they said i looked like a porcelain doll

Desperate Times (Joker x Reader)

Okay. I’m so sorry guys, I know it’s been about 80000 years since I’ve posted but I’ve just had really bad writers block and I’ve been really busy with work and school and whatnot but here it is. 

This was a request from an anon: “Could you please make an imagine where the reader is given to Mistah J because they were in debt to him. He immediately because super obsessed with her, but the reader is very scared of him <3 <3″ 

This is like decently close to the request just i couldn’t figure out what to write. I’m sorry!!!!! 


“Please, no Mr. Joker, I’ll give you anything. You can have anything.” You saw the man beg for his life, for another chance. It disgusted you to see him like this. To see the man you once knew as your father beg for drugs. You shook your head in disgust and turned away. You had no idea why but he insisted you be there with him, maybe it’s ‘cause he knew it could very well be one of his last days, if not his last.

“Anything?” The green haired man purred as he circled your father. Your father nodded and looked you in the eyes as if he were apologizing. Confusion clouded your mind as to why he would be apologizing. Maybe it was for being a shitty father, or for making you witness this horrid interaction.

“You can have my daughter,” he stated simply. You eyes snapped open and your back straightened.

“Excuse me? No you can’t have me and what the fuck dad?” You said in disbelief.

“Oh she’s feisty, I like her. You’ve got yourself a deal there Mr. You can keep your life, and your drugs, in exchange for this lovely creature,” he said as his looked you up and down, drinking in every detail of your body.

“No. Dad what the hell is wrong with you? You’re not actually serious are you?” Your voice dropped as the look in his eyes confirmed that he was in fact serious about selling you to the Joker.

“I’m sorry Y/N. There’s nothing else I can do,” he muttered, embarrassed that he had gotten to this point. Your heart broke as you watched the man you once looked up to pick drugs over his own daughter.

“Oh we are going to have so much fun together little miss Y/N,” the Joker snarled in your ear. You flinched as his hands came down on your shoulders.

“Dad… How could you?” He looked down in shame and walked out of the room without a word. Tears were streaming steadily down your face as you stared at the door he had just left through.

“Hm. Dads, am I right?” The Joker broke the silence in the room. “Hi doll face, I’m the Joker, the man that your father is seriously indebted to, and you belong to me now! You can call me Mr. J,” he said, extending a hand towards you as if to shake hands. You glanced down at his hand and ignored the offer. “Oh sweetheart now that’s just rude. That won’t fly doll. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Gonna have to teach you a lesson then. Take a seat,” he said as he pulled you down to sit next to him. His face got serious and you knew you were in trouble. “You belong to me now. That means you do what I want, when I want, and where I want. If you disobey me sweetcheeks, you get punished. Are we clear doll face?” He gripped your cheeks, forcing you to look at him. You nodded and he released your face. “What’s your name sweets?”

“Y/N,” you said simply. He stared at you with a bored look as if he was expecting you to say more. You stared back in defiance and he let out a long displeased groan.

“Not a talker are we? I can change that y’know,” he said with a maniacal smile as he pulled his shiny gun out of the holster under his jacket. He lifted the gun and caressed your soft cheeks with the cool, hard metal. You stared him dead in his crazy eyes as he tried to scare you with the powerful weapon in his hands. His face fell as he realized you weren’t scared and you wouldn’t open up to him. “Now tell me doll, am I gonna have to find some other ways of getting you to open that pretty mouth of yours?”

“Fine. What do you want to know. You get three questions, choose wisely,” you said, boredom dripping in your words. Your father had dragged you in to a world of guns and violence, this was not the first time you had been threatened at gun point and you had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last.

The Joker raised his non-existent eyebrow and stared you down. He was vastly impressed by your cool composure and lack of fear. Most in your shoes would be trembling, begging for their dear lives but you, you just sat there, bored with his games and his old intimidation tactics.

“And who do you think you are making demands?” He sneered angrily.

“I’m just trying to get this show on the road. Question one, two more to go. Like I said Mr. J, choose wisely.”

“I like your spunk sweetcheeks. Alright, why aren’t you scared? Most people would be terrified out of their minds, why not you?” He inquired.

“You’re not the first basket case my father has pissed off. I’ve been tied down, beat, interrogated, the works. I’m used to it now. My father owes a lot of people a lot of money but what they always fail to realize is that I mean little to nothing to him. I must admit, I’m a little impressed. You’re different than the others. He’s offered me up before y’know? No one’s ever agreed but you, you fell for it,” you explained. He stared at you with a confused look spread across is tattooed porcelain skin. “Stop staring,” you said.

He stared at you open mouthed and went to wrap his hand around your neck only to retract quickly. “You doll, are special, that’s for sure. I can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have. Last question, do you like the left or the right side of the bed?” He threw his head back as he howled with laughter, his infamous laugh ringing through your ears and the small room you two were seated in.

You rolled your eyes and mentally groaned at the stupidity of this man. “Right,” you said as you got up from the small couch. “Can we go now? I would really like to get out of here and take a shower. I’m assuming there’ll be towels and whatnot ready for me? Clothes maybe?” He shook his head at you and wrapped his hand in your hair and yanked back.

“Now listen here Y/N, just because you’re not scared of me doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the things I’ve done and trust me honey, I can do worse,” he spoke in a deep, threatening voice. You felt the tip of his gun press against the center of your back. You had to admit that you were a little scared. The other men you dealt with were nothing like him. He was deadly, ruthless, and he could crack at any moment. “Now that we have the all cleared up let’s get this show on the road shall we?” His mood switched instantly.

A while later you pulled up to a lavish place. You were unsure of what to expect from him but you figured it shouldn’t surprise you that he lives in such an extravagant set up. He pulled you up from your elbow and you followed him inside. It was beautiful as you had expected upon seeing the outside of the house. Gold everything, marble counters, purple accents strewn around the house.

You glanced around, taking in what would be your new house.

“It’s beautiful,” you mumbled to yourself mostly. His hands came down on your shoulders in a gentle way, his hands travelling up and down your shoulders. You leaned your head to the side allowing a pleasant stretch to the tense muscles of your neck. “Do you live here all alone?” you inquired.

“No, the maid lives here, a few of my more trusted henchmen, for security measures. Not that I couldn’t protect myself, just don’t wanna do all the work myself,” he answered. You hummed in acknowledgement and continued to scan the room around you. “The room’s upstairs, I already had some of my men pick up your stuff from your father’s place, if you need anything else just tell me and I’ll send someone out to get it,” he said as he walked to the kitchen. You nodded, and dragged yourself up to what looked like a spare room. You plopped down on the bed and let out a long sigh.

So this is what my life is like now, you thought to yourself, looking around the lavish room. Joker stepped up to the doorway and stared you down before sitting down next to you on the big fluffy bed. “Why am I here Joker?”

“Please, call me Mr. J, Joker sounds… Too formal. I want you here because you’re a beautiful girl, your father did me wrong, and I want to make him pay.”

“Hah… Well jokes on you Mr. J. My father doesn’t care about me. Keeping me here is doing nothing but giving him the chance to shamelessly waste away without me yelling at him. You’re doing him a favor,” you explained. He nodded and spread a wide silver grin across his pale tattooed face.

“Y’know doll, maybe I just want your lovely company,” he said sarcastically.

“Y’know, maybe I just can’t stand your company,” you retorted. Before you could react, his hand came across your skin with a harsh sting. The force behind it made you fall back and place a tender touch on your cheek. You looked down, cowering away in fear. You loved to put on the tough girl act. Sure, you had dealt with crazies but nothing that ever came close to the Joker.

A slow tear dripped down your soft cheek. His eyes widened at the realization that he had made you cry. “Can you please leave me alone,” you muttered.

“Shit Y/N are you okay doll?” His voice was a bit quieter than before.

“Please just leave.” You were shaking, terrified to be in the same room as this psychotic, dangerous man.

“What’s wrong sweets?” You looked at him with a look of disbelief.

“You just slapped me across the face. If I’m being totally honest, I’m terrified right now. You scare the living daylights out of me. The moment I saw you I was scared for my life. I don’t want you in here. If I’m going to have to live with you I want to be left alone… I don’t want to be scared for my life. Please just go…” He looked at you, shock on his face.

“Alright. If you need something you can let someone know.” He placed a hand on your hunched back and left.

A small part of you felt bad for banishing him from your life but it wasn’t right for him to treat you in such an awful manner. You let out a sigh and laid down on the comfortable bed. Before you knew it you had slipped in to a deep sleep, forgetting about the disaster your life had become.

When I Wake [ch.1]

ch.1 | ch.2 |

Genre: Angst / Fluff 

Summary: The day you were proposed to by Kim Taehyung was absolutely unforgettable, but not in a magical, fairy tale type of way. Instead of ending the night with celebratory congratulations, you and Taehyung find yourselves in a car accident that leaves you in a coma. When you wake three years later, you receives news that Taehyung passed away as a result of his injuries. 

After getting over the initial shock of Taehyung’s death, you peacefully carry on with your life, until one day you hear word that Taehyung might not be dead after all. 

You try to find Taehyung to pick up your relationship where it left off, so everything could go back to the way it was. Only life’s not that simple. While trying to rekindle your love with the supposedly dead Taehyung, you have to deal with your arranged fiance and your newly acquainted (and dangerously hot) friend Park Jimin. 

Your life becomes a whole lot more interesting when you wake. 

Word count: ~2.3k 

Written by: Admin Jifairy

A/N: So this is my first time writing a kpop ff, and it’s my first time writing a reader insert, AND it’s my first time writing angst so please bear with me~ (it’ll get interesting soon I promise) Also jimin & yoongi are tagged in addition to tae bc they will be part of the story later on!

Taehyung placed his lips on yours; it was the only warmth you’d felt in this winter wonderland. As he pulled away, you could feel every cell in your body yearn for his embrace but reluctantly settled for his hand in yours.

You stood in the middle of the icy Bow Bridge in Central Park. It was where you two first met, three years ago.

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Salvatore Sister

Imagine~ The first time Kai sees you and he’s already completely infatuated with you. 

Word Count: 1358 

“Someones here.” Damon groaned, interrupting the conversation between your brothers. You were the youngest of the Salvatores; you were Damon and Stefan’s little sister so when they turned they turned you as well; just so they wouldn’t leave you. 

You listened out hearing footsteps approaching the front door, and on cue three large knocks echoed through the boarding house. 

Damon stood up from his seat, approaching the door whilst you resumed your conversation with Stefan. 

“Why are you here?” you heard Damon say coldly making you and Stefan both spin around to see who the visitor was. 

A young man, around 22 was standing in the doorway. He had messy dark brown hair, scruff travelling down to his neck and a fairly built physique. 

“I was bored.” he said plainly as he strolled into the home, not noticing you or your brother. 

“Well you need to leave, like now.” Damon said in an attempt to distract Kai from seeing you. 

Both of your brothers were very protective of you and never roped you into any of the drama, so when their current enemy was standing in the house you lived in they became nervous. Most people didn’t even know you existed; only people who’d met you did, never anyone who could hurt you. 

“Why? Are you hiding something from me because we both know that isn’t a good idea.” the boy chuckled as he barged past Damon. 

You and Stefan were still sitting on the couch, watching the two men bicker. 

As soon as Kai barged past Damon his eyes landed on you, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. You gave him a small smile, unsure what to do. 

“No need to stare, I know I’m perfect.” Stefan said jokingly, making you erupt in giggles. Kai’s eyes brightened when he heard your giggle, but he was still stuck in his position; his jaw still hung open. 

“U-um Hi I-I’m Kai.” he stuttered as he began to regain his composure. 

“Y/N. Pleasure to meet you.” you smiled, still giggling slightly from Stefan’s comment. 

“Oh god. Please don’t tell me you like her.” Damon groaned as he slowly closed the door behind him. 

“Yeah, better not because she’s already got a boyfriend.” Stefan said looking over to you making you give him a look because you both knew you were single. “Me.” he said. 

It took everything with you to hold in your laughter as Stefan wrapped his arm around you, but you still had a large grin on your face; making it look you and Stefan were happy together. 

Damon snorted in the back, desperately trying to hold in his laughter whilst Stefan put a large smile on his face. 

The look on Kai’s face fell and his eyes filled with disappointment. “Oh, I thought you and Caroline were a thing.” Kai said sadly. 

You pretended to be surprised, as if Stefan had been cheating. “Um, who the hell is Caroline?” you said annoyed, imitating a jealous girlfriend. 

“She’s nobody. I promise.” he said as he grabbed you. Damon was using all of his will power to not burst out laughing at the two of you. 

But your will power wasn’t enough to stop your laughter,  when you saw the fake desperate look on Stefan’s face you couldn’t stop yourself from erupting in laughter. 

Kai’s face was washed with confusion, as he turned to Damon for answers because you and Stefan weren’t going to be giving any as you both in tears of laughter. 

But Damon was laughing just as hard as you were, leaving Kai standing in the middle of the room; completely out of the loop. 

After a while you began to regain composure and said “I’m Y/N, Y/N Salvatore.” You wiped the tears from under your eyes as the confusion in Kai’s face was replaced with relief. 

“I didn’t know they had a sister.” Kai said as he glanced between the three of you. 

“Not many people do, they’re very protective and even though I’m just as old as they are; they still act like I’m a porcelain doll.” you sighed, looking at your two brothers. 

Kai couldn’t keep his eyes off you, taking in every detail of your face. Making sure he didn’t miss a single feature. 

“So.. you’re single?” he asked, a small grin beginning to form. You could hear Stefan and Damon groaning in the background at the fact that their enemy right now was completely infatuated with their little sister. 

“Yes, I am in fact single.” you giggled, a light blush forming on your face. You could hear his heart thumping in his chest from your presence and his face was redder than yours was. 

“Thank god, because you’re like really pretty.” he mumbled earning a glare from Damon. 

“You’re not bad either.” you replied playfully making his heart skip a beat. 

“No, I don’t give permission or blessing or whatever it is.” Damon sighed, standing next to the two of you. “No, please. Don’t tell me you like him." 

It was at this point you realized that Damon could hear your heartbeat and how it was constantly skipping a beat as the boy in front of you threw compliments your way. 

You looked at Damon sternly before he pulled you aside taking you into the kitchen. "What was that for?” you asked rubbing the wrist Damon had grabbed. 

“I could feel your heart beating when he told you you were pretty. You’re not aloud to like him, he’s the enemy.” he whisper shouted, not wanting to draw unwanted attention. 

“Damon, please. I mean he’s really attractive and he’s sweet to me.” you said with pleading eyes; you wouldn’t usually do this with a boy but something seemed rebellious about the enemy liking you. And in all honestly you really liked it. 

“No, he’s not sweet. He’s the devil.” Damon said, clearly irritated. 

“Damon please, just give him a chance. And if he uses me at all I give you complete permission to tear him apart limb from limb.” you said, looking into his eyes in hopes he’ll break. 

“Fine. But if he hurts you or even lays a hand on you, I will end him. I don’t care what you say. Understood?” he said sternly. 

“Understood.” you said, your face beaming. 

You and Damon entered the living room to see Stefan and Kai standing in an awkward silence. “Took you long enough.” Stefan sighed looking at the lanky boy standing in front of him. 

“Okay, listen to me Parker. You get one chance with my little sister and if you hurt her in any way, shape or form; I will tear you apart. Understood?” Damon said, his speech for Kai almost identical to the one he gave you. 

“Understood.” Kai said beaming as he looked back over at you. “So how does lunch sound?" 

"Sounds great, let me grab my purse.” you smiled, as you turned around smiling at your brothers; both of their faces plastered with a disgusted look. 

“Don’t bother, I’ll pay.” Kai said politely, clearly trying to make a good impression to you. 

“You sure?” you said, halting in your tracks. 

“Anything for you.” he smiled, clearly head over heels for you. 

Kai had felt like he’d known you for ages even though you’d only met about 10 minutes ago. He’d never been one to believe in love at first sight but when he saw you he was completely love struck. In all honesty he still was. 

Damon gagged, looking over at Stefan who was mimicking the amount of disgust which was on his brothers face. 

“Okay then.” you said, a smile plastered on your face. “I’ll see you guys in a bit.” you said to your brothers as Kai approached you. 

“Remember, if you touch her I’ll rip you apart.” Damon shouted as you both began to leave. 

“Not too sure if I can stop myself from touching her.” Kai said lowly to the boys, a smirk plastered on his face leaving the two of them in absolute disgust.

The Accident

“We were in an accident. You almost didn’t make it.”

“I thought you were dead…”

Fandom: Riverdale

Ship: Jughead x Reader

Characters: Jughead, Archie, Fred (Archie’s Dad)

Warnings: car accident with minor details; mentions of self-harm (side note: if you have the urge to hurt yourself, please don’t do it. Someone out there loves you. I love you. Nothing is worth hurting yourself. If you ever need to talk to someone, my inbox is open.)

Part 2

Part 3

Italics means a memory/flashback.


“Why are you staying at Archie’s anyways?” Your best friend, Jughead Jones, asked you while he started the car.

“My dad is away on a business trip and he entrusted Archie’s dad with taking care of me for the week,” you rolled your eyes. Your mom had left when you were a toddler, and you couldn’t even remember her - but that was okay. It was just you and dad. “Which is completely stupid because I can very well manage myself,” you complained, even though you knew that leaving yourself alone wouldn’t be a good idea.

Jughead looked over to you and said, “You could have stayed with me at the Twilight,” he referenced his home. “There’s an extra bed there.” You shrugged and tugged your long sleeves down your wrists and bunched them in your hands, desperately trying to make sure he wouldn’t see the scarring on your forearms.

Soon enough, you two were parked at a red light in the town square, only a few corners away from Archie’s house. You stared at Jughead’s focused look, and as he turned to meet your eyes with a smirk, everything went black.

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Victoria's Secret And Yoongi's Underwear

poly relationship: you x jimin x yoongi x jungkook x taehyung

so i actually haven’t been writing as often, so here is a little apology about this, i hope that you guys really like it <33


Originally posted by bwiseoks

“Do these pants make me look fat?” As always, the question asked by the smallest boy makes you laugh, though it wasn’t even directed at you. Yoongi was standing in front of the long mirror in the back of the changing room that three of you were all shoved into. He ran his hands down over his thighs nervously.

It was as if he wasn’t sure if he was making the underwear work, but damn did he have the attention of both people standing near him. “Yoongi, babe,” Jimin said to the eldest of the boys, “you have the frame of a little porcelain doll.”

The rapper looks back into the mirror with a frown, running his hands down his legs and shaking his head at his friend. “…Wow… You answered no, yet you still gave the wrong answer.”

You step forward, setting down the pile of ‘yes’ clothes on the bench. “I like your little frame. Besides, we’re all small compared to Jungkook and Taehyung.”

Something about this place was just so entertaining. Every time that you and Yoongi dragged people in here everything seemed to go downhill extremely fast, but you never would see anything more entertaining than what goes down in bringing the boys into this store.

For some reason, though they claimed to be grown ups, all mature and all that, yet they just couldn’t handle walking into Victoria’s Secret like this. They couldn’t’ handle it. Every time they walked in it was Jungkook trying to walk towards the big wall of underwear, while Jimin tried to hold him back.

In the end, Yoongi always buys almost more underwear than you would, and Taehyung would walk away with fifty sweatshirts from Pink and a boy dragging him onto the next store. You would be left walking out of the place with all your bags being carried for you, a gentleman’s gesture, though you knew it was Jungkook’s attempt to steal your new purchases.

While you round the corner, watching the two heads that you were trying to keep track of, you couldn’t help but look over at where Yoongi and Jimin were. Every time, with every new piece of clothing that he bought, the oldest of the boy seemed to worry about if he was too skinny. It bothered you that he thought he didn’t have a good body.

“YN!” Taehyung yells from a few isles away, making you shake your head in embarrassment, “I found a big sweatshirt I want!”

“And what?” You whisper-yell as you walk closer to him, “Do you need my permission to get it, or something?”

“No- I want you to see it.” He held the sweatshirt up, the blue fabric laying over his chest while he put the hanger up to his neck and laid the material over his chest so that you could imagine what it would look like if he had it on. “Do you think that it will make my shoulders look too big?”

“Taehyung,” you tell him with a laugh, “there’s no such thing as too big of shoulders. Just ask Namjoon and Seokjin.”

They continue running around and laughing gently with one another, giggling and trying on different sweatshirts and underwear. Everything was going… not fine, but normally, until you hear the words that you knew would signal the beginning of chaos.

“Jungkookie, why don’t you try on some underwear like Yoongi?”


“People use the color yellow to symbolize hope. Yellow. Like the sun we rarely saw. When I was very young, I thought life would be like one, long and perfect summer day; after all, it started out that way. We were four beautiful children with blonde hair and porcelain skin. People said we looked like those fancy Dresden dolls that grace shelves and mantles — only we weren't just admired, we were really loved. But that was before. Life is full of surprises, my mother used to say… and greed and fear and shame, as I soon learned. And hopelessness. We never colored even one of our paper flowers yellow.”

Let me love you (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Summary: Reader had a difficult past, but she finally found her home with the Avengers. After few years of living with them, she became a different person and she will try to help their newest member to overcome his past.

Warning: cursing

The cold air was touching your face. The skin under your thin shirt was shivering, but you didn’t mind. If you wanted to, you could warm yourself, but you didn’t. You wanted to feel something natural, something real. It was so peaceful, with the few cars that drove out of the Tower. You loved the noise, you loved to hear people talk and laugh that was peace to you. You spent almost whole life in silence.

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Nadia Pt. 6

A/N: So sorry for the long wait, but I finally got it ready to go. 

Warnings: A/B/O, smut, serious stucky, possessive Bucky

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5|

Originally posted by sheisraging

A low whine had started in Nadia’s throat, distress hitting him hard. He turned, finding the omega, his omega curled up against the headboard, eyes wide, staring between him and Steve.

“Vse normal'no. On ne sobirayetsya prichinyat’ tebe bol.’” (It’s okay. He’s not going to hurt you.) He said, trying to ease her distress. She gulped, eyeing his outstretched hand.

She slowly uncurled herself, eyes on Steve as she approached Bucky, taking his hand. She let him pull her against his side, tucking her protectively under his arm. Pack. Bucky’s hindbrain screamed, looking between his beta, and his omega.

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Akumatized Marinette

I know everyone is all on board the Marionette or Miss Fortune thing, and idk if what I’m about to suggest has been thought of before or not but…

  • Marinette getting possessed by an akuma
  • it happens because something happened to make her feel empty, alone, fragile, hurt; maybe Adrien rebuffed her affections putting Marinette at an all time low, and maybe Chloe saw that and took her chance to make Marinette feel so awful
  • She transforms and becomes China Doll; she is now essentially porcelain, and her outfit is more traditionally Chinese
  • At her touch, things turn to porcelain, and they stop being able to move. This way nobody can leave her again, and they won’t be able to hurt themselves either. How perfect, a world of glass is, as long as it’s undisturbed.
  • But really, who can trust a cat around glass things? Of course one would disturb what China Doll has created.
  • He spots her and he recognizes her as Marinette. He tries to appeal to her, to make her stop, because he doesn’t want to break her further.

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Imagine being angry at Dally:

“Screw you Dally!” You growled, picking up your alarm clock and chucking it in his direction; he dodged it effortlessly. “You’re an asshole, get out of my house and get out of my life!”

He had a look of anger as sauntered over toward you, his arms reaching out to grasp your cheeks with careful urgency, forcing you to look into his eyes.

“I ain’t goin’ nowhere, Doll. You better get used to it, you can’t get rid of me that easy” He picked you up in his arms, hoisting your legs around his waist and pressing you up against the wall. “Get used to it, real good”

He never said “I love you” but the way he looked at you, you could tell he did.

He held you like you were made of porcelain, and he looked at you as if you were the rarest diamond in the world and he was the lucky bastard to find you.

Moonlight and Memories [Kanato Sakamaki X Reader]

              The night was so very quiet. It was a cool autumn night as you lied in your soft, king-sized bed, your (e/c) eyes still wide open. On nights like this you couldn’t sleep. You hated how quiet it was; the silence always put you on edge. When things were like this you always expected some random vampire to jump out of nowhere and immediately began sucking your blood… though more of Laito and Ayato’s appearances than the others.

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Goodbye sanity

Pairing; Joker x reader 

Mainly based on extracts from the suicide squad offical movie novelization

Warning; violence 

Y/N, the coffee girl catches the attention of a notorious gangster when her workplace gets hijacked in the heart of Gotham city.  

 Today was an unusually quiet day at work. You had just started your internship at Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals. I mean, you were just the coffee and sorting everybody’s files girl, but you were making a little money for yourself. You stood in the coffee room, tapping your feet to the radio and getting the coffee ready for your co-workers. You had had an icky feeling in your body since you came in this morning. Half of the staff that usually sat writing on their computers in their million dollar suits every morning, wasn’t there. And those who were, seemed strangely quiet. They would usually greet you, or at least throw a smile in your direction.

I saw you, standing in the rain

You were holding his hand, and I’ll never be the same

You were humming along with the song playing on the radio. One great thing about working here was that you didn’t have to wear a uniform.  You wore your black jeans with a tight, black sweater that revealed your shoulders. You always made an effort to look nice when you were at work, curled hair and a full face of makeup. Therefore, it kind of annoyed you that so many people were off work today. The one day your makeup was literally on point, no one was here to see it. There were a lot of handsome business men who would turn their heads and look at you as you walked past them. Coffee-tray in hands and a little sway in the hips.

 You would always hear chatting in the hall, just outside where you made the coffee, but today it was completely silent.  You decided to ask one of your co-workers what the hell was going on once you’d finished your current task. ‘’Hey!- ey man take it easy alright!?’’ you heard a familiar voice shout from outside the building. Putting the coffee cup down, you walked over the window and looked down. Dave, the copy machine guy was standing outside with about 15 other co-workers, in a line with their hands tied behind their backs. What the fuck. You walked over to the door and carefully opened it, seeing an empty hallway.

All of a sudden your ears were filled with a loud bang, making them sting and buzz. A wall further down the hall had been blown up and now men with guns came running down the hallway, tearing every door open. what the hell is going on!? Your mind was panicking as you realized your best chance was to run into the next office and hide under an office desk.

You heard someone kick open the door to the coffee room and started shaking, trying to control your breathing so that no one would hear you. ‘’Ey, look at his.’’ One of them said and pointed to your coffee tray that looked like it had been left in a hurry. The other goon gripped his machine gun a little tighter and chuckled. ‘’Somebody’s here’’. You felt your heart drop to the floor. There was no going back now, you had found a horrible hiding spot so it wouldn’t take them long to find you. As you heard the door to the office you were hiding in open, you held your breath and closed your eyes.

‘’Come ooout come ooout wherever you are, sweetheart’’ one of them singsonged as he paced back and forwards. ‘’How do you know, it’s a she?’’ the other one asked. There was a little crack under the office desk, which allowed you catch small glimpses of them. The one with the machine gun, sniffed and chuckled. ‘’I can smell her.’’ Shit. You couldn’t do anything, but wait there until they found you. You had no place to hide, no place to run. You sat with your knees up to your chest and your eyes closed. If this was it, you didn’t want those two to be the last thing you saw on this earth.

The machine-gun-man started walking towards the office desk. It was obvious that they both knew where you were, they were just taunting you. All of a sudden you saw a pair of boots next to your feet. You stopped breathing. Every muscle in your body froze, your eyelids couldn’t even blink as you waited for him to call out your not-so brilliant hiding spot.

‘’PICKA-BOO’’ the man shouted as his face appeared right before yours, the sudden shock of it making you scream. When he heard, you saw a smile appear on his face. Fucking asshole. He grabbed your hair and pulled you out from your hiding spot. ‘’Look at his one’’ he said with a grin on his face. ‘’No wonder they got you working as the coffee girl. If I saw a gem like this one walking around, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to control myself.’’ He chuckled stroked your cheek with his gloved hand. You scrunched your nose in disgust and turned your head away from him

‘’We should bring her to the boss, I’m sure he would very very thankful.’’ The other guy chirped in. Disgusting-perverted-machine-gun-man threw you over his shoulder and started walking towards the elevator. You tried to move from his grip but his grip was too strong. You could hear the sounds of gunshots and laughter as the elevator went down. Your body fell to the ground with a big thud as Mr.perv released his grip, and dropped you to the ground.

‘’Oh, my oh my oh my..’’ you heard a voice in front of you. ‘’Well, hello beautiful’’ A man said as he bent down and grabbed a handful of your hair. He pulled your face up to meet his and smiled once you made eye contact. ‘’Where’d you find this little doll?’’ he laughed and looked at the two goons that brought you here. ‘’She was hiding under an office desk, shivering like deer’’ Pervo answered. ‘’Leave us.’’ He said sternly. ‘’What the hell do you idiots want with me?’’ you exclaimed in frustration. ‘’That’s a foul mouth for such a pretty face.’’ He shook his finger at me. ‘’Fuck you’’ you spat. This made him laugh a maniacal laugh as he grabbed his chest. ‘’Oooh we’ve got a live one’’ he laughed at himself.

 ‘’You can call me mister J, dollface.’’ He said as he extended his hand, expecting me to shake it. Me, being the idiot that I am decided it would be better to spit in his face. Mister J sighed and frowned. ‘’Well that wasn’t very nice, now was it?’’ You instantly regretted it, knowing you might was well could have just signed your own death certificate. ‘’Tsk tsk tsk… bad girl. You know what happens to bad girls. They get punished.’’ I was trembling but managed to keep my spirit up. I refused to let him get under my skin. ‘’Go ahead, mister. Whatever you think you can do to me, it’s already been done twice as painful to me already,’’ you glared at him.

This seemed to peak his interest, but unfortunately for you, it also seemed to put an idea into his deranged head. He tilted his head and furrowed his brows, staring at you, trying to find the right words. Out of nowhere, he launched himself at you and threw you over his shoulder. Damn these fucking men. You began kicking your feet, hitting his back with your fists and even tried to bite his neck. ‘’Ho-ho ooh, alive and kicking!’’ he cackled as he carried you into room and threw you down on what looked like a dentist chair. Before you could move, he quickly grabbed your arms and tied them down with straps. Then he did the same with your legs. Kicking was useless, he was too quick and too strong. The joker grabbed two purple, plastic gloves from underneath the chair on put them on his hands, pulling the ends and releasing them to his white skin, making a loud slap noise that echoed around the room.

‘’You think you know pain?’’ he started, dragging out the word pain. ‘’Let me go!’’ you screamed at him and tried to wriggle out of the straps. This only caused them to dig deeper into your skin. He ignored you and went on. ‘’A very long time ago, some very rude people did something very bad to me.’’ He sounded like a little kid, apologizing to his mommy for doing something very bad. You knew this was bullshit. He was trying to get inside your head. ‘’They threw me into a furnace of darkness and misery.’’ I looked at him with my eyes furrowed. ‘’And?’’ You asked, wondering where your part played in, in all of this.

‘’And now I’m throwing you into that same black hole.’’ He held a leather strap in one hand and started stroking it down your cheek till it rested over your mouth. ‘’Open up doll.’’ He said as he pushed the leather strap between your lips. ‘’And bite hard. This is so you don’t break those perfect porcelain capped teeth when the juice hits your brain. You’ll thank me later.’’

Every muscle in your body tensed like a leash as 450 volts seared through your brain. Your teeth ground into the rubber. Mister J was right. If he hadn’t stuffed the leather strap into your mouth, your teeth would have cracked when you smashed them together. When you heard the machine go dead, you stopped chewing on the leather strap, which was almost completely shredded and then your body went slack.  A single tear fell from your open eyes. Hello madness, my old friend.

Twisted Ankle (Leo x Reader)

Anon requested: Can I please get a 2k14 Leo x reader? One where the reader sprains her ankle doing something and even though the reader says she’s fine, Leo takes care of her? Maybe a confession of feelings and a kiss at the end;)


Ever since you met Leonardo, you couldn’t help but find him strangely attractive. Maybe it was his gorgeous blue eyes. Or his voice. You could listen to it for hours. Or maybe you just had a thing for ninjas.

Whatever it was, you wanted to see him again. It had been about a month since you last saw the turtles and you couldn’t wait anymore. You needed to see Leo.

Standing at the foot of the entrance to their lair, you took a deep breath before entering.

“Hey, guys! I finally found some time to come ov-AH!” you shrieked as you missed the step down. You fell on your butt and pain seemed to rip through your ankle, and you placed your hand over your mouth to muffle the shout of pain rising up.

“(Y/N?)” you heard Leo call out to you. The blue clad turtle walked up to you and knelt down, “Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah,” you stated through clenched teeth, trying to act tough, “I just landed on my ankle wrong. I’m fine though.”

The turtle. Gave you a skeptical look reached over and gently pressed his fingers against your ankle. Your eyes watched his bicep as the muscles flexed slightly.

“It’s swollen,” Leo muttered under his breath, “You probably twisted it or something.”

“Oh, is that all?” you kept your eyes on his muscles, but you looked into his eyes, just to see a slight smirk playing on his lips.

“Let me help you,” Leo went to pick you up, but for some strange reason, you rejected his help.

“No, I’m fine,” you pushed slightly on his shoulder, blushing slightly over how giddy the simple contact made you feel. The fearless leader stood up, watching you wearily, ready to catch you if you fell over. You put all your weight on your good foot and pushed yourself off from the ground.

“See? I’m fine!” you grinned as you started to put your other foot down. It hurt like crazy, but you didn’t want to show weakness in front of Leo. He always watched over you, and was rather over protective. While you loved the attention, you felt the strange need to prove to him that you were capable of taking care of yourself.

“If you say so…” Leo nodded. You started to take a step, but as soon as you lifted your good foot, pain shot up your leg and you fell forward. Leonardo dashed forward to catch you. His strong arms wrapped around you quickly, and you put your arms out to try and catch yourself, ending up with having your hands and head up against his chest. A blush crept upon your cheeks as he effortlessly picked you up.

“Leo, I’m fine,” you stated as he sat you down and got a first aid kit.

“You twisted your ankle, (Y/N),” Leo looked over at you. You sighed in defeat as he came over and proper your foot up on his lap.

“Yeah, but, it’s not going to kill me,” you argued.

“No, it won’t, but you still need to take care of it,” the blue clad ninja raised an eye ridge.

“Why are you always watching over me like a hawk?” you blurted out. Leo’s head snapped up quickly, his eyes wide with confusion.


“Every time you’re around, you always hover over me. Its like I can’t do anything without your special permission. You treat me like a little porcelain China doll. I’m not weak, I’m not fragile, I can handle myself,” the words rolled right off your tongue. Leo blinked a couple times before he turned his head back down to your ankle. His touch was soft and gentle.

“I never said you were weak or anything,” Leo shook his head and looked up at you, “I know you can handle yourself, and I don’t doubt your skill. I care about you. I worry about those I care about.”

The room got silent as Leo wrapped up your ankle.

“You care about me?” you looked up at the giant turtle, who was gazing lovingly at you.

“More than you know, (Y/N),” he breathed as he leaned in closer and pressed his lips ever so gently against yours. Your heart began to beat wildly against you chest. His hand rested on your back and pulled you closer to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and began to return the kiss.

It was everything you had imagined. Of course you never imagined it would take a twisted ankle for Leo to kiss you, but it was worth it.

Memories (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Summary: Reader was trained in the Red room, some of her memories are coming back to her, haunting her while she is trying to move on.

(Y/N) was sitting on the bed in the center of a small dark room. She lived in the Avengers tower for six months and she couldn’t get just to it. Every time when she would try to smile or to be happy screams would find their way back into her mind. There were no peace for tortured souls. Every time when she would wake up or go to sleep, she could hear it, the voices. Whispers that were calling her to come back to the Red room, they hunted her for years.

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Scars [Jin] - Short Story

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

A/n: Hey guys so I decided to make small stories a thing on my blog so I will now be taking requests for that type of thing. I hope I get lots of requests so I can write for you wonderful people I love dearly. Enjoy :) ~ Admin Kookie/Megan

Summary: While Jin was gone for the tour reader is a senior in high school. Trying to finish school to obtain her diploma people start bullying her about her looks and she results into self harm…how will Jin react? 

Word Count: 1,241 words

Type: Angst/fluff

Member: Jin from BTS

Y/n’s POV

“Stop leave me alone” I pleaded my bullies to stop harassing me.

“Why should I huh? You’re just a pathetic girl” She started still making fun of me with her 3 minions following her lead.

“Girls I don’t even know why Jin dates her. I mean look at her and then look at me” One girl in the group pointed out making them all laugh at me and still corner me between them and the wall.

“I think he just dates her out of sympathy. He’s like a god and look at what she is. She looks like dirt” Another evil witch spoke up.

“I mean did you ever see his lips? They look like they’d be the softest lips in the world don’t you think? Y/n would you mind if I had a taste?” The right hand bitch said and smirked at me while I sunk into my sweater. After that they all just scoffed and walked away as if they didn’t ruin my life. 

On the verge of tears I made my way home with their words branded into my memory and won’t ever be able to leave. ‘I don’t even know why Jin dates her’

‘she looks like dirt’. All these things were all that I ever thought of while I was walking home. Letting a tear slip out of my eye as I reached the front door I ran straight into my room and locked the door. Sliding down the shut door I sat in fetal position and cried. ‘Why did he go for me?’ I thought to myself ‘I am dirt’. Sitting there and just thinking made me look towards my little box located on my counter. It holds my savior, my release, but more known as my blades. Sitting there and just thinking about the feeling of the blade rubbing on my forearm made me scratch my arm aching for the feeling now. 

Standing up and making my way towards my blades I brought it to my connected bathroom and started to run the sink ‘I’m gonna do it’ I thought to myself finally giving in to my old habits that Jin worked so hard to break. ‘I’m sorry Jin’ was my last thought as I swiped the blade across my forearm and felt the friction of the two surfaces colliding with each other with the feeling of pleasure following and I just sighed in relief and sat on the bathroom floor with the blood coming out of my newly open wound. 

Days like these were constant now the bullying, going home, crying, cutting, and repeat. But today was different, it was the same but before I was about to go into my room but not turning on my lamps I saw a figure in the dark sitting on my bed with their head in their hands and it looked like they were crying. Hearing me enter the room the figure snapped his head to me and connected our eyes that I missed. Jin, he was here. But he had a familiar box in his hand and I just stared at it as he stood up from the bed.

“Surprise” He said but his voice cracked making my heart break at the sound. Ashamed I looked to the floor and I felt tears surfacing but tried my best to push them back.

“I-um came home today and thought that it’d be a good idea to surprise my girlfriend. I think you forgot that today was the day I would come home” He explained to me still standing there with my box of sins in his hands. 

“I’m happy you’re here Jin” I finally spoke and looked up at him while pulling down my sleeves trying my best to cover the bandaged wrists. He obviously caught on to what I was doing and I saw tears that were coming out of his eyes.

“Y/n what have you been doing?” He asked but I was too ashamed to answer his simple question. “Answer me” He added with his voice cracking with a pleading look plastered on his face. Looking away from his figure I felt the scratching feeling in my wrist again and decided to ask him the repeating question that was going through my head.

“Do you love me?” I asked but my voice failing at the end. 

“Wha- Are you serious Y/n? Of course I fucking love you” He replied with a sniffle at the end.

“Why?” I added breaking each passing moment.

“No. Stop with these incredulous questions. You already know the answers to them” He answered me but I heard his tone growing more weak. Deciding to look up with the tears that was streaming down my face and my band-aid wrists revealed to him. 

“I need to know why you love me why you chose me out of all people in the world” I sobbed out making him cry even more. Dropping the box that was in his hands spilling the blades out of the container he ran towards me and engulfed me in his warm embrace and was slowly glueing me back together. 

“I love you because you’re you Y/n” He sobbed out as well leaving both of us in tears for what felt like forever. With our hearts calmed and our breaths even he pulled away from me and left me wanting to be in his arms again.

“Can I see?” He asked referring to my cuts.

“Why?” I asked quizzically.

“I want to see how much times where you needed me but I wasn’t there for you. To see how much I failed to be there to support you. To see how much times where you were falling apart but I wasn’t there for you” He listed out looking into my eyes.

“You didn’t fail me” I whispered trying to make the situation lighter but he chuckled out of disbelief.

“Then you wouldn’t be here hurting yourself. Each cut represents the time where I wasn’t there when I was supposed to be. I failed you Y/n i’m so sorry, i’m so sorry” He broke down and fell to the floor and kept shaking his head. At the sight of him like this made me feel major guilt on my shoulders. It was my fault he was like this.

“ don’t think that. Okay? I just-um needed something to relieve me…” I tried to explain my thoughts on this situation.

“Y/n… please promise me something” He started “promise me that you won’t ever do that again. If you feel like relapsing into that habit call me okay? I’m always there for you” He said with a look of love in his eyes.

“I promise” I whispered. Sitting in front of him he took my wrist in his hands but I flinched from the pressure he applied to a new cut and he looked worriedly at me but I just waved it off. Watching his actions carefully he caressed my wrists so gentle as if he was holding a porcelain doll. Bringing my wrist closer to his mouth he kissed every single cut that was shown making my heart flutter at the action. After he was done he caught my lips in his and kissed me with so much passion that I forgot where we were. 

“I love you” He whispered to me.

“I love you too” I responded back with a small smile on my face. The end

A/N: *Shrieks* I really hope you liked it I found it really sad though but the ending was so cute. Message me on your thoughts on the short story type of thing to see if I should continue doing that type of thing and message me if you like this small scenario :) I love you guys xoxo ~ Admin Kookie / Megan

so today I went to a greenhouse with my friend and the owner came up to me and was just like “has anyone ever told you that you look like a porcelain doll?” and she wanted to take a picture of me because she said I looked just like an antique doll her sister had… like how sweet of her! I was really flattered. it’s actually a compliment I get often which is wonderful because that’s actually the look I am trying to go for - clear pale skin, blush under the eyes, soft brows, feminine antique and vintage clothes, ruffles and hats and stuff like that!! so I like when people recognize my style and that’s what they think. it’s just such a nice thing and it shows that I’m on the right track.

Steal Your Heart (Part I of II)

Pairing: You x Luhan

Summary: When he spends more and more time with another girl

Warnings: Angst (compensated by fluff because I love happy endings ^__^)

“This is Likun,” Luhan said brightly, smiling back and forth between me and the petite girl as I stood up and quickly shook her hand, a little flustered.

“Hi,” I said as politely as I could, watching as Likun smiled prettily back at me. “Luhan’s told me a lot about you!”

Likun was Luhan’s childhood best friend, or so he had told me. They had been inseparable until they were fourteen, when Likun had left China to study overseas in America and now, ten years later, she was back permanently for her job. 

When Luhan found out, he had been beyond excited to reconnect with her again, and I told him I looked forward to meeting her soon. But not this soon. To my surprise, Luhan had brought her unannounced with him today to the cafe, where we had arranged to meet on my lunch break. I had been looking forward to the hour in the middle of the day where I would have my boyfriend all to myself; I thought it was just going to be Luhan and I on our little date, and my smile faltered slightly when Luhan pulled a chair out for Likun and prompted her to sit down.

Apparently not.

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Delicate Not So Delicate | Pack Imagine 

request ; request where y/n is very small and delicate and the pack (especially liam, bc he likes her) are very protective over her??

word count ; 987

warnings ; mentions of a beloved and much missed character (at least by me).

a/n ; this went in a bit of a different direction than i had originally planned out. but i like it v much. she’s not exactly delicate. (and omg i didn’t mean to leave out malia and kira i swear it was an accident okay i’m sorry).

You were probably the feistiest, most fiery member of the McCall pack. This wasn’t a self-proclaimed title, either, every one could see it. You had a determination to help people, save people, and fight the bad guys along with the rest of your pack. You were kick ass when you wanted to be, and sometimes when you didn’t even mean to be. But apparently, being a bit on the petite side, the tiniest pack member despite being the same age as Liam (who wasn’t even that tall), meant that you were to be protected and restrained from your intense desire to fight alongside your friends. 

That was why you thought they had a tendency to restrict you from coming on potentially dangerous missions, but of course, they had other reasons for keeping you safe besides the fact that you were a “delicate” human. They just didn’t care to share those particular motives. 

Which was they were so, so, worried when they walked in on you securing a knife to the sheath strapped to your thigh. You had your miniature cross bow poking out of your boot, your arrows most likely hidden in the inside pockets of your jacket. 

“Y/N?” Scott entered the room first, lips pressed in a tight line as he took in your appearance. You smiled at him, then waved to the rest of the pack before returning to your cache of weapons spread across the desk behind you. “What are you doing with your knife sheath? I thought you put that away after you scratched your leg with the actual knife…” 

You furrowed your eyebrows, placing a small pistol back in the drawer it had been previously locked in. “Well, I know I said that, but I figure I need to be as prepared as possible if we’re going to catch these guys in the act, right?” You smiled again, though you were slightly confused by all the grimaces you received in return. “Why? What’s wrong? Change of plans?” 

Liam stepped in next, standing slightly in front of Scott. “You aren’t coming tonight. It’s not safe for you, Y/N. I want - I mean, we want to keep you safe.” He blushed a little, scratching the back of his neck anxiously. 

“What do you mean I’m not coming?” You searched the faces of all your friends, trying to find some sign of reassurance that you were in fact going along with them, that you were going to finally have the opportunity to prove that you weren’t as delicate as they made you out to be. “Of course I am. Right? Lydia, I’m coming, right?”  You were the one she had the closest connection to, the one she was supposed to defend. 

But this time, she placed her hand on your shoulder, rubbing a thumb across the scratchy fabric of your sweater. “It’s for the best, Y/N. Understand that, okay?” 

You shrugged off her hand, ignoring the look of hurt that flashed in her green eyes as you did so. “No, it’s not okay!” You exclaimed, your voice raised louder than any one of them had heard before. You were usually sweet, if not a little sarcastic, and you barely ever raised your voice. They could see how upset you were, and with good reason, but this wasn’t the right mission for you to good on. It was too dangerous “I am sick of this! I don’t know what this is about, or why you all shut me out whenever you have to go on some mission, but it’s not fair! This is what I’ve trained for, I’m supposed to help you guys -” 

“I promised your sister I would protect you.” 

It was like the air was suddenly sucked out of the room, and right out of you. There was some simultaneous agreement that no one was to talk about Allison with you, because you would instantly tear up against your will, and you would have to leave the room. It hasn’t even been two years yet, and the wounds were still fresh in your heart. 

So upon hearing this from Scott, you almost blew up. “So that is what this is about. You think I’m going to die just like Allison, right? Well, she died trying to save her best friends. That’s pretty honorable if you ask me. And if I am going to die, then I’d like to go out just like my sister.” Your words hung heavy in the air around you all, your arms folded and your eyes narrowed. Lydia was staring at you as if trying not to cry, Stiles looked pretty hurt as well. Scott actually had a few tears glistening in his eyes, and Liam’s hands were shaking a little. 

“I’m sorry,” you said quietly, running a hand through your hair. “I just - I’m not some delicate little porcelain doll that’s going to break if I fall down a few times. I want to make Ally proud, and I can do that if you guys just let me help. Please, I don’t want to have you guys come home and tell me that someone else was killed, or hurt, or taken, when I could have been there to do something.” 

Liam was the first to engulf you in a hug, understandable considering he had been harboring the smallest of crushes ever since you tackled him when you thought he was an intruder in Scott’s house. He was followed by Scott shortly afterwards, who could see the same fire blazing in your eyes that was oh so similar to the spark that used to gleam in Allison’s one eyes. Stiles hesitantly hugged you as well, a small part of himself still full of guilt and blame over the death of your beloved sister. Lydia wrapped her arms around you securely, tears running silently down her cheeks, knowing for a fact that you were already making Allison proud. 

One For The Road

Genre: Fluff, a bit of angst?

Word count: 2624 words

Warnings: Swearing, very brief mentions of alcohol and sexual content,

Prompt: Has anyone done the trapped in a car in a storm snow one yet i really want that even though its really cliche

A/N: This is really seasonally inappropriate but that’s ok


’Oh, Dan I have a great idea! Let’s hire a car and go for a road trip in the middle offucking winter!’”Dan mocked Phil’s voice, waving his hands in the air. He slammed the palms of his gloved hands on the steering wheel, and then sunk back in the car seat.

Phil stayed silent, his whole body tensed up. He wrapped his arms around his chest and didn’t look over at Dan, who was practically fuming. They’d managed to pull off to the side of the road before the car completely broke down, but now they were completely stuck.

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