they said in a really really polite way

Guys how depressing is it how young Azula was?

see I watched Avatar before I turned fourteen, so I never realized just how YOUNG fourteen is. Now I realize how fucked UP it is for a fourteen year old girl to be manipulating, threatening, and killing people.

Like she’s this brilliant little political strategist, she’s blackmailing and lying to people and starting coups and she’s powerful and talented…

But she’s also really, really fucked up, like, remember when you were fourteen?

You were just a kid, really, you just started high school, you had acne and you said painfully embarrassing things and watched anime.

What was Azula doing?

Well argue that she’s evil, but she wasn’t born like that.

She was made that way.

Unlike Zuko, her personality took their father’s bullshit the OPPOSITE way.

She became what daddy wanted and that made her want his approval more than anything and guess what that brought her?

Misery and mental instability and the inability to connect to others.

Now Zuko’s character development is the greatest development ever written.

But hers is damn close because they HIT THE SAME POINT but Zuko hit it and realized oh shit…my dad sucks.

And Azula hit it and thought I need to become better. I need to become perfect. I’m the problem not daddy.

But she could never be perfect, you see, the world doesn’t go according to your plans, and your father doesn’t love you and won’t, because he’s using you as a pawn and your BROTHER realized this before you.

Your brother decided he wouldn’t be your father’s tool anymore.

I think one of the greatest scenes was when Azula was mangling her own hair.

Like that scene where she imagines her mother…

Earlier she had said “my own mother thought I was a monster” and then looked solemn…but light heartedly brushing it off by saying “she was right of course.”

But that always seemed to me like a quick cover.

Like me when I say “so I’m complete scum…how’s your day?”

You laugh off the things that hurt most.

Maybe she thought her mother hated her because she acted like her father.

Maybe she grew to resent her mother because she loved Zuko more for his compassion and the fact that they were probably more alike than she and her father.

It’s kinda common, actually, for a parent to be more fond of the child that more closely resembles them, it’s an ego thing.

Maybe she subconsciously knew that her father was more like her, but that he doesn’t truly love ANYONE cuz he’s an ass, and she told herself that his approval was enough.

But she didn’t get AFFECTION from him like Zuko got from their mother.

So in that scene where she sees her mother being affectionate but mocking as she tells her she looks lovely, maybe that’s all of her insecurities come back to haunt her.

It’s just.

Avatar is amazing.

Azula being 14 and THIS FUCKED UP.

Like incredible, you will never hate a villain more than Ozai.

He fucked up nations and fucked up his own family, and by all rights Aang should’ve killed him, like you wanted that to happen…but then he doesn’t.

And you realize Aang is a damn monk and all of these people, even if they can’t be saved, deserve compassion.

Azula, I believe, was saved. Zuko had more compassion for her, as he always did, than she ever had for him, but in a way, it’s really not her fault.

harry (described by others): an absolute pleasure to work with, radically nice in a way that stands out as unusual, so positive and brave and brilliant, really hard working, remarkably eye-catching, very polite and just a sweet guy, a really down-to-earth guy, a very charming individual, a cheeky quintessential brit boy, a phenomenally talented writer, a master model, lightning in a bottle

a helping hand pt. 8

Oliver Queen x Reader

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7

Your nap had been well deserved. Even when it turned from a nap into a full blown sleep through the night. You had spent hours working diligently and edited several articles without distraction. You had been very productive.

Granted the productivity had been to make up for the lack of work you’d done in the past few days. The day of the party you’d accomplished absolutely nothing and the next day had been mostly spent experimenting with sandwiches.

You had really only meant to sleep for an hour and then get up, have dinner, shower, and go to bed properly. It hadn’t worked out that way. Instead you’d just ended up sleeping straight past the hour mark and well into the middle of the night.

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Easily Bewildered

Bewildered; the first time someone used the word, I nearly laughed aloud.
There was a group of varied students sitting across the lawn, grouped together in the shade of a tree, all decked out in weird jewelry and with circles around their eyes, hurried pen ink on their wrists. I was at a picnic bench, sitting with my friends from lab, working on some report or something. There was a lull in the conversation, and the hushed voices, filled with awe, scattered across the grass of the lawn towards us. I was looking absentmindedly at my phone, and when I heard the strange phrase, I burst out laughing. Their voices were so quiet, almost afraid, and like so much else at this school, I didn’t take it into account. I instantly lumped them in with the other students, overly superstitious and quiet, clinging to their iron and their salt like this was some episode of Supernatural.
The first time I heard bewildered, I laughed. 

The second time, it was coming from the mouth of my Hall Advisor, in the longest informational lecture I’d gotten that year. I was sitting on a couch in the overly cramped common room, squished in-between two of my closest friends from bio lab, and we were already bored and over dramatically rolling our eyes at one another before it even began. They were talking firmly, as if they believed in everything they were saying, reminding us very sternly of the “advice” from the beginning of the year. Every year. It was about the third or fourth time I’d heard this lecture, despite not having been here that many years. Sometimes, I wondered if the weirdness would ever end, and just leave me to do my labs and lose my mind in peace.
“Don’t go out late at night, if you have to, make sure you stay on the path.” Well, duh. I looked to my right, and met the eyes of my lab partner, who was just perishing of boredom. I could tell she wanted to be on her phone, but we’d managed to be polite this far, so maybe we could make it to the end of the meeting. Our HA would appreciate it.
“Don’t go near the woods. We’ve had way more kids get bewildered this year, it’s not normal and you all really need to step it up.” I snickered. The friend to my left said something under eir breath, and my other friend suppressed a laugh, and we tried, really hard.
Our HA didn’t appreciate it. They stared us down for a moment, while some other students clutched their iron necklaces or slipped hands into pockets, making fists around what was probably salt, if I knew this floor well enough. I elbowed my lab partner in the side, and she shut up, em quickly following suit. Shockingly, we managed the rest of the meeting, finally slipping out and snickering, finally sharing all of the snide comments that had built up the whole time. Other students walked out glumly, faces pale, shoulders slumped.

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Not Another Teen Cliché (That Ended Up Being Totally Not Cliché At All)

Based somewhat off this.
Title based somewhat off this

The whole thing was malicious.

Chloe had been sitting at her lunch table with her friends enjoying one of the last high school meals they would have at that specific picnic table in Barden High’s courtyard.

“Look,” Alice Peterson sneered, pointing to one of their classmates sitting alone under a tree.

“It’s that Beca Mitchell girl,” one of Alice’s lackeys said with a grin.

Chloe shifted uncomfortably on her wooden bench spot. She glanced across at Aubrey who was silent throughout the conversation, despite her obvious discontent with the conversation and the girl in it.

“Shame,” Alice shook her head rhetorically, “some girls just can’t be as attractive as we can.”

It was conversations like those that made Chloe question why she ate lunch with those girls three of her four years of high school. Why she was friends with them and why she even put up with them a little bit.

“Bet even you can’t make her pretty,” a lackey noted, nodding at the girl across the way.

Alice sat and contemplated for a moment. “No,” she scoffs for a moment, “but I bet I know who could.”

All eyes turned to the redhead.

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KBTBB MC With Heterochromia

Heterochromia: Where one iris of the eye is colored differently than the other

Eisuke: He always thought it was weird. Ever since the day they met she always kept a part of her face hidden, her eye to be exact. No matter what they were doing, whether at home, at a party or even in bed her eye was her main concern to the point that she wore a medical eyepatch around the penthouse. He told her not to wear it at parties and she respected that since it looks too weird for her to be wearing it, but that didn’t stop private time with it.
“My eye irritates me easily and it’s not pretty to look at.” Is what she said. He didn’t press the issues at first because he really didn’t care, but now that they were dating he can’t help but be curious.
He did a little digging when it came to her medical records, but even doctors had their limits on how much they can reveal.
“Looks like I’ll have to do this myself.” He said irritated. He called her up through the pager and just waited for her to come running in.
She’s a tiny out of breath having to get here with her limit, but he had to admit she was getting better at coming within the limit.
“Yes Eisuke? Do you need me to make you some coffee?” She knows him well, but that’s not what he wanted.
“What’s up with your eye?” She immediately covers it the second he says eye.
“What do you mean?” She asks like she was trying to hide something.
“You know I hate it when you hide things from me. Show me your eye.” He said as he got up and walked towards her.
She hesitated, but slowly she removed her hand and he moved her bangs to see her eye. He looked close and she was starting to sweat a tiny bit. Though he didn’t see what the big deal was at first. Her eye wasn’t red or anything that looked like it needed any medical help, but he noticed something within the eye. Compared to how her other eye was it looked slightly off, like it was trying to hide something. Then it hit him. He had seen Baba wear them when going to work sometimes.
“You’re wearing contacts.” He stated.
She lowered her shoulders in disappointment knowing that he found her shield. Contacts, hair and eyepatches were her protection all her life and knowing her guy, he wasn’t going to let this go until he knew why.
“Take it out.” He ordered knowing there was only one contact.
She did slowly as if she was trying to savor what little she could. She took out the contact, but didn’t bring her head up to face him with her true self. He got impatient and took her face and faced it towards him.
There he saw what she had been hiding. A vibrant green eye neighboring her warm brown one. He could see tears starting to form in both. Him knowing her secret was too scary, but she had a feeling what was coming next.
“Well say it.” She ordered not wanting the silence.
“Say what?”
“That ‘This isn’t working out’ or ‘Get out of my sight’! I’ve heard it all before. It’s better than you just having to cheat. I’ve been through all of it with my ex-boyfriends when they saw my eyes. Just spare me the pain yourself the time and just say-Mmmn!” He shut her up with a long kiss with tears rolling down her face.
He could understand why she was afraid. Having two different eyes was something different and while people try to be open, people can still be cruel. What really made him upset is the fact she didn’t trust him enough to actually show him her true face, though from what she just said, it sounded like her trust was shattered by all the guys she dated from dumping her politely to just cheating on her. He wasn’t like other guys in more ways than one, and she should have known that by now. He separated them and looked at her shocked face.
“Eisuke…?” She was completely dazed.
“Did you really think it was okay to hide something like this from me?” He asked.
“I’m sorry. It’s just I love you so much, that I couldn’t show you my eyes. I wanted you to love the me behind the eyes, but I couldn’t show you with what happened. I didn’t want history to repeat itself.” She explained.
“And what makes you think that I’m like all those others guys?” He asked very irritated being compared.
“Well I…” she stuttered not knowing how to respond.
“Looks like I’m going to have to remind you of what kind of guy I am not to mention punish you for hiding something this beautiful from me.” He kissed the green and picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.
She struggled a tiny bit and kept saying to put her down, but she couldn’t help, but feel happy, that she may have found someone that loves her brown and green eyes just as much as they loved her.

Soryu: He didn’t know why, but he just couldn’t let it go. He respected her privacy and probably has a story, but it just made him want to find out what it was even more. The eyepatch she always wore, the bangs that were always parted a certain way. She said eye irritates her so she wears the eyepatch at home and her bangs when she went to work. He said that he could afford the medical treatment if she wanted it.
“Don’t bother, I’ve had this ever since I was born. There’s no point in trying to do anything other than making myself comfortable.” She explained.
“But you’re only dealing with it rather than taking care of the problem. Wouldn’t you rather take the eyepatch off at home instead of wearing it around the the house.” He gestured to her covered eye.
“Well I would, but…” she looks down almost as if she was ashamed. He hated seeing her like this with him. They were at the point there couldn’t possibly be any secrets, so he knew her eye was a major gap even though it was small.
One day Soryu had to take her to the doctor, nothing bad or anything, merely a physical for the hotel.
“Alright. So everything looks to be in order. Your eye needs to breathe a bit more with you constantly wearing your eyepatch, and there’s the fact that it won’t be used to light if you keep wearing it. So I recommend you take a break.” The doctor ordered. She looked down due to the ordered, but Soryu saw it as a perfect opportunity.
As soon as they got how you were about to go and find your eyepatch, but Soryu grab her hand to stop her.
“Soryu let go.”
“I don’t want you to wear that patch anymore, you can’t wear it all the time anymore anyway.”
“Can’t you trust me?”
“I just don’t want you to be scared. Every time I think I have a decent guy to love, something happens and it’s all because of me eyes. Every time they see them something happens. I don’t want that again.” She explained her voice trembling a bit.
“Then it won’t, the only thing I’m frustrated about is the fact that something that’s so big for you to carry isn’t on my shoulders since you can come to me with this.” He explained.
“Just show me.” She stayed still for a second and slowly walked towards him.
She parted her bangs and did what Soryu didn’t exactly expect; she put her index finger in her eye. He was about to stop her only for her to pull out a contact. She slowly looked up with her bangs still in her face. Soryu slowly pushed them away to see her insecurities. He saw a bright green eyes that was sparkling with unshed tears.
“Well say something.” She ordered as the tears began to slip from both eyes.
He really didn’t know what to say, but he just pulled her into his arms to comfort her. He understood why she was so scared. Appearance, while aren’t being judged so much anymore still counted out in the world and he was a victim of that whether he wanted it or not. He on the other hand had to deal with the criticism, even gone through some broken hearts because of it and she wasn’t as tough as he was. He couldn’t care what people thought, but she was a sweetheart. Making friends where ever she goes, even in the mafia world she can make people smile with her kindness alone. So knowing that just made him want to track every boyfriend she had down and make sure they know what they did to make her feel so insecure.
“Never wear those contacts and that eyepatch again.” He told her.
“You can wear the contacts during work, but I don’t want you to hide your eye from me. And if the others say anything about your eye I promise to always carry my gun.” He said.
“You do that anyway.” She giggled a bit causing him to smile and kiss the eye that was ignored, but will now be shown for what it was in his eyes. Beautiful.

Baba: He really wanted to see her. It had been a while since they had been together, but a thief’s job is never truly done. Going around the world was exhausting, but now back home he can relax a bit with his princess. He wanted to surprise her so he didn’t say he was coming home just yet. If he was lucky he would be able to catch her before she went to bed.
He opened the door slowly and saw his girlfriend watching a movie with her bangs parted out of her face and no eye patch which was very refreshing. It’s not that he didn’t love her look or eye patch, it was just nice to see her face for once.
“Tadima!” He shouted causing her to jump a bit in her seat. Her hand went to her eye right away. He thought it was weird, but went to her lips instead. After he released her she was shocked. It was like her brain was going ninety miles an hour and her warm brown eye was showing it.
“What’s wrong pretty lady? Aren’t you happy to see me?” He took off his fedora.
“Uh…yeah I just…wasn’t expecting you till tomorrow morning.” She confessed. Her thoughts were calming down, but there was a bit of a wreck as if she was trying to figure out what to do next.
“My flight came early. Why are you hiding your face? It was nice to see your entire pretty face for once.” He teased.
“You saw it you saw my eye!” She yelled.
“Yeah. I thought you looked very pretty.”
“But a lot of my ex boyfriends dump me or cheat on me because of my eye.” She explained.
“Then they’re idiots for doing something like that for someone beautiful, but I have to thank them for clearing the way for me.” He explained not knowing what the big deal was.
She looked shocked as if those were the kindest words that anyone had ever said to her. As if those were the words she was waiting for her whole life to hear. She lowered her hand and opened her eye.
“Do you really mean that Baba? Really?”
He was taken back a little when he saw that her eye was green, but held it together well. He saw her face, but he didn’t see the small detail that was her eye color. He understood why she felt insecure to hid behind hair and patches, but really he just fell in love all over again. He knew he was  luckiest man in the world for having someone so rare as her and now he felt like he had the rare treasure of all. He just smiled.
“Like I said beautiful. Truly.” He kisses the eye that was shunned, but promised to give it enough attention for the world along with it’s shunned keeper.

Ota: It was supposed a date. That’s how it was until they ran into her sister at the park. She was on her way back home doing some shopping when she saw them tossing a Frisbee, that was Ota’s idea of a date and decided to say hello. She was somewhat surprised to see that her sister was dating someone famous, but wasn’t as well since her job was the Tres Spades.
“Is that why you decided to work there? So you could meet a guy?” Ota teased.
“It is not! I’m going to get some water.” She got up and went to find a water fountain with he face a bit red.
“I really want to thank you Mr. Kisaki.” Her sister bowed to him.
“What for?”
“Well my sister has always been insecure with guys. In fact there was a point our family was worried she would never learn to love.”
“Whys that?” He asked wanting to know about his Koro’s past.
“Because of her eye. All of the guys take one look and all of a sudden they become jerks. She says she’s cursed, but we keep telling her that her eyes are pretty, both of them. But maybe she needs an outside opinion rather than a family members’.”
“Both…?” Ota was having trouble following. And now he was curios to see what was truly the secret behind his girl’s eye.
After her sister left he was left to ponder what she meant. Was there something wrong with her eye that she had to cover it. He hated being kept in the dark, especially from his girlfriend. He knows a thing or two about trust being broken, but you refused to let him go it alone and felt that it was fair that he do it for you too. He wouldn’t do it for just anyone. He would only do it for you.
After they got home, he explained what her sister said.
“She what?”
“She told me about your eye. At least enough to let me know, you don’t trust me enough to see.” He explained
“I just feel so curse with it. Guys do bad things the second I show it. Cheat, break up, insult. I couldn’t bear that with us.” Her body shakes as the memories flood back to her.
He grabs her and can feel her tremble like a leaf. He wanted to drop this, but she needed to get over the wall that she built in order for them to be close.
“I promise I’m not them. There’s only way to figure that out.”
“Do I have to?” She asked sounding like a little kid.
“Show me.” He pulls her away. She shakily takes off the eyepatch that she put on as soon as they got home. He tilts her head up when she doesn’t let him see. And he sees the problem and yet he doesn’t.
“You really do look like a puppy.” He teases as he finally sees the green eye that was hidden from him.
“From you that is a compliment. Right?” She asks.
“That’s right.” He nods him head and brings her in as tears begin to fall through her eyes. He gently kisses the tears away and makes sure her eye gets a kiss too.
He had so much inspiration from his muse. He took mental notes on her eyes. The color and the shape to make sure his next master piece would make her see the true beauty that was in her eyes.

Mamoru: He really didn’t care at first being the guy he was. He just let her do what she wanted when it came to her weird habits that came with her eye. He was curios, but decided to ignore it.
One day he came home late and tired. He did what he had to do and just left the rest to the others. He opened the door to see his girlfriend on the floor on her hands and knees looking for something.
“Hey. You okay kid?” He asked with her not facing him.
“Oh Momaru welcome home. Just uh, dropped something.” She kept looking without facing him.
“What a pain.” He hot down on his hand and knees and started to look. She said she could do it herself, but it was going to bug him if she was going to crawl everywhere. He was looking for a bit until he found something weird. Something small and round. He picked it up to discover that it was a contact. Not just any contact though. A colored contact that was the same color as his girl’s eyes.
“Baby girl? Why is there a contact here?” He asked and she stiffened up.
“Well uh…”
“I usually don’t meddle because it’s a pain, but are your eyes even brown?”
“Yes! Mostly…” she muttered the last part still not looking at him.
“Mostly? Sweetheart is it one or the other?” She starts to tremble.
He hates being the bad guy with her. She really does look like a kid when she gets like that, but it just made him want to protect her more. And he couldn’t do that with her not letting him in.
“Sweetheart? Can you look at me please?” He asked as he knelt down next to the part of her have that is usually covered, but she turns her face the other way.
“No you’ll hate me. Just like all my other boyfriends.”
“We don’t know that for sure, unless you look at me.” He says as he takes a set next to her.
She sits on her knees and stays frozen for a bit. He just waits for her without saying a word. Slowly, but surly she turns to him and opens her eyes. He was surprised, but he didn’t let the green eye faze him.
“It’s weird isn’t it. My eye, it just makes people hate me.” She said with he head starting to go down, but he picks it back up.
“You really are a kid if you think this fazes me. I’ve seen bad stuff as a cop, but this doesn’t. I’m just a bit hurt that you kept it from me.”
“Really? It’s good?” She asked.
“It’s good. So there’s no need to play pirate around the house anymore.” He teased.
“Meanie! Stop treating me like a kid!” She ordered but couldn’t help, but smile at the fact that he was treating her the same way as he always does.
He pull her into his lap and just smiled at the fact there was no more secrets between them. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips and finally her eyes and paid special attention to the one that never got any good attention, but promise to make sure it wouldn’t be shunned by him.

Favorite Treat

@ditsypersephone said: I’ve been actually thinking of writing a drabble about cheap fast food apple pie because that’s the extent of celebrating I am doing today…but if you, perhaps, could come up with something re. that (shamelessly acting like I’m not shamelessly asking you to drabble this specific prompt hahahaha)…then I wouldn’t have to do all the work…

Me: Happy belated birthday (I got part of it written yesterday at least) and I hope this is something close to what you had in mind!

“Pocket pie savory, pocket pie sweet!” Molly warbled to the tune of Lavender’s Blue/Lavender’s Green as she opened up the paper bag holding her inexpensive birhtday treat. She inhaled deeply, loving the scent of warm apples and cinnamon that met her nose, reclosed the bag, clutched it to her chest and sighed a sigh of utter contentment.

“Really, Molly? Cheap pocket pies as your birthday treat? When there’s a perfectly good pastry shop not three blocks from your overpriced flat?”

“Piss off, Sherlock,” Molly said amiably, fingers tightening on the bag even as she smiled at him over her shoulder. She should have known he’d track her down as she made her way home through the park.

“Don’t worry, I won’t take your precious crap food away from you, even though it really does belong in the bin.” 

They moved politely to either side of the path as a jogger came towards them, drifting back together once they were alone again.

“You’re one to talk,” she scoffed as he fell into step beside her. “You can pretend to be some hoity-toity culinary snob to other people, Sherlock Holmes, but I know your taste in junk food and it’s hardly haute cuisine. Specially chips - the greasier, the better, and don’t spare the vinegar!” She dropped her voice in a passable - to her own ears, at least - imitation of the man walking next to her.

“I suppose you’re entitled to the treat of your choice on your birthday,” he conceded, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her close to his side. She didn’t resist as he adroitly moved the two of them off the pavement and into a convenient little copse of trees whose leaves were just turning red.

“Of course,” he breathed as he pressed her back against the trunk of a convenient elm, “I’d prefer it if I were your treat of choice.”

She pulled the paper bag out from between them, holding it tightly in one hand while happily wrapping the other around the back of his neck. “Never fear,” she assured him as she lifted herself up on tiptoes, “you’ll always be in my top five list.”

He pulled his head back and stared at her in mock outrage just before their lips could meet. “Top five? Really? Stop exaggerating, I’m at least in the top two!”

She grinned. “Never could fool you,” she agreed. “Now are you going to give me a nice semi-public birthday snog or not?”

“Mm, yep, I suppose I am.” He pulled her close, brushing his lips across hers, teasing her a bit before delivering the promised snog. Molly sighed happily in his embrace, assuring him afterwards that yes, his kiss was the sweetest of treats that day…

…second only to the apple-filled pocket pie she’d already eaten.

I talked to a State Senator recently and they said that they literally don’t put out press releases any more, they just post on Twitter and journalists quote that if they want. It’s way easier but they agreed that it’s probably really bad for both politics and journalism, especially since, when speaking off the cuff, politicians often say really stupid shit

Ghost!Jack AU was originated from @socivil’s request

So lately there was a lot of buzz around the way how that au was made. I got A LOT of messages in my inbox from people who was concerned about it. Some of them were really polite and I was very proud of that guys that you are such good friends and defenders. But in some of them were said (in a rude way obviously) that I’ve stolen this idea.

And here’s a post for clearifying things because I’m really tired of it. I go through a lot of difficulties in my life right now as some of you may know so I don’t want to deal with another problem. I want to end the discussion here. You may not agree with some things or everything here but I desperately need this post. Don’t talk to me again about this situation after this post.

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CNN Taunts Trump And The GOP With 'Schoolhouse Rock'

CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon said President Donald Trump took a “victory lap” with a big ceremony at the White House in celebration of the House passing its health care bill on Thursday.

“Is he celebrating a little prematurely?” Lemon asked senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta.  

“They might want to call up ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ on YouTube,” Acosta suggested. “Holding a victory party in the Rose Garden of the White House after something passes in the House, that might be a bit premature.”

He said Trump acknowledged that later in the day, saying the bill would likely change in the Senate.

“We’re a long way off from an actual Rose Garden signing ceremony,” he said.

April Ryan, Washington bureau chief of American Urban Radio Networks, said she had channeled “Schoolhouse Rock” as well.

“This is not really a victory, it’s a winning picture that he wants to present, but it’s a partial victory,” she said. “The issue really happens next week, when the true numbers ― the CBO score ― come out, so we’ll see if they’re still doing a victory lap then.”

As the network went to a commercial break, they played an excerpt of “I’m Just a Bill” (above) from the “Schoolhouse Rock” series.

anonymous asked:

im kind of confused by always sunny like what is it actually about? like some of the things in it make me rly uncomfortable like the whole thing with carmen and mac's homophobia and the casual racism nd stuff in it nd i just dont kno how im supposed to react to it like am i supposed to love it and find it funny or hate it and the characters or? idk nd ive been on the iasip reddit as well and its a lot different from what ive seen the fandom on here talk abt tbh? idk

this is a really good question! and one that i had myself before i started the show. unfortunately it’s not something i can answer very briefly so please bear with me. i’m just gonna throw out the facts and things as i see them and then you can draw your own conclusions on how to feel about the show; i will readily admit that it has more than its share of legitimate issues and that the show just isn’t for everyone.

so the basic premise of the show is that four self-centered assholes (joined by a fifth self-centered asshole in season 2) own a shitty irish bar in south philadelphia. they never actually RUN the bar, though, because they’re too busy trying to run get-rich-quick schemes or because they’re doing other stupid things.

if you ask the writers, they will say that there IS no premise; it’s just a show about these horrible characters living out their sad, pathetic lives.

the truth is somewhere in the middle– the show is one third social/political satire, one third nihilist comedy, and one third character-driven tragedy.

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Why You Should Be Watching The Get Down

I finished watching it over this weekend and I thought I’d do a list for this Netflix gem because it’s nowhere near as appreciated as it should be:

- the fantastically talented young cast, there seriously isn’t a weak link anywhere here, but justice smith, herizen guardiola and shameik moore are absolute stars
- well realised three-dimensional lead characters, with realistic arcs and conflicts
- engaging secondary characters: like, there’s not really one secondary character who isn’t interesting in some way, shape or form
- poc representation, it’s seriously refreshing, speaking as a white person to have a show where almost none of the characters are white men, let alone white at all
- it’s co-created by baz luhrmann of moulin rouge fame, and if you like that you will most likely love this
- the scripting really really tight, with clear themes, satisfying plot progression and pacing, and fantastic dialogue
- fascinating mix of the historical and political, if you’re into that kinda thing
- positive female friendships and interaction!!!
- it’s seriously feelgood…not like in a cheesy, glee kinda way (sorry glee fans), the characters do have hardships and triumphs but the script never emotionally manipulates you, unlike certain other shows
- it honestly feels like an antidote to 2016 in general
- that being said, it explores some very serious themes and concepts and refuses to shy away from them
- the direction and art design…this is an incredibly stylistic show and looks amazing, the way it expresses its themes with some of the cuts is beautiful
- the original music… it’s just sex for the ears, frankly
- ezekiel figuero and his poems/raps
- mylene cruz
- herizen guardiola’s voice (technically an extension of the previous)
- shaolin fantastic
- lgbt representation, okay there’s only 2 characters thus far (both male, one white, one not) but a certain scene in the last recent episode and the cast hint at this being expanded in future episodes
- everything else…these are just my personal highlights but there is frankly so much to enjoy on this show

Depth of Satan’s Eyes

Ladies and Genitals! Thank you all so much for the likes and reblogs of my last two stories! I’m so happy people liked them! This fic today was again inspired by conversation with @hannibalssweaters about that stare from dear old Papa II. “It’s like he’s staring right into your soul and then fucking it.” So uh…enjoy!

(Also, if people are looking for a beta reader, @espurrwhat is mine. She’s pretty damn awesome!)

Warnings: Might be slightly dub-con, graphic depiction of…well, an orgasm, there’s a boner in there…this is odd. XD

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How was the jesus and mary chain concert?

it was rly good!!! jim reid was v polite and said please and thank you any time he muttered something into the mic between songs, the whole thing was devoid of ego and i thought it had a really good energy. the songs from psychocandy/darklands they played didnt sound as fuzzy/reverby in that dreamy way as they did back in the day but they played a super killer version of reverence and it seemed to me like they really wanted to play a good set, not just phone it and rake in the ticket money. it definitely still had that very real aura of overdramatic teen angst it was great. plus i got to see actual friends for the first time in months it was a really wonderful night i needed it

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You're an atheist and you're criticizing an actress for following her religion. No wonder.

Y’all really exhaust me with your false equivalencies and logical fallacies. Let me repeat this bullshit for the millionth time: ZIONISM ISN’T JUDAISM. Zionism is a political (and could even be said military) ideology that uses Judaism to excuse it’s crimes, Judaism is an actual religion. Not the same thing. Not even close. 

Sure, you could call me an atheist. That’s the easiest, most mainstream way to describe it, but more specifically I’m an antitheist. Don’t know what that is? Let’s use wikipedia here for a second:

“Antitheism (sometimes anti-theism) is the opposition to theism. The term has had a range of applications. In secular contexts, it typically refers to direct opposition to the belief in any deity. 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines antitheist as “One opposed to belief in the existence of a god”. The earliest citation given for this meaning dates from 1833. Antitheism has been adopted as a label by those who regard theism as dangerous, destructive, or encouraging of harmful behavior. Christopher Hitchens offers an example of this approach in Letters to a Young Contrarian (2001), in which he writes: “I’m not even an atheist so much as I am an antitheist; I not only maintain that all religions are versions of the same untruth, but I hold that the influence of churches, and the effect of religious belief, is positively harmful.”

Even though I’m an antitheist and my personal beliefs are that religion is destructive and detrimental and just downright illogical, you will still see me actively fighting against things like the muslim ban, or anti-semitism, or any sort of religious persecution/hatred of people who practice a certain religion. You want to know why? Because in order for me to be able to openly say “RELIGION IS STUPID!” freedom needs to exist. In order for a country not to ban me or jews or the people who believe in the flying spaghetti monster next then everyone needs to be able to believe what they want to believe without the fear of repercussions. If today they come for the muslims then tomorrow they will come for people like me. 

I also am mature enough to understand that not everyone will agree with me and that my views are my own. I’m an individual and I don’t need anyone to validate what I think because once I settle on a stance it’s because I’ve done plenty of research on that topic. I know what I think and I’m pretty firm on what I think, but I don’t try to thrust those things onto people. If people ask for my thoughts on something I simply attempt to educate them on what I believe and why I believe it. If they happen to agree super cool, if they don’t then also cool. I have no problem with surrounding myself with people who are religious. Throughout my entire life some of my closest friends have gone to church, or temple, or the mosque on a weekly basis. It’s something we just choose not to talk about because we know we’re on opposite sides of the argument and that they’re not going to change their beliefs and neither am I, so why even go there? 

Lastly, me being an antitheist is of literally zero consequence when it comes to being able to acknowledge human rights abuses and actual fucking murder of innocent civilians so…thanks for playing but one thing has nothing to do with the other. 

Tofu Guys Don't Eat Meat by Vicki Woods for Vogue, May 1990 (Part III, final)

We hung out all day. We hung out at the vegetarian lunch place, where we ate falafel and tahini, and a blushing girl asked River for his autograph. We hung out at Gainesville’s sound studio, where River picked up fifty copies of the tape of his new song and asked the engineer to play it for me on the studio equipment. It came soaring out, full of guitars and drums, but River said it wasn’t loud enough. We hung out at a frat party in one of the millions of frat houses that run through the center of Gainesville. That was weird. Lots of cheerful kids of River’s age and with River’s dress sense were setting up amps and drum kits to play for the party, while the athletic denizens of the frat house sat around on their balconies combing their golden hair.

We didn’t stay anywhere very long. We hung out at River’s house while Arlyn got a meal together for her son, me, and a twenty-year-old girl from England who’d met the Phoenixes in Mexico. The meal was radically vegan, organic, animal-by-product-free, and delicious, in fact. Arlyn, a chunky, smiling woman with graying hair, explained to me about milk while she squished tofu, colored yellow with turmeric, into a skillet to make an eggless omelet. “Why should adult humans drink milk?” she said. “Human milk is for baby humans, cow’s milk is for baby cows.” It was unarguable.

River clearly adores Arlyn, who does a great job as mother Phoenix. Her children are all beautiful and they seem as happy as clams; also busy, musical, drug-free, and polite. River gave me another long riff on drugs: he works in cocaine country, after all, on film sets. He said he becomes completely paranoiac in Los Angeles. “People look at you if you have a cold: you feel you can’t blow your nose.” And he can see the hand-shaking and hand-passing that goes on at parties. “I just stay away from it,” he said, “I don’t even like talking about it. It depresses me. The biggest thing that really gets me are the girls… because of being used, the way men use women. It really upsets me - the wonderful extra-virgin-olive-oil young ladies, who are so wholesome and so together and their heads are on tight, and you see them a year later and they’re” - River puts on a blank, empty face and round, blank eyes - “and all they’ve got left is just a recorded message in their heads.” He was very earnest about this. Then he listened to his own earnestness, said, “Uh-oh, I’m going to segue out of this,” put on another face, and drawled, “Nancy’s said it all for me, anyway. Just say no.” I thought the whole performance was really endearing.

The last place we hung out was with some very laid-back musicians. River bounced up the steps of a frame house in Gainesville’s main street and said, “Hi, guys”. The guys said hi and looked at me. River looked at me, too, and was socially wrong-footed for the first time in a long day. “This is… my aunt,” he said. “From England.” The guys said hi. As we left, River grabbed my arm and said, “Sorry about the aunt bit. I’ll explain it to them later." 

He gave me a big kiss and drove me back to the hotel. I was charmed.

“Meeting Thor” Avengers x Reader

Pairing: The Avengers x Reader

Featuring: Pepper Pots

Word count: 1178 words

Warnings: none

Tags: none.

Summary: Reader is Pepper’s niece and she goes to the tower to meet the Avengers.

Notes: none

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

After a year you were finally back in New York. You had spent the last year studying in Madrid to improve your Spanish. Now your scholarship was over and you were on the plane, about to land in the JFK in New York. Your aunt Pepper was going to pick you up since you were going to be staying at the Stark Tower with his boyfriend Tony Stark. You had met him a couple of times before they started dating and before he became Iron Man. He was an interesting man to say the less, even when he could be a pain in the ass from time to time.

You would stay a few days with them before heading home in Chicago with your parents. The only reason for you not to go straight back home was that you wanted to meet those Avengers you heard to talk about. You knew they were all living at the Tower so it was now or never. Pepper was ok with that, Tony too and so were your parents so everything was settled before you bought the tickets.

Once you finally landed and were able to leave the plane, you went straight to take your luggage. You had two big cases and your bag. A year was a long time and you had bought so many things. You took a trolley from the airport and put your cases on it since it was impossible for you to take everything by yourself.

“There she is!” You heard your aunt’s voice as soon as you stepped out the arrivals zone.

“Pepper!” You said happily. She walked towards you and hugged you tight. You two had always had a really good relationship, she was more like your sister than your aunt to be honest. “You look amazing!” You said when you pulled away.

“So do you, oh my god and you’re so tan and big, oh my god!” She said hugging you again. “C’mon, the car is waiting for us” she said pushing your trolley.

“Where’s Tony?” You asked.

“You know him. He was working in the lab, on his suit of course” she said shaking her head but she couldn’t hide the small smile on her lips. “Right now everyone is there: Natasha, Bruce, Steve, even Thor”, she said.

Now you were even more excited. You had read about them online and even had watched some videos on YouTube but you were really looking forward actually meeting all of them.

“They’re excited to meet you, you know?” She said once you were in the car.

“So am I”, you admitted looking at her.

The drive to the tower was a bit long since the airport was far from everything but finally the car entered the garage. Immediately you also saw Tony’s lab while the driver parked. And he was there as well, along with Bruce Banner. You couldn’t believe that man actually became a huge green angry creature. It was amazing.

“Don’t talk about Hulk, ok? It’s a sensitive thing for him”, Pepper said when she saw you looking at him.

“Finally!” You heard Tony when you stepped out of the car. “(Y/N), hola!” You laughed when he talked in Spanish.

“Hola Tony”, you smiled giving him a quick hug. Then you turned to take your bags but Tony stopped you.

“Don’t worry about them, JARVIS can manage it”, he said. You knew who JARVIS was of course but it still was impressive for you how a computer could do literally everything. “Come here, this is Dr Bruce Banner”, he said wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

“Hi, (Y/N), nice to meet you”, he said politely. He really looked shy. According to Pepper he wasn’t really social but you couldn’t blame him. It was probably hard for him.

“Likewise. I heard a lot about you, your essays are honestly awesome, doctor”, you smiled.

“And he can become a green angry mass of meat in no time, wait and see”, Tony said. Bruce smiled a little and kept on working. “This way. Everyone’s upstairs”, he said.

You said goodbye to Bruce and followed Tony through the lab. He had some amazing items down there, most of them you had no idea what they were but they looked interesting. Everything in this tower had always been so interesting for you even when science was not your thing.

When you reached the common living room of the tower it was completely empty and silence. Maybe they had all gone out or were training?

“Where are they?” Tony mumbled. “JARVIS? Where’s everyone?”

“Mr Rogers and Miss Romanoff are in the gym and Mr Barton is not in the tower, sir”, the computer voice said.

“Let’s go to the gym them”, Tony smiled at you.

Just when he was walking to the elevator, a struck of lighting lighted up the place, when you looked at the balcony you saw Thor’s red cape. Wow.

“Just in time”, Tony said clapping his hands together.

“Hello Iron Man,” Thor said when he walked in. You noticed he had something under his cape. “I found this on the street. It’s alive and it looked like it was in danger, what kind of…thing is this?”

Then he literally took a tiny cat from under his cape. You opened your mouth surprised and smiled. Cats were definitely your favourite animal and you definitely had a weakness for them.

“It’s so tiny!” You exclaimed hurrying over the demi god, completely forgetting about who he was, and taking the animal in your hands. “Hey there…” You smiled widely.

“Did you really bring a cat to me house?” Tony said crossing his arms.

“Cat? What’s that?” Thor asked making you laugh.

“This”, you said.

“You’re a cat?” Thor asked looking down at you. “You definitely look human”

As much as you tried to keep your face straight you just started laughing out loud, just like Tony did as he saw Thor’s confused face.

“I’m definitely human”, you laughed and pointed at the animal. “This is a cat. It’s an animal”, you explained.

“Oh…” He said finally looking at you properly but you were just looking at the cat smiling widely. “And you are…?”

“Oh sorry! I’m (Y/N)” You smiled.

“Why do you have such strange names”, he asked frowning making you laugh. “And does the…cat have a name?” You chuckled and shook your head.

“Maybe we should call him Thor”, you said smiling at the huge blond guy. He smiled widely and nodded.

“Good idea! Perfect choice, Miss (Y/N)”, he said putting down Mjolnir. “Shouldn’t we feed him?” He asked.

“Yes! C’mon, let’s give him some milk and maybe tuna”, you said walking to the kitchen with Thor following your steps.

“Hey! That cat is not staying here!” Tony exclaimed.

“A cat? Are we having a cat?” Steve said coming out of the elevator with Nat.

“That’s amazing! I love cats!” Natasha said running to the kitchen, followed by Steve, while Tony just placed a hand over his eyes with a sigh.

Here part 3

Part 3 of Here is now here, Hope you’re still enjoying it. Part four will come at the end of the week and hopefully something between Christmas and New Year as well. We’ll see, it’s going to be a busy time though so I’m not 100% sure yet. 

Anyway, enjoy I x



Wow you’re a bit eager aren’t you Harry?

I mean it’s 8.30

Had an early meeting this morning remember?

Oh yeah how did it go?

Yeah it was good thanks

Good :)

So what can I do for you Styles?

I was wondering if you wanted to go for coffee this afternoon? You gotta say thank you for that lift

Thought giving you my number was the thank you ;)

And I’d love to you but unfortunately I’ve got a date with someone else

Oh, who?

You wouldn’t know him, he’s in that shitty one direction band don’t know why I agreed to go really

Ah so you’re the reason Louis’ busy this afternoon

Oh and less of the shitty bet you play us on repeat?

Only to support my friend, but yes I’m meeting with Louis this afternoon I’m afraid

Seeing as you already know that I guess I was option number two anyway so I’m not sure I want to go for coffee with you anyway

Not at all, never

So when do you want to go for coffee with the best looking member of one direction

Who Niall? I haven’t really met him so might be a bit of a weird date but if you want to hook me up I’m game

You’re so funny

Seriously when can we go on a date?

Whoa who said anything about date?

You when you said it would be a weird date with Niall

Yeah a date with Niall not you

I’m not sure if I’ve genuinely overstepped the mark or not now

I’m joking Harry, don’t worry sorry my sense of humour isn’t great

I dunno it’s pretty dark I like it

So coffee…


A whole two days? So you can see Louis as soon as he asks but I have to wait two days

Enough with the jealousy

I have work tomorrow I’m afraid and have to go get Alfie well now and then pick up my car

I could drive you ;)

You’re not driving me anywhere I do silly things like give you my number when I let you drive me

Was that really a silly thing?

Well I’m having the longest text conversation I’ve had since high school about going for coffee when I’m meant to be going to get my eighteen month old son from his father who has already called me twice to make sure I’ll be there on time so…

Sorry I’ll let you go, meet you Friday at Richmond Park

Ok I’ll have Alfie is that ok?

Of course it is

Thanks see you then x

It’s a date ;) H x

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Healing - Epilogue

Summery: The life after your first love

Warning: Snowball fights

Word Count: 1200+

A/N: This is the final part to the first ever series and the idea I had to start writing. Thank you for all the support through the series and all my writing. 

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“Healing” Masterlist

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

The divorce went smoothly, other than the months and months in court of you now ex-husband gave you trying to get your possessions. It was your money, it was your stuff. It went on until Veronica’s baby bump was, not only visible but, very prominent. And you kept your stuff, Tony had hired the best lawyers for you.

Ever since then you lived in the Stark Tower. At first you were worried about leaving the whole of your life and moving across an ocean, but the you realised that they were the same people who lied to you for a 2 years of your life. And the people you lied to for all of your years. Here you were happy to be who you were, you gained experience that you had previously turned down, developing your abilities. You could see your family again, your sister, your father, your mother. There were cousins that you didn’t know existed and when you finally met you they called you “the cool avenger aunt”, putting a smile on your lips.

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