they see me biggering

Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to draw spider Abbacchio for ages now. Here it is, very spooky and oddly hot. 


I love that Zelda can fly when she uses the Wind Waker as a weapon

(These designs… this height difference… <3)

Ritsu is such a polite boy uwu… (from this @cutbu comic)


From roommates to lovers in about 6 hours editing~


I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D


Context: so we are a new group, majority where vet players but i and another person are new to the whole table top games. Our party has an human fighter, half elf rouge (me), and a halfling bard (there are two more but they hadn’t joined the campaign yet in this story). Before we had troubles with giant ants (knocked out the fighter), toads (nearly killed the rouge) and rats (one kept criting the bard) so when it came to one of the bosses this happened

DM: in the distance you see a crab, as it approaches the city you see it get bigger… And bigger…. And…. Bigger *nudges me*

Everyone rolls perception, the rouge is the one who notices

Rouge: hey guys… You know we are suppose to take on a giant crab at one point right?

Fighter and bard: yea?

Rouge: *sighs* looks like this town is its next target

Everyone rolls initiative, surprisingly we roll high so we go first

Fighter goes underneath the crab to hit the soft spot, rouge does the same eventually, and the bard keeps hitting its leg, everyone rolls high, some crit.while the DM’s dice are always low and in 2 minutes the crab flops over and dies while we didn’t even get a scratch.

DM: *looks like she is dead inside*…. How does a bunch of toads and one rat… Nearly kill you guys???? BUT THE HARDEST BOSS IN THE GAME DOESN’T EVEN GIVE YOU A SCRATCH?!?!?!

Everyone laughs as the DM leaves the table and huddles in the corner

  • *Daddy and I out trying to find an Easter dress for me*
  • Me: *In the dressing room, working on my 4th dress* This one won't even zip. I give up. *Opening the door to show daddy how 'fat' I looked*
  • Daddy: do you wanna see if there is a bigger size?
  • Me: *shakes head* this is the biggest size. I don't wanna keep trying on clothes. What's the point. *Tries to slam the door shut, but daddy sticks his hand inside*
  • Daddy: Look at me, baby. You're beautiful. You know your rules; no talking bad about yourself. Does some little girl need a time out?
  • Me: *Blushing, still standing in the too-small dress* No, daddy. I'm sorry.
  • Daddy: *Kisses my forehead* Now get changed, we'll go somewhere else to look.

Before this, I guess

I can only hope the heterosexuals never corrupt these children

how to win my love and affection: tag me in every single pidge post there is.

Tokyo Ghoul characters inner thoughts (as of 146)

Kaneki: I’m dead inside
Touka: I’m dead inside
TouKen Fetus: I’m dead inside
All of the Oggai: We’re dead
Hinami: *Still hopping on one leg*
Ayato: I don’t exist
Kurona: I also don’t exist
Yomo: Stop fucking stalking me Uta everyone’s dying
Uta: I enjoy teasing the fandom
Mutsuki: *Sizzling noises*
Shinsanpei: Help
Ui: Sorry for trying to cut off your head a minute ago
Hirako: I wonder how Shio and Rikai are doing
Furuta: I usually joke around but damn that thing’s disgusting
Yusa: This “Arima plot armour” really is something
Hanbee: *Fell into a vegetative coma*
Juuzou: Ah fuck not again
Keijin: Oh shit I was supposed to watch Aura
Mizurou: Don’t mind me I’m just fodder
Miyuki: And I’m comic relief
Marude: We’re gonna need bigger guns
Matsuri: Urie-kun™
Hide: I could’ve prevented all of this, oh well *shrugs*

i said i was going to watch all bangtan’s mvs in a chronological order but i couldn’t help but go back to ‘young forever’ when i finished my little marathon.. i’m quite a pessimistic person or so i was told. i don’t usually believe in people’s promises of forever, be it love or friendship. bangtan’s special to me in a sense that despite my skeptical and sometimes cold nature they make me really want to be with them forever. i never expected to feel so much love and adoration for anyone. they feel so close yet so far away. they make me smile as much as they make me cry. they inspire me, their music gives me strength. it’s so cheesy but i really want to stay by their side forever. they’ve become a very important part of my youth, it will be forever associated with their music and i’m thankful

Mutsuki is Kaneki

This is the last time Mutsuki is mentioned by the Quinx. After the operation ends, Mutsuki could be dead, or even worse, and despite obviously being missing none of the Quinx bother to even mention or look for him.

You could attribute business as to the reason why, but both Quinx have said this at some point or another. 

If the main motivation of each Quinx at this point, is to not lose anything anymore, then why exactly did neither of them even bring up the possibility that Mutsuki was missing and might be dead?

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