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From EW Superhero Insider, a hint about next year’s crossover…

Marc Guggenheim: “Very early on in the process of doing last year’s crossover, Greg said that there’s probably no way to get bigger than aliens. So the way to make next year’s crossover especially epic is, if you can’t increase the bombast, increase the emotional stake and payoff. So that’s a very oblique comment on where our heads are at.”

I haven’t done anything for this year’s Sonic’s anniversary so, I just bought a little cake and decided to eat it with my sonic plushies while they watch me from the table XD
That blue hedgehog’s been running for 26 years! I can’t help but gasp when I think about it! And I hope there are more great years to come for this amazing blue speedster 💙
Happy 26th Anniversary Sonic! :D

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Do you really think dirk and rose would hate each other? :( I always thought that they had a lot of shared Interests?

Nah, I don’t think they’d hate each other, but I really don’t think they’d get along as swimmingly as people seem to think- they definitely have a ton in common, but part of this is why I think they’d grate a little too much sometimes.

love when people are like all mothers are good all mothers care your mom loves you. like yeah maybe she loves me but she’s a fucking psychopath and a toxic person in general and I spend all my time trying to distance myself from her. thanks for the reminder of the healthy relationship you have w your parents and assume all others have

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Tell us about someone good in your life? Tell us what makes them great?

((OOC: I’m going to say my mum. Her name is Cathy, and she is where I got about 80% of my cuteness from. She is an absolute sweetheart, and she has devoted so much of her life to making sure her family is safe and supported. When my sister and I were very wee, my dad decided that he wanted to get his BA in Music, which meant moving across the country, taking acting jobs to pay for school, but otherwise being unable to provide much financially. My mother took on a job in the school dad went to, in the HR department. And she has worked university jobs ever since, doing the full 9-5 work week, so that my dad could have the freedom to pursue his dream. Now they both work in different schools, and mum writes novels on the side. She’s an absolute wonder, and I love her to bits.

Also, she makes incredible dumplings, and she has a wicked laugh, and she will occasionally now send me pictures of hunky actors with their shirts off. She’s given me permission to marry Daniel Radcliffe if I want to, because she thinks he’d be a laugh at family get-togethers. She is the best mum.))

I’ve seen some other fandoms drama and.. I’m now convinced online stan culture is all about being able to say “my fave is better than yours, so I’m better than you”. Which is ridiculous, why would you praise yourself only for being a fan of someone..?

duke week day 4: favorite headcanon

Honestly, I’ve always thought that Duke always liked the sort of weird foods? Nothing too out of the ball park, but when she’s actually eating, she likes things like oysters, pickled eggs, the sort of not-quite-acceptable foods. Along with super spicy foods, sour foods, those sorts of things.

She actually has a really solid stomach, and probably found out that she likes those kinds of foods by some sort of accident (as in before Veronica started, uh, helping her).

When my sisters were in air cadets, one of them asked me to buy a ticket and come to this cadet fundraising dance.  It was in the middle of nowhere and I was working the night shift at the time but I bought one and said I would come even though it was really inconvenient for me.  I asked her not to ditch me when I got there because I didn’t know anyone there.

Both my sisters ignored me the entire night. 

I invited my other sister to the staff Christmas party at work a couple times before I knew quite when it was and she said yes both times.  When I was able to give her the date I asked again if she was coming and she ignored all my texts. 

Sometimes your family will ask you to do something for you, and you’ll do it, but when you ask them for something all you’ll get is nothing.  Don’t feel obligated to keep giving to them because they are never going to give back.  They are just going to keep asking and they are going to conveniently forget all the times you did as they asked while they ignored you.

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I know you were hoping people would just forget about it so I'm fucking glad you were put on that terf post you are a terf plain and simple and deserve whatever shit you get for it

Ok anon, I’m assuming that all four asks like this are from you because they’re kind of just more of the same and I’m actually getting quite stressed out by this so I’m only going to bother answering one (i mean they’re all saying the same stuff anyway so even if they’re not all from you it doesn’t matter)

I haven’t been expecting or really hoping people would forget about the mistake I made. That’s not the nature of this site or the internet overall really. I have been hoping that people would listen to me saying it was a mistake and not some premeditated act of bigotry. I hoped they’d listen when I apologized and admitted that I messed up.

I have said every time I’ve talked about this that while it doesn’t excuse my mistake, my mental state at the time at least helps explain it a little. I was suicidal and being suicide baiting at a time when I was the most miserable I’ve ever been in my life, no exaggeration. I saw another post from an exclusionist telling someone to die and reacted emotionally. I did not check the person in question and they, as I’m sure you know, turned out to be a terf. That is how the whole idea of me defending terfs started. I would invite you to check my blog and tell me if you see anything else that convinces you I’m a terf, but I doubt you care. 

I agree I messed up. I’m willing to agree I’m terrible. I feel horrible about my mistake still and knowing me I’ll be feeling guilty about it on my deathbed. I’m also willing to agree that I deserve shit for messing up so bad, but I don’t agree that I am a terf and I would appreciate if you stopped calling me that and also please don’t refer to me as cis as you did in one of your asks. I’m blocking you, quite obviously. I’m also probably not answering any more asks on the subject because I really feel I’ve felt all I can say. I’m sorry this got so long, I tend to ramble when I’m stressed.