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Just a quick reality check for some people on tumblr, but you can’t genuinely say that you care about kids and that you want to protect them, whilst cyber bulling real kids on social media or supporting the movement which does.

If you support the cyber bulling of kids on social media you don’t care about real kids and you aren’t doing anything to protect them, you’re doing the opposite.

Today choose one of your fics and read it from start to finish.

Don’t worry about misplaced commas or run-on sentences. Forget about the number of times you wrote this word or the other. Don’t look for typos and mistakes.

Forget about being a beta or a critic for the day and just read.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Let the beautiful words you’ve written wash over you. Marvel at your detailed descriptions, laugh at that fantastic line of dialogue, swoon over that character’s romantic gesture or at that long-awaited kiss.

And, when you’re done, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Your work is precious. Enjoy it.

Shukashuu promotes the official Twitter hashtag for the current live broadcast comments with a…rather interesting hand-drawn sign.

RIP the tiny 1st years off to the side there

So I just rewatched the scene in season 1 where we first see Dirk and Riggins talk to each other

And holy shit…. I didn’t notice so much about that scene the first time around… Riggins calls Dirk ‘Svlad’ and Dirk panics and tells him that’s not his name anymore and Riggins just nods and calls him ‘Dirk’ from then on. And the whole scene Dirk takes on the behavior of a child being scolded and he gets low and holds the banister and presses his face against it and he looks down at the floor whenever possible. And then when Riggins tries to walk towards him he jumps up and backs up against the wall and I just…. god there was so much I didn’t notice the first time around… that bit with ‘you made them a promise you couldn’t keep. You made ME a promise you couldn’t keep…’

idk guys I’m just shook rn


Monkees by the Numbers: Ten Romps [10 / 10]

This Just Doesn’t Seem to Be My Day from The Chaperone

Well, that’s it. I have completed Monkees by the Numbers! A huge thank you to @mrsarcadian for coming up with the idea, it was so much fun! I hope everyone enjoyed my posts! :)

tumtumtumimacatlover  asked:

Speaking of awful headcanon's, whats your opinion of the "Victor really hates doing the dishes or any housework in general, and Yuuri's REALLY salty about it" headcanon? I can't be the only one who hates it with a passion. Please 😧



it’s one of those popular headcanons i hate the most? honestly get your heteronormative bullshit out of here!!!!! stop treating yuuri like a sad wife with an abusive husband!!! stop treating victor like a slob!!! they’re not like that and there’s a bunch of canon material to prove otherwise?

idk why it’s so popular tbh. oh wait. probably some bfn overused that joke at some point and people thought it was funny. 

(which is why we should, you know, question trends in the fandom and change our behavior?)