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Sorry for the face, but my friend sent me this pic of me from 3 years ago (on the left) and DAYUM am I crazy or do I look like an entirely different person now?! I made the same face for a fair comparison… 👉🏼… “😐”

I lost 40 pounds, fixed my brows, and yeahhhh I got some lip filler, sue me… But I really think the weight loss was the kicker; I’ve always had a rounder face but having an actual jawline and strong cheekbones now… It feels good. So happy I gave Keto a chance! :)

The Look In Your Eyes - Cameron Dallas Imagine

A/N: This is my second published imagine ever! Please bare with me with any mistakes since it’s 3 am and i have nothing to do :p Also english isn’t my first language so mind the mispellings! Let me know if you like it. I’m thinking of doing a part 2!

Warning: Super long

“Hey, what are you doing? Miss you xx” I sent out the text to Cam.

I rolled around on my bed waiting for him to reply for around 40 minutes. I checked all of my social media until there’s nothing left to see. My eyes stumbled upon the Vine app, i decided to open it, i see a bunch of updates on my home, I saw that Cam just posted a Vine 10 minutes ago.

“He can upload a Vine but not reply my text?” I mumbled to myself.

I watched the 6 second video, it was Cameron and Matt throwing Nash into the pool. I can clearly tell it’s Matt’s house. I just sighed.

From: Cameron
I’m busy.

That hurts, the fact that he didn’t reply for 45 minutes but uploaded a Vine, and when he do he just said that two words. I’m trying to be positive and maybe he really is busy, maybe that Vine was recorded a while ago.


It’s 5 pm and i’m too bored to function alone at my apartment, so i decided to surprise Cam since looks like he’s staying at Matt’s and bring some pizza for the boys. I put on Cam’s oversized sweater and some shorts before heading out the door.

“That’ll be $74.50” The girl at Dominos drive through said.

“Keep the change” I smiled before giving her $80 and finally head off to Matt’s house.

Once i arrived i knocked on the door and Shawn answered it.

“Y/N! Didn’t expect to see you here, where have you been? We missed you here” He said giving me a hug.

“Oh nowhere” I smiled, “I brought pizza!”

“Awesome! We were just talking about how hungry we were after we went swimming” He said.

“You guys weren’t doing anything today?” I asked.

“No, we’re just chilling in here” He said.

“Oh” I said my face dropped.

So Cameron lied.

“Come on in!” He said, “Guys Y/N’s here! She brought pizzas!”

I came in and put 5 boxes of the pizza at the kitchen counter before greeting everyone.

“Y/N!” Mahogany said hugging me tightly followed shortly by Jacob.

“Hey” Cameron said walking into the house from the pool.

“Hi” I smiled.

I was about to give him a kiss, but he purposely threw his face away pretending to talk to Hayes. I sighed and joined Matt, Shawn, Nash and Taylor eating some pizza.

Cam and I used to be so close and lovey dovey, but lately he’s been so distant… As if he’s ignoring me. I can feel that the sparks no longer there. But i’m still holding on because i love him with all my heart.

“Hey, you’re okay?” Mahogany asked concerned.

“Great” I said trying to fake a smile.

“No you’re not, i know you too well to fall for that smile” She replied, “You wanna have a girl talk?”

“I’d like that” I smiled.

Mahogany whispered something to Nash before guiding me to the pool side and sit on the chair.

“So, spill” She said.

“I just- I feel like Cam doesn’t love me anymore” I said looking down.

“What makes you think that?” She asked.

“Lately he’s been so distant.. He never text or call me first, when i text him it takes him a long time to answer, sometimes he doesn’t even reply, even if he does it’s just to tell me that “I’m busy” or “I’ll text you back later, i have something going on” but he never text me back” I begun, “When he kissed me it’s meaningless and empty”

I can feel a tear slipped from my eye.

“Y/N..” She scoot closer and hug me.

“I don’t know what i did wrong” I said begin to sob, “He treats me like garbage but i’m still holding on to this relationship hoping that it’ll get better, but i know it wont”

“Sshh” She said rubbing my back soothingly, “Do you ever talk to him about this?”

“No, i’m afraid that he’ll break up with me or hate me” I replied, “I don’t know what to do”

“Hey girls, we’re about to watch-“ Suddenly Nash came, “What happen? Why are you crying?”

Mahogany tapped the empty space next to her and Nash approached us.

“He’s just not the Cameron Dallas that i fell in love with” I said.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Nash said rubbing my arm.

“Y/N and Cam are…”

“We’re basically at the end of the cliff” I interrupt, “He’s just.. Different, Nash. He’s been treating me like shit, like i meant nothing to him, he never even look at me in the eyes anymore. I don’t know how long i can take it”

“Is there anything i can do? Do you want me to talk to him?” He asked.

I shook my head and gave him a weak smile, “No, i’ll talk to him.. Eventually”

They gave me a sympathetic smile.

“Just know that, whatever path you chose, me, Nash and the boys will support you, we’ll be here for you” Mahogany said.

“Thank you” I returned the smile.

“Yo guys, the movie was about to-“ Cam opened up the door and look at us, “What’s going on?” He slowly closed the door behind him.

“Oh shit” I wipe away my tears and walk over to the fence to hide my face.

Mahogany and Nash both stood up, “Talk to her, but this time, mean it” Nash said before leaving us alone understandingly.

“Y/N?” He said approaching me closer.

“Hey” I replied still leaning on fence, looking the night sky.

He walked over and put both of his hands on the fence, looking at the star. Both of us stayed silent for a good 10 minutes.

“Cam” I said breaking the tension.

“Yeah?” He replied unsure.

“Remember when we first met?” I asked.

“Mhm” He replied.

“You were so nervous to ask for my number, so you get Nash to get it for you” I let out a soft chuckle, “We were texting each other for days and nights, i remember keeping my eyes awake just to wait for your replies”

We’re both still looking at the sky, not making any eye contact. He stayed silent after what i said.

“Then you asked me to be your girlfriend on your younow, even though you were afraid and the boys had to forced you to be brave” I sighed, smiling to myself, remembering the good old times, “I remember you’d always stays at my place and we watch movies and cuddle every night”


“Cameron” I cut him off and look him in the eyes, “You’re a great guy and a wonderful person, but i can no longer see “us” in our future, your eyes has lost the sparks when you look at me. You’re never there for me anymore. We’ve been so distant”

He looked down at his feet, not being able to say anything.

I took off the key necklace he gave me for our 1st year anniversary 2 months ago, i opened his hand and put the necklace there, “I think we should go on our separate way”

“No Y/N-“

“I love you, i really do, go find someone you truly love, thank you for everything, you made me happy even on my darkest days” I smiled before kissing his cheek.

I tried holding back the tears but i failed miserably. I ran back into the house and everyone is looking at me.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Mahogany asked.

“I finally said it, the words i’ve been keeping for a while now” I sniffled, “I need to go now, i’ll see you guys around”

“Y/N!” Taylor said pulling my wrist.

“I’m sorry, but need to be alone” I shot him a weak smile.

He gave me a nod understandingly and let go of my hand. With that i got into my car and left the house. Thinking it was dangerous to cry while driving, since i can’t see shit, i decided to pull over at the park near here.

I locked and got out of my car and went to sit on the bench. This is the park that Cam use to take me to get ice cream or shoot videos. Looks like it will only be a memory, the guy i used to love, heck, i still do, is no longer in my arms.

I’ll miss the goodnight texts, the late night phone calls, the sexy raspy voice i wake up to on most mornings, and the body that always keep me warm and feel so secure.

I sighed and drive back to my apartment.

A/N: UPDATE: Here’s the part 2 baes!

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[Trans] Chanyeol's full epilogue 160405

*Note: SJW = Shim Jae Won, CY = Chanyeol

SJW: Exo’luxion had 44 shows right?

CY: sigh

SJW: You had concerts throughout the course of a year and now the tour has just ended. I want to ask, what are your impressions/thoughts?

CY: Firstly, we actually did the tour in exactly 1 year. Started in Korea and also ended in Korea. I thought “Are tours usually this long?” but even though we did the same concert 44 times it seems like each time we did it with a new feeling. And I personally like Exo’luxion’s format very much. It’s unforgettable. I like it, really like it.

Actually I want to do the same concert next time but it’s going to be even better.

SJW: What should I say, I have actually kept close tabs on/watched over everything in this one year. While watching I felt really good whenever I saw how chanyeol was always working hard to stay focused on the tour. I remember that he was always well prepared. He adjusted his condition in his own way and because they did the first concert he talked about his problems first too. He said “hyung I think my condition is not good enough” and started exercising. He has become much manlier. I thought he was still a boy but he became a man. Right?

CY: I’m getting old.

SJW: Ya if you are getting old then what should hyung do?

CY: Hyung is young looking (younger than real age)

SJW: While doing Exo’luxion, were there any stages that you thought it can only be done and seen in Exo’luxion?

CY: For me it’s undoubtedly the electronic EDM section. I’ve seen other sunbaenims’ concerts and other singers’ concerts but I think I’ve never seen this kind of stage.

SJW: You’re right.

CY: I feel a great responsibility towards that section and because it’s the stage that I personally like very much. Everything was fun from the beginning to the end but I kept looking forward to that stage while performing.

SJW: Personally that’s what Chanyeol-ssi could only see, from the highest place in the middle.

CY: That’s right.

SJW: You felt great right?

CY: Yes I felt really good.

SJW: I was actually very envious when I created that stage, that’s something only he could feel. I couldn’t think of it but I should have asked you to take a pic with your phone

CY: Right I should have taken a picture.

SJW: So how were the fans’ expressions when you watched from above? We only saw from below (the stage).

CY: Actually I couldn’t really see their faces since it was too far but there’s that thing, when we said “Jump jump jump” I actually thought they wouldn’t jump. But… to be honest they didn’t jump much last year, but during this year’s encore concert we could see that everyone enjoyed the concert and jumped hard. Waa I’m really proud and I was really happy since it’s like we shared something mutual.

SJW: In the case of the EDM section we were talking about just now, he was the first person who talked when I had worries. Because, like I said before he is the one who had the most access to this stage and worked hard to understand the stage. He knew well that his responsibility is heavy. That’s why when I told him that during this section he had to be the most excited person, more than anything, the energy had to come out of his facial expression, his eyes and gestures he told me “Hyung I’m confident.”

CY: Ayuu, yes. But in the case of this time’s encore concert we did it 3 days in a row. So I was planning to adjust. If I had used 100% in the first concert I wanted to distribute 30, 40% (to this stage) but it was 100, 100, 100. It was too much fun when I stood there. My throat still hurts. I’m not lying it still hurts.

SJW: He always sent me texts after concerts “Hyung my throat”

CY: “My throat….” like this.

SJW: Anyways I felt good when I saw him jump and have fun like a living fish

CY: Thank you for making me (who I am now)

SJW: No you made it

SJW: You did overseas tour too? If there were 44 shows. There must be a show that remains in your memory.

CY: Actually what remains the most in my memory during the tour is when we went to the airport to fly to another country and they would cheer for us wherever we went, that’s something that touched my heart the most. This time during our NA tour I went around with Sehun and Suho hyung, we went to the place where J.F. Kennedy was assassinated and went shopping, visited here and there. Actually we went to the U.S. for SMTOWN concert as well but we had no memory so I think it was fun this time because we could experience American culture a little.

SJW: You finally went to the place J.F. Kennedy was assassinated and experienced american culture, was it fun?

CY: Yes. I like it.

SJW: I personally like there’s the private thing we did. Do you remember? We went to Japan together

CY: Ah Sharingan

SJW: Sharingan. That’s something only the two of us know. During japan tour Chanyeol and I went there first 2 days ahead

CY: To Tokyo.

SJW: We went on a date. Are you envious?

CY: We went to many places and did a lot of shopping too, played the drums and took sticker pics too.

SJW: Two men.

CY: That night my back hurt a lot because we walked too much.

SJW: That’s how it ended?

CY: Yes? Though I enjoyed it a lot

SJW: We went to the arcade together. Usually when men go there they play soccer game or boxing game but this kid played drums. He is indeed really good at it. I even have a video

CY: Aigoo

(Fans: Please upload)

SJW: I’m sorry

SJW: “The performance that members found difficult?“ Ahh, they talked about this. The most difficult performance was the EDM performance.

CY: Not for me. For me, El Dorado was the most difficult. Something I liked about EDM when we practiced for this performance in our practice room was that I sat in the corner or lied down and watched members practice because I have no dance moves (in the performance). I was very happy when we practiced EDM.

SJW: The reason why it was difficult is because it wasn’t a performance that they were used to/usually do and the most important point of the Exo’luxion concert was to engage the audience and they had to maximize that. It was actually hard to make them understand this but after the first and second concert they understood. And I suppose it became a good picture because our Chanyeol cooperated well in the middle.

SJW: Does Chanyeol have any plans to do a stage like the Baby Don’t Cry water performance?

CY: It’s my desire/greed and I don’t know when our next concert is but in the next concert I want to do something more impressive than a water performance - like a fire performance. But actually…

SJW: There’s something like lava show. Volcano show!

CY: Volcano? Have you tried volcano (TN: chicken that EXO is advertising)? It’s delicious even though I can’t eat spicy food well. But I have already talked with Jaewon hyung about that. When we were preparing for encore concert he told me “Chanyeol-ah you too let’s dance in the next concert”. That’s why, from long time ago, I had that desire, yes I will stop here . I’m a person with a lot of desire so I will stop here (joking). If you look forward to….No please don’t look forward to it, just stay at ease. Because when you don’t expect anything it will be better right? Fighting!

SJW: “Tell us Chanyeol’s unexpected side that fans haven’t seen or known yet” uh uh…

CY: Uh, there’s none?

SJW: No no, I’m thinking. There is, I was thinking about how I should explain it…

First, this friend is a positivity ball

CY: What ball?


CY: Ah I thought you said muscle ball and wondered why suddenly.

SJW: We have good chemistry and we talk a lot. He is usually bright but when we talk about music he is more serious than anyone else and he thinks every day how to express his passion for music. When we meet we don’t start the conversation with “How are you doing?” we start it with “How’s your composing process?“ and a friend that asks ”How can I make this good?“ a lot. It seems like he still thinks it’s a little bit early/premature to slowly show his works with his passion but I’m one of the people who is looking forward to the day he can show you guys his great works and I hope that he shares his worries about how to express the good work. I think I answered it well.

CY: Almost wow

SJW: This is the truth and we exchange messages. Our messages start with ㅋㅋㅋ (kekeke) and end with ㅋㅋㅋ (kekeke). That’s how we make efforts to maintain our conversation even in bad situations; positively when we meet. He is someone who shows himself that "positive thinking creates good result”

We talked a lot during our trip to Japan together and I came to realize that this kid has a great desire to live as someone who expresses himself through music, that I can look forward with ease to the time that he will make a great work and show it one day

SJW: I have something called sharingan and a picture of it that I want to show you guys…

CY: the moment you show it I….

SJW: Actually I lost it and found it not long ago

CY: I lost it at the airport, I kept it in my passport but it was gone after immigration’s process. I thought “That’s it I won’t be able to promote smoothly from now on”

SJW: We took a funny picture of it not a cute one so we can’t show you. I think we can show you other things

CY: “The reason why you chose white tiger costume?” Actually I wanted a giraffe costume but they didn’t have one.

SJW: Giraffe fits you

CY: Right? White tiger, first white tiger is cool

Fans: It’s cute

CY: I was about to say that. It was cool and also cute. I didn’t say that I’m cute because the costume is cute. And somehow when I saw it I thought it would suit me best that’s why I chose it. Does it suit me?

Fans: Yes

CY: Right? There’s no way it doesn’t suit me. There were many fun sections, apart from the Peter Pan section we had many different cute sections and I thought “Waa I want to keep looking cute, it would be nice if we could do something cute” and at that moment Jaewon hyung suggested that we do wear sleeping onesies. I liked the idea but it was really hot.

SJW: At first they decided to keep wearing it but took it off in the middle

CY: Right.

SJW: So after the first day I had to tell them to endure it even if it was hot, Chanyeol was the one who got the most upset, he said “Hyung hyung you should try it”

CY: Because I hate hot and cold. Normal is the best.

SJW: I was watching them wear those outfits and giving ments and I was happy because the picture was pretty. Fans drew a lot of animations for us too so I thought I did well (suggesting that idea)

CY: That’s right. It was nice. I hope we could do it again in Exo'luxion this July.

(Fans went crazy at Chanyeol revealing the concert date, Chanyeol then realised his mistake, feeling embarrassed he cutely tried to punch the banner behind him but there was no wall where the banner was placed so he fell off stage, Shortly after, he appeared again with a V sign.)

SJW: Let’s go back in time

CY: Hello, I’m exo’s voice Chanyeol. What was I talking about? It could be in august or september or next year. That was just my wish. Because I want to do it soon, I always tell him “Hyung let’s do in in July” till now. I just fell off stage and it felt like I was falling to hell

SJW: That just shows how comfortably we are talking right now. We don’t know anything x2. even…ah what I’m talking about. Next question

CY: The weather has become so nice right?

 SJW: “I want to try one of the performances that members did?”

CY: Me?

(Fans: BDC’s water performance!)

CY: But I..tbh I can’t think of anything right now whether I said concert or not. I want to try everything. Everything. I want to play the piano and sing I want to try everything..

(Fans: BDC’s water performance!! Abs!!)

CY: What did you say? Ah you are telling me to strip?

SJW: Something like BDC’s water performance

Cy: BDC? (Fans: Abs!!!!)

I, I, I…

SJW: The atmosphere is heating up!!

CY (Jokingly because he wants to avoid stripping at all costs): I said it so many times but because I want to show our young audience who come to our concert only good things and give them dream and hope.

(Fans: But that’s a good thing!!)

CY: Ah It’s a good thing? That could be good thing to you guys but could also be a shock to others.

CY: I will choose one question that hyung is curious about…. I’m really not lying I can’t see anything right now

SJW: Then let’s stop talking about that now. You are curious how he is doing these days right? Because today is the last day.

CY: These days other members are filming, Sehun is also filming. Because everyone is very busy I’m not busy. So I go exercise when I wake up or visit dermatology clinic and I compose. I spend every day like that

It’s always like that but when I had too many schedules I couldn’t compose even when I really wanted to. Now It’s like a fish meeting water, every day. Even yesterday I worked till 6. I enjoy creating new things every day. 

SJW: He is a model student, right?

(Fans: Please do V-app!)

CY: V-app? V-app, I want to do it soon, soon… but they told me I did too much and not to do it. They kept telling me to go out and do it, told me every day to shut myself in and do it or go out and show something new.

(Fans: who (said that)?)

SJW: Don’t get angry (joking)

SJW: You did Exo’luxion till the final Exo’luxion Dot concert during that one year. How was it? Any regrets?

CY: Like I said just now it was really long. It was so much fun too. Regrets.. I think I have many regrets towards myself. From our debut till now the thing I think of most was why I didn’t practice when I was a trainee.

SJW: I bullied him a lot

CY: Why didn’t I work hard

SJW: Chanyeol-ie I talked about it nicely just now but *sigh*

CY: I admit that

SJW: He is a dongsaeng that received a lot of attention from me

CY: Not in a good way

SJW: A dongsaeng who received a lot of attention, someone who had many skills and musical talents, it was true he wasn’t serious but our kid has changed since debut. He came to me first and asked “How should I do this?"x2"I want to do more but how should I do it?” I thought you have finally matured. Anyways, something I have always believed in is this kid’s potential that I always talk about. You have to try to show a better self and your great work.

CY: That’s right.

SJW:  Dance more too

CY: I have to dance too

(Fans: You dance well you dance well)

CY: I know. But there’s still the other side to when I watch and think “not bad”

(Fan: No you dance well)

SJW: Everyone (is saying this) with a mother’s heart right?

CY: I thought my mom came. I too, when I monitored myself, there are many times I would think “Wa really this is not right”

SJW: But that’s something you can reverse. Dilemma or slump is actually a good thing

(Fans: CY fighting)

CY: Fighting

SJW: Fighting! One two three!

(Everyone: Fighting)

CY: Aigoo, I will work hard. So the next con…it could be next performance/ concert whatever it is I don’t know but July is summer. And I like summer. And I want to go to the beach in summer. I want to go skiing too but the snow has melted so I can’t go skiiing. So our next performance could be a concert or a stage Idk which one but I will try to show better stage, I don’t know whether It will be in July, in August or September but until then I will keep working hard like now to communicate with you guys whether through my works or something else. Thank you!

I smell like you
1:27 am

You arms around me felt the most like home than I’ve felt in a year
2:22 am

I know you don’t want to be with me right now but I want to give you everything
10:05 pm

The thought of you touching someone else makes me feel sick
11:01 pm

Out with my friends and I’d rather be with you
6:41 pm

The distinct look you give me is gonna make me fall in love with you
2:18 am

Push me against the wall more often
7:34 pm

What the fuck do you mean
11:55 am

I want to mean so much more to you
1:28 pm

I can’t stop shakinGplease answer me I think I need you im sorry
2:40 am

I want to be with you
I want all of you
2:57 pm

I miss your lips
3:28 pm

I wonder what you’re doing right now
I miss your voice all hours of the night
12:29 am

I don’t think you miss me
3:49 am

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We Will Find Each Other. Part 4 - The Captain.

A/n: So I’ve got home from work at 7pm, I am so tired, and I also have work again tomorrow for 7.45am so I’m gonna have to leave mine for 7.15am, and I don’t finish til 6.15pm I think it’s gonna kill me, I’m going to be so tired, but anyway enough of me bitching lets get part 4 on the go! :)

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Description: After 40 years in the cryo chamber, you and Winter(Bucky) are sent to find and kill Captain America/Steve Rogers. Things don’t go to plan.

  • Y/n: Your name

Warnings: Swearing, Fighting

Part 1 - The Girl   Part 2 - The Man   Part 3 - The Fight

Bucky Barnes x Reader


“We will find each other.”

Those were the last words you and Winter said to each other, for the next 40 years, and neither of you heard the other speak.


They finally removed you from cryo, it had been nearly 40 years, a lot had changed, of course you nor Winter knew that, for the two of you it was still 1975, not that the two of you knew the year then either.

Hydra didn’t want to put you out in the field, with out knowing if any damage had been caused by being in cryo for 40 years, so they put you to fight against each other.

The two of you fought, but it wasn’t to the extent as it had been previously, it was softer, though you were still hitting each other hard, it wasn’t as hard as when you first met, Hydra picked up on this, so they wiped you and started again.

Three more memory wipes later, and the two of you were fighting each other with all you had. Hydra were pleased, as they had to call it off before the two of you killed each other.

Yours and Winter’s mission was to kill Captain America.

Winter had been sent out to dispose of a man under the name Fury, which he completed. The next thing on the list was, Captain America himself, and two of his colleagues, Romanov and Wilson, they weren’t necessary, but if possible you were to take them down.

You watched as Winter jumped onto the car containing; Rogers, Romanov, Wilson, and Sitwell. Winter pulled Sitwell from the car, throwing him infront of an oncoming lorry, he climbed onto the roof, as he tried shooting them, you saw Romanov dive between the seats onto Rogers’ lap, pulling him forward in the process, you sat on the bonnet of your car, following them, incase you needed to step in, so far Winter was handling it, someone in the car pulled the handbrake, and Winter was launched from the roof, using his left arm to slow himself down, scraping up the road. 

Winter slowly stood up, facing their car, Romanov pulled up her gun to shoot him, but the car you were sitting on, slammed into the back of them, pushing them forward, Winter jumped up, gripping the car as he flipped over it landing on the roof, smashing the back window, using his left arm, he slammed it down through the windshield ripping the steering wheel from Wilson’s hands, “SHIT!” He shouted, as Romanov tried to shoot Winter he jumped from their car back to yours, with a curt nod, which you returned.

You crashed into the back of them once more, causing them to lose control of the car, just as their car flipped into the air, Rogers, Romanov and Wilson dropped out of the passenger side door, sliding down the road, when your car came to a halt, Winter jumped off, holding out his hand for you. 

He took a grenade launcher from one of the other Hydra Agents, who has accompanied you, firing it at Rogers and Romanov, Rogers held up his shield, absorbing the impact as it sent hi flying off the edge of the bridge, as Romanov ran off to the side somewhere. 

The Agents began to randomly fire at them as the lot of you approached their position, Winter launched a grenade at Romanov, but she jumped over the wall avoiding the blast.Winter fired again, but Romanov dived off the bridge. You and Winter walked to the other side of the bridge, waiting for her, to come out, nothing, “Zima , posmotrite”(Winter, look) you said pointing to the shield that laid on the ground besides a bus, Winter aimed his gun, when out of no where, a bullet hit his googles, “Zima!”(Winter!) You shouted when he ducked behind the wall, you emptied a clip, at the red head, nothing hit her, as she ran to cover, you knelt in front of him, as he pulled his goggles off, you placed your hands either side of his face as you looked him over for any injury.

“Osen’, ya khorosho”(Autumn, I’m good) was all he said, before standing up and shooting at Romanov, as she ran, he looked at the other agents before looking at you, “Ona moya. Nayti yego”(She’s mine. Find him) Winter jumped over the wall, landing on a car, before making his way to find Romanov.

You watch Winter walk off, as other agents put climbing hooks into cars before scaling off the side of the bridge, you noticed something move in the corner of your eye, you ducked behind some cars as Wilson, kicked an agent in the back of his leg, elbowing him in the face, bringing his knife up, before kicking the agent off the bridge and catching his gun.

You smirked, this was going to be fun, you took out your batons, creeping up behind him, “you really should check your surroundings, before turning your back” you said, as his spun around, aiming his gun, but you had disappeared.

“Shit,” he breathed, looking for where you could be hiding.

You came up behind him, cracking one of his ribs with your baton, he let out a strangled yelp, before landing a punch in your stomach, you stumbled back, quickly regaining your balance, as you jumped slightly, kicking his chest with your metal leg, flinging him backwards into a car, he slumped to the ground, “how many of you are there?” He asked.

You frowned, not sure what he meant, you raised one of your batons, about to smack it into his head, when you heard someone, Winter, shout, “Osen’!”(Autumn!) 

“Zima?”(Winter?) You took of running in his direction, jumping over the wall of the bridge, you saw Rogers, debating whether you should take him then and there, but Winter called for you again.

You got to him, and Romanov was on his shoulder trying to get a cord around his neck, “Osen’, nemnogo pomoch’?”(Autumn, a little help?) He asked, struggling against the cord, Romanov glared at you, as you ran.

Winter had managed to throw Romanov off, “Zima!”(Winter!) You shouted, throwing him a gun, as you hit Romanov’s knee with your baton, Winter took aim but Romanov threw something at his arm, causing it to malfunction

“Suka!”(Bitch!) You shouted, you went to hit her with a baton but she blocked it, kicking you in the stomach, before running at you, wrapping her legs around your neck, before slamming you into the ground.

“Osen’?”(Autumn?) Winter asked urgently, you raised your hand, gesturing you were okay, as a confused Romanov took off running. Winter helped you up, once his arm was working again, you both began followed the path Romanov had took. Winters hand on the small of your back.

You saw Romanov, and Winter took aim, shooting her, hitting her in the shoulder, before jumping up onto a car, taking aim again, “ZIMA!”(WINTER!) You shouted as you saw Rogers running towards him. Winter saw him, raising his left arm, as Rogers raised his shield, Winter’s fist collided with the star on the shield, as a loud metallic ring, sounded through the street. Winter gripped the shield pulling it to the side, before drop kicking Rogers.

Winter fell back shooting at Cap, rolling off the roof of the car, shooting at him with the gun off of his back, Rogers launched over the car kicking the gun from Winter.

You turned looking for the others, but couldn’t see them anywhere, but you prepared yourself in-case they jumped out at any moment. You watched as Winter and Captain America fought.

Winter gripped the shield, causing Rogers to flip, Winter had the shield now, as Rogers tumbled backwards. Cap’ began to run at Winter, dodging the shield as Winter threw it as hard as he could.

As the fight continued, you kept looking around for Romanov or Wilson, but they were no where. Winter was attacking with a knife at this point, but the blond soldier, threw him back into a car.

Rogers, jammed his shield into Winters shoulder, before then flipping him over, you rushed to the brunets side, his mask had come off, you and Winter stood facing each other, looking over at Rogers.

His jaw dropped, looking at the two of you, mostly at Winter, before saying;


Part 5 - The Memories.

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Sidenote: hope this is okay, ahh, i was super tired writing this and took me a lot longer than i wanted it too, sorry for any mistakes :) and that it isnt as long as previous parts :)

O problema com o amor é que quando seu coração está quebrado e alguém vem lhe ajudar a juntar os cacos você se sente completo. Mas quando esse alguém parte, leva junto consigo parte do seu coração e outra parte vai parar no chão na pressa de ir embora. Ele acaba se partindo novamente. E você já não sabe mais onde cada pedaço foi parar, porque quem havia lhe ajudado foi embora, então, em desepero você vai catar pedaço por pedaço. Sem muita sorte, se corta com os cacos e ao sangrar começa a se perguntar onde o resto de você foi parar.

3:40 am, dois meses mais tarde e ainda não consigo me encontrar.

Helena Granel.