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I like to look at all BTS ship videos on YT.. I just love seeing cute moments between all the members :). I know the likelihood of any of the ships being real in a romantic way is slim to none because shipping is for fun after all (something I enjoy doing). And I get that everyone sees what they want to see, which is fine. I admit that there are moments in each ship that sometimes make me wonder. However I CANNOT for the life of me see what V/kook shippers are looking at when they say that V/kook are the realest romantic ship…. I just don’t look at a V/kook moment and think “wow there is definitely something going on there”. I always see them and think “aww that’s such a cute moment, I love how close they are (I wish I had friends like that)”. I love all  BTS ships and how close everyone is. But even if I see a questionable moment or two, I mainly see everyone as a close family who love each other and it’s adorable. I just happen to think that there could be something much more romantic going on between Jikook. My opinion (with valid situations to back it up). But if you really ship V/kook like that then that’s great, to each their own. That being said, today I stumbled across a V/Kook vs Jikook video and OMG…

THE COMMENTS SECTION IS AN ABSOLUTE MESS. 🙈 and it’s only been up for 2 days. After going through the MANY V/kook comments I just have to get this off my chest.. 

The logic is just NOT THERE lol. I get defending your ship with what you think is really happening, but make sure you back up what your saying. Show the evidence you claim to have without dragging Jikook down. It just bothers me when shippers feel the need to discredit other ships, as a way of proving theirs is real. I understand there are terrible Jikook shippers out there that are just as bad as some V/Kook shippers, and I know that it’s not just them cause I’ve seen Yoon/min and other shippers get pretty bad. But I’m just finding more and more negative comments about Jikook because “V/kook is more real and jikook shippers are blind”. I had to say something lol. These are just some of the comments that had me shaking my head.. 

-V/Kook always share clothes and JK doesn’t like to share clothes, yet he shares them with V. I don’t see him doing that with JM”

The replies to this comments went off, and there were SO many V/kook shippers saying they never saw them share clothes. HOW. WHAT ARE THEY LIVING UNDER. I’m just going to leave this here.. because I just… can’t. lol.

Not saying JK doesn’t share with TH, but Maknae line definitely at least share with each other. 

-  “Omg GUYS IF JIKOOK WERE REAL, Jimin and JK would spend more time together. But we know TH and JK are always playing games and etc together.. They even went on a trip together..”

OKAY… I know I’m not the only one face palming here lol. First off, the only way you would know if Jikook spent more time together is if they show it or say it. & If I was in a REAL relationship that I was trying to keep private, I would not spend more time together in front of the world to see. I mean, COMMON SENSE people. Also from my experience, spending time together playing video games and bonding is something friends do with eachother. How can people forget that underneath all of these ships BTS are real life friends and brothers that do spend time together on their off time. They live together. Even if any of the ships were real they aren’t going to avoid the other members and not hang out with them because of that. Secondly, You know that V/kook spends time together and plays games because that is what they chose to share with you. You know they hang out because people have spotted them hanging out together. That’s great. But Jikook have also been spotted hanging out before, as well as stated moments of them spending time together off camera (e.i JK practically being Ji/hope’s honorary roommate, and them *cough* staying up till 4am to do laundry together *cough*). They are also GLUED to the hip at airports and in the background of many of their videos, assuming you mean off camera -.-. So just because your ship spends time together doesn’t mean that others don’t. (& also by that logic V/min would be the realest ship since even the members say they are the closest, have taken trips together and spend A LOT of time together). 

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“JM said that he loves JK as a brother and JK said that he loved his hyung (JM) as a brother.” “JK once said that JM is his brother and TH is his friend. I can not imagine a romantic relationship between brothers, but between two friends…” “JM TREATS JK LIKE HIS YOUNGER BROTHER HE SAID IT HIMSELF”. 

Another face palm. Like really. Again with the logic going out the window lol. They all call each other brothers because they are close like a family. I am pretty damn sure JK has called TH a brother at some point and vice versa, but go ahead and use that example of him calling him a friend instead. To me, that just means that JK considers himself closest to JM if he considers him a brother, because that is stronger than calling someone a friend. AND If any of the members were actively trying to hide their relationships or keep things private why in their right minds would they openly say anything to make people suspect something. Really. (& again by that logic V/min would be the realest ship here since they have openly called each other Soulmates and more.. Just sayin)

Plus in my opinion, there is nothing brotherly about this stare ..  Actions speak louder than words my friend.

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Obviously if you are only paying attention to your ship, you’re not going to see the moments we see. Even then, we don’t know exactly what happens behind closed doors and off camera. We can only go by part of what we see and some of what the members say (Because fan service is still a thing). And even though the boys share a lot of their idol lives with us, we don’t really know what their personal life is like, only what they feel like sharing. At the end of the day shipping is just for fun because we don’t really know what is going on. We should all be supporting BTS as a whole, because without Bangtan the ships wouldn’t exist. So fighting between ships and constantly dragging other ships and members down because of your ships shouldn’t even be a thing. You can easily like your ship and respect the others. If you don’t think you see something romantic between Jikook that’s fine, because I don’t see anything romantic in v/kook. It’s all a matter of opinion. But don’t tell me that I am delusional for seeing something in my ship or use the “their brothers, it would be weird. it’s one sided” excuse to drag my ship down. We should all just enjoy our respective ships peacefully :). And with that I’m going to end this long rant with a comment I saw that really just fits with this post lmao. Because Ship wars are tiring & after re-reading this I realized that there is a Vmin situation for everything haha. 

- “It would be funny if in the end of all these fights between Jikook and V/kook the real one was actually Vmin…”

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*throwback to Spacewalker, honestly* @mego42 will understand!

You know, that final scene on the beach is a slow burner. Obviously, I loved it in the moment. But it was so short, and so soft, that it didn’t hit me hard like some of their other scenes. The more I think about it though, the more essential it becomes.

Do I think Bellamy was about to confess his love for Clarke, in a LET’S MAKE OUT way? No. I don’t.

Bellamy was very calm, very mellow. IMO, if he was about to go all out on the romantic front he wouldn’t have been so. He would have been more agitated, more jumpy. (EDIT: THAT BEING SAID, I HAVE JUST FLASHBACKED TO MY LOST DAYS…and IDK why but I always feel like Imma lose friends when I remind the world that I was #Jate for lyf. So suddenly I’m remembering the S3 finale where Jack just turned to her all chill from out of nowhere and shrugged and said ‘Because I love you’ and honestly, maybe we are at a point where a mellow and chill Bellamy just puts it out there like that?? MAYBE WE ARE?)

I think that Bellamy is feeling very fatalistic right now. When Clarke asked him ‘you still have hope’ he gave her what she needed. But 4x04 onwards have really emphasised how tired Bellamy is, and how aware of time running out he is. He’ll keep fighting to keep people alive, but I also think that he believes he - and maybe all of them - will be dead very soon. He expresses this pretty succintly in reference to Octavia. I think he knows, on a level, that Clarke is right. Given time, his relationship with O will heal. But there is no time. He thinks that he is going to die and Octavia is going to hate him.

When Clarke says ‘she’ll see how special you are’ it’s not because she’s pulling him back from a break down. And she’s calm too! Mellow too! She says it because it is how it is. It’s so natural and easy for her to tell Bellamy that he is special.

Bellamy’s long look at her is everything to me. We’ve had moments like this before…I’m specifically thinking of 3x15 and ‘but I trust you.’ So it’s not a shock to Bellamy, really (I think it will always be a little bit of a shock to him just because he is who he is) but coupled with how he’s feeling about O, about their chances…

WHAT’S IN HIS HEAD. Definitely I love this girl. I know, I know…I said I didn’t think he was about to make a big declaration…but LOVE is all over everything Bellarke, and has been for a while. She’s everything to me? She’s special too, and I need her to know that? I couldn’t have survived without her? If I die, I need her to keep fighting and living and to find happiness one day?


And then Clarke just…IMMEDIATELY SHUTS HIM DOWN. And I think there is so much to say here about Bellarke v Clarke’s scene with Niylah. For Clarke, sleeping with and finding comfort in Niylah is a situation without risk. There are no strings attached, it makes her feel better, and also…Niylah is just super nice. So Clarke can touch her, Clarke can show her that affection…

Obviously, Clarke’s relationship with Bellamy is on another level (even if you were to deny romance) and it strikes me how much Bellarke DON’T touch each other. She comes to stand beside him on the beach, and there’s space between them. They even struggle to FACE each other, and dude…that threw me back to 2x16. Clarke looks at him, but HAS to look away. Bellamy looks at her when she isn’t looking. And only when he is about to declare, does he turn his full body to face her.


Because she knows! She knows that he’s trying to say goodbye, and she will not accept that. She nopes out of that like whoa. She won’t even consider it. With Niylah it was a conversation and a request, but with Bellamy it’s just NOPE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT. WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN.

THEY ARE SKATING AROUND IT YOU GUYS. They both know SOMETHING, and they’re both approaching it in different ways.

Clarke can’t face it, can’t think about it, because they WILL survive. But Bellamy is starting to turn the other way…


Close As Strangers l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

(a/n): thanks to the anon who requested this, though I apologize because it’s not very good but I really wanted to post something. anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

prompt: so tell me are we wasting time, talking on a broken line? (based on the song “Close As Strangers” by 5 Seconds of Summer.)

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Touring was hard.

It was hard because after some time, everything became so repetitive; the same songs, same stage, same routine.

There were days Shawn didn’t even know in which city he was in, he had to be remembered minutes before heading to the stage so he wouldn’t screw up and say the name of a different city.

it was hard but he knew he wouldn’t have it any other way.

On the other hand, touring was hard for you, his girlfriend, who struggled every day with compensating your daily life with your boyfriend gone.

The first days he was on tour were hard, yet not the hardest. You could still smell his perfume on your sheets, he could still feel your velvet skin against his hand. The phone calls didn’t sound forced, it was quite the opposite, actually, and you laughed at silly things that didn’t carry much importance.

But now it was six weeks since he’d been away, and the both of you could tell everything had changed.

You didn’t notice when his smell didn’t linger on your sheets anymore until it just wasn’t there.

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Requested by: Anonymous

Request: “Can you write some fluffy Drarry? Either they’re both professors or Auror partners. Thanks in advance!”

(I don’t really know a lot about Aurors, only that they’re like a magical police, so sorry if I got anything wrong but I wanted to write this so baldy)

Warnings: none


“Scoot over.”

“No, I am sitting here.”

“Potter, I will hex you!”

“Watch me.”

Maybe it was due to this conversation that the whole room was shattered in places, or maybe the duel just got out of hand, but the result was the same: A complete mess.

Harry and Draco both choose to be Aurors after school, and if they knew that the time would come where they were actually paired together they probably would have preferred to work at Voldemorts side.

You see, ever since they started their job, they made sure that EVERYONE really did understand that they were considered archenemies (I mean you would think after everything you-know-who would be the worst of them all but apparently he’s just not evil enough.).

Day one was the first day Draco has discovered the use of a coffee machine. Or, he tried to.

Because Harry Potter decided to mock him for not knowing which button was the ‘on’ button, and they ended up with blood on their face and a broken coffee machine.

Their work mates were getting really tired of flying furniture, fractured bones and the pitchy scream Draco made when he got hit by a curse, so their boss decided to send them on a mission so they could 'bond’.

And so, here they were, fighting for the place by the only fireplace in the house.

The mission wasn’t even an actual mission.

They weren’t after some criminal or saving peoples life’s.

No, they just had to stay in a house in the middle of nowhere with no connections to civilization for a whole week, without killing each other off.

And they weren’t allowed to use magic, so, well, they had to use their fists which resulted in them being way more tired than usual after a battle.

The house was very old and fragile.

It was made out of wood, no brick to be seen, and there was almost no electricity. It was a miracle that the oven and the fridge worked so far.

It was in the middle of November and it was really icy cold.

And there was no other source of heat than the fireplace.

A very, very small fireplace and a blanket.

A very, very small blanket.

There also was a couch on the other side of the room, but laying there would end in them freezing to death, so they’d rather not.

There was no upstairs, this was literally all they had, this one room and a small room outside for the bathroom.

In other words; they got locked up together and now had to get along in order to survive.

It’s been three days and Harry was getting really tired of hating the git.

Many times he already tried to get Malfoy to join him under the blanket, but no, he wouldn’t even dare to get closer than five feet to him unless they’re fighting.

Which just happened.

Both of them were in pain and exhausted and cold and hungry and just wanted to go back into their cozy homes.

“Can we at least try to make this work?”

Harry’s eyes were stick to Malfoy, which seemed to pay more attention to his nails than Harry.

“Ugh, fine!! Have your stupid blanket and be happy with it!!”

Angrily Harry threw the blanket at the blonde, rolled his eyes and walked over to the couch, where he curled up into a ball, his back facing Malfoy.

His body temperature dropped in a second and just as he started to accept his death, a very well-known hand grabbed his wrist.

“I don’t want to get fired just because you freeze to death, Potter.”

Harry let himself be dragged towards the fireplace, where he and his Auror partner placed themselves and wrapped the blanket around each shoulder.

Due to that, their bodies were really close and Harry almost sighed as he felt Malfoy’s heat warming up his own body.


Draco turned his head and frowned.


“Thanks. You know, for not letting me freeze to death. This is way nicer.”

“I guess.”

Malfoy just shrugged and starred at the fire, a sad glint in his grayish eyes.

“I always wanted to sit by a fire and sing songs with my family. My real family, my mom and dad…it was a big dream of mine as a kid.”

A bit surprised by the sudden honesty, the Slytherin scooted closer to Harry and looked at him.

“I used to sing a lot by the fire before my father joined the wrong side. We could, uhm, sing one now?”

“The fire is making you a softy now, I see.”

Draco punched Harry in the shoulder and rolled his eyes.

“Just say you think it’s a stupid idea.”

“No, no, I would love to sing a campfire song with you, even if its just a fireplace.”

And so they started to sing songs, the coldness of the night long forgotten as Draco placed his head on Harrys shoulder, and Harry wrapped and arm around him.

Because there is no better way to warm up than a cuddle by the fire.

New Family

Request: probably

request: the reader is a vigilante by herself before she finds out her father is Bruce Wayne and then when she does he takes her in but she’s very distant because she feels unwelcomed by the family especially Jason she then gets hurt and Jason admits his feelings for her.

A/n: I deleted this a while ago and I just saw so I'm posting it again!

word count: 1,371

warnings: anger, getting shot, blood, idk

y/h/n= your hero name

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Even after these leaks, do you still think that Jonsa will be a thing?

I will build my opinion about the direction the show is heading in (shipping included) on what happens in CANON. Nothing that has happened on the show (or in the books for all that matters, when will TWOW finally be released ???) has changed my mind about Jonsa having a very very very good shot at happening and becoming endgame.  

I already talked about this a little bit here. (Skip the first paragraph to skip some existential angst).

Say it with me, everybody: Leaks  ≠ Canon.

As for their accuracy, even if they are factually right (which can only be proven once the episode airs), they are an unconfirmed, super-condensed, purely verbal, out-of-context, biased summary of what (might) happens. They are missing context, what happens before - and how it is shot, what happens after - and how that is shot. They miss all the aspects that make television the medium it is: acting(!), camera-work, musical scores, setting, lighting, editing, the exact dialogue, tone, visual callbacks, framing etc. “Cinema and television” is a language, all these things matter. It has an enormous arsenal of tools and tropes to not only show what happens, but also how the audience is supposed to react to it. GoT isn’t exactly one of the most subtle TV-shows in this perspective. Of course, everything is open to interpretation, but what I’m getting at is this:

Maybe the short paragraphs you can find on reddit have the mere facts right, but they are not enough to actually convey the meaning of those facts. You simply can’t do that. You can’t boil down ~ 60 min of television into two or three lines of text without missing A LOT. 

To make this a bit more clear, let’s look at some actual canon-footage and compare it with some fictional “spoiler” I made up for it. I’m going to use non-shipping material, because everyone will just scream SHIPPING-GOGGLES! DELUSIONAL! if I do otherwise. 

Here’s a correct description of the Battle of the Bastards, which, as little sense as the characters actions and the build-up to this moment made (the north remembers … NOT - still salty about that), was a stunning, beautifully shot piece of television. 

Jon is fighting the Bolton army. They are about to lose, Jon is almost trampled to death by his own men. The Knights of the Vale and Littlefinger save them. Jon defeats Ramsey in one-on-one combat. 

That’s what happened right? I’m not wrong about any of that. This is actually way more detailed than most of the season 7 leaks. But these couple of sentences do not carry any of the emotional weight or accurately portray how these events influence our characters, compared to any single one of this < 5 sec gifs I randomly found on tumblr. 

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Jon facing the bolton cavalry. A stunning visual for how the battle started. Jon fighting against the odds. Even more so, showing how Jon “approaches” it. This isn’t even about survival. He isn’t scared or even desperate. He’s made his peace with what will follow. He’s dead as can be if those mounted knights hit him. He doesn’t look back to see if reinforcement is coming his way. He is focused on what’s in front of him. He simply wants to go out with a bang. Like a stark, with a sword in his hands.

Originally posted by gifsforyoursoul

The chaos that unfolds, once the armies clash. I really wish I could find a gif of the camera following Jon. We follow Jon through this, but he is only a little piece of this. He’s only one man, he doesn’t have the agency to actually affect anything that happens around him. He can only fight his way through and react to what the battle throws at him. 

Originally posted by jonsnownoshow

Jon, covered in blood screaming in agony when killing an enemy soldier. This one moment alone shows better how we should perceive this battle, than any recap ever could. It was bloody, horrible, ugly. Jon doesn’t feel like a “hero” for partaking in it. They won, but this experience does not feel like a “triumph”. 

Originally posted by jonsnownoshow

Jons “rebirth” from blood and death and darkness. Fighting his way back to life after being brought back to life “without his consent”. Telling Melisandre the night before that he doesn’t want to be brought back. Here, he brings himself back instead.  

Originally posted by benihepsevsen

This scene: Jon throwing away his sword, blocking Ramsay’s arrows with a Mormont-shield. (Using that specific prop was not … an accident). 
Ramsay using a weapon that kills from afar. Detaching himself from his enemy. Killing him, before he even comes close enough to harm you. Jon rejecting the only weapon he has. 

Originally posted by gif87a-com

This shit is personal. Beating someone to death with your very own hands is probably the most direct, personal way of killing someone. Compare this to how Jon handled the Night’s Watch brothers, who actually killed him.

Their deaths were framed as an execution, far more than simply “revenge”. Even though Jon had every good reason to hate these men and wanting them to suffer. They even were hanged, not beheaded, removing Jon from the direct act a bit further. He wasn’t primarily guided by lusting after their blood. A bit, sure, understandably, but he stuck with proper execution protocol, allowing them their last words, etc. It was his last action as lord commander. I only want to highlight the difference between these two scenes here. Directly after his death, he was numb, detached. He had given up. 

But this? This is not Jon Snow, the commander of the Stark forces fighting the Lord of House Bolton. This is Jon, just Jon, brutally smashing in the face - the make-up department could have fucked up his face a bit more imo - of the man who took his home, killed his little brother and raped and tortured Sansa. Here he is immensely emotionally involved in everything that happened. So much, that he completely loses control. This change in how he “punishes” people who personally harmed him and those he loves, is important. 

What seems more significant to you? The fact that all this happened (They fought the boltons, almost lost, won by LF & Sansa pulling a Helm’s Deep. Jon defeating Ramsay “one-on-one”) or how all of this happened? What should we talk about? Why should I let something that I haven’t even seen yet influence my views? Why should I allow it to completely dismiss all conclusions I drew from the actual things I saw on screen until now? Why is everyone acting like the leaks have more significance than actual canon? I’m just so tired of this attitude that nothing matters because “in the leaks blah blah”. 

So yes regardless of these spoilers, I still believe that Jonsa has a 99% chance of being a thing. Maybe I’m wrong, sure, unless other people I do not claim to know the future with absolute certainty. But by going from anything that has happened so far and how it was portrayed? I think it’s safe to say that Jonsa is still very much in the game. There are too many deliberate choices, parallels and hints, for it to be a coincidence. Too me, Jonsa just seems like the obvious conclusion all of this is headed towards. If you work under this assumption, so many things that feel out of place, were unnecessary for the plot or even messed up characters storylines, start to make sense. 

Not everyone has to agree with me on that, but I’m not going to change my own interpretation because of a few statements I read on the internet. Maybe I will change it with how the series moves forward, but until then I don’t see any good reason to do so. 

Jonsa is endgame. Fuck the leaks.

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Could u convince be not to hate Steve 'Hypocrite' Rogers? I'm really trying not to hate him but whnever I think about anything to do with him I just get even angrier at him. MCU Steve is a repentless fuck up and I wanna know what u have to say about him? U don't seem like u hate him and u also love Tony so I figure u probably see stuff I'm not seeing and I wanna know what ;u; (mostly so I can stomach stony fics to widen my range of reading material) :p

steve rogers is a stubborn emotionally-constipated asshole. i also love him very very much. here are some post-cacw thoughts on why i still love him:

  • flawed characters are good, and the only reason we expect Perfection from This Particular Human Character is bc other people (and…the narrative….) put him on a pedestal. I can’t be mad at him for doing what he thought was the right thing, because as a fan of tony stark, i know that sometimes things that seem like a good idea at the time are maybe actually not always that great
  • issue: banking on the fact that your rich genius teammate and his team of lawyers will still get you and your friend out of a bad situation After you let him know that the friend in question murdered his parents a week before christmas and that you’ve lived in his house and looked him in the eye while Knowing Abt This for several goddamn years is uh. a v scary situation and potentially a bad plan for 19 reasons. prioritize the people you know are ride or die & cut ur losses
  • some people are emotionally constipated assholes who do their best and fail miserably,,,,To Cope™
    • ok but seriously have you ever had 6.3 billion Terrible Things happen to you in rapid succession, and then One More Thing comes along (to take away the only remaining thing in your life you can control and the only semblance of normalcy you have left) and you just. dig your heels in automatically and go “absolutely fucking not”
    • like i will personally bet you 5 canadian dollars that steve has been crossing his arms and glaring at the tv for months like “listen what else do they want us to do. we’re helping. we’re the good guys. they Have To See That we’re good people and we’re doing our best and we saved the world Come On if we just wait…maybe…….it will…..Be Fine without us having to do anything? maybe?” 
    • he’s been fighting to keep People™ safe for a While and it’s Apparently still not enough and he is probably tired and bitter and frustrated. also, last time he was working for/with a third party they turned out to be nazis and while i get that that 100% isn’t the same as a UN Panel (noT THE SAME, STEVEN) at some point you have to take a quote out of context, plant urself like a stubborn asshole tree, and say “actually no fuck you please just let me do the only thing that is giving my life meaning right now in a way that doesn’t make me feel trapped and afraid for myself and my team”
  • peggy (steve’s last connection to his life before waking up in the future) had just died, and bucky (steve’s surprise Actual last connection to his life before waking up in the future) has been having a Hell Time and is being targeted. sometimes when you find out your best friend has been brainwashed and tortured for 70 years, your bullshit meter maxes out and you (steve rogers, “fight me” personified) want to give the finger to anyone who wants to do absolutely else to that person. yes, getting him help was an option (the other option being some kind of prison?) but also, it still would have been someone else making that choice for bucky, and at some point yelling “can you please just leave him alone” with ur fists becomes a default reaction
  • as someone who regularly avoids things when i should really deal with them, i 100% believe that there is a large part of steve that genuinely thought he was protecting tony. sure, he was protecting himself and bucky, too, and he admits that openly, but i can buy that steve had been sitting on the couch for months listening to tony talk about Processing His Grief Through Technology and screaming internally like “would it truly and genuinely make it easier on this guy to know that his parents were brutally murdered by my friend and i’ve known abt it for 2 years when he’s still this messed up over it already oh my god”
  • the problems i have with a lot of steve’s choices really just come down to the film not giving him room to put up a legit argument. a lot of it was banking on me assuming that captain america & the team were correct bc they’re cap & the team in a captain america movie? if they had given steve a speech instead of a shitty letter, i’m sure i would have initially understood his side a lot better
  • some people are emotionally constipated assholes who do their best and fail miserably,,,,To Cope™ Part 2: The Letter
    • steve is not great at feelings. steve is not great at processing and expressing his feelings in a healthy way. steve is an all-or-nothing prickly bitch (see: every film he’s been in) and taking these excellent canon facts into account, i do actually genuinely believe that this dude forced himself to sit down while in hiding to write 12 different drafts of this letter by hand in cursive and eventually ended up with the monstrosity tony received
    • he can’t apologize for the accords situation, because he doesn’t think he’s wrong, so he can only apologize for hurting tony. “i’m not sorry for what i did but i’m sorry that it hurt you” is a shitty thing to read and say but i guess at least,,,he,,,was honest? steven why didn’t you get a friend to proofread this letter
    • by saying that the avengers are more tony’s family than his, he probably thinks he’s acknowledging that tony cares about them and was doing what he thought was best. im personally for my own sanity choosing to believe that.
    • “i’ve never really fit in” aka “okay i definitely didn’t talk enough about where i was coming from at all for the past few…..years….and this was the only draft that included my ‘i’ve been lowkey struggling’ admission and didn’t sound vaguely pathetic or directly mention my friend who involuntarily murdered your parents” 
    • this entire thing is actually imo a fairly decent “listen i know things are really messy right now and i hurt you and we’re both still upset, but here’s some effort on my part. if you ever need anything, here’s how you can contact me & i promise i will still drop everything to come help you with what you need” gesture considering the situation & time frame

anyway, steve for sure messed up with his approach to this and put a lot of people in danger, but as someone who is a fan of tony stark i have to take The Context into consideration and also understand that sometimes people do questionable things even while having the best intentions. it was a really rough situation and i think mr evans did a great job of showing steve emotionally shutting down and struggling for the past few films? i can see where he was coming from from an emotional standpoint, & bc of these and 130 other reach-y reasons including me just enjoying him as a person, i forgive him. it’s 2:30am this is so long oh my god

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Expectations

5k words, R rated

It’s the first time Scorpius and Albus have been to the Manor together since they started dating. They can’t help but think about how far they’ve come since they first met, and they also can’t help but take the new-found opportunities that being properly alone together as a couple can offer. 

This was written as a birthday present for the wonderful @abradystrix. Thanks for being an awesome beta, advice-giver, and friend. I hope your day is full of cake and happiness, and that you feel better soon! <3 

My logistical advice-giver and brilliant beta for this one was @bounding-heart.

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I love your writing so much if you're still doing robron prompts could you do the first time they get heckled in the street by homophobes for like holding hands or kissing or something and who you'd think would react worse I'm in a really angsty mood and want to make myself cry ahaa

It’s a completely normal, average day when it happens. They’re in Tesco, Aaron leaning on the trolley as they browse the aisles, aimlessly chatting about what they want for dinner, and if they should get some beers in (Aaron is talking about how he fancies a barbecue, the weather was supposed to be good that weekend, and there was nothing like some burgers and an endless supply of beer in the sun to start a weekend right.)

“You forgot your biscuits,” Robert said, depositing a double pack of chocolate bourbons into their trolley, leaning in to press a kiss to Aaron’s lips. It was something he’d done a thousand times in public now, less and less anxiety about being open, and proud of who he was and who he was married to sitting heavily in his chest.

And then he hears it.

“That’s disgusting, right where people can see n’all. Have they got no shame?”

Robert freezes.

Robert freezes, and feels sick to his stomach as the words ring in his mind, the world spinning around him as he looks around for the source of the comment. Theres another man, standing by the biscuits, a friend in tow, and he’s looking at them with genuine disgust in his eyes.

“You want to say that again?” Aaron was defensive immediately, face red and hands balled into fists as he glares at the stranger. “Go on, I fucking dare ya, say it again.”

Before the stranger could make another comment, there’s a manager standing between them, a young looking woman who tries her best to ease the situation before gets out of hand.

Robert stands, frozen, as the manager tries to direct the stranger on, tries to placate Aaron with kind words and the promise of a money off voucher for their shopping.

“I don’t want a voucher,” Aaron is trying to be calm, but anger oozes from his every pore, every inch of him. He’s practically bristling, ready for a fight, ready to defend himself and their marriage. “I want to do my shopping with my husband and not have ignorant pricks like ‘im try and tell me I’m disgusting.”

He’s standing up for them.

He’s standing up for them, both of them, and Robert’s frozen to his spot on the aisle, one hand gripping the cool metal of the trolley slightly. Robert can only watch, as Aaron has a few more words with the manager and accepts her apology with a furrowed brow, and Robert’s barely even able to put one foot in front of the other as they head for the checkouts, Aaron giving him a worried look as he hands his card over, paying for the shopping Robert had haphazardly thrown into the trolley.

He doesn’t even really remember doing it.

All he remembers is those strangers words.


Right where people can see.

Have they no shame?


“Robert?” Aaron’s hands are on his face now, familiar hands on his cheeks, his neck, something that should make him feel calm, feel safe, but he just wants to panic, is afraid that stranger might be close by, might say something, or God, do something -

“I froze,” Robert blurted, hating how upset he felt, hating how he couldn’t react. “I didn’t say anything. I just stood there, and I took it.”

“Hey, you didn’t have to say anything,” Aaron shook his head. “We don’t have to defend what we have to any ignorant bastard who can’t keep his mouth shut in Tesco. Yeah? You don’t need to defend us to anyone.”

“But you did,” Robert mumbled, throat thick with tears he was refusing to cry. He wasn’t going to break down in a Tesco fucking carpark, with a bag of oranges in one hand and a trolley half full of beer next to him.

“You know me, always looking for a fight,” Aaron tried to joke, prising the shopping Robert was holding from him, dumping it in the boot. “It’s okay, Robert - I get how terrifying it can be to have someone be like that.”

“Do you?”

“Yeah,” Aaron’s voice was soft, tired, as though he’d been through this a thousand times. “I’ve been out for a lot longer than you have.”

Of course.

“Does it ever hurt less?” Robert asked, gaze dropping to the floor, to his shoes, the concrete he was standing on suddenly very interesting.


Robert looked up sharply, the sick feeling rising in his stomach again. Was this going to be the rest of his life, off hand comments in Tesco telling him he was disgusting for loving another man and daring to not be ashamed of it?

“But you get a thick skin,” Aaron said, emptying the last of their shopping into the boot. “And no one, no one is ever going to make me feel ashamed of loving you, I’m not to let them win.”

Robert imagined for a second, what it would feel like to hide, to be ashamed again, to keep his love, his husband behind closed doors, to only love him where no one else could see, and he held his head a little higher, stood a little prouder. 

“I’m not letting them win either,” Robert declared, giving Aaron’s hip a squeeze, reaching into his trouser pocket for the car keys, not caring who saw. “I’m proud of who we are.”

listen wynonna earp is good, i’m not disputing that at all, but i don’t want wynonna earp. i want a continuation of season 1 of supergirl. just because you have a show about 2 sisters, with one being queer, doesn’t mean that they’re the same thing. that’s like looking at two photos and saying that it’s of the same person just because they’re both wearing the same blue shirt.

wynonna earp is incredibly gory, for starters, and you know what both me and small young girls can’t really watch that for this reason tbh. and i want space fam and the superfriends, kara working at catco and dealing with being the last survivor of a dying planet, figuring out how to live in a world where her culture and language and entire family is dead and still learning to be the sunlight in her loved one’s lives

But she’s all of sunlight, illuminating and soft warmth and life bringing, helping other people to grow, but also burning and unrelenting and sometimes even painful–but ultimately it’s a show full of hope, of optimism. It’s a show about how to continue on and filling the hole in your heart and fighting like hell against the worst demon you can possibly imagine: your own self. Of losing every single thing and building your life back up and fighting tooth and nail to do good.

Of finding your own family, of juggling the balance with work and life and navigating how to be a person again, figuring out how to come back from losing literally everything and not let it eat you alive.

a man who has lived for hundreds of years and lost his entire planet to genocide finding a new family and a girl who’s actual world exploded in front of her struggling to figure out what parts of herself can be deemed “acceptably” human, figuring out how to live life as the very last of her culture while also doing good not because she has to but because she wants to, finding a new family again and continuing on, and the woman who is technically weaker but would still jump in front of a bullet for them because she do anything to protect them because they are hers and she loves them so much and she knows how much pain they’ve gone through and like hell are they going to go through anymore.

Wynonna Earp is great and it’s not a criticism to say it’s not supergirl–it’s not a criticism to say that i like italian but i love sushi but now every single piece of fish is poison, and you can only eat italian.

there isn’t anything wrong with wynonna earp, but it is still a drastically different show and i don’t want wynonna earp. i want supergirl again.

Ravenclaw Stuff (from my biased experiences)

I made this late at night, I apologize in advance. 

  • Visiting artsy coffee shops that you heard about through word of mouth- ones where the cute barista has a ton of piercings and half of the art is protesting something
  • Wearing dark lipstick even at the most casual events because why not
  • Flower crowns and full-length coats in the winter
  • Having a blog with ZERO focus because you like so many things and you can’t pick just ONE THING
  • Buying books of poetry without even flipping through them because you already know you’ll like some of it
  • Stargazing with someone you like and asking them about what they most value in life and also, did they get any more ice cream sandwiches? 
  • Having such deadpan sarcasm that people can almost never tell when you’re being sarcastic
  • Daydreaming while someone’s talking because they’re talking too slow and you already know what they’re really trying to say to you
  • Starting off a conversation about something dumb like what if dinosaurs had human hands, and abruptly transitioning to your biggest regrets from your past
  • Thinking that you failed a test because you’re highkey stressed/anxious but generally doing okay
  • Hating/loving school because some stuff you learn is awesome and cool like how sodium reacts with water and how once a Roman general had his army fight the sea but then you’ve also gotta learn BORING USELESS ANNOYING shit like the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  • At a party, alternating between dancing wildly and leaning against a wall hoping no one will talk to you
  • Being a nighttime person because at night you can do whatever you want and no one judges you, also why would you sleep when you can analyze the mood of various Radiohead songs
  • Trying to act like you don’t give a f*ck but actually giving more f*cks than anyone will ever realize- different from a Slytherin because when Slytherins decide they don’t give a f*ck, they REALLY don’t give a f*ck 
  • Being extra in super mundane ways- like making a nice pasta dish when you could have just made a grilled cheese
  • Ear cuffs
  • Watching birds from your window because their interactions are surprisingly intelligent and amusing 
  • Making a playlist for introspective moods you won’t tell anyone about 
  • Not being able to tell which art is good because “good” is partly a subjective concept but some things are definitely higher quality than others, and with that contradiction being the case, it’s all very confusing. Also, add in IRONIC appreciation and that just adds another layer of complexity.
  • Wait, what was the point of this? Oh yeah, now I remember. Went off on a tangent there. Tangents. Math. Lines. Okay, focused again
  • Renaissance art memes all day every day
  • Library=sanctuary, please and thank-you, let me die in a library
  • Asking people to fight you as a way of expressing your hatred of them. But you rarely mean it b/c you’re secretly a pacifist/can’t be bothered, would much rather roast someone from the sidelines
  • Inevitably does most of the work on group projects
  • Your jokes are made mainly for your own sake- bad puns, weird esoteric references, dark/morbid/awkward humor, with the occasional double entendre. You do not care if no one else gets it, you find it funny
  • Trying to teach other people about how you understand things and generally doing an okay job, except you have a habit of saying “I don’t know, I just….DO IT, ya know?” 
  • Finding yourself on random Wikipedia pages and reading the articles anyway because knowledge is power
  • Having REALLY niche interests as a kid and being VERY!!!! EXCITED!!!! about all of them. Wait, not just as a kid. Now. Always
  • Owning some sort of creative/sciencey thing as a kid. I had a planetarium model and a microscope and a bunch of modeling clay
  • Having a book stack at Barnes and Nobles that is at least four feet tall
  • Making up shitty poems for shitty situations 
  • Showing someone something unintelligible and then offering no explanation/asking them afterwards if “they got it”. Sometimes it turns out that the point was there WAS no point. Only chaos. You consider this an acceptable answer. You might just be messing with them. 
  • Recognizing and enjoying Gothic architecture
  • Starting things but rarely finishing them because you get excited about something else and suddenly the thing that you’re doing has no purpose. 
  • Being a hoarder/pack rat but only with specific kinds of objects. I suppose a lighter term for that would be “collector”
  • Taking personality quizzes deep into the night because yeah, you have a burning curiosity to know how your kitchen preferences dictates which Spice Girl you are
  • Exploring every inch of a video game because to you immersion/lore is more important than actually getting on with the quest
  • Taking a whole hour alone to design a  video game character because there is a specific role you want them to play and a backstory you have in mind and you have to make them to your exact preferences
  • Ironically, a lot of people expect Ravenclaws to be patronizing but most Ravenclaws are not. Because you have so many interests that you know others do not share, you are willing to admit that there are several kinds of knowledge and talent that are both different and valid 
  • Enjoying shows with humor so subtle/dry that you could watch them ten times and still not catch all of the jokes
  • Common sounds/gestures: Heavy sighs, face palming, gesticulating wildly (when talking about interests), rolling your eyes, half-smiles
  • Knowing how to swear in multiple languages so you won’t get caught
  • Over-packing because you can imagine a multitude of theoretical situations where you will need virtually every item you own 

Keith hadn’t seen any of Shiro’s unclothed skin since he’d returned from galra imprisonment. He hadn’t really noticed the change at first, but as they continued living in a castle that didn’t exactly have a stable thermostat is when Keith began to worry about Shiro’s refusal to show skin.

Keith remembered their time at the Garrison when Shiro would strip off his tank-top when they’d exercise or spar together. He remembered when the other man would study in Keith’s dormitory, his sleeves rolled up and collar unbuttoned. He remembered Shiro never being afraid to hide his skin from him as he was now.

It became more and more blatantly obvious when the others would never be afraid shed clothes when the time was appropriate. Lance would even walk around half-naked for no other reason than to impress the two girls in their living space. Even Allura every once in awhile would donn a dress with shorter sleeves when the unstable castle threw them through a heat wave. But no matter the heat or when the team would simply relax with rolled sleeves and pants, Shiro never removed his suit, vest, or even glove. It was even to the point that Keith would feel the suffocating heat intensify just by looking at his hardly disguised discomfort.

It wasn’t until Lance tried to invite him to the pool (that thank God Pidge and Hunk had fixed to finally be accessible to) that Keith decided he needed to know from Shiro himself what was wrong.

The others were excited to have a day off, all stripped down to their swimwear. Lance had been the one to suggest they all have a team bonding experience. This all more than likely was a thinly veiled excuse to see Allura and Pidge in swimsuits, but Keith couldn’t help but follow along anyway. The team deserved it, he supposed.

The atmosphere changed completely when Shiro looked close to panicking at the mere suggestion of going to the pool. He almost stumbled over his excuse as to why he couldn’t join them, the excuse itself being weak at best.

Looking around, Keith could see the others concerned expressions at Shiro’s out of character behaviour. Even Lance noticed, frowning for a moment before giving a grin that didn’t quite reach his eyes and telling Shiro with gusto the offer still stood if changed his mind.

Regretfully, Keith followed the others toward the pool despite how much he wanted to see Shiro.

“Actually,” Keith said abruptly, his body compelling him back. “I forgot a towel. I’ll be right back guys.”

They all knew it was a lie. Hunk was carrying enough for all of them. Thankfully, nobody decided to call him out on it. They were all more than likely near as worried as he was.

“Shiro!” Keith called out to the man’s back, jogging to try and keep up to the others pace. “Shiro! Wait!”

Shiro seemed to stutter in his movements before facing Keith just near his bedroom door. He stilled, waiting for Keith to catch up.

“Shiro,” Keith murmured, tugging lightly at the other man’s hand. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

Shiro only smiled at Keith’s question, a smile that he could tell wasn’t genuine. “I’m only tired, Keith. It’s nothing sleep won’t fix.”

He was outright lying. Thinking rationally, Keith knew he had his reasons not to tell him. It’s just it seemed the more Shiro hid, the more he figuratively drifted away from him. They’d been so close before and their friendly relationship so open. Keith missed that. He missed it so much when Shiro would tell him the truth and when he knew he could do the same. Their bond was still close, but Shiro kept a lot close to his chest and away from Keith.

“I’m not only talking about just now,” Keith replied frustratedly. “This has been going on since you returned from Kerberos. Shiro, I care about you. You don’t have to hide anything from me.”

All Shiro did was stare at him. Keith could tell he was hesitant, even nervous, to tell him what was bothering him.

“I was forced to fight a lot of aliens in the arena, Keith,” Shiro started softly, gripping Keith’s hand in his tighter. “Some were strong with big teeth and claws… you don’t leave something like that unscathed.”

Keith nodded, understanding enough to know some of the atrocities Shiro was put through.

At that, Shiro backed away slowly and began to zip off his vest, and then he peeled down the top half of his suit after pulling the zip down his back and leaving it hanging just above his waist.

That’s when Keith saw the scars, and when he understood why Shiro refused to show anybody his naked flesh. Keith could sense just how tense Shiro was as he showed more of his heavily marred skin bit by bit. The varying scars were everywhere, from a slim one near his hip to the obvious thick bite marks that appeared just under his left rib cage.

“I can’t even remember how I got most of them,” Shiro said sadly, running his galra hand along a particularly jagged looking scar along his left bicep. “Keith, you have to understand… I’m supposed to be a leader. The others wouldn’t follow me if they knew what happened to me, what I’d done. These scars represent everything that I did in the arena.”

The pang in Keith’s chest he felt because of Shiro’s pained expression and strained voice hurt. He meant a lot to the other paladins, he meant a lot to Keith. Seeing Shiro think so low of himself… it was disheartening to say the least.

“Shiro. The others don’t look up to you because you because they think you’re perfect, they look up to you because you’re a kind and strong leader. I look up to you because you’re a kind and strong leader,” Keith insisted earnestly. “You did what you were forced to do. Don’t ever think that what you had to do was your own fault or that it makes you less of a person.”

Shiro looked at him, bewildered. He looked as though he’d expected an outburst of disgust from him or something similarly awful. It was too much knowing Shiro could ever think Keith would leave him—arena or not.

Keith didn’t know the extent of what he’d done, but he knew he’d never blame Shiro. The galra did this to him. They were the ones who imprisoned him, made those scars, and they took his arm. They took other pieces of Shiro that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.

Keith loved him through everything because Shiro was still the great person he’d always known—scars and all.

“Besides,” Keith said with a smile, tugging the collar of his shirt to the side and revealing the scar on his shoulder he gained from fighting members of the Blade of Mamora, “now we match.”


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asfgdhjdak I NEED ANSWERS!!! I wish I could look into Iwa's mind in the fighter Au!! And see his thoughts!! He spent the whole night with Oikawa and took care of his drunken ass! Listened to his rambling! Heard all the complains!! So how does his day go now?? Does he think about? what does he do? He will only see Oikawa that night for the fight so what about his hours until then? What doe she think?? Any thoughts?

Iwaizumi has a lot to think about following Oikawa’s drunken night in chapter 8. 

I’ll put this below the cut, because some of this might be spoilers for those not caught up on the You’re now rockin’ with the champion/it’s a bit of insight into Iwaizumi’s POV, so if you want to be totally surprised with the coming events, don’t read this!

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▌a review: Book of the Atlantic

~read after the jump at your own risk~
Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic
劇場版「黒執事 Book of the Atlantic」

Alright, this post contains very specific spoilers for the new film in Japan! 

I’ve watched it twice during the premiere weekend. I’m writing this as a personal keepsake for myself, but am allowing others to read, share, and discuss. For the love of all things kuro, read at your own risk!! 

I recommend you bookmark all reviews, and wait to read them until after you watch the movie yourself. 

I promise you it will be worth the wait when you can just enjoy the experience yourself first!!

If you want a tl;dr basic little review, see the first point. If you want to spoil yourself rotten with each and every specific detail that stood out to me in whatever way, skip down to the second point. Your own risk!! 

basic review

The movie was beautifully animated despite having spare brief moments of questionable budget. It moved in a steady pace without feeling too slow or fast, and felt like a creepy thriller. It is packed with violence, gore, and a threat of danger. All of the major scenes and moments that make the Campania arc complete were included in the film, and I loved it enough to watch it multiple times in one weekend. I would watch it a third time in theatres and will definitely preorder the bluray and soundtrack!

a very detailed spoiler review

warning: there are spoilers after this jump & it is a long read. bring tea.


8-26-2017 “That butler, resting” blu-ray comic translation
8-25-2017 Japanese blu-ray release
8-25-2017 I’m creating & linking edits that coincide with this review!

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Uuumm HI!... ssoooo I'v never done a request before so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but here goes, I was wondering if you could do a thing where Qrow, his s/o, young Ruby and young Yang are having a snowball fight and the teams are Qrow and Ruby vs s/o and Yang, while the snowball fight is going on fluffy stuff happens where Qrow hugs and kiss his s/o and the girls are like "ewww cooties!" and maybe they try to rescue s/o XD (sorry if this was awkward XP btw really love your work! :D)

Here you go, I hope it’s satisfactory! 


The world outside was cold and white, but you didn’t care about that. You were bundled up in the softest blanket you could get your hands on, curled into the side of one mister Qrow Branwen. Currently, you were snuggling on the couch of Qrow’s old team mate, Tai. He had left for a mission that would last a few days and said he felt better about leaving if ‘there was a responsible adult and I guess Qrow too’ watching the house and girls. You didn’t mind holding down the fort, the Xiao Long household was nice and cozy. Plus Ruby and Yang didn’t really need much taking care of, so that left you free to enjoy your boyfriend’s company and watch TV. So far, it’s been a pretty peaceful day.

“Uncle Qrow! (Y/n)!” Of course, something always comes along to disrupt the peace. The end of your quiet moment came in the form of Ruby Rose, flopping on the back of the couch between you and Qrow.

Qrow sighs, clearly not entirely happy about his alone time with you being interrupted. “Yeah pipsqueak?”

“I’m bored!”

“I thought you and Yang were playing together?”

“We got tired of video games.” Yang comes down the stairs and brings her hands down on the arm of the couch “Dad said you have to entertain us if we get bored.”

“Well then, firecracker, what did you have in mind?”

Yang crosses her arms to think on an answer, but Ruby immediately springs up, bright smile on her face “We should have a snowball fight!”

“Yeah, let’s go with that!”

“I don’t know, I-“ Qrow starts to object, tightening his grip on your waist.

“I think that sounds fun!” You chime in.

He looks down at you and Ruby claps her hands excitedly “Come on, uncle Qrow, (Y/n) likes the idea!”

“Unless you’re not up for a challenge, old man.” You give your boyfriend a playful poke in the side.

He gives you his ‘I am not old’ pout. Then he smiles, and reaches over to ruffle Ruby’s hair. “Alright, alright, I can’t say no to you.”

You both stand and face the girls. “So, is this a free for all or are there gonna be teams?” You ask.

“Teams!” Ruby decides “And it should be one adult on a team, otherwise it would be unfair!”

“I call (Y/n) being on my team!” Yang shouts, raising her hand.

Qrow raises an eyebrow “What, you got something against your uncle?”

“No, (Y/n)’s just cooler and we’re gonna kick your butts!” Yang intertwines your arms and you both do your best to look tough, which is kind of hard for a twelve year old Yang, but she manages.

“I’m pretty sure Ruby and I will be doing the as-“

“Language!” Ruby blurts out

“-butt kicking in this game. Come on, pipsqueak, let’s show ‘em whose boss.”

“Yeah!” Ruby jumps up and down before grabbing her jacket and sprinting outside.

Once you were all bundled up, you stood on opposite sides of the yard, packing snow into forts to serve as cover.

“All right Yang, you ready?”

“Heck yeah! Let’s show those losers who the kings of the snow are!”  She tightens her grip on the snowball tightly packed in her hand.

“Ready!” Ruby yells

“Aim!” Yang yells back

“Fire!” That last shout from all four of you sets off a flurry of snow flying in both directions.

You feel a snowball whiz by your head and you cast a glare at Qrow before returning fire, pegging him in the shoulder.  

Ruby is hit in the chest by one of Yang’s snowballs, that girl throws with such fury you’re surprised the heat doesn’t melt it midair. Ruby dramatically clutches her chest as if wounded before grinning. Suddenly she’s making and throwing snowballs at a near impossible speed that are very difficult to avoid.

That’s a semblance in development if I’ve ever seen one.

You’re so focused on Ruby’s relentless attack that it takes you a moment to realize Qrow is no longer next to her. You whip your head around to find him and are met with a snowball exploding across your face. You shake your head and wipe the snow from your eyes, glaring at the man crouched in the tree line.

“Qrow’s gone rouge!” You warn Yang. Of course, he’s always preferred an offensive, up close attack strategy.

“Think you can take care of him?” Yang is firing snowball after snowball at her sister, by the look on her face you’d think this was a real battle.

You laugh “Of course, that boy has nothing on me.” You sense another snowball coming from Qrow’s direction, this time you roll out of the way and spring to your feet, making a dash for the tree line. Qrow attempts to meet you half way with two snowballs thrown at your face and chest but you dart to the right. You begin your own game of darting forward to pelt him with a few snowballs before jumping into the trees to avoid his attacks. He runs after you and manages to dodge quite a few of your own attacks; he’s strangely very graceful in a fight.

The battle seems to be in your favor when suddenly you leap onto the next branch only to discover it’s coated in ice. You try and keep your balance but your feet fall out from under you and you plummet to the ground.

Damn bad luck.

There’s no impact though, Qrow swoops in and catches you in his arms. You lay across him propped up by his arm, you’re grateful, but then you see him grin mischievously. You’re confused until suddenly you feel cold snow impact your face and shoved into your shirt.

You squeal “Qrow!”

“I’m afraid you’ve been captured, sweet heart.” He brings his face close to your and leaves a small peck on your lips, still grinning. “Whatever shall you do?”

Laughing, you try and shake the freezing snow out of your shirt, a task made difficult by how close he was holding you “Qrooow, it’s coooold!”

“Well that’s -“

Qrow sputters as a snowball hits him dead in the face.

“Uncle Qrow has abandoned his post and kidnapped the poor (Y/n)! Ruby, I call for a temporary truce so we may rescue them!” Yang has another snowball at the ready and is pointing at Ruby, in full on general mode.

Ruby nods sagely “It goes against everything I know to aid the enemy, but it is my duty to stop a rogue soldier. Attack!”

Qrow drops you and is forced back by the volley of snow being launched at him. You double over in laughter at the sight of your oh so tough boyfriend being beaten back by two kids. He holds his hands up in surrender but the onslaught is only stopped when you can catch your breath long enough to wave your arms and call a cease fire. By that time, Qrow is covered head to toe in white.

“Uncle Qrow, do you surrender!?” Ruby asks, pointing at him and sounding like a leader disciplining her subordinates. It’s a funny sight, a ten year old commanding seasoned hunter year older than her. She pulls it off well though.

Qrow is attempting to wipe the layers of powder from his eyes and face “I surrender, I surrender.” He holds his hands up in mock submission.

Yang pumps her fist in the air “Victory!” she turns to her sister and holds out her hand “Well done, general Rose.”

Ruby takes her hand “Yes, well done, officer Yang. But, uh, aren’t we still enemies?”

Yang grins, a mischievous fire in her eyes. “You know, you’re right.” Yang tightens her grip on Ruby’s hand and drags them both down to the ground where they begin a wrestling match and see who can shove the most snow in the others face.

You watch the girls for a moment before turning back to Qrow, who is still attempting to wipe all the snow from his body. You smile and walk over to him.

“Here.” You start knocking snow of his chest and shoulders.

He sighs “Guess I lost fair and square.”

“I don’t know if I’d call that exactly ‘fair’, but oh yeah, you definitely lost. Though I thank you for so valiantly stopping my fall, even though you then shoved snow down my chest.”

He chuckles and kisses your forehead “Well of course, I’ll always catch you, even if we’re on opposite sides.”

You smile into his chest and feel him shiver. You pull away and take his hand “Come on, I think the girls will be able to entertain themselves for a while, let’s go inside and get you warmed up. The cuddle blanket is still on the couch.”

He lets you lead him toward the front door “That’s the best idea of the day.”

anonymous asked:

@ your post about Halsey. what did she do????? :O

Well, apparently that post was about how Halsey kissed a 15 year old (keep in mind that she’s 20) the other day (and apparently without her consent) [x]

Although, I can list you all the problematic things she’s done [lol, i like reading everything problematic about celebrities. but i’ve done some of my own snooping when it came to halsey. don’t take me word for word on this. i’m just a very gossipy person who loves reading about how messy celebrities can be]

although she has apologized for some stuff, that doesn’t mean that we should just sweep it under the rug and pretend it never existed. Awareness is important (in my opinion, it is) in order to acknowledge what was problematic and move on

  • created songs that shamed/slut-shamed Taylor Swift [receipts
    • this is what launched her career. y i k e s
  • she used a t slur on twitter and made fun of chris brown/rihanna abusive relationship on twitter (although she has apologized and deleted the tweets since)
  • made a racist problematic comment about edit: toward (arianna grande (apparently, and has deleted it since. not sure about this one. can’t find receipts for it.) [x
  • sent her minions fans to attack a guy on twitter when he pointed out that she lied about being homeless at the age of 16-17 (or some young age). she apparently left home to be with a way much older dude, and then stretched the story into a sob story about how she was a struggling homeless girl  (not sure if this is true or not, but i’ve seen this appear on various websites).
  • she lashes out a lot on social media and plays the victim card a lot (as i’ve come to learn) just to get fans to be sympathetic toward her. I’m not saying that behavior is wrong, it just seems flat out manipulative. She played the victim card a lot and tried to shift the blame onto something else.
  • and she made an insensitive comment relating to a school massacre [x] which she, surprise (deadpan tone), deleted.
    • instances where i’ve seen her lashing out:
      • facebook. when justin bieber’s album came out, apparently she received hate? (or the album did). All i know was that she turned to facebook and wrote something that came off defensive/petty/mean.
        • let’s be real here, if you go on the youtube video of the song she colab’d with justin, you’ll see that she’s the one getting praises. i have yet to see hate.
      • that fight with maggie stiefvater (who is an author of the raven cycle. she, on her own rights, is a problematic author (but i’m not going to get into that). 
        • that twitter fight was just embarrassing in my opinion and you can find receipts of it online.
        • i think both of them are at faults and i refuse to take sides because the entire feud between the two of them were so unnecessary and could have been prevented had the two of them decided to act their age
      • her getting angry that radio stations weren’t playing her songs and lashing out about it at a concert (which is kind of funny when i heard her song pop up on an actual radio right when i watched that video)
      • the one time she lashed out at the guy who questioned why she would say she was homeless.
      • the time people called her out on making fun of taylor, arianna–only for her to say that she loved them (and that they were pretty much reaching for tweets that made her look bad)
      • she’ll lash out if you bring up the haylor songs that launched her career

the problem is that most of her stans/fans keep saying to “give her a break” because she’s “unproblematic” and has “learned a lot since” and that “she was only a kid when she said those things”

but the issue is that half of the problematic things she’s done/said/etc didn’t happen when she was actually a kid. these things happened while she was at a certain age where people generally are more aware.

another problem is that she never really acknowledges her fault, instead always shifting the blame on “not knowing better” and that “she was young at the time” or something else. she’s always shifting the blame.

i honestly wish i knew more, but these are the things i’ve collected over reading websites, youtube, facebook, etc. i don’t hate her. i don’t like her either. her music is okay, but i really do think her fans are kind of toxic (especially with their hive mentality that she’s “such an unproblematic person”). 

I don’t like how half of tumblr stans her because they’re convinced she’s a “PoC feminist”. Honestly, they’re reaching if they think she’s a good feminist role model. 

Every time she does something / says something that’s feminist and positive, she always does something problematic as well. It’s just frustrating that her stans only acknowledge the good things while ignoring the bad/problematic things she’s said/done and then attacks you if you dare bring up how problematic/petty/bad halsey behaved.

Edit: she’s also made a racist tweet about asians, which she has also deleted. 

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Hello! I don't know if you're still doing head canon requests, but the fanfiction I just read from you, or at least reblogged inspired me, so if you are still taking them, than maybe you could do a Dark!Annabeth against good Percy? And maybe have their straight equally matched. Thank you I'm advance.

I am! Sorry it took me awhile but here it is, also note I suck at fight scenes so…

Annabeth didn’t know how she got to this point: where she was now standing on opposite sides of a battle field with the boy she once loved. If you had asked Annabeth where she envisioned Percy and herself a few years back, she would have said something along the lines of going to college and being together. Nothing even remotely close to this.
“Why are you here Jackson? Don’t think that you will be able to change my mind or stop me.” Percy looks different than from the last time Annabeth saw him. He looks older, and more tired. It was obvious that he wasn’t sleeping much, and it looks like he has burdens that seem to weigh him down more than holding up the sky.
“Annabeth come on. You can stop this, you have the power to stop this!” The boy yells at her as he comes closer to her. “Just call this all off.” He says as he gestures towards the army behind her.
“You really do have a brain made of seaweed if you think that it would be that simple.” Annabeth bites back, and is happy when she notices how Percy flinches at the reference to his old nickname.
“Just step down.” Percy persists.
“No.” The blonde replies, and then proceeds to attack the son of Poseidon. Annabeth knows that defeating Percy will be difficult, and so to make sure her opponent has little to no advantage, she makes sure to move them away from the water. Though she acknowledges that won’t stop Percy from being able to use his powers entirely, she also knows that it prevents him from healing himself in the midst of battle.
Their swords clash continuously clash, for they both know their opponent and their way of fighting well after being with the other for years.
“We could be here all day, Chase.” Percy says after a few minutes of fighting. “We know each other too well.”
“I don’t know about that, we haven’t seen each other in years.” Annabeth dodges a swing to her shoulder.
“That’s on you.” The son of Poseidon says as he jumps out of the way of an attack. “You’re the one that changed, you’re the one that turned your back on everything that you valued, you’re the one that left!” The boy is clearly getting worked up, swinging at her relentlessly with his sword.
“Why are you defending them! They have made our lives a living hell. The gods took everything away from us, and how long will it take for you to realize that? Are you going to wait until you wake up one day and realize everything you value is gone? I’m sorry that I acknowledge our reality and want to change it!” Annabeth responds as she parries each attack.
“Do you even see what you’re doing? You’re killing your own type, and you don’t even care! That attack on the bus, killed 12 and injuried 7, one being Piper, your friend!” Percy’s attacks are getting stronger, as are his emotions, and Annabeth finds herself having difficulty evading his sword.
“Of course I care, but I also know its part of the bigger picture, and if that means a few casualties so be it. In the end we will be affecting so many more lives. I don’t expect you to understand however, after all your fatal flaw is loyalty.” The daughter of Athena now takes the offensive, knowing that her words have affected her opponent. The blonde knows that she will only be able to win this fight with words, which will force Percy’s emotions to dictate his actions, therefore making him sloppy.
“Are you listening to yourself? For crying out loud you’re like Luke now! Didn’t you learn from him and what happens when you try to overthrow the gods?” The boys words hit her harder than any swing of a sword could.
“Don’t bring Luke into this!” She all but growls and tries to swipe her sword against Percy’s arm, but misses and receives a hit to the side instead. Focus Annabeth, don’t get distracted.
“It’s still not too late for redemption, after all Luke found despite all he did. But you have to do it now, and put this all to a stop, or else I’m afraid you’re find yourself in Tartarus once again.” The last part of the sentence catches her off guard and makes her pause for a second, allowing her opponent to tackle her to the ground. The daughter of Athena tries to shake the boy’s body off of her, but he is too big for her attempts to work. Before she knows it, she feels Riptide against her throat. She knows she has to act quick, or else she’ll die; too soon for her death to be effective.
“Any last words?” Percy whispers. The blonde chooses her next words carefully, knowing it will make all the difference.
“You think this will all end with my death, but it won’t, and guess what my second-in-command’s first order is after I die? It’s to go to the apartment where I know your mother, sister, and Paul reside, and do anything it takes to kidnap them.” That gets the other demigod’s attention and he needs a second to process the words, which is just enough time for his hold on her to loosen. As a result Annabeth is able to take her the butt of her knife and smash it into Percy’s head, knocking him out.
I don’t care. The blonde thinks in her head as she gets up.
I don’t care. Annabeth says to herself as she heads back to the battle field.
I don’t care. She says as she refuses to look back.
But the Annabeth knows it’s a lie, because if she truly didn’t care, the boy before her wouldn’t be unconscious, he would be dead.

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So I'm actually scared of the answer to this ask, but I'm such an angst whore. So do you have any headcanons about Peter and Michelle breaking up?

YEEEEEEEEEES FAM. yes I do. I HAVE SO MANY HEADCANONS ABOUT SPIDEYCHELLE BREAKING UP. because, lets be honest, this version of Peter Parker is not good at relationships and this MJ is not content to stand in the window watching him swing away to save the day. 

ready? you’re not ready. i’m not ready. we’re, as a collective, not ready. 

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I'm still a little confused about the whole who Savitar is thing and time remnants and flash point, could you try and explain it if you have time?

It’s complicated in part because it’s discussed in canon as a closed time loop, similar to Eobard’s sort of paradoxical existence / time loop, and our brains don’t do so good with loops (and the Flash canon doesn’t really involve loops, it just pretends that it does, but it makes more sense to conceive of speedster time-travel as more linear and branching).

A simple explanation that I drew from to answer this came from ScreenRant so do check it out. But here’s what I’ve got, to the best of my current understanding.

Originally posted by fyeahgrantgust

First things first: Savitar’s and Cisco’s explanations.

Savitar says that Barry will create time remnants to kill Savitar, and all but one of them will die. That time remnant will be shunned because he’s not the “real” Barry, and moreover, this is after Iris is dead (I assume? It’s implied) so no one is really in an emotional state to be there for a time remnant confused about his own existence. He’s literally Barry, a grieving Barry, one who has lost everything and isolated himself and is all the darkest parts of himself. That’s the Barry who makes the time remnants to fight Savitar, and doesn’t think about the consequences of having one of them survive.

So this time remnant, we’ll call him Barry-S, he’s lost and confused and hurting just as bad as Barry, just as angry, and even worse. He sees that Barry has everything but shuns it: the love and acceptance of the people who he still has left. isolated, Barry-S sort of says “fuck this” and leaves. Presumably, time travels, heads to other dimensions, begins to build his suit, and over time creates this reputation as “the first speedster” for himself. Maybe we can conjecture that at first, he’s training, trying to go up against other speedsters to improve, finding the fastest people across time and dimensions so that he can get fast enough to stop Savitar, to fix all this. He’s still Barry, after all.

But like the parable of the Black Night, this White Night runs through the forest searching for his enemies for so long that his suit of armor becomes muddied and his heart bleak, and becomes what he sought to end and avenge. He slowly realizes his suit is becoming that of Savitar’s, as he builds it, and that his speed is truly becoming unparalleled after all, and what his reputation is becoming as the “God of Motion”. He sees where it’s going, and it grips his (cold, still grieving, bleak and heavy) heart. And he continues. Pushes on. Continues to fight and kill, becoming what ruined him.

Because it’s all he has left. It’s all he ever had. Was this pain, that Barry bore him into the world with. Memories of a life and an Iris that were never his, because they belonged to Barry, and not to Barry-S, not to the mere remnant.

Originally posted by westallengifs

So after… who knows how long. Weeks, centuries, time is totally relative to someone like that, he returns. Returns to 2021. That’s right. Returns to the Barry who created him to wreak his vengeance. Except that doesn’t go exactly as planned.

That Barry is waiting with a trap, the one built by Tracy to deal with Savitar’s suit. So when Barry-S arrives decked out in the suit, and he is trapped in the speedforce. Note that up until he was created, he and Barry had the same memories, so Barry must’ve gone to Tracy after the fiasco with the time remnants “mostly” dying, and likely Savitar ditched shortly after that, only to seemingly return later (to challenge Barry) once the trap was complete. Except it’s Barry-S returning. 

I mean, it’s still “Savitar”, but he’s younger than the Savitar in 2017 who kills Iris. Barry-S hasn’t done that yet. He’s the younger version of Savitar except he’s run into the future, to 2021, to challenge Barry. And maybe it’s Barry-S and not the older Savitar because he kills his older self and takes his place. Maybe he has to, to be strong enough to face Barry, because maybe the older version of Savitar is too tired and weak and scarred after his own temporal loop, after being trapped in the speedforce for so long, and Barry-S needs to take his place and live out their destiny.

So Barry-S challenges Barry in 2021, and Barry-S gets trapped. He’s imprisoned and pissed. And going through hell in the speedforce, trapped inside that prison, likely reliving the moment Iris dies over and over.

Originally posted by calmandcalculating

And inside the speedforce trap, he realizes he has to escape. Maybe he’s eroding, or maybe that hasn’t happened yet. But it will. He has to close the loop in order to exist. It is a time loop, and unless he escapes and kills Iris, none of this ever happens, at least in this timeline. He has to escape, kill Iris, live to 2021… and then get killed by himself (his younger self), probably, unless he can change things.

So, somehow using the philosopher’s stone (I don’t have all the details on that front) and sheer force of will, he manages to appear to speedsters in the material world, to use his skills to gain acolytes, to see across the timelines Barry has created (like Flashpoint) and use them against him. Up until the point where he manages to finally escape from the speedforce.

At which point, it’s all going just like he remembers it did, back when he was Barry, when they were one and the same, before he was Barry-S, a remnant.

Originally posted by renesmeeharelds

(Except maybe he doesn’t remember this… Barry is changing things now, after having run to the future. 2024!Barry hadn’t done that, so now we’re in a new timeline).

But to Savitar, Iris was dead before he was created, and he’ll kill her in order to close the loop and ensure he will create himself, become himself. Only this time, he intends to stay free after he does. To not become trapped ever again, and to not die in 2021 when he meets Barry-S, his past self who hasn’t yet been trapped and eroded. 

(Or if he never did kill his older self, maybe he was always sort of free, after, given that it’s his past self that was trapped in the speedforce. But then, the rules of time travel don’t fully apply to him, and to be trapped in there might mean to be trapped at all points in time/existence - past, present, and future. Regardless of what it is, I would not be surprised.).

For the record, you can conceive of all these time jumps as creating slightly different unique timelines, and it’ll still sort of lead you to the same place, but that’s an added layer relative to what the show tried to give us. 

But, that also explains why Barry killing himself now (or failing to create a remnant in the future) won’t necessarily “undo” Savitar as we know him now. The Savitar we know now came from a different timeline, was created already in that timeline, the same way Eobard was a time remnant from another timeline. Eobard died when his ancestor died in the current timeline because his existence was no longer confluent with the current timeline and the speedforce didn’t like it, but Barry-S may have hopped timelines so many times that’s become somewhat irrelevant, especially since he was created from a loop to begin with.

Originally posted by fibu

Final note: how this fits with Flashpoint?

It sort of does and sort of doesn’t. The point is mostly that when Barry mucked up the timeline as much as he did, he created a new timeline in which a different set of events happened than it otherwise would have. Savitar wasn’t an issue before he messed up the timeline, but when he did, he created a timeline in which Savitar and this time loop existed and have always existed. I can’t say exactly why, except maybe as a repercussion from selfish timetravel handed down by the semi-sentient speedforce or else because the existence of Savitar was/is predicated on the existence of multiple timelines that are connected only through the speedforce (philosopher’s stone) so splitting the timeline too much creates problems like him as some mercurial inevitable outcome. 

Either way, way to go Barry. 

Originally posted by ravenclairee