone. He knew that when her nostrils flared that is words were breaking down those walls of steel she kept up between her and the world.

“I’d say your repulsive stench is enough to make the entire floor leave the building,” Nesta sniffed the air once to add emphasis to her statement. “ There is no way I’m getting in that bed with you smelling like a pig.”

“Nothing a bath won’t fix,” Cassian gave her a cheeky grin. He didn’t smell bad. At least not as bad as everyone else from the road trip today. They all smelled faintly of sweat after hiking in the woods, but in the enclosed space of the car he could easily pick out Nesta’s faint scent among the others.

“Then why don’t you wash off the filth before you get it all on the bed,” Nesta waved to where he was still lounging on the bed.

“I’m going to go through my stuff first,” Cassian stood up and walked to where he put his bad at the foot of the bed. He looked up to see Nesta flicker her eyes from his backside up to where his eyes met hers.

Had she been checking him out? Cassian thought with a tinge of pride and excitement.

“Unless of course,” Cassian gave her his trademark cocky grin that always managed to get under her skin. “You would like to join me in the shower?”

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If you cant tell by the spam ive been reading humans are weird posts and I propose this. Privacy. I know animals have territorial space so I would assume some animals can understand possession but what about privacy? And what about alien species that dont understand possesiveness
Human: dont sleep in my bed
Alien:what? Human thats a shared sleeping device
Human: no thats MY bed and no one can sleep on it
Human get possesive over everything but only specific things
“Thats MY pencil” “thats MY spot” we literally get attached to inanimate objects.

Also another humans are weird thought. Cooking. I saw a post that said humans are the ones that eat for taste not nutritonal value and Im gonna take that one step further. Imagine humans eating alien foods and combining them together to find delicious combination!

dan and phil tour bus bed theory

this has probably been covered like a quadrillion times but here we are!!!! hello!!!

so like ever since dnp released the tour bus tour video (on i think phil’s channel) people have been thinking that dnp shared the same bed, the bed that phil “won” in the rock paper scissors battle.

and of course, a lot of people have denied this happened but like there’s so much proof lol???

here’s some if you don’t believe me

(if you use these photos, please credit me)

also, you see that side table with the tissues, water bottle, phil’s earplugs (yeah don’t ask how i know that) and the remote? yeah, remember that table?

see that? they exactly match.

plus, i was going to compare the remotes but you can’t see the colours on the buttons of the right remote. but they did have loads of dvd players so there would be many remotes anyway.

also, one more little tiny thing..

okay that’s it

if u have any more things to add! pls do!!! 


genuine question does anyone actually have a reason to get out of bed in the morning and if so please share it with me immediately 

how more obvious do dan and phil have to be until certain ppl understand that they share a bedroom and a bed… dan doesnt even refer to his room as a bedroom, but as a place he makes videos…. they both refer to ‘phil’s’ room as ‘THE’  bedroom, as in the only one used.. 

 I actually hope that they don’t start filming in their new bedroom and keep it out of sight of us and make it their room, with all the things they couldn’t put in it before….

and as Phil is leaving his bed behind and a Dan is the only one who bought a bed, where do you think Phil is going to sleep?! 

April 26 - “Where do you think you’re going?” for @ozhawkauthor Surprise mystery pairing… wait for the reveal!

Waking Up In The Framework AU

Jemma’s eyes snapped open. She stared up at a white-painted ceiling which was very definitely not the room she and Fitz shared in the Playground. She was lying in bed, and extremely warm, a heavy arm across her stomach contributing to the high temperature under the bedclothes.

Fitz, she thought in huge relief. She and Daisy had been able to locate their avatars in the Framework but no more than that; they couldn’t spy on the program to see what situations they were in. Waking up in bed with Fitz was the best outcome she could have imagined. That made one of their friends located already, and if she could get him out of the Framework safely…

The arm over her stomach shifted slightly, pulling her closer to a warm body. Jemma smiled, reaching to push back the bedcovers over his head.

“You’ll smother under there.”

“But what a way to go,” a voice far too deep to be Fitz’s rumbled sleepily in response.

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Quick, fluffy Lana x Brinus drabble specifically for @ashesfromfrost

The night was a welcome to him. The lower light caused by the stars and moon wasn’t as harsh on his eyes as the sun or some of the lights in the base. He fiddled lightly with the rough leather bands in his hand, a stark contrast to the smooth amber and red stones. Gleaming red eyes glowed in the darkness, occasionally glancing up to take in the calm of the spring. He’d found this spot, a quiet spot away from the rush and noise of the base on Odessen. He liked to have some quiet, a chance to be on his own and think. Sometimes it was all too much, after all.

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Only Fools Fall For You - godamnarmsrace - Emmerdale [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Emmerdale
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Relationships: Aaron Dingle/Robert Sugden
Characters: Aaron Dingle, Robert Sugden
Additional Tags: episode coda 20.01.2015, Angst, Sleepy Cuddles, Affair Era Aaron Dingle/Robert Sugden, Falling In Love, hotel room, Sharing a Bed
Series: Part 4 of My Tumblr Ask Love Reply Fics

Episode coda to the 20.01.2015

For my beautiful @aarondingel and inspired by this lovely gif set that she made. I love ya Babe!!!


-I have constant nightmares and I’ve always had someone to cuddle with. Now, I realize we’re not on that level but you’re only one here and I’m really scared to go to sleep.

-You’re severely depressed these days and I’m too scared to leave you alone so yes this is the only solution please accept my hugs

-The heater broke and I’m freezing get over here

-Hey dude I read that cuddling helps you sleep better, you wanna try it out?

-The Classic™: The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

-We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)

-You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

-We’ve had this tradition as besties to have a sleepover once a year but this year….it feels different…were your pajamas always this cute??…did I always have butterflies???

Being forced to share a bed au's

(OTP that’s not yet together/haven’t acknowledged their feelings for each other)

- building a wall of pillows between them
- they still wake up tangled in each other anyway
- person A calms person B down when they wake up gasping
- person A soothing them by stroking their hair and forehead till they fall asleep in their arms
- person A keeps snoring and person B kicks them every time
- person A hogs all the covers and person B’s solution is to spoon them
- the two of them smelling of each other when they wake up
- the pair acting like the intimacy they shared at night never happened the next day

Clueless (M)


Words: 9.4k

Summary: After your apartment gets flooded, Tae let’s you stay at his apartment for a few days. But things don’t go as you had expected. Your problem? Having a crush on Jimin. His problem? Well, you’re about to find out. 

Disclaimer: You all know the drill: strong mature content ahead, clueless Jimin, sharing beds, and an unexpected suggestion. Enjoy!

It had been decided that you’d be spending at least three days at V’s house.

Apparently, your plumbing hated you, and a faucet decided to blow up without you noticing, leaving most of your apartment completely flooded. You’d managed the water flow to stop, but the damage was already done, and it seemed as though you had an entire river filling the place up. Nothing you couldn’t deal with, so you picked up your phone and texted V to ask for help.

He sent you the plumber number.


“Are you fucking kidding me, Tae? We’ve been friends for years, and you send me a number? It’s two in the morning!” You had yelled at him, your patience wearing thin.

“Fine! You can come to my house until that’s fixed!” He had growled before hanging the phone in your face to go back to sleep.

You managed to stuff your bag quickly with your laptop, phone charger and a few clothes before exiting your ruined apartment. Not to mention, you’d have to call the plumber and some house service to deal with all that water first thing in the morning.

After half an hour, you’d finally reached his apartment, pressing his doorbell and waiting for him, and it didn’t take long for the door to abruptly swing open to reveal a shower-dampened and half naked Jimin dressed only in some sleeping shorts.

You had not expected to be confronted by Jimin’s bare torso, but it wasn’t as if you had never seen that before.

But more importantly, it had been quite a while since you’d last seen Jimin. And your feelings for him had never wavered even apart. It had been at least a month, and it felt like too damn long. Watching BTS live videos on Youtube wasn’t quite the same, especially considering how you felt towards him.

He had dyed his hair a soft pink color again that was slightly darkened from being wet, but he somehow seemed different besides his hair color. Something about the way he was eyeing you.

Your body reacted before your mind could, a big smile on your face “Do you greet everyone dressed like that?”

Jimin leaned against the door frame, eyeing you from head to toes. “Only you, of course.”

It as a harmless tease, you knew. However, it still made your stomach do a summersault at his sultry tone.

And then he unexpectedly swung his arms around you, gripping you into a tight embrace, and you tensed briefly before you returned the gesture, hugging him as you smell the sweet scent of his shampoo.  You felt your own shirt dampen as droplets of water fell from his hair.

“I’ve missed you!” You laughed, finally breaking the embrace.

“Me too,” Jimin stepped aside, allowing you to enter before shutting the door. “You look great.”

And so did he. More than great.

You looked around, dropping your bag by the nearby couch. “Where’s Tae?”

Jimin arched one eyebrow, drying off his hair with a towel. “Tae is not here. He’s with Jungkook on some trip that lasts the three days we have off. I thought you knew.”

What? Why hadn’t he told you anything? That was weird.

“Oh,” You started, slightly confused at that information. “So, what are you doing here?”

You tried your best not to let your eyes linger too much on any part of his body that wasn’t his face, but it was proving to be harder than expected.

“I’ve been staying here whenever we get some off time. We keep each other company.” He flashed you his trademark cute grin.

Well, it made sense. They had been friends long before you had met any of them.

Jimin yawned, rubbing the towel through his hair one last time. “I’m sorry to hear about your apartment. It sucks.”

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