they respected each other

We need to stop the mom shaming! We need to support and respect each other’s parenting choices. At the end of the day, we all have the same goal of keeping our babies fed, clean, happy and healthy. ❤

No mother should ever feel put down by other women.

If I ever met Emily and David (or anyone from the cast, really) I’d tell them that I am so grateful for the fact that they made me love some fictional characters so much but not only that, also that their friendship and mutual love and respect for each other made my heart so warm so many times. Like not only I simply adored the characters, but I just admired them as people for being so cute and close to each other. It’s simply amazing and rare.

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This is the person who suggested WTNV,,, compromise: a Hamilton fic in WTNV au where Hamilton is Cecil and Burr is "talk less about government smile more" Kevin and they shittalk each other from their respective booths (w/ anyone as Carlos)

Oh good Smiling God what is this. I tried, anon. I really tried.

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Welcome to Night Vale

“Listeners, I know that I am a reporter. And as a reporter it is my duty solely to report the news. However, I feel it is very important to point out that Aaron Burr, my counterpart over in Desert Bluffs, is despicable. Do you know what he said to me the other day? He said, ‘Talk less about government, smile more.’”

Here Alexander pauses to scoff.

“Can you believe that listeners? How can I talk less about government when there are clearly so many issues with ours? And at least I have opinions. That Aaron Burr,” Alexander says the name with a deep, intense hatred, “has no beliefs. I have never heard him express a solid opinion for as long as I’ve known him.”

“And my boyfriend,” Alexander giggles the last word, “John agrees with me. He tried to talk to Burr the other day about abolition, and Burr told him directly that he did not care. Who in their right mind would not care about abolition? I, for one, love hearing John, my boyfriend, talk about abolition. But that Aaron Burr…”

Welcome to Desert Bluffs

“Listeners, I try not to talk too badly about anyone, but Alexander Hamilton over in Night Vale is an arrogant, loudmouth bother. He just doesn’t stop talking. And he’s always talking about government, as if there’s some grand conspiracy among the government officials. I mean, he’s right, but still. That’s hardly something to bring up on the radio. Every proclamation guarantees free ammunition for his enemies. What if the government hears him talking and decides to do something about it? I’m always telling him: ‘Talk less about government, smile more.’ If he would just relax and believe in a smiling god, his life would be so much better, but instead he’s just non-stop…”

Welcome to Night Vale

“Listeners, Aaron Burr has been talking about me again. This time he called me 'an arrogant, loudmouth bother.’ That’s so… idiotic. If he’s going to insult me he could at least put some thought into it and come up with something more eloquent.”

“Anyways, when I heard he had said that, I called him immediately and said—Oh, listeners, please excuse me, but John, my boyfriend, is calling.”

“Hey Alex, it’s John. I was just calling to let you know that I love you, oh and Aaron Burr’s talking about you on his radio show right now. Anyways, I just had this major abolitionist breakthrough…”

Alexander cuts John off.

“I’m sorry John, and listeners, but I think I need to be listening to Aaron Burr’s show right now…”

Welcome to Desert Bluffs

“Alexander, I know you’re listening. I am slow to anger, but I toe the line, as I reckon with the effects of your life on mine. I look back at where I failed, and in every place I checked, the only common thread has been your disrespect. Now you call me immoral, a dangerous disgrace. If you’ve got something to say name a time and place, face to face.”

Aaron’s phone rings.

“Listeners, we have a caller from Night Vale.”

I am not the reason no one trusts you. No one knows what you believe! I will not equivocate on my opinion, I have always worn it on my sleeve. Even if I said what you think I said, you would need to cite a more specific grievance. I have the tapes full of years of disagreements.

“Sweet Smiling God.”

Hey I have not been shy, I am just a guy trying to do my best for our fascist dictatorship. I don’t want to fight but I won’t apologize for doing what’s right.

“Careful how you proceed good man, intemperate indeed good man, answer to the accusations I lay at your feet or prepare to bleed good man.”

Burr, your grievance is legitimate, I stand by what I said, every bit of it. You stand only for yourself and that stupid God of yours, it’s what you do. I can’t apologize because it’s true.

“Then stand, Alexander. King City, dawn.”

You’re on.” Alex pauses, then hurriedly blurts out, “And now, the weather,” before hanging up, content in the knowledge that he has deprived Aaron of his job.

Why QUINTIS is the Ultimate Relationship Goal

Both Toby and Happy would do absolutely anything for each other but what they do respectively for one another is what makes them my #1 ship (seriously tho i never shipped anything so hard before) and what a love life i wish i would have one day,Here’s some of the reasons why i believe QUINTIS is the ultimate relationship goal.


-Loved Happy for years and he waited until she was ready to love him back

-Respects her boundaries,doesn’t make her do/talk about something is isn’t comfortable in.

-Risks his own life to save hers.

-Makes her feel loved every second of everyday even though she knows it,considering her childhood of jumping between foster homes.

-Make her smile with his wisecracks and actions of affection

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-Helps him to become a better person.Stop his addiction with gambling and drinking.

-Does everything and anything to save him.(ain’t no floss gonna stop her from saving her man)

-Goes to lengths in order to marrying Toby.

-Ain’t letting anyone hurt her precious Toby

-Makes him less of a condescending jerk.

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And the list goes on.

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Top 5 OTPs please!!

are you trying to kill me

1. IwaOi

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they were OTP from the moment i saw them together honestly.  bestfriends since childhood, aggresive-i-love-you-and-care-about-you relationship… ace x setter.. what more could we ask for?

2. DaiSuga

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i know everyone calls them “the parents” but i honestly love them so much individually and together.  SUCH A NICE SHIP OKAY

3. BokuAka

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3. YakuNoya


5. KuroKen

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childhood friends ROUND 2 plus they’re just so cute together.  kuroo looking out for kenma and kenma letting kuroo be a dork and ugh perfection

Ask me my top 5 things!

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Give me your Wildest theory for Unfortunate Events! The strangest, the most unpleasant, the one you could be sued for discussing.


My fiancee and I have been constructing lots of theories after we finished reading the first 15 books in the 20 book franchise. This is the one we like the most for being the most wild and yet tangible of the lot:

Mulctuary Money Management is a bank that’s used by various suspicious groups and is a sort of Switzerland Neutral Zone. Even two groups that hate each other respect the accounts of each other and don’t start kerfuffles there.

In order to keep the bank running properly, these groups agreed to let the majority of the work be run by people that are flat out too gosh dang dumb to be able to have any meaningful interaction with this conspiracy. Take, for example, Mr. Poe, who simply doesn’t have the moral code or intellect to do anything besides the core, literal definitions of his job. People like him populate the bank, preventing it from becoming corrupted by personal ambition or bias.

There are two moments in the first season of the show that support this theory:

  • Jacqueline clearly knows that Count Olaf is there to do outright evil things, but the most she does is glared at him and then let him through. This underlines the theory my fiancee and I have that this place is neutral at all costs. Count Olaf breaks that rule, but Jacqueline will not.
  • At the start of the season finale, Mr. Poe’s boss says he’s not allowed to fire Mr. Poe. The person who should be able to fire Poe on the spot… a man who almost literally misplaced the inheritors of a massive bank account… isn’t allowed to. This supports our theory that keeping fools in the key positions in the company is more important than making sure it’s done “right”.

So yes, throw me in jail and light the pitchforks, Mr. Poe is a critical piece in the story on purpose, not on accident.

I can add further proof, but for the sake of avoiding spoilers, I’m keeping my evidence strictly in what can be plainly observed in the first season of the show. If you want some other supplementary notes that are massive spoilers, feel free to follow up privately. :)

The world is quiet here.

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I voted for Trump and I appreciate the post that you made. It poses a very good question about complacency in modern day society. However, I will never, ever condone violence. I think the rioting and looting in DC is despicable. Violence almost always begets violence -- look at Russia, at the violent revolutions that have taken place over the course of South American history... I think both sides, BOTH sides, need to listen to each other and respect each other. Otherwise it's just a cycle.

Thank you for your respectful message and for listening. I appreciate it. I respect that you won’t condone violence. I’m the same, even though I have been in cases where I totally understand and respect people who use it. Usually when it was a response to violence used against them in the first place. I agree that mindless destruction of things should never be part of a protest. There is a difference though between bored people destroying stuff (certainly a big part) or people using destruction as a political statement (then maybe while not being okay with the way how they express it, look at the message). I have a few questions though: 

Are you as an American saying that all violent revolutions are always harmful and never lead to anything? Have you forgotten that this is how your country came to exist? Basically all modern societies are built on revolts. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that all revolutions are good, that violence is to be condoned or that we need one right now. Yet revolutions and often very violent ones are at the center of evolution of societies. The change of an oppressive regime can only be done through revolution. Power is never given up freely. The question is whether we are at a point where other means are powerless to overcome injustices. I don’t think we are at that point, because I still believe that the US democracy is working (albeit not very good right now, but it still could be improved by inherent means, the Turkish one is already very far on the way to a dictatorship).

What do you do when one side has already shown that they don’t respect and listen?

That’s the question that is posed. Trump and his supporters have shown that they don’t respect the other people. It’s not even a question of not respecting an opinion, but not respecting persons and personal safety and freedom.

What Trump does is state induced and state condoned violence. If he says that the police has the right to use all means against protesters then he condones murder. If Trump abolishes the ACA and Planned Parenthood then he puts lives at stake. If he says that muslims and islam are a threat then he dehumanises people. His hate speech is a violent hate crime. By having voted for him you already condone all this.

For many people this is not a matter of a President having a different opinion or doing something that might be against their wishes. It is about a President that threatens their basic existence. 

So if you and other Trump supporters say that it is about listening and respecting each other, you have to take a careful look at first: Do you respect others? If yes, then how could you vote for someone who doesn’t respect the majority of people: woman, POC, muslims, foreigners, etc…

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headcanon that even tho the bros dislike each other they at least respect the 'sock code'. What is the sock code you ask? Well, when one of them wants to jack it, they just hang a clean sock on their door and EVERYONE respects it, no questions asked, on account that that it's a deeply embedded man code. Unfortunately, no one bothered to explain this code to Yui when she's cleaning, and can figure out the rest.

I feel like subaru would abuse this sock code and put a sock on his door at all times just so people will leave him alone

either that or he would be too embarrassed to use it…sdfghjkl

my humanstuck gamtav headcanons..

gam is ukrainian-american gay transguy and he has pallor (loss of skin color / grayish pale skin) and dermatillomania (skin picking disorder). he thinks he’s good at makeup but he’s not.
tav is a latino gay transguy who is fat and is recovering from his surgery until he is able to stand on his robotic legs properly!
they are both extremely supportive of each other and they try their best to respect each other’s needs and boundaries when necessary!

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LGBT+ community: this is our safe space in which we can be ourselves with our partners, away from HIV stigma, sexual predator stereotypes and bigotry. I can hold my partners hand and kiss them without shame or people telling me its unnatural and gross. Some of us have gone through sexual assaults, ptsd, sex repulsion and respect each others triggers but we are aware this is a space to express and be ourselves within our sexualities and genders. Acearo tumblr: op is an aphobe


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So far the only kind of girls I attract are the ones that want me to take control. All I ever wanted was to have a girl sit on my face and tell me I'm there's :/ Do you have any suggestions on how I can attract the gentle doms out there?

Welp, this is more a @love-in-submission question I s'pose. I found him here and pursued him so he should tell ya what he did I guess haha.

What caught me were his cute tags and cute face and finally gained enough courage to talk to him.
Biggest thing was that he wasn’t immediately begging for me to dom him or anything. We just got to know each other and he was very respectful and turned out to be an amazing person.

Any gentle dommes wanna add on or just show you’re out there?? :3


“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))


I’d just like to say, for the record, the LAPD and Detective Decker in particular, acted impeccably on this case. This whole courtroom, nay, the entire city can rest assured that someone as honest, trustworthy and reliable as Detective Decker is out there protecting them.

You Could Have

As promised – not Kansas City OTRA, but very much inspired by it. I’ve had this as a WIP since April or so, so it’s nice to have it out. That said: I’M NERVOUS AS ALL GET OUT cause they kind of… are… there’s a crude topic in this. They’re just having a go at each other, though. ACK *flips tables* Enjoy, everybody, I’m gonna hide now. x

It’s the last song when security finds you and escorts you from your seat and through the crowd. You’re a little disappointed that you don’t get to see the show finish, but knots of excitement are twisting in your belly as you are herded past barricades where no one else is allowed to go. Music and fireworks, almost obnoxiously loud, are muffled backstage, and you hear voices, familiar by this point and one more so than the rest, saying earnest goodnights and wishes of love and safe returns home to the crowd that so worships them. Preparation to tear down and packup equipment has already started around you, and you pause in the wings, shaking your head when security tries to usher you to move.

He’ll be there. He’ll find you.

Sure enough, he’s all legs and hair when he appears at last, leaping over a thick wire before it can catch his boot and twist his ankle. He’s got a towel in his hand, but it’s useless on his long, wet, curly hair. He’s all but drenched from head to toe, with most of his grey t-shirt stained with sweat and clinging to his body, and while the heat is mainly to blame for that, the water he’d been spitting and throwing hadn’t helped (although, it had probably cooled him off).

He’s tanner than you remember him being last, but that’s what months of outdoor shows and sightseeing on off days will do to him. The muscles on his slick arms look just a little bigger and more defined, too, and even the most casual twist or bend of his heavily tattooed left arm makes ink practically jump every time.

His eyes, though, are most striking, and they’re only for you as he continues his beeline in your direction.

“You’re soaked, love,” he teases you through a cheeky grin and popping dimples with a voice like honey and sandpaper.

You won’t give him the satisfaction of acknowledging his double-entendre.

“Some twat kept spitting water at me the whole night,” you inform him, opening your arms for him.

Harry grins wider – a cocky, satisfied grin. “Yeah?” His hand slides possessively around your waist for the first time in ages and you fold your hands behing his neck. “Tell me his name an’ I’ll get him.”

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We need more examples of genuinely happy, healthy relationships on TV and in books and films. No more of this bullshit about how real, epic love is painful and impossible or deadly. Love should not break you! Love should make you stronger. Show me two friends who make each other feel safe and confident and empowered. Show me a couple that respects each other fully and without question. Show me a couple that has FUN. Show me a couple that support each other. Show me a couple where their issues and conflicts are resolved with love, respect and kindness. Show me healthy love. Happy love. Real love.


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #49. Isadora Smackle & Farkle Minkus

“Isadora, Farkle finding the one and only Smackle lets me know the universe has order, and our existence is not just random coincidence.”