they say jump and you say how high

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I'm wondering if whichever admins answers this (or all three of you!) can list off your absolute favorite fic for each one of the ships? (Like... all of them 😋) also, Admin Talia, I love your writing!! ❤️

Since that is not possible seeing as I have never been able to pick a favourite something, like, ever. Instead is it okay if I list off the first fic that comes to mind when I think of that ship? So like the first ever thing I think of!

  1. YoonJin: Inc. by minverse [E, 43k]
  2. 2seok:  The Pursuit of Happiness by lucitae[T, 6.9k]
  3. Namjin: no more sad songs by mochi (ttthisismo) [T, 11k]
  4. Jinmin:  Galaxy S♡ by mindheist [T, 21k]
  5. Taejin: Artificial Flower by ghuns [M, 17k]
  6. Jinkook: To Be Happy by missgarnetn [T, 8.6k]
  7. Yoonseok:  All my days (I’ll know your face) by inkingbrushes [E, 45k]
  8. Namgi: six to nine (we’ll play the game) by gunhee [E, 22k]
  9. Yoonmin:  Out of My System by xxdevilishxx [M, 101k]
  10. Taegi:  The Less I Know The Better by mucha [E, 40k]
  11. Yoonkook: I Want You To Be My Night by TheOrgasmicSeke [M, 32k]
  12. Namseok:  to the truth that you’re denying by sunsmiles [T, 21k]
  13. Jihope:  Carry On Without Me by MotionlessMuse [T, 9.4k]
  14. Vhope:  Really, Baby (I Will Be Just Fine) by lethallergic [E, 13k]
  15. Junghope:  all because of you by xxdevilishxx [T, 7.4k]
  16. Minjoon:  when you say jump, i say how high daddy? by voseok [E, 32k]
  17. Vmon:  Hurt Locker by MmeIrene [M, 42k]
  18. Namkook:  Golden Boy by GinForInk [E, 85k]
  19. Vmin:  for you, anything. by kadotas [T, 25k]
  20. Jikook:  Him by PinkBTS [M, 35k]
  21. Taekook:  cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) by wowoashley (orphan_account) [E, 64k]

I feel like I’m betraying every other fic I’ve read by saying these are my “faves” even though I did say they aren’t. Lol. Since it’ll be quite long otherwise I’ll just tell Admin Talia & Ange to, if they want to, make a separate post about their faves!

-Admin Nana


Tom Holland x Reader (Includes Zendaya and Harrison)

Word Count: 3050ish

Warnings: Suggestive themes because of the song, light cursing, Blushy!Tom, some dirty jokes, the movie Get Out spoilers

Lyrics from:   Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

                       Beyoncé – Partition

A/N: I decided to get off my lazy but and write this for @wingsanddarkness because they requested this a while ago right when my writer’s block hit. This is way longer than it should be

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praise kink fics?

ha. sure

Hercules by GinForInk [Taekook, 11k]

you can be the boss, daddy by petiteyoongi [Taegi, 3.8k]

hot like hell by cocksluts [Jikook, 14k]

i can feel that body shake, and the heat between your legs by taetastic [Taekook, 8.8k]

Pretty Boy by Spoonfulofsuga [Yoonkook, 5k]

your goodbye is my beginning by jhopeg [Taekook, 22k]

when you say jump, i say how high daddy? by voseok [Minjoon, 32k]

your love always makes my palms sweaty by rimjobenthusiast [Taekook, 1.2k]

Good Job (with a G and a J) by taetaetiger (sexyvanillatiger) [Namseok, 14k]

Praise me like you should by strangedesires [Yoonmin, 4k]

Pawn it off by rix [Taekook, 5.8k]

;) <3

*when i think of praise kink i think of that one namseok fic so read that first

Park // Colby Brock

Prompt: Im too lazy for one …. :)

Warning: Swearing, cuteness

A/N: Please leave requests :)


She was so gorgeous. Here I am laying next to literally the perfect girl and I dont even have the balls to ask her out. She was totally my type and literally everything about her is just so perfect.

She’s gorgeous, sarcastic, funny, and so many other things. Nothing can describe how perfect she is. I was supposed to film with Sam but I forgot and I’m guessing he did too. He also I guess rescheduled the midnight game for another night.

I sighed and stood off the couch and turned off the TV. I picked up Y/N bridal style and carried her to her room.



I rubbed my tired eyes and sat up looking around my room. I stood up from my warm bed and dragged myself down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Good morning sunshine.” Sam looked up from his phone. He was sat at the kitchen counter as Colby was looking around in the fridge.

“Morning Sam.” I rubbed my eyes once again. “Where is everyone else?”

“Work and other things.” Colby answered but didn’t bother to look at me as he grabbed a gallon of milk from the fridge. “The normal thing that adults do you knoww.”

“Oh.” I replied simply. “Is there any coffee?”

“Uh yeah Elton just made a fresh pot, it’s over there.” Sam pointed in the direction of it.

I poured myself a mug of hot black coffee and took a sip. “You don’t add sugar or anything?” Colby asked with a look of disgust on his beautiful face.

“Nope.” I shake my head and sat in the seat across from him.

“I am going to Kat’s today and Colby is going where ever he’s going, are you okay with being here alone for awhile?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, of course.” I nodded and took another sip of the warm beverage.

“Okay. Elton is probably staying at Amanda’s and I doubt Corey will be home until late tonight so you’ll have the house to yourself.”

“That’s great, I get to binge watch some shows.” I grin but really I just wanted to be alone do I could cry. Something I haven’t done in a little while

“By some shows do you mean Teen Wolf perchance?” Colby asked and I nodded.

“I was planning on watching American Horror Story.” I said. “But Teen Wolf seems morr appealing.”

“Okay well, we’ll seen you later.” Sam said and Colby kissed the top of my head before following Sam out.

“Yep.” I nod. “See ya. Have fun at Kat’s and you too with whatever you’re gonna be doing Colby.

“He’s probably gonna masturbate all day.” Sam said and my nose scrunched up in disgust.

“That’s gross, Sam.” I cringed.

“Very. But also a little true” Colby agrees.


Sam and Colby left about an hour ago and I was all ready to just lay on the couch and watch Teen Wolf but my phone rang.

(Italics: Gwen / Bold: Colby)



What do you want, Colb?

Why so grumpy?

I was ready to watch a show but you interrupted me.

Well, I’m bored and have nothing else to do or go alone soooooo come onnn

Fine, are you picking me up?

Yeah. Be there in an hour.



I hung up and jumped off the couch. I ran up the stairs and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair.

I put on my normal makeup and some red lipstick then grabbed a fast outfit. {Above} I left my hair down in its natural waves and headed down the stairs. I still had about 30 minutes until he got here.

I’m here. I looked at the text and smiled. I grabbed my purse off the couch and walked out the door. I opened the passenger door and slid in.

“So, what are we doing?” I asked as I buckled my seatbelt.

“I was thinking maybe we can just go to a park or something. I haven’t been to one in awhile.

“Okay.” I nod and he drives away and off to the park.


“This is gorgeous.” I say in awe as I look around the park. There was a huge gorgeous lake next to it as well.

“I know I love it here.” Colby smiled and dragged me over to the swings.

I threw my flannel onto the ground and sat on the swing. “Can you push me?” I turned to Colby and he nodded and began to push me softly.

Soon I was pretty high and the wind was blowing my long hair around.

“So Y/N, tell me about yourself.” Colby continued to pump his legs but looked at me with his beautiful eyes. You and Colby had only started talking like this about a week ago and it was great.

“What do you want to know?” I asked and turned my head towards him.

“mmmm favorite things, passions, everything.” He smiled at me.

“Uhm I really like to read, I love music, one of my passions is most definitely acting or singing. I used to do a lot of plays in high school and I loved it.” I say. “Oh and my favorite color is probably black or navy blue.”

“You like to act?” He asked.

“Yeah uh, I like to pretend to be someone I’m not because it makes me forget how shitty my life is and I can live in the persons life that I am acting as.” I say.

He hummed in response and rubbed his chin. “What?” I ask as I noticed the weird look he was giving me.

“Oh nothing.” He smirked and jumped off the swing.

I watched as he pulled out his phone and began taking photos of me. I squealed and cover my face and I jumped off the swing and crashed into him.

His phone fell and so did we. “Well that was fun.” I laughed and looked down at Colby who was under me.

“If you call breaking every bone in my body fun.” He groaned and I Laughed, standing up and putting my hands out to help him up.


About an hour passed and Colby had already hurt himself about 5 times. I loved watching him fall off of everything around him.

“Shit.” I heard and turned to see Colby on the mulch. I laughed and held my hand out to help pull him back onto the play set.

“Alright I think we both have enough scrapes. Let’s go home now.” I said and he groaned, shaking my hand up and down since he never let it go when I helped him.

“Nooooo.” He whined.

“Yes come on.” I intertwined our fingers and dragged him to the car.

He groaned the whole way but once we got to the car we let go and got in. The whole way home we listened to music and danced.

Being with Colby made everything better. He was the one thing that could get my mind off of my dead family. I looked over and him and smiled to myself.

When we got home Elton fired questions at us, well mainly me.

“Where were you?” “Why didnt you guys call?” “I thought you were kidnapped since I know you dont leave the house alone.”

“Elton I’m fine, I was with Colby all day.” I assured him.

“Jesus did you guys beat each other up? You’re all covered in bruises.” Elton examined my legs. I looked down and back up.

“Yeah Colby likes to beat me.” I smirked and Colby started explaining what actually happened.

Elton nodded and I started up the stairs. “Wait Y/N. Do you want to film a video?” Elton stopped me.

“What kind of video?”

“We’re gonna go to suicide bridge. You down?”

“Yeah I guess.” I shrugged and went upstairs so I could shower and change.

When I was finished getting ready {outfit above} in warm clothes since I knew I’d get extremely cold later tonight I went and laid on Colby’s bed, waiting for him to shower.



I got out of the shower and walked yo my room with the towel on my waist. When I entered I saw Y/N curled in a ball. She must’ve fallen asleep waiting for me.

I smiled at her and quickly got dressed while she slept. “Wake up!” I yelled and jumped on her when I was fully dressed.

She screamed and kicked up, hitting me in the balls. I doubled over and fell on the floor in pain. “Shit Colby I’m so sorry!” She said and fell on the ground next to me.

“Kiss it and make it feel better?” I said with my eyes still squeezed shut.

“You wish.” She said and kissed my cheek instead of my balls.

“Yes I do wish.” I winked in pain.

“shut up.” She laughed and waited.

When my balls finally felt like they weren’t in my stomach she helped me up and dragged me down the stairs and to where Elton and everyone me as waiting for us.

“Were you guys fucking? We heard loud noises.” Sam smirked.

Gwen’s nose scrunched up in disgust and she shook her head. “I fell asleep waiting for him and he jumped on me and scared me so I accidentally kneed him in the balls.”

“Yeah accidentally.” I joked and rolled my eyes playfully.

“I can do it again if you’d like.”

“No please.” I put my hands over my jeans to protect me against any sudden blows.

“Alright you guys ready?” Elton asked as he picked up his camera. The room filled with “yes” and we all walked out to Elton’s car.


Once we got there Elton sat up his camera and we filmed the intro. While we filmed the into Y/N stood between me and Sam with her head down.

Y/N held onto the Ouija board with one hand and the other was laced with mine. Her hand was cold and she was shaking. I didn’t know if it was from fright or she was just cold but either way I held her close to me.

This was our third time being here and I felt as though out of us all Corey and Y/N would be the most scared.

“I know we’re descending into hell right now but 30,000 likes and Y/N and Colby will kiss” Elton smirked behind the camera.

“No we won’t.” Y/N denied and flipped Elton off. I wouldn’t mind kissing her but I also didnt want that to be our first kiss.

On the way down we saw a car and heard a few things. Y/N held onto me tightly but didn’t say she was scared to anyone. The last thing she said since the camera came out was her telling Elton no about the kissing thing.

“Ouch!” I heard Y/N screeched and I turned to her with concern. There was a cut in the middle of her hand and it was bleeding.

“Shit Y/N what happened?” Elton rushed over to her.

“I’m not sure.” She said snd showed the camera her hand. “Damn that hurt.” she laughed it off.

“Alright well if you’re okay then let’s get to our spot.” she nodded and we all continued our way.



We played the Ouija board and after a few questions we got to one asking if we were gonna die tonight.

“Fuck.” I groaned as I felt something go down my face and onto my lip. I was behind Elton since I didnt wanna play. I looked up and seen that Sam’s nose was bleeding.

“Guys?” I asked and they all turned to me. Elton’s flashlight went onto me and I wiped my nose and there was blood on my fingers.

“What the hell!” Colby rushed over to me and looked at my nose. “What happened?”

Everyone was freaking out and I was pretty calm, even though my nose was all bloody. Sam was pretty calm as well. Elton handed me something and I cleaned myself up.

After awhile of them freaking out and playing the game we all decided we would go to sleep. It was Amanda next to Elton and then Sam then Corey.

I sat up with Colby since I knew I wouldn’t sleep. I never sleep.

Colby soon passed out and I just stood on the wall with my head against it and eyes closed.

“What the fuck!” Corey shot up and was yelling over and over. We all looked at him with confusion as he explained that someone pulled his blanket.

“Guys can we leave?” I asked and grabbed Colby’s hand for protection. He held me close and looked at Elton asking if we could leave.

They all nodded and got the equipment and began running. We finally got to the top and made out way to the car. Once we got there we did the outro and went on our way home.


Gency Superhero AU no one asked for? Check

Gency. Sentai!Genji. AU. Fluff. 

Every morning when she departs from her love, he always tells her, “Be careful, angel wings.”

She shakes her head, but kisses Genji before heading to the hospital for her shift. So clever with his words, he hooked her heart before she even knew it. Loving and dear, she could never want anyone else.

Her mind skips over his simple words while the bank is getting robbed. Men in black masks screaming for cash. Running to cash a check right before it closes is a mistake, and now she’s paying for it.

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When We Collide (Part 17)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“Are you gonna eat that?”

“No, actually garlic has made me kind of nausea lately-,” Your eyes widened in surprise when the bread on your plate was gone like a light, you didn’t even get the chance to finish your sentence. 

“So you can just have it…” You nodded your head in confirm and leaned back on your chair wishing that this ‘blind date’ could be finished as soon as possible. 

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wat is it that Tony does that's than makes the Rogers ppl love him so much when do they get to see him interact with him?

Mostly it’s just a ripple effect. Everyone thinks the worst of Tony but then they see how he really is instead of how they think he’ll be, and the gossip spreads like a drop of ink in water.

“I can go outside?” Tony asks, and the guard he’s questioning raises an eyebrow. “Yes.” Tony takes a step toward the door, then stops and looks back up at the guard. “I won’t get in trouble?” The guard fights not to sigh. “No.” Tony takes another step, then stops again, shoulders hunched. “…How do–how do you get punished here?” The guard opens his mouth, then closes it. “…You won’t be punished for going outside. Her Majesty the Queen has said you have free rein of the castle and its grounds.” Tony looks uncertain, takes another little step toward the door, then just sort of… wilts and turns to leave, whispering a soft, “Sorry for troubling you while you’re working.” And word ripples through the castle and out into the country that Tony asked how people were punished in this castle–how he would punished.

A maid finds Tony weeping in the library, and “Are you alright, your highness?” is out before she can stop herself. Tony jumps and wipes his face, and he says, “Oh, yes, everything is fine.” The maid notices that he doesn’t say he is fine, which is what she’d been asking, but she’s in no position to pry. “Can I help you find anything?” she asks instead, because she dusts these books constantly; she knows where everything is. Tony sniffs and wipes his face again. “I’ve forgotten the title. I wouldn’t want to waste your time.” And he just looks so miserable, she can’t help but put her hands on her hips and lift her chin stubbornly. “Try me!” Tony haltingly explains that growing up, he’d read a book–it had had a woman in it, an omega, who makes a hasty judgement about a suitor and starts a series of events that shows her what an error that was and how to appreciate the differences between the superficial and the essential. The alpha’s a huge oaf with a good heart. He reminds Tony of someone. “You’re amazing,” Tony breathes as she drops a copy of Pride and Prejudice into his hands. He holds it to his chest tightly. “It’s nice. That they work out.” His knuckles go white with how tight he’s gripping the book. And word ripples through the castle and out into the country that Tony is a hopeful and hopeless romantic at heart.

Tony gets permission to go out to the farmers’ market, and one of the children tricks him into eating a raw gooseberry. Tony nearly throws up, it’s so sour, oh God his jaw is tingling, is this poison, is he going to die?! “Nathan, what is the matter with you!” the child’s mother barks, smacking the back of his head, and then looks like she might smack Tony, too. “Spit it out! SPIT IT OUT.” Tony tries to mumble that it would be rude but it’s so sour he’s starting to cry so he just kind of… opens his mouth and lets it drop it out. The woman grabs Nathan by the scruff and shakes him until he apologizes. “’s okay,” Tony mumbles and tries not to pucker because he’s sure he looks stupid but he probably looks stupid anyway he’s crying and he still kinda wants to throw up. She forces a piece of apple pie on him and he likes that a lot better than the gooseberry. And word ripples through the country and into the castle that Tony is an innocent little babe he ate a raw gooseberry the poor sweet lamb he cried.

(And word ripples back out of the castle and into the country that a gooseberry pie was served as dessert and Tony nearly burst into tears when he saw it. Nathan never lives this down. He feels bad about it, honestly. He takes over his family’s stall at the market and eventually gets Tony to eat a slice of gooseberry pie. Tony likes that much better and doesn’t understand how something so awful can make a pie so good.)

Worst Behavior

length: 1,882 words

genre: smut

a/n: I don’t know what this is, I suck at writing smut, why do I even try. But Yuta has been killing me lately (I watch the Cherry Bomb mv 20 times a day at least just for Yuta). I did not proofread this…honestly this probably isn’t that great, but I told Kayla I’d get this up tonight, and we were so excited about this so haha

Originally posted by dimplesjae

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Married to a Monster - One

Originally posted by jonginization

Paring: kaiXreader, minseokXreader

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: Angst&Fluff || husband!Jongin, best friend!Jongdae, best friend!Minseok

Summary: Being forced into a marriage with your first love/childhood best friend is messy - especially when he was the sole reason you attempted to kill yourself and the reason your body is riddled with scars. Old wounds were opened but you pushed yourself to figure things out, if not for yourself, then for your deceased sister whose death seemed to keep haunting you and Jongin.

Notes: This series will contain talk of suicide, self-harm, abuse, death and possibly more. Smut will be rated [M].

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen [M] | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty [M] | Twenty-One | Twenty-Two |

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"He owns your ass."

Yuri frowns, and looks for the source of the voice, already recognizing it, but not able to place where It’s annoying owner is.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not polite to sneak up on people when they’re changing, Leroy?” Yuri says, keeping his voice steady.

JJ rounds the set of lockers to Yuri’s left, and grins. “I’m not trying to be polite. I’m trying to tease the famous Ice Tiger about finally being tamed.”

Yuri rankles. “What the fuck are you talking about.” 

He doesn’t try to make it sounds like a question. 

“Oh you know,” JJ singsongs, sliding his sleazy ass onto the bench beside Yuri and tossing an arm around his bare shoulders. “There’s a rumor that you and Altin are shacking up. And someone noticed recently that if he says jump, you ask ‘how high’. That sort of thing.”

Yuri ducks out from under the offensive, sweaty limb, and stands. He opens his mouth to deny the accusation while tugging on his shirt, but then decides he doesn’t want to; rounding on JJ and giving him his most dangerous sneer.

“Hmm,” Yuri hums murderously, “I’ve heard something interesting about you as well.”

“Really?” JJ leans back, manspreading, and raising one cocky eyebrow in disbelief. “Such as?” 

Yuri leans down purposefully, bringing his nose level with the tip of JJ’s, and tilting his head in a way that puts their mouths way too close. To the point that their breath mingles, and if either were to lean an inch forward they’d kiss. 


“Oh, just that…” Yuri pitches his voice low, letting his words ghost over JJ’s lips, and pausing long enough to see the jackass swallow thickly. He can clearly see the problem growing between them, but it’s not his, and it will nicely emphasize his point.

 “Just that you’re bitter, because Otabek got here first.” 

He hears JJ’s breath hitch, right before Yuri pulls back; walking away and not even glancing back.

He’s sure the dumbass got the point. 

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Do you know any good Minjoon fics where Jimin is sub? Or any Yoonmin or Kookmin? (Sorry, I just love sub!Jimin a lot...or like Jimin fics with mommy kink? Like the one you wrote are pure gold)

sub!jimin for Minjoon - all i gotta say for these is that minjoon is kinky as hell

Play house (put my favorite record on)

silk ties


when you say jump, i say how high daddy?

my little prince (sit in daddy’s lap)

Take you down another level (And get you dancing with the devil)

sub!jimin for Yoonmin

silk ties

perfect is the sound of you breaking 

it was my promise -but then that happened-

let me be your kitten

please touch me sir!

true love (or something like it)


dont go home without me

what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom

secretary park

just not my luck



take anything you want (free of charge)

baby bun (gender switch so its fem dom!yoongi

love literally

sub!jimin for Kookmin

once again check out @placeyoursinshere for art nd hcs

something is yours, maybe it’s me

underdressed and oversexed

remember When I Was Your Age (Proud of You)

it’s ok, im a writer 

well done!

fitting rooms

officer please

royal lilies

i’ll never let you go


if i get in, i just might drown

it’s a bad idea to love you

beautiful liar

tying the knot

thigh highs

im the hyung

lmao as u can see i like these ships

Happy Birthday Tony

Tonys birthday was never anything special. He was pretty sure that he had a few good ones when he was a kid. But he remembers not getting any presents, because he already had everything. Or so his father always told him when he asked for a present, once.

But he had Jarvis and sometimes even Peggy there. So that was good.

After his parents died, Tony didn’t want to celebrate his birthday anyway. So he wasn’t mad when Rhodey didn’t plan a party for him. It was enough for him to cuddle with Rhodey and eat cold pizza.

When he was in a relationship with Pepper, she asked if he wanted to do something special on his birthday. Tony wasn’t sure what you would want to do on a birthday, so he told her he would just …work. Like always.

He can’t help the pain around his heart. It would be nice if someone would do something for him anyway.

He knows that he has no right to be this bitter. He could say something and Pepper and Rhodey would buy him the world. He loves them and he knows they love him, too.

Then came the Avengers in his tower and Tony secretly hopes they would throw a party for him. He had spent months of works for their birthday presents, so he was excited to see what he would get.

His last birthday with the avengers were unimportant. There was always an ultron, civil war or Loki. But now they had peace for almost two months. So he cant wait to see his friends.

The civil war was hard the first month but now he is glad that the team is back. He also met the guardians a few months ago and liked them as well. So yeah he was pretty happy.

Maybe this would be his first birthday that he actually liked!

Or not….

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lee jaeyoon as your boyfriend

request: anon: SF9 Jaeyoon as boyfriend ?

genre: fluff & slight smut

warning: swearing

author’s note: gender neutral !!!

this is purely based on my own personal opinions. agree or disagree, either way, enjoy!

Originally posted by sf9creators

- Another one who’s very handsy

- Totally an ass man

- CONGRATS !! You did something worth celebrating!

- A “good job” kiss from Jaeyoon?

- An “I’m proud of you” hug?

- Nope. You get a pat on the ass.

- But it doesn’t really bother you

- Cause you’re all over his ass as much as he is yours

- ”Y/N, do these pants make my butt look weird”

- “Why do I even like you…”

- KING of cheesy pick up lines/puns

- The serious look on his face makes it 10x harder not to laugh

- He doesn’t give 2 shits about being discreet when it comes to skinship

- Members around?

- Members no where to be found?

- Either way - he’s hugging you and grabbin the booty

- Aegyo contests happen all the time

- So much so that the other members wanna throw up just watching the two of you

- I feel like he’s a big fan of pet names

- “Honey”

- “Yeah, Jae?”

- “Nothing, I just like calling you honey”

- Would turn into the most adorable man you’ve ever seen if you were mad at him

- Raising the pitch of his voice

- Praising you like it’s the last time he’s ever gonna see you

- Cupping your face in his hands, forcing you to look him in the eyes

- He LOVES LOVES LOVES it when you sit on his lap

- Because your ass is on his crotch ?????

- Who knows


- Reading a book? Nope, now you’re cuddling

- Scrolling through twitter? Psych, you’re cuddling

- Trying to catch up on sleep? Bitch, I think the fuck not - you’re cuddling with Jaeyoon now

- The kind of cuddling where you’re facing each other, and you’re pretty much trapped in a giant hug

- Your face in the crook of his neck and his chin on top of your head

- And as soon as you both find comfy positions, he let’s out this cute, little satisfied sigh that meLTs yOuR HEaRt

- K time to switch it up a bit,,,

- When Jaeyoon’s in the mood you BeST be ready for heaps, and heaps of winking and lip biting both yours and his

- His voice will drop a few octaves

- His movements become slower, and more precise

- And he’s DEFINITELY got the whole “sultry eyes” look down to a tee

- Tbh I bet Jaeyoon is a switch

- When he’s up for it, good luck… because you’re goin all night long, no mercy

- But if his schedules a bit full and you know he’s tired, you’ll gladly hop on the saddle and let him sit back and relax

- But even if he’s on bottom, he’s still pretty much the one in charge

- He says jump, you say how high

- You best believe he’s using those vocals for something other than singing, lemme tell ya that much !!!

- After sex cuddling is a guarantee

- But this time, it’s usually spooning

- He’ll wrap his arm around your torso and drag your body across the bed until your back is flat against his chest

- Where he will continuously shower you with tiny kisses

- And whispered I love you’s

- Until the two of you doze off into a deep sleep

anonymous asked:

do you have any non au fics that deal with external homophobia? i know of a lot of fics that have internalized homophobia as a theme but not so many fics that have the boys dealing with homophobia from other people if that makes sense?

i forget to breathe (when i’m with you) by locks [Taekook, E, 56k]

and i’m keeping my lungs and holding my tongue this time by R1CEBOWL [Taekook, G, 7.6k]

a boy like that by jikookah [Jikook, M, 6.9k]

White Chalk by g_odalisque13 [Taegi, E, 72k]

candy boy weekends by 27book [Jikook, E, 14k]

Don’t Think, Don’t Speak, Just Smile for Me by Ragi [Jikook, M, 144k]

there’s no need to play pretend by taetrash [Taekook, T, 3.3k]

when you say jump, i say how high daddy? by voseok [Minjoon, E, 32k]

Piece of Art by thughyung [Taekook, M, 28k]


Overprotect - Wanna One       [Part 1.]

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genre: fluff
member: all
word count: 1268
requested: yes
side note: PART 2 COMING SOON

requested by: anon

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- you were the queen’s daughter in the royal kingdom
- and despite you not having a prince, you were going to be claimed princess soon enough when the time is right
- the king never let you leave the castle
- in fact, you had to be homeschooled (in which you hated a lot)
- and this was because the king didn’t want you to meet the wrong people of the kingdom
- despite the the kingdom was awfully nice and friendly
- the king was afraid of you falling in love with someone he doesn’t approve of
- you tried to escape multiple times but it just never worked
- you tried to escape tOO many times that you became friends with the guards
- and not in a way that you wanted to backstab them by earning their trust and leave
- but in a way that you were extremely lonely and wanted some friends
- the guards had to follow the beliefs of your father (the king)
- you would talk to them normally but every time you mentioned escaping or falling in love, they would have to side with the king despite being your friend
- in which you understood that it was their job
- but you were awfully thankful you at least had friends
-  "y/n! the king wants to see you,“ one of the guards named seongcheol (yes im using seventeen’s names as the guards) called
- you groaned and rolled your eyes
- "go before he says we didnt do our job and makes us clean the washrooms again,” minghao spoke in revolt as he had the urge to puke just talking about it
- you softly chuckled
- “okayokay- im goingg,” you said as you stood up and walked into your fathers office
- he was writing a letter as he put his glasses down once you entered, closing the door behind you
- “hello there princess,” you father spoke with a smile
- you softly chuckled
- “tomorrow, we’ll be having a royal ball. i just want you to know that it is open to the public so i’ll be putting 5 guards on you,” he says as you instantly drop your smile and mood
- “but father-”
- “those guards will be sooyoung, seungkwan, jeonghan-”
- “father!” you slightly raised your voice as he stopped and sighed softly
- you bit your lower lip in anticipation
- as you found your foot to be tapping
- and your heart began pounding so loudly
- “may i have no guards assisting me just this once? i will not leave the castle, i just would like to interact with people normally,” you spoke as you could hear how loud your heart was racing
- the king deeply hesitated and began tapping his ink brush against the table
- “fine, but i will have at least one guard keeping it’s eye on you,” he spoke
- him saying that was music to your ears as you couldnt help but smile
- “thank you,” you spoke happily as you rushed out of his office and back to the guards as you began jumping out of excitment
- “what he say?” seongcheol asks
- “IM NOT GONNA HAVE GUARDS ON ME FOR THE ROYAL BALL TOMORROW!” you yelled happily as your cheeks began to hurt due to how much you were smiling
- “REALLY? IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU !” jeonghan spoke as you squealed like a child
- time skip woosh
- you were at the royal ball
- dressed all fancy in tall high heels, full makeup, hair and nails done
- and it felt sort of empty not having the guard by your side
- but you were happy that you were a free spirit just for tonight
- as people greeted you and complimented you
- you stood there on the side of the food bar
- as you noticed a handsome fellow standing across from you and he catches your eye, softly smiling
- he was wearing an awfully well fitted suit
- he raises up his wine glass as you followed as two boys, also in suits, approached him bickering
- “daniel, tell jisung that it was a mistake and that i thought the wine was cherry juice,” the tallest one out of all three of them said
- “daniel, he’s too young to be drinking wine and you’re a bad influence,” the other said as so-called daniel chuckled
- “well i mean, he claims its a mistake and he’s going to drink at one po-”
- “sHH YOU’RE JUST LIKE THE REST” the mother like one flips as daniel begins laughing
- daniels eyes wander as he notices you staring at the sitatuion as you snap out of it
- “go ask miss princess over there on her opinion,” daniel speaks as you could feel your cheeks flaming up a bit
- they all approach you as they formally bow
- “nono- no need for that, i think we’re the same age anyways,” you spoke as a smile aroused on your face
- “we need your opinion,” the tallest one says
- “and so i heard,” you replied
- “and in my opinion, i agree with daniel. if he says its a mistake, its a mistake and he is going to try wine at one point so,” you added on agreeing with daniel as the tallest sighs of relief and daniel smirks
- “see? i was right minhyun,” the tallest snickered
- “shaddup guanlin,” minhyun murmured
- “yo daniel,” an awfully short boy says as they all turn to see 8 boys approaching them with soft smiles who looked awfully handsome in your eyes
- “oh hello princess y/n,” he spoke as they all bowed
- you shook your hands and became flustered
- “nono- no need, it’s fine, and it’s nice to meet you all,” you replied
- they eventually all introduced their names as you were overwhelmed
- “you’re awfully beautiful,” woojin spoke as you softly smiled
- “thank you woojinnie,” you replied, dropping the formalities
- “oh my god-”
- “the princess just dropped formalities with me i feel so honoured-” woojin spoke as he clenched onto his heart
- you laughed softly
- “but you do look beautiful as always,” sungwoon spoke as he lightly rose his glass as you repeated the same action
- “is y/n a hard drinker like daniel?” jisung asked as he scratched his head
- “daniel can drink 9+ beer bottles and not be drunk,” daehwi mumbled as they all teased him lightly
- “i’m not that hardcore of a drinker, but i do fancy a few,” daniel spoke
- fuck
- daniels still too powerful
- my heart
- you softly chuckled as you shook your head
- “one or two glasses is my limit. if i have three or more i’ll be done for,” you replied as some nodded their heads in agreement
- “don’t you usually have like 10 thousand guards on you?” jihoon asks
- “mmhm, but my father let me go gaurd-less tonight,” you replied
- “your father really doesn’t like you talking to people like us, doesn’t he?” seongwoo asks softly
- you frowned a bit but slowly nodded
- “he just doesn’t want me to fall in love with ‘anyone’ i guess,” you spoke softly
- “aHH SEONGWOO STOP RUINING THE MOOD,” jinyoung snapped
- “seriously, this is like the 6th time you’ve done that,” jaehwan said as he rolled his eyes and slightly chuckled
- but suddenly you received a tap on your shoulder
- you glanced over as minghao stood there with a guilty look on his face
- but you read it loud and clear
- your heart dropped as you sighed and nodded
- “i have to go, but i hope i’ll meet you guys again!” you said, faking a happy smile through your pain as you walked off with minghao
- and you never saw them again
- jk there’ll be more in part 2 lol

Part 2

Mine - Brett Talbot x Reader - Smut

Warning: Smut, Language, Dominance, Unprotected sex, NSFW

You watched the Devenford bus roll into the parking lot as you continued your laps on the track. Damn it they were an hour early and you still had three more miles to go. You hated running when the visiting team got there, the dumb jocks left their shit everywhere not caring that there were other people on the planet, let alone using the area. Scowling, you picked up the pace hoping to finish before you had a run in with one. Liam walked out on to the field in front of you and both of you nodded to the other as you carried on to your own destinations. Sweat was dripping down your body, thankful that you packed just tight shorts and a sports bra today, as you got in a half a mile more when what you had been anticipating happened. A tall boy, with brownish hair that looked blonde when it caught the sun, followed by a couple shorter boys stepped right in your path. You quickly came to a halt but not before your hands collided with strong muscle. The boy turned at the last second and caught your waist keeping you from completely crashing in to him. You looked up in to sparkling blue eyes and then lower down to a delectable mouth with a smirk that almost sparked something in your lower abdomen. Almost, that is until he decided to open it.

“Watch where you’re going sugar.” His sexy voice caught you off guard for a minute before you realized that he just blamed you for the incident.

You ripped out your headphones and let the best of your wolf temper surface. “Seriously?” You chastised, furrowing your eyebrows and giving your best what the fuck look as you leaned back to see his whole face.

He chuckled. “Yeah babe, you just ran into me…” He said making all his little friends snicker behind him.

“Funny. Last I checked this was a track, and you walked right in front of me.” You countered crossing your arms under your sports bra inadvertently causing your tits to spill out a little bit. Jock boy’s eyes glanced down immediately noticing the change, but coming back up and meeting your (Y/E/C) eyes with a darker twinkle than before at the sound of you clearing your throat 

He shrugged, “We have a game to warm up for.” The movement in his shoulders also made his fingers brush higher on your rib cage, reminding you that he was still holding on to your bare waist. You go to pull away from him but he grips you hard with his calloused fingers, keeping you in place for the briefest of moments, before dropping his rough hands to his sides.

You let out a humorless laugh, “Oh I forgot, silly me!” You added a smack to your forehead for dramatic flair. “It’s your world, we’re all just living in it.” You glanced to his side to see Liam walking towards you and turned back to the cocky, deliciously smelling, boy in front of you. Frowning at yourself as you inhaled a little too quickly just to catch the spiced mint scent again.

“That’s it, now you’re getting it.” He responded with an amused smirk. You roll your eyes in return making his darken a shade. “Go ahead boys, I’ll be over in a minute.” He said dismissing his minions.

“So how does it work exactly… you say jump and they say how high? Do they ask for your permission to speak too?” His eyes sparkled mischievously at your joke as you caught yourself inhaling again, trying to figure why he smelled so good to you.

“Smell something you like sugar?” His voice sounding deeper than before and brushed against your senses making goosebumps appear on your skin even though you were still sweating from your run. Madder at yourself for reacting to his smell and voice than him calling you out for it, you responded with the only way you knew how to defend yourself: with sass. 

“Fuck off.” You snarled. His smirk quickly disappeared and his eyes flashed bright yellow as he let a low growl roll from his chest.

“Easy.” He said in deep warning. You raised your eyebrow in response as a challenge. He lifted his hand and lightly trailed his thumb back and forth over your lips, and without meaning to you parted them slighty. “You’ve got a mouth on you baby. Looks like you need to be taught some manners.” His eyes bore into yours as he gripped your chin between his thumb and pointer finger. You can’t help it but you start breathing heavily as warmth flooded south due to the dominant hold he had on you.

“Y/N everything okay over here?” Liam asked finally making his way to your side. You jumped and pulled out of the grasp. You nodded, not quite ready to formulate words yet. Jesus you just let this person, that you didn’t even know, grab you in front of about half the school. You felt a blush creep up your face and you looked down, sass and bravado completely gone now. Liam spoke again, “Brett, how ya been? Everything good with your pack?” Brett. The rude, good smelling, dominant boy’s name was Brett. Fitting. And fuck, internally the submissive side of your wolf was rolling on her back for him.

You chance a peek up at him catching him staring at you as he responded. “Everything’s good. New pup?” He asked in return, referring to you. You narrowed your eyes at the name.

Liam glanced between you two. “New to the pack, not newly bitten.” He clarified but nodded his head yes.

“Mated?” Brett’s voice got deeper with the question he directed at Liam.

Growling in annoyance that you didn’t seem to be involved in this conversation ABOUT YOU, Brett looked entertained at your outburst while Liam just looked stunned at the indiscreet question. “You should go, Brett. Your minions look anxious having been without their master for so long.” You watch as his eyes flash at you for the second time making a small zip of energy run through your body, licking over every nerve ending including the one that was currently pulsing between your legs. He inhaled and you knew that he knew what was happening throughout your body. He turned and started to jog towards his huddling teammates but managed to call out “See you on the field Dunbar!” over his shoulder.

“Uh… What was that?” Liam asked stepping in front of you with a troubled look on his face. Deciding to brush it all off you flash a fake smile at the ranking beta.

“Nothing puppy, just a little altercation with a cocky asshole.” You laughed as this time it was him flashing his eyes at you.

“Don’t. Call. Me. That.” He growled.

“When Malia, Scott, Theo… hell our whole pack stops, then I will too.” You patted him on the head and then took off running as he yelled after you threatening to chain you to a tree somewhere far far away making you laugh.


You finished your shower and stepped out of the steamy room with your towel wrapped around you. Turning the corner around a row of lockers towards yours, you run smack dab in to a muscled chest wearing a green jersey making you yelp in surprise. “Jesus!” you squeaked out after using his arms to steady yourself. You immediately know who it is once the scent slams into you and you shove him back angrily for scaring you. “What the fuck is your problem?” Before you knew what was happening your back was against a wall and he had your chin back in his tight grip.

He gingerly turned your head to the side and ran his nose from your collar bone to your jaw inhaling deeply. “This mouth of yours is going to get you in to a lot of trouble, baby girl.” He rasped darkly in to your ear. You shivered, letting his voice wash over you.

“What are you doing in here Preppy?” you asked adding the nickname in there hoping to sound less affected by his voice and touch than you really were. He pulled his head back to look in to your eyes. 

“You know my name. Use it.” He commanded, but let his face soften a tad with his next sentence. “I wanted to know if you were staying for the game.”

“Well when I can feel my jaw again, I’ll let you know.” You replied dryly. He immediately released your chin but threaded his hands in to the hair at your nape instead, still claiming control over you. He looked at you expectantly, waiting for an answer.  “Possibly.” Was all you gave him.

He tugged at your hair a little showing his irritation. You rolled your eyes at his version of pouting and he growled at your rebelliousness. With your neck still exposed from his previous exploration, he dropped his head down and placed his lips on the spot where your neck met your shoulder… the spot where mate marks usually go. You gasp at the feeling of his warm tongue sliding over the skin lazily. The zap of energy returned and went straight between your legs making you clench them together. He nipped the sensitive spot with his teeth and you couldn’t help the soft moan that spilled from your lips. He pulled back and looked at you with dark eyes and a cocky smile, bastard knew what he was doing.

“Let’s try that again… are you going to the game?” He questioned, and because your brain wasn’t currently functioning you nodded your head yes. “Good girl.” He cooed making another wave of arousal flood through your body. His eyes flicked to the unmarked skin on your neck again as he brushed the tip of a finger over it. And then he was walking out of the door next to you.

You shook your head trying to regain your sanity. You usually hated dominant males, apart from your alpha because obviously that was a given, so how in the hell did Brett just make you moan and lose all logical thought? Quickly getting dressed and ignoring how you just melted into a submissive puddle, you hurried out to the field to watch the game. You were going to watch Liam you convinced yourself with another nod of your head.


Plopping down next to Theo with a huff you tried to resist but failed and searched the field for Brett. Easily spotting him since he was the tallest person out there you let out another huff in annoyance at yourself for being so weak.

Theo side eyed you, “Okay so this is probably the point where someone would ask why you’re huffing or what you’re upset about… but I’m not that kind of person. So if you could figure whatever it is out so I don’t have to listen to you whine the rest of the game that would be great.” He said in true Theo fashion.

And then an idea popped in your head! “Theo, what are you doing from right now until after the game.” You asked sweetly. He narrowed his eyes at your tone.

“Why?” His skepticism weighing heavy in his voice.

“I need you to do me a favor. I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend.” Theo barked out a laugh until he realized you were being serious and then his face quickly dropped 

“You do realize that my boyfriend, Liam Dunbar aka your ranking beta, is on the field right now and has severe anger issues.”

You explained your situation with Brett and everything that had happened. When Theo still didn’t look convinced you had to go to plan b. “You know he used to have a thing for Liam right?” He growled startling the moms in front of you and you gave the ladies a small smile. “I wasn’t supposed to know but I overheard Liam and Mason talking about it one day. Both of them commenting on how awesome his body is.” Theo’s eyes flashed and you knew you had him.

“Okay how in love are we?” You smiled at his change of heart.

 “Just enough to make him back off a bit.”

 You and Theo ended up having a great time, laughing and making fun of people. He would throw his arm around you and you would occasionally rest your head on his shoulder and nuzzle his neck. You almost wish he could be this light hearted all the time. By the time the game had come to an end, Brett had multiple penalties and an angry scowl on his face. Liam was fine because Mason had snuck down to tell the beta what was really happening before he wolfed out.

 You and Theo walked out to the parking lot and were met with a very scary looking Brett leaning against the bus. Theo stepped in front of you on pack instinct and you heard a nasty snarl leave Brett’s throat. “Y/N hiding from me is only making what you put me through all game worse.”

 You interlaced your fingers with Theo’s as you stepped around to the side of him coming face to face with the boy you felt the scariest attraction to. “Preppy this is-”

 “Don’t lie to me darlin’, I know he’s Liam’s.” He said as he pushed off the bus and walked towards the both of you. Your wolf vibrated with excitement at the predatory gaze in his eyes while you couldn’t help but feel the attraction between you and him. He glanced down at your hand that was still holding Theo’s and then back to your eyes as he stopped right in front of you. He pulled you in to his side and you watched as he and Theo seemed to have a silent conversation just by looking at each other. Theo nodded and then smiled at you saying “See you tomorrow at the pack meeting Y/A…” He smirked deviously, “Have fun.” Then turned on his heel and strutted back towards the field where Liam was standing with his arms crossed over his chest.

 “Traitor.” You whispered under your breath.

 Brett sighed and nudged your chin up with his finger. “He’s smart is what he is. He knew not to come between me and what’s mine.”

 You scoffed, “Yours? I’m not yours.”

 His eyes blackened again before he growled out “but you will be.” Someone from the bus called out and told him to get his ass on there before they left him. So with a small smirk and a quick trail of his finger over the spot on your neck, he jogged up the bus steps and was gone.

 You tried sleeping, you really did. But every time you closed your eyes all you heard was Brett’s voice rasping in your ear or the feel of his hands and tongue against your skin. Your panties were passed soaked and you just couldn’t take it any longer. Closing your eyes again you slowly ran your hand down your stomach and dipped them in to the lace covering your wet pussy. Humming at the feeling of your fingers slipping over your swollen nub. The tip of one finger was just about to slip into you when your wrist was suddenly grabbed roughly and pulled away. Your eyes shot open in alarm and a scream was about to leave you lips but it never got the chance as another hand clamped over your mouth. Your eyes going wide immediately after seeing who it was. Pulling out of his hold and pushing up out of bed you took a swipe at him with a clawed hand. 

 He easily caught it shackling it in his hand. You snarled and threw a punch with the other but sadly he snatched that hand as well. “What are you doing here?” You shouted as you tried to pull your hands free.

 “Claiming what’s mine.” He returned with a snarl of his own. You kicked at him but he blocked it with his own leg before you could do any damage. “And as cute is this is, I’m still pissed about your little show at the game Y/A.” His eyes narrowed as you moved to knee him, “So. Don’t. Push. Me.”  He shoved your arms down so they were behind your back and then flipped you around so your back was now against his chest. With his free hand he moved your hair to one side and burrowed his face in his favorite spot on your neck. “You still smell like him.” He said unhappily with a low rumble. You don’t know why, but even as angry as you were with him, it made you want to get rid of whatever was making him upset. You relaxed your body against him unintentionally, his scent clouding your judgement.

 “You can’t just break in to my house and man handle me you know.” You sighed. “Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you have some serious control issues.”

 He growled in your ear, inadvertently making a fresh wave of wetness pool in your panties. “There you go with that mouth again.” He inhaled and you knew he smelled your arousal because he released your hands and grabbed your hips pushing himself against you. You gasped couldn’t stop your mouth from watering at the feel of his hard cock against your lace covered ass, he was not small by any means.

 “The second I stepped off the bus I caught your scent and knew you were mine.” His raspy voice hit your ear making your eyes slide shut. “And then I saw you. Body glittering with sweat, rosy cheeks, and mouth open panting. I almost came right then.” You whimpered as he rolled his hips against you and trailed his fingers from your hips over your ribcage. “My wolf wanted to take you right there, claim you in front of everyone so they knew you belonged to us.”  One hand came up to your hair has he gathered it all in one hand. “Your sassy mouth is what got me next.” He bit down on the back or your neck and then softly kissed it. “I crave your submission. The thought of you submitting to me, only me, makes me crazy.” You tilted your head, giving him more access to his favorite spot on your neck and judging by the low grumble he let out he liked it.

 His grip in your hair suddenly tightened as he pulled your head to the side so you would look at him. You may have let out a small moan but you were so turned on that you had no idea whether you were coming or going. “So imagine how displeased I was, after having a moment with you in the locker room, when I see another guy all over my mate and you all over him.” His voice had dropped an octave and became cold. Looking in to his eyes you saw them flickering between the bright blue and and a familiar animalistic yellow, knowing he was fighting his wolf for control. You pushed your ass back against him and rubbed back and forth feeling his forehead drop to your shoulder and his claws bite into your hips making you stop.

 “You need to tell me now if you don’t want this. I’ll hate it and it will be really painful for my wolf but I’ll walk away. I know my dominance can be overbearing but you’re my mate and I would never force you in to something that you didn’t want.” Your arousal was still coursing through you but you could tell the words he had just said held great importance so you put your libido on hold. You stayed silent, thinking through everything in your head. Your wolf was howling at you telling you to accept him, begging you to accept him. But could you handle his dominance? His claws started digging in to your hips in anticipation.

 “I could never willingly submit to anyone…” You trailed off for dramatic effect, true to who you were, making him inhale sharply and he let out a defeated howl thinking you were rejecting him. “Unless that person was my mate. Which you are.” You finished and rolled your hips against his still hard cock pressing against you.

 “What did I say about the mouth of yours getting you in trouble?” He growled as he pushed you towards the bed and shoved your torso down on it so you were bent over with your ass in the air. He grabbed a handful of your hair and pushed your head to the side so he could see your eyes.

 “But you said you loved my sassy mouth Prep-” Your sentence cut off before you could finish the pet name as a sharp slap connect with your ass. And god damn if it didn’t make you moan.

 His mouth was by your exposed ear the next second. “What’s my name sugar?” He drawled seductively.

 You smirked into your comforter, hoping it would earn you another delicious spanking you opened your mouth and breathlessly whispered “Preppy.” Your hopes came true and before you knew it the sting from his hand lit your body on fire making you moan again.

 His mouth was back again. “My baby girl likes rough huh?” He hummed as he gently caressed the two hand prints on your ass, keeping the sting present. “I guess spanking you isn’t a good enough punishment.” You pouted at the thought of no more spankings. But it was quickly forgotten as his fingers trailed from your reddened ass, over the lace of your panties, and around the large wet spot that was now surely there.

 “Mmmmm look how wet you are for me. You’re dripping.” He rasped out against your ear before biting it. His finger found your sensitive clit over the wet material and he began to slowly stroke it. You welcome the sweet friction but needed more. Needed to feel the skin of his fingers, his tongue, or his hard cock slamming in to you. You whimpered and tried to push back against his hand for more.

 “Say my name, Y/N” He rumbled as he continued to trace small slow circles around your pulsing clit. He let go of your hair and squatted down behind you and nipped his way up the inside of your thigh, biting harder the closer he got to your pussy. But then it was gone, no fingers and no mouth.

 “Brett, please.” You mewled and you were rewarded. Your panties were ripped off and then two rough fingers dipped in to your juices, slowly running it up and circling your enflamed clit. Every now and again he would slip his fingers lower and push at your entrance, but never enough to actually give you what you needed. You were building, slowly, you could feel it coming but you still needed more. You pushed your hips back again hoping for more contact which made him growl as he pulled at your hair so you had to look back into his molten amber eyes.

 “This is what you get for making me watch as you let someone else touch what was mine.” He growled. “Now I get to watch as you squirm for me, not him. As you beg for me to fuck you, not him.” His words only excited you more and possessive gleam in his eyes made you shudder. “Don’t move.” He ordered. You watched over your shoulder from your bent over position on the bed as he stepped back and started to shed his clothes. His shoes and socks went first but you were too busy staring at the large bulge clearly visible in the front of his jeans. He pulled his shirt over his head and you licked your lips at the sight of corded muscle covering his stomach and arms. He slowly unsnapped his jeans and pushed them to the floor as his erection sprang free, he went commando. All you could do was whine at the size of him, he was going to stretch your tight walls because Brett was no doubt the kind of guy that went balls deep.

 Brett stood there admiring your position as well as the two red handprints that belonged to him and began to pump his fist tightly around himself. “You look so good bent over and dripping for me baby girl. But lay on your back, I need to taste you.” You moved quicker than you ever had in your life and heard him snicker which earned him a glare from you. “Easy, pup. Or we’ll have to start all over again.” You went to open your mouth to say something smart about him calling you pup when his mouth was suddenly on yours. His lips were demanding and rough but you matched it. Tongues meeting and battling, teeth clashing together, and lips being bitten. Your fingers found their way into his hair and you pulled earning a deep growl from Brett as he bit your lip harder.

 His mouth left yours but trailed down the side your neck to his spot, where he licked and sucked and teased. “Can’t wait to see my mark here.” He mumbled as he bit down but not hard enough to break skin… yet. Then he was moving again, down your chest but not before sucking each nipple into his mouth and making you squirm. He continued down your stomach nipping each hipbone and then placing a kiss right above the throbbing pearl you so desperately needed him to touch. His eyes caught yours as he stuck out his tongue and unhurriedly licked at the cream leaking out of you and further up sucking your clit in to his mouth. Your mouth opened on a silent cry at the mind blowing sensation that ripped through your body.

 He kept on sucking and rolling his tongue around and then finally pushed two fingers in to you. He slowly pulled them out and then at the last second curled them up and caught your g-spot making you choke on a moan. His fingers gradually sped up until you were panting and fisting at the sheets around you, just before you were about to explode he pulled away. You let out a vicious snarl snapped your now yellow eyes to his blue ones.

 “That’s for not saying my name when I asked you to.” He scolded as he climbed up your body. He spit in his hand and rubbed it on his thick erection before taking your lips in another rough kiss. You kissed back and nipped his bottom lip with your canines drawing blood to which growled and bit back just as hard. And then his tip was at your entrance and he was pushing in. Once, twice, and then with a hard thrust he was completely filling you. Your claws had come out at some point and had impaled his back but he liked it.

 “Move.” You growled out needing your release. Brett had brought you so close twice now and then pulled it back.

 His eyes flashed at your tone. “You want something baby, you beg for it.” He stayed completely still, not moving an inch. You felt so full all you need him to do was move. You squeezed his cock with your muscles hoping it would make him lose control.  He attacked your neck, licking and sucking and biting. Surely leaving a hickey that would soon disappear with your advanced healing, but he kept going. His hand found it’d way down to your clit again and lazily circled it. Damn him. He kept going like that until you couldn’t take it anymore and you whimpered.

 “Beg me, Y/N. Beg me to fuck you. Beg me to make you mine.” His raspy whisper was the last straw that sent you over the edge on insanity.

 “Please! Brett please! Baby I need you fuck me hard.” You cried out. Brett pulled back and slammed into you groaning in his own pleasure.

 “Fuck! You’re so tight Y/N.” You wrapped your legs around him pulling him in deeper, gasping every time he bottomed out. The only sounds in the room were the moans and grunts from the both of you and the sound of him thrusting into you. Brett pinched your nipple and closed your eyes in pure euphoria. “EYES.” He demanded. “I want to see your eyes when you cum all over me.” He snarled, and then it happened, his words sending you over the cliff. You came hard. Legs shaking, claws raking down his back, and mouth open with no sounds coming out. Everything went white around you and all the sounds faded away.

 Brett slowed his pace but kept moving inside you, hitting the already oversensitive walls gearing you up for another orgasm. He pulled out and flipped you over on to your stomach. “Hands and knees baby girl.” He commanded but had a softer voice than before. You complied still somewhat out of it from the orgasm he just gave you.

 He slowly pushed back into you and you moaned at the sensation of being full again. You never wanted him to leave. He stilled as if waiting for you to get used to him again. You sat up plastering you back to his chest and turned your head to the side silently asking for him to kiss you. He obliged and this kiss was a bit softer until it wasn’t. You bit his lip again making his dick twitch inside you, reminding you that he still had yet to come. You wiggled your ass on his lap smiling at his low growl of pleasure.

 “Brett, baby, please. I need you to mark me.” Brett’s eyes turned stormy and grabbed your hips so tightly that it would likely leave bruises on a normal person. But you weren’t normal, you reveled in the feeling of his vice like grip on you. Claiming you.

 “Good girl.” He praised you for begging and you couldn’t help but tighten around him. He let his head fall to your shoulder as he gasped and then starting panting at the tightness. “I can’t last much longer. Lean forward on your elbows.” You gave him a playful nip to his jaw and then he pushed you forward. Using your hair as leverage he started pounding into you with at a brutal pace. The slight tingle on your scalp paired with the force at which Brett was entering you pushed you towards another mind shattering orgasm. He let go of your hair pushing it to one side of your neck and fell forward caging you in with his body.

 Hearing his groans and panting in your ear was all you need to hit your next peak at breaking speed. You called out his name as your pussy started milking him. His thrusts became erratic and then you heard a loud growl before he was biting his favorite spot between your neck and shoulder. The pain from the bite and feeling of him emptying inside you lit off another orgasm.

It was minutes before either of you could move, let alone do anything other than pant. The bite had already stopped bleeding but the rigid teeth marks would now forever be a part of you. Brett slowly pulled out of you making you both twitch at the sensitiveness. He rolled you on top of him, used a pillowcase to clean you up and then threw it across the room.

 “Mine.” He said greedily as he nuzzled into and licked the mark he had left. A sense of safety, love, and happiness washed over you. When you finally gained enough strength, you sat up slightly and tried to move up but Brett wrapped his arms around you to keep you from going anywhere. You giggled at him.

 “I’m not going anywhere ya control freak.” He huffed at that. “I just need to see something really quick.” You pushed his head to the side and stuck you nose into the crook of his neck and inhaled. He smelled like you but not enough for your wolf’s liking and she growled wanting to claim was she considered hers.

 “Y/N?” Brett asked as he saw your eyes change and canines slide down. You just smirked at him before you licked the spot you just smelled and bit down hard. Brett yelped in surprise and then snarled a little at the pain. “That mouth of yours,” He panted a little, “always getting you in trouble.” He finished with a sharp slap on your ass.