they say it's a bad thing for religions

its amazing that non latinxs are interested in watching shows like jtv and one day at a time for whatever reasons BUT when ur gonna criticize any aspect of them, have in mind that theres stuff that non latinxs just wont get. like jane’s (and her family’s) issue with virginity, the stigma around ‘purity’, lydia’s initial homophobia, religion, etc etc. like i understand some of u could relate to a few of those things but never in the way we (latinxs) do. im not saying thats a bad thing im just saying u gotta keep in mind its not ur culture to criticize about and no matter how much u think u can relate to it u probably dont

I honestly dont understand why people send hate to the wonderful authors we have on this place like? They dont work for you so when the they say request are closed. REQUEST ARE CLOSED YOU AINT SPECIAL. Another thing, I havent talked to all of them but the ones i have are the sweetest people in the world. They dont deserve the hate. And if you’re gonna send hate, which im gonna not so kindly suggest you fucking dont, at least have the tiniest bit of idk was gonna say courage but anyone who sends shit to bring people down isnt courageous so idk..decency to do it publicly not anonymously. I mean why are you hiding??? What are you scared people are gonna send YOU hate??? Like show people who you really are. I try not to wish bad things on people who are douche bags bc its against my religion but you are really tempting me. Im gonna tag some of the WONDERFUL people who are authors down below. Sorry for any grammar mistakes Im typing this on my phone and its hard to proof read on this. Im tryna remember authors off the top of my head and I follow 88 amazing people…im obviously forgetting some soooo if you do take the time to read my rant please tag other ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL authors too. Also idk if everyone down below is getting hate I just tagged people who’s writing is just so good. I literally just binge read the stuff they write. Please check out the people below they write awesome stuff. 🤗🤗🤗
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I commonly run into the misconception that men from some national or ethnic groups behave much more abusively toward women than those in the mainstream of the United States and Canada. Social workers sometimes say to me, for example, “The family I am working with right now comes from one of those cultures where domestic violence is considered normal and acceptable.” The reality, however, is that cultural approval for partner abuse is disturbingly high in our society, even among the privileged and educated, and our domestic-violence statistics, while not the worst in the world, are on the high end. The United States is the only industrialized nation that has failed to ratify the UN convention on eliminating discrimination against women, which specifically refers to violence against women as a form of discrimination. Pointing fingers at other countries can be a way to ignore the serious problems in our own.

In reality, abuse of women—and societal approval of it—is a widespread problem in the great majority of modern cultures. […]

Abusive men from some national backgrounds are very explicit and direct about their cultural or religious rules, which can make their attitudes appear to be unusually bad. A man might say, for example, “God ordained that the man chastise the woman,” or he might say threateningly to this partner, “Part of a wife’s job is to give the man sex when he wants it.” Do white American abusers think in these ways less than abusers of other cultures do? No. They do often hide their beliefs better and, by doing so, can create the impression of being more “enlightened.” But the directness of a cultural message is not the same thing as its strength. I have worked with hundreds of nonwhite abusers from a spectrum of cultures and religions, with more than twenty different countries of origin among them, and I can assure you that my white, middle-class clients feel every bit as justified as the others and have attitudes toward women that are just as superior and disrespectful.
—  Lundy Bancroft, Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

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You know how it's bad when lesbians don't date bi girls? I'm a Christian bi girl and I was wondering if I'm doing the same thing when I say I only want to date girls who are also Christian. Am I?

no, that’s completely different. not dating bi girls is just being biphobic, but lots of people only want to date people of their faith because they have shared morals and a big thing in common. there’s nothing wrong with wanting to date inside your religion.

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Why do you "respect" Islam when it says it's okay to beat women and it's against LGBT rights!??

(Idk when I said this. I don’t even remember the last time I brought up Islam in here)

I know these things. I have spoken out on numerous occasions against the bad parts of the Qu'ran and Sharia Law. However, just because I criticize Islam does not mean I cannot respect the Muslims who practice a moderate form of the religion. Those people are just living their lives and aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s unfair for me to be disrespectful to them, because they aren’t practicing the parts of the Qu'ran that I criticize. Idk if that makes sense, but yeah. It’s possible to criticize an ideology without being disrespectful to the people who practice a moderate version of it.

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I love your post about the quran. But I can see antis or supporters of Islam start throwing misinterpreted bible quotes to undermine Christianity as a way to justify their religion. Sad to say I fought people like this for years and managed to gain quite a knowledge of theology and argue in favor of Christianity. Islam unfortunately just can't compare to the more peaceful books of religion. The fact that people demonize us to stand up for them really just...

Yeah that’s one of their favorite tactics to shut down any criticism of Islam. I had someone a few months ago try to justify today’s Islamic honor killings and terrorism because Christians did some bad things in the 12th and 16th century. Christianity has progressed alongside society while Islam has refused to budge. It’s a sin for them to even acknowledge there’s flaws within Islam, that’s why they never condemn terrorism and refuse reformation. 

Christianity has become the most openly demonized and criticized religion in the world that is demanded to change every one of its beliefs to fit the modern social justice world we live in while we continuously get it pumped into our minds that Islam is already perfect, it’s the religion of peace, it’s all about women’s rights, it’s the most perfect and faultless religion there is, any Muslim that does bad things well that isn’t real Islam so let’s ignore it and to say otherwise is a crime. You can be arrested in Britain and other European countries for simply criticizing Islam or Muslims who commit horrific crimes. Muslims slaughtered a dozen French people for drawing Muhammad and what was the response of moderate Muslims? “Well, it’s a shame they got murdered but let’s not forget they were racists and it was Islamophobic to draw Muhammad.” 

We are allowed to send death threats and stalk and close down a granny’s cake shop because she didn’t want to bake a gay wedding cake but we aren’t allowed to say a peep about Islamic law imprisoning gays, lashing their backs for holding hands, stuffing them in bags and beating them to death with sticks and throwing them off buildings. Muhammad himself ordered a man “who had illegal sex” to be stoned to death. We aren’t even allowed to talk about the fact that majority of Muslims consider being gay as an illness and all “gay material” including songs, advertisements or gay dating websites are banned and they have religious police roaming the streets ready to arrest anyone of the same sex holding hands or kissing. 

Why is Islam the only religion in the world that is not allowed to be criticized? Because we know we can be killed for it. We are told that if we criticize Islam, moderate Islamic youth will turn to terrorism and kill us. They know they can say anything they want about Christianity without facing any repercussions. So which one is really the religion of peace? Thanks so much for your message! :) xx 

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You say that Islam is inherently violent. Would you say the same about Christianity ? The Bible has plenty of violence, and plenty was and still is committed in the name of Christ. IMO, any ideology that seeks to supersede individuality and thought, like any religion ("Believe and don't question", "Mysterious ways" and all that) is dangerous. But that doesn't mean that all or even most of the people following a religion are bad.

I would say the same thing about most organized religion, to be honest, Christianity included. The difference is that Christian dominated nations aren’t stoning women, throwing people off of buildings, raping, abusing, oppressing the basic human rights of others, etc. all in the name of its teachings. Christianity has violence in its past, and some still lives on today, but its not basically a straight up call for violence and hatred of all others who are not align with it (such as that they need to die) like Islam is.

You’re right in the way of people being individuals. I totally believe that. Plenty of western islamic people pick and choose certain things that they follow related to Islam instead of the “full” extent of the religion. I do not think all Islamic people are violent or dangerous but I believe the religion itself is as it still destroys the human rights of the countries where Isalmic followers are allowed to practice “true Islam”. I’d be saying the same thing about Christianity if we were still playing out a lot of its bullshit too.

  • Please stop using religion to make up for you being a hateful little prick,
  • You're giving it a bad name.
  • Stop saying you're Christian if you don't even know the first thing about the religion.
  • You're not supposed to live by the bible.
  • There was never anything against same sex couples or transgendered people,
  • It's all interpretations and the fact you're taking it that way shows you're a closed minded asshole that can't accept something they just don't understand.
  • The bible wasn't written by God.
  • The Ten Commandments were,
  • You're supposed to live by the Ten Commandments.
  • God doesn't hate anyone,
  • That's his whole slogan.
  • If "God doesn't make mistakes" then he didn't make a mistake.
  • That's not a mistake.
  • He made some people like the same sex as them.
  • That's not a mistake.
  • These are things people are /born/ as.
  • So stop using "God doesn't make mistakes" are your excuse to be closed minded,
  • Because you're basically saying "he didn't make a mistake on you, you're exactly the way you should be"
Put an end to the assumption that religion will give you a perfect life. It’s because of this assumption, that as soon as bad things happen, so many people turn away and never come back to believing in God.

🔸 There’s more to believing in God than just being given a set of rules and having to abide by them. It’s more than just being limited from doing what I truly desire and wish I could be doing, but not being able to do it. It’s not about it clashing with the lifestyle which I would have chosen had religion not put limitations in the way.

Life was created imperfect, and humans were created to make mistakes.. And you can disbelieve in God and still have morals, but humans can slip up. I personally feel like my promise to God secures my faults from happening countlessly.. So yes, inevitably I will sin. But because I trust God, I am less likely to do them again.. Why?? only because there’s something limiting me. And it’s different to having a child, a family member or a friend who iv promised to change my life for; because people will let you down and eventually your promise to them will be crushed because of your disappointment. Therefore I can’t classify it as something eternal.. It’s not a secure promise if it relies on another being. It relies on feelings and people will do things that can alter the way you feel. God is more superior than man, and there is nothing that can change who He is. There is no change, no alteration, no distortion and no mistakes made by God. It is the most perfect handhold that can be held and the most secure promise you can lock into.

No matter what goes wrong, no matter what goes right, I believe in this religion (Islam) because it gives me logic. It doesn’t give me a false impression that life is going to be beautiful just because I believe.. It doesn’t tell me that everything will go smoothly just because I pray. So I cant use the problems in life against my belief in God and say that I’ve been let down when times get tough. Ive come into this world knowing that even the best of believers are afflicted with trials. I think that’s the common misconception about religion - thinking everything has to be perfect otherwise there’s a fault and there’s no logic.

Whether we like it or not, the world has its ups and downs. Bad things will happen. And you can decide to believe there’s nothing controlling that but the universe, or you can believe there’s a God but dislike the way the world is - but that doesn’t stop it from being a reality. And the message here is really that, people should put an end to the mentality that religion will give you a perfect life. It’s because of this assumption, that as soon as bad things happen, so many people turn away and never come back to believing in God.

Religion is a guideline to how we can perfect our character, our morals and our lives. It gives us a guideline and solution to how we can react when certain things happen. It reminds us of the good when the bad come our way. And it reminds us of what comes after our whole existence ends. And you can disbelieve in God altogether - everyone believes what’s logical to them.. But this certain way of thought needs to change, and people need to respect others for what they believe. And if this is not logical to you at all, then that’s completely fine. We were all created with a different mind set, that does not make me any more superior to you or anyone else - nor you superior to me. Just know that true belief in God is a beautiful thing, and it beautifies hearts. If it is darkening them, know that it is not the flaw of the religion - infact, it isn’t the religion at all. It is the mistakes of man disguised in the “word of God”. All religions get judged for the mistakes of the people who are living by them - and it’s not fair to the true word of God.

So I saw Batman v Superman last night. ...

I felt a lot of things about it. I think my feelings were best summed up through two trailers I saw right before the movie started. One was for X-Men: Apocalypse, and the next for Suicide Squad.

As the trailers rolled, I began to feel more and more that I am just burnt the fuck out on Superhero movies. This is a genre that I care so much about that I have iconography tattooed all over my body - even chosen a life of professional villainy. But I’m just burnt out. X-Men made me feel an overwhelming sense of “Are people even watching these anymore? Are we really still doing this? The same characters I keep seeing doing the same things they’ve been doing?”; Suicide Squad made me feel as if they’re bringing an entire roster of new characters and doing everything to drag them through the lowest common denominator to make another “Guardians of the Galaxy”. I get you’re bad guys, you don’t need to literally say it as if I’m too stupid to understand. You don’t need to keep talking about how “wiiiiild and craaaaaazy” Leto was on set to make up for the fact that the last dude killed himself from the role.

When I walked out of BvS, for all its faults, I felt something I hadn’t felt before in this genre. I felt *things*. I’ve never felt things. In a genre that’s just about masturbatory appearances from characters I’ve seen before, this made me think about mortality and humanity and religion and…a lot. The Avengers doesn’t make me feel anything. It’s vapid. Even when the stakes are high, they don’t feel real - they feel like fantasy. This didn’t.

I felt different walking out of this movie than I did even after the Nolan movies.

I’m content knowing that just like Sucker Punch; this is another Snyder movie that I don’t need to hold my hand and can fill in the (admittedly several) blanks that there are in order to go on a ride I haven’t gone on before. So, until Suicide Squad comes out and sucks the soul out of me and I watch the world give it a standing ovation while I scream manic into the abyss - I am content.

This is going to sound sexist but I really struggle to debate with women because it ends up turning into emotion and anecdote wars rather than factual points. It has happened with almost every woman I have tried to talk about politics with face to face and it exhausts me.

For example, I said that there are quotes in the Quran that say to kill non believers, therefore you can’t say that ISIS are doing Islam wrong if its there in black and white in their Holy Book. She replied “You just said all muslims are terrorists.” I said “No I literally didn’t” and she replied “You implied it” as if I have any fucking control over what she FEELS I’ve said. She then proceeded to tell me about how she personally knows lots of nice muslims, as if her anecdote changes what is in the Quran. After this, she went on to tell me about how violent Christians are because of the crusades and that true muslims would never kill. 

She didn’t realise that by her logic no true Christian took part in the crusades because the Bible says Do Not Kill. The retarded logic was unbelievable to me.

I am not even joking or exaggerating, she was the complete stereotype of the typical Islam-defending leftie. It actually got to the point where she said “Islam is the religion of peace.” I had never had to experience that kind of bullshit in real life (not on the internet) before.

idk if any of you care I just wanted to see if I’ve just had a bad experience or if other men and women have had this problem, and if its actually a women thing or a leftie thing

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I'm a non-religious person and the few times I've been in a church I've been uncomfortable. So I'm not the type o go blindly defending religion. But seeing some of the complaints I'm seeing, I think you do treat religious assholes differently than non religious ones. It feels like when something bad happens and religion is involved you hold up a big sign saying these people are bad and should be hated, and when it's not it's treated with a shrug, like this is bad, but what are you going to do

it is almost like i have a more personal reaction to things i have experienced personally

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hey sea family, i'm an atheist and i try to be respectful of people who have religion, but i never know how to react when someone tells me "god loves you anyway" and other things like that. i understand its something important to them, and i appreciate that they say it to me, and i don't want to disrespect them, but i also never know what/how to say that without seeming rude. i'm sorry this is probably a mess but i think you get the idea? i'm just bad in social situations and need help please

The best thing to say in this situation is probably a polite “thank you” or a smile and a nod, and then try to move on to other topics. It’s understandable that it’s awkward for you, but it’s possible to politely acknowledge their beliefs without saying you agree with them. If a person is too pushy about it, you have the right to say that it makes you uncomfortable to talk about religion. Most people will understand.

-the Selkie

Words on my tattoo

So its come to my attention that a few people are looking down at me for the quote in my tattoo. here is my tattoo. It says “we’re all too smart to talk to god” from the song Behind the Sea by Panic! at the disco. But for some reason i have had many people tell me on tumblr, facebook and in person that they think my tattoo is sacrilegious for having a reference to god. And i want to explain a few things about why i got it and what it means to me. but please remember. I DO NOT OWN ANYONE AN EXPLANATION. It is my tattoo. My body. 

The lyric has nothing to do with god in my opinion. Though there (to my knowledge) has been a official explanation of what the song means, this lyric means a lot to me. I see it in two different ways.

  • The first way i look at it is, we are smart. We are capable. You do not need a god or anyone’s help. You are too smart for that stuff. You can figure things out on your own. It doesnt even have to do with god at all. Its saying you are smart and dont need to stick to silly ideas to help you win. You are smart, you can do this.
  • The second way is kind of saying we dont need religion. I personally see religion as an opiate to the masses. Not that i dont believe in god because i still am not sure what i feel. But i know how religion has destroyed people. I struggled very much with my sexuality because i was raised to believe its bad in the bible. So by saying we are to smart for this religion, im saying im too good for their judgmental ways. (now if you are religious and accepting, thank you. i wish i was raised with people like you rather than my family)

But the cold truth is, its my tattoo. So things that should not be a factor in deciding tattoos for myself are how will people react to me if they dont know the meaning behind it. I honestly do not care if someone (and they already have) calls me a hell damned atheist for putting it on my body. I love it. It means something to me. And even if it means nothing and i just think its pretty, i still do not care what someone has to say about the lyric.

My family has expressed their disgust for the lyric very clearly, and every time i have to tell them its my body. I love it, it makes me very happy. It not only a tribute to myself and what i am capable of, but its a tribute to a band who has been with me for ten years. A band that helped me though very dark times.

My tattoo and the meaning behind it has nothing to do with you. It does not affect you. If you do not understand why i got it or the meaning behind it, that is not my problem. Beautiful art on my body does not affect you in any way.

I do not need to explain to someone why i got that lyric. It is not my duty to aid to the people who will make snap judgements. It is not my duty to make sure people dont think im some religion hating scum. because honestly, even i hated religion, that still wouldn’t matter. Even if it was saying "I HATE GOD” I am not required to make sure you are not offend.

I love my tattoo. It makes me feel good about myself. It reminds me of a band that is very special to me. It reminds me of my abilities. But do we see a pattern? ME. Its all about me when it comes to MY body and MY choice for a tattoo. MINE. ME. not yours. MY opinion is the only one that matters. 

What someone has to say or what they may think of me for it, is not even a factor in getting a tattoo. You do not owe anyone an explanation. You owe nothing. As long as you like it. May it have some deep meaning (even if that meaning is sacrilegious or something, it is your opinions. your choice.) or if its just a pretty piece you wanted, or just for fun, or if it was on a whim, or a dare, or just something you get to remember a time in your life, or just to prove that you can do it. DO IT IF YOU WANT TO. For you. No ones opinions matter.

TL;DR My tattoo. My body. I do not owe anyone an explanation as to why i got it or what it means.

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What do you think about the church says that they punish having "sex" between people of the same sex, even if it's an act of respect and love for each other...

This is Megan.
1. Sex isn’t a bad thing, but be smart and respectful to yourself and others.
2. The Church (don’t know which one you’re referring to, so I’ll assume all churches) doesn’t have the authority to punish you. They don’t have any power if you don’t let them.
3. Churches are man made.
4. Organized religion is hurting progress.
5. Be educated and make yourself and the world better.

The end.