they said what everyone wants to say lmao

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Yesterday someone was on ur Tumblr and seen what I said ab wanting abelena to break up && now everyone hates me that girl Catherine from jelena obsession seem it lmao - don't say anything or they will cry ab it 😂😂


* Okay so

* The response to the idea of Integritale has been sort of overwhelmingly positive which honestly took me 100% by surprise.

* I just want to say a huge thank you to all the supportive words I’ve received about it. Having anxiety, I actually kind of live with a thought that either everyone will negatively judge me or no one actually cares much for me and what I think, so really, this blog has been ridiculously therapeutic for me thus far and it’s all because of you people.

* I just hope I won’t disappoint lmao.

* As I believe I’ve already said on the Integritale page description, but will say it again because boy I sure do love keeping people informed; I am taking the next few days off comics to work on a big-ish project for someone, and then I’ll move right back to the regular content! <:

* Here is the huge thank you;

* Nyehfully yours,

* -Jim

“max and chloe didn’t kiss in everyone’s playthrough so that means there’s a chance that max might choose warren”

max has said repeatedly in her diary that she isn’t romantically interested in warren and sees him as a brother and she expresses her disgust quite clearly when dana said that warren fancies her. she literally put “Ew.” about it lmao. anyways saying that pricefield and grahamfield are rivals is bullshit, i mean with that information grahamfield ain’t gonna happen, like it’s more likely for a fucking ot3 with max, frank and his motherfucking beans. ship what you want but just don’t spend misinformation about the goddamn game

* I want to thank to everyone who sent in positive messages on the topic of their love and support for this blog, as I said before I don’t usually respond to those asks because I like to keep them in my inbox but I still want to say thanks <:

* Now to answer some other asks in a bulk;

* Now there is two of us. We can start a banana haters club.

* I just really wanna mention how grateful I am that everyone is accepting of the BR in the BROTP and the ‘platonic’ in the ‘platonic love’ when it comes to “”Jimpyrus”” lmao

* I’m really glad to hear your sister likes what I do!

* Aren’t I glad I go with my intuition though. When I started this blog I decided to refrain from my usual fairly frequent swearing for no particular reason, and now every time someone tells me that their little sibling enjoys this blog I’m internally just like “Oh thank god I made that decision” lmao

* But yeah, this blog is safe in general and will remain safe, with some censored words in Integritale because… well that’s me in that comic and some words come naturally lmao

* I’ll let my brother know you like it!

* And omg I love the Cheers theme?? Now I can’t unhear this!

oh my god my english professor was talking about interpretations and opinions of literature, and he was trying to make a comparison, but…. “they’re like assholes, ok, everyone has one”