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Doesn't it seem like Jhoni Marchinko makes a lot of Instagrams that Chris likes, that seem crisscolfer related? Like the lip balm one yesterday. Or am I reading too much into them?

Chris has had a long history of likes of Jhoni’s IG posts.  This likely dates back longer than I have been tracking but my absolute favorite to date, one posted June 20, 2015 and that I have no doubt was posted at the request of one Christopher Paul Colfer:

What does this remind you?  remember posted a little less than 2 years ago, right during a certain person’s initial run as this Beautiful German Rocker:

I have no doubt that Chris  asks his friends to post things on his behalf that he can like, to draw attention to the things happening in his life that he is not able to post himself or talk about openly. This was one such occasion.  And the reference is blatant.  Anyone that can say otherwise is refusing to see the truth.  Gold Shoes and Gummy Pandas?  With the caption “ sitting outside totally relaxed. maybe I’ll call my mom and pick a fight”

Since that time there have been various others. But yes, the one you mention that just occurred this past week was a signal to us from Chris.

“I hope when we kiss you don’t mind the taste of cc cookie dough”

Let’s revisit:

Chris posted this several years ago “ It’s gettin’ hot in here…so take off all your chips…“  

He was baking some Chocolate Chip Cookies.

A few months later Darren, excitedly tweeting about Klaine’s People’s Choice Nomination for best chemistry:

Chocolate Chip Cookies. But he did not stop there, 16 minutes later he followed with:

Certainly did not want to leave Christopher out of the Chocolate Chip love.

I know I am like a broken record with some things. And one of them is to watch Chris closely.  He truly is our Captain. He talks often. He talks frequently. And a lot of what he has to say is extremely telling. Sometimes its just a comment on the situation. Sometimes he can tell the future. And sometimes its his method of venting. But  it is always his way of communicating. Of letting anyone who is paying attention know that they are “Still Going Strong.”


I was tagged by @princesamorena to do the lock screen/self/last song I listed to (I think) tag. I seriously haven’t taken a proper selfie in a few weeks 😭. Anyway I tag @arfarsina @tabboulehbabe @falastinniya @oliveoilshots @3aroosa @kelsorangesoda @strsdout @helloimshasha @kleinodx @hijabivibes @unapologetic-muslim @versachiko @shna-chai @veeahneigh @jaleybi-prince @dsfunctional @khancepts @kinghispaniola & anyone else who wants to do it

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Yo so ever since I read warriors as a kid I've been called a furry, and I really hate it because it feels like the people who call me that just see fetishes, beastiality, and fursuits and just lump me with that. It bothers me a ton. It's a joke to them but to me it's just bullying and a reminder of my abuser, who was the first person to call me that. And I've told them to quit it! but they won't!! What do I do? I can't help but like adding animal ears onto human OCs is all, is that bad? Sorry

it sucks that these people are upsetting you but honestly im really not someone qualified to ask for people advice from… im sorry i cant be of any help orz

Listen. Listen. Listen. When you’re a vulnerable lonely teenager, you can depend on older and more experienced people, you can give yourself to them because they’re nice to you and seem like they’re giving stuff back. You can do that to cope and be ok and it’s not your fault that it’s too easy.
But when you crawl a bit out of that hole and those people start carving themselves out of your life without any of your input whatsoever, let them go. They’re not worth it, never were. And you’ll still be lonely and you’ll be hurting but you’ll be just a bit less vulnerable than before, and all those open chinks in your armor where they were feeding off you like leeches will scab over and you’ll be smarter, know better.
And you can go find the people you actually want to be with, even if it takes time and effort, because now that time and effort won’t kill you, at least not as badly as it would have back then when you really really really didn’t know better. It’ll still suck, hanging on by your fingernails waiting for the good things, but it was gonna suck anyway and it’s better than just accepting that you’ll have nothing but bad-but-ok-if-you-cover-your-eyes things.


I did a lot of things I didn’t think I’d actually do tonight! I joined Discord (solely to join the BTD server FIGHT ME) and did a Rire makeup test because I wanted to see if I could make his teeth real quick-like?

Since I didn’t have the right clothing or sunglasses (These are my mom’s LMAO) I feel like I ended up looking more like a trash son he probably has. So I took two stupid pictures channeling that shittyness. Guess which ones they are.

Rire is from Boyfriend to Death, made by @electricpuke @gurobob / @gatobob and @darqx

thanks for the love and laughs tonight friends. this is just such an amazing community, and i couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it. you’re all my home away from home & i’m now going to go to bed early tonight because this evening was a nice one ~ have a wonderful night. ❤ ( ps. i’m going to private the personal asks that were sent to me tonight )

If you are caring for elders with clinical depression or anxiety and you want to try and keep them a little busy, gardening can really help. 

They will be able to commit themselves to something over a long period and at a pace that suits them. They will be able to see many parables between them and the plants too. 

Getting them out in the garden or taking them to an allotment will give them something peaceful to do. 

i’m watching the oot ending after years of not seeing it and wow………. you can see some nice subtle zelonks right there………. link protecting zelda is my aesthetic

why are people so bitter about others fancasting liza as mj???

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Hi! I was wondering where you got your prints, stickers, charms, etc. printed?

I print my stuff in Taiwan whenever my family goes back so this is probably not helpful > <

  • Prints and books: 樺舍 (they can ship overseas but you gotta find someone who speaks the language… otherwise super friendly and helpful I love them)
  • Stickers: 帕里瓦格 (a small studio so you’ll have to be local or at least the in Greater China region…)
  • Charms: A friend organizes the group order so I’m not sure who the printer is but they’re based in China. Probably on Alibaba?

I used to print with Zap Creatives until uhhhhh some stuff happened (plus they’re too expensive for me), but others had good experience so you could check them out. I’ve also heard about Cat Print from friends for paper stuff, but I’ve not tried it. Personally I think it would be best (convenience and probably money-wise too) if you can find a local printer! Remember that you might be charged customs if the printer is not in your country :00

genuine question: does anybody else remember dragonfly tv?? it was one of my favorite tv shows growing up, and i think probably definitely nurtured my interest in science and i think about certain episodes of it all the time, but i’ve never even heard anyone mention it when getting nostalgic about kids shows


I’m no longer a teenager after this weekend, I’ll be turning 20 on monday and that’s a bit nuts. I usually enjoy the month before my birthday more than my actual birthday because it gives me an excuse to buy way too many things as “early birthday presents for myself”. The yellow and camo hoodie are 2 of those presents. 💁