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please be Lissa, please be Lissa PLEASE BE LISSA

Welp…I’m about to submit my portfolio to my teacher…

Let’s see, I’ve written about:

  • a one-sided romance between a woman and a murderer
  • vampirism
  • a creepy take on hearing the voices in your head
  • murder at a school event
  • Van Gogh painting Starry Night all while having a negative outlook on humanity and his own life
  • cannibalism (to be more precise, self-cannibalism)
  • necrophilia (sex and all)
  • And the best part: the inclusion of the entirety of Part 11 of Glitched (yes, that’s right, the most graphic, fucked up chapter of my fanfic!)

….I am so fucking scared XD

*Ravenclaw ranting about fanfictions on famous mathematicians*

Ravenclaw: I’m actually surprised such a cool dude like me could like fanfictions like that!

Gryffindor: …Actually, I expected it sooner.

Ravenclaw: What? Why?

Gryffindor: You’re a math nerd. Dude.

Ravenclaw: What? NO I’M A COOL DUDE!

Gryffindor: Dream on, bitch.

Ravenclaw: …ouch.

Not really here

I’ve been feeling down since sunday and today i had an appointment with my therapist and, well, we talked about some really sensitive issues. 

Long story short, i’m not in my best moment rn so i’ll be taking some days off until i can regain some strength and get more relaxed. There’s still some posts queued so you’ll have things until december 21st and then it’ll ran out of posts.

Bye ♥

honestly what i just realised is that if i ever come out to my parents, rosa’s coming out episode would be the perfect thing to show them right after, because i’m positive they’d react similarly to rosa’s parents

A thought.

A follower of mine commented on a photoset I reblogged of RiSe’s birthday from 2013 with the simple comment ‘Why are you hurting me?’

and said follower also then messaged me to ask why I was still posting content of EunB and RiSe, and I told her in the simplest terms I could think of, was that even though they’ve been gone for three years now, and Ladies Code itself is now a trio, it’s important to keep the memory of EunB and RiSe alive in some way or some form.

Ladies Code isn’t a big name k-pop group and only became visible to other people outside of it’s loyal fan following after the tragic accident in 2014. and even after resurfacing, they still don’t get the attention they deserve. and it’s for that exact reason that I continue to post content of RiSe and EunB faithfully. (infact- fun fact, I’ve never reblogged pictures of either of their funeral altars or grave site pictures. this blog also likes to pretend that horrible accident didn’t happen, and i go out of my way to explicitly ignore the fact that they’re gone. there are rare occasions where I do acknowledge their deaths, but this blog is focused on their lives and career as a group, and nothing else.)

because to Lavely, their faithful fans, they are still here. even if it’s not in physical form.

I mean, I get it. I know that it’s difficult to be reminded of that every time you see a gif or a photoset with one of their faces, but it’s there because it’s a reminder.

a reminder that RiSe and EunB’s lives mattered just as much as Sojung, and Ashley and Zuny’s do.

and that in our hearts, they’ll always be OT5, because Sojung said that herself.

and they are. they still are.

and that’s why I still post pictures and gifs and videos and photosets of them, because it’s important that people don’t forget that they were here at one point, and without them, Ladies Code never would’ve been what it was.

I know that it’s painful, and I know there’s probably some Ladies Code blogs who don’t even know about the accident and only have content for the three remaining members, and that’s fine.

but for others, like me, who only got to know and love these ladies after they were already gone, I’d like to think of my blog as a memorial and a tribute to their lives, so that if you ever miss them, you can come here and look at a gif or a photoset of EunB and RiSe and remember the good times and the happy memories you had with them. it helps me, and I’d like to think that it’s helped others, too.

anonymous asked:

So I rewatched the WSC panel where you asked your question to Andy. FIRST - the way he said your name... "Hi, Ashley" ... I would have legit died, honey I would have that saved in an audio file so I could replay at my leisure 24/7. SECOND - Andy's sly smile, jelly legs anyone?! THIRD - his stupid handsome face, what gives him the right? God bless Andy for being the captain of our Richonne ship.

Oh my god, why haven’t I thought to isolate that audio?! As much as I think back to that moment, you’d think it’d be my ringtone, lol. At any rate. Whew, that smile. That smile! The one when he realized I was asking about Richonne, combined with that laugh was clearly designed to kill me. Then the one where he says he doesn’t know if it’s gonna happen; the fact that he was sitting there lying through his teeth and still, I swoon. I’m surprised I made it back to tell you guys about it. And I would also like to know what gives him the right. It’s unfair, and yet, I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

the whole ndrv3 discourse over whether the ending is bad or good is really vague because when people are like “i like the ndrv3 plot twist/ending” they’re not being clear on whether they like the ending itself or like the plot twist only


“Her Sister's Bridegroom”, by Jane Bonander

I read this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review



I am so very sorry to say that I struggled trying to go past 30% of this book. I was liking it and I had hopes that it would be a good book, and I’m sure it’s good for someone out there. Not for me.

The female protagonist, Robbie, lives in Edinburgh, she’s almost penniless and writes naughty stories for a periodical publication. The time she doesn’t spend writing, she volunteers at a sort of hospital for prostitutes and destitutes. She is a good girl… only she’s not. But the male protagonist isn’t much better.

One day, when she’s about to find herself living on the streets she receives a letter containing a marriage proposal from her childhood love (or that she thinks). But seems that Gavin confused her name and her twin sister’s name and oops, he had proposed the wrong sister.

Birdie, the sister, is beautiful… no, she’s more than beautiful. She’s the epitome of beauty. But she’s married, and the husband is a rich man who also happened to be Robbie’s fiancé. But Robbie is fine; she doesn’t hold grudges… only she does. And she’s a good girl, unlike her sister… only she’s not.

I say all this because despite the fact that Robbie implies that she has forgiven and forgotten, she hasn’t done either. If she did, she wouldn’t be constantly reminding everyone what her sister had done to her and how she understands because she’s more than beautiful. Also, there’s a supervillainess who schemes against her but she’s not very good at it so she gets caught. And Robbie tells everyone, and everybody is understanding and supportive because she’s a good girl. But she’s not, as I said. She’s kind and she’s understanding and her patience with Gavin has no limits… but there’s this awful side of her that I absolutely loathe. People who hold grudges and tell tales are not my cup of tea.

And Gavin is a complete disgrace. He’s a bookworm, and they use that as an explanation for his absentmindness, his lack of sense of reality, his lack of sensitivity… basically his feet don’t touch the ground, he lives in the clouds and has an obsession with Birdie because he can’t forget that she was incredibly beautiful.

There were many other things that I didn’t like, their first intercourse lacked sentiment, it felt so awkward and not in the obvious sense (I even felt embarrassed at how bad it was written), and the villainess was rather pathetic. The obsessions and the repetitions were too much and I’m talking of only 30% of the book (according to kindle). But there is one word that could sum up everything I didn’t like about this novel and is the envy. Everyone wants what other people have, from the first word! A sister that wants her sister’s fiancé, a woman who wants another woman’s husband, a woman that wants a man’s family, a man that wants a man’s luck with women… these people are toxic. There’s so much hatred under the skin.

Perhaps I could save one character, and that would be Colin, I wish the story was about Colin. And the cover is beautiful

I hate giving bad reviews, I really do, but this book was not for me and I wouldn’t be doing anyone any favor if I said the contrary.

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i have a question and i don’t want to seem rude and i apologize if i do but why do you say that you worked on dany for 5 years when you made your blog at the beginning of november?


because there are platforms outside of tumblr ? and the novel ‘a game of thrones’ came out  21 years ago ( this series is older than most ? of you ? lmao ) . preceding a question with not wanting to come off as rude , and then asking it in an extremely combative way doesn’t negate any overhanging connotation . 

i’ve written her off tumblr , i’ve formed ideas , headcanons ; envisioned story lines and honed her voice for OVER five years , but only been actively writing her in the last five. i finally got up the courage to make her a blog on one of the best user interfaces for writing a month ago. but that doesn’t mean i actually just started caring about her in the last month. 

i connected with her during one of the hardest times in my life. and her story resonated with me, so i formed a bond , and its kept me caring for and developing her story as best i can.

||• I’d joke and say lets start with the FCC chairman but you already know, as people take internet wayyy to seriously, he’s going to end up dead anyway. So.. probably shouldn’t joke about that in hindsight.

I won’t feel bad when some bat-loon neckbeard slices him up with their shity katana, though. That’s going to be funny. ×|•