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Ferdia Walsh-Peelo gave a great performance in 2016:

“Between the velour suits and impeccable pop homages, John Carney’s eighties-era coming-of-ager Sing Street is possibly the most joyful time capsule to be seen at the movies this year. But Carney isn’t just emptily reminiscing in this tale of a Dublin teenager who throws together a ramshackle rock band to impress his crush, played by the exquisite Lucy Boynton. As Cosmo, the frontman at the film’s center, first-time screen actor Ferdia Walsh-Peelo offers yet another avatar of awkwardly-evolving boyhood, which isn’t exactly a foreign entity to indie film these days, although Cosmo is far more than just another morose boy with floppy hair and a guitar.

Sing Street improves on this archetype (and the old tropes that come with it) through Walsh-Peelo’s plucky and resourceful performance, which imbues Cosmo with a quietly-attuned watchfulness and wades through the mucky swamp of uncomfortable adolescence with a heady blend of bullishness and apprehension. He develops a physical vocabulary that fits the character to a tee, starting off with the slouching gait and fidgety body language of a teenage turtle still living painfully beneath his shell. You can actually see the actor steadying his fitful frame with each passing chapter of Cosmo’s soulful emergence into a more assured version of himself, while never fully abandoning the shrugs and fidgets of a boy who’s still, like all of us, an undeniable work-in-progress. Every actor in Sing Street is something close to a dream, but Walsh-Peelo is the central, finely-tuned instrument that allows this song to really sing.” — Matthew Eng

So did Lucy Boynton:

“It’s easy when playing the lone girl in a boy-dominated coming-of-age movie to become a glassy idea of girlhood rather than a concrete entity in one’s own right. But Lucy Boynton, as the aspirant teenage model and willing musician’s muse in John Carney’s incredibly infectious Sing Street, has two huge assets on her side that prevent her from falling into such a trap. First, Carney clearly and deeply cares about Boynton’s Raphina, giving her plenty of soul-searching close-ups and an atypically moving and detailed arc. And second, Boynton herself is a born star with remarkably subtle instincts and a magnetic hold on the camera that help a potentially indefinable character learn to slowly but steadily define herself.” — Matthew Eng

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"Cheryl revealed her pregnancy in a L'Oreal shoot yesterday" <---THIS LINE I CAN'T

Hi anon,

Wait but what was the l’oreal shoot in September then?  Or the lights ceremony in November? 

I can’t.   Particularly enjoyed the hedging of bets re Liam proposing a la Friends in the delivery room  (but wait that was Joey by accident?  Not Ross and Rachel cos we know who Ross and Rachel are)  OR before the end of the year.

And that Brian Friedman who of course was quoted as having confirmed the announcement will be godparent along  with Cowell but then quick sharp denied it via his twitter.  He’s the x factor choreographer.

It makes even my fan fic seem less far fetched. Nice one The Sun. 

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a while ago i remade because of some weird stuff that’s not really worth reminiscing about & i didn’t even know half of the people on this list & i couldn’t have imagined meeting anyone here, so thanks for being cool & dealing w/ my vaguely high-strung self regardless of whether i met you before i remade | you were willing to follow me when i remade

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reminiscing ( fluffiest of the fluff )

“Beep beep! Times up!” Shawn mimicked the sound of an alarm clark, hovering above you, and blocking the sun.

“It’s only been like 10 minutes!” You sat up on the towel you layed out on the balcony of your shared apartment. The sun was shining extra brightly today, and you wanted to take time to soak it up. Shawn, had other plans.

“Rita’s closes like soon. If you don’t get up now, by the time we get there, it’ll be too late!” Shawn sat in front of you, pulling your arms toward him, and bugging you like a child.

“How do you even know when it closes?” You titled your head, grinning at your boyfriend.

“I know people. I have sources. I know lots of things okay?” Shawn stood up, and started walking away.

“You’re lucky I love you. Otherwise, I’d spend the rest of the day out here.” You got up and followed him back into the house, changing to go to your favorite ice cream place, Rita’s.

“Don’t worry, when we come back, we can both spend the rest of the day and night out there together. Maybe we could even camp out there.” Shawn took a t-shirt out of your dresser and threw it to you.

“That..” You put the shirt on and walked over to Shawn, leaning in close to his face. “Would be wonderful.” You finished your sentence before kissing him hard, and tugging on the collar of his shirt. He was hot. Hot as in, attractive of course, but his skin was warm. He smelled like the wind, and it reminded you of when you first kissed him, at that beach in California years ago.

You were sitting on a blanket, with sand in your toes, eating the lunch you both had packed for a beach date.

“There’s something on your mouth.” Shawn interrupted your eating, and sat down next to you under the umbrella. His hair was wet, and salty from the ocean, and he looked like he was just tossed around by the wind.

“Where?” You put your hand to your mouth trying to find whatever it was Shawn saw.

“Here.” Shawn pulled away your hand from your face, and leaned in quickly. He tasted like ocean water, and sand. It wasn’t bad though. His lips were soft, and almost squishy. It’s like the sand and salt created a lip scrub for him, making his lips as soft as ever. You were really taken back, and you didn’t exactly kiss back since you were in public, and Shawn was only the second guy you’ve kissed. So instead you found his fingers and connected them with his, and sat there, still, until Shawn pulled away.

“I’m really sorry for surprising you. But I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I first saw you this morning. Well actually I’ve wanted to do it since we met, but-”

“It’s okay Shawn.” You laughed at his rambling. You and Shawn had the most honest relationship, and you told each other everything all the time. That being said, you two had talked about kissing before and when you should do it. He knew he would only be your second kiss, so he wanted to make it special. Better than the last one. You thought it was sweet knowing that the reason he probably apologized was because he thought that what he just did wasn’t that special. But you thought it was. You were sitting at your favorite place with your favorite person. And how smooth of him to tell you there’s something on your face! Like, who does that? Your boyfriend does.

And that’s why you loved him.

Your flashback, of the first time you kissed Shawn ended when he pulled away from the kiss you were in now, and he said, “I know it’s only been like a few days since the weather has been nicer, but you smell like summer, and it reminded me of when we first kissed.”

Your eyes widened, and you started laughing. You couldn’t believe he read your mind like that.

“What?” Shawn was laughing now too but he didn’t know why.

“Nothing. I just love you.” Was all you said in between giggles


Brooklin Cooley - Reminiscence

mini contemporary solo

club dance studio

jump phoenix

So, I just read some amazing Sam/Bucky meta, but there was a mention in there about the scene between Steve and Bucky when they reminisce about the girl in Civil War, that gave me a thought…

We know the scene, standing in the back of the quinjet, prepared to get into some serious shit, Steve taking a moment to crack a joke about an outing they took together, in the windy cold as though that can somehow make everything all better, less scary.

But also, Steve and Bucky standing on that mountain waiting for Zola’s train, in the windy cold, about to get into some serious shit, and Bucky cracks a joke about an outing they took to Coney Island and rode The Cyclone and Steve threw up…

WAIT… was this the same trip?  Bucky clearly took Steve along on what must have been a date or something and then Steve ate a lot of hotdogs… did Bucky then put him on The Cyclone and Steve got sick and threw up???

WAIT… and then in both instances, they descend into what is ostensibly enemy territory and they both end up fighting a dude in a metal get-up who basically has laser guns for hands and thEN BUCKY ENDS UP FALLING AND EVENTUALLY LOSES HIS ARM???


Friday Five

All John Denver songs make me tear up a little bit. No, YOU’RE crying to “Rocky Mountain High” right now.

Yes, I’m still listening to The Bridge on SiriusXM. I’ll get back to listening to new music in a bit, but right now I like reliving my early grade school years and reminiscing about simpler times (never thought I would call Nixon’s resignation and the aftermath simpler times). 

Two of my siblings have had classmates die suddenly from heart issues in the last month. My sister is 57 and my brother is 53. As my sister said, “No more weddings and baby showers in my class. Mostly funerals now.” My siblings still seem so goddamn young. Ugh. Sorry about the cheery post. I’ll get there.

Me (listening to Steely Dan’s “Peg”): When I was a kid I thought they were saying, “Hey, it will come back to you.” I didn’t realize it was a woman’s name until I got the K-Tel High Energy Hits album in the 6th grade.

Scott: I thought they were saying “Hey” until just a few seconds ago. 

Check out Neal Brennan’s new comedy special on Netflix. Funny and different and relevant. 

Finn was running late this morning, but he ran up to me to ask if his button-up was too wrinkly. I assured him that it was not, and told him he looked more put together than most. A few hours later I saw a tweet from his high school pep assembly where he’s wearing his snare harness on over his shirt (you can just see his back in the light blue in this pic). So glad he was so concerned about a pressed shirt. 

Later that day I noticed he left his ASB card and driver’s license near the scanner (he had to scan them for something) as well as the note Scott wrote him to return to school since he’s been sick for two days. But his shirt looked awesome! As did his hair. Priorities, folks. 

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My ex bae and I are both Capricorn moons and I remember in December we had this really fun night together and I later found out it was during the new moon in Capricorn. Not sure if that influenced it but through it was kinda cute :') #reminiscing

Aww that’s so cute! And it could, I always find myself more emotional or reflective when the moon is in my sign as well!

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I hate this crazy theory for Young Adult. Aly said Nick reminisces about his relationship with Jess to her students but it ends up backfiring somehow. And the kids read Nick's book, which, as said in Glue, has explicit sex scenes! When I get these two informations together it makes me wonder if the sex scene was indeed inspired by some of their encounters and if the kids read that and want to talk about it and that's why Nick&Jess are in trouble? It's kids + a sex scene lol this'd be hilarious

HAHAHA, maybe the shed scene is the captain. And Nick secretly liked it. 😂
But it would be weird right if Nick talked about their sexlife in front of students… I can imagine that that’s what their fight is about. Nick being innapropiate and Jess getting mad about it lol.
Whatever happens, I love it when they fight! and that Nick reminisces about their relationship (to Jess!) will always win me over. ❤

I really want to see more cutscenes of Lincoln spending time with his new family.

Helping Cassandra around her shop and talking about their past with each other. Reminiscing about the family they had lost.

Burke teaching Lincoln how to fix a car properly and drinking him under the table.

Vito teaching Lincoln how to cook and speak Italian.

Just Lincoln getting along with his new Family and feeling like he finally belongs.


I?? I haven’t drawn them in so long ??? Here’s a random batch of ONS doodles from last night to make up for my unannounced hiatus…!!

(I hope everyone is doing v well and i appreciate you all for sticking around, even with my inconsistent updates!! /hearts/)

I find myself getting jealous. Like I want to say, “go have an adventure, go see the world!” But then in the back of my mind, I’m like “only with me though.” And I know that’s selfish, but it’s how I feel.
—  Things He Once Said To Me