they seek him here they seek him there

royal arranged marriage au

february 15 | “family”
(Here’s the overview for an AU with all of the tropes because why not.)

Royal Arranged Marriage AU with supernatural fantasy elements. Gabriel is a wraith who’s the literal Prince of Darkness, equally loved and feared by everyone in Blackwatch, his city. Overwatch, a nearby kingdom that Gabriel’s always been wary of, approaches him one day, seeking an alliance. They offer him their Prince’s hand in marriage in exchange for Gabriel’s help defending against Talon, an insurgent force seeking to usurp them from within. 

Gabriel is irritated but agrees to meet his potential husband-to-be, since he’d apparently accompanied the envoy anyway. He’s surprised when the handsome, scarred vampire he’d assumed was a bodyguard steps forward and introduces himself as Jack, the Prince of Light. 

BONUS: Jack and Gabriel had already met the night before out in the city while avoiding their royal duties and being Grumpy Old Immortals. Neither had realized that the other was a Prince.

If Lotor is his own character [and is like the Thief King from YGO,] I will be excited as hell. [Lotor in the old series was half Galra and Altean, so if that is the case here, Zarkon would’ve killed his mother and half of his heritage. That could make him seek revenge against Zarkon, but goes to dark means to do it and put the Paladins to the test, especially Allura. The Thief King is in a similar vain in YGO with him seeking revenge against the royal family for doing the same.]
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Dark burns.

find no solitude in darkness.
No pleasure in the unknown.
I seek the glimmer of light, a flicker of fire.
I find no hope in the darkness
I seek no meaning here.
now he may be a place to hang my paper bag hat and morn cloak, he is not comfort.
I see no beauty in him
He is no longer a mystery
I can not abuse him for art and praise like I thought I may once for he has become wise.
He burns.
He has taken the death incrusted throne.
But yet I do not seek release,for I am afraid that with the abandonment of his warm, clinging grip I may freeze.
I seek no help.
I have meaning here.
I seek light no more.
The flicker is him.
For he tells me he loves me.
I find solitude in darkness.

I Love You, Goodbye.


He hadn’t told her yet, of course there was something obviously wrong with him seeing as he had swept her away from the festivities to their spot in the graveyard. It was all too ironic. Kol couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. “Alexis, I have to tell you something.” He whispered in her ear.


The Scarlet Pimpernel AU

They seek him here, they seek him there…

During the French revolution, a mysterious Englishman known as the Scarlet Pimpernel, along with his loyal band of followers, rescue French aristocrats from the guillotine. Sir Henry Morgan, Bart. is one of the richest and most fashionable men in England. While in Paris, he sees the beautiful and clever French actress Abigail. They marry after a whirlwind romance, much to the displeasure of Citizen Adam Chauvelin. He is determined to discover the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel, and blackmails Abigail to find out for him. Little does she know that her foppish and empty headed husband has a few secrets that the Chauvelin and the rest of the National Assembly would love to know.