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OH WELL!! better super late then never. i was going to color it, but its been  so long i said screw it and im just posting what i got! which is lineart

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SO HERE IS MY MIAMI STANCHEZ HEADCANNON!!! when it comes to what happend to fords letter.

It showed up, it arrived while stan was out getting something, and rick was left at the motel alone. Its a night before they have a big job their going to do, and well its not like rick dosn’t think he can’t handle it on his own. its more so…he has gotten very attached to stan. Stan is the only person he has in his life that is going right so far and he dos need him for the job, but he knows if stan heirs from his brother, he will drop everything and go right to him.

And rick can’t have that right now. he woudln’t be able to handle that.

So. to make sure stan dosn’t find the letter. he burned it.

get ride of the evidence. completely

I mean. stuff gets “lost” in the mail all the time right?

“schrödinger said, at its base level, the universe isn’t made up of physical matter, but just shapes. a shape, you know? nothing firm. even if we’re not real, we represent a dynamic: a tiny finger tracing a line in the infinite - a shape. and then we’re gone.”

“she wanted you to know that, if you were a shape, you were a straight line: an arrow.”

root was never meant to be the immortal one. shaw was.

root hated people because they always let her down and betrayed each other, which is why she melted for shaw: shaw is unyielding and unswerving. she is true to herself and doesn’t bend for anyone when it came to the important things. root could depend on shaw’s heart and her strength of conviction. shaw is the straight line - without sides or corners, stretching out into infinity and stopping for no one.

“an arrow.” it was root’s way of saying “i love you,” i think, to someone who doesn’t truly understand just how immense that simple phrase can be. root hides behind pick-up lines, because shaw can accept the detached playfulness of them without feeling like root is getting too close.

so, root spoke about the science of the universe. she was building shaw up; she knew shaw would understand the science of the universe long before she’d ever understand the feelings within it. shaw isn’t stupid, but “love” is just a word to her; she doesn’t comprehend it with the same depth of understanding that most people do. shapes, though, she can picture shapes making up the universe like some sort of celestial jigsaw puzzle. and she can understand what it means when someone says that, of all the people making up infinite shapes in the universe, SHE is the straight line - the arrow that never diverts from its path.

this is root’s “i love you.”
root was in love with who shaw really was, so she said her “i love you” in a language her love could hear. i think she started weaving that image of the universe knowing she might not be the one to finish painting the picture, and that breaks my heart, especially when i think about shaw realizing why root was going off on one of her mad tangents about the universe: she was doing it for shaw - to tell her something.

he walked in, door was unlocked like he said, and found ace pretty easily. drunk boy. “you were the party fuck toy? you’re wasted! who the fuck let you be a fuck toy when you’re fucking wasted?”
Arrow Fic: Loving Your Work 1/7 (Olicity Man from UNCLE AU)

Loving Your Work 1/7
Author: dettiot
Rating: T
Summary: The war between America and Russia is very cold, yet when an organization of former Nazis obtains the method and means to make an atomic bomb, the two nations are forced to work together to prevent the end of the world, by sending their best agents.  

Tommy Merlyn of the CIA and Oliver Queen of the KGB don’t like each other, but they both want to win.  Which means keeping Felicity Smoak safe, finding Dr. Noah Teller (her father and the scientist building the bomb) and preventing the bomb from being delivered to the Nazis.  Oh, and acquiring Dr. Teller’s research without the other one getting access to it.  

While Tommy is focused on obtaining the intel in order to give him leverage to get out of his deal with the CIA, Felicity simply wants to maintain her freedom now that she’s out from behind the Iron Curtain.  And Oliver?  Well, he’s trying to keep his violent tendencies in check–especially around Felicity.

An Olicity AU of the movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow or The Man from U.N.C.L.E. No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  Pretty much from the moment I left the theater after seeing The Man from U.N.C.L.E., I knew I wanted to write an Olicity AU of this movie.  It took more time than I thought, yet it’s finally here and I hope y’all enjoy it!  

Many thanks to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline for reading this and providing feedback.  Since she hasn’t seen the movie, this hopefully means that whether you’ve seen The Man from U.N.C.L.E. or not, you will still enjoy this fic and be able to follow the action.  @andcreation also took a look, but is unspoiled for the rest of the fic.  :-)

If you’d like some mood music while reading, I recommend the movie soundtrack, available on YouTube.  


May 1963

Adopting a jaunty stride that plainly broadcasted his American citizenship, Thomas Merlyn strode through the American sector of West Berlin on a spring day in the late afternoon.  His destination was Checkpoint Charlie, and from there to East Berlin and a young woman whom he had been sent to retrieve.  

He gave the guard his normal charming smile, his true feelings helpfully concealed by the sunglasses he wore.  Once he was cleared for entry, he picked up his small suitcase and moved casually into East Berlin, perfectly aware that as soon as he entered the Russian-controlled portion of Berlin, he was being followed.  Of course he was: he was an American, dressed in a perfectly-tailored suit, in East Berlin.  To not be followed would indicate he was seen as no threat at all.

And Thomas Merlyn, although he was known as Tommy to his mother and beautiful woman around the world, was a threat.  

By the time he reached his destination, the day had faded into early evening, the sky a soft black offset by the fuzzy yellow glow of the few streetlights surrounding a ramshackle automobile garage.  Only the boss and one mechanic were present, the mechanic hard at work underneath a large car.  

After a few words of greeting in German, Tommy strolled over to the car the mechanic was working on.  He let his eyes roam over what was revealed by the open hood, then spoke in German.  “I always thought the 750cc was too underpowered an engine for this car.  But with this one … stick some wings on this car and then all you would need is a runway.”

“Your accent’s not bad for an American.”  

The voice of the mechanic was soft and feminine, even when speaking the harsh consonants of the German language.  She pushed herself out from under the car, revealing a pale face streaked with grease and blue eyes behind a set of tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses.  Those blue eyes ran over him, measuring him, then she tilted her head.  “You look important,” she told Tommy in English.  “Your suit does, at least, and that usually means someone important.  Although of course appearances are deceiving, but … your suit looks important.”  

Read the rest on AO3.

- Rue Marie Stuart. Anciennement connue comme Rue Tire-Vit, on dit qu'elle changea un première fois de nom lorsque la Reine d’Ecosse demanda son nom et qu’on lui répondit Rue Tire-Boudin. Le nom actuel fait référence à l’anecdote.

- Rue Marie Stuart. Formerly known as “Screw-Dick Street”, it is said the street changed its name when the Queen of Scotland asked for its name and she was answered “Screw-Fatty Street” (apparently more suitable for Queen’s ears??). Today’s name is a reference to the anecdote

(Pas besoin d’expliquer l’activité principale de la rue à l’époque? / No need to explain what was the main activity of the street back then, isn’t it?) :-)