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There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…

lol @ some blogs treating this drama like some kinda of scientific object and analyzing every single possible detail of it like it’s some kind of equation!

if you find it stupid why do you watch it .. why do you have to post about it.. If you are that smart why do you waste your precious time on it? 

this why I don’t watch anything with mom you know.. she’d point out to every damn little detail and ruin the whole thing for me..

Goodbye Kisses

Just a little drabble I wrote during my study break. Inspired by this adorable post. Rated T.

“Cullen,” she murmured, pressing her lips along his jaw. “I have to go. The others are waiting.”

Despite her protests, his strong arms stayed locked around her waist, holding her flush to his body where they lay along her bed. The morning sunlight streamed in through the open balcony, warming her back while the man beneath her warmed her front.

“Hang the mission,” he growled, stealing a string of chaste kisses from he lips. 

Elena chuckled and kissed the tip of his nose. “That doesn’t sound like the Commander Cullen I know.”

She felt his gloved fingers run up and down her back, catching ever so slightly in her long hair, his other hand firm at her hip. Secure and safe. 

“What can I say, I’m a man possessed,” he kissed her more deeply, his lips warm against her own. “Besotted, even, if you will.”

She sighed in content, and raked her fingers through his hair, mussing his carefully controlled curls before pressing her lips to his forehead. How she loved her valiant commander.

“I’ll only be gone two weeks this time,” she whispered, nipping at his ear. 

Cullen growled, and rolled them, so that he loomed over her as she sunk into the soft mattress, the press of his hips against hers almost argument enough to make her stay. He cupped her cheek, thumb tracing over her soft skin.

“Too long,” he protested, before resting his forehead against her own, his warm breath fanning across her flushed cheeks. 

Elena took a deep breath and closed her eyes while she memorized the feeling of his body on top of hers. The safety of his arms around her. The beat of his heart against her chest as if it were inside of her, nestled next to her own heart. They had done this dozens, if not hundreds of times, even now, with Corypheus defeated. It never gets easier, she thought as she battled back the pickle of tears at her eyes. 

“I love you, Cullen,” she murmured, capturing his lips in a slow, deep kiss. 

He moved against her, mouth molding to her own. The soft brush of his tongue. The gentle nip of her teeth. Tender sighs. All too soon, though, she shimmied out from under him, and readjusted her clothing and hair in the mirror above her nightstand. Next to her, he sat up on the bed and watched her a moment, amber eyes burning bright. Capturing her free hand between his own. Cullen brought it to his lip, his thumb brushing over where he planted a final kiss.

“Come back to me.” 

It wasn’t a question; it was an order. 

Turning to him, Elena smile and lifted his chin with one hand, the rough scratch of his stubble familiar and welcome against her fingers. She pressed one last kiss to his lips.

“I always do,” she grinned, trying not to laugh at the lipstick stains all over his face. “Now, I do believe you have a war council to attend to.”

Here’s a fun headcanon:

Arthur is a twig because he gets so distracted even during meals, so half his food is eaten by the two bottomless pits.  While Lewis was alive he mitigated it by always dumping more food on Arthur’s plate to replace what went “missing”, so after he died Arthur lost quite a bit of weight. 

Lewis has once again taken up the responsibility of getting Arthur fed, which helps because he can’t eat so he can now give all his food to Arthur (or the others to keep their wandering utensils away from Arthur’s neglected plate)

Ghost Lewis chasing Arthur around, “EAT A DAMN SANDWICH ARTIE”

Arthur’s hands are too greasy and a horrified Lewis doesn’t let Arthur touch the food, instead feeding it to him over his protests.

“But I’m not hun–*mouthful of food*”

Arthur is at first could you not but its…kinda tasty…andreallygoodohmannom


stevebucky + mythology aesthetic/au

I can hear them whisper as we pass by 
It’s a bad sign, bad sign 
Something happens when everybody finds out 
See the vultures circling dark clouds
Love’s a fragile little flame, it could burn out 
It could burn out 
Cause they got the cages, they got the boxes, and guns 
They are the hunters, we are the foxes 
And we run

since it’s finals time for me (and probably for many others) and i’ve been intensely studying my renaissance lit textbook. and also because christoper marlowe’s poetry is really sexy. and because he’d probably approve of homo fanfic based off of his writing:
deancas college!au | 985 words - dean and cas are studying and then they get distracted wow big shocker

When finals came around Dean knew that he and Cas might be too busy to spend time together, so he had proposed study dates for the two of them. Cas was definitely on board, but Dean wasn’t just offering to “study”.

No, what Dean was really offering (and what he won’t admit) was to listen to Cas study. See, to help retain the countless texts that he’s needed to learn over the years for his literature major, Cas has taken to reading them aloud. And Cas is a very good reader. Like, very very good. At least in Dean’s humble opinion.

So here they are; studying on Cas’ bed at three in the afternoon, sun streaming through the open window, and with enough books, papers, and highlighters to make it look like they had robbed a Staples earlier that day. They’re only about an hour into their post-lunch study session, but Dean has lost focus on his organic chemistry notes ever since Cas has started reading aloud. 

Today Cas is studying Marlowe. While the two are sitting quite close to each other, he seems mostly unaware of his audience as he slowly recites the words that he’s been staring at for the past hour and half.

“Amorous Leander, beautiful and young (whose tragedy divine Musæus sung), dwelt at Abydos; since him dwelt there none for whom succeeding times make greater moan,” Cas recites carefully and highlights the word “young”.

Next to him Dean has forgotten his own studying entirely as he tries not to moan. He narrows all of his focus onto Cas and the poetry practically dripping like honey out of his lips.

“His dangling tresses, that were never shorn,” Cas continues as he brings a hand up to scratch through Dean’s hair. Dean’s eyes widen at the sensual touch. “Had they been cut, and unto Colchos borne… would have allur’d the vent'rous youth of Greece to hazard more than for the golden fleece.”

Dean is already blushing by this point and he bites his lower lip to keep from giggling from excitement. He knows what Cas is doing. He knows that Cas knows that he knows too. That asshole.  

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I went through the Bowie tag, hoping to find some really inspirational goodbyes, and I see A LOT of people shitting on him? Like, his body is still warm, and you’re calling him a pedophile and racist and whatever other limited insults this fucking website has to offer


“Did you know this one time he picked up his fork and it totally looked like he was giving the middle finger to the queen? China Girl is SO RACIST. In the 80s HE MADE OUT WITH A MAN. THAT GUY DESERVES TO BURN IN HELL”

Fuck this website. You’re all little whiny shits who want to sound smart and well-read when in reality you’re just horrible people digging through others’ gardens, hoping you’ll find weeds so you can flaunt it around blindly.

You must feel so satisfied insulting a dead man and his mourning fans.

Do yourselves a favor and shut the fuck up for once.