they repeat each other's name so. often

Music Mix Meme

Tagged by @sleepykalena​ and a couple others, thought I’d give it a go. Rules: we’re snooping up on your playlist. set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first 10 tracks that pop up and then choose 10 additional friends. (I have a lot of video game music/instrumental covers of pop songs).

Also, I decided to write Rogue One blurbs with each song. Because I could?

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My grany and I were talking to each other on the subway on our way home. She’s often babysitting kids and she told me one of them, a little boy, plays games like me. She asked me what’s the name of my favorite game (“you know, the one you write about in your blog”).
The whole conversation was in French, my grany knows nothing about English so when I said “Mass Effect” she had trouble repeating it.
She said “Mess Effec” several times until she got it right. Made me laugh. 
And the cutest thing is that afterwards she said: “I’ll remember it. I’ll tell him ‘this is the game my granddaughter is playing so you should play it as well!’ and he’ll play it, you’ll see. He listens to me!”

How you met Seungcheol

  • you were walking your dog as you always did every afternoon
  • you had your well-known route around the block where you were living
  • however, you sensed that the dog was getting tired of it as he was taking the turns like a habit
  • you thought you both can get a little bit of change, besides the park was only two roads away
  • your dog was so excited to be out in the open, to be in the nature and not on the streets
  • he happily hopped around and sniffed every passing person
  • everything seemed nice as if you were in a movie scene
  • the sun was shining, the birds were chirping as the old lady was feeding them and the kids laughed along cheerfully on the swings
  • you stopped to buy yourself an ice cream as a reward for your outstanding idea when your dog noticed his first ever squirrel of his life
  • things quickly got out of hand as the dog broke himself out of your hold and run after the poor squirrel as if he lost his mind
  • you quickly left the ice cream truck behind and sprinted after your dog constantly calling out for him
  • he soon got out of sight and following your instincts – and some distant shrieks of mothers getting scared of your not so tiny animal – sprinted after him
  • after five minutes you slowed down as you had completely lost track of him and you walked on the endless roads panicking because of your lost puppy
  • “who is a good boy?” suddenly you heard as you passed by a smaller path and you quickly looked back to find your dog with a fairly handsome and sweaty boy
  • as you approached the two he didn’t even look up at you as he was so immersed in the prescence of the dog until you were mere inches away
  • he looked up at you with eyes resembling a deer that made your heart beat faster than normal
  • “hello, i am glad you found uno” you said sighing and kneeling down in front of your dog who happily licks your face
  • “oh so he is yours?” he asked back and you nodded “hello uno” he said snuggling the dogs head to which he happily wiggles his tail
  • “you are really lucky. i can’t keep a dog at the dorms.” he said looking up at you “oh i am so rude, excuse me. hello, i am seungcheol and you?”
  • “y/n” you answered with your name and he nodded repeating it “so… do you often come here? this part of the park seems… abandoned.”
  • “hm? oh yeah it kind of is. everyone stays on the main path but i often come here for a run. this place can really get my mind off of things.” he explained and uno licked his face again to which he happily giggled
  • “i am glad that we met each other but i really have to leave now… schedules and all… but i hope we get to see each other again” he got up
  • “i mean, i think uno likes you more than he likes me so i guess we must.” you explained and it made seungcheol smile with his eyes that seemed so relaxing and reassuring at the same time
  • “i will call you tomorrow then” he smiled putting his earphones back in to continue his walk
  • you nodded and he turned around about to leave when you realized you didn’t even exchange numbers
  • “wait! i didn’t even give you my number!” you stopped him and he looked back at you over his shoulder to say:
  • “i was about to call you that i found your dog. your number is on his collar you know.” he said with a smirk before jogging away
  • and with one last promise of meeting again tomorrow you continued your walk with uno your thoughts circulating around seungcheol
I don't need a premiere to show you an opening night

Third part of actor AU, because my classes are getting more and more boring. Mostly jeanmarco this time. 

  • Once, during filming the scene after 104th Squad’s first battle, Ymir’s actress mistakes Christa and Armin and propose the marriage to the boy instead. He’s so amused, that he agrees, asking, if he should wear the white gown.
  • Marco’s actor is a little shit. He and Jean’s actor are actually the biggest dorks in the crew, who constantly mess with the lines. Like, during the famous ‘You’re not strong Jean’ scene, Marco’s actor goes like, “You’re not sexy Jean. That’s why you can understand how the weeaboos feel”. Jean’s actor dares him to repeat this phrase during the following night and they both end up laughing and teasing each other like huge jerks.
  • Annie and Mikasa’s actresses often practice their stunts or do exercises together. They friendly compete with each other, trying to see, which one will be able to do more dangerous stunts and more exhausting training.
  • Sasha’s actress hates potatoes, so she’s like, “Not this shit again”, when her fans keep giving them to her. She has nothing against getting sweets though.
  • When Jean is shouting Marco’s name (the scene, when Marco’s takes the titan away from Jean, who’s trying to get 3DMG), his friend accidentally replies, “Polo”.
  • During filming the scene of finding Marco corps, he and Jean cause problems too. It all starts just right, but when Jean comes to the part “Marco is that you?”, his friend walks on the plan in polo T-shirt and, eating chips, replies, “Nope, I’m right here”.
  • On valentines day, Marco asks Jean if he would be his other half. Jean agrees noticing, that Marco isn’t half bad.
  • Jean and Marco were firstly planned to be sitting next to each other during the scenes filmed in classes, but they were holding hands, touching each other or laughing too much, so the director changed their places.
  • Once, during filming the scene when Jean says, that he loves Mikasa’s hair, Marco pretends to be jealous and stares at his friend angrily murmuring “I’ve got beautiful black hair as well, dumb-ass” under his breath. 
  • Pixis’s actor winks at Annie’s actress, after saying, that he wouldn’t mind being eaten by a beautiful titan lady.
  • During the casting, Eren’s actor jokingly shouts, “I’m gonna kill every single one of them!”, after he sees the other actors, who tries to get the role as well. 
  • Carla Yeager was played by the same actress as Trisha Elric from FullMetal Alchemist.
  • When Armin and Jean are practicing the scene on the tree and Armin goes with his “People, who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to change anything” line, Jean takes Marco’s boxers out of his pocket and lets them fly majestically with a find. He sights staring at them, and then turns back to Armin and asks him with a sad look on his face “Am I ready to change the world now or do I have to get rid of the other pair of his pants as well…?”. Armin’s too busy laughing, to give a reply.
  • Connie keeps singing “Mikasa and Sasha sitting in a tree
    K-I-S-S-I-N-G” or the version with Ymir and Bertholdt during filming scenes in forest. He tries to sing it to Jean and Armin as well, but Marco, who plays some minor character now, punches him jokingly and tells him, to shut up.

flyest-nihilist  asked:

Od! I have questions! So, I play magic casually, and I know the basic rules of the basic game, but I don't know anything about commanders or EDH, and what does it stand for?

Commander (also known as EDH, or “Elder Dragon Highlander”) is a Magic format that is pretty popular!

The basic premise is that you build a deck with a Legendary creature (or in a few instances, Planeswalker) at the helm to lead your deck. Cards that you use in your deck MUST share the color identity of your commander.

For example, take Intent:

As you can see, Intet has a color identity of Blue, Red, and Green, so you can ONLY use Blue, Red, Green, and colorless cards in the deck (artifacts and other colorless cards do not have a color identity, so any commander deck can use them). Note that a Commander’s color and color identity are not the same. For this, I’ll use Alesha as an example.

While Alesha is a Red card, as denoted by her mana cost, because she has the White and Black mana symbols in her textbox, she also has those colors as part of her color identity, meaning that you can use Red, White, Black, and colorless cards in a Commander deck with Alesha as the commander.

Now that we have colors and color identity out of the way, there are a few other things to take note:

-You start the game with 40 life rather than 20.

-A commander deck is 100 cards in total including the commander, meaning, that you’ll have 99 cards in the deck, and the commander off to the side in what’s known as “The Command Zone”.

-The Command Zone is a special zone where your commander sits waiting to be called upon. You may cast your commander from there any time you normally could just like any other card. Should they go anywhere else other than the battlefield (your library, hand, graveyard, exile, etc.) you may choose to return them to the command zone instead. However, every time that they return there, they cost an additional two generic mana to bring back. 

-Other than basic lands, you are not allowed to repeat card names in your deck. So no more playsets for you. This makes Commander what is known as a “singleton” format. Some people who start Commander after playing regular 60-card formats with 4-card playsets may consider this a drawback, but it serves to make each individual game different and exciting. Besides, a well crafted EDH deck will more often than not be fairly consistent anyway.

-Commander has its own banlist that you can find here. However, it’s important to note that Commander is mostly a casual format, so any house rules you and your playgroup come to an agreement on can take precedence over the official banlist.

-The last bit of info about Commander is that it’s primarily a group format, which means you’ll be sharing the battlefield with at least two other people, and at most as many as you want! (Just know that the more people that participate, the longer the game may take. Four players is generally considered a good cap.)

If you’re looking to get into Commander and don’t know where to start in picking who should lead your deck, Wizards of the Coast sells preconstructed decks with different commanders and color combinations to choose from every year! You can find the commanders and decklists that were made last year here! From there, you can take apart the deck and add new cards as you see fit, provided the deck stays at 100 cards with the commander and doesn’t break out of the commander’s color identity. 

If you’re not interested in any of those, see what Legendary creatures you have laying around that you liked the story of, or think have really cool abilities, and start there! Go through your collection and see what you may have laying around. You may have a really cool spell or creature that you never considered using in 60-card because it cost too much mana or was fighting for space in a deck you already have and didn’t make the cut.

Commander is a great format to use all of the big spells and creatures that you never considered using before, so it’s well worth it to try it out and finally dust off all those flashy cards you may have laying around!