they require work and commitment on both sides

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helloo, sorry to bother you, I am going to start uni in september and was wondering if you had any advice? especially about freshers week, 'cause I am a bit terrified by that. thanks in advance and have a lovely day

Hello – you’re not bothering me at all, sorry it has taken me a while to answer these! I’ve grouped them together because they’re both about starting university – for the first time as well as going back. I’ll try and cover both :–)

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Earth & Air

Earth Signs prefer to think things through. Air Signs prefer to talk things through. This can cause strife between the two, as the Air Sign may get frustrated with their partner not talking to them about what’s going on. On the flip side, the Earth Sign may feel frustrated that they are being required to discuss things they’d rather bury. This can lead to a lot of miscommunications and/or misunderstandings. The Air Sign may also feel as if their partner is trying to “tie them down” by demanding commitment, whereas the Earth Sign may feel as if they’re the only ones truly working. On the positive side, both are logical and intellectual individuals who can share in many interesting conversations. If they can work out the differences, this can be a highly stimulating and beneficial relationship.


3 Invaluable Things to Know for a Successful Long-Term Relationship
Day by day all of us should commit what the requirements necessary to build successful relationships.  A relationship cannot grow if there is no desire to work for the common good and without a benefit that is clear for both parties, the relationship is doom to failure.” -Toni Segarra

  1. COMMITMENT: the level of commitment should progress with time and the level of responsibility and interaction should increase as the relationship develops.
  2. AUTHENTICITY: relationships require honesty and candor on both sides.  It will be noticed if the expressions of care are not sincere, and the relationship will go backwards.  On the other hand genuinely expressed appreciation will be quickly perceived and accelerate the evolving relationship.
  3. COMMUNICATION: both parties should feel free to express themselves as they are and know they will be heard and understood.  In each of the stages of relationship, if communication is well prepared it will help to convey the other two factors. (1)

Photography of  Robert Doisneau (1912-1994) : In the 1930s he used a Leica on the streets of Paris.  Doisneau, one of the pioneers of photojournalism was known for his modest, playful, and ironic images of amusing juxtapositions, mingling social classes, and eccentrics in contemporary Paris streets and cafes.