they said about his reception in the stadium and he replied 'i expected it'

Soundtrack Series - Midnight Memories - Strong

Harry: “You should call him,” Syd says from the kitchen. You look over at her from your place on the couch and roll your eyes. “What? You’ve been moping around here ever since the club, and it’s no fun. Just call him.” “I’m not going to call him,” you quickly respond, making sure she knows where you stand. “Well don’t come crying to me when you’ve lost him completely simply because you are too stubborn to be the one to call and fix it.” Harsh. But you shouldn’t be the one to fix anything; nothing had broken while in your hands. This is on Harry. You get up from the couch; you’d been laying there for hours. Your productivity level had plummeted thanks to all of this internal drama. You hadn’t been doing anything but mulling around the apartment all day. You go back to your bedroom, shutting the door behind you. Syd had made it very clear she was tired of playing witness to what all of this was doing to you. You curl back into the bed that hadn’t been made in days. Being under the covers was the only comfort you had been able to feel in a while. You reach out towards the nightstand to get your phone, bringing it back under to you. You stare at the black screen. This is on him. But you know he isn’t going to call. The last time he had done that it was so incredibly awkward, so very different. Things have changed between you. You turn on the screen and the light illuminates the plush fortress you have built in order to keep everyone and everything out. You slide your finger across the screen and continue to think about the consequences of making the call. If you call you are giving him the upper hand. He isn’t going to see that he’s really hurt you if you don’t continue to ignore him. But it’s Harry. Why are you ignoring him?  You go to your recent contacts and of course he’s still at the top. No one else bothers calling you. You press his name and put the call on speaker before setting the phone down and closing your eyes. You almost hoped he wouldn’t answer. You had no idea where in the world he was so there was a good chance he wouldn’t. The rings stop, and you close your eyes tightly. “Hi,” a somber voice greets you. The sound of his voice causes your heart to speed up. “Hi,” you respond, trying to keep calm, and also trying not to cry. “Are you under the covers?” He questions with a slight laugh. “Yes,” you answer, nothing ever gets by him. “I recognize it in your voice.” Of course he does. Of course he remembers what your voice sounds like when it’s under the covers. Strange boy. “Everything alright?” He asks, and you almost laugh at his question. Of course everything isn’t alright. Why would you be calling him? You’re meant to still be ignoring him. Your pause tells him your thoughts and he continues. “We’re going to be alright,” he tells you, even though you hadn’t said a word. He was always good at reading your mind though. “I’m not going anywhere, even though I know it seems like we are drifting. That isn’t going to happen. I need you to keep holding on. Okay? If we’re both holding onto this, there’s no way we’re falling apart. Alright?” How is it that you haven’t said a word about the situation, yet he still knows everything to say to reassure you things will be fine? That’s how it’s always been though, something you’ve always wondered.  You can feel the tears now. This is like talking to the Harry you once knew. The one that was always with you, always spending time with you. The one that loved you unconditionally. But conditions had been put in place and this was not that Harry. But he was telling you everything you needed to hear in this moment to assure you that one day you were going to have the old Harry back. This was an offer you couldn’t refuse. “Alright.”

Liam: You’ve found yourself lost in more tour videos. This isn’t how you are meant to be spending your Friday night. You should be out with friends while there was no threat of running into anyone you didn’t want to see – also known as the person you were watching on the computer screen. You keep telling yourself you just want to see the show; you miss the show. And you had yourself convinced, that is until the introduction video had finished and Liam actually took the stage. Every time he shows up on the screen your eyes follow him, as they would if you were actually in the stadium watching him. You had always loved to watch him perform, he was a natural up on the stage. The joy he got from being in front of all of those people gave you joy of your own. You really shouldn’t be watching these videos though. But they’re everywhere. You can’t escape them. An escape comes though, in the form of a phone call that brings your attention from the screen in front of you to the one sitting beside you on the desk. You lean over, and it’s his name that is staring straight back at you. You can’t pick it up. The racing of your heart tells you that. You’re far too nervous to talk to him. Your emotions towards him had done a full three-sixty and then some, and clearly you still weren’t ready to say anything. You let the phone ring, watching it closely, wondering if he is going to hang up once he realizes you aren’t going to answer. What if he needs something? He will leave you a voicemail, you’re certain. But why would he be calling you if he needed something? These are like old times. You watch as the screen changes and his name disappears, leaving behind a small notification of a missed call. You continue to stare, you know what’s happening now. He’s leaving you a voicemail. It’ll be a ‘just checking in’ message, something along those lines. He’d been leaving them every so often, especially since he’d been getting more vocal about you on stage to his fans. The voicemail notification was taking longer than usual to come up. Maybe he hadn’t left one. Maybe he had accidently called you. What a relief that would be. You let your eyes move back to the computer screen, but just as soon as you are ready to press play on another video, your phone buzzes, the voicemail notification now present. You take a deep breath and open it. “Hey.” His simple opening was heartbreaking, his tone was not his usual. “I just wanted to call you and apologize. I know you’ve heard a thousand apologies from me in the last couple of months and this one probably seems no different, but please hear me out.” You have no idea what is coming next, but you try your best to prepare yourself. “I can’t lose you. I need you. I’m sorry I took my emotions too far, but it’s only because you mean so much to me. It wasn’t fair to either of you that I acted like that and I have already said what I needed to say to Mark, and he and I are on good terms. I’m not sure if he said anything about that call to you, but it was a good one, I promise.” You still aren’t sure of everything that went down with their conversation, but Mark was definitely on Liam’s side in this. “I’m not the same without you in my life. You’ve always been around, and now that you aren’t I don’t know what to do. I know you’ve heard me say this so many times, but I will say it over and over again until you believe me. (Y/N), I just need you. In any way you will allow me right now, I just need you.” 

Niall: Straight back to work with a brand new file on your desk. The week had been fairly calm and you were more than thankful. After finishing the Washington Square project you needed a break. But a new file meant a new client and a new project. So much for a free weekend. You sit down at your desk and open the file. Confusion comes over you at the realization that this is a residential property. You immediately get on the phone with Kati, this has to be the wrong file. “Hey Kati, this file on my desk is for an individual flat.” “I know,” she replies as if she was planning something. “Okay, and you want me on this instead of something commercial?” “Yes, you are the best person for this job.” You’d done flats before, but only small ones in London. The details on this one told you this was going to be a completely different job. “And the client will be in your office in about ten minutes, just a heads up.” A ten minute warning? Lovely. “Alright, thanks,“ you reply, trying not to sound stressed already. “No problem, it’s going to be a fun job. You’re going to enjoy it a lot.” At that you say your goodbyes and get to studying the file before you have to meet the owner of your new job. Time goes by too quickly and before you can fully prepare yourself reception is calling. “He says he will come up, so you don’t have to leave the office.” “Does he know the way around?” “Yes, he’s been here before.” Well okay then, if you don’t have to leave, more time to look over everything. “Alright, send him up.” It isn’t enough time of course, and you look up from the file just in time to see a familiar face standing in your doorway. A bright smile is on his face, and you can’t help but laugh. You look down at the file name, no first name, but that must be his last name. “Mister, let’s see, Harris?” “That’s me,” he says proudly as he walks in a takes a seat in front of your desk. “Is this what you meant by ‘see you in three weeks’?” You inquire. “It’s three weeks later, isn’t it?” “Yes it is, but I was expecting you to ask me out for a drink or something, not ask me to redo your flat.” “Drinks will come later, promise.” He sends you a wink, and you can feel your face flush bright red. “Business, Stephen, this is business,” you remind him. “Drinks are a part of business, it happens all of the time.” He has an answer for everything, doesn’t he? You turn and get your notepad to write down any and everything he wants done with this property. “Okay, go for it. What are you looking for?” “Hmm, about five-eleven in a nice pair of Louboutin’s, feisty personality, loves a good, expensive wine-“ “In the property Mr. Harris, the property,” you interrupt. “You know to call me Stephen, and I wasn’t finished, I have one last thing.” You pause and humor him, allowing him to finish. “Irish accent, I need an Irish accent.” You roll your eyes and he smiles. “Feisty personality,” he reminds you and you shake your head. “I can’t help it, okay?” He says with a laugh. “Is it that wrong that I say those things? They’re all compliments, and I mean every one of them. You do things to me that I have never felt in my life, and to be honest I don’t care if it’s wrong, I will continue to tell you how I feel.” Well that was a lot more than what you were expecting out of him. You just wanted to know what kind of countertops he wanted in the kitchen. You are quickly brought back from your thoughts as the silence starts to settle. “Business, Stephen. I am here to help you renovate this space of yours. That’s all I am going to be here for.” You didn’t know what else to tell him. You have other obligations across the world, other priorities. Yes, he was now being made a priority of yours, but this was about the property, not him. You will have to get him to realize that.

Louis: You weren’t expecting a call from him at this time in the day. You had gotten fairly used to the time between you, and by now he should be asleep. “Hey, babe, everything alright?” You ask as soon as you pick up the phone. “I don’t know, you tell me,” he counters. “What are you talking about? Everything is the same as it’s been for the last month.” “You want to tell me why you and Liam continue to keep tabs on me?” You hadn’t realized that this would be the reaction you would get from him. “I am just checking in on you,” you reply innocently. “Then why aren’t you talking with me about it? Why aren’t you asking me what is going on and how I am feeling?” You had been doing that but of course you were only taking what he had been telling you with about half acceptance, you knew Liam was always going to tell you everything that was going on. “I was just looking for more confirmation that everything was going alright,” you tell him. You really weren’t meaning any harm by any of this. You just wanted to make sure you got the whole story after everything he had told you he was going through. “So you don’t trust me to tell you the truth about myself?” “No, I do trust you. Louis, I’m just trying to look out for you in the best way I can while I’m not there.” Your tone was a pleading one now. The last thing you wanted to do was fight with him, not after everything you’ve been dealing with back home. He’s the one that’s been here for you. “I can’t help that I miss you when you’re gone. I can’t help that I always want you here with me. I can’t help that I love you so much. I’m sorry if that’s such a burden on your life.” “No, it isn’t a burden at all. Louis, the last thing you are is a burden on my life. I love you so much and I only want what is best for you.” “You know what’s best for me, trusting me.” At that he hangs up and you are left with a dead line. You put your phone down. You know there’s no use in calling him back, he won’t answer. You’re going to have to wait this one out, and that may kill you. He’s never been like this towards you before. Sure you haven’t been together long so it was bound to happen, but surely not like this. All he wants is trust. It hadn’t even crossed your mind that getting Liam to check in with you every now and then was breaking Louis’s trust. You just wanted to know what everyone around him was seeing, what he was allowing them to see at least. You had hurt him. That’s the last thing you ever wanted to do. He was so fragile, no matter how tough he pretended to be. His emotions were always running high, especially as of late, and the last person he ever expected to break him did just that. You begin to think about what you are going to say to him when he finally answers your call in the morning. You’re going to let him sleep on it, you have no choice really. The timezone is going to prevent you from getting a word in until after he has fallen asleep to all of the horrible thoughts you have allowed into his head by doing this. You think about being angry with Liam but know that you can’t. They’re brothers, of course Liam is going to tell him the truth no matter what. You respect that of their relationship, and wish you could have the same. You thought you did have the same, or at least something similar, but you’ve broken that and you’ve broken Louis. You actually caused him to hang up on you. His final words replay over in your mind as you stare ahead across the dimly lit room. ‘You know what’s best for me, trusting me.’