they rock that's a fact!

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with Over The Garden Wall and I finally found enough time to make a little fan gif for it! I had so much fun making this that I kept animating more and more! Can you spot all 18 or so things that move? c;

ive been living in bisexual hal jordan hell for so long i dont even know how people can still see him as straight

‘fuck off black hand, i definitely dont date guys who are half rotting’

‘nor do i date furries oh my god’


  • Greg: hey Steven, did i ever tell you the story of my first halloween?
  • Steven: WHAT? no!
  • Greg: hahaha yea. I dressed as an elephant and my brother was trying to inpress some girl he liked.
  • Steven: what happened? Did it work?
  • Greg: well not really. He dressed like a pilgrim and was super awkward...we kind of died and went to purgatory. I stole a rock. Wild night.
  • Steven: dad what the fuck
  • Greg: yeaaaa. Good times. I wonder how Wirt's doin