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Ok i’m going to start by saying that IT’S SO COOL TO BE ABLE TO WRITE ‘INUKAG’S FOLLOW FOREVER’?? lmao i’ve had the url for a couple of months now and i’m still excited!! 

Last time I made a follow forever I had half the amount of followers that I have now, and it was almost a year ago so it was time to make a new one! Honestly I’ve been here for so long that i don’t even know what to say anymore?? Going on tumblr has become a usual, everyday thing to me, that I forgot what it’s like to have a life without managing a blog haha. Not only do I adore inuyasha as a series, but the people of the fandom are really what made me stay here for so long. So this follow forever is really my chance to thank you all for being so great! 

And seriously, a big thank you to the friends I made here for making the inuyasha fandom feel like home to me.

bolded = my faves ♥

✧  A - H  ✧

 @actualjaken || @aiharayuzuchi || @allenswalkers || @amaayasha || @amerikagome || @among-the-twinkling-stars || @angelhart79 || @artistefish || @asseylums || @ashleys-canvas || @askinuyasha || @awkwardinuyashascreenshots || @bakaryuha || @bisexual-inuyasha || @bloodbending || @bonsoir-mon-seoul || @ch0colate-chp || @chinesebellflower || @clockworkhanyou || @chantelligentdesigns ||  @chxsenfate || @dannasama || @dickiebirds || @dixonwings || @evartandadam || @feudalfairytale || @feudalinuyasha || @forevermirsan || @fraxure || @fuckyeahinuyasha || @fuckyeahkogkag || @fyeahkagome || @gobodosama || @grapefruitwannabe || @halfdemons || @hanmajoerin || @hanyoukiichi || @himawarisuzumaki || @houshisama || @hxnyou 

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Dear our lovely precious followers,

Fluffy and Bogi here,

We would like to thank every one who has follow us! We recently received over 100 followers and you guys don’t know how happy and appreciated we feel! We created this blog around three weeks ago and honestly we thought that we would only have like 50 followers. You guys proved to us that we were wrong! We thank everyone for supporting us in every way! Thank you for understanding and cooperating  with us! Thank you for staying by our side! You guys mean so much to us and we couldn’t have done it without BTS and of course YOU GUYS, our beautiful cute squishy followers! ARMY COMMUNITY!! For the hundredth time, THANK YOU SO MUCH AND WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!


As promised: We are now open for ART SHIPS!!! WOOOO Please look forward for an announcement/update/more information later! It will be posted tonight around night time? (Eastern Time)

We are still currently working on the ships that has been submitted to us. For more information please go here~ Happy Ships

If you guys ever want to know more about us (Fluffy and Bogi) personally, please contact us anytime!!! We would love to get to know all of you guys more~


If your username is not on here, our apologies, please also contact us so we can include you on this post n.n

@10le2tessla36  @blahblahblahblah000  @amarisa-cruel-seryth@svtimaginesxxx @taetaehoe @monskookie ❤  @arminlook-aswimmingtitan @listenersay-nothing @belle-daisy@robowarrior5015@ijjyungus @the-ghoul-inside-me@arianasmodel@woozicheeks@chrisbmarquez@exodarkwolf16@scarredbytheworld ❤ @shelbyalexa15 ❤ @sarahslothy@tltanboi@larrystylinsonstella ❤ @g-bbamtbams-d ❤ @pleasehansol  ❤  @em1ko ❤  @i-c-y-y@punk-is-sleeping-druunk@everyday5girl5day ❤ @gritengu ❤ @taetae-chimchim ❤  @bandsandyoutubersruinedmylife ❤  @murplemusic ❤  @individuality69@asktwo-facedtwins@lowkeyvernon@cookie-kookie@kashminnihilda ❤  @indiestylethought❤ @madaether ❤ @angryscientist1@katiebane@fandoms-ruined-mylife  ❤ @paigekpop  ❤ @otakupandasworld  ❤ @easyquickhealthrecipes  ❤ @sour-sugar11 ❤  @dreamer-643  ❤ @korea-box  ❤ @turtleturtle1  ❤ @dyingdreamerz  ❤ @cst-cvnt @shadyismy  ❤   @rawr23  ❤ @xolovelyloserxo@elena-hamborg  ❤ @sleepy-minsuga  ❤ @f-yeah-kai  ❤ @sstamina  ❤ @i-collect-bugs ❤ @neptunezcoffee  ❤ @blossom-heart  ❤ @drugscantkillme  ❤ @milky–blue@venusnalua  ❤ @seoulkook  ❤ @caallmee-mochaa  ❤ @suasocola  ❤ @hongboootyy  ❤ @anchor-in-a-storm  ❤ @delightfullydistinguishedcanary  ❤ @hellothisisjustforme @coryssugar  ❤ @bangtanmuch  ❤ @youg0tnojams  ❤ @jennfrancco  ❤ @n0rthie  ❤ @raindropdoll  ❤ @thelillzmonster  ❤ @hopeofbts  ❤  @etsukivii  ❤ @robinthefailure  ❤ @kpopism-tbr  ❤ @choupilou0605  ❤ @chanyelol  ❤ @layxvodka  ❤ @sxky  ❤ @froxiu  ❤ @kekoanui54  ❤ @morning-yellow  ❤ @becomingeternallybear  ❤ @mysticbts  ❤ @meontae  ❤ @jiminibaby  ❤ @taehyungsmut  ❤ @valeriezenteno  ❤ @xgiantxyeolliex  ❤ @mini-jiminie  ❤ @jamlessbias  ❤ @rebeccahpr  ❤  @exofanfic-org  ❤ @mysticivory  ❤ @kawaii-as-crap  ❤ @taeislyfe  ❤ @yumichanbish  ❤ @sokitaaa  ❤

Ratchet Follow Forever

I don’t know html, i don’t know formatting, fuck banners, this is the worst but in honour of my second k, it is finally time for me to make this celebrating all of the blogs that have taught me everything i know. I love you guys so much there are certain blogs i owe everything to, and ill get to it now. This isn’t just mutuals because i literally can’t do anything the way its supposed to be done. So without further procrastination…Btw i follow about 4,700 people. So ill forget some. IM SORRY.

Special Mentions

@freddiesmyqueen: I would not be here today if it wasn’t for this fantastic human. This is true for a lot of us. She is the absolute Queen Prophet Of Larry. Where would we be without her? She has brought an unforgettable amount of material to this fandom. Thank you. Bless you beautiful person.

@since-he-was-eighteen: The wonderful creator of the HarriexLewie cartoons, a light in all our lives. She brings humor to the sometimes dark ship. Everyone enjoys getting a notification for a Kimmy creation. 1,000 points for originality, you’re untouchable. You liked one of my posts once and i swooned.

@bulletproofhalo: The encyclopedia, dictionary, thesauras, library, bible, reference and archive EMPORER of Larry. Seriously. The amount of information you have is omniscient, we’d be nothing without you. You are one of the most important blogs we have. Thank you.

@writing-about-larry: On the other hand Nat is the ficrec blog of the gods. Ive seen people give her half ass descriptions, and she will find the fic. She’s the master of Larry fics and let’s be honest we’ve all lived on her navigation sheet. You’re amazing, thank you.

@devinofrohan: My dark larrie mother whom without i would be lost. In many ways, but she’s the only larrie i know that im around constantly. Ohhh the laughs we’ve had.

Other Noteworthy Favourite alpha blogs of mine.

@yslboner @birdonahotdog @zenlikejen @wattpadfic @yourssincerelylarry @knightchanges @princessandthedagger @verily-i-say @viplourry @oopsharoldhilou @dont-knock-it-till-you-try-it @donnysoldier @rbbearents @diggingandfluff @lourryetc @stylinsinz @stylinsketchy @glitterbootsandfloralsuits @louserz @larriesmvp @larrie2k16 @queenofonedirection @lhrry @louietrash @sslarrybullship @evancl @theboyfriendstagram @newmanagement @larrytookawaymysanity @saltygoodness @tellmethisisnotlove @cyclonelouis @jimmytfallon @roseftdagger @vansandburberry @vansgucci @lululawrence @saracha33 @scrufflecake @someonethatsfunny @lolsureha @hedgehogandthefrog @ifhalocouldfly @27tattoosdfwyb @unintentionalarry @100percentsassy @1dlarryluv @whisperedlouis


@17happily28strong @1d-ruined-mylife @1dconcertblog @1dlarryluv @1dshipthat @3words-larryisreal @a03fic @aboutchopsuey @aboardthelarryspaceship @aboutlou @adidhaz @adidasslarry @aimhalways @aimhfond @alarrytale @allegedlymags @always-shipping-bullshit @alwaysinmyheartsincerelylouis @alwaysinmyheartyoufool @anchoredlou @anchorftlarry @annastylinsonx @boobearandhishazza @boots-and-dagger @bottomlinsons @bowllickerlouis @brave-for-larry @britishhusbands @bromanceshmomance @canyoushipit @certifiedlarrie @carrotsanddimples @cougardirectioner @cuddlylarents @curlynotstraight


@daggertat @darklarries @darklarrytrassh @definetommo @demonlarents @doodledirection @dragmelarry @dysfunctional-boyband @eroticlarry @eternallarrylove @etherealstylinson @evilarries @exhaustedlarry @exquisitetrouble @extremeharry @fateleedstolove @ferntattoos @fingerlickinlou @fire-ben-winston @fireproof-rainbow @fireworkshazza @fluffyharold @fondlarents @fookinglosah @footieau @foreverlarrytrash @genuinelybelieve @gloriaandrews @glitterlourry @glitterbootsandfloralsuits


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@la-la-la-larrry @lads-laddylads @lalalalovelylarry @landh-forever @lapelosa @larentcuddles @larentsinlove @larriecrew @larriestakeover @larrietrsh @larriez @larry-stylinson-official @larry-brave-stylinson @larry-is-real @larry-is-real-af-af @larry-kinda-happened @larry-oopsxhi @larry-squad @larry-stylinson-otp @larrydraginmedowntohell @larrydraggedme @larryfanfiction @larryharryquitecontrary @larryinfinitelove @larryhug @larryismybravery @larrylovealmighty @larryplsletmelive @larrymakesmyheartcry @larrylovesbullshit @larrymvp @larryruinedmylife @larrys-not-scared-of-the-dark @leedsboyfriends @leedstohome @lifelongbondlarry @livinginthelarryland @living-for-larry @livinglikelarry @louietrash @lou3h @louisalmiighty  @louis-dragged-me-to-hell @lubeoflarry @loving-larry-till-the-end @luv1dlarry @lourryintheam


@makethisfeellikehome @martymcflarry @momofthelarriess @momwholvs1d @meetmylarents @monpetitlou @mutual-we-discussed-it @motherhaz @nauticalboyfriends @nauticalleeds @nexttoyouofficial @no-control-larry @nottooldforthisship @notthatimportant1997 @notaboutlarry @nsfwboyfriends @ohnoharrie @ohnolarries @ohthefond @oopsndhi @oops-and-hi-ruinedmylife @orchid-lou @oversizedsweaterlou @painkinklarry @parmahamwrap @pearlhaz @peachedlou @please-mr-jailer @pleasedragmelarry @poweredbylouis @prettytruthsandlies @proudoflou @problematic-lou @quitefinished @quitefond @radiant-lou @rainbowbondageboyfriends @rendezvousau @rimminlou @rnyboolouis


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@undercover-larries @unexposedsecret @weallshipthebullshit @wecantbeexposed @weknowaboutthem @wellingtoncurse @wellingtonsyndrome @wellingtonhappened @wellingtonwhaaaaat @whattarush @whateverlarrywants @whengreeneyesmetblue @whichoneislarry @whimperinglou @whipitlarry @whateverlouisgotthedagger @worshippedlove @yealourry @yesofcourselarry @yesofcoursealwayss @yes-theyre-in-love @youfookinglosah @youngandbeautifullarry @yvesstlarents @yves-saint-fucking-laurent @zerochillarry


day 45, i cant stop thinkin gof pearl singing through the fire its ruining mylife but like holy fuck deedee goes OFF.

My first follow forever! I take advantage of the fact that it’s Christmas and I want to thank everyone for follow me. You’re all wonderful people, especially all my followers who likes / reblog all my works, I never say that but … THANK YOU SO MUCH! you all are giving me the will to continue to make edits, so thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

0 - C

@0kamii - @akismutaru - @alicenakiri - @allenswalkers - @amaayasha - @amerikagome - @angelically-sweet - @arriku - @artistefish - @asseylums - @beads-of-subjugation - @berikktheblitzballplayer - @caerberus - @corabel-chan

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anonymous asked:

are there any good inuyasha artists you can recommend?

 boyy there are tons of amazing inuyasha artists !! Um I’ll feel bad if forget anyone but here’s a list of my favorites (i’m so scared of tagging people i never talked to omg):

@kazenokizu-inukag, @meselfandwhy, @inubae, @kay-i, @artistefish, @youkaiyume, @volgay, @inuijiness, @turianmailman, @p-curly, @dheerse, @sxm132, @wreathoflaurels

From other websites:

noble-maiden , fanasy , cati-art , mtb  , friizer 

@kate-wind, @inukagcorner, @kristadunaway, @hiraikotsus, @inuyasha-ruined-mylife, @hikaricotta, @evartandadam, @masitadibujante, @tiiredchild, @little-known-artist, @luvdogman, @rocioo, @justafewsmallsteps, @inukagkids, @lunafreja, @shinjisbakabutt, @mist-dancer, @inukagkids, @kearere, @seagroot, @scarletside

(if I forgot anyone please add them to this post !) 

bakaryuha  asked:

Hello! I just created my inuyasha blog I was wondering if you could suggest other good ones to follow and maybe follow back? :) thank you and have a nice day!

Ohh welcome to the fandom !! :) I probably follow like, 100 inuyasha blogs but here are the ones that are active and that you should absolutely follow !! :

For writing:
@pumpkinspicethottie@kongosoha@sankontesu@halfdemons@inuyousha, @angelhart79, @inuyashasforest

For fanarts:
@wreathoflaurels, @artistefish, @inubae@inukagkids, @little-known-artist, @masitadibujante, @kazenokizu-inukag, @kay-i, @meselfandwhy, @dheerse, @hiraikotsus, @inuyasha-ruined-mylife

For gifs & edits:
@kikyousama, @ohinuyasha, @inuyashai, @inuyashamangacaps, @sesshoumaru–sama, @kaze-ranna, @houshisama, @kagom,  @hanyoukiichi, @lunafreja, @kagomesscent, @amerikagome, @inu-tachi, @osuwariinuyasha, @aiharayuzuchi

other blogs:
@inuyasha, @inuyasha-sitboy, @inuyasha-support-group, @inuyasha-source-plz@awkwardinuyashascreenshots,  @kagomesjewel@incorrectinuyasha, @inu-fanon, @inu-fiction, @anewdecadeinmylife, @tenseigaa

and have a nice day too ! ^^