they said its better we do it different

I’ve been thinking about us a lot lately. You and I are so different. In many ways. You know I don’t believe in better halves or nonsense like that. I think its fucked up. I think we want different things. Not deep down. Well maybe in some things deep down, but not in what’s important, right? I mean, we’re different but we complement each other. And I don’t know why but something joins me to you. An invisible bond.. and i take it everywhere i go. And it gives meaning to what I do, to things, to everything. I know I hurt you. Forgive me. I know I said I wasn’t going to apologize because I feel guilty but I don’t care. If it makes you realize how much I need you, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
Some things will never change. I’ll always have a hard time telling you what I’m feeling because I think you already know what I’m feeling. That you always know what I’m feeling just by looking at me. That’s why I don’t always tell you that I love you because I figure you already know. But then I realize that its not the same to know something as hearing someone tell you. I need to tell you I love you more often. I love you. I love you so much. Life seems so gray when you’re not around to make me laugh.
—  10,000 KM

In the gloom of the night, when the sunlight reaches its first rays in the morning, there is a male red fox, sitting on the steps of his apartment complex, hunched over himself, shoulders drooping while his arms leans on his knees, glimpsing everything around him, alert to any change, waiting for the moment when he can see his bunny, this fox, can’t be other than Nick Wilde.

Nick: -“It’s about dawn, she called saying she’d be here soon but …¡that was an hour ago! ¿What is she supposed to be doing? Ughh … I said to buffalo butt that we shouldn’t separate, he knows we work better together, why would he think we should be on different missions? ¿What if she gets hurt? ”-

Look at the clock on his phone, the time keeps ticking and there are no signs of she, he decide then it’s time to go get she.

Nick: -“Calm down Wilde… probably she got stuck in the precinct; Bogo must have asked him to fill out her report on the mission.” -

Sinking in his thoughts, he doesn’t notice the sound of small, swift footsteps approaching, until they are close enough for his fox ears to catch the sound; pulling him out of his trance, turns around looking for the image he is so eager to see, and there is it, a figure of fluffy gray and navy blue in the distance, moving quickly toward him.

Nick: - “Is she?” He asks himself, but before answering, the night breeze blowing slightly around him, allows him to catch her scent from a distance. -“it’s her!”-

¡JUDY! - He exclaims, jumping up, running toward her, stretching out his arms in an invitation to the warmth of his chest. Finally, he feel his heart relax.

Nick: - “she’s here, she’s safe, she seems to limps a little on her leg, but she’s here” -

Despite the visible injury on her left leg, it doesn’t stop her from leaping forward into the arms of her fox.

¡NICK! - exclaims the rabbit, none other than Judy Hopps, the first official rabbit. Agile legs impatiently surround the reddish collar of his fox, imprisoning the blue of his shirt on his paws, fearing that if he let it go, it would disappear.

Judy: - “He’s here! Chief bogo told me that his mission had been dangerous, but he is here, ¡All! Tail, ears, head, paws … everything is here, maybe just a few cuts.

The fox and the rabbit wrap themselves in a tight embrace, wrapping their arms around her, feeling the warmth of the other’s body, their combined scent, mixed with the tranquility and peace that entails being in the arms of their mate, They separate a second to be directly in the eyes, without preamble, quickly press their red muzzle to the soft white of her, and there, that moment in which nothing matters, everything else around disappears, may need to go to the hospital later, Maybe take a bath and change uniforms, but for now at this time, both know that everything is perfect and that’s the only thing that matters…

macencheeze  asked:

How do you, as a medical professional, explain your use of other forms of healing instead of typical western medicine? I do not ask this to criticize. Never that. I'm curious. I understand holistic medicines and do believe in it. But I will admit that using crystals and other things like the shamanic healing thing you just posted about is a little far from my understanding. Had you exhausted all forms of medical help? Or just prefer holistic type of healing over that?

I don’t take it as criticism at all! Plus I know you well enough to know that you are not ill-intentioned.

My answer is probably as complex as the various issues I’m dealing with, which if I shared fully here would seem “crazy” to a fair portion of people.

I am a woman of science in many ways. I take great pride and am endlessly inquisitive about the human body. My goodness,is it complex. The study is never-ending. And also not perfect - things we believed about medicine 100 years ago are very different now. Evidence-based practice is something I take very seriously.

That being said, there is so much that we do that is either insufficient or incomplete or downright stupid. Western medicine, with its many strengths, often is problem-focused rather than patient-focused. Many of our treatments are literal and figurative band-aids, that “fix” the issue temporarily but do not heal. It suits a culture that also wants quick fixes. We throw medication at SO many conditions that are much better healed with other methods. Changing the way you eat can literally reverse certain medical conditions. But it’s hard. So we reach for quicker and “easier” fixes. (I say “easier” because in the long run it is often ultimately harder on the body).

As for my own personal healing. I am a student. I have tried so many different ways of healing and will continue to do so. Particularly when it comes to the soul and the psyche, western medicine is entirely incomplete. It has been incomplete not only to me personally for years, but so many others. I have heard voices before - does that make me crazy? Some would say yes. But the more I live and experience, the more I kind of don’t believe in the word “crazy”. Some shamanic practices have been healing people for thousands of years. I’ve had experiences I can’t explain or even have the right words for. I’m not cured, but I also kind of don’t believe in “cured” either. I know there is a mind-body connection. Even that has been proven scientifically. Why wouldn’t I try to use other healing methods? It doesn’t make sense NOT to.

I feel like I’m doing a bad job explaining this. I guess my point is that I’m grateful to use anything that might contribute to healing. Listen, if I break my leg in a car accident, I’m not going to lay my crystals on it and light some sage. Those aren’t the tools for that job. But if I have a crack in my soul, I’m going to consult an expert if I have access to one. I’m lucky that I do. I’ll talk about today’s treatment in a different post, but I needed something that western medicine couldn’t give me today. And I got it. At least, I got *something* out of it. It’s a journey, my friend. Thank you for the question.

ghostofsashajansen  asked:

How do you respond in a polite yet incisive way, to wannabe Nostradamuses who after hearing that you don't want kids, smirk patronizingly and say "aww, you'll change your mind/ you're too young to know what you want/ you're just saying that now?" I'm tempted to stick two fingers up and ask them if they have next month's lottery numbers too, but I want to remain civil to spare my family/ hosts any discomfort. What should I say?

I had a horrendous encounter once with a relative’s new boyfriend. He had Much To Say on the matter of my life choices (whilst sitting in my house, no less, drinking my tea) and I have to admit that I sat pretty silent and fuming, for the sake of the relative, who was present - and who was already very touchy on the subject of the questionable new boyfriend.

Then my mum (who is magnificent) said: “Well, we all want different things out of life.”

Boom. Job done. 

Conversation over.

Because how can you argue with that? It’s a truth we all hold dearly. Not even the most pig-headed idiot can argue, “No, we don’t! We all want exactly the same!” No more was said on the matter, and the topic was deftly changed. Even better, the guy kept his opinions on everything in check for the rest of the visit - because my mum had called him out, brilliantly, in the mildest and most wonderful of ways.

When you’re young, that little beauty of a line will be even more effective - because of its startling maturity. 

The helpful Nostradamus has no option but to argue with you that yes, actually, we all do want different things out of life… and their argument withers up on the vine. It seems to make people realise they were being a bit blunt and obtuse. Suddenly they look like the immature one, harping on like we’re all the same, while you sit there, polite and smiling, content in your choices and wishing them well in theirs.

It’s a miracle of a response.

Honestly, try it - and let me know how it goes.

Does anyone else have any advice? This is always a tricky issue, and the more ideas, the better.

Knock-Knock Joke, Alice Isn't Dead (Part 2, Chapter 3: Abandoned Places)


Who’s there?

Interrupting cow.

Interupting… cow… who? …Hello?

Pastures cut through by water and windbreaks, but otherwise its unbroken grass for a long time now, but who said different was important, or good? Who said we needed things to be untedious, who are we to expect better from a world that isn’t, who are we? Does anyone know? Has anyone checked on that? *exhale* Okay.

Are you still the-?


Double Trouble Reunion, part 5

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

universe: Double Trouble universe (Steve and Tony, T2 and S2)

summary: While it seems that everything is going perfect, the truth about each other has to be revealed and change everything

length: 7 762 words

a/n: I am pulling a risky move here, and I hope you won’t kill me, hah! remember that likes and feedback make me happy, and I am very curious what you think about this chapter!


Double Trouble Reunion, part 5

It was funny, how easily a person could adjust to a new situation. From a couple, they became a threesome. From a threesome, a foursome. It was a good, satisfying experience, as they all experienced new boundaries, discovered things they never thought about before and enjoyed a whole lot of exciting opportunities.

There were definitely more advantages than drawbacks, and that was why, Tony often wondered why he had problems when T2 had fell out of the portal for the first time, many months ago. Back then, there were many feelings battling in him, many he couldn’t name anymore, or just didn’t want to admit to having them, and it all didn’t seem to matter in the new situation. He never in his life expected to have three people loving him in a way Steves and T2 did. It was something great, something that made him indescribably happy.

That was why he became so indescribably sad, when he woke up in an empty bed.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about the whole Alex Tizon article? I've been seeing a lot of antiblackness explicitly and implicitly because we're not Filipino and it's not our culture. I think the implicit side is more insidious bc ppl are saying our outrage is "performative" and that Tizon is dead so what he did or didn't do doesn't matter. What do you think about all this? I love your thought and blog!

Hi anon!  Thanks for your questions and your compliments!

I apologize for any wait.  I am still going through my inbox. 

As a preface I want to say that I am not trying to condemn Filipinos or guilt them into feeling any kind of way.  I can only speak for myself as a slave descended black person from the U.S. where slavery was the law of the land for over 400 years and directly relates to how my people are treated today. 

Alright so I definitely read that article and I felt disgust.  From what I have read other people, from a variety of backgrounds, have had the same negative reaction that I had.  We might not be Filipino but slavery is not a purely Filipino *crime*, especially when much of the slavery took place on U.S. soil.  That kind of exploitation takes place all over the world  Also, “My Family’s Slave” is an article tailored for Western audiences, so of course that will be a part of the context.  People need to remember that.  You can’t put things up for public consumption and then be upset what the public has a reaction.  And it is *ridiculous* to try to blame black people for the actions of white people and say we oppressed Filipinos in order to deflect from our criticism. 

I really do dislike the claim that our anger is performative, it shows a lack of even basic knowledge about us as people (and despite what people on the “U.S. centrism” bandwagon like to claim, you should at least try to know about minorities in the U.S. before you tell us what we do and don’t relate to).  And what he did *does* matter no matter whether he is alive or dead (remember, repercussions of enslaving another person can last generations).

No one’s trying to censor it or dissect Filipino culture, they’re reacting to the godawful dehumanization of Eudocia (and many like her) *and* the fact that was who we were not too long ago over here.  People also make the mistake of equating us to white people; white outrage might be performative because they’re terrible at even recognizing the harm U.S. slavery did to us, so the fact that they suddenly care about slavery *now*?  Yeah that’s potentially problematic.  But people who defend Tizon and his family have a habit of using our enslavement as a gotcha against “Westerners”.  They act under the assumption that we only have U.S. slavery as a frame of reference when their system is different.  Which again is odd because I rarely if ever see those people recognize anti-blackness or slavery at all (and it ignores that there is slavery all over the world) in any other context and many even complain because they think that history of slavery gives us special protections. Anyone who isn’t a slave descended black person using the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade like that needs to stop.  

Here’s the thing, people don’t seem to understand *why* so many black people have been downright negative towards that article and I think it is because so many people really don’t relate to us as people with a past instead of tools to direct as they see fit.  But that is another issue for a different post.  People who don’t have a collective past of dehumanization and enslavement don’t understand.  For them, this “employment” is for people of a specific caste level and that they’re being done a favor.  For *us* its seeing how our great grandparents were treated…but in 2017.  And when someone’s excuses read, word for word, exactly like an antebellum slave owner in the U.S. there is a problem and it isn’t *us*.  We don’t buy the justifications, not because we don’t respect Filipinos, but because we’ve heard them before, a thousand times!  And when your history consists of millions of Eudocia’s, worked to death in some slaver’s home, raising those children while never being able to see their own?  It gets even more complicated.  When we see Eudocia, we see our ancestors, and the solidarity comes with the knowledge that if both groups (white slavers, people like Tizons) had their way…we’d both stay on that lower rung, being told “at least you have food and a roof over your head, we can’t live our American Dream unless we can take yours”.  

People also don’t understand what that kind of dehumanization does to a person, to their family.  Black people in the U.S. are *still* navigating through the consequences of our enslavement that ended at least 100 years ago, because that dehumanization formed a caste system, it decided what care we receive, what jobs we can get, how much money we can earn and where we can live.  It decides whether or not killing us even counts as a murder; and stealing our organs because “no one would notice anyways” is about as dehumanizing as putting a woman’s ashes in Tupperware and giving her back to her family 5 years after she died and being surprised that someone cared about her in the first place.  They don’t realize that when they wonder why we’re upset.

Also, there seems to be this idea that oppression and dehumanization is okay as long as the perpetrators aren’t white, which feeds into a lot of how we are treated as black people so we kind of see through that cultural relativism when it is used against other people. It never fails, “You can’t call this out because they’re not white!”   Is it okay because the Tizon family wasn’t *white* by U.S. standards?  If they raided an entire town and took Eudocia and her entire family and exploited them for multiple generations, would that be problematic enough then, since apparently doing it to Eudocia wasn’t enough on its own?  Or is it because she’s such a non-human to people that we all should be thankful she was at least a slave?  When is slavery okay and when is it a problem?  Is it only a problem when people can be performative about it? 

I know I said this is better addressed on a different post but I can also say that people can’t be selective on what black people are allowed to be outraged about.  It can’t be “white people exploit us as maids, be mad about that” and then “be okay with literal slavery despite your past as a people because its *us* doing the slaving*.  We aren’t tools that can be directed and redirected as they see fit, we are human beings with a particular experience and we are allowed to dislike slavery no matter the context.  If they don’t like that then they should be more respectful of us and our history. 

Finally…I see that very few people talk about * Eudocia* and her family.  Its like she’s a “non-entity” and the only people that matter are her former “employers”.  Its verbatim how people talk about slavery now.  No one is asking how she lived 56 years in that household as a slave, no one is asking about the toll on her family, about how they felt when they receive those ashes in such a dehumanizing in unceremonious way.  Black people identify with her because, again, not too long ago, those were our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, ancestors, and sometimes even mothers. But everyone else seems to only care about the impact on Tizon or how it makes *higher* Filipinos look, when that should be the least of their concern. 

It is a *sad* day when social justice says that we should be okay with the dehumanization and enslavement of a woman because her slavers wanted to live “the American Dream”, something Eudocia will *never* get the opportunity to hope for.  I don’t care about Tizon’s guilt when he had YEARS to free that woman, anymore than I care for the white slavers who had generations to free their slaves but chose comfort and their caste system over someone else’s humanity. 

switch-up-snowfox  asked:

i don't think it's a good thing for the characters even when you take it into a cultural prospective. akira's parent's seem to want nothing to do with him due to his criminal record, we already mentioned ryuji's dad, and the less said about goro and haru's parent's the better, but "i have a busy job" eventually stops becoming an excuse. hell, persona 4 showed how that mentality put a strain on nanako and dojima's relationship.

Different strokes for different folks I guess? It’s definitely shown as negative but as the game follows these characters around it would make sense that that’s what we would get.

Maybe Japan’s changing with time maybe not, but currently I guess that’s how it goes.

anonymous asked:

But WILL there eventually ways to edit our blog pages, similar to how it is on Tumblr? Or, maybe even being able to add things like custom mouses or shimejis to our pages? I feel like its a bit limiting in how you can express individuality with pages.. Even if we can't do custom codes, at least allowing is a handful of different options would at least be better than one default look, right? Considering what you said reminds me on how Deviant art works with their widgets and pages.. More or less.

Part of why we wanted to adhere to one uniform look is for accessibility.

Of course, the site is open source, so if there is a high enough demand for altering it, users can feel free to create plugins to override our settings for how a user page looks. However, we want people to at least try the site first!

To put it flatly: we don’t have any plans to implement full customization of user pages, but we will have small tweaks that can be made. If users really want to do full customization, they’ll have to create a plugin for it themselves.

TW: audism

So today I confided in my best friend (hearing) about how I was feeling. Those who don’t know, I’m thinking about not doing TESOL (Teaching English as a Second or Other Language) as a degree, because I feel like I won’t make a good teacher (I’m not saying deaf people can’t do this, everyone’s hearing loss is different and we all have different experiences. For me, I can’t say/hear a lot of letter sounds, so all in all, I feel like I won’t make a good teacher. It’s just my own feelings. I know my own limitations and my own limitations don’t affect every deaf person)

Expecting support from a best friend, I was incredibly wrong. Here’s just a few of the things he said:

  • “hearing impaired” this, “hearing impaired” that (even after I asked him not to call me impaired)
  • “I feel like people who are like, in wheelchairs have it harder than you, like they can still get a job, so”
  • “You just need to change your way of thinking”
  • “You’re being stubborn”
  • “You know, I have it hard too, when I work in cash office, all that money is on me, I’m responsible for it all” (after I explained that even if I did get a job teaching, the responsibility of teaching kids to speak English when I can’t even hear a lot of English would be too much for me)
  • “So like, my friend is doing skin care and beauty, and she didn’t think she was clever enough at science, but she is, and she’s doing it so I think you just need to be more positive, if she can do it, so can you” 
  • “Yeah but hearing aids exist now”
  • “You can hear me talking right now?”
  • “There’s a hearing impaired girl at work and she’s doing just fine”
  • “I can’t believe how stubborn you’re being”
  • “It’s not your hearing loss stopping you, it’s you” (after I explained that being deaf is a physical limitation that I can’t change)
  • (After I explained that even my ToD told me that it’s unlikely that I would be able to hear second language students clearly enough to assess them) “don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do” (ironic, seeing as he’s telling me what I “can” do)
  • “Yeah but sometimes I can’t hear what someone said so you can’t claim it’s that bad, sometimes I can’t hear people if it’s loud at work but I get on just fine”
  • “People out there have it worse than you”
  • “Yeah but what have you got to lose if you actually do this course?” (um, time and money, since I could just do something more practical instead like Deaf studies and Sign Language, another interest of mine)
  • “I think your hearing got better, not worse” (thanks, mr sudden audiologist)

And that’s just some of what he said. I’m so hurt that everyone is reacting badly to this. I know my own limitations and it’s my own conscious decision to not do teaching. I’m tired of hearing people thinking they know everything when in fact, they know nothing. Every deaf person is different and we all have different struggles. If a deaf person tells you they can’t do something, just believe them. They know better than you do. 

anonymous asked:

Some dragon-person au's? :D

  • i know that dragons hoarding shit is like the number one cliche but seriously dude what is all this shit? It’s just mountains of coins and broken necklaces and junk and–oh is that a picture of me?
    • i knew hoarding golden colored objects was one thing but all of our memory trinkets and pictures too? that’s…really kind of sweet…..this place is still a mess though
  • you caught the hiccups and apparently you cough up some smoke every time you do and im trying really hard not to laugh but dude thats super cute
  • the heat doesnt bother you so you typically wear long sleeves and such, but you finally took of your shirt one day and you actually have a ton of scales all over your body and its sick as shit. they’re shiny and different colors and so amazing omg i could stare at you for hours
    • bonus: using said scales as a basis for those late night back painting sessions in bed
  • i shouldve known better than to kiss a fire breathing machine, we got to french for a good five seconds before my tongue and lips felt like they were dipped in lava—OW OW OKAY EASY WITH THE ICE PACK
  • people know about vampire bites and werewolf bites but what happens when a dragon bites you huh? breathe fire? turn into one yourself? grow some scales? no, it hurts like shit and you dont even get the cool side effects, fuck man this was all for nothing
    • at least it was kinda hot
  • your body is so goddamn hot things could literally melt in your arms, including me and this scientific pick up line, hey how you doin’
  • im a childrens book writer and you really hate fairy tales because they always make your ‘people’ out as the evil villains when in reality you say all they wanted was to protect the princess from random guys coming in and taking them for marriage

Sadly your amazing swim with your mate didn’t end in excellent conversation. He had told you of his mother’s tragic ending, and how his human father had treated him. How he had been pushed so far he took the wolf’s bite.

Needless to say neither of you were in the mood to consummate the mating. So you just floated in the secluded area of the beach, entangling your fin with his in comfort.

‘So…we’re mates now.’ Kau said awkwardly.

‘Yeah, your name was the one to come to my mind when I came of age, and mine must have come to yours.’ you said.

‘It was, so how are we going to do this?’ he asked.

‘How ever you like, if you wish to go back I will go with you; if you want to stay then I will stay with you.’ you said.

‘You are willing to just…leave everything you know for me?’ he asked.

‘I am, you are the only one for me, and I will do whatever it takes to be with you.’ you promised.

‘I can’t leave, I got attached to these people.’ he said.

‘Then I will stay, it will take me a while to get used to these humans and their ways, but if you can do it I can do it better. Just like when we small.’ you smiled.

‘You were only a better hunter.’ he laughed.

‘Faster swimmer, better gatherer, better diver an collector.’ you giggled.

‘OK fine you were better at some things, but here its different. Its about more than just surviving and staying hidden.’ your mate said seriously.

‘Then you will teach me.’ you said.


‘This is amazing.’ you said at yet another piece of technology was shown to you.

‘It’s a laptop. you’ve seriously never seen one of these?’ the human with the amazing box, Stiles his name was, said.

‘Never.’ you said as you poked at the buttons.

‘Um Isaac, where did you say (Y/N) was from?’ Shark jaw, Scott, asked.

‘Alaska, but she was Amish. Met her while I was a foreign exchange student in sixth grade.’ Kau, AKA Isaac said.

‘Right anyway, did you hear about the Biology assignment? Everyone is talking about it.’ one of the girls, Lydia brought up.

‘Yeah, but no one is giving any specifics other than its super fun.’ Allison said.

‘Well we all have biology now so I guess we’ll find out.’ Stiles said as he put away the “laptop” back in his back pack before we all headed into class.

We all took notice of the large box covered by a white sheet.

‘I see you all looking, and I’m sure you have all heard that this is gonna be a fun day. Today we will be working with actual living things.’ the teacher said proudly and full of excitement before pulling the sheet off the box revealing a box full of water and crabs and lobsters.

‘Your assignment is to take either a lobster or crab, and find out everything you can about it, sex, region, yaddah yaddah.’

‘That’s salt water, those are salt water crabs.’ you whispered to Kau, who was also looking weary of the water box.

‘(Y/N), Isaac you two seem interested, come on up, you two can pick your creature first. Just reach in and grab one.’

‘Uhhhh…’ is all you could say.

‘Someone else can go,  we need to discuss which one we want.’ Kau lied, and you knew his friend Scott heard that lie.

‘Why did you lie?’ Scott asked.

Kau didn’t reply, just took your hand and began to pull you out of the class but before you two reached the door someone had wet their hand and began flicking their wrist.

A few drops getting on you and Kau.

‘NO!’ you and him yelled.

anonymous asked:

What do u then, think about people calling Jeongcheol pure fan service?

I think, people only know what the next carat knows. No one is closer, or knows seventeen better than the other. We all just see them on screen and perceive different things in different ways, which is fine and bound to happen. However just like assuming Jeongcheol is real is wrong, people assuming Jeongcheol is just purely fan-service is not right either. Like I said, we don’t truly know what’s genuine and what’s not, so its better not to exaggerate a simple moment into claiming that the ship is real,  OR undermine what could be a true and genuine moment happening between them as “fan service.” Just enjoy Jeongcheol as it happens, and if you don’t like it, ignore it, I don’t think its that hard :)

8-Bit Theater {Sentence Starters}
  • "Isn't it ironic to yell the word silence?"
  • "Jump overboard! It's the only way to save yourself from the sea-monsters!"
  • "I could feel my brain contracting from your sheer stupidity."
  • "Well, at least I shall die as I have lived. Completely surrounded by morons."
  • "I'll be able to at least die with some dignity- and a smile."
  • "You are simply a horrible little monster and I pray for your quick and merciful death."
  • "What part of being stabbed do you not understand?"
  • "Doesn't that drive you mad? Don't you hate yourself for it?"
  • "I love you phallic-sword worshiping warrior woman. Take me."
  • "Every little thing is so painfully obvious now, isn't it?"
  • "Use your weapons, they are designed to inflict damage!"
  • "The problem with guards is that they are too inquisitive for their own good."
  • "Now that it's too late, you have all the answers, don't you?"
  • "My dark soul burns with fiery agreement. Or possibly tacos."
  • "I don't need a quest to teach me the importance of faking friendship."
  • "Evolution is my bitch."
  • "You don't tend to see many ancient castles with such well manicured lawns."
  • "In the arena of logic, I fight unarmed."
  • "How many times must I ask you to refer to me by my dark name of the damned?"
  • "Lies are just creative truths."
  • "Well, ____ had a stupid idea, and I'm making it better with my cunning."
  • "Does the universe exist only to rob me of any joy?"
  • "And how are we supposed to do smart things? Just think them up?""
  • "That was supposed to be a taunt, wasn't it?"
  • "I know the difference between right and wrong. I just don't care."
  • "My plans are always practical! It's the laws of physics that get in the way of my success."
  • "I said 'hypothetically' right? Somewhere in there? No?"
  • "I should have mentioned this at the beginning. I solve my problems through violence."
  • "Hey, quick question. Do you believe anything you say?"
  • "What did I ever do to deserve this as my fate? Other than all the sinning."

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I'm very depressed and I'm currently suicidal, but I'm too scared to kill myself because I don't want to go to hell. I'm scared and I don't know what to do, I feel so helpless Like I'll never recover

Salam Alaykum!

When I first read this message y'know what came to my mind? How strong imaan you have! Even in your lowest moments you still think about the consequences of akhirat! That is pure imaan! Mash'Allah!

Allah (swt) knows what you are feeling and He knows your intention and He knows whats in your heart. Feed yourself positive thoughts. Wallahi if you knew how Allah took care of your affairs you would not worry. Its only a matter of time before things get better. Patience is bitter, its REALLY bitter actually. But the sweetness of its fruits will prevail and you will forget any bitterness that you have ever tasted. You will recover insha'Allah! Please do everything possible. Go get professional help with your depression and at the same time strengthen your relationship with Allah insha'Allah.

Everything in this life passes. Sometimes we just need a different perspective. You are not out of options. Please remember that

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi says: “The one who thinks positive will see things positive. And the one who sees things positive will have pleasure from life.”

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing insha'Allah

And Allah knows best

Hardest Days - Jack Maynard Imagine

We both grew up together, meeting in first year, becoming best friends in second year and was dating by third year. We both helped each other with exams, career options and the struggles we faced. We got on like a house on fire. We were that type of couple where we could finish each others sentences, decided where to eat without arguing and we were both extremely open with our feelings and i loved that because it gave me the reinsurance that he was still happy with me. Every time we met i would get that excited feeling in my stomach, i would feel like a child at christmas. I was so happy until the day i dreaded happened. 

***flashback a year and a half ago***

“Come on Jack answer your phone” I kept repeating to myself. Ever since Jack moved to London with Conor and their new room mate Josh I hardly heard from him. I had to chance to move with them but at the time i was studying Journalism at university back home in Brighton. Every time i had spare time Jack would be busy and when Jack had free time I was busy studying and working. 
“Y/N, I cant talk right now. Ill phone you back later” Jack quickly answered and hung up. This was our average day to day calls. I had to pretend to be happy and pretend we were fine but deep down i knew something bad was going to come out of this. As much as i loved him it was killing me not talking not meeting.

Later that night we finally got the chance to face time and even then he was still busy. I could hear all the boys in the background so i knew they were getting ready to go on a night out. I hadnt seen Jack for 3 weeks and it just didn’t feel right. 
“Jack this isnt how a relationship should be” I whispered. 
“ I was thinking the same, we have no time for each other anymore” Jack replied and even though i was thinking the same it broke my heart. I didnt reply, i just couldn’t i knew what was going to happen. 

***Back to present time*** 

A year and a half later and I still wasnt over Jack. I still kept him in my mind even though we had no contact since we broke up. I wasnt ready to let go, everywhere i went the memories of the two of us came running back. People always told me time heals everything but in this case it didnt. Even with a messed up mind i had to get on with my life. I started a blog and it came pretty popular as i spoke about past experiences, my feelings towards things, beauty, fashion stuff life that. That made me happy as thats why i went to university for and got a degree. It was actually working out for me.

Today, i had to go to London for a meeting, I was being given the opportunity to expend my blog into some magazines and even to make videos for it. I was beyond excited.

I was making my way through town stopping off to get a coffee and heading to my meeting, i was about to walk through the door to the building before bumping into someone or should i say two people i didnt imagine seeing… Joe and Oli.

“Oh my god, Y/N?!” Joe surprisingly said before engulfing me into a hug.
“ Hey guys” I smiled back. “I didn’t even realise who you were for a second” Oli laughed also giving me a hug. My appearance had change since they seen me last. I lost some weight as I became a gym addict, I had blonde highlights, my make-up was done a lot better and i finally had matching eye brows!
“What are you doing here?” Joe questioned. “I’m here for a meeting about my blog, I’m going to be expanding it” I excitingly said. “I keep up with your blog, even though its girly i find it interesting” Joe laughed. “Thank you, i would love to stay and talk but i better go” We all hugged and went our different ways. I started to walk up the stairs and become a little nervous not about the meeting but about the fact Joe and Oli would obviously tell Jack they saw me.


I was in the middle of a game of fifa with Josh when the there was a knock on the door. “Conor get the door” I shouted not taking my eyes off the TV because i wanted to beat Josh’s ass at this game. I could hear Joe and Oli talking to Conor as they walked into the front room. “What you guys doing here?” Josh questioned, taking the words out of my mouth. “We saw Y/N” It didnt click in my head at first and then it hit me. “What? where?” Conor replied. “Going for a meeting” I couldnt talk. The girl i loved was London..the same time as me..I couldnt process it. 

After breaking up it broke me. I didnt want to lose her but the relationship wasnt working at the time and it was the best option. And to this day she is still in my mind hoping she would come back into my life and maybe..just maybe this was the sign to try. The boys told me at the start I needed to get over her and move on but they soon realised how much she meant to me. I wasn’t going to let her go without seeing her..i need her.

“I need to see her, this may be my only chance” I begged to the boys for someone to come along with me and find her. “I can come if you want” Joe offered. I literally jumped at the opportunity. I needed to do this now.  

We started walking through the park near the building Y/N was in and i cannot explain how i am feeling. This girl was (and is still) the love of my life, i never had the guts to message her because i didnt know when the right time was and i didnt want to miss this chance. 

***Y/N POV***

The meeting was a HUGE success, i filmed my first video for my blog and thats being uploaded tonight. Career is now ticked off, the next thing is to find an apartment in London. 

I said bye to everyone grabbing my bag and heading out the door. I decided to take the longer way back to my hotel as i like exploring London. It’s such a beautiful city. Walking through the park was peaceful it allowed me to be at ease and actually enjoy my surroundings. 

I continued to walk for another 10 minutes until i heard a laugh i havent heard in years. A year and a half exact. I didnt dare to look up but i had to know. There.. stood still right infront of me… it was him. 

A/N- Part 2 Maybe? Thoughts?

Part 2 Guys :) 

ONE’s art is BAD

People calling ONE’s art bad is kinda endearing in some ways and it really fits with the blase effect he’s going for. But I also think we sometimes undervalue the talent and intentionality ONE has. I’m mostly talking about Mob Psycho because I read Murata’s OPM, not the original, so perhaps most people make the “bad art” assertion based on OPM. Regardless.

To me, real bad art is stiff or lacks expression. ONE’s art isn’t like that.

Her head’s immense and those hands need medical attention. But that’s not the point - look at the diversity of expressions behind her! ONE is extremely well versed with facial types and expressions, moreso than many of the popular artists within the manga sphere. And to me, that is extremely important because those faces truly set the often eerie tone of the comic. It creates a more colorful world, too, so you become completely immersed.

There are other artists who do facial expression much better than ONE, but the very simple style lends scary expressions to be more immediately relatable. His page compositions are quite impressive, too, at least to me.

Each of these panels is a completely different scene. Each focusing on different relationships and dynamics, all surrounding the center dialogue: “People have no choice but to use other people.” We think about each situation in relation to what’s being said. I think there’s quite a bit of artistic merit to that kind of organization. (though this is pretty standard convention in comics, its not always easy to pull off)

I haven’t actually read much about ONE so I don’t know for certain, but I feel like he can probably draw better than he chooses to (or at least he could if he felt like trying to). I really feel like his style is intentional because he has a lot of fundamental drawing skills that separate his drawings from a beginner’s, but he still chooses to use crooked lines and poorly balanced figures.

There’s a certain drama he captures by juxtaposing silly scrawls next to thought out and detailed panels. It’s an experience you’re not gonna find somewhere else, that’s for sure.

This is all coupled with the fact that a lot of anime fans have this particular standard of beauty they feel must be maintained in order for the art to be “good.” This could mean the technical quality of the drawing is poorly proportioned or the drawing lacks expression/style, but so long as the character is appealing then they may be deemed “good” or even “professional”

Of course ONE is no professional artist. Maybe it’s even insulting putting his art next to Murata’s, as the quality in each of their works is barely comparable. But I think the charm of his comics comes from more than just his stories and characters, so we should appreciate the artistic artlessness that compliments the absurdity they depict so well.

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in my country, architects, designers and artists aren't appreciated much. is it different in your country? my colleague said if i want to be an architect it's better for me to work abroad. so i just want to know are people appreciate architects, artists and designers in your country?

Without knowing the particulars of your country its tough for me to render an opinion. Architects and designers are sometimes under appreciated because people don’t understand what we do. Most of the general public thinks we only deal with aesthetics and that we behave like toddlers, and throw a tantrum, if our demands are not met. In all fairness, this is in part caused by architects unable to verbalize the reasons for their decisions or proposals (or because they have no reason for their decision)!

If you want to be an architect, where you practice depends on a number of factors, from the type and scope of project that you want to work, to the place you prefer to live. Don’t become obsessed with moving abroad just because the grass appears to be greener somewhere else.

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