they say it fades if you let it

Let’s talk about something I never realized.

I had always assumed that the Beast heard Belle say “I love you” before he “died.”  But no, your hearing doesn’t miraculously stay or something weird like that.  Adam didn’t hear her say it.

So imagine him fading away thinking that even though his life had been horrible, there was one small light that really truly meant the world over and more to him, and that he was glad that her face would be the last thing he’d ever see…

…then suddenly he’s feeling less cold and much more warm, and there’s a golden light at the end of a tunnel, and he’s still not sure if he’s alive, but then there’s more and more of it and he’s back in the West Wing, standing upright, his bare feet cold on the tile floor, his hair tickling his face and neck, claws absent from smaller, thinner hands, fingers, and it’s not a dream, it’s not a dream, it’s not a dream

And then he turns around and sees Belle standing there, shocked into silence but unafraid, fearless.  He stares at her incredulously because there’s only one way this could be happening: she loves him.  He used to think such an emotion was impossible and yet here he is and she loves him

He wants to run into her arms and laugh and cry and jump but he can only convey this with a look, an expression.  The night is over, the sun has risen, and the curse is lifted, but he did nothing, it was her, his beauty, his angel, his saving grace.

She smiles in realization, their lips touch, and his world is ablaze with life, love, color.  The ground shakes beneath their feet and dawn breaks across the castle.  This is his new beginning, his rebirth into a better life, a better man, and he is not alone anymore, he will never be alone again.

for she has set him free.

Some Wisdom for Today

1. Life is a mixture of experiences. Some of them are painful and some are fabulous.

2. If we accept responsibility for our lives, we’ll have a lot more say and exert much more control.

3. Avoiding pain will bring some temporary relief … But pushing through the pain often reaps more benefits.

4. Time is very precious and can never be regained – so try not to squander your opportunities.

5. If we treat people poorly we will suffer in the end as we all need one another to succeed and grow in life.

6. Choose to learn from the past – then let it go, and live your life. Today’s a precious gift that you can miss, if you look back.

7. Life is constantly changing, and our friendships often fade. So make the most of the present, and recognise it may not last.

The signs as things from the BTS ‘Wings’ album
  • aries: "So Fly -- ah!"
  • taurus: the way Yoongi says "Piano"
  • gemini: the voice of Hoseok's mom at 0:45 of MAMA + ARMYs Tears
  • cancer: The opening lyrics of Refelction
  • leo: the ALBUM VERSION of the Blood, Sweat, & Tears chorus
  • virgo: "Smile with me" 3x + "Cry with me" 3x
  • libra: Baby, you're beautiful You--YOu--YOU!
  • scorpio: Seokjin's flawless harmony on "Skyyyy" during Awake
  • saguttarius: "Are you calling me a sinner?"
  • capricorn: The gang vocals in '2! 3! 그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를' slowly fading out until the end of the song
  • aquarius: "Yo J, let's do it"
  • pisces: all of the background vocals in Lie
Loving you was her biggest mistake. Until she mentioned you, I never saw her even get close to shedding a tear, but once you came up in conversation it took all she could to hold them back. They welled up in her eyes threatening to overflow onto her cheeks, as if her lower eyelids couldn’t bear the weight of your broken promises. See, your leaving wasn’t the end of it. The physical scars are fading, but her memories of you stubbornly stick to the surface. She still says your name like you’re the reason she breathes in the first place. She gives advice to others, tells them to get back up after falling for the ones that hurt them, but she can’t seem to pick herself up off the ground. She tells me that she’s stopped believing in love, that she doesn’t think she’ll ever let another person have her heart and all I can do is try to help her understand that she hasn’t lost anything, even though when she was with you she felt like she had everything. People like you turn love into just another bullet to dodge. I can’t wait for the day you mean as little to her as she does to you. It may never come, after all, memories don’t just go away. But her understanding that she never needed you would be good enough for me.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, “You didn’t deserve her.” (308/366)
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I'm so confused why Brendon and Ryan couldn't just literally come out and say Ryden was real. I mean, now, Ryan really misses Brendon and acts like he's his ex that he still loves, and Brendon's dodging his name like old timers in fandom drama. I also don't understand how Brendon could pretend he wasn't writing a hundred songs about Ryan and not make it obvious. Come on, I mean, "How I missed yesterday, how I let it fade away", "Being blue is better than being over it", "There's no sunshine, there's no you and me". Brendon and Ryan were so perfect for each other. And how come he only recently came out as sexually fluid? What happened in capetown so many years ago? Why does Brendon pretend like nothing ever happened, when he has totally kissed him, worn his shirts, his ties, his guitar strap the post-split performance, held up a sign that says "Ryden Exists" in big capital letters. There are pictures proving it! Also why Ryan flew to New York to Seattle just to see him so they could celebrate Ryan's birthday, without telling his girlfriend or anyone else. Ryan said "He's my boy. Always will be." In a tweet and never let him completely go. Does Brendon still love Ryan? Will they ever confront each other again? What did Ryan do? Why did they try to cover up the fact that She Had The World, When The Day Met The Night, and Northern Downpour were about their love? Were they scared what their fans would do? Why is Brendon so avoiding of Ryan's name? What could he have possibly done for it to be so terrible even talk about him for that long? Why can't we know what happened in capetown? Ryan told Brendon so much and almost loved him, while Brendon was obviously head over heels for him? Why are we left in the dark, aimlessly wandering, searching for an answer in this dark continuum that we may never find? Did something that wasn't consented both ways happen romantically? I know Ryden was real. I just know it. There's too much proof to not realize it. If you showed someone who had no idea what Ryden was or who they were a picture of them, they would immediately assume they were dating. Also, their Twitters. Ryan and Brendon were very close on Twitter, and they couldn't have done a better job of acting as gay as possible. Brallon, also. Do people think that this is some kind of replacement? I feel like Brendon just wanted to be all cute with Dallon to try and replace what he had with Ryan. This may or may not be true, but it's what I think. I can tell Brendon still misses Ryan and loves him deep down in his heart, and Ryan has the exact same feelings. I feel that I will always wonder as I lay in my bed late at night... "What happened in capetown... And why?"
Mom, we have walls
brick and mortar 
layered between our generations
mom, I love you
but sometimes we don’t understand
palms pressed to the barriers
keeping us apart
I try to tell you that maybe
it’s not our fault
that I was born with the audacity
to exist
and you were born under the impression
that another son couldn’t hurt
sometimes I feel like I cannot go to you
because I will never be the daughter
you taught yourself to be
sometimes I feel like I am rotten
with America
and I only say that because
I don’t even know how to speak my way home
mom, I know we have our differences
and it’s not always easy to remember
that heritage is an honor
but it is, it is
and I promise to make a lasting legacy
I won’t let your life fade away
just because we are on the other side
of the sea
sacrifice is in our lineage
and remembering the taste of 
soil and rice fields and mosquito territory
is the least I can do to say
I am grateful for all the goodbyes 
you have ever stomached and all the
faces you never got to see again
just so you could give me my best chance
in this new homeland and I am sorry
I am sorry that the transition hasn’t been easy
and I am sorry if I had ever been a part
of making you feel like you were unwanted–
mom, we have walls
but I won’t let them keep you out.
—  Confessions of a Chinese-Vietnamese American Daughter

“letting you go causes a deep ache in my chest, one deep rooted and unwilling to ever break from my anatomy. My mind comprehends that we are to never have anything new again and the colours have faded to black and white when we speak, yet my heart wants to believe only that we are to change. I know that I must fall from you like a leaf falls from a tree, so with this I say goodbye. I’ll miss you, dear friend. ”

Hope is a heavy burden,
it weighs on your shoulders
and it makes you bow your head.
Can you measure the silence
and the wishes that make one bleed
inside of your own mind?
It is that drum in the music,
carrying the beat of the song
that beats within the aspirations of our lives.
Hope is one of the heaviest burdens
and yet it is the life saver
that we cling to when darkness ascends,
praying, having faith, in that light will return.
Don’t give up the voice of hope says,
not now, not ever, don’t you dare give up!
Grit your teeth and show it,
put your middle fingers up
but don’t dig your grave to lay down,
let the fire of hope be in ablaze in your heart
and the heaviest of burdens ignites
in a fury that burns fuel,
but be careful you do not use it to fast
because hope can burn up.
Yet even when our fires fade,
hope is smoldering in the ashes,
ready to ignite, waiting,
because we all rise from the ashes.
—  Hope
in the face of current and life events
ciel knight
Like a Shadow Spell

For hiding in plain sight and blending with the shadows of a place


  • Black ink
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Bowl full of water
  • Picture of the location you wish to not be noticeable in 

Time to Perform: Dusk or dawn, preferably on or near the new moon.


  • Create a sacred space however you usually do. 
  • Place the bowl of water onto the picture (you can place multiple pictures underneath, including pictures of people you don’t want to be noticed by). 


  • Write your name on the piece of paper. Once you have, blow gently onto the paper. 
  • With your left hand, dip the pad of your thumb in the black ink. 
  • Smear it across the paper so that it covers your name while saying: 
  • Faded be my name. Hidden be my face. A shadow and I will be the same. May I not be seen when I do not wish it in this place. 
  • While the ink is wet, submerge the paper in the bowl of water, letting the water be turned black. 
  • Say: I am like a shadow in the corner of the eye. No sight may easily catch me. Wandering gazes will pass me by. I am a shadow, too hidden to see. 

Post Performance

  • Dispose of the materials as needed. 
  • Repeat as needed and adjust words accordingly if you want to use this for hiding from a person, rather than a place.
Hear Me Out - Old Lady Lions

I know some of the paladins refer to their lions as ‘he’ but my friends and I ( @ayyybrahamlincoln ) came up with our own headcanon for what the lions are. Because you know what’s way better than silly boy lions? Old lady lions. Complete with crotchety voices that you have to voice out loud during episodes. Come now, why else do you think it takes them so long to remember they have these cool weapons? I think at one point Shiro says he hasn’t “unlocked” some of the weapons for the black lion and there’s this implication that the stronger your bond is with your lion, the more tools become available to you. This is too straight forward and logical. All the lions are actually old ladies, having been sitting around letting their memory fade for ten thousand years, and unfortunately getting back into the Voltron lifestyle is not quite as easy as getting back on a bike. You don’t unlock any weapons. The lions just take forever to remember they have them.

Black: Goodness gracious, this robot is ripping us a new one (hey, they’re old ladies and they’ve seen some shit). Margaret, didn’t you have something to hit all those lasers with?

Yellow: What’s that? Something to fit all the phasers in?

Green: We don’t even have phasers, you old coot! That’s not a weapon in this universe. Didn’t you have some sort of gun thing for this? 

Yellow: A gun? No, no, Gladys, I’ve got a sword.

Blue: That’s Rosie’s sword, dearie.

Yellow: Oh. Well then what’s this pesky bit of code here? Does that say ‘Shooder Camon’? What in blue blazes is that?

Red: We’re all going to die.

Black: Shoulder cannon, sweet pea. That’s what we need. Now go tell that strapping young paladin of your’s so we can load it up.

Who is that Inquisitor???

Started a new play through of Inquisition. It’s not like I already have a bunch of unfinished play throughs. But I figured I should add a familiar face to my game.

Once again, someone has fallen out of the Fade, but who?

Lets get a better look.

Could it…. Could it be?

IT’S SANDAL!! He says Hello! He’d also give his a butt a scratch if only his hands weren’t bound.

But, how did he get here?! He sure as hell doesn’t know.

Maybe, Sandal. Maybe.

It’s a very hard choice, I know.

Go easy on him, Cassandra…

We’re all just as confused as you are.

That’s one big fuckin’ enchantment looking thing in the sky.

Apparently somehow you’re going to help close the Breach.

Does this trial involve enchantments?

u ok Sandal?

Sandal is off to save Thedas, one enchantment at a time.

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So, the girl is sitting in a café the color
of coffee and caramel with a pink umbrella
over the table protecting the sun from having
to compete with her sparkling smile and she’s
taking her tea like she takes her men (she says,
with a laugh the shade of summer): sweet
and environmentally friendly, and you’ve got
a ten-ton ball of lead sinking in your stomach
because she is a thousand colors and the boy
walking over with a smirk in his step is just two
and you know she will let herself melt and fade
so she can match his black and white instead.

Here’s the thing about girls who like girls
who like boys: it’s sort of the same way
a magician feels when he tries to pull out
a rabbit from his hat and all he finds is a dove
from the previous trick, white feathers ruffled,
and you’re tugging colorful scarves out of your
sleeves and never quite finding the end and the
audience is laughing in second-hand embarrassment,
the awkward air creeping into your lungs around the edges
and you can’t breathe and she’s laughing and you’re
trying to run but you trip on the rabbit that was
supposed to be your magic trick and the hat goes poof and

This metaphor doesn’t make sense but neither does
the way you feel, tangled up in Gordian knots limb
to limb to limb, reading books about girls who love
girls who are sad about it and girls who love girls who
die for it and girls who love girls who don’t love them
back because what kind of girl loves girls, not an alive
one, not a happy one, not a thousand-color pink-and-green-
and-silver-and-purple girl with a sweet tea smile and a
heart the shape of happiness, so here you are, again,
in a café in a city the color of smoke, going round and
round a carousel and trying to toss coins into a clown’s
mouth but missing every time because some girls are just
too damn pretty to swallow gold and have it mean something.

And this doesn’t mean something. And this isn’t worth anything.
And the girl laughs at a boy and the rabbit runs away,
just like it always does,
just like it always will.
—  abracadabra by m.j. pearl
People say that you’re the most vulnerable when you’re sleeping and I think about that a lot when it comes to sleeping with you. During the day I can see the tough exterior you put out but once night time hits and we are in bed together that exterior fades away to let your soft interior shine. I don’t think you realize half of the things you do or say when you’re asleep. You tend to gravitate towards me to the point where there’s not even an inch of space between us and you wrap your arms and legs around me and bury your face into the crook of my neck. Waking up to us in that position never fails to make my heart race every single time. You also tend to tell me how much you love me a few times during the night and I swear every time you say it I melt a little more inside. And the sleepy kisses exchanged while we’re both drifting in and out of sleep always puts a massive smile on my face. And then when morning hits we’re both so reluctant to separate because the feeling of having our bodies intertwined is far too amazing to ruin. It’s definitely one of the scariest things ever to let yourself be so completely vulnerable with a person but when it comes to you I’d do anything to make sure that heart of yours never breaks
—  May 31st, 7:56pm
Some days your body is a cage, bars against your skin, leaves marks in your flesh that you wish weren’t there. They say your body is a temple, your body is a shrine but the offerings you find lend no strength to your soul. There’s smoke in your eyes and ash in your mouth and you’re phasing in, spilling out, trying to pull away from everything you aren’t. So close your eyes, shut them tight, let the light fade, watch the stars blink awake. Sometimes we need a little darkness to see the brightest things.
—  Bottled thoughts from another lifetime #101

anonymous asked:

Hey! idk if you normally use a filter or not but either way would you be ok with posting a pic of your new hair colour in natural light? I have brown hair too and I've been thinking of dyeing it a fun colour but I don't wanna bleach it, & I was wondering how well Manic Panic shows up on natural hair owo

It completely depends on your natural hair colour and hair type, sometimes the colour is nothing more than a tint. With my hair it starts as quite bright but after a few washes it’s sometimes only a tint and after a few more washes it’s gone. Dark tones tend to work better on brown hair than let’s say yellows and neons but don’t let that stop you from experimenting!

This is pretty much what my hair looked like the day I dyed it. (This wasn’t taken in natural light but it shows the colour as it is. I’d take a new photo outdoors but my hair needs washing and that would fade the colour which in turn would defeat the purpose of taking the photo in the first place.) It has since turned into a slightly deeper purple with a hint of red but it’s still very noticeably purple.

Manic Panic has been around for so long that there’s loads of discussion and pictures on Google on what the different colours are like on natural hair. Obviously, the lighter your hair is the better the colours show. There’s also loads of other semi-permanent colours you can use on virgin hair if Manic Panic doesn’t work for you, but I just tend to go for Manic Panic because it’s the only one that actually stays in my hair. (For example, Directions made a huge mess and just kept coming off on everything all the time and Stargazer washed off immediately.) If you have trouble finding info on the best ways to dye natural hair with whichever brand you end up using, try doing a Google and Google Images searches with terms like “Manic Panic on virgin hair” and “Manic Panic unbleached hair” for the best results.
Also: Did you know you can dye your hair with Kool Aid? I’ve never tried it but it seems to work quite well.

Hope this helps and good luck! (:

be careful.

all the things he said
keep washing ashore
in quiet moments
when I am alone
like when he would come up to my car
and tell me to roll the window down
he would lean in and I would touch his hands and he would say,
“be careful.”
before I drove away
or the first time I broke things off
and he didn’t want to let me go
his eyes were wet and he pulled me in tight to his chest and said quietly,
“you’re just so precious.”
these are the things that haunt me
on morning walks and nighttime drives
his ghost is a strong presence
even while his face is fading
I’m trying to remember every thing
even though it hurts
I don’t want to forget him
I want to remember what it felt like
when I thought he was mine.

scenes in uncharted 4 that make me cry a lot:

  • in the first flashback where sam tells nate he’s gonna leave for a year and nate says “take me with you” in this tiny voice and he’s obviously trying not to cry :c
  • when sam ‘dies’ and all the gunfire fades and you can just hear nate’s panicked mumbling
  • when nate calls elena from madagascar and she’s curled up on the couch trying not to let him hear how sad and lonely she is
  • the elena confrontation scene :((( seeing elena cry is literally the worst thing that’s ever happened to me :((((((
  • when the baby drakes hear about how awesome their mother was and nate’s eyes get SO BIG
  • after nate and elena talk in the elevator and drive off towards new devon and that beautiful haunting music starts playing
  • when the gang is flying away from libertalia and you get that last shot of the mountain and nate and sam and a gorgeous piano version of the uncharted theme starts playing really quietly
  • THE END CREDITS ;_______;

But their existence will float away
And just like every word they say
And we will hold hands as they fade

- Avett Brothers

The day I let you down, should have been like every other day.  Should have been straight forward and we should have done what you needed.  We should have done what you wanted.  Instead I let you down.

We had known each other for a while.  You were the sweet lady that huffed and puffed to breathe after a lung transplant that left you with really only one viable lung. You had a sweet smile and you knew me on sight.  I would come by your room when you weren’t my patient and say hi and chat for a moment.  You were a tiny lady with a big beautiful heart.  

Two days ago I was assigned to you.
You called me by name and we spent the day arguing about whether you would get to drink or not.  You couldn’t so I put a feeding tube in and tears formed in your eyes as I did. I apologized profusely and you smiled weakly at me.  Half way through my shift you called me into your room and gripped my hand.

“I’m not.. gonna… make it.” You said between breaths.  You stared at my face as you said the words. I looked at you in surprise and quickly reassured you a best I could.  Your numbers all looked good.  Stable.  You looked at me resigned and nodded as I told you that you were improving.  You asked to go on the bipap so you could rest and I tucked you in.  

The next shift- you told me you wanted to be done.  You told me to turn everything off and take all your tubes out.  There was no mistaking what you were asking.  I talked to you at length about it. I asked if you knew what taking all of that away meant- you nodded and asked me to help you.  I squeezed your hand and told her I would talk to the doctors and your family.  
Hours later- your daughter, despite hearing your pleas that you are tired and wanted to rest and be done, told the doctors to do everything. Despite the fact that your head shook a violent “NO” when asked if you wanted intubated if need be- your daughter said yes.  Despite my telling the doctor that you had appeared to be in your right mind for me, they labeled you confused.  I hung my head when they told me what they decided.  I avoided the room for a few hours because what could I possibly tell this sweet soul that I had promised to help?

I snuck in as you rested, your breathing labored and the bipap obstructing most of your face.  I turned around and your eyes opened.  You waved me over to you and I hesitantly walked to your side.  You mumbled something through the bipap and I leaned closer to hear you.  You tried again and I apologized for not understanding.  You shook your head in frustration and I popped the bipap off so you could tell me.
When are you going to release me from all this?  When are you going to let me go?” You said in between your labored breaths, your hand gripping mine.  “When are you taking the tubes away?”  
I stared at you and squeezed your hand.  I didn’t know what to say to you other than the truth.
I can’t…” I said my voice on the verge of breaking.  “Your daughter… your family…They want you to keep fighting.  They want everything done. The tubes have to stay.”

The look on your face when I spoke those words to you made my heart physically hurt.  I didn’t know how else to tell you that you had been betrayed.  By your family… By your doctors…By me.  

You shut your eyes and laid back on the pillow.  The family members that had been left to “encourage” you, stood awkwardly to the side.  I straightened your lines, pulled your blankets up and was about to go when you raised your hand.  You set it gently on my arm and looked at me.
“Thank you.” You said loud enough that the bipap didn’t smother it.
I squeezed your hand and we shared a moment.  I didn’t look at your family.  I looked at you, my eyes glistening with the same frustrated tears that mirrored in yours.  I nodded and you closed your eyes.  
The day I let you down, should have been like every other day.  Should have been straight forward and we should have done what you needed.  We should have done what you wanted.  Instead I let you down.

Grant. Part one of ?

Disclaimer: ALL stories that I post are true. The only thing that gets changed is the names, and sometimes locations to protect identities. Otherwise it’s all me.

With my school schedule this last semester, I had to lift EARLY Wednesday morning. I’m talking like 6am before class. The Y is never busy that early so it makes for some good quality time and a good pump before class. Now that I’m on winter break I switched over to lifting Wednesday nights after work. Let’s just say I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the… talent in the gym on Wednesday nights.

It was back and arms day, and I was killing the gym per usual (those of you that know me know I go HARD on the gym floor.) I was using the flat benches when a muscled stud caught my eye. He must have been 6’1 about 200 pounds. Def military or former military. He had the fade haircut going on (my personal kryptonite) and he was MUSCLE. Not HUGE, but toned and you could tell he took care of himself.

I immediately felt my dick JUMP. Trying my best to maintain my composure and power through the rest of my workout I snapped back into my workout.

I had some errands to run after the gym, so I quickly tossed off my shorts, shirt, and stripped down to my compressions. In walked the same blonde muscled military stud from the floor. I definitely smirked.

“Is this dude checking me out?” I was thinking as he walked in and gave me the eyeball up and down. I quickly returned the favor. He smiled.


Lo and behold, his locker was in the same section as me. He shook my hand and introduced himself as Grant. I dropped my compressions and continued to talk with Grant BUTT. ASS. NAKED. He told me he is 31, recently divorced with two kids and just moved to the area. Obviously he was comfortable in the locker room, as am I.

I walked over to the shower and began the ritual of de-sweating myself before I hit the town. In walks Grant. What shower does he take? Directly next to me. Guy was packing. He must have had a solid 4.5-5” soft. My dick started to swell up.

“Holy shit dude that’s a big one” Grant piped up.
“Haha thanks man, blessing and a curse in itself I suppose.”

“I know what you mean man. I have a hard enough time with my weapon. That thing looks DEADLY.”

“Gets the job done… if you catch my drift.”

“Definitely do man.” Grant said as he smirked. Looking DIRECTLY at my half-hard cock.

Oh. It is so GAME ON.

“Alright man well I’m gonna go hit the steam for a few. Need some… relaxation time, been good talking to you. I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

“Dude, I’m right with you there. It’s been a long day. I won’t be far behind you I’m sure”… Grant said while sliding me a sly smile.

“Holy. Fuck. This never happens to me.” I thought.

It was a particularly dead night at the gym so I figured I would let the boys breathe in the steam room, since there was nobody in there. Hanging about ½ hard it was nice to just relax.

2 minutes pass and in walks Grant. Bare MUSCLE ASS showing as he walks in strutting his stuff. He HAD to be hard I thought. HAD TO. Nobody has THAT big of a dick soft. As soon as he sits down I notice him tugging at his rather large bull balls and stud cock.

“How’s the action down here, if you don’t mind me asking?” asked Grant.

“Dude, not gonna lie now that it’s winter break and all the college girls are gone, it’s been… rough.” “Haven’t had a good slam in a while..”

“Ahh dude I get you, with the kids it’s hard to find a good time for some… alone time.”

“Dude I couldn’t imagine, I’m sure it’s rough.” I said as I gently started stroking my (now hard) cock.

Grant glances over “Holy SHIT dude, it gets BIGGER?!”

“Yeah man, you should see this bad boy in action.”

“Not gonna lie I’d love to.” Grant said as he slid closer to me.

So many thoughts were running through my head. Is this dude picking up what I’m putting down? Or is he just being overly-friendly? (Trust me. It has happened more than once.)

A minute or two of silence pass as my raging hard-on doesn’t subside.

“Dude, I gotta get off. If you don’t mind. Something about the steam room just gets me going.” Grant pipes up.

“Hey man I get you, I’ve let a load or two fly in here.” I said.. smiling.

“If you want some…help with that. I wouldn’t mind helping a brother out.”

“What did you have in mi…” FUCK. I can’t even finish my sentence before his lips are around my throbbing cock.

YES. YES. YES. I could feel the streams of precum dripping down his throat. Honestly may have been the most turned on I’ve been in a while. Here I have this single hot stud DAD sucking my cock in the steam room. No lie this is the shit you see on Pornhub.

This dude was sucking my dick like it was his mother fuckin job. (Read: best head I’ve EVER received from either a guy or girl.) He was using all the right techniques to send me over the edge. Slowly working my head and circling his tongue on it while cupping my super-full bull balls. I swear in the 5 minutes he was blowing me I was closed to cumming 3x.

Probably the hottest thing about this whole escapade was the EYE CONTACT. We NEVER broke eye contact. I could see the furious fire in Grants eyes as he worked my 20 year old college cock like nobody has before. Seriously. This guy was sucking dick like it was his fucking JOB.

Fully hard I measure up just under 8” with some serious thickness (if you’re looking for pictures go to tagged/me) Let’s just say it’s no small feat for ANYBODY (guy or girl) to throat the fucker COMPLETELY. And Grant just made it happen. HOT.

“Gonna Cum” I managed to moan out as my eyes rolled back in my head and my toes started curling.

“Give it to me dude” Grant managed to let out with my cock 8” deep in his throat.

I let out the most EARTH. SHATTERING. Orgasm I’ve ever experienced in my 20 years. Those of you that know me well know that I usually drop big loads (regardless of when I last came. I LOVE being young. LOVE.) But I must have pumped 6 HUGE ropes down this studs throat. He gagged and coughed but managed to swallow all of my load. (NO small feat as well.)

My legs were shaking. Scratch that, my WHOLE BODY was shaking. I very possibly just received the best dome I had ever received in my life.

“Holy FUCK Dude, Thanks!”

“Don’t mention it”, Grant said standing up.

He walked towards the door of the steam room (I was enjoying the muscled ass view.)

He turned around and flashed me a big smile and said “See you around man.”


“I’m sure you will, stud.” I said with a wink.

There you have it Guys. Very possibly the best dome I have EVER received, from an anonymous gym stud.

I’m pretty sure my Wednesday night schedule just cleared. For the foreseeable future.

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Hit me with your questions, submissions, etc.

Until next time, Studs. ;)


Talking on the phone..

JB: “I’m putting you on speaker”

JB: *excited to hear what he has to say now that he is on speaker*

JB: *at everyone making noise and he can’t hear the angelic voice on the phone* Shhhh! 

JB: *happy they are all listening*

JB: *first to laugh along with Mark*

JB: *looks at Mark.. don’t laugh too much :)*

JB: *takes off speaker and smile fades right away because he knows he will hang up now*

JB: *walks in a circle* I have to say bye now huh? *managers are waiting*

JB: *they took the phone along with Youngjae’s voice* *lets out a sigh* *forces smile on floor*

[Video is from Spring Breeze !]