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I want to dedicate this video to some of  the incredible people I met on here because of GMW and to thank them for making it a pleasure to be in this fandom.

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And thank you to the Nonnie that reminded me of this song xx

Dear Undertale fandom

This is okay,

I imagine Frisk as a girl, due to some parts of the game and reminding me of a female character , also I confess  being a girl myself I headcanon Friks being like me while I played the game.

This is also okay

I imagine Frisk as None-binary due to the langue of the game and how the other characters refer to them, I can relate to them as a nonebinary too.

This is also okay

I imagine Frisk as a male, I always saw him as a boy and I prefer to ship Frisk with other x xx x characters as a male, its easier for me to write Frisk thinking of him as a boy.

This is not okay.

Oh my God this person draws Frisk as a male instead of female,! only to put Frisk in fetishistic yaoi parings! its gross and wrong!  do not follow this artist and do not reblog their work, ! 

THIS artist dares to stay she headcannons Frisk as a female when its obvious Frisk is none-binary ! she is trans-phobic ! If you agree or even dare to say I am in the wrong here PLEASE unfollow me I dont need hateful people to follow me. If you defend this artist dont talk to me.

Dont be assholes, Toby Fox has made it obvious to leave Frisk gender ambiguous however one thing he didnt leave ambiguous was his wish for the fans to treat each other with respect and not make the fandom toxic for younger fans and newcomers. 

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I'd like to support #fuckchapter16 too... just reading that ask reminded me of the bracelet throw all over again. Just that last bit really- I'm the same I had to stop for a second just to take a breathe! Ugh! Honestly though- that was so powerful. Such beautiful writing as always!

gaaaahhh thank you. i wholly support #fuckchapter16 as well. i mean, wtf? ♡ xx

The One Where He Finds Out About Your Crush

Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Summary: You have a hard time hiding your feelings from Stiles, let alone a pack of werewolves who pick up on those things. You decide avoiding him for a while would be in the best interest of your friendship that is until Stiles finds out…

A/N: wrote this a while ago, let me know how you like it xx  



“I’m telling you Scott, she’s been bitten,” Stiles rants to Scott in the locker room, hushing his voice as another students walks past.

“She’s fine,” Scott mutters, yanking a t-shirt over his head and shoving his uniform into his locker.

“Look, she’s acting all weird. She’s avoiding me. She was totally AWOL on movie night which do I need to remind you was the full moon?! She won’t pick up my calls and the other day I was talking to Lydia and she was looking at us all intense and weird, as though she was listening into our conversation which wouldn’t be weird if she had been next to us and not all the way down the hall!”

“So she doesn’t wanna hang out with you for a few days and stares at you “intensely” and you think she’s turned?”


Scott turns to Stiles and gives him a disapproving look, “Maybe she just wants some space. Maybe it’s just that time of month.”

Stiles rolls his eyes, “Quite frankly that’s offensive to women everywhere. Especially to y/n!”

“You know I didn’t mean it like that!”

“Well unless by “that time of month” you mean the full moon then…” Stiles shrugs and Scott sighs, “Alright Stiles, I’ll go check up on her. But I didn’t bite her and I can’t think of anyone else who would’ve so can you relax?”

“Well, maybe there’s a now alpha in town,” Stiles suggests and Scott pushes him out of the way heading towards the door, “Yeah like I wouldn’t sense that,” he mumbles, already knowing what was going on with you.


You were halfway down the hallway when you heard Scott call out your name and you turn around to see him jogging towards you, looking over his shoulder.

“Why so pale? You look like you’ve seen a Dread Doctor,” you joke and he turns paler, “Don’t even joke about that.”

“What’s wrong?” you laugh, taking a seat at a picnic bench outside the cafeteria.

“Stiles has been bothering me all week about you. He thinks someone gave you the bite!”

Your expression goes from serious to hysterical within moments, “Wait-“ you struggle between laughter, “He thinks I’m a werewolf?!”

“Stop laughing. It’s so annoying. You can’t avoid him forever.”

You continue to laugh anyway until Scott places his hand over yours, “Y/N, if you like Stiles, just tell him.”

“Yeah, no thanks,” you shake your head, putting your other hand over his and patting it.“Why?!”

“I told you Scott! I like Stiles too much to make him all uncomfortable by talking about feelings and love! You know he can’t hide it when he’s uncomfortable and we’ll probably end up agreeing to just stay friends but then it’ll be too awkward and we’ll grow apart. And Scott, you promised that you wouldn’t say anything when I told you!”

Well, you didn’t tell me, I heard your heartbeat rising around him.”

Well, does his heartbeat rise around me?”

Scott looks down at the floor disappointedly, “No,” he mumbles and despite knowing the answer you still feel your heart sink; something Scott picked up on and gave your hand a squeeze.

Moments later his head snapped to the left where he spots Stiles watching the two of you, his brows furrowed together and heart racing. You follow Scott’s gaze until it lands on Stiles and immediately you both pull your hands away from each other and stand up.

“I’ll see you alter Scott,” you mumble and he catches you by the wrist, “What?!” he whisper yells, “You can’t just keep avoiding him!”

You pull away and smile awkwardly as you see Stiles approaching, “Look, just until I get it under control, okay?” you whisper, rushing off in the opposite direction just as Stiles reaches Scott.

“Is that why she’s avoiding me?”

“Huh?” Scott asks, confused, staring after you as you disappear into a classroom.

“You’re cheating on Kira with her!”

Scott chokes and stares at Stiles wide eyed but he continues to explain his theory, “And- and she’s scared she’s going to get caught because I can totally read her like a book so she’s – “

“Stiles, that’s not it,” Scott cuts him off, “I’m not cheating on Kira. I would never do that.”

“Okay Scott, I understand that. But y/n is hot and you guys have chemistry, I can totally see where you’d be tempted. But it’s wrong. Kira is your girlfriend and she’s a good person, you can’t do that to her!”

Scott rolls his eyes and they’re interrupted by a voice, “Do what to me?” Kira says, pecking Scott on the mouth and she takes a seat on the bench beside him.

Stiles gives Scott a knowing look before turning to Kira apologetically and excusing himself.

“What was that about?” Kira asks concerned.“Stiles thinks I’m cheating on you with y/n,” Scott says wearily, causing Kira to spit out her juice.

“I’M NOT!” he quickly explains, “Y/N likes Stiles and I noticed so now she’s avoiding him until she gets it under control and at first Stiles thought she was a werewolf but now he thinks we’re secretly hooking up and I just- I don’t know how to tell him! If I tell him y/n will kill me but if I don’t Stiles will kill me by making me listen to his 10,000,000 conspiracy theories.”

“Is there any chance Stiles feels that way about her?”

“No. He’s completely normal around her, he just thinks of her as a friend.”


“What’s going on guys?” you half yell, alarmed as you find Scott and Stiles standing at the foot of your bed as soon as you wake up. You scramble to pull the sheets over yourself until you realize you’re wearing embarrassingly decent pyjamas.

Moo,” Stiles teases and he notices your matching cow pyjamas.

Ha ha,” you say sarcastically, sliding out of bed and looking at them for an answer.

“Right, uhhh- Stiles, uhhh – Stiles wants to talk to you,” Scott says nervously and steps behind Stiles a little, making weird motions with his hands.You crease your eyebrows together at him and Stiles looks over his shoulder, causing Scott to stop. He shrugs, going downstairs, leaving you and Stiles alone.

“So, what’s up?” You ask awkwardly, popping the ‘p’.

“I know,” he states sternly, sitting on the edge of your bed and patting the spot next to him.You sit beside him and stare at him blankly before your eyes narrow, “Scott told you?” you say softly, the heat in your cheeks rising.

“Yes, and I think it’s wrong,” he says sympathetically and you nod vigorously, “I totally agree, it’s stupid but it’s totally over now I swear. I don’t feel that way anymore,” you pause and he gives you an approving nod, “It was just that day, seeing you in the hallway with Lydia got me a bit jealous, but it was stupid, I’m sorry. I really want us to stay friends.”

Stiles stares at you dumbfounded, “Wh-what? Me and Lydia? Why would you be jealous when you’re hooking up with Scott?”

“WHAT?!” you say jumping up and he stands up, “Wait. WAIT! Do you like me?!” he says and you shake your head, “NO!”

“Oh my god, you like me, that’s why you’ve been acting weird!”

“No! No I don’t!” you throw a pillow at him and he stares at you as the room falls into silence.

Undo,” you mumble, clicking your fingers together and he laughs.

“Stiles. Can we just pretend this didn’t happen?” you plead and he nods silently before smiling, “Sure, if that’s what you want?”

“It is.”


You reach home at almost 4am and drag yourself upstairs before plopping into bed before your phone buzzes.

Scott McCall:
Hey y/n, mind coming over for a bit? We’re having movie night!

You reply with a “No thanks” but Scott insists.

Scott McCall: Come on! It’s been hard lately! We all need this!

You: Shut up, it’s 4am!

Scott McCall: But I’m not even talking
Scott McCall: ……..
Scott McCall: Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?

You: I’m coming. To kill you.

You reply before climbing out of bed and changing into sweat pants and a hoodie before driving over.

As you open the door you’re surprised to see the whole pack actually made it and even non pack members like Hayden.

You smile at her, “Nice to see you alive,” you laugh and she smiles back, snuggling with Liam.

“Aren’t they cute?” Stiles says sarcastically appearing behind you.

It had been a whole week since you and Stiles had decided to put the whole crush thing behind you and despite how awkward you thought it would’ve been, things went exactly back to normal.

“They’re pretty damn cute,” you laugh and Liam hears you, giving you a wink and Stiles stiffens a little.

“Runt,” he mumbles, heading towards the kitchen with you following pursuit.

“What’s up grumpy?” you laugh and he shrugs, “Before I forget, do you have that guy Tyler’s number? We have a group assignment due but I didn’t get his number so I have no idea how to contact him.”

“Sure, it’s on my phone, forward it to yourself,” he says, tossing you his phone.You copy the number and open his inbox to send it to yourself but as you click your name you notice a message already typed up:

‘Hey y/n, look, I know you said you wanted to just stay friends but I don’t think I can do that with you. I wish I could just act like I don’t care and that it doesn’t matter but who are we kidding? I have absolutely no chill. You won’t believe the amount of crazy things that went through my head when you were avoiding me. Look, I really like you. Not just as a friend but like way, way more and I guess I just got really good at hiding it or maybe my heartrate just rose from the day I met you so Scott never thought anything of it but I really don’t think I can just pretend there’s nothing between us now that I know you like me too. Anyways, I know it’s late but call me when you get this or text me or write me a letter, I literally don’t care, just please don’t start avoiding me again.’

You felt a lump in your throat and you stare from the phone to Stiles for what seems like hours before he finally catches your eye and smiles at you confused before his face drops and he snatches the phone out of your hand and stares at the screen.

“Oh no,” he mumbles, putting it down on the table and you start to smile, “You like me? You like me!” you laugh and he grins at you as you back away.

“Stiles likes me!” you yell as you run into the living room, throwing a pillow at him as he chases after you.You hide behind Scott, pushing him into Stiles as you jump over the couch, “You asshole! Why were you pretending-“ you duck under his arms, “- that you didn’t like me if you did?!”

You finally stop as he catches you in his arms, “So I could do this,” he pauses, kissing you softly before pulling away, “After punishing you a little for taking so long to like me back!”

“You’re lucky you’re cute,” you giggle, kissing him back, causing the room to burst into cheering and applause followed by collective groaning after the two of you don’t stop minutes later.


*:・゚✧ the brightest stars in my galaxy that remind me constantly how infinitely beautiful our potential is when kind hearts and beautiful minds break boundaries. thank you for all the lessons, little loves, you mean the world to me for each one of you has shaped my experience maybe in one secular moment or over years of friendship. ily always & forever !!

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Say Something Loving - The xx

Before It Slips Away…

Say something loving. I just don’t remember the thrill of affection. I just don’t remember.

Say something loving. I need a reminder, the feeling’s escaped me.

I went looking for it. Could have been anyone’s kiss. Throwing my arms at no one. When I  gave up I found love.

The thought flows through my mind, and its growing all the time. I do myself a disservice, to feel this weak, to be this nervous.

You say something loving. It’s all overwhelming the thrill of affection. It feels so unfamiliar.

You say something loving. Without hesitation. It hits me, it hits me. It feels so unfamiliar. 

Before It Slips Away…

Your touch stays on my skin, I feel it start sinking in. Here come my insecurities. I almost expect you to leave.

Were you really looking for me? Try your best to reassure me. I wasn’t patient to meet ya. Am I too needy? Am I too eager?

I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know what this is but it doesn’t feel wrong.

I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know what this is but it doesn’t feel wrong.

Did you hear me say it? Say it..

Did you hear me say?

I say something loving. I cant hold it inside. The thrill of affection is only getting stronger.

I say something loving. All my hesitations are fading, fading. I feel it taking over.

Before It Slips Away… Don’t let it slip away.

Before It Slips Away… Don’t let it slip away.

just a reminder that you can always message me if you’re lonely or feelin bad or just wanna talk!! online is a good place for community but it can be isolating. its important not to take your feelings out on others, but please don’t feel like people arent there for you. my inbox is always open! xx

Pat on the back

I must say that the shippers that make up the Jonsa fandom are the sweetest, funniest, most polite, most supportive and most creative peeps I’ve ever gotten to observe from afar. Judging from their posts, gifs, fics and best of all their reactions and behaviour towards the hate, abuse, vitriol and insults hurled at them for innocently shipping an OTP, which btw let me remind you, was handed on a silver platter (thanks GoT S6!), is just golden. Elegant and dignified to say the least. Can’t say the same for a certain camp of shippers though since they’re mostly the ones hurling the abuse and insults. Come what may, whatever the future seasons brings, Jonsa or not, let ppl ship whoever they want, let ppl write fics on whoever they want, whatever their stories tell. Keep on cruising, Jonsa fandom. Jonsa for life xx 😘

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Something wonderful to brighten up your Wednesday 😘❤

That smile 😍

That fucking wonderful smile 😍

Reminding me that today I must not cry because it’s over, but smile, because it happened. And every single minute of it was something seriously fucking wonderful. (Sorry, getting a bit personal with this one but there you go)

Have a wonderful Wednesday Xx


Happy New Year!!!! 🎉🍾😘

@aripanda93 reminded me the other day how much work I put into the chapter pictures for this story (and how much I enjoy making them and she enjoys judging them - there have been several that haven’t been used!). So I thought I’d share them as a New Year treat and in honour of the story’s 1 year anniversary.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017 xx


“can I request an imagine where your crush and you are already dating and he goes to meet your whole family (like 20 people) and your family is kinda overprotective and your older cousin who’s like your best friend interrogates him but they all end up loving him? I love your blog!!! xx”

Sorry about the super long delay! This was a fun idea. It kind of reminded me of the movie While You Were Sleeping, which I got super into recently and 10/10 recommend. (Jack is the interrogating cousin haha) In fact halfway through writing this I rewatched the movie, TWICE. I decided to set the story during Thanksgiving because that’s when I see my extended family; hope that works for you!

Word count: 1.7k

“Well, here we are.” You turn off the motor and smile over at (c/n). “You ready?”

He laughs nervously in response, fingers playing distractedly with a button on his shirt. You reach over and take one of his hands. “You’ll be fine. They’ll love you.”

“I hope you’re right.” (C/n) opens the car door and steps out, and you walk together to your front door. “So, no politics in front of your mom’s family, and no religion in front of your dad’s -”

“Maybe just avoid those topics in general,” you suggest.

“Yeah, that’s probably a better idea,” he agrees.

You squeeze his hand encouragingly and then ring the doorbell. Immediately you hear a flurry of excited sounds coming from inside. A few heavy footsteps and the door bursts open to reveal one of your uncles.

“(Y/n)!” he bellows happily, and scoops you into a bear hug before ushering you inside, where you are instantly swarmed by your other relatives. (C/n) is left standing on the doorstep, completely unnoticed. “Umm…” He looks to you for help.

Laughing slightly, you untangle yourself from the numerous outstretched arms and beaming faces. Beckoning to (c/n) to come stand next to you, you explain to your audience, “This is my boyfriend, (c/n). (C/n), meet my entire family.” He waves a little.

Twenty pairs of round eyes stare back at (c/n), who shifts his weight uncomfortably. “Hi, nice to meet you all,” he says as confidently as he can.

Then the sea of faces comes to life again, and with it comes a barrage of questions and comments.

“How old is he?”

“What does he do for a living?”

“Does he do drugs?”

“Is he smart?”

“What about alcohol? Does he drink?”

“Has he ever hit you? He looks like a hitter.”

“Is he rich?” (One of your younger cousins…at least, you hope so…)

“Have you had sex yet?”

“Whoaa, okay!” You laugh nervously and lift your hands as if trying to defend yourself from the onslaught of way-too-personal questions. You sneak a glance at your poor boyfriend. He likes to think of himself as fearless and macho, and prides himself in his masculinity…but right now he looks like a deer in the headlights.

Suddenly you smell something, and seize the opportunity for a distraction. “Is something burning?” you say, sniffing the air.

Your mother gasps and rushes over to the kitchen. The rest of the family scatters in a mixture of panic and excitement. They regroup around the stove and watch as your mother pulls out a steaming golden (and now slightly burnt) turkey. “It’s fine, it’s fine!” she announces to assuage the fears of her audience. Cheers erupt.

Your aunt suddenly turns to (c/n). “You do eat meat, don’t you?”

The family hushes and waits with bated breath. (C/n) looks around at all their expectant faces and quickly responds, “Oh, yeah, totally. Love meat. Love it,” he assures them.

A collective sigh of relief is heard. “Well, then, let’s sit down!” says your mom.

Like a swarm of bees, your relatives move as one mass over to the table. They squeeze themselves into the crowded chairs. The little ones bang their forks on their plates excitedly. Everyone else redirects their attention to (c/n). He’s sitting next to you and you take his hand under the table.

Directly across from him is your older cousin, (co/n). She’s pretty much your best friend in the entire world. You tell each other everything, and she looks out for you like an older sister. She is also known for her spunky and outspoken personality. And it seems, from her scrutinizing gaze and narrowed eyes, that her newest target is (c/n).

“Soooo.” She grins at him, although in the present context the gesture comes off more threatening than friendly. “What’s your name again?”

“(C/n),” he answers, serving himself some mashed potatoes before passing her the plate.

“Right. (C/n).” She scoops out a chunk of mashed potatoes and then raps the spoon aggressively against her plate. “And you think you’re worthy of (y/n), huh, (c/n)?”

“Umm…” (C/n) glances sideways at you. His face clearly says Help me and you can’t help but giggle a little.

“Aww, lighten up, you’re scaring him,” you tease.

Your cousin winks at you. “Shh. Let me handle this.” She turns her attention back to (c/n). “So, what makes you think you deserve this precious cinnamon roll?”

(C/n) fidgets with his napkin. “Well…I don’t, really. Frankly, I don’t understand why she’s even interested in me. She’s clearly out of my league.” He nudges you playfully.

“Damn right she is,” says your cousin.

“(Co/n)!” You try to protest, but she silences you again. “(Y/n), please! We’re busy!”

You slump back and take a bite of your turkey, resigning yourself to watch the exchange without interrupting.

“You were saying?” (Co/n) leans forward on her elbows. “You like her because she’s hot? Which she totally is, of course,” she adds with another wink in your direction.

(C/n) chuckles. “Trust me, I know. But that’s not why I like her. I like her because of her smile…and her laugh, and the way she’s nice to everyone,” he continues, seeming to gain confidence and momentum, “and her hugs and her positive energy and her sense of humor, and her baking of course, and how happy I feel when I’m with her. She makes me a better person…that’s why I like her.” He smiles to himself.

The entire table has tuned in now, even the little ones, who are gazing up at him in awe. Suddenly everyone breaks into applause. Your dad claps (c/n) on the back and jokes about putting his shotgun back in the attic. Even your cousin grants him a begrudging smile of approval.

“Cute,” she acknowledges. “Real cute. But we’re not finished yet.”

Spurred on by the support of his audience, (c/n) seems to have newfound confidence. “Bring it on,” he says teasingly.

(Co/n) raises her eyebrows. “Alright then. What is (y/n)’s favorite color?”

(C/n) scoffs. “Easy. Blue.”

“That’s everyone’s favorite. What shade?”

“Like the color of a robin’s egg.”

She narrows her eyes. “Correct. Favorite movie?”

“Any romcom with Sandra Bullock,” he says without missing a beat.

“Favorite ice cream flavor?”

“None, she likes froyo better.”

Your cousin leans back and folds her arms. “Impressive. Looks like you’ve been paying attention. I will allow you to keep seeing her.”

You sigh in exasperation. “(Co/n)…”

She breaks into a grin. “I’m just playing. You seem like a great guy, (c/n). I hope it lasts between you two.” Then her expression darkens. “But if you hurt her I will kill you.”

She smiles cheerfully again and stuffs a forkful of turkey into her mouth.

Apparently the other members of your family are satisfied with your cousin’s investigation. Their stares are less distrustful and more curious now. Your mom looks at him warmly. “Well, now that you’ve finished listing facts about (y/n), why don’t you tell us more about yourself?”

(C/n) looks around the circle and begins talking. Already he seems so much more comfortable. You smile down at your mashed potatoes and listen to your family falling in love with him.

More than two hours later, the turkey is almost gone and the plates have been scraped clean. Pumpkin pie has come and gone. (C/n) is laughing at some dumb joke your dad made, and he and your aunts and uncles are all engaged in a lively conversation about the inaccurate physics of action movies.

You check the time and gasp, surprised to see how late it is. Reluctantly, you nudge (c/n) to get his attention, before announcing to the table that you’d better take him home now.

Your family lets out a collective “Awww!” You know it’s for (c/n) more than it is for you, but you don’t mind at all. Your amazing boyfriend really came through tonight, hitting it off with absolutely everybody. You’re pretty sure your mother is already planning the wedding.

“Sorry everyone, I know you don’t want to let him go,” you say teasingly, scraping your chair backwards and standing up. (C/n) follows suit.

The little kids, who have started to nod off at their seats, wake up and spring out of their chairs, running over and clinging onto his legs. “Don’t leave!” whines the youngest. Another cousin smiles shyly at him, eyes sparkling. You’d better watch out for that one, you think jokingly, before she falls in love with him too.

(C/n) distributes hugs as best he can before plucking the kids off of him. “I have to go, but I’ll see you again, I promise,” he says reassuringly. “And I’ll bring you those comic books I was telling you about.” The kids beam happily.

As you put your coats on and make your way out the door, your family crowds around you, suffocating the both of you in hugs. You think you hear someone crying. Your dad shakes hands with (c/n), saying, “You’re welcome back here anytime, you hear?” He winks at you. “Take care of this one, he’s a keeper.”

You wink back. “I will.”

At last you make it out the door and pull it closed behind you. (C/n) twines his fingers with yours and you stroll back to your car together, hearts as full as your stomachs.

anonymous asked:

Chris, if you like 'milk and honey' you will definitely adore 'love & misadventure,' 'lullabies' and 'the universe of us' by lang leav, I read the poem 'closure' in love & misadventure and it reminded me of you and what you faced recently, so much, so I had to tell you. Also check out Michael Faudet, although his poems are a bit more sensual haha, love you, keep smiling xx

Omg!!!! Thank you so much anon, I’m going to look them all up right now and save them on Amazon to buy later on once I’m done reading a few books now :) THANK YOU!!!! I can’t wait to check them out :) Love you!

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Do you have any good ways of saying "I love you" without saying it? I'm in a long-distance relationship and I don't think those words say how much I really love them.

some things like saying ‘i appreciate you being around’ , 'i really want you to stay healthy’ , 'you mean so much to me’ , 'you make me happy so much’ , 'your presence is always uplifting and i hope we stay in each other’s lives’ etc etc should be a good substitute!! just little things to remind them that they’re very important to you say a lot!! xx

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Hi~ I'm a new study blog (@study-beautiful) and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to manage time both whilst working and also trying to find time to manage a studyblr etc. Thanks!! xx

hello! it’s a bit hard, i’ll admit. work takes up a big chunk of my day now. 

what i started doing is dedicating just a bit of my time each day for you guys! i’ll be answering at least 5 asks a day. to keep myself reminded, it’s even going to be part of my daily routine now. 

it’s just time management and trying out what works and what doesn’t that got me to where i am. find out what works for you! 


It makes me sad to know that so many of you are going through this same disorder. Know that I’m here to offer support. Also a reminder that I will never give unhealthy advice. Stay strong, take care of yourselves, and stay safe lovelies xx

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Your body positivity post is literally goals👌girl you're gonna go so far in life with that attitude. Your self-confidence is really admirable and inspirational❤️ if it's not too wrong for me to say, I'd like to say I'm really happy and proud of you xx

This message is entirely too sweet and it’s absolutely lovely to read.

Self confidence and self love for me took years to build, it’s a long process, and sometimes I still quiver and have days where I feel really self conscious and that’s okay. It’s not going to happen overnight but it will happen and you’ll all begin to grow more confident and comfortable in your own skin and until that day happens, I’m here to remind you that you’re all special, important and beautiful. xxx