they sap my creativity

So here’s my first Trek Art Nouveau character drawing, and of course it’s Spock. Personally, I really appreciate that Spock is from two different cultures. So much of his story is about finding a balance between these two backgrounds, so that’s what I chose to illustrate here. Above his right shoulder you can see an Earth landscape, and in the corner is the planet Earth. On the left side, it’s a Vulcan landscape with that planet in the other corner. The flowers are larkspur, and according to a flower website I found, they mean ‘beautiful spirit.’ The purple larkspur (which is what this would be if I colored it) also signifies a compassionate personality.

I have plans to do more of these portraits with other TOS characters (probably AOS too eventually) but it might be a while because I’ve been doing some art for my relatives’ upcoming birthdays, so I’m a bit creatively sapped.

can we please kill this myth that “suffering makes an artist better”.

when i can’t get out of bed in the morning, when i don’t shower, when i can’t even look at myself in the mirror, art is the last thing on my mind.

my depression killed my ability to do any art for months. this led to my inability to finish a comic submission by an important deadline, this led to my taking months longer to finish commission work and led to backsliding on my skill. when i suffer, art is the last thing i want to do as stress, anxiety, and depression saps all of my energy - including my creative energy - and i want to do nothing but sit and stare at a wall.

suffering is not creative fuel, it is not a foundation for inspiration, it does not guide us to creative brilliance, creativity does not come from the same room as my deepest pain. creativity comes when i have the freedom to create without having to deal with life’s bullshit.

FFXIVWrite2017: A Summary

So! Here is a compilation of all my entries for this years FFXIVWrite event for 2017. I have divided them by week and by prompt.

Week #1
1. Spectre 2. Synthetic 3. The Twelve 4. Self-editing 5. Prank 6. Identification
7. Broken Leaf

Week #2
8. Shadows 9. Linkpearl 10. Slap 11. Mercy vs. Justice 12. Caste 13. Wounded Animal 14. Wit

Week #3
15. Doppelganger 16. Ceruleum 17. Fate 18. Self-control 19. Battle of Wills 
20. Blending In 21. Wind

Week #4
22. Monster 23. (none/freebie day) 24. Standing In Line 25. Obsolete 26. Sacred 27. Foot in Mouth 28. Rivalry 29. Prophecy 30. Frost

Some Stats!
Most ‘liked’ prompt: Prompt #6 - Identification
Longest prompt: #30 - Frost: 1,244 words
Shortest prompt: #29 - Prophecy: 193 words
Total word count: 16,360
Personal Favorite(s): #4 Self-editing, #5 Prank, #6 Identification, #9 Linkpearl, #11 Mercy vs. Justice, #14 Wit, #15 Doppelganger, #17 Fate, #18 Self-control, #20 Blending In, #22 Monster, #24 Standing in Line, #28 Rivalry & #30 Frost

And now some words under the cut!

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with UBI my wife and I would be able to drop down to ONE JOB EACH, which at this point in our lives is #sounds fake but okay territory. I wouldn't quit working, because I love teaching! It's important! I'd just be able to quit all the other jobs I work on top of teaching that I DON'T love and that sap my energy and creativity. WHAT A CONCEPT.

Like, I’d keep working too, and so would my hubby, because we both like our jobs. But god, wouldn’t it be nice to not have that little niggle of fear at the back of your mind constantly about what would happen if one of you gets hurt or whatever?

thats all folks!!

please and thankyou and what not - im closing my ship requests!!

its been a wild weekend and im bloody knackered but! it was a great time and a good way to celebrate and i hope everyone who got a ship enjoyed it!!!! i tried my damndest!! 

ps. if you sent an ask but havent seen ur thing make sure to check the ship party tag

p.p.s i just counted and ive done like 60??? of them in 3 days?? thats so many drabbles good god im a machine 

Hey, friends. This is kind of a weird thing for me. I’m usually loaded this time of year since it’s festival season, but between the recent car crash, my impending move, and my housemate being laid-off last month, things have been less than ideal on the money front.

I have less $150.00 in my account, and I can’t even afford to pay off the Etsy bill so I can add new listings to my shop.

I’ve set up a shop discount code “WATERBILL” for 30% off all orders over $10.00. 

Thankfully, last week, I listed a bunch of new items, and have several old favorites available, as well - Including the last few jars of my famous tallow lotion! 

I’m also available for Blog Sigils! It’s been a while since I did any of these. My depressive state sapped the creativity from my brain last month, but now that I’ve been feeling better, I’m in the mood to get creative again. Here’s more info on how to get a Blog Sigil of your very own!

If you’re also feeling like helping out, but aren’t too interested in either of the above, a small donation can be sent to Please allow me to know if you’re interested in receiving a thank you message from my rag-tag family here at the Mini-Farm so we can share our gratitude during this time. 

We’re happy, healthy, but poor as bones, and just need a little something to get us through until October. My housemate already has a temporary gig, and is working hard to pay off what he owes me. I likewise have several new items to list in my shop as soon as I can afford to. We aren’t at risk of losing the house or starving any time soon. But it’s going to take some time as we work to get ourselves back on solid footing, and until then, anything is greatly appreciated. <3

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Hey Liam! I was thinking about you this afternoon. You haven't posted a video to your change in a really long time. I'm sure you're working on other great things. I guess I just wanted to tell you that a random stranger thought of you today and wishes you the best in what ever you might need a well wisher!

Thank you! This is so nice of you to say - and the same goes for the few messages like this I get from folks every now and then, that I’ve been unable to figure out how to respond to. This one struck a chord, I guess.

I wish I could say from the bottom of my heart that I’m working on “other great things”; I probably owe it to all of you to say I’ve been locked away, working tirelessly on a short film, or music release, or book (lol). The reality is I’m stuck in a bit of a creative purgatory! And I don’t feel good about it!

It’s a funk that has kind of manifested itself over the past couple of years from a mix of mental health issues and work commitments (also honestly, a nagging something that feels a lot like dwindling support from friends and fellow creators). I have a full time job writing content and making video for this site; which is a lot of fun but definitely saps my creative energy for personal projects. Not to mention it’s all YouTube, all day - and when I get home I just can’t be bothered with it. Not to mention the current climate of YouTube feels very unwelcoming to all but a few very successful creators.

I don’t feel like I’m “done”, but this is definitely a lull that I know will be hard to recover from in such a fast-moving environment. When I figure out how to adapt and decide the right direction to take my channel/projects, you’ll be the first to know. x

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word prompt: criminal

(Sorry I was drabble-less yesterday, guys! I had been creatively sapped. Here we go!)

Drabble Challenge [Closed]

“Oh my god, oh my god …”

Shut up, Pine Tree.”

“Bill, if that cop sees you in the front seat without a license, he’s going to give us a ticket. We can’t afford that!”

Bill bit his lip, tapping the driver’s wheel with his fingertips as he pulled the car over. The cop’s sirens were still wailing. Dipper hid his face in his hands, too panicked to think. This was just supposed to be a practice drive!

“Pine Tree, switch seats with me.”


“Just do it.”

Dipper didn’t have time to think before Bill undid his own seatbelt and squirmed into the passenger seat. He was practically kicked into the driver’s seat and was barely able to put his seatbelt on before the cop appeared at his window.

“G-good afternoon, officer,” he said with a twitching smile. The cop was frowning, eyes hidden behind aviator shades. “Something I could do for you?”

“Yeah. I’d like to see your friend’s license and registration.”

Bill’s face flushed bright red. Dipper groaned, thumping his head on the wheel.