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*throwback to Spacewalker, honestly* @mego42 will understand!

You know, that final scene on the beach is a slow burner. Obviously, I loved it in the moment. But it was so short, and so soft, that it didn’t hit me hard like some of their other scenes. The more I think about it though, the more essential it becomes.

Do I think Bellamy was about to confess his love for Clarke, in a LET’S MAKE OUT way? No. I don’t.

Bellamy was very calm, very mellow. IMO, if he was about to go all out on the romantic front he wouldn’t have been so. He would have been more agitated, more jumpy. (EDIT: THAT BEING SAID, I HAVE JUST FLASHBACKED TO MY LOST DAYS…and IDK why but I always feel like Imma lose friends when I remind the world that I was #Jate for lyf. So suddenly I’m remembering the S3 finale where Jack just turned to her all chill from out of nowhere and shrugged and said ‘Because I love you’ and honestly, maybe we are at a point where a mellow and chill Bellamy just puts it out there like that?? MAYBE WE ARE?)

I think that Bellamy is feeling very fatalistic right now. When Clarke asked him ‘you still have hope’ he gave her what she needed. But 4x04 onwards have really emphasised how tired Bellamy is, and how aware of time running out he is. He’ll keep fighting to keep people alive, but I also think that he believes he - and maybe all of them - will be dead very soon. He expresses this pretty succintly in reference to Octavia. I think he knows, on a level, that Clarke is right. Given time, his relationship with O will heal. But there is no time. He thinks that he is going to die and Octavia is going to hate him.

When Clarke says ‘she’ll see how special you are’ it’s not because she’s pulling him back from a break down. And she’s calm too! Mellow too! She says it because it is how it is. It’s so natural and easy for her to tell Bellamy that he is special.

Bellamy’s long look at her is everything to me. We’ve had moments like this before…I’m specifically thinking of 3x15 and ‘but I trust you.’ So it’s not a shock to Bellamy, really (I think it will always be a little bit of a shock to him just because he is who he is) but coupled with how he’s feeling about O, about their chances…

WHAT’S IN HIS HEAD. Definitely I love this girl. I know, I know…I said I didn’t think he was about to make a big declaration…but LOVE is all over everything Bellarke, and has been for a while. She’s everything to me? She’s special too, and I need her to know that? I couldn’t have survived without her? If I die, I need her to keep fighting and living and to find happiness one day?


And then Clarke just…IMMEDIATELY SHUTS HIM DOWN. And I think there is so much to say here about Bellarke v Clarke’s scene with Niylah. For Clarke, sleeping with and finding comfort in Niylah is a situation without risk. There are no strings attached, it makes her feel better, and also…Niylah is just super nice. So Clarke can touch her, Clarke can show her that affection…

Obviously, Clarke’s relationship with Bellamy is on another level (even if you were to deny romance) and it strikes me how much Bellarke DON’T touch each other. She comes to stand beside him on the beach, and there’s space between them. They even struggle to FACE each other, and dude…that threw me back to 2x16. Clarke looks at him, but HAS to look away. Bellamy looks at her when she isn’t looking. And only when he is about to declare, does he turn his full body to face her.


Because she knows! She knows that he’s trying to say goodbye, and she will not accept that. She nopes out of that like whoa. She won’t even consider it. With Niylah it was a conversation and a request, but with Bellamy it’s just NOPE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT. WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN.

THEY ARE SKATING AROUND IT YOU GUYS. They both know SOMETHING, and they’re both approaching it in different ways.

Clarke can’t face it, can’t think about it, because they WILL survive. But Bellamy is starting to turn the other way…


SS/NH Perspectives

Consider the following: You develop a crush on a boy who is so cute, and handsome, and… wants to avenge the death of his entire family at the hands of his older brother. Okay, you think, you can handle this. Just as long as you stay by his side and support him in his endeavors, nothing bad can happen, right?


He gains a curse from a monstrous individual, displays murderous tendencies, as well as psychotic episodes, and goes as far as declaring siege to your entire village. He calls you “annoying,” knocks you unconscious to make his hasty escape after you open your heart and soul to him, and tries to kill you on a few occasions, leaving you for dead in others. No matter how many times you tell him you love him, he manages to rebuff you in rather cruel ways, not letting you realize that despite him probably meaning the exact opposite, there’s just something in him that doesn’t let him love the way you want him to.

He disappears for three years, and when he comes back, he is groomed into a cold, unfeeling killing machine. All he ever does is make you doubt yourself and cry, adding to your already terrible mental and emotional state from all the neglect at the hands of his indifference to your affections and pleas for him to stay, as a member of Konoha.

But, your luck’s about to change. After an arc of war, and him and your mutual best friend losing an arm, he finally gets the guts to apologize to you for everything he’s done. So what do you do?

Do you remember the three years you two were apart, with neither word nor any sort of indication of his health and safety? Do you remember his blasé and insincere reactions to your attention? The attempts on your life by him?

The attempts on the lives of your closest friends by him? The fact that he betrayed the village you both came from just to satisfy his appetite for vengeance, which, by the way, didn’t change anything except for whether or not his older brother breathed air for one more day?

Haha, no.

You just start crying for the umpteenth time and forgive him because you simply can’t stay mad at your precious childhood crush.

Forget the fact that you can blow boulders to smithereens and send anyone who crosses your path hundreds of feet in the air with one punch. Forget the fact that you’re well on your way to surpassing the Fifth Hokage in medical knowledge, chakra control, and the like, and are considered one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished kunoichi in all of the Six Great Nations. Forget the fact that you deserve the world for everything you’ve so selflessly done for so many people and can absolutely do so much better.

You just have to be with the basket-case who doesn’t know the concept of a decent haircut. What seals the deal is him poking you on the forehead the way his older brother used to do to him.

A brotherly gesture of affection is what wins your heart for good.

So you get married, become a housewife, and give birth to a child left wondering what her father is like for all twelve years of her life, until she decides she’s had enough and seeks him out for herself, since he’s made it his priority to constantly leave on missions far from home and hardly spend much time supporting his wife and daughter.

But wait! At the moment of their encounter, said husband doesn’t even recognize his own daughter due to being away for so long and tries to kill her!

Whoops! [cue sitcom laughter in the background]

NH Perspective Under the Cut

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Expectations

5k words, R rated

It’s the first time Scorpius and Albus have been to the Manor together since they started dating. They can’t help but think about how far they’ve come since they first met, and they also can’t help but take the new-found opportunities that being properly alone together as a couple can offer. 

This was written as a birthday present for the wonderful @abradystrix. Thanks for being an awesome beta, advice-giver, and friend. I hope your day is full of cake and happiness, and that you feel better soon! <3 

My logistical advice-giver and brilliant beta for this one was @bounding-heart.

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anonymous asked:

I'm still a little confused about the whole who Savitar is thing and time remnants and flash point, could you try and explain it if you have time?

It’s complicated in part because it’s discussed in canon as a closed time loop, similar to Eobard’s sort of paradoxical existence / time loop, and our brains don’t do so good with loops (and the Flash canon doesn’t really involve loops, it just pretends that it does, but it makes more sense to conceive of speedster time-travel as more linear and branching).

A simple explanation that I drew from to answer this came from ScreenRant so do check it out. But here’s what I’ve got, to the best of my current understanding.

Originally posted by fyeahgrantgust

First things first: Savitar’s and Cisco’s explanations.

Savitar says that Barry will create time remnants to kill Savitar, and all but one of them will die. That time remnant will be shunned because he’s not the “real” Barry, and moreover, this is after Iris is dead (I assume? It’s implied) so no one is really in an emotional state to be there for a time remnant confused about his own existence. He’s literally Barry, a grieving Barry, one who has lost everything and isolated himself and is all the darkest parts of himself. That’s the Barry who makes the time remnants to fight Savitar, and doesn’t think about the consequences of having one of them survive.

So this time remnant, we’ll call him Barry-S, he’s lost and confused and hurting just as bad as Barry, just as angry, and even worse. He sees that Barry has everything but shuns it: the love and acceptance of the people who he still has left. isolated, Barry-S sort of says “fuck this” and leaves. Presumably, time travels, heads to other dimensions, begins to build his suit, and over time creates this reputation as “the first speedster” for himself. Maybe we can conjecture that at first, he’s training, trying to go up against other speedsters to improve, finding the fastest people across time and dimensions so that he can get fast enough to stop Savitar, to fix all this. He’s still Barry, after all.

But like the parable of the Black Night, this White Night runs through the forest searching for his enemies for so long that his suit of armor becomes muddied and his heart bleak, and becomes what he sought to end and avenge. He slowly realizes his suit is becoming that of Savitar’s, as he builds it, and that his speed is truly becoming unparalleled after all, and what his reputation is becoming as the “God of Motion”. He sees where it’s going, and it grips his (cold, still grieving, bleak and heavy) heart. And he continues. Pushes on. Continues to fight and kill, becoming what ruined him.

Because it’s all he has left. It’s all he ever had. Was this pain, that Barry bore him into the world with. Memories of a life and an Iris that were never his, because they belonged to Barry, and not to Barry-S, not to the mere remnant.

Originally posted by westallengifs

So after… who knows how long. Weeks, centuries, time is totally relative to someone like that, he returns. Returns to 2021. That’s right. Returns to the Barry who created him to wreak his vengeance. Except that doesn’t go exactly as planned.

That Barry is waiting with a trap, the one built by Tracy to deal with Savitar’s suit. So when Barry-S arrives decked out in the suit, and he is trapped in the speedforce. Note that up until he was created, he and Barry had the same memories, so Barry must’ve gone to Tracy after the fiasco with the time remnants “mostly” dying, and likely Savitar ditched shortly after that, only to seemingly return later (to challenge Barry) once the trap was complete. Except it’s Barry-S returning. 

I mean, it’s still “Savitar”, but he’s younger than the Savitar in 2017 who kills Iris. Barry-S hasn’t done that yet. He’s the younger version of Savitar except he’s run into the future, to 2021, to challenge Barry. And maybe it’s Barry-S and not the older Savitar because he kills his older self and takes his place. Maybe he has to, to be strong enough to face Barry, because maybe the older version of Savitar is too tired and weak and scarred after his own temporal loop, after being trapped in the speedforce for so long, and Barry-S needs to take his place and live out their destiny.

So Barry-S challenges Barry in 2021, and Barry-S gets trapped. He’s imprisoned and pissed. And going through hell in the speedforce, trapped inside that prison, likely reliving the moment Iris dies over and over.

Originally posted by calmandcalculating

And inside the speedforce trap, he realizes he has to escape. Maybe he’s eroding, or maybe that hasn’t happened yet. But it will. He has to close the loop in order to exist. It is a time loop, and unless he escapes and kills Iris, none of this ever happens, at least in this timeline. He has to escape, kill Iris, live to 2021… and then get killed by himself (his younger self), probably, unless he can change things.

So, somehow using the philosopher’s stone (I don’t have all the details on that front) and sheer force of will, he manages to appear to speedsters in the material world, to use his skills to gain acolytes, to see across the timelines Barry has created (like Flashpoint) and use them against him. Up until the point where he manages to finally escape from the speedforce.

At which point, it’s all going just like he remembers it did, back when he was Barry, when they were one and the same, before he was Barry-S, a remnant.

Originally posted by renesmeeharelds

(Except maybe he doesn’t remember this… Barry is changing things now, after having run to the future. 2024!Barry hadn’t done that, so now we’re in a new timeline).

But to Savitar, Iris was dead before he was created, and he’ll kill her in order to close the loop and ensure he will create himself, become himself. Only this time, he intends to stay free after he does. To not become trapped ever again, and to not die in 2021 when he meets Barry-S, his past self who hasn’t yet been trapped and eroded. 

(Or if he never did kill his older self, maybe he was always sort of free, after, given that it’s his past self that was trapped in the speedforce. But then, the rules of time travel don’t fully apply to him, and to be trapped in there might mean to be trapped at all points in time/existence - past, present, and future. Regardless of what it is, I would not be surprised.).

For the record, you can conceive of all these time jumps as creating slightly different unique timelines, and it’ll still sort of lead you to the same place, but that’s an added layer relative to what the show tried to give us. 

But, that also explains why Barry killing himself now (or failing to create a remnant in the future) won’t necessarily “undo” Savitar as we know him now. The Savitar we know now came from a different timeline, was created already in that timeline, the same way Eobard was a time remnant from another timeline. Eobard died when his ancestor died in the current timeline because his existence was no longer confluent with the current timeline and the speedforce didn’t like it, but Barry-S may have hopped timelines so many times that’s become somewhat irrelevant, especially since he was created from a loop to begin with.

Originally posted by fibu

Final note: how this fits with Flashpoint?

It sort of does and sort of doesn’t. The point is mostly that when Barry mucked up the timeline as much as he did, he created a new timeline in which a different set of events happened than it otherwise would have. Savitar wasn’t an issue before he messed up the timeline, but when he did, he created a timeline in which Savitar and this time loop existed and have always existed. I can’t say exactly why, except maybe as a repercussion from selfish timetravel handed down by the semi-sentient speedforce or else because the existence of Savitar was/is predicated on the existence of multiple timelines that are connected only through the speedforce (philosopher’s stone) so splitting the timeline too much creates problems like him as some mercurial inevitable outcome. 

Either way, way to go Barry. 

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anonymous asked:

can you please do a really fluffy supercat thingy where mon-el fucks off and Cat just like lives with kara and is really happy because that fuck boy went back to where he belongsssssss (which is hell)

Hi anon, this was such an amazing prompt I got carried away. It’s not exactly “very fluffy” but I hope it’s satisfying enough. I totally enjoyed writing it so let me know if it suits you ♥

CatCo plaza looks oddly unfamiliar ever since Cat left.

It’s like coming into work in a new place, one where she doesn’t exactly belong anymore. Snapper doesn’t like her and she doesn’t like him and even though they apparently respect each other enough, it’s not a work environment she likes.

She drags her feet across the lobby, all the while remembering a time when she was happy to come here. It seems like a lifetime ago and she thinks that maybe it is. The elevator brings her to a floor she knows like the back of her hand and she sighs, clutching to the pumpkin latte she’s bought at Noonan’s before coming here. It’s warm enough for her to drink it but she finds she doesn’t enjoy the taste as much as she used too. It saddens her, really.

Finally, she steps out of the elevator and starts walking across the bullpen. People stop her to say hi and she smiles at each and every single one of those people she used to work with. They’re happy to see her and even more when she remembers their names and has a nice comment for kids or wives or companions, sometimes even pets. She feels conflicted and anxious, torn apart the warm feeling of being truly appreciated and the sad one of not having any place to this micro-universe anymore. She feels like a familiar stranger and she hates it.

Her old desk is still at the same place and it’s empty for now. She notices the new desk computer, the sophisticated phone and the brand new tablet set, ready to be used for work and only waiting for Eve to arrive. She likes Eve Tessmacher, she’s nice and competent enough and she sees a great deal of herself in the young and lovely blond assistant.
At first, they sometimes shared an anecdote of when they used to work for Cat Grant but Kara has put an end to that when she realized it was hurting her. Thinking of Cat always pains her.

She’s about to make her way towards James’s office when she hears an unsettling and familiar noise.

It’s the characteristic deep and low purr of an elevator and the reason she knows the sound is because it’s the private lift Cat used every single day to come into work. The noise becomes louder and louder and the elevator approaches the current floor and she doesn’t even think of using her powers to either look or hear inside. It’s so strange and wrong so she just stands here with her latte getting colder and colder with each passing seconds.

Finally, the lift reaches the floor and the doors open to reveal the one and only Cat Grant, dressed to kill in a black pencil skirt, a white fitting blouse and a designer black and asymmetrical jacket. She’s wearing her Louboutin and a pair of sunglasses that hides almost all of her upper face but the smirk on her lips is smug and proud.

She steps out of the elevator with a sway in her hips that makes Kara’s mouth go dry as she just stares, completely dumbfounded and utterly confused.

“Oh, Kiera. Fancy to see you here, I thought you were a reporter now.” 

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anonymous asked:

This is a genuine question, not meant to be rude at all, but why do some people like Jasper? I just can't bring myself to think anything positive at all about her besides maybe she'd be an interesting character and I like her character design. But she seems to have hurt so many people/gems and have like... few redeeming qualities? Idk I'm just trying to understand! n-n And she's hurt so many characters that I love. Yes thanks if u reply!!

hi there, anon! this has been in my inbox for a while, but it’s time

Let’s Talk About Jasper

(crewniverse art by angie wang)

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anonymous asked:

Uuumm HI!... ssoooo I'v never done a request before so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but here goes, I was wondering if you could do a thing where Qrow, his s/o, young Ruby and young Yang are having a snowball fight and the teams are Qrow and Ruby vs s/o and Yang, while the snowball fight is going on fluffy stuff happens where Qrow hugs and kiss his s/o and the girls are like "ewww cooties!" and maybe they try to rescue s/o XD (sorry if this was awkward XP btw really love your work! :D)

Here you go, I hope it’s satisfactory! 


The world outside was cold and white, but you didn’t care about that. You were bundled up in the softest blanket you could get your hands on, curled into the side of one mister Qrow Branwen. Currently, you were snuggling on the couch of Qrow’s old team mate, Tai. He had left for a mission that would last a few days and said he felt better about leaving if ‘there was a responsible adult and I guess Qrow too’ watching the house and girls. You didn’t mind holding down the fort, the Xiao Long household was nice and cozy. Plus Ruby and Yang didn’t really need much taking care of, so that left you free to enjoy your boyfriend’s company and watch TV. So far, it’s been a pretty peaceful day.

“Uncle Qrow! (Y/n)!” Of course, something always comes along to disrupt the peace. The end of your quiet moment came in the form of Ruby Rose, flopping on the back of the couch between you and Qrow.

Qrow sighs, clearly not entirely happy about his alone time with you being interrupted. “Yeah pipsqueak?”

“I’m bored!”

“I thought you and Yang were playing together?”

“We got tired of video games.” Yang comes down the stairs and brings her hands down on the arm of the couch “Dad said you have to entertain us if we get bored.”

“Well then, firecracker, what did you have in mind?”

Yang crosses her arms to think on an answer, but Ruby immediately springs up, bright smile on her face “We should have a snowball fight!”

“Yeah, let’s go with that!”

“I don’t know, I-“ Qrow starts to object, tightening his grip on your waist.

“I think that sounds fun!” You chime in.

He looks down at you and Ruby claps her hands excitedly “Come on, uncle Qrow, (Y/n) likes the idea!”

“Unless you’re not up for a challenge, old man.” You give your boyfriend a playful poke in the side.

He gives you his ‘I am not old’ pout. Then he smiles, and reaches over to ruffle Ruby’s hair. “Alright, alright, I can’t say no to you.”

You both stand and face the girls. “So, is this a free for all or are there gonna be teams?” You ask.

“Teams!” Ruby decides “And it should be one adult on a team, otherwise it would be unfair!”

“I call (Y/n) being on my team!” Yang shouts, raising her hand.

Qrow raises an eyebrow “What, you got something against your uncle?”

“No, (Y/n)’s just cooler and we’re gonna kick your butts!” Yang intertwines your arms and you both do your best to look tough, which is kind of hard for a twelve year old Yang, but she manages.

“I’m pretty sure Ruby and I will be doing the as-“

“Language!” Ruby blurts out

“-butt kicking in this game. Come on, pipsqueak, let’s show ‘em whose boss.”

“Yeah!” Ruby jumps up and down before grabbing her jacket and sprinting outside.

Once you were all bundled up, you stood on opposite sides of the yard, packing snow into forts to serve as cover.

“All right Yang, you ready?”

“Heck yeah! Let’s show those losers who the kings of the snow are!”  She tightens her grip on the snowball tightly packed in her hand.

“Ready!” Ruby yells

“Aim!” Yang yells back

“Fire!” That last shout from all four of you sets off a flurry of snow flying in both directions.

You feel a snowball whiz by your head and you cast a glare at Qrow before returning fire, pegging him in the shoulder.  

Ruby is hit in the chest by one of Yang’s snowballs, that girl throws with such fury you’re surprised the heat doesn’t melt it midair. Ruby dramatically clutches her chest as if wounded before grinning. Suddenly she’s making and throwing snowballs at a near impossible speed that are very difficult to avoid.

That’s a semblance in development if I’ve ever seen one.

You’re so focused on Ruby’s relentless attack that it takes you a moment to realize Qrow is no longer next to her. You whip your head around to find him and are met with a snowball exploding across your face. You shake your head and wipe the snow from your eyes, glaring at the man crouched in the tree line.

“Qrow’s gone rouge!” You warn Yang. Of course, he’s always preferred an offensive, up close attack strategy.

“Think you can take care of him?” Yang is firing snowball after snowball at her sister, by the look on her face you’d think this was a real battle.

You laugh “Of course, that boy has nothing on me.” You sense another snowball coming from Qrow’s direction, this time you roll out of the way and spring to your feet, making a dash for the tree line. Qrow attempts to meet you half way with two snowballs thrown at your face and chest but you dart to the right. You begin your own game of darting forward to pelt him with a few snowballs before jumping into the trees to avoid his attacks. He runs after you and manages to dodge quite a few of your own attacks; he’s strangely very graceful in a fight.

The battle seems to be in your favor when suddenly you leap onto the next branch only to discover it’s coated in ice. You try and keep your balance but your feet fall out from under you and you plummet to the ground.

Damn bad luck.

There’s no impact though, Qrow swoops in and catches you in his arms. You lay across him propped up by his arm, you’re grateful, but then you see him grin mischievously. You’re confused until suddenly you feel cold snow impact your face and shoved into your shirt.

You squeal “Qrow!”

“I’m afraid you’ve been captured, sweet heart.” He brings his face close to your and leaves a small peck on your lips, still grinning. “Whatever shall you do?”

Laughing, you try and shake the freezing snow out of your shirt, a task made difficult by how close he was holding you “Qrooow, it’s coooold!”

“Well that’s -“

Qrow sputters as a snowball hits him dead in the face.

“Uncle Qrow has abandoned his post and kidnapped the poor (Y/n)! Ruby, I call for a temporary truce so we may rescue them!” Yang has another snowball at the ready and is pointing at Ruby, in full on general mode.

Ruby nods sagely “It goes against everything I know to aid the enemy, but it is my duty to stop a rogue soldier. Attack!”

Qrow drops you and is forced back by the volley of snow being launched at him. You double over in laughter at the sight of your oh so tough boyfriend being beaten back by two kids. He holds his hands up in surrender but the onslaught is only stopped when you can catch your breath long enough to wave your arms and call a cease fire. By that time, Qrow is covered head to toe in white.

“Uncle Qrow, do you surrender!?” Ruby asks, pointing at him and sounding like a leader disciplining her subordinates. It’s a funny sight, a ten year old commanding seasoned hunter year older than her. She pulls it off well though.

Qrow is attempting to wipe the layers of powder from his eyes and face “I surrender, I surrender.” He holds his hands up in mock submission.

Yang pumps her fist in the air “Victory!” she turns to her sister and holds out her hand “Well done, general Rose.”

Ruby takes her hand “Yes, well done, officer Yang. But, uh, aren’t we still enemies?”

Yang grins, a mischievous fire in her eyes. “You know, you’re right.” Yang tightens her grip on Ruby’s hand and drags them both down to the ground where they begin a wrestling match and see who can shove the most snow in the others face.

You watch the girls for a moment before turning back to Qrow, who is still attempting to wipe all the snow from his body. You smile and walk over to him.

“Here.” You start knocking snow of his chest and shoulders.

He sighs “Guess I lost fair and square.”

“I don’t know if I’d call that exactly ‘fair’, but oh yeah, you definitely lost. Though I thank you for so valiantly stopping my fall, even though you then shoved snow down my chest.”

He chuckles and kisses your forehead “Well of course, I’ll always catch you, even if we’re on opposite sides.”

You smile into his chest and feel him shiver. You pull away and take his hand “Come on, I think the girls will be able to entertain themselves for a while, let’s go inside and get you warmed up. The cuddle blanket is still on the couch.”

He lets you lead him toward the front door “That’s the best idea of the day.”

Which Haikyuu!! Character Should You Fight: Tokyo Edition

Kuroo Tetsuro | Who wins: Kuroo
This one is kind of a no-brainer. Kuroo is enormous, so physically he’s probably got a jump on you. There’s also not an once of fear in his body to take advantage of; that’s how he manages to maintain that stupid little smirk in literally every situation imaginable. He’s not an idiot either, although maybe you’ve got a shot if you can get Bokuto to be in the room while it’s happening, because Kuroo becomes about 75% stupider when Bokuto is present. Barring that, though, he’s got you beat on all counts. And why do you want to fight Kuroo, anyway? Kuroo’s a perfectly nice young man who tries to make his childhood best friend feel included in things and gives out volleyball advice to the teams he plays against to make his coach’s lifelong dream come true. There’s really no reason to want to fight Kuroo. Don’t fight Kuroo.

Kenma Kozume | Who wins: N/A
Okay, you’re not going to fight Kenma. If you were to fight Kenma, you would win no problem, because Kenma is a skinny, short little nerd that just wants to sit and play his video games and not be bothered, but you aren’t fighting Kenma. Why? Nobody on Nekoma is going to let you get anywhere near that boy. They love Kenma. You could honestly change the name of the team from the Nekoma Volleyball Club to the Kenma Kozume Protection Squad and maintain perfect accuracy. Remember in the OVA when everyone saw Lev and Kenma with bloody noses? Did they give them equal consideration and check to make sure they were both was okay? No, Kuroo yelled “don’t injure our precious setter” and then fucking decked Lev. Lev’s nose was bleeding too. For all they knew Kenma had just gotten done fucking wrecking him. And yet they still punched an injured moron on the slightest suspicion that he had caused Kenma harm. You’re not getting through that shit. Don’t bother trying to fight Kenma.

Yamamoto Taketora | Who wins: You
Much like when it comes to forming relationships with women, Yamamoto talks about fighting a lot, usually very loudly and enthusiastically, but that doesn’t mean he’s actually any good at it. If you’re a girl it’s not even going to be a contest; the second he lays eyes on you he’ll panic and burst into tears and you can sock him in the jaw and walk away. If you’re a guy or a non-binary folk you may have a slightly harder time, but not by much. Just point to the left and say, “Wow, look, it’s Karasuno’s managers” in a vaguely convincing voice. He’ll be completely distracted and you can knock him out while he’s in a weakened emotional state. Go for it. Fight Yamamoto.

Yaku Morisuke | Who wins: Yaku
What, you think you can beat Yaku because he’s short? Think again. Yaku spends the majority of his day attempting to keep an airheaded giraffe in a lanky half-Russian boy’s body in line. Yaku has more pent up rage than he knows what to do with, and if you willingly present yourself as an outlet for all that shit, you’re dead. Nobody can save you. Also, Yaku is constantly kicking the shit out of Lev, a 6′4″ wall of meat. Lev is an idiot, so this in itself doesn’t really indicate Yaku’s prowess, but the fact that he had the guts to try it in the first place implies that he is completely confident in his abilities to beat up people a foot taller than him. Unless you’re taller than Lev, you don’t stand a chance. If you are taller than Lev, then Yaku is still at an advantage because you probably have a concussion from constantly hitting your head into doorways. Do not fight Yaku.

Haiba Lev | Who wins: You
Lev is tall, but don’t be intimidated. He’s regularly wailed on by someone a foot shorter than him. He has no idea how to use his height to his advantage. I’m pretty sure the only time he’s even aware he’s tall is when volleyball is involved. In a fight won’t know what to do with his extra limb length, so he’s just gonna flail around wildly. That’s not a threat. Also, Lev completely lacks the ability to sense hostility. That’s why he keeps calling Yaku short and telling Yamamoto that he’s the ace. He doesn’t want to piss them off, he just can’t seem to tell they’re mad. What I’m saying is, you could probably get a few good hits in before Lev even realizes that you are fighting him. Also, getting beat up would probably help Lev grow as a person. There’s really no downside. Please fight Lev.

Inuoka Sou | Who wins: You
Okay, like. You can beat Inuoka. You can. You can do it. He’s a pretty small kid and the most that his crazy ass speed is gonna let him do it dodge, and he can’t do that forever. There also isn’t enough anger in him to get him to fully commit to the fight, so you’ve got the mental advantage. So yeah, you can definitely beat Inuoka. But like. Why would you want to. Inuoka is so nice. He’s such a good kid. He’s always all smiley and happy and he makes friends with all his volleyball opponents and he just wants to do good to help his team. There is not a mean bone in Inuoka’s body. Why the fuck would you want to fight him? He didn’t do anything to you. Even if he did, just let him know and he’ll probably bake you a tray of cookies or some shit to apologize. Inuoka is completely pure and does not deserve pain. Don’t fight Inuoka.

Bokuto Koutarou | Who wins: ???
Not gonna lie, Bokuto is a complete wildcard. Whether you can win this depends entirely on what mood he’s in. Are we talking dejected mode Bokuto? If so, he’s already done most of the work himself and you can probably just lightly shove him on the shoulder and he’ll fall into a pile of sadness and defeat. Are we talking really happy, I’m-one-of-the-top-five-aces-Akaashi-look-at-me-being-cool mode Bokuto? You have literally no chance. Maybe you could try to use a line about dead owls or something to make him sad, but even that strategy is risky because you may just end up pissing him off. Basically, you should only attempt to fight Bokuto when he seems particularly despondent and when Akaashi isn’t around to make him feel better. Be careful about fighting Bokuto.

Akaashi Keiji | Who wins: Akaashi
Remember earlier when I said Yaku has more pent up rage than he knows what to do with? That’s still nothing on the amount of pent up rage Akaashi has. Akaashi is pent up rage. That is most of his personality. Now, Akaashi probably doesn’t want to fight you per say - dealing with Bokuto is tiring and he just wants to go home and sleep - but if you insist on making him, he is going to release all of the anger that he builds up from being the primary handler of a literal infant owl. You are going to die and you will have nobody to blame for it but yourself. Love yourself and do not fight Akaashi.

i’m always changing my mind and am never sure exactly what it is i want for kylo and rey narratively speaking but one thing i know i want for sure, however unrealistic, is the very slow and gradual purification of kylo’s feelings for rey. i think where we’re at now is (an admittedly thoughtless) obsession/fixation with her that gradually becomes tempered by a (healthy) curiosity and awe as he sees what she can do. and as a very sentimental person who’s very stuck on this idea i wanna see that obsession become gradually deeper, gentler, and softer. less selfish and demanding. so that very gradually it makes him all of those things too without him even knowing it. i want love to purify kylo ren.

and maybe i’m totally misreading kylo and this entire dynamic and projecting things onto this story that are not and never could be there (i probably am, i am okay?) but i still love this idea so much and no matter what i can’t seem to shake it. because even more than wanting kylo to be loved, i want him to learn to love again. and is that so unrealistic? we know he finds the light beautiful and attractive and that he has his whole life. despite all his best efforts, after all this time, he still feels the pull to the light. forgive me grandfather. i feel it again.

Again. he’s been fighting this battle for a long time and even though darkness seems to have the permanent upper hand in him, it’s truly a never-ending struggle. as a fan of good storytelling in general and great love stories in particular i think it would be so poetic and beautiful to have that struggle re-imagined in a different form in one person. except this time he loses. and he loses because everything he finds beautiful about the light is personified not in an abstract pull of the force but in a seemingly insignificant scavenger girl, real, human and bright. rey isn’t perfect but she is a bundle of contradictions. she is young, female and vulnerable as well as beautiful, fierce and skilled, perfectly capable of wreaking havoc when she wants to. she has a fire in her and a vulnerability. the same qualities kylo has except, whereas in him they have been twisted into something ugly so that they serve darkness, in her they are still relatively clear and straight like an arrow. there is a simplicity and innocence to her that makes her not perfect (as in without fault) but radiant

i don’t know. it makes sense to me that kylo would fall in love with her, really fall, in addition to or on top of or maybe even springing from his obsession and yet wholly different from it. rey is not the type to encourage obsession. in fact the appeal of this ship is that she draws a hard and fast line with what kylo is allowed to do or not do. there would be no swooning or falling at his feet. her presumed definite and total rejection of any potential obsessive advances on kylo’s part could lead to renewed wild obsession to conquer her and capture her so that he could have her for his own or, because it would have nowhere else to grow, it could lead to a purer love that sneaks up on him unexpectedly. it makes sense to me that once aware of it he would try to fight it, desperately, in the battle of his life, and that he would lose. there’s a chance too, however small, that after the battle was over the simple act of loving (not being loved) but just loving her, letting himself love the good and beautiful in her, could change him too even when, maybe even especially when, he knows he has nothing to gain. it would be a very transformative thing, this love, capable of healing kylo from the inside out, capable of restoring gentleness, compassion and light in him because that’s what real, unselfish love does.

 and i’m not saying it wouldn’t be painful or difficult or heartwrenchingly slow or that it wouldn’t be met by all kinds of obstacles because it would. and i would want it to be. suffering, maybe more than the love, is the key to change and redemption and it’s grueling and painful, like a crucible that melts metals down so they can be remade. love makes suffering not only bearable but (dare i say) beautiful too and glorious. suffering that’s been given meaning by love does not lead to hollowness and despair because the suffering is no longer an empty mockery. it’s not pain and misery for the sake of pain and misery but pain for the sake of love. not for what it can give you but because love, true love, makes you want to be a better person. it makes you want to change. what i’m trying to say is that i know that the only path for kylo’s redemption is through a painful and gruesome crucible of fire but i hope and believe that love will not only help him bear it but will become, could become, the driving force that makes him willing to take the plunge.

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I'm in love with your headcanons, could you please do jeanmarco if you don't mind?

Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoy the headcanons; it’s been quite a marathon this weekend! And of course I can do Jeanmarco! (Wow, this got long, so I’m cutting it with a read more!)

  1. Jean and Marco are the definition of the “friends to lovers” trope. Like, the they invented the term; if you look in the trope dictionary, they are in it. They were best friends first, and then slowly, they came to realize that what they felt wasn’t friendship, but something more than that. (And this could fit whatever timeline you want. Did they meet as kids? As teens in the cadet corps? In college? On the street as adults? Really it’s up to you. Just know that they were best friends, then they went through an awkward ‘do I like him?’ stage, and now they’re together.)
  2. Marco sings a lot, just as a natural habit when he’s cleaning or doing some simple task. Jean loves it when Marco sings because his boyfriend has the voice of an angel. Jean will sometimes pause by the bathroom door if he catches Marco singing in the shower, and he’ll stand there and listen for a while. 
  3. They are both huge coffee drinkers, and take a lot of adventures to try new coffee places together. And of course, they take pictures every time they find a new place, and it’s become obligatory that they send snapchats to the squad, mostly to irritate them. 
  4. Jean is naturally cold, and gets cold super easily in the late fall/winter seasons, and Marco’s always quick to offer up his jacket on windy autumn nights or share a scarf when it’s snowing. Jean always tries to protest, says he’s fine, but Marco knows he likes it.

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this is a one time only unpopular opinion (it seems) rant about how unfairly hated daenerys targaryen is and all the reasons why i fucking love her.

okay kids, daenerys is kind of amazing and it baffles me how underrated and unfairly hated she is by a good portion of the fandom. let’s dive right in.

daenerys grew up without both her parents, on the run, with only her abusive older brother and a kindly knight, ser willem darry, by her side to take care of her, but ser willem died when dany was around five years old. she was likely undereducated, having only viserys around to teach her things, even though she grew up in essos she likely only knew what she learned through experience in the free cities. and the only people she knew besides him were those who would take the exiled brother and sister in to use them for their own gain.

with viserys as her only family, dany was not only constantly emotionally and sexually abused, but likely grew up with a warped sense of self, depression, anxiety and ptsd from viserys’ treatment of her and the constant stress of their life on the run. she has never had a real home.

then when the asoiaf series begins, daenerys is literally sold to khal drogo by viserys for his political advancement when she was only thirteen years old - her own brother not caring at all what happens to dany as a result. after their marriage, dany is repeatedly raped by drogo. and now that she living among the dothraki, she has to adapt to and learn an entire new culture and language.

even after dany grows to love drogo and thrives amongst the dothraki, her suffering isn’t over. she is forced to allow the murder of her brother because of his madness and constant cruelty, which even though a wise choice, is still a major loss in daenerys’ life and should not be overlooked. then, dany loses both khal drogo and her unborn child. people always seem to forget the fact that dany lost a child (that she named after her dead brother rhaegar) and just how traumatic and devastating that loss was. not only that, but she finds out she will (probably) never be able to have another child again.

above all, daenerys targaryen is a survivor. she is proof that even those of us who have gone through the worst and most heartbreaking trials can turn their pain into strength and survive it. even though she has been through so much tragedy and cruelty, daenerys does not lose her compassion for others. yes, she shows no mercy to her enemies, but she always protects the ones who need her. dany is constantly protecting and building up other women, the dothraki, and the slaves in the cities she has conquered.

i am so sick and tired of seeing daenerys reduced to a “white savior”. first of all, she had no choice when it came to living in essos, where most people of color in the asoiaf world reside. still, dany never looks down on them, but repeatedly builds them up and protects them, even when she is just a young teen and defends the dothraki from viserys. she frees the slaves in astapor, yunkai and meereen, not because she think she’s better than they are or to control them or take over, but because she cares for them and wants to abolish slavery. without daenerys, all of those people would still be in chains. daenerys sees freedom as the greatest thing in the world because it’s something she never had growing up. the whole “white savior” thing only exists because of george r.r. martin’s decision to make her white, not because of dany’s actual actions - she just wants to free people.

daenerys did face many problems when trying to rule meereen, being so unfamiliar with meereenese customs and traditions - again due to her lack of education she probably knew very little about the slave cities to begin with other than the biased talk she heard while in the free cities. still, daenerys, like she always does, learns through experience. she makes mistakes but always does her best to respect their traditions, even reopening the fighting pits so those men she freed who wished to could fight for honor, even though she was personally against it. all daenerys wants now is to finally go to westeros and take back everything that was stolen from her as a child and find the home she never got to have.

yes, there are things daenerys does that i don’t agree with and are problematic, and i’m not saying that she is perfect. i would just like the fandom to acknowledge all the horror that she has been through in her life and to stop treating her unfairly. people are not perfect, therefore characters can’t be either. a character did something problematic? probably because it was supposed to be a problem, because stories have problems in them. you can love a character and acknowledge their faults at the same time. you can love a character and not condone their choices.

that’s how i feel about daenerys and all of the negatively surrounding her. i love her and i am tired of being made to feel guilty about that. i am so tired of the fandom straight up ignoring her lifetime of abuse and acting like it doesn’t matter, then wondering why she does the things she does as a result of that abuse. daenerys is a survivor. she’s doing the best she can and she is an amazing woman who deserves far better from us.

“this mother of dragons, this breaker of chains, is above all a rescuer.”


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@ your post about Halsey. what did she do????? :O

Well, apparently that post was about how Halsey kissed a 15 year old (keep in mind that she’s 20) the other day (and apparently without her consent) [x]

Although, I can list you all the problematic things she’s done [lol, i like reading everything problematic about celebrities. but i’ve done some of my own snooping when it came to halsey. don’t take me word for word on this. i’m just a very gossipy person who loves reading about how messy celebrities can be]

although she has apologized for some stuff, that doesn’t mean that we should just sweep it under the rug and pretend it never existed. Awareness is important (in my opinion, it is) in order to acknowledge what was problematic and move on

  • created songs that shamed/slut-shamed Taylor Swift [receipts
    • this is what launched her career. y i k e s
  • she used a t slur on twitter and made fun of chris brown/rihanna abusive relationship on twitter (although she has apologized and deleted the tweets since)
  • made a racist problematic comment about edit: toward (arianna grande (apparently, and has deleted it since. not sure about this one. can’t find receipts for it.) [x
  • sent her minions fans to attack a guy on twitter when he pointed out that she lied about being homeless at the age of 16-17 (or some young age). she apparently left home to be with a way much older dude, and then stretched the story into a sob story about how she was a struggling homeless girl  (not sure if this is true or not, but i’ve seen this appear on various websites).
  • she lashes out a lot on social media and plays the victim card a lot (as i’ve come to learn) just to get fans to be sympathetic toward her. I’m not saying that behavior is wrong, it just seems flat out manipulative. She played the victim card a lot and tried to shift the blame onto something else.
  • and she made an insensitive comment relating to a school massacre [x] which she, surprise (deadpan tone), deleted.
    • instances where i’ve seen her lashing out:
      • facebook. when justin bieber’s album came out, apparently she received hate? (or the album did). All i know was that she turned to facebook and wrote something that came off defensive/petty/mean.
        • let’s be real here, if you go on the youtube video of the song she colab’d with justin, you’ll see that she’s the one getting praises. i have yet to see hate.
      • that fight with maggie stiefvater (who is an author of the raven cycle. she, on her own rights, is a problematic author (but i’m not going to get into that). 
        • that twitter fight was just embarrassing in my opinion and you can find receipts of it online.
        • i think both of them are at faults and i refuse to take sides because the entire feud between the two of them were so unnecessary and could have been prevented had the two of them decided to act their age
      • her getting angry that radio stations weren’t playing her songs and lashing out about it at a concert (which is kind of funny when i heard her song pop up on an actual radio right when i watched that video)
      • the one time she lashed out at the guy who questioned why she would say she was homeless.
      • the time people called her out on making fun of taylor, arianna–only for her to say that she loved them (and that they were pretty much reaching for tweets that made her look bad)
      • she’ll lash out if you bring up the haylor songs that launched her career

the problem is that most of her stans/fans keep saying to “give her a break” because she’s “unproblematic” and has “learned a lot since” and that “she was only a kid when she said those things”

but the issue is that half of the problematic things she’s done/said/etc didn’t happen when she was actually a kid. these things happened while she was at a certain age where people generally are more aware.

another problem is that she never really acknowledges her fault, instead always shifting the blame on “not knowing better” and that “she was young at the time” or something else. she’s always shifting the blame.

i honestly wish i knew more, but these are the things i’ve collected over reading websites, youtube, facebook, etc. i don’t hate her. i don’t like her either. her music is okay, but i really do think her fans are kind of toxic (especially with their hive mentality that she’s “such an unproblematic person”). 

I don’t like how half of tumblr stans her because they’re convinced she’s a “PoC feminist”. Honestly, they’re reaching if they think she’s a good feminist role model. 

Every time she does something / says something that’s feminist and positive, she always does something problematic as well. It’s just frustrating that her stans only acknowledge the good things while ignoring the bad/problematic things she’s said/done and then attacks you if you dare bring up how problematic/petty/bad halsey behaved.

Edit: she’s also made a racist tweet about asians, which she has also deleted. 

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Any more boomer headcannons? Thanks ily

YA’LL DO KNOW THAT DIGGER IS MY HUSBAND?  I could talk about him for hours and hours  💖 Golly gosh so thank you for this omg ily2

Originally posted by heartofdevastation

More Captain Boomerang Head Cannons!

(Here is a link to the first set I did in case ya’ll haven’t read them) 💖

  • He is a lot more intelligent than he comes off
  • Like, man is a fucking genius!  How do you think he comes up with all of these robbery plans and never gets caught? 
  • Breaking into some of these places includes WEEKS of planning and preparation!  He has to figure out the best way to evade security guards, how to get past the alarm system (which includes doing some intense computer work/hacking), plus he has to consider the best escape route - He can’t exactly just walk down the street with a giant duffle bag of stolen goodies!
  • Is actually a computer genius
  • Honestly, Digger could probably figure out a way to check his email from an old broken Game boy Advance SP he found in a dumpster
  • Reasons Digger has an email: 1) Sell some of the jewels he steals and needs an email to strike up deals/negotiate payment or swap locations, 2) He has an account so he can buy his goddamn Timtams, 3) To get his monthly news-letter of fan club
  • When he is tired the man will literally fall asleep anywhere
  • Like, one time he fell asleep in a goddamn dumpster while he was hiding from the authorities after he had accidentally triggered the alarm, which is a very rare thing for him to do but his is human baby boy makes mistakes and had to wait it out until the coast was clear
  • He is the kind of dude that will just be sitting on a bench at a public park, the weather nice and JUST right, next thing you know he’s asleep sitting up just sleeping away
  • lets be honest he is always on the move so he hardly gets a REAL good night of sleep so baby is always a little tired
  • Digger totally snores js
  • Probably talks in his sleep too, hell, he fights in his sleep!
  • Say you’re his s/o and ya’ll are all snuggled into bed and he fell into a deep deep sleep, but you were like watching a movie or something so you’re still awake, and all of a sudden you notice him start tossing and turning and breathing a little faster - but you don’t wanna wake him up just yet in case it passes quickly, and then BAM he just starts erratically punching the air in front of him and yelling like he’s in a fist fight… So yea, a sleep fighter omg
  • Will totally wake up his s/o up in the middle of the night for some midnight fun (;
  • Like, even if it is like 4 AM and you’ve been sleeping for hours, his annoying ass will start rubbing your sides and nibbling your neck to wake ya up
  • “Awwh, common now Sheila, play with me I ain’t gettin’ a wink of sleep..”
  • But it’s okay cause he’ll do all the work he just needed permission first 
  • Really likes big block buster action films tbh
  • Face/Off is his all time favorite movie
  • Also really likes Michael Bay movies
  • Pretty much any movie with tits and explosions are his thing lmao
  • Yea, he’s a bit rude but he is an EXCELLENT customer
  • Like, when he goes to eat at a diner late at night (Like a Waffle House or some shit) he’ll just sit quietly and eat his meal and will leave the nice waitress like a $200 tip if he liked the service
  • Probably only has like, 4 outfits, and they the same variation of the same one
  • Really loves his look - Like, the way his facial hair is shaped and his ‘edgy’ hair cut and thinks he is the epitome of cool
  • Like, if he can’t find some place to crash (Like, idk, there aren’t any rooms at the local motel if he is in a smaller town) he’d totally just hook up with some chick at a bar and crash at her place
  • Low-key thinks he could get into anyone’s pants if he really wanted too
  • It would take a REALLY strong and feisty person to ever make a honest man out of Mr. Harkness
  • He doesn’t think he’s worthy of a long term relationship, so he’s sort of a man-whore
  • Like, it’d have to be someone who can keep up with him mentally (Because he is SUPER smart and over analyzes everything) as well as be able to put up with his shit
  • He needs someone who will not be afraid to punch him square in the fucking jaw for being a dickweed but will also be understanding when he didn’t mean to fuck up - there’s a difference between being an intention ass and fucking up
  • Digger needs someone strong spirited and independent but also understanding and sweet
  • Digger needs someone who can take his bitching and moaning without getting their feelings hurt but can also grab him by the balls and tell him to literally shut the fuck up
  • When Digger falls for someone, he falls with every thing he’s got
  • He’ll daydream about that person, in the not so innocent of ways, and imagine what life would be like with them… Ya know, he he could have that type of life 
  • Like I said before in my first round head Boomie head cannons, he regrets his criminal life style and would like nothing more than to give it all away and live a quiet domestic life back in his home country and be at peace
  • He wishes he could just have an good hard working job and make an honest living
  • He wishes he could find that special someone in a normal yet charming way, bumping into them by accident in the street or in college (which he wished he had been able to do), and falling in love and having the cliche yet oh so wonderful experience of giving yourself completely to that person
  • He wishes he could get down on one knee and ask that person, who he would love with all his heart, to marry him and be his forever
  • He wishes he could settle down with that person and be a Father to his own children, a good father - Like the one he never had growing up 
  • He wishes he could have those quiet Sunday mornings where they all eat breakfast together at the table and listen as his children babble and grow to love each other so much
  • He wishes he could change… How he could take it all back and start anew..
  • But he’s made his peace with his life, no matter how much he regrets and woeful thoughts go through his head on some cold nights when he’s alone in some shit motel room surrounded in things he’s not earned but things he’s taken from others
  • He is what he is, he knows what he knows, and he’ll never stop, no matter how much it hurts
Please Remember Me. (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier Imagine)


I was in my Bucky feels today… So this is a result of it. 

I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by strictly-bucky

It was a normal silent night. You were locked away in your room in the Avengers tower since you’ve just returned from a mission. You just got out of a shower and began to braid your hair so that it would come out wavy the next morning. 

There was a knock on your door. “Come in.” You called out and the door opened to reveal none other than Bucky Barnes, one of your closest friends. You smiled at the Winter Soldier through the mirror before focusing back on your hair. “Hey, Buck. How was the tower without me?” You joked. He shrugged without saying anything. That wasn’t normal. When you came back from missions, he’d rush in your room and tell you about how Sam would mess with him. “What’s wrong?” 

He gave you a small smile but the way he stood before you said a completely different story. His was tapping his foot on the wooden flooring, his bottom lip was captured in between his lips, and you can hear how fast he was breathing. 

“I have something to tell you.” He finally said, breaking the silence that was worrying you. “But you have to promise that you won’t be mad or anything.” 

You cocked your head to the side. “What did you break?”

“(Y/N), this is serious.” Bucky told you, firmly, his face going hard. 

You gave a shaky sigh as you secured a hair tie after braiding your hair. “I promise.” You stated. You turned to actually look at him. 

“Okay, I think it’s better if I just show you.” He mumbled before taking your hand and pulling you to your feet. Butterflies erupted in your stomach at the contact. You’ve always had a thing for him ever since he walked in with Captain Rogers. He came from a similar background like you. An assassin. A weapon that someone else used. But unlike Bucky, you weren’t brainwashed. 

Your thoughts were interrupted when Bucky pulled you into a kiss. Did he feel the same way? But on instinct, you pulled away from him. And Bucky got the answer to his question. “Buck-” You began but he started to walk away from you.

“I get it.” He stated, plainly. “No one wants to be with someone as deadly as me. Well sorry that I can’t help that I fell in love with you, (Y/N).” And with that he was out of your room, slamming the door behind him.

That night, everything didn’t feel right. You couldn’t sleep. You just sat on your bed, covered in your blankets and lost in your thoughts. Bucky felt the same way, probably, and you made him feel as if you didn’t reciprocate those feelings. You made up your mind to go talk to him and began to walk towards your door when the alarms blared through the speakers. 

Your eyes widened as you quickly grabbed your gun with its holster and ran out of your room. You ran straight to Bucky’s room which was down the hall but only to find the bed empty. You heard a ruckus that was happening down in the living room areas and you quickly ran to look over the railing. 

Steve was there, shield in hand, and was currently hiding behind a counter. “Buck, don’t do this.” You heard Steve call out. Bucky was having one of his episodes again. Steve looked up at you and nodded. He was giving you permission to shoot. You gave him a sad look before readying yourself. 

You had the gun aimed as Bucky stalked over to Steve and you pulled the trigger. But instead of hearing a dropping body, you heard a the loud clang of metal. Bucky had caught the bullet. 

Without thinking, you put the gun in its holster and jumped off the ledge, into the heart of the fight. You landed on top of Bucky, holding him down to the best of your abilities but with him being stronger, he was able to roll on top of you. 

He had his hands around your neck, choking the air out of your lungs. “Please Remember Me. You croaked out. “James-” You saw black dots appearing in your vision and you hands scrambled around, eventually finding their way to your gun. But with Bucky’s body weight on you, you were unable to pull it out. 

But Cap pushed him off of you and you were able to catch your breath whist their fight. You brought out your gun and again aimed but the shot would be too risky. Cap looked over to you aiming your gun and pushed Bucky away from him. You pulled the trigger, not shooting to kill but shooting to disable. The bullet went through his leg, causing him to double over. 

His eyes looked into yours and darkened even further. You had an idea and it was insane. But you, along with everyone in the building, were desperate. He marched to you angrily as you ran towards him. Once he was in a close enough distance, you jumped on top of him, catching him completely off guard. You grabbed his face and kissed him, expecting him to throw you off. But he didn’t. 

You pulled away to see him calming down and waking up from his murderous trance. “I love you too, Buck.” you said, causing the two of you to smile.

“All this to get the girl.” Cap sighed, obviously tired. “We’ll have some explaining to do to Tony.”

a review: Book of the Atlantic

~read after the jump at your own risk~
Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic
劇場版「黒執事 Book of the Atlantic」

Alright, this post contains very specific spoilers for the new film! 

I’ve watched it twice during the premier weekend. I’m writing this as a personal keepsake for myself, but am allowing others to read, share, and discuss. For the love of all things kuro, read at your own risk!! 

I recommend you bookmark all reviews, and wait to read them until after you watch the movie yourself. 

I promise you it will be worth the wait when you can just enjoy the experience yourself first!!

If you want a tl;dr basic little review, see the first point. If you want to spoil yourself rotten with each and every specific detail that stood out to me in whatever way, skip down to the second point. Your own risk!! 

basic review

The movie was beautifully animated despite having spare brief moments of questionable budget. It moved in a steady pace without feeling too slow or fast, and felt like a creepy thriller. It is packed with violence, gore, and a threat of danger. All of the major scenes and moments that make the Campania arc complete were included in the film, and I loved it enough to watch it multiple times in one weekend. I would watch it a third time in theatres and will definitely preorder the bluray and soundtrack!

a very detailed spoiler review

warning: there are spoilers after this jump & it is a long read. bring tea.

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Would the Haikyuu!! characters survive a zombie AU

oh @hogwartiansworld​, what have you done? ;)

Strap in, people, this is going to hurt.

Also: gore warning.

Dies within the first day

- Yachi: I’m so sorry. Yachi has a hard enough time dealing with the regular world, so when she comes home to find a design assistant feasting on her mother’s corpse, she screams, and shudders, and cries. Her only plan when he turns his attention to her is to hide in the bathroom. It fails miserably.

- Tsukishima: Walking home alone, listening to light j-rock on his headphones, Tsukki can’t shake the eerie feeling of unease. He slows his steps as he comes up to some people in the street. What are they doing? Why are they just standing there? He shrugs, crosses the street and walks on. The beat of his song picks up, but there’s a noise underneath it. Are those… footsteps? He stops and takes off his headphones, but the next moment someone grabs his arm and he feels a sharp pain in his shoulder. The world goes black.

- Bokuto: “Heyhey, what is this? That’s such a neat costume!” Bokuto walks up to the group of weird cosplayers and doesn’t even register Akaashi’s horrified ‘Bokuto-san!’ before it is too late. The poor setter is forced to flee to the sound of spluttering and the cracking of one thick skull.

- Takeda/Ukai: Ukai walks into the teacher’s office after practice to find a bunch of dead people and Takeda cowering in a corner. “Sensei? What the hell happened?” As he walks over, he sees his friend shivering. “Let’s get you out of here,” Ukai says and he lays a hand on his shoulder. When Takeda turns to him, his face is a mask of horror, blue veins bulging on sickly pale skin, eyes fully black and teeth sharp as knives. Ukai has no time to react before they’re on his throat.

- Terushima: This is totally how they do it in the movies, Terushima thinks, as he revs up the chainsaw. He manages to hit three of the undead before the thing screeches to a halt, little bits of bone and guts effectively blocking its mechanism. It was cool while it lasted, he shrugs, as he succumbs to the horde.

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Prince!Woozi AU

I’m so sorry, I know that there are already so many Prince!AUs but I just had to write this!! I don’t know if I’ll do any other Prince!AUs for the other members. Maybe I should just finish my royal servant!seventeen AU

Dt: @kikhwa because you said you wanted me to tag you in ALL my AUs (but I’m not sure if you meant that you wanted to be tagged for only the royal servant!seventeen AU?) and @with-woozi because you made me have major Woozi feels lmao

  • Very strict on the servants and expects the very best out of them
  • But it’s only because he’s under a lot of stress and is constantly pressured by his father to become the best ruler
  • He’s always studying the history of his kingdom and other kingdoms, learning about different cultures and customs and such
  • Basically learns about things that will help him become a better ruler
  • Tends to overwork himself and is always multitasking
  • Never goes out into town because he’s too busy working
  • Whenever officials from other kingdoms make remarks about him or question his capability to run the kingdom he gets SO MAD because honestly he works so hard WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO JUDGE HIM??? THEY’RE JUST A BUNCH OF OLD MEN!!
  • An official from another kingdom once flat-out said that Jihoon wouldn’t make a good leader and so Jihoon just kind of clenched his fists and just went over to the guy and tried to fight him, but was held back by his servants
  • He was scolded by his father and was ordered to control his temper
  • Now whenever someone makes a comment or questions his ability to be a leader, Woozi just kind of brushes it off and makes a comment about the person so casually that the person will be confused as to whether or not Woozi just insulted them (spoiler alert: he did)
  • But since he still has a lot of stress, Jihoon’s advisor suggested he do something to help relieve all the pent-up stress
  • So what Woozi does is he sword fights with the knights (specifically, knight!Jun)
  • He’s actually really good at sword fighting and everyone is surprised because they didn’t expect him to be THAT good
  • But since he’s either working to improve himself or sword fighting he’s tired quite often
  • If you’re a servant then you probably go into his private study to tidy up but then you find Woozi sleeping on the desk, his hand still clutching his pen
  • He looks so exhausted and you know that you should really wake him up, but you don’t
  • Instead, you cover him with your apron (because all of the blankets in the room are dirty and you really don’t have time to go and fetch one from another room) and slightly move his position so that he’s more comfortable
  • Woozi is really surprised and confused when he wakes up and finds your apron around his shoulders, but he sees your name sewn into the inside of the pockets
  • So he spends a good forty minutes walking around the castle, asking all the servants if they know where he can find you
  • Servant!Seungcheol says that he knows you and offers to take Woozi to you
  • Woozi accepts and the two of them go off into one of the castle’s rooms where you’re changing the bedsheets
  • Your back is to them, and Woozi kind of walks to you, ready to just hand over the apron and get it done with because honestly he’s been doing this for 40 minutes now he has other things to do
  • But then you turn around
  • You have a polite smile on your face, and Jihoon is kind of just frozen because the sun is shining through the window and illuminating your figure
  • Jihoon wasn’t prepared for you to look so cute so he’s just red-faced and flustered and he’s stuttering and trying to grasp onto a coherent sentence
  • So he just kind of holds out your apron like “H-here…t-t-t-thanks f-for, uh..I-I..thanks”
  • You’re just like it was no problem and you take your apron back from him and yOUR FinGERS toUCH  and Woozi gets so RED so he turns around and runs out of the room
  • Servant!Seungcheol is kind of jogging next to him with a sly little smirk like I saw what happened back there~you like them~you think they’re purdy~
  • `Woozi is just like NO, I DO NOT! I-It was just hot in that room…that’s all
  • And Seungcheol is still jogging next to him like sure~~you TOTALLY don’t like them~~
  • And Woozi is just like shUT UP! DON’T YOU HAVE WORK TO DO???!?!?!?!
  • There was one time when Woozi ran out of supplies so he had to go down and ask for some and you and Seungcheol were the only ones there
  • So Woozi had to walk up and ask you for supplies and he was really embarrassed but what made it worse was that Seungcheol was standing behind you, wiggling his eyebrows and making kissy faces and being such a grease ball
  • Basically had to bribe Seungcheol to just stOP (and he also may have challenged Seungcheol to a sword fight and scared the dude to death but shhh)
  • Sometimes Woozi will get really depressed because all the pressure and stress is crushing him so he’ll like to take really long and calming walks in the castle garden and he’ll also sometimes sing to himself
  • You were in the gardens one day and saw Woozi walk by and thought he looked a bit lonely so you started to walk next to him without saying anything and looked at the scenery
  • Woozi had to do a double-take and was really surprised like is that really them??? Is it just my imagination??? because he has on more than one occasion imagined that you were taking nice walks with him but he never thought it would actually happen
  • You just look up at him really innocently like “mind if I join you?”
  • And Woozi is really shy and just stutters out that it’s alright
  • And for a while it’s very nice, almost like a date which actually makes Woozi very happy
  • But it’s not as calming as it’s supposed to be because you are so CLOSE to him
  • Your hand is dangerously close to bumping into his and your arms are slightly brushing against his and he can see every detail of you like your very kissable lips, your eyes, your soft skin, it’s just toO MUCh to hANDLe
  • So Woozi has to excuse himself, saying he has work to do, and runs the entire way from the garden to the castle and he’s out of breath and breathing heavily, but it’s not because he was running it’s because !!you!!were!!right!!there!!next!!to!!him!!
  • And servant!Seungcheol somehow managed to get pictures of you and Prince!Woozi which he send to Woozi and the prince turns 50 shades of pink it’s adorable
  • There’s a time where Woozi was just kind of tired while he was working so he rested his head on the table and focused on breathing and he heard someone come in but didn’t move
  • He slightly opens his eyes and sees that it’s you so he just tenses up like !?!?why are they here?!?!
  • You just drape your apron over him and make sure that it’s all snug
  • When you look at him he looks so comfortable and soft and squishy you just can’t resist so you lean down and place a gentle kiss on his forehead and just leave
  • And Woozi just m e l t s
  • Prince!Woozi works really hard to be a good ruler, but all he really wants to do is take nice, romantic walks with you in the garden and hold your hand and place soft kisses on your face. But he’ll continue to work hard because he wants to show you that he can be a great ruler and hopefully you’ll fall in love with his determination and hard work
Summary of HxH ATLA AU so far
  • Killua of the Fire Nation is either from the royal family, or his family is directly related to royalty. Either way, they’re super elite and have a major position of power. The eldest son was originally going to inherit the position as Head of the Family (or Fire Lord), but given his mental state, Silva decided to wait for someone better. When Killua was born and showed that he was better, it was decided that he would be the heir instead.
  • From a young age, Killua was interested in other nations, and read books and scrolls about other cultures and bending. He had a particular fascination with the Water Tribes, how their bending was based on push and pull, yin and yang. Killua especially liked their devotion to the moon spirit, since servants would sometimes remark that his hair was like moonlight. But his interests were discouraged by his family, especially his mother. If he was going to be the heir, he needed to be a pure firebender, and not waste his time learning about other types of bending. But Killua continued studying waterbending in secret, practicing moves he found in some scrolls in the back of his family’s archives and rattling on about it to a select few butlers (Canary, maybe Gotoh). Later on, when he discovers how to lightning bend, he realizes that applying his waterbending knowledge makes his lightning that much stronger because suddenly he’s able to direct the flow of the energy in ways that his family had never realized.
  • Killua once stumbled across some poachers making an illegal trade not too far from his home. A rare saber wolf pup was about to be sold to a traveling circus. Killua did what he did best and snuck in, stole the pup, and took him back home. Not before he unlocked the cages of the rest of the circus animals of course. He named the pup Mike and raised him to be his personal guard dog (and friend).
  • One day, the Fire Sages make contact with him and his family. It’s earlier than normal, since he’s only twelve (like Aang had been), but for reasons not yet known they needed to make the announcement sooner. Killua is the new Avatar. 
  • His family was ecstatic. Their next head of family would also be the Avatar. They could use this to boost their status and take control over boundless lands and peoples, maybe even spirits. Killua, who hadn’t even wanted to be the heir, was completely horrified by this outcome. He realized immediately how his family would use him, so he packed up and attempted to leave. Let’s throw in some more HxH canon here and say that in the process, he injured his mother and brother in the process with his lightning bending. They were trying to stop him from leaving, demanding that he stay and help his family like the heir he should be. Pissed beyond hell, he struck them with lightning, hopped on Mike and got the fuck out.
  • Still, while Killua could run from his family, he couldn’t run from the fact that he was the Avatar. Honestly, he didn’t want that sort of responsibility. It wasn’t his thing, never had been, despite his family prepping him to be a perfect heir. So he drifted, unsure of what he should do or where he should go. He ditched anything that would link him back to his family, because he didn’t want that sort of attention. For a while, he considered going to one of the Water Tribes. After all, he did love the culture. Might as well take advantage of this.
  • During his travels, he comes across an island off the coast of the Earth Kingdom. There aren’t many people on it, just some fisherman, and Killua had just heard that his family had put out a notice for his retrieval. And that his oldest brother was looking for him. So, needing a place to lay low, he stuck around on the island. And ran smack into an obnoxious, dirty, earthbending kid named Gon. They butt heads, probably fight a little, and Killua sees how strong Gon is. This makes Killua respect Gon almost immediately, and after the fight Gon instantly forgives Killua for whatever tiny thing it was and takes him home to his non-bending Aunt Mito. Mito probably recognizes who Killua is, but doesn’t say anything because she never liked the Zoldycks anyways and Killua is better off without them. Killua noticed that she’d given him an extra serving during dinner, but she shrugged it off when he tried to point it out. Killua was very confused, but accepted when they offered him a place to stay for time being. There was enough space for Mike out back.
  • Killua stuck around for a while, genuinely enjoying the warmth of Gon’s household because he’d never known that this is what family should feel like. He and Gon played with Mike, explored the island, and showed each other tricks. Gon showed off his earthbending, but Killua avoided firebending. He wasn’t yet ready for Gon to know who he was, and asking about his firebending would eventually lead to his family and his status as the Avatar. Also, he wanted to enjoy the peace while it lasted. But, eventually, Mito heard the news that the Zoldyck heir was the new Avatar. So, one day, when Gon was out running errands, Mito told Killua that she knew of his heritage the whole time, and asked if he was ever going to pursue being the Avatar. It reminded Killua that he was still being searched for by his family, and that eventually he would bring trouble to the island. So he responded that yeah, he probably should, and that he’d be leaving soon.
  • Gon finds out that Killua is leaving and demands to know why. Out comes the truth, because then maybe Gon won’t want to be friends with Killua anymore and this separation will be easier. Too bad, though, because Gon’s first response is, “Well, you’re going to need an earthbending teacher, aren’t you? I’ll come with you!” Killua is totally flustered by this notion, but relents when Mito grants them her permission for Gon to go. Mito then tells Killua that he would always have a home on this island. Cue feelings.
  • So, they pack what they can carry, grab a boat big enough for Mike and sail onward.