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Beauty and the Beast Post-Curse headcanons Part 2

So after posting my first installment of post-curse headcanons I realized that I forgot a few characters. Given the positive response to the first post (and a few sleepless hours last night) I have come up with more. I hope you enjoy them.

-After the curse is broken, Chip makes a point of apologizing to Maurice for scaring him during his first visit to the castle. Maurice assures Chip that it wasn’t his fault and asks him to give him a tour of the castle. Chip happily agrees and proceeds to lead Maurice on a uniquely childlike tour. Much less (accurate) history of the castle. Way more hide and seek tips. “And what about this portrait here?” “That’s Monsieur Funny hat. I don’t know what his actual name is…but he has a really big funny hat. These curtains make a good hide and seek spot too. But make sure your feet are covered–Hey wanna see the cubboard I used to sleep in?!” Maurice called it the best tour he had ever had.
- Once Belle and Adam become engaged, Maurice offers to paint an engagement portrait of the happy couple. But dispite their best efforts, they have a very hard time working a long formal portrait sitting into their schedules. The sketches from their early attempts all felt a bit stiff. Then one evening Maurice decides to discreetly pull out his easel in the library while Belle and Adam sat curled up together reading, comfortably in their own element, aware only of their books and each other. This stealth portrait allowed Maurice to capture the tender look in Adam’s eyes when he would look over at Belle (a look he attempted to control–and usually failed–when he knew his future father-in-law was looking) and a look of bliss Belle seemed to only have in moments like this. The portrait is so successful, Maurice continues to make these candid portraits for other residents of the castle, capturing their happiest moments to last forever.

- Chapeau is a man of few words. He prefers to quietly observe in social situations, welcome guests with a wordless smile and nod as a greeting, and to play his violin. That said, he knows everything there is to know about the goings on of the castle. Lumière can’t think of what to get Plumette for her birthday? Ask Chapeau. Chip can’t find a toy he misplaced. Ask Chapeau. His answers are brief, but nearly always the perfect solution.

Cadenza and Garderobe
-Cadenza and Garderobe decide they want to try to teach FrouFrou to sing. This proves to be a very loud and comical task. The rest of the castle is not nearly as tickled by FrouFrou’s performance as a vocalist, but it makes Cadenza and Garderobe so happy they all play along.
-Garderobe has been known to dispense unsolicited romantic advice to Plumette and Belle, some of which makes them blush and look for the nearest exit. However, most of her advice really is helpful.
-Cadenza also offers advice, but it is usually related to writing a song in some way or other. It can be hard to tell if he means metaphorically or literally.

-Cogsworth has developed the uncanny ability of knowing the exact time of day without looking at a clock. Lumière finds this hilarious and tries to prompt him to give the time without him realizing it. Dispite his accuracy as to the particular minute, Cogsworth often forgets what day it is.
-Once Cogsworth hears of the way Clothilde (Mrs. Cogsworth) treated Belle in the village during the curse, he demands she apologize, which she does (perhaps a bit too profusely.) Their reunion is the rockiest of the castle residents, having been a less than stable relationship to begin with. Somehow Lumière gets roped into acting as a sort of couples councillor for them. He isn’t quite sure how. But ultimately he is willing to do just about anything to help his friend find happiness.

-LeFou ends up being one of Belle’s most dedicated pupils when it comes to learning how to read and write. He uses his new skills to write a note to Stanley.

Belle and Adam
- Adam likes to turn little every day moments into opportunities to dance. Belle could be doing something as simple as sorting books in the library, only to be swept up in an impromptu waltz about the room. Once they have finished Adam helps her complete whatever task she was doing so that she doesn’t find his spontaneous dances too disruptive.
-He can’t get enough of hearing Belle say “I love you.” He goes completely weak in the knees every time. Every now and then he will ask her to say it “one more time” because he didn’t get to hear the very first time she said it.
- Adam is way more into wedding planning than Belle. Belle just wants a simple wedding, which means he has to reign himself in at times. His excitement can get the better of him. She said yes and he wants to shout it from the rooftops (and has.) He has learned Belle has a certain smile that she gives him when he starts to get an idea a bit too over the top. Ultimately Belle has the final say on everything, because her happiness is all he really wants. As long as she is his and he is hers, that is all that matters.

- As news of the engagement spreads, Agathe decides to pay a visit to the castle to congratulate the happy couple. Adam is a nervous wreck the entire time she is there (calmed only by Belle standing protectively by his side and reassuringly telling him she loves him) but is a completely gracious host all the while. Seeing the lasting trauma her curse had on the people of the castle, Agathe bestows a spell of protection over the castle and its residents as a wedding present, providing them with health and prosperity for the rest of their days. As she departs she tells them she will leave them in peace, but will return in a few years time with another gift. As Adam attempts to thank her for her generosity she cuts him off by saying “No your highness. This gift will not be for you. It’s for the baby.” With a wink she leaves Adam and Belle standing speechless, as she leaves to ponder a proper gift for her future fairy godchild.

Hide and Seek

Tony wasn’t too sure how they managed to get on to the topic. 

Actually- scratch that- yes he was. It was Clint. All bad things in the world happened because of Clint. 


Anyway- Clint had been talking about his years in the circus, and how they’d taught him all sorts of weird ways to contort your body for the extra showmanship. “Made for some pretty awesome games of hide and seek, though,” he’d said, nodding serenely to himself as he’d sipped from his coffee.

“I bet I’d still find you in under an hour,” Natasha had challenged, raising a daring eyebrow up at him before turning back to the morning paper.

Clint scoffed, turning to Steve, who was stood cooking eggs on the stove. “Cap, you can vouch for me here, right? I am the master at hide and seek. No one beats me at hide and seek.”

And Steve had laughed- a lovely throaty thing that made Tony smile just from hearing it. “Uhhh, I don’t know? It depends on a lot of variables. If it were in a park, maybe- but here? Tony would beat you hands-down. He knows every nook and cranny of this tower, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

And then- here had come Tony’s fatal mistake of the day. Later, he’d pin it on lack of caffeine in his system and the early hour at which he was conscious- but really, he was just an idiot who’d forgotten how offended his teammates could (and did) get on his behalf.

“Actually, I’ve never played. Although I could still probably beat Barton.”

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blubberrobnob  asked:

Hi. I'm trying to find stories where Stiles goes looking for Derek after Derek leaves Beacon Hills in season 4. Hope you can help me and thank you so much for this great blog. xxx

Here you go @blubberrobnob! - Anastasia

Originally posted by fandomfairy2000

You Can Stop Running Now by Finduilas

(1/1 I 1,465 I General)

Derek leaves Beacon Hills with Cora, but Stiles comes for him.

Hide and Go Seek by layalee

(2/? I 4,101 I Teen)

Stiles seeks out help from several people to try and find Derek Hale. It might not go as well as he hopes. Warring with his emotions and grief, Stiles finds obstacles everywhere he turns. But he won’t let that stop him.

Reflections still look the same to me, as before I went under. by KeepGoing

(2/2 I 8,723 I Explicit)

When tragedy strikes, Derek’s gives up everything to fix it. But not everyone is as happy as he is with the end result. So he runs, never looking back. But Derek must learn, he never has been able to run from his past.

“You really should lock your door there, Derek. Anyone could just walk right in.” Stiles tells him smiling.

You’ll Grow Into Your Skin by crossroadswrite

(1/1 I 11,847 I teen)

“So funny story,” Stiles winces, “Remember when I joked you couldn’t get me pregnant?”

Derek nods his head. He remembers pretty much everything from that day.

“Right,” Stiles bobs his head, stops himself and does a little ta-da gesture towards Jacy, “Surprise?”

Til We Ain’t Strangers Anymore by WriteByNight

(7/7 I 35,994 I Explicit)

Stiles should’ve expected Derek to suddenly disappear since the werewolf was in the habit of taking off without notice. However, Derek always showed up when they needed him.

As the weeks pass by, Stiles is no longer confused and a little hurt. What started as heartache begins to get worse the longer Stiles goes without seeing Derek. Eventually, his body begins to shut down and his only hope seems to be Derek…but nobody can find him.

There’s no cure for a broken heart. Except, maybe, the cause for the broken heart himself.

- - -

Or the one where Derek takes off without warning and Stiles finds out he could be Derek’s mate and the distance between Derek and Stiles, along with Derek’s refusal to develop the bond, is slowly killing Stiles. Without Derek, Stiles will die, but no one knows where he is or how to contact him. And Stiles is barely keeping it together.

The Moon’s Gonna Follow Me Home by turningterrific

(2/2 I 82,866 I Explicit)

Derek doesn’t want to call the window repair guy. He doesn’t want to sweep up the glass. He’ll inevitably miss a few shards and pull them out of the bottom of his bare feet for weeks.

He doesn’t want to try to make this place feel like home when it isn’t.

Derek stayed in Beacon Hills and tried to make it work because he wanted pack, wanted purpose. He gave his best effort and found himself back where he started: alone, with a few begrudging allies. He’s tired, and even though his werewolf body heals quickly, he feels the weary ache down to his center.

He packs his car with the few things he cares about enough to drag them from place to place. He locks the loft and calls a realtor about listing the building he’d bought in a misguided attempt to secure a future.

And then he leaves.

Request 15-

(Y/t/h) your twitter handle

“Ohh my god” I sighed, as I read through Greg’s latest twitter rant. I had recently taken a liking to his ‘Onison’ and ‘Onision speaks’ channels after I discovered we shared some views on lgbt and youtube.

A couple of months after I started watching his channel, I found we had another mutual interest, my boyfriend Dan. Dan and I had been dating for over 3 years and his fans knew about it after we made an announcement, a month prior to Gregs rant.

Greg was never one to keep quiet about his feelings, there was always a daily video telling how he wanted change. He mostly talked about his celebrity crushes, Andy Biersack  daddy and Dan. Most of the phandom knew about Gregs admiration for Dan and often asked Dan about it in his live streams and social media.

It finally got to the point when Dan couldn’t stand it anymore.  He couldn’t ignore the questions and constant remarks about ‘Danision’. In one of his live streams Dan spoke out about Greg wanting attention, using him for fame and exploiting his fans.

This is what I was reading through. Greg, more commonly known as Onision, had taken to twitter once again to defend himself against the dark haired man and the phandom.

Dan was out with Phil so I decided to check what videos I had missed in the past week. I saw a new video from Greg titled 'publicity’. As soon as I read the title I knew it would focus on the recent events with Dan.

“Lets talk about publicity” the American man said, a slight anger in his voice “over the past month” he then proceeded to tell the story about Dan. Within 3 minutes the story was over, even though there was still over 5 minutes remaining.

Moments later I heard my name from the computer screen. My attention was drawn to a screenshot of Dan and I in the recent video we had filmed. The picture showed us kissing, while it was there Greg began talking about me.

“See this woman here, this is attention seeking. Dan Howell accused me of attention seeking after I mentioned him in some videos, yet here she is dating him” he then continued to talk about me having a small blog with just over 500 followers and how I was dating Dan to raise my profile.

I closed my laptop and took to twitter. I had not been on twitter since the video so of course I was expecting Greg to say something about me there too and I wasn’t wrong. The top of my feed showed a tweet from Greg that had been retweeted by Dan, Phil and some of my followers.
@(y/t/h), I don’t care if you don’t read this but… there was 4 screenshots of what he had written in him memos.

Before I had the pleasure of reading through it, the two 6ft men returned home.
“(Y/n)” Dan shouted as he walked through the door. “Where are you?” He asked from the kitchen.  I skipped down the stairs towards the kitchen, where I saw the two men, sympathetic smiles showing.
“Greg?” I guessed, judging by the way still had their phones in their pockets. Phil nodded while Dan stood from his seat and made his way towards me.
“I’m sorry he dragged you into this baby,” he whispered, tucking some of my hair behind my ear.  “I, I shouldn’t have kept on at you about telling the fans.” It broke my heart to see him that way.
“Listen Dan, he’s just being spiteful. Ignore him” I smiled.

“This girl here, she is the sweetest, kindest, most amazing girl I have ever met. I am so proud to call her my girlfriend. I care about her so much and she cares about me. She has helped me through countless existential crisis’, she has binged on anime and game of thrones with me. I understand that there are people out there who believe (y/n) is dating me for the publicity, but I can assure you she isn’t. If she was, she would’ve wanted everyone to know about us the minute we told our families. If she wanted publicity, (y/n) wouldn’t have been scared to make the announcement video” my heart skipped a beat as I heard him say those words.

I returned downstairs to where I left Phil cleaning the plates. “I think we may be in for a danisnotonfire video tomorrow” I mentioned as I began putting away the plates.

It had been 10 minutes since Dan uploaded the video to his channel and there was already a flood of comments. Most supporting Dan and I and showing positivity.
“See, they love you, now lets put this all to rest” Dan said, closing his laptop

A/N Please keep sending requests and if anyone has an idea for a new series tell me
Sleeping Beauty

Sentence Starter: “She’s behind the sofa.”

Pairing: Rick x Negan

Type: Dabble

Warnings: None, Pure Fluff, Non-ZA, Grimes family 2.0

Rating: G

Notes: This is me procrastinating doing what I’m supposed to be doing, it’s also my first time writing regan/negick whatever their ship name is. PS. Judith is at an age where she can have a relatively comprehensive conversation. This is pretty short. Hope you like it!


Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

It was 10.36am and Rick could not believe he had only just woken up, he would have thought the screaming of one of his kids or the neediness of his grown ass boyfriend would have awoken him from his slumber by now. Then he thinks shit, what if something’s happened? He jumps out of bed, straightening his boxes and scratching at his bare chest. He opens his bedroom door and peaks his head out into the hall, investigating the empty corridor. It’s quiet, too quiet in fact. He turns his head to look at Negan’s side table and sees his phone there, Negan wouldn’t ever leave without that darn thing so they’re obviously still here.

He waltzes out the door and tip toes down the staircase, listening for any signs of his family. Running his hands through his greying curls he enters the kitchen, seeing Negan siting at the table reading the newspaper. He stands at the entrance, looking around for any of his children.

“Well look who it fucking is, my sleeping beauty. C’mere.” Negan says, folding the newspaper and placing it on the table.

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asktechnowizard  asked:


Seeker was born blind, and grew up listening to pretty ah.. dark stories of the world. But time made it clear that one set of stories isn’t enough to form an opinion, so he set off to hear more stories and figure out this world he can’t visually witness.

Now… that being said, Tech is rather passionately opinionated and Pisca is just.. opinionated. So Seeker has ways of being a sort of.. pop up therapist. 

Cuz hey, no licence means once you go ‘right, that guy you told me hurt you is most DEFINITELY a wanker’, then nothing can be revoked to stop you listening and helping folk after busting in someknee caps

If Lotor is his own character [and is like the Thief King from YGO,] I will be excited as hell. [Lotor in the old series was half Galra and Altean, so if that is the case here, Zarkon would’ve killed his mother and half of his heritage. That could make him seek revenge against Zarkon, but goes to dark means to do it and put the Paladins to the test, especially Allura. The Thief King is in a similar vain in YGO with him seeking revenge against the royal family for doing the same.]
-submitted by @aquaburst07

He treads cautiously in the twilight. The dark cloak he wears hides his gleaming armor. Just enough is showing to hint at his high stature and deadly skills, so others do not approach him in the foggy woods.

Navilus isn’t surprised the trail led him here. Dark creatures seek dark places to hide and strike. It’s only a matter of searching the right areas, asking the right questions and being cautious enough to not stir any curiosity. 

For now he seeks out the Court, one of the many in this forsaken kingdom. But rumors whisper his target hides among them, and it’s his job to protect them from the unknown evil they harbor.

Cursed are those who give shelter to the Shade.

Dear 2017 me,

You are still a blank slate, a collection of days not yet trodden, so let’s make it right this time. Learn to cherish each moments. Take time to breathe and look at the things around you. Appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate. Be grateful. You are more now than you are 5 or 10 years ago. Heck, you are more than now than I am. So please please, don’t hurry in life. Keep your footsteps steady, you may find one day that you seem to be moving slowly, and that’s okay, as long as you keep moving forward. You may stumble and fall along the way, and that’s alright too, I have so much bruises and scars already on my knees and heart, and every time I still try to get back up again. Sometimes I had stayed too long on the ground, and I want to tell you that it’s alright too. Take your time this coming year please. Appreciate life. No rushing forward. Forward is forward. One step is still a step as long as you keep your eyes on your goal. Create goals. Choose happiness. Make happiness one of your goals. And I know you still have that inner compass in you, that inner knowing that makes you know which path to take. Listen to it. Always. It never fails.

And when things get hard and to much to bear, always look and ask the help from Above. Hell, seek Him even on the greatest moments of your life, or even on the most mundane periods of your life. Seek Him at all time. If there’s anything I have learned this year and that I will want you to remember, it is that we have a good good Father in Him. Remember where your help comes from. Pray. Whether you’re happy or not, because He always listens, every time.

And please, please know that I am here for you, your past selves, all of us, an accumulation and amalgam of years and experiences, a collection of moments and little joys and sadness, we’re here and we’re still here, making up who you are today, and who you will be this 2017.

And above all, be brave. I know you can do this. I believe in you.

Wishing you the best in life and love and everything else that your heart desires,
2016 me

P.S. Keep your brain and heart connected at the same time. All the time. It’s hard, I know. But those two work wonders together, and not apart.

P.S.2. And really, I think 2015 and 2013 us had messed us up more grand time! 😉

- cynthia go // Dear 2017 me

(tw for incest, incest apologism, stalking, death threats, systemfaking/ableism, abuse apologism)

first callout:

It seems we’re back again with calling out tumblr user Appearify. Leon, or Lane, Chase, Miles- or whatever name he has chosen to use to try and separate himself from the monstrous things he did, has been up to more things as of late, more or less warranting a follow up callout to the last. If you haven’t read the last callout, you should (link, in case you couldn’t grab it before you started reading), and if you were swayed by his excuses on that one, here’s a post debunking that.

Leon has “apologized” numerous times for his actions, and has made claims about changing and being a better person, yet this has apparently been a statement ongoing for years, which is why I am writing this callout. I have no intention of bringing harm to Leon or his friendgroup, but instead I’m trying to warn others away from their actions. Anything involving Leon after this I will not take part in, as I am choosing to drop the situation lest something comes up again.

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8.05: Dean has some grown-up, personal crap to handle.

DEAN: When’s that little idiot gonna stop running from us?
SAM: I don’t know, Dean. I mean, you did try to kill his mother.
DEAN: I was trying to kill Crowley, okay? Who happened to be wearing Kevin’s mother at the time. Well, there’s a difference.
SAM: Apparently not to Kevin. Oh, I know. Maybe because – oh, yeah – it’s his mother.

When Sam questions Dean as to why he’s abandoning the “Winchester holy grail” of shutting the gates of hell forever now that they’re both back “on the job” and looking for Kevin, we begin to see just a bit of how little either of them trusts the other right now. Dean refuses to tell Sam what he’s up to:

DEAN: What, Sam? Last I counted, you took a year off from the job. I need a day.

While Sam tries to convince himself he’s not stalking Amelia, that he’s just keeping an eye on her because he’s “concerned.”

Dean brings Benny the cooler of blood he asked for, and calls them even, but Dean demands to know what’s really going on with him, and we learn about Benny’s “family business.” VAMPIRATES. And that he’s on a mission to take revenge on the vampire who turned him, and then killed him.

Dean agrees to help him, but even Benny’s keeping a little bit of the truth from Dean here. He’s not seeking personal revenge so much as seeking revenge because he believed his master killed the woman he loved. He later discovers that he turned her instead, to keep her for himself.

(sounds a wee bit like Brian in 8.04 here, no? but in this case, when Benny discovered that Andrea was still alive and thought for one moment that they might have a chance to be together again, he discovers that she just wants to stay where they are and run the Vampirate crew together… whatever it was about her that Benny had loved– her humanity– was gone. 

BENNY: I’m sorry. All this is because of me. I’m sorry.
ANDREA: No. It’s not your fault. You never hid anything from me, Benny. I chose you.
BENNY: But why’d you stay… with them, with him? Why?

We learn a little bit more about vampires, and what happens to them after they’re turned. That they come prepackaged with a sort of powerlessness to resist the vampire that turned them, but Benny was somehow different. He was strong enough to question their master and defy orders, which is how he was able to choose to be with Andrea in the first place, drawing the master’s wrath down on the both of them.

But Dean trusted that Benny could “drink blood, not people.” Sam’s angry that Dean would go off on a hunt alone with someone he’d never even heard of, let alone met. That Dean’s clearly keeping secrets from him. It gets even worse when Sam meets Dean and Benny at the dock and discovers Dean’s “friend” he was hunting with was a vampire.

Because hell there’s a lot of bitterness there that Dean had already gone one step farther than just giving a monster a chance and letting them go… he’d actively befriended one behind Sam’s back.

We also learn a little bit about WHY Dean was so willing to trust Benny through their flashbacks to Purgatory:

BENNY: You see, you’re an intact, living human being stuck in Purgatory’s craw. This dimension wants to spit you out, which is exactly what’s gonna power our escape pod. Now, I’m pretty sure I can squeeze through, too, because, after all, you take away the fangs and the fun, I was born human, too. But…
CASTIEL: I don’t think it would work for me.
BENNY: You hear what he’s telling you, Dean? Your buddy is saying– 
DEAN: Listen to me, you undead blood junkie, I’m the one with the mojo. I’m the one with the plan. Cas… we’re gonna shove your ass back through the eye of that needle if it kills all three of us.
BENNY: Obviously, I’m less than comfortable with that.

We’re shown over and over from the moment Benny met Cas that he considered him a liability in every way. A liability that may even end up getting him killed at that last moment before his chance at freedom and life at the portal back to Earth. Yet Benny saw what Dean was willing to do for Cas, that Dean was willing to die himself for Cas. Over and over again.

When faced with a situation that could have put an end to all of his personal issues with Dean’s refusal to leave without Cas, putting all three of them at risk, he could’ve let that leviathan kill Cas. It would’ve wrecked Dean, but if Benny had let Cas die there, instead of saving Cas’s life, he would’ve gotten what he wanted out of the deal… a straight leviathan-free shot to the portal and a free ride back to Earth. 

But in that moment he chose to save Cas, even knowing it was putting his own life and safety at risk. And Dean knew it.

BENNY: Why’d you do it, Dean?
DEAN: Do what?
BENNY: Resurrect me. You could have drained my soul into any culvert, and no one would have been the wiser.
DEAN: What the hell are you talking about? Hey, you good?
BENNY: Man… I don’t know what I am.

We see the flashback to purgatory, of Dean seeing exactly what Benny was… because in that moment he saved Cas’s life, he was selfless. It was probably the least monstrous thing any monster’s ever done on this show. And it earned Dean’s loyalty.

And because Dean’s adopted the “what happens in purgatory stays in purgatory” attitude, Sam just can’t understand.

Dean was “spun out,” if you will, over not knowing what happened to Cas, over the fact that Cas had stayed behind, had left him. That he didn’t even try to save himself right at the last moment while he was straddling the portal to freedom. How could he even begin to explain all that to Sam, especially when he was powerless to do anything about it. So Dean stuffed it all down and tried to bury it the way he always had.

But Sam also was keeping secrets, about the woman he’d abandoned the life for, abandoned Kevin Tran to Crowley for. 

Under The Egyptian Sun: A Vaseshipping Oneshot

I hear it’s @homura-bakura‘s birthday, and I know that Vase (Atem x Mana) is one of her OTPs. So, here you go, Homura! Happy Birthday!!

Does the Prince know what day it is? Mana wondered as she crouched in the bottom of the clay pot. She was fifteen years old today - the exact same age as Atem himself. She wondered if, by the time she was sixteen, her growing adolescent body would no longer be able to fit into the vases her and her dear friend had been hiding in together since they were children. 

Soon, the Prince might not even have time to hide from Master Mahad with me anymore, Mana frowned. Prince isn’t just a Prince anymore….after the coronation ceremony, he’s officially the Pharaoh now. 

Who had decided to make a boy of fifteen a king, anyway? Atem wasn’t even taller than Mana yet. But, Set and Siamun were already having long conversations with him in the throne room about trade partners and taxes, and other grown-up things that made Mana’s head hurt. These burdensome thoughts seemed to weigh Atem down, like the crown on his head. Mana wanted to tell him to leave his burdens behind, and play with her, like he used to.

But, he can’t do that, Mana considered. All of Egypt is relying on him to be a wise and just ruler. He doesn’t have time for days off anymore…..even this day. Right? 

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lindzpie  asked:

Seek slowly approached him, with worried eyes. Auro was behind her. Auro walked up to Seek, and stood partially in front of her in a protective manner. He could tell something was very wrong. "Anti, it's me Seek. Auro's here, remember him? Remember w-when he took you on a ride?" She asked him, a lump forming in her throat. She began walking towards Anti, but Auro prevented her. "Auro let me see him please." Auro refused. "Auro!" A tear fell down her face. The lion moved. She walked towards Anti.

Anti recognized the voice but hardly remembered them. His form glitches and he frowned at them, knowing he saw them before but not sure where. He remained quiet, unsure of what to think.

Hide & Seek (F) - Kim Taehyung

A/N: This is first request I’ve gotten for Taehyung, it was super fun to write! There are still a few members of EXO and BTS that I have yet to write for, hopefully I’ll write something for them soon! (P.S. this isn’t edited yikes) -Admin Grace

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1700+

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Hide, Seek and Kiss

Anonymous requested: “Hiya! Can I please request a Nigthcrawler (X-men) imagine? Something fluffy if possible?”

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting this request for another month, and even though I have other requests, I had sudden motivation to write this (and I may have gone a bit over the top with other 1000 words). Who needs revision anyway? Enjoy!

Summary: Nightcrawler x Reader. You get convinced to play hide and seek with the kids at the manor and you and Kurt find yourself in a compromising position. Should you admit your feelings and go for it? Why not?

Word Count: 1,183 Words


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A Comparision between Frate and Corteo

    When I first watched this series, I did not notice the similarities between these two characters, who, I am fairly sure, never met. But, as I watched it again, I was surprised to notice another parallel in the series. The show is honestly chock full of parallelisms, some subtle and others not; and this is one I found, and thought I might share.

   A few definitions here are required for easier understanding; ‘Acknowledgement’, as is described in the passage, is the action of expressing ones gratitude and acceptance, by placing a certain trust within the person of acknowledgement and by time spent with that person. While ‘loved’, in comparison, is to be held in great affection, of which may lack the trust and responsibilities one granted with acknowledgement is placed with.


   The driving force of Frate’s actions is his seeking of acknowledgement from Vincent. However, instead of the acknowledgement he seeks from him, he is instead only loved by him, and is not acknowledged as Nero is by Vincent. This is fairly explicitly stated in the show;

However, from what one can discern from these lines are that they are treated very differently; and there is enough evidence through out the show for one to be able to grasp what is suggested as how they were treated, and such, conmpare the differences. During their early childhood, it is heavily shadowed as that they were fairly close(ie, when Nero talks about juggling and when Nero remembers talking to Vanno when Vanno is drinking in ep.4), and that Frate looked up to Nero, but the relationship changed as they grew older, presumably as Nero became more responsible in the Vanetti household, and so as Nero was given more responsibility and was (reasonably assumable to be) expected to become the next Don. Meanwhile Frate, was given less responsibility and expectations. This was not really because he is younger, although it may be part of the cause. It is mostly, I personally believe, due to their personalities(which was also brought up in both of the discussions of acknowledgement), Neros being of a more robust and chance taking personality, Frates more of weaker personality that has a preferance to rules and is prone to be over-cautious. 

     Another supporting factor to this is the interesting way Frate responded to blood when Ronaldo was shot by Volpe; when Nero was fourteen, he was sent to kill the Lagusa’s, and so Nero over the course of his teenage years becomes used to the presence of blood and death; however, Frate, who is older than fourteen, and is (presumably) nearing or at the end of his teen years reacts in an alarmed and agitated state when seeing Ronaldo’s blood from being shot and the possiblity of death; in all, would be a very strange way to react if, through his teenage years, like Nero was, was immersed into the violent action of the family, which allows one to speculate that Frate did not actually participate in the violent actions at all, although he knew of them. 

     To put it simply, he was sheltered, and as he came to realize that, he understood that by being sheltered showed that he was not acknowledged as a ‘true’ part of the family by Vincent. And since Nero was acknowledged by Vincent, Frate grew envious of him, in which the envy bore fruit of spite as  Nero blatantly still viewed and treated Frate as a child, as well as Ganzo’s and often Vincent’s dismissal’s of his ideas.

So seeking the acknowledgement denied to him by his father, Frate finds this in Ronaldo temporarily.

However, Frate knows that Ronaldo only acknowledges him since he is useful to him, and his silence when Nero points this out proves that. Truly, Frate knows he only wants acknowledgement by Vincent, and so by teaming up with Ronaldo (making peace with Galassias), and so killing Nero,(satisfying the Orco family) he would have regained the peace within the family, and so through the feat gain the acknowledgement he seeks from Vincent by proving his responsibility.  As one sees, this plot fails, and Frate is killed by his brother, Nero, due to Angelo.


Meanwhile, in the adjacent episodes, Corteo is played out in a similar manner; Corteo seeks acknowledgement from Angelo even though he is cherished and loved by Angelo, as he is ‘forgotten’ by Angelo as he spends most of his time with Nero, more than the simple assassination plot requires, and is shown to enjoy Nero’s company.

Corteo was loved by Angelo as is evident through the grief and shock that Angelo felt after Corteos death, even leading Angelo to truly question whether his revenge was truly worth it. Also can we appreciate the flower symbolism that 91 days strategically employs, the Forget-me-nots a symbol for true and undying love, rememberance during partings or death (duh) as well as fidelity and loyalty, and lasting connections. Rather sums up the truth in their relationship, even through Angelo being a jerk face most of the time.  

 The in-acknowledgement of Corteo begins with when Angelo genuinely smiles towards Nero’s joke in the distillery. We haven’t seen Angelo truly smile (the only smiles are twisted), and I suspect that while with Corteo he also did not smile. This means that Anglelo’s target, a man he has known only for a week, has actually been able to make Angelo smile, and its genuine, while Corteo, essentially Angelos brother, who had known him since they were young, could not. This also alarms Corteo, as he realized that part of Angelo’s relationship with this man is also genuine, which is a problem if he would kill him; also Corteo expected that Nero would have been killed on the week those two were away, especially seeing how quick Angelo was to kill Vanno. As to this, Corteo is visibly uncomfortable of it, and even asks Angelo when he will kill Nero, something that is out of his normal character, which Angelo notices. 

  Another example to this is the instance is when Corteo watched Angelo go out of his way to cheer Nero up, something that he had wanted to kill the man, would have not been done.  And of course, the moment when, once Frate is killed, Angelo declares himself to be Nero’s brother, seeming then to act as if the promise made of family between Angelo and Corteo to be hollow and false, a paltry lie used only for Angelo’s gain.   

Because of this, Corteo becomes envious (and also worried) of Nero and Angelos relationship, and seeks to regain Angelos acknowledgement. In doing so, he is prompted to seek out Fango by Cerotto,who will acknowledge him. 

Note that Cerotto also used the word ‘acknowledge’. However, immediately after Cerotto mentions this, we are shown this panel;

A cold, blue empty room, strange… except, later in the episode, it is shown to be the bed Angelo occupies;

The bedroom holds two beds, one for Angelo and one for Corteo. By immediately showing that Corteo is alone late at night with Cerotto only as a visitor, especially after Cerotto mentioning acknowledgement one realizes that Corteo longs to be acknowledged by Angelo, as Angelo is not acknowledging him. Angelo is, instead, still with Nero. As is shown later, even when Cerotto is gone, Angelo still has not returned, and probably won’t that night (Also it is the same day Angelo cheered Nero up).

Now, Corteo understanding that Fango will acknowledge him, Corteo goes to Fango with the information, so that he could then use Fango, as Fango uses him, to kill Nero so that then Angelo could return back to acknowledging Corteo as he used to. This obviously fails, and Corteo, after escaping and hiding with Angelo for about a week, is killed by Angelo, forced by Neros hand.


   Both are killed by their brothers, in an effort to gain acknowledgement from those who loved them, involving outside help to kill those they are jealous of to gain said acknowledgement, and both those outsiders of each of their ‘families’ (in Corteo’s terms of family, comprising of Himself and Angelo, while in Frates’, the Vanetti name and mainly Vincent), end up dead as well. Although their circumstances had differences, in the movements of the characters, they were the same. 

   An Irony in this is that both are killed by the same revolver, Nero’s, as Nero shoots Frate with it, and then gives it to Angelo later to kill Corteo with. 

Also sorry about making this so long! I didn’t mean to originally!!! -_-”

More than clever (void!Stiles x reader)

The nogitsune pays you a visit

“They kicked you out, didn’t they?” That voice was the one you did not want to hear. It was the one thing you didn’t want to be present right now. You sighed, rolling your eyes in the progress, making eye contact with the one that was behind it all. The mess around you and all your pack.

You were sitting on your couch, your hands resting on your lap. He was steps away, but still there, able to be seen by you. He was standing right at the front door, closed behind him, he took couple of steps forward, coming from the shadows. To his surprise you weren’t scared, or triggered by his visit. And it made him curious.

“You knew they would.” You said calmly, but kept your eyes cold.

“Aren’t you scared?” He chuckled. He seemed like he knew the answer to that, or maybe he didn’t. You furrowed your brows and shrugged.

“Why would I need to?” You dared to ask, he was still approaching you but it didn’t scare you.

“I could kill you with the snap of my fingers.” He suggested, the permanent grin on his face not fading a bit.

You shook your head. “No you wouldn’t.” You looked at him in the eyes with a wicked grin on your lips, just like his. A dark and intimidating one. “You don’t kill like that. You don’t kill without a pattern. Your chaos is not centering around death and murder. No, there always needs to be a reason.”

The nogitsune tilted his head, then giving you the look of proudness. The thing was, he was proud of you. He had faith in you, you didn’t know it but he did.

“Then why am I here then?” He asked, wanting you to talk, say it out loud. Let him know just why you were so interesting, so fascinating. He was always drawn to you, but he needed more. He needed more clues for why it was so.

“You’re not here for me.” You said. “You’re here to distract me while one of your big steps on your plan is getting further. For all I know you could be having someone killed at this second, harmed, sacrificed.”

You didn’t let your gaze fall from him, you kept studying him, to see were you guessing right.

“You’re making sure I won’t be there to stop it.” You were rewarded by the nogitsune clapping his hands. He smiled, now getting so close that you were only a meter apart.

“I’m surprised how Scott kicked you out.” He admitted to himself. “Such an intelligent human, you could be for good use,-”

“To who?” You shot back. “To you?” You looked at him, amused and in disbelief. Surprised how predictable he was. Did he expect you to just go on his side this easily?

“to anyone.” He finished with a smirk. He then sat down on the couch next to you, not so close you were touching. “It was a big mistake for him to let you go.” He said and looked at you. “You are the only one that has me completely figured out. You know my methods, you know why I do what I do,-”

“I’m not smart.” You announced. “I’m not clever, I just get you. You’re so predictable, and easy. I can’t even understand how is this, what I do and say, any news to you! It’s so simple!”

You only got the nogitsune to smile and shake his head. It wasn’t just that. There had to be more than that. There had to! It might not be something you were aware of, but it was something different, something big!

“It isn’t that simple, darling.” You winced when he said the last word. It made you shiver. From disgust. It only made the fox to smile even wider. “You’re not afraid. You know I wouldn’t harm you. Somehow you have me all figured out, it triggers Scott.” He then leaned closer. You moved away, first time showing fear. Not fear for him to harm you, it was something different. But it didn’t go by without the nogitsune noticing.

You looked at the boy, Stiles’ body that had a different affect. It wasn’t Stiles. It was as clear as a day and the aura around him screamed to let you know it.

The thing leaned closer again, rested it’s hand on your thigh, the cold radiating through your clothes, making you shiver once again. You felt your body shivering, your skin on goosebumps, you wanted to get him off, to crawl further on the couch away, but you knew better. You knew you couldn’t let him get under your skin.

“It is almost disappointing that this is what you are afraid of me.” Stiles frowned. He truly was disappointed. You didn’t care though, even if it bothered you a little. So much for those ‘you’re so clever and special’ compliments then. “You’re afraid of a little touch.”

“It’s not your touch I’m scared of.” You said calmly and powerfully. Your head was high, but your eyes fixed on his hand, resting on your lap. “I don’t like to be touched in general. It makes me feel trapped.” You then pushed his hand away and got a little further from him, making more space.

“That is even more interesting.” He said wickedly, annoyingly proud again. “You are so honest. You just tell what you think, even if it would put you in danger and you know it. You are completely aware of the consequences but you still say it. You tell what you hate and are scared of. For what? To tell it you seek it. You seek someone to use it against you. But why? To create your own kind of chaos?”

You gave him a warning look.

“You want to get in danger, you want to make your life interesting. You plan your life, you dig your own grave.” Then he smirked at your 'don’t you dare say it’ look and whispered: “Just like me.”

You shot up from the couch, took couple of steps and turned to him. In rage you moved around, keeping your eyes on him.

“Why do you care? Why are you still here?” you yelled at him. “You want me to feel bad? That I’d start to accuse myself for being such a horrible person that Scott threw me out?” You laughed. “No, I know I’m a bad person. I know I’m not meant to have friends, and I know what I do and why I do it. It’s not news to me! But I am still sick of being pushed away, alright! Yeah, I’d want to have a friend and yeah, I’d like to have someone who knows how I feel!” You then calmed down. Taking deep breaths and relaxing.

“You thought it would be Scott, didn’t you?” Stiles said, trying to sound comforting. “That he would understand you, when you can’t control yourself like he didn’t at the start. But he thinks you do bad things. He thinks you are a bad person. He is not who you are seeking for.” You knew where this was heading. Shit. “I am what you need. I am the only one who understands.”

“This is your plan?” You laughed, mocked the fox. “To get me on your side? Are you stupid?” You laughed again, your tone amused and angry. “You think I’m this easy to get on your side? I get it, you might be the only one to understand me, but I don’t betray people! I don’t trust you! I’m not going to hurt anyone!”

In seconds the nogitsune was right in front of you, his face against yours, whispering: “Don’t ever insult me you stupid girl.” He then chuckled, humored by how the tables turn. You were now cornered, scared even. He was way too close to your comfort. “I am not after you as a friend!” He yelled in your ear.

You tried to back away, but he didn’t let you get far from him. He walked close, he kept himself as close as always, you finally hitting your back against the wall behind you. You squeaked when you hit the wall, afraid of not being able to get away.

Stiles lifted his hand slowly, caressing your cheek with the back side of his hand, smiling. He talked to you calmly, but it felt dangerous to you.

“I don’t want you to be my friend.” He repeated, his other hand taking a hold of your arm, to keep you there. You swallowed and whispered: “Then what do you want?” You heard a light chuckle.

“I just want you. All of you.” He said sweetly, then kissed your cheek to your disgust, getting closer to your lips. You tried to get away, but he pushed you, every time after a new kiss, back against the wall hard. He then kissed you, passionately and roughly. Biting your lip softly, seeking for entrance to your mouth. You didn’t want it, you didn’t want to let him do it, but there was no declining it.

He pushed you once again against the wall, harder than before, you yelped from the pain, then feeling suffocated by his tongue in your mouth, circling yours, you had no intentions on fighting it. You didn’t want to move at all. You were almost like a dead body. Though the nogitsune didn’t stop there. It was far from over.

“You have been my obsession for a while now, (Y/n).” He whispered to your ear, finally breaking the kiss and letting you breath. “And I’m not intending to let you go.” He smirked, looking at you tauntingly, tilting his head. “You are mine, and only mine.” He said hauntingly, then kissing you again.

John Murphy: How He Learned to Stop Craving Revenge and Love Saving his Own Ass

Thanks to everyone who liked, reblogged or responded to my Finn meta. In honor of the next @metastation podcast reviewing ‘Murphy’s Law’ I thought I’d write a bit of character analysis on man of the hour, John Murphy. I want to focus on Murphy’s warped sense of justice and riff off Erica and Claire’s comment that Murphy came down to Earth seeking “revenge on the world”. I also wanted to consider Murphy’s progression in S2 and S3 and look at how Murphy not only overcomes a burning desire for revenge within himself but how he has become the chief person who counsels others out of their own cravings for revenge and retribution. Coming into S4 when Sky People and Grounder Clans are going to all need to put their grievances aside to focus on the threat of environmental catastrophe if they want to survive as a species - will Murphy, the consummate survivor, become the leader (or at least advisor) they all need?   

The Murphy who wanted Revenge on the World

How old was Murphy when they put him in the Skybox? This is important to me because I’m thinking he must’ve still been a little kid when his father got scared he might die of the flu and stole medicine to save him. I also get the impression that Murphy’s mother drinking herself to death and Murphy committing his first revenge crime (setting fire to the quarters of the man who arrested his father) seem like events that came soon after his dad’s floating. So what I’m asking is - was Murphy around Charlotte’s age when they put him in prison? It’d explain a lot. Like it’d explain why despite being a smart boy, Murphy can’t spell because he would’ve been taken out of school at a very early age. It’d explain why he’s such a feral little monster when he is first let out of his sky cage (starting fights, peeing on other kids, holding girls over fires, etc). Most of all, it’d explain why Murphy feels like Charlotte should receive no mercy for her crimes. Because Murphy himself was a Charlotte, a little kid who lashed out and got locked up due to their grief over a parent’s execution. Murphy was weened on merciless Arker justice and that’s the type of justice he dishes out.

We know that Murphy is a Charlotte deep down because he understood her motive for murdering Wells perfectly without her having to tell him. In S2 when Jaha asks Murphy why a twelve year old girl would kill his son, Murphy answers instinctively and correctly - “Because she couldn’t kill you.” Murphy also made Wells a scapegoat for his father, bullying him relentlessly during the short time that Wells was alive on the ground. However, Murphy doesn’t cross the line of killing Wells in Jaha’s place because ultimately Murphy knows it would be an injustice. Injustice infuriates Murphy. The type of justice Murphy serves up may be merciless and inhumane but he only believes in punishing those who deserve it. Since Murphy himself did not deserve to be falsely accused then immediately hanged for Wells’s murder, Murphy himself became the victim of a crime and therefore required justice to be served. And in S1 the only person who cared to punish the injustice of his hanging was Murphy himself.      

By the end of S1 Murphy is no longer randomly lashing out at the world, but craving revenge on specific targets. Connor because he called for his execution. Myles because he tied the noose. Bellamy because he kicked the crate from under him. It’s also suggested that Clarke and Octavia were on his hit list, which fits the Murphy’s law logic as they were the ones who falsely accused him and riled up the lynch mob. So when Murphy returns to the camp after his brief banishment he becomes a serial-killer but not quite a psycho-killer. Murphy can’t bring himself to kill Jasper when he catches him murdering Myles. It would’ve been a smart ‘survivor move’ to eliminate a witness and cover up his tracks, but Jasper had played no part in stringing him up. Murphy’s need for revenge is born out of the feeling that he is the wrong party. If Murphy starts killing those who don’t deserve it, then he’s no better than the kids who would’ve hanged him. He’s no better than the people who voted to float his father. So it’s appropriate that Murphy’s redemption arc begins when he finds he has shot Raven (thinking she was Octavia) a person who had done nothing to him, a person who wasn’t even on the ground at the time of his hanging.      

The Murphy who Chooses to be a Survivor

When Murphy sits with Raven in the Dropship he has complete power over her. Murphy knows Raven intended to kill him and he could’ve easily killed her in the same way he suffocated Connor and Myles. But not only does Murphy not seek any revenge on Raven but he shows empathy for her own desire for revenge in the classic Murphy line – “Yeah, I would’ve shot me too.” And though Raven will only say “boohoo” to Murphy’s childhood sob story, Raven does feel a reluctant sympathy for Murphy too as she also struggled with an alcoholic mother. Due to this bond of empathy between them, Murphy does his best to keep Raven alive while she keeps it a secret from the Arker adults that Murphy was the one who shot her. What Murphy learns here is that taking revenge on others will always come around to others wanting to take revenge on him. So Murphy accepts that he has wronged Raven and even when Raven unjustly tries to frame Murphy for a massacre that was committed by Finn, Murphy doesn’t seek revenge against her as he did when he was framed for the murder of Wells. In another example of not taking any just revenge Murphy also seeks no revenge against Titus, a man who tortured him and planned to frame him for killing Clarke. Murphy has learned that seeking revenge is no way to survive.        

Empathy is the key for Murphy. His empathy and understanding of the need for vengeance allows Murphy to judge people more rationally. Murphy can perfectly understand why the one-eyed Grounder who they interrogated would give them a false confession, firstly to stop being tortured, but also to take revenge on the villagers who’d banished him. Murphy would’ve done the same thing. He did do the same thing when he was tortured by Grounders and gave up information on his own former camp. But Murphy can also understand Finn wanting to lash out at the Grounder village after losing someone he cares about. Murphy recognizes the red midst that descends when Finn simply wants revenge on the world for the grief and injustice that he has experienced. But Finn’s fall is a “there but for the Grace of God go I” moment for Murphy. Finn is an example to Murphy that giving into violent vengeful urges will only lead to your own destruction and swift demise. From this point on Murphy chooses to be a survivor and - like Clarke - Murphy realizes that “blood must have blood” will only lead to greater chances of being killed in the perpetuated cycle of violence.     

The Murphy Who Doesn’t Want to Die Alone

The other very revealing thing that Murphy admits to Raven is that he doesn’t want to die alone. Murphy acts like he’s about self-preservation above all else but he also doesn’t seem like his own company. When trapped alone for three months in a bunker, Murphy the survivor is almost driven to suicide. In later seasons, Murphy struggles to balance his need to survive with his need to not be isolated. He lectures Emorie that trying to save her brother is not a ‘survivor move’ then later Murphy stays in Polis to try and save Emorie from ALIE. We’ve seen that Murphy actually prefers to stay with someone hates than to be on his own and this may be partly because Murphy realizes he is safer having allies, especially if his allies are powerful leaders. Murphy is very much in the mold of a picaresque hero – that is, a rogue who lives by his wits, moving from master to master and from catastrophe to catastrophe.

Over the course of the series Murphy’s masters have included Bellamy, Jaha, Ontari and most recently Pike. Despite his hatred of injustice, Murphy often endures the company of masters who are abusive towards him – a teacher who beats him up and humiliates him in front of a class of his peers. A woman who kept him chained up like a dog and used him as her sex slave. A religious nut who dragged him across a desert and locked him up for months as a trial of faith. Maybe because Murphy is aware of his own dark side, he can keep the company with those who are similarly corrupt and who therefore cannot judge him. Being around corrupt people has also often led to Murphy becoming the better man. Murphy couldn’t accept Jaha throwing an innocent person overboard to be eaten by a sea monster to ensure their own survival. Murphy ultimately believes in mutual survival, not just saving his own ass. Murphy knows that he doesn’t want to live only to be left to die alone. Deep down Murphy believes in ‘We survive together’ and this makes me think that in S4 Murphy is destined to rejoin the core delinquent squad, despite his long exile.

But Murphy could play an even more important role in S4 when it comes to leading other characters away from their vengeful desires in order that they might allsurvive together. Murphy has already achieved this once with Pike and Indra. If Murphy hadn’t negotiated a temporary truce between those two bitter enemies then Clarke and Bellamy wouldn’t have been rescued and the fight against ALIE would’ve failed. Murphy overcoming his own cravings for revenge and skilfully persuading others to do the same was what saved the world in the S3 finale. But as we know, the world still isn’t saved yet and we see through Octavia stabbing Pike that desire for revenge as justice is still burning strong. Murphy is a reformed character who has become wise through experience - “everything I learned I learned on the ground” – and what he has learned could save what remainder of the human race too. If Murphy has a weakness now it may be that he has found someone (Emorie) who he cares about more than his own survival. My concern is that Murphy will ultimately prove to be his father’s son and he could end up sacrificing his own life to save somebody he loves. But hopefully Murphy will continue to strike a balance between self-preservation and becoming the best self-help leader that the human race has in resisting revenge for the sake of their collective survival.