they refuse to forget

me: blatantly refusing to talk to anyone, no energy to go to school, forgetting to eat, getting an average of about 3 hrs of sleep, suffering

also me: i’m doing really well rn! feeling positive guys

A friendly reminder of some nice stuff NaLu got in the final arc:

• Natsu choosing to pick up Lucy for work the day after Fairy Tail’s reassemble instead of, say, choosing to interact with his “second possible love interest” even though he hasn’t seen her for a year

• Natsu choosing to spend the last night before FT’s biggest and most dangerous battle with Lucy. 

• Mashima giving Lucy the biggest amount of reactions (not sure if this is the right way to put it, but eh) to Natsu’s state:

• Mashima going all-out, paralleling NaLu and Gruvia in the “Natsu vs Gray” battle: Lucy played the same role to Natsu that Juvia played to Gray, aka the role of a love interest that apparently died, making the guy go berserk and fight his best friend, then reunited with him post-battle, finally putting her guy to rest:

• Natsu waking up just-in-time to save Lucy, +her adorable happy reaction to it:

• Natsu rushing to save Lucy when August launched his attack (forgetting about Mest and even Happy):

• Lucy refusing to give up her fight with Brandish, even though there’s a clear difference in their strengths, and despite her fondness of Brandish herself, because she needs to protect Natsu:

• Lucy calling out to Natsu in her mind when she’s in danger:

And him responding:

• Lucy speaking fondly of Natsu:

And getting teased for it:

• Lucy warming up Natsu:

• Plus all those smol lovely stuff:

And I’m probably forgetting something, but,

Conclusion: NaLu’s doing good.

wither me down

Summary: It’s strange, how Otabek doesn’t mind that his lungs are filled with flowers and each day is more agonizing than the last. After all, loving Yuri Plisetsky is a privilege in and of itself. (belated happy valentine’s day! warning for character death, otayuri, hanahaki au, word count: 6166)

He first meets Yuri when he is twelve, almost thirteen. He is hunched over, heaving from the strenuous exercise that Yakov made them do, and he looks up to try again when he sees him. He must be ten at the oldest, and is without a doubt the best student in that room. Otabek never pays much attention to the other students, but this time he looks at this boy, who manages to complete the exercise he’s been struggling with effortlessly.

And then the boy’s head turned to look at his direction, and he is captivated.

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anonymous asked:

do you have any angel/human romance plots?

  • Any form of contact between Guardian Angels and their charges is strictly forbidden, for obvious reasons. However, after Character A- a rookie Guardian- accidentally reveals themself to Character B- a clumsy human constantly in need of protecting- the human refuses to forget about the angel, or the spark they obviously had. So, Character B puts themself in increasingly dangerous situations in order to meet Character A again.
  • “So this might be awkward, but I’ve noticed you following me around quite a bit lately, and it’s kinda creepy, but you’re also really hot, so maybe instead of stalking me you should just ask me out- what? No, I’m not a prophet? No, seriously, I’m a writer and I talk to myself all the time, that doesn’t make me a prophet, you don’t need to protect me from Satan or whatever” AU
  • Angels and humans have been cohabitating Earth for years now, and they were mostly over all that ‘Wings Not Welcome’ propaganda. It was the 67th century, for Pete’s sake. That’s why it comes as such a shock to Character A- a human- to see Character B- an angel and their longtime crush- getting pushed around and taunted by a group of human supremacists. Character A has a few things to say to them, along with a hurt angel to tend to- both physically and emotionally.
  • “The other week we were kind of cuddling and watching Supernatural/some Tom Hanks movie and I thought you were finally gonna make a move, but then the angel plot line started and you got super offended and distant and I’m really confused? I thought we were having a Moment?” AU
  • Character A – a wingless angel – was banished to Earth out of shame a few years ago, and they’d only made one real friend in that time- Character B, a snarky human with both protective and curious streaks, which doesn’t bode well if Character A wants to keep their true identity a secret. However, that becomes continuously difficult as the years pass and Character B starts to notice how their best friend and possible love of their life doesn’t seem to age.
  • “You’ve been my best friend for years and I’m completely in love with you, but you just walked in while I was stretching my wings and you’re probably freaking out, and I probably just ruined- wait, why are you looking at my wings like that? Why are you coming closer and why are you touching them- oh my gosh, that feels amazing, don’t stop whatever it is you’re doing.” AU
things that are canon in ace attorney (spirit of justice edition)
  • apollo instinctively cleans whenever he sees a mess because he’s the only one who cleans the WAA office
  • apollo’s father was a musician. apollo’s mother is also a musician. i’m not saying singing genes but singing genes
  • apollo and nahyuta used to run around in fields butt naked and get leeches on their butts
  • dhurke has photos of this
  • apollo and dhurke had an airplane vs bird argument very reminiscent of the stepladder vs ladder debate
  • maya informed phoenix that she had outgrown said debate. the two proceeded to have the debate anyway.
  • phoenix believes in apollo justice
  • apollo owns a red suit jacket
  • upon seeing said suit jacket, trucy recommended that he, phoenix, and athena start a stand-up comedy troupe named “primary colour punch-lines”
  • phoenix took a camera to khura’in and took photos of everything, like a dumb nerd
  • edgeworth missed phoenix while he was in khura’in and denied it vehemently, like a dumb nerd
  • edgeworth had his cravat attacked by a dog
  • apollo thinks edgeworth’s cravat is a strong fashion statement
  • phoenix believes in apollo justice
  • simon stood as athena’s co-counsel in court
  • athena has succeeded in co-ercing apollo into buying her juice four times in one month, just because he hates running and refuses to race her
  • phoenix never forgets to water charley, even though his desk is a mess
  • sometimes phoenix looks at charley and smiles
  • most of the law books in the WAA are magic books in disguise
  • apollo is actually trucy’s magic assistant (albeit a somewhat unwilling one)
  • the detention center guard is better than athena at trivia
  • apollo keeps manga on his desk because “manga these days are super realistic and informative. i need them for research…”
  • according to athena, apollo gets prickly whenever klavier gavin comes up
  • athena’s theory about said prickliness is that apollo hates klavier because he’s beautiful
  • ema skye is finally a forensic investigator!!
  • she gave up snackoos. unless she is stressed, and then she does not give up snackoos.
  • apollo thinks trucy’s smile has a magical power that make it impossible for him to say no
  • as a result apollo spent hours making a dragon prop for her show
  • apollo is afraid of heights
  • i mentioned that in a previous post but guys. it’s really important. he’s really afraid of heights. poor darling
  • he had to get athena to hold his hand while they were investigating a high place because he thought he might faint
  • when apollo was told to say something snappy to the camera, he pointed and yelled “T-talk to the hand! KA-POW!”
  • phoenix. believes in. apollo justice
  • athena said that simon looks like a panda
  • dhurke had a cactus named apollo
  • apollo can’t swim
  • athena and apollo call phoenix “the turnabout terror”
  • pearls calls apollo “mr apollo”
  • apollo calls maya “ms fey”
  • phoenix “ninja’d” some back medicine into his pocket
  • edgeworth got sentimental because he was investigating a case side by side with phoenix
  • he then got very offended when phoenix pointed this out
  • phoenix suggested that edgeworth dye his hair black
  • edgeworth got very offended at this too
  • the return of the NGHOOOOOH
  • ahlbi described “a guy with two crops of hair sticking out of his forehead like antennae” and “this lady with a long bunch of hair that looked like a big, orange spider leg” and phoenix immediately identified them as sounding like apollo and athena
  • athena later got very offended at being called “spider hair”

anonymous asked:

Bless Toriyama for marrying this two nakamas! My feisty vigorous scandalous OTP GoChi

HEHEHEHEHE RIGHT?! >:) Their nakama bond is strooonnng.  👀 

((Goku’s like sorry bitches but she’s gonna be my nakama! Don’t forget that Goku refused god’s offer just so he can live alone with this girl for 5 friken years! xD ))

Also, Goku’s nakama consists of kissing his wife. *fans*

((Like fam he gives Chichi this grin after kissing her. He’s like damn I like it I’m gonna come back for more when I get out of the hyperbolic time chamber! ;) ))

and *COUGH* having *COUGH COUGH* sex with her

And don’t forget Goku’s namaka thinks about chichi a lot. 

And considers doing little things that make HER happy. Like now having two jobs (farmer and security job), driving her places, getting groceries for her 

Further more Goku’s nakama consist of NO ONE messing with his wife /kids (very gangster of goku lol) He will get VERY mad if you do. 

Like damn….Goku’s namaka is some deep bond meaning for him. ;)

Also Funny /cute thing I find about Goku’s nakama is that he ONLY considers Gohan, Chichi, Goten part of his nakama squad ^_^ That means they are the most important to him. So LOL. thanks toriyama. you actually give me a lot of ideas  ✌️️


tired of people forgetting Linda Park? well this is your lucky week from April 3rd to April 9th, it’s Linda Park week! a lot of people in fandom forget or just refuse to acknowledge Linda Jasmine Park so this is a week to highlight her and bring more attention towards her.

Day 1:  Monday, April 3rd - favorite Linda scenes 
Day 2: Tuesday, April 4th - favorite quote or a quote that you associate her with, because she doesn’t have much, well screentime.
Day 3:  Wednesday, April 5th - Linda + colors (colors, colors, coLORS)
Day 4: Thursday, April 6th - favorite Linda friendship, or friendships that have potential (can be AU/canon)
Day 5: Friday, April 7th - favorite Linda relationship (AU/canon/anything
Day 6: Saturday, April 8thAU/Alternative Universe (a universe where she stays after 2A, a universe with her in season 3?)   
Day 7: Sunday, April 9th - free day (anything you like!)

we’ll* be tracking #lindaparkedit / #lindaparkweek / #lindaparkgifs and feel free to tag me [#lindaspark] and @wallyiris [#wallyris] co-creator of the week!

*all gifsets and edits will be reblogged and found on @lindaparkgifs

**also you are not limited to the show; have fun with the different versions of Linda, from the comics to dcau to dctv.




The Brave And The Burdened

Inspired by @hellogarbagetime ‘s art and post

This will again be a multichapter fic. I hope you guys like it enough to stay interested :)

It was a warm, spring’s day when Captain Steven Rogers, the leader of the Queen’s commandos, set foot towards the troubled black valley and beyond on Her Highness’ command. It was a direct violation of the ancient rule, a betrayal of the passed-down treaty between the isolated kingdom of Mannahatta and Brookeland; the one which promised solitude and trespassing of none into the former in exchange of the unparalleled metals of Mannahatta for the soldiers of Brookeland. Steve himself had heard and respected this treaty ever since he had been a young lad, too frail to lift a sword. It had been unquestioned and a little unexplained but the people of Brookeland weren’t always known to question their guardians. Young Steve, with his large azure eyes and a sharpened jaw from all the blows that cut it in the alleys, had asked his mother once about it. He had been dragged back from the borders of Brookeland by Bucky, who had not let go of Steve’s frayed collar till he had deposited the lad in his ma’s lap, frowning and glaring like Steve had personally grieved Bucky.

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A Ticket To The Sun, 2.

♔ Part: One • Part: Two • Part: Three (Finale)

Genre | Dystopia AU.

Pairing | Min Yoongi / Reader.

Words | 17,529 words.

Conspectus | Overpopulation of the planet leads to the unethical method of culling thousands of people once every month through a customary enlistment ballot. In such a world where your future is determined by your name on a piece of paper, life becomes much easier when you choose to be desensitised of emotions such as love and affection. But such an ideal flips completely upside down when you punch a kid called Min Yoongi in the face.

Warnings | Pining. Many references to weapons in a metaphorical sense. Recreational drug and alcohol use. Strong angst. Death.

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Jughead Jones x Reader

Attraction. It was something that everyone wants to be mutual with the person in question but at times the person you’re attracted too doesn’t like you back.

I like Jughead, Jughead likes Betty, Betty likes Archie, Archie likes Val and I’ve no idea what’s going on with Veronica and Kevin. So while we all spent our days staring at them adoringly or laughing at their jokes like it’s the first time we’ve ever heard one, we’re all obvious to each other’s feelings except Veronica, she hit the nail on the head straight away.

We were all sat in the student lounge room, Archie adorably smiling at Valerie as she spoke about them working on another song together near the vending machine, Betty and Jughead sat in the furtherest away corner whispering about god knows what, Veronica and Kevin sitting on the couch and lonely little me sitting on the chair, pretending I’m not analysing them while working on an end of year assignment.

“Are you’s up for a weekend of shopping?” Veronica, asked the whole group. The guys instantly turning down her offer. “That would be fun” Betty smiled, my hands automatically going into fists. Betty and I have been friends forever and I know she doesn’t know about Jughead, me liking him or him liking her but being around her brought up horrible feelings.

“No thanks” My eyes going straight back to my paper. I know I was being rude but I really can’t handle being around Betty all the time anymore and what makes it worse is she’s clueless to the situation. “Someone’s PMSing” Kevin, tried to joke which only resulted in me glaring at him as I got up to the leave the lounge.

“Where are you going?” Archie, called after me but I ignored him. Clearly I’m not the kind of person that can hide their emotions very well but I think space from the gang will do me well.


It had been a week since I last spoke to everyone. I had countless texts and trying to be stopped in the halls at school or when I would swing by Pops to pick up an order but I used the same excuse all the time “sorry I’m busy”. Until I was cornered, so to speak, by Jughead in the student lounge Friday afternoon.

“So what’s been keeping you so busy?” Asking nonchalant, sitting beside me on the couch his bag at his feet. “Just this and that” I nodded, finishing typing my essay. “Really? Cause I feel like you’re trying to avoid me” Taking both my hands in his stopping me from typing any further. “Just busy” I tried to smile looking into his beautiful eyes. “I know you’re lying” He stated, giving me a pointed look. “Tell me” He almost pleaded, one of his hands resting on my cheek, his thumb softly rubbing circles on it.

“How long have you liked Betty?” I sighed, leaning further into his touch. His movements stopping at my question. Slamming my laptop I grabbed my bag getting ready to leave Jug alone, refusing to answer my question. “Forget it. If you can’t be honest with me I don’t see why I should do you the same curtesy” I snapped, all my feelings and emotions getting the better of me.

“We’ve been spending a lot of time together so I kissed her hoping she would see that I like her but we haven’t spoke about it since” I just stared at him watching his lips move knowing he was still talking but my brain couldn’t register anything else apart from the fact they kissed and here I am trailing after a boy who has no interest in me. Maybe Betty did know after all.



“Y/N” snapping out of my trance from Jugheads waving hand in front of my face. “I’ve got to go” I muttered, running out of the lounge not giving Jughead a better explanation.

I could feel the tears building in my eyes as I ran down the empty hallways, crouching over against one of walls, letting the tears stain my face, I couldn’t stop the cries from leaving my mouth.

“Y/N” looking up through tear filled, blurry eyes I couldn’t make out a face but with the voice and the ginger hair I knew it was Archie. I wasn’t sure how many minutes I had been here crying but it literally felt like hours.

Throwing myself into his waiting arms, I sobbed into his chest, his hand soothingly rubbing circles on my back. “Who done this to you?” Arch, mumbled in my ear, wrapping his arms even more around me. “Jughead kissed Betty” I continued to cry, maybe it was my imagination but it felt like Archie froze at my words. “And you like Jughead” Archie spoke the realisation of my reaction making more sense. “I never want to feel like this again” I almost whined my tears slowly coming to a stop.

“I’ll try my best to stay out of your way” Archie and I pulling out of our embrace at the sound of Jugheads voice. “How much did you hear?” I almost winced, terrified of his answer. “I’m sorry” His words answering both questions, even though one was never spoken, his face chalk white, maybe with my new revelation that he was never meant to hear or maybe finding out that he’s just lost one of his best friends.

Part 2

The signs and their dislikes
  • Aries: being ignored, physical restriction, being placed less than first, feeling hungry, anyone who preforms better than themselves, old things/secondhand stuff, having to wait, bland food
  • Taurus: being disturbed, change, lending things, being told to hurry up, sleeping in strange beds
  • Gemini: listening to endless complaints, regimentation, not knowing what's going on, wasting time, being kept waiting, making irrevocable commitments, being defeated, fixed ideas, having to concentrate on only one thing for a long time
  • Cancer: any criticism of the home, having to handle a crisis, pressure to take part in conversation, anyone who refuses their cooking, people who forget names and dates
  • Leo: physical hurt, sedentary activities, being ignored, being backstage, lies and deceit, being laughed at, being told something they don't know
  • Virgo: crowds and noise, vulgarity, people who whine, sitting still for a while, disrupted schedules, lids left off boxes/tops off of toothpaste, being obligated to others, hipocrisy, weakness/failure
  • Libra: loud arguments, confused situations, sloppiness, ugly places, being pressured to make up their mind, being told it is up to them to make a change
  • Scorpio: being analyzed, being asked personal questions, people who know more than they do, too many compliments, having to trust a stranger
  • Sagittarius: disproval from others, making promises, being too safe/secure/confined, administration, tight clothes, having their honesty doubted
  • Capricorn: untidiness, being teased, familiarity, surprises, new ideas, loneliness, being made to feel useless, being embarrassed in public
  • Aquarius: emotion and intimacy, people who show off, being taken for granted, being pinned down in any way, violence and fighting, making loans or borrowing, authority, extravagance
  • Pisces: bright/noisy/crowded places, dirty/ugly objects, being told to get a grip, stiff clothing, authorities, people knowing too much about him or her
You’re Lucky I Love You

Marvel (The Avengers) One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x James “Bucky” Barnes

Warnings: Fighting, mild swearing, mentions of cheating

Request: “Can i please get a request were Bucky and the reader lives together in their shared apartment, but one day they have a fight about something and the reader kicks him right on his private parts and Bucky trembles down, the reader tires to apologize but she can’t stop laughing, yet she cares about him and takes care of him the rest of the day keeping Bucky in her arms cuddling to sleep” - anonymous

Word Count: 980

A/N: this was requested while one shots were closed, so that’s why this took so long to write. otherwise, hope you enjoy (and one shots are still closed)

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Beauty & The Beast QuickTypes

OFFICIAL TYPINGS by Charity / the Mod

QuickType is a method of typing in which a character exhibits the traits of a specific personality type, but there’s insufficient evidence within the narrative to provide full or specific cognitive examples at length.

LeFou [ESFJ]

LeFou is an effective “rabble rouser” and champion for Gaston, who plies him with constant praise, affirmation, and reassurance, and whom receives and embraces similar advice from Mrs. Potts (“You’re too good for him”). He easily asserts his emotions (musing that Gaston may be the monster “at large” rather than the Beast) and looks to Gaston for affirmation, fearful he may have overstepped his bounds (“Too much?”). He desires so much to please Gaston, that he ignores his own moral qualms about their treatment of Maurice, and tries to convince Gaston to do the right thing (“There’s still time to go back…”) (Fe).

His mythological “hero worship” of Gaston stems from Gaston’s war heroism, as well as archetypes of “the perfect man” – LeFou both admires and looks up to him, as an icon of what the ideal dashing figure should look like, and tries to emulate him, believing if he can be like Gaston, he can be heroic too (Si). Eventually, LeFou starts to read between the lines and see the bigger picture of Gaston’s behavior, stepping beyond hero worship to perceive his true self (Ne). Only after Gaston betrays him does LeFou analyze his feelings and decide that Gaston isn’t worthy of his friendship (Ti).

Lumiere [ENFJ]

Lumiere is an emotionally energetic fellow, focused on making Belle feel “at home in the castle,” who tries (unsuccessfully) to recruit Cogsworth into a brighter frame of mind and is a superb leader when it comes to dictating the emotional mood of the rest of the castle’s inhabitants (Fe). He believes (correctly) Belle will be the one to break the spell, and orients everything toward achieving that ultimate goal (Ni), recruiting others to help him (Fe).

He has a strong sense of fashion and aesthetics, and loves to put himself physically (as much as a candlestick can) into his performances (Se), while also encouraging others to participate for a greater overall whole (Fe/Se). Lumiere only analyzes things under pressure or stress, preferring to go with his instincts and strong feelings (inferior Ti).

Mrs. Potts [ESFJ]

Mrs. Potts cares most about the castle and keeping its inhabitants happy, including the master. She’s not afraid to confront others when she needs to, but often does it in a pleasant and directing way, rather than with ruthless criticism (Fe). She sets out to put Belle at ease and tend to her comforts (FeSi). She doesn’t mind living in the castle, or tending her responsibilities, and has a strong sense of personal impressions when it comes to the past (Si) and their own inability to “do anything” to prevent the prince’s curse.

She sees different possibilities, which makes her a little more skeptical than Lumiere and is open to things changing, but has also had time to form a greater picture of the reason the entire castle is under a curse (Ne): she shows an indication of lower Ti, in accepting that they were culpable in transforming the innocent young prince into a selfish king and deserve their punishment (Fe’s moral objectivity).

Cogsworth [ISTJ]

Cogsworth likes things “just so,” and doesn’t like to take chances, since one cannot foresee the inevitable consequences (lower Ne). He has an immense amount of knowledge about the castle and doesn’t mind sharing it (SiTe) but also has become comfortable with how things are; to the point when after he becomes human again, and he sees a woman he’d rather forget, for a second he wants to turn back into a clock! The longer something is a certain way, the harder time Cogsworth has adjusting (Si).

He’s practical and often scoffs at Lumiere’s crazier or more outlandish ideas, since he sees them as nonsensical and improbable; Cogsworth prefers things straightforward and that make sense (Te). He warms up to Belle and others on his own terms, rather than on Lumiere’s timing, and gets annoyed when the candlestick tries to force him to be social (Fi). Only over time, through cautious hope, does he begin to think optimistically about the future and breaking the curse (Ne).

Maurice [INTP]

Maurice has spent his lifetime designing music boxes, knowing how to fix them and handle their inner intricacies just right in order to make them play the tune he wants them to sing (Ti) but is at heart, a sentimental dreamer, who wants more for his daughter than this life (Ne). He left his wife because she asked it, to save Belle’s life (a logical decision - Ti), but some part of him still longs for what he has lost and refuses to forget or entirely move on from the past (Si). He has a warm, generous, and affable nature (Fe).

Saudade (4)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 2.2k+

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence

CATCH UP HERE Part 3 Part 5


She was right.

The physical torture was far less than that of the pain of being separated from Bucky. She had lost count of the days based on the memories she started to forget, which was around day 62. The memories started off small. For instance, she could no longer remember her second grade teacher’s name and she was her favorite or when she moved to Brooklyn. Now, she couldn’t remember Bucky’s birthday.

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Imagine Loki, who serves his eternal sentence on earth by helping the Avengers, seeking out Bucky once he is brought into the Avengers’ fold as well. He keeps pestering Bucky with questions about how his memory and his identity was erased, much to Bucky’s distress. Cap sees it and intervenes, calling Loki a bully and giving him an earful. Loki gives him an enigmatic smile and leaves.

A few days later Loki shows Stark designs for an apparatus similar to what Bucky was put through. Stark gets mad and asks him what does he want to achieve with this contraption; whether it was a new way to possess people’s minds, now that he didn’t have the glow stick destiny. Loki states plainly that he wishes to use the device on himself only, to remove all his memories. Stark is baffled and asks why. Loki tells him that the happy memories remind him of a life which had been a lie, and the bad memories remind him that he is a monster. The memories give him a sense of identity which he isn’t sure he even has anymore. He simply wants to forget everything, and be mindless and numb for a change. Still, Stark refuses, much to Loki’s surprise and vexation.