they rock


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I just want to let all INTPs know, that you guys are so awesome. Your weird quirks and funny jokes are what make you, you. Don’t worry about being different from everyone else, because honestly, I would only want to be your friend if you’re interesting (Don’t deny it, not one of you INTPs are normal). And if you feel like you aren’t interesting (highly doubt it), yoh can still be my friend. Because you’re just being who you are. So remember INTPs, we appreciate everything you do, and who you are. WE ACTUALLY DO LIKE YOU. Sooo with all that said


you guys really deserve this. Always doing all that behind the scene stuff that you think is unimportant, but is actually really important.

at the beginning of last month, an old friend of mine was killed in a car accident. she was driving back home to seattle, after spending some of her time with the standing rock sioux tribe, protecting the water. 

i haven’t spoken to erin in many years. we were friends when i was a child in texas, and when i moved up north, we lost contact. my mother is still in touch with erin’s mother, which is how i found out.

i was devastated when i heard– erin is my age, she had been doing something noble and had died when returning home. it’s not fair, it’s not right. but it happened.

erin chose to do work with the international justice mission, and erin’s mother has set up a donation fund in her name. all the money raised will go to the ijm, to aid them in their mission.

i remember erin as a kind, sweet girl, and i am proud to have known her, even though we lost touch many years ago. if you have the financial means, consider donating a few dollars in erin’s name.

link to donate