they really should have at least discussed the basics before dinner though

Archie Andrew - Help me paint?

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 1088

Y/N is going through a rough time with her family and gets to a breaking point. But fortunately Archie’s there to pull her back in and cheer her up. Basically lots of fluff.

A/N:  I know Riverdale only has two episodes at this point but I am already completely obsessed so I though why not write a one shot about it because let ‘s be honest the whole cast is freaking smoking. This is only loosely inspired by the series I doesn’t really follow the real plot. Hope you like it and make sure to let me know if you’d like more of this sort of imagines.

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Rough, rough is the only word that came to mind when you thought about your life right now. You always told yourself that you could, no, more like you had to handle everything but sometimes even your nerves broke. And unfortunately this was one of those times. Archie had been your rock throughout this whole mess. He was always there to cheer you up, everyday he’d stop by just to ask if you were okay, it was becoming kind of a ritual. But today, today you were really pissed, hell you were fuming. To say there was tension in your household would be an understatement. Everybody walking on their tip toes too scared to say or do the wrong thing that would set off another argument. You had had just about enough of this nonsense, and being the hot headed person you were, you got into an argument with pretty much everyone today. You parents had just gone out to dinner, which by the way was a freaking miracle that they even talked to each other after their constant disputes and your sister/brother had just stormed off after the heated discussion you had indulged her/him in.

Reader’s P.O.V.

I was pacing in my living room trying to get all my rage out when I heard the knock at the door. I opened the door forcefully “What the hell do you want?!” I snapped at the person standing at my doorstep without even looking, figuring it would have been my annoying sibling. When I finally lifted my gaze guilt flushed over me as I realised there was a confused and sorry looking Archie staring back at me with flowers in his hands. “I… I just wanted to check if you were okay… I’m sorry did I do anything-” but I didn’t let him finish as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a much needed kiss. “I’m so sorry babe, I didn’t know it was you. God I’m SO happy you’re here.” You quickly explained leading him inside. He stared looking around the house with a questioning tone “They all left don’t worry.” I answered before he could even ask. I went to sit on the kitchen counter while I watched Archie put the flowers in a vase “I thought these would cheer you up a little, he smiled making me melt, and they’re your favourites, right?” “Aw, hun that so sweet! What would I do without you?” I laughed “You’d be a total train wreck” he smirked walking towards me. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and looked at him daringly “See now that’s mean” I pouted. He just gave me a cheeky grin leaning in to kiss me passionately. “So what d’you wanna do tonight?” I asked my forehead still resting on his. “Don’t really know, would you like to watch something?” he kissed my forehead since he was about to break out of the hug but I held him back “Eh… not really I mean we’re already seen everything.” He nodded “Well maybe if you’d let me go I could find something for us to do?” he smiled “But I don’t want to. Could we just stay like this?” I asked seriously starting to consider it. “Unfortunately no” he laughed.

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Archie’s P.O.V.

I practically saw the lightbulb turn on over her head “Oh I know we should finally paint my room, I mean everything is ready but I have just been putting it off for the past week. But since you’re here now…” she grinned. Gosh she was adorable. “Yeah sure that could be fun.” I simply replied taking her hand to go upstairs “I should warn you though, there is a strict policy of only shirtless men allowed to paint in my bedroom.” she smirked “Is that so? And what about you then huh? How’s that fair?” I laughed and shook my head “My bedroom, my rules Andrews.” her smile grew even wider and I couldn’t help but stare at her beauty. “I’ll quickly change and we can get started” she yelled already half way in her closet.

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Readers P.O.V.

I opted for my old cute denim overall and my Calvin Klein sports bra just to tease him a little. As I walked out of the closet he was mixing the paint. He was already shirtless and even though I had already had the chance to admire his abs, my breath was taken away every time I saw him without his shirt. He turned to me to say something but his jaw dropped seeing me. “Please don’t drool on my carpet” I joked. He quickly brushed it off and stood up to put his hands on my waist. “You can pull off anything can’t you” he smiled “yeah basically” I laughed throwing my hair into a quick ponytail. He tried to kiss me but I dodged him “Ah Ah Ah you got to earn it this time.” I pointed at the empty walls. He pouted a little but quickly got back to his energetic self “Let’s get to work then.” We were about halfway done when suddenly he came up to me from behind and wiped his paint full finger on my neck and cheeks “Oh it’s on!” I yelled chasing him with the brush. I managed to paint several strokes on him before he dipped his fingers in the paint and started chasing me around the room.

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Archie’s P.O.V.

“Oh God look at the mess we’ve made!” she said almost horrified by the realisation. “Don’t worry we’ll clean it up and look at the bright side at least your walls are finally done.” I sat down on the floor admiring the work we had just accomplished. “Yeah I guess so, and it was pretty fun wasn’t it?” she let out a small laugh as she laid down in my lap. “Yeah totally, I hadn’t laughed this much in so long!” I looked down at her and for a moment we just looked at each other in the most comforting silence. She was the first one to break it “Hey Archie?” she looked deep into my eyes. “Wassup?” I asked stroking her hair. It took her a minute to respond “Thank you… I mean thank you for everything. For being there when I need you and basically just for being you.” She opened up to me. “Anytime. You know I love you right?” this brought the biggest smile on her lips “Yeah I do and I love you too”.

Queen of the Bitch - Suga

Characters: Min Yoongi, Y/N, BTS…

Nature: reader idol!au

Genre: Angst & Smut

Summary: You’re the leader of a girl band and are kind of a natural born leader, manipulating the world around you and dominate everyone. Typical bitch. Until him. Until he shows your true face, win at your own little game and… Help you.

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« What’s the point of this debate anyway ?! »

Yoongi barked, cutting you mid-sentence and surprising, raising his head. The guys didn’t seemed to be surprise and smiled as you threw him a dark look. You were the proud leader of a girl band that went worldwide famous in almost just a year. You had the look, the charisma, the skills, the smile and the brain. And with all this on your side, you were used to be listened to, every member of your band always went quiet when you opened your mouth, your words were rules you had an iron hand in a velvet glove. And usually, it worked with everyone: managers, producers, journalists… You always found the words to make the people quiet and sorry. At least until you met them. BTS members gave you a hard time since day one.

Your two bands had been picked to live together in a heavenly villa, under the constant surveillance of the cameras and managers. Generally, you were paired by groups of three and went to some amusement or activities representative of the island. It was basically a commercial to you, a long commercial that lasted 7 episodes, a commercial to sell you, BTS and the island. And this was the subject of the debate you and Namjoon were having during a dinner. One of those debates the two of you used to test theories, on the outside you looked like you were about to kill each other – and maybe it wasn’t so far from truth – but in the inside, it was more of a game and the occasion to relax on a higher level. You both tended to use random quotes of scientific, stimulating for the intellect and annoying for everyone around. From the moment you and Namjoon were in the same room everything was subject to debate, from the way to hold our phones to the definition of truth.

In your defense, this week was boring. You hated this from day 1, all the chit-chat, the time you lost discussing of the room where you’d sleep, the managers ordering you around, the producers trying to push you towards other members… Everyone was manipulating everyone and you were watching it with a cold head and dark thoughts. You were pretty much out of the game since the first day, since you nicely made a producer cried and quit proving her she was a useless bitch when she tried to push you to get closer to Jungkook, when he was acting so shy around you. It was a choice, using this incident, you gave the worst impression to everyone and no one dared to get you into one of their games. This also was a way to protect your members and the band moral. You didn’t liked the way you all were used, and wanted to make sure that when you said “no” everyone understood it, managers, producers, cameramen, your members and BTS members. You didn’t mind being the mean one, the killjoy if it implied that you remained in control and everyone was following your orders. Machiavelli’s lesson: ruling using fear and not love.

It worked pretty much well, except with Namjoon who was at least as smart – if not smarter – as you and the brat. Yoongi clearly never followed you on anything, even though he never really showed disapproval and remained quiet when disagreeing, simply not doing things. You knew since you saw his reaction that you should take care of him first place, but something kept you from doing so. You refused to admit it – even to yourself – but you were impressed by his calm and how he could easily talk back to people not caring the repercussions. Though, he had never shown any kind of resent toward you or never voiced it out, actually you two had barely address to each other.

So now that his annoyed burning gaze was on you and that his harsh words were addressed to you, you were more than taken by surprise and didn’t really reacted. It was just a second of hesitation, of course but this second could make your reputation and power over everyone fall apart. You had three way to deal with it: smile to him and ask him to remain as quiet as he was with a severe cold tone, smile politely and go back to the debate ignoring him, or asking him if he really had something to say or just wanted to remain everyone he was alive. You had a really hard time to pick up and when he opened his mouth you knew you had to talk before he did or he’ll take the lead. Strategy. It was all a strategy, to keep the power.

“If you have something to say…”

“Yeah, I said it. This is going nowhere, we all get it, you like to debate and you like to dominate everyone. You’re a queen. Now, you got the crown, we let you have it, stop pissing us off…”

That, you didn’t expected. Talking back was clearly his specialty. You didn’t had a lot of option left, the veil was off: they just let you took the power, and could take it back anytime. He just proved it. It was a dangerous situation for you, dangerous because frightening, you ALWAYS had the power over people. They never realized they could take it back easily, neither did you until this brat opened his damn mouth. You clenched your teeth and gave him a cold smile. You really didn’t knew how to react, and you knew everyone had noticed. Then, the worst thing happened:

“You shouldn’t talk like this to a girl…” Namjoon scolded Yoongi.

“It’s not because she’s a girl. If she was a guy I’d say the same thing.”

Somewhere, you felt obliged because he didn’t treated you any different, but this was one less defense for you. You could only play one card:

“I’m sorry, I didn’t noticed I was pissing you off this much… You should have tell me bef…”

Yoongi laughed and shook his head slightly, rolling his eyes.

“Seriously, it’s been three days, and I can’t stop thinking of how much you’re a bitch… Trying to pose yourself as a victim of my silence, seriously? That’s not going to work with me babydoll.”

Babydoll. This world kept on turning in your head, and you lost track of reality. You didn’t notice all cameramen stopping the filming, all the members exchanging worried looks. You didn’t heard people going away, you and Yoongi had entered a staring contest, that reminded you of L and Light chess game. You usually didn’t had anyone with the ability to take you down, and this came as a surprise.

“So, let me guess, you’re going to use this argument ‘if you don’t talk to me I can’t guess’, truth is you know perfectly right what I think because you are smart enough to notice my reactions, or the lack of it.”

He was right. And you regretted not to have played your cards a different way, revolving around him and crushing him before this happened. If this was a game, he was clearly winning. You were losing composure, bit by bit.

“Silent, now?” he was showing no sign of anger, just amusement.

“I think you and I need a serious face to face.” you groaned, pushing your chair as you suddenly got up.

“We can do it here, in front of everyone… I don’t went to see you alone. I don’t know what you’ll say happen after, and I don’t want to have issues, so… Sit and talk, I’m all ears.”

Chess mat, you though closing your eyes.

“Y/N…” Jen, your lead vocal said caressing your forearm gently, you brushed her away and shook your head. “It’s okay, we don’t really mind…”

“We shall, though…” Yoongi snapped, throwing Jen a dirty look “I’m not willing to be bossed around all day anymore.”

“You’re not even listening to what she says anyway, so what’s your point here?” Jin stated as he kept on eating his piece of cake.

“Just reminding her she can be beaten at her own game…”

“Well, it will be it for tonight kids…”

As soon as the manager behind you said those words, the tension seemed to clear and you found yourself noticing only now that the only staff left were the needed one: cooking, cleaning, make up and producers. You sat back and relaxed biting your tongue, remembering all the mistakes you did tonight, you got cigarettes out of your bag and lit one. You were kind of away, and didn’t noticed that the members were leaving one by one, going to there own occupations. You avoided Yoongi’s look, but you knew he still was sitting at the end of the table to your right. Jen, Jin, Namjoon were the only one left on the table, if you excepted Yoongi and you. You kept on smoking, silently, as the cleaning staff took everything off the table. Soon, the table was empty, all conversations had died and you heard Jen address to you:

“Y/N, we’re going to the pool, you want to come…”

You didn’t replied. You heard Namjoon ask Yoongi the same question, and you knew he shook his head and politely – if he could be – refused. There, it was just you and him on an empty table, ready to kill each other.

“So…” he started, you could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Shut up…”

“Okay, let’s play without the masks now…”

You couldn’t help a snort and turned to look at him, he was slumped into his chair. He grabbed your cigarette pack and took one out.


“Get one.” you replied on a cold tone, making him smile even more, you knew it was a mistake not to react nicely, it was showing your weakness, leting him win, but you couldn’t control your anger anymore.

“Don’t take it the wrong way, okay?” he said lighting his cigarette with your lighter, throwing it back on the table, slumping a bit more, as if he established his dominance toward the situation. “I don’t hate you. It would take to much energy. And I won’t fight you anymore, that would cost me even more energy, so I’ll comply… But I’m not going to follow you around like a puppy. Like them.”

You were kind of surprised by his words and those made your anger even stronger. You tried to calm down by looking away.

“I just got tired of letting it go…” he answered to your silent question. “I’m not a leader, I know we need them, I know you’re needed and since you take almost all of the responsabilities it was a wrong move I made, because I don’t want them to come and find me every time there’s an issue… You can keep that role, but I wanted to remind you I’m not playing your game nor am I buying your act. Okay?”

“So, let me resume… You are telling me, that you made a fool of me me in front of everyone to remind me I can’t use you… You clearly made me look like a fool, lost their respect and… You want me to keep a hand on them because you’re too lazy about it?”

“That’s pretty much it, yes…”

You were at your loss of words and looked at him as he smiled proudly. Now, you couldn’t even feel the anger anymore, you were drowning into it, not feeling the difference between the rest of what you felt. That left you one opening, though.

“I’m not working.” you said, and slowly got up still looking at him straight in the eyes. “Or you bend, and I rule. Or you rule… But I have no king, and I won’t let this happen this easily.”

“So dramatic…” He got up and threw his cigarette in the ashtray. “Too bad you’re picking this… I’m not taking responsibility anytime soon, and I won’t bend either so…”

He started to leave and you smirked, suddenly seeing clearly through his way.

“You don’t want any of us in charge…” you stated laughing quietly, he stopped and nodded. “Why?”

“Honest?” he asked, looking right into your eyes, you found a light and gentle look where you expected a dark one. “The girl that quit because of you is the daughter of our boss, and he’s ready to crush your band for what you did. I heard him talking about it this morning. And I know you’re doing your best for your band to succeed. If I had told you upfront you’d have dish my telling or start another plan that would certainly have failed. If I hadn’t told you, that would have been worst…”

“So it left you with only one thing to do…” you muttered, he nodded and sighed while stretching his back.

“Make you fall and let someone else take over, so you can keep a low profile and be out of danger…”

“That’s… Smart.” you looked at him for a while. “This mean we have to avoid each other for the rest of the travel.”

“Actually, we’re not deciding the teams anymore… So, we will discover tomorrow if my plan did work or not… If they put you and I together, that means this war between you and our boss still goes on. If you’re paired with Namjoon, I’ll just have to tell him to take the lead and you’ll be safe.”

“I see…” you bit your lips and looked down. As much as you hated to be dominated and the fact that he saved you, you were admiring his move here. “Why?”

“Why, did I do it?”

“Yes, you’re obviously the type who don’t care about anything… So it means you are earning something out of it, what is it?”

He didn’t answered right away, and looked away for a while he obviously was hiding something and this was making you cringe out of excitement. You wanted to know, you needed to be sure. There were only a few reasons why someone moved to protect: money, power, love (from carnal desire to friendship) and for some curiosity for human kind. He had no money to earn out of it, you being out wouldn’t make him richer. He didn’t want the power, obviously too lazy for it, it only left you the two other options. You got closer to him, with heels, you were as tall as he was, and you smiled when he blushed at how close you came.

“So, this is why…” you whispered in a sweet tone, making him look back at you. “You like me…” he smiled slightly.

“No… You’re looking great and to be honest I could enjoy a ride if you’re willing to. But I didn’t do it for this, I didn’t need to do this to have a shot at it…” You blushed at your own misunderstanding and took a step back, a way to refuse this ride. He nodded and sighed. “Well, at least I tried…”

“Answer, why did you do this?”

“For fun.” he said shrugging as if it was obvious. “I’m spending half of my life observing how everyone manipulates everyone, I wanted to give it a try, that’s it. And, I kind of have a grudge with my boss, that’s just a way to revenge, I guess.”

“I forgot revenge…” you muttered to yourself, looking at your feet mentally slapping you.

“Well, it’s a way to put it, but that’s not revenge… I’m just having fun here. You’re taking all this way too seriously, Y/N… Your life won’t end if you give up on some control. You really need to solve this, it’s going to blow up in your face one day. Namjoon is playing nice on you, because it’s amusing him, but he’s not usually this nice don’t misunderstand us. We have an aim, and we’re not here because we’re complying to people… Be a little more careful around him, he’s not as nice as he seems, if you go too far he’ll use it against you and if he join our boss… Well… I won’t help you.”

After hearing his words, you suddenly felt naked, exposed and in danger. You realized you were swimming in dark waters, surrounded by people as strong as you were. A part of you knew it, but you had closed your eyes willingly on it. He was right, you cared too much. You sighed and bit your lips looking away. Admitting it was killing you slowly.

“You’re okay?” he asked, coming closer to you.

You nodded, and looked in his deep brown eyes, finding some comfort and warmness that enveloped you, protecting you. You started to understand how the girls enjoyed to be ‘protected by your aura’ since you felt like he protected you. Two versions of you were internally fighting, the one wanting to surrender to his move and keep going with his plan, and the one wanting to fight his so called boss your way. This moment of indecision was someway comfortable, you could just relax. Someone had looked after you, took care of you, someway you didn’t understood. You felt kind of overwhelmed and thankful, as much as pissed and resentment. But, looking at him, the first one was winning.

“Please don’t come to me if there’s an issue… I don’t want to play anymore.” he finally said in a deep voice breaking eye contact with you, surprising you, you felt once again naked and cold as he left.

“Yoongi…” your tone was almost begging, and when he turned to look at you once again. “I’m…”

You shut your mouth as a manager came out of the kitchen. Yoongi just nodded and shrugged, going back inside, leaving you alone to think of what to do next.

You never had felt this lonely before this morning, it was almost making you sick. Thinking that you crushed your game yourself by starting it, was driving you crazy. You sighed slightly and closed your eyes, turning in your bed. The house was so silent, you could barely stand it anymore. You had tried to listen to music, ASMR, watch a movie, but nothing eased your anxious inner self. You hadn’t felt like this since you were a teen and you couldn’t help but turn and turn and turn in your bed, over and over again. You gave up on sleep and got out of bed.

The private beach linked to the villa was completely dark, the wind was playing with your hair and you closed your eyes listening to the waves coming and going in a steady rhythm. You buried your feet in the sand and rose your head to the sky. The stars were shyly shining. You felt kind of connected to all the elements here, water, earth, air… And fire burning inside of you. You smiled sadly and sat. It was a bit cold, and you regretted not to have put a pant instead of your pajama short and shirt. You laid on the beach and closed your eyes, slowly giving yourself up to the moment.

“You’re going to get wet…” said a voice next to you.

You frowned and opened your eyes only to find Yoongi sitting next to you, staring at the dark horizon as he threw you a cover. You smiled and sat, covering yourself, getting slightly closer to him, it made him smirk and look at you. You couldn’t help but admire the emptiness that lied in front of you, the sea was coming closer, it was only a meter away from you.

“Did I slept long?”

“It’s almost dawn.” he replied curtly. “So I guess, a three hours, maybe…”

“You’re watching me?”

“I heard you getting out, you’re not the Queen of discretion…”

“Can’t sleep?” you grabbed a handful of sand and looked as the wind spread it behind you as you left it go. “Me neither… I don’t feel so good.”

“I know…” he frowned and bit his lips. “You know, if you helped the girl, he’d drop the case, huh?”

“I know…”

You had spent the night thinking of a way to make up to the girl, but found nothing else than sending her to other artist that all were pretty much like you. She was clearly too weak for the job, and you already crushed her once. If you sent her to someone worst than you, it wouldn’t really help you. Thinking about it, you leaned your head on Yoongi’s shoulder. He didn’t mutter a word, but surprised you when his hand grabbed your side, bringing you closer to him.

“Share the cover…” he scolded, making you smile. “I’m cold too..” You simply obliged and sighed slightly. “I called a friend of mine, and told him you were looking for a job for a friend of yours… He said he agreed to take her with him if you gave him a chance to meet.”

“Meet?” you asked, unmoved, somewhere inside of you, you knew Yoongi would try to do something more, it felt so natural the way he silently took care of you, like he cared about you even though he didn’t knew you. “Like a date?”

“No, no… I made it pretty clear.”

“Who will she deal with?”


“Seriously, it’s worst than me!” you straightened your back and shook your head. “She’ll be…”

“Who cares, she’s hired because of you, that’s all they’ll ever know.” he growled. “All you have to do, is send her a note and a bottle of champagne… Write the apologies like you mean it, huh?”

“You didn’t do it?” you asked, looking at him faking surprised, when he blushed you smiled. “You did…”

“Well… I had to, you’ll never apologize. And my game wasn’t going to work anyway, you and I both know that they would have made the cut so you look like a bossy bitch. Which you are, but no one has to know…”

“What did I told her?”

“Something stupid: ‘You shouldn’t waste your talent on us, use it for some people bigger than us.’ I don’t remembered what I asked them to put on the card, in fact…” you nodded and looked at his profile as he proudly avoid to look at you in the eyes.

“Is this a way for you to apologize about this evening?” You saw him roll his eyes, confirming your idea. “Thank you…”

You bent and put your lips on his cheek. His skin was soft and cold, he froze at the moment your hot lips caressed him and closed his eyes. You rest your forehead on his temple and closed your eyes, slowly breathing out, taking a great care that it touched his ear making him smile slightly.

“I forgive you…”

“Just to be clear, you don’t deserve those apologies… You ARE a bossy bitch.” you nodded, agreeing, giving up on this fight, you had to admit it yourself, suspecting he had an ulterior motive. “But that’s just a way to hide yourself… Just like me and laziness.”

“I think, you really are lazy, though… Like the type of man who don’t even move during sex, pretending he’s enjoying it better.”

“You’re making it almost too easy for me to bring it out…” he smirked as you sighed and shook your head. “Come on, you can’t reproach me to try…”

“For a lazy kind, you’re working on this a lot…” you said getting your cigarettes out of your pajama pocket, he took the one you offered.

“I guess you’ll never know…”

“Give me a break!” you laughed as he empathize his reaction by shrugging. “I don’t want to know. You’re not the type I like…”


“Jungkook.” you corrected, he turned to you as you laughed.

“So you are a cougar… Poor kid, he’d be too scared to even say no to you.”

“You don’t have to worry, I won’t try anything… I just want this week to be over, that’s it.”

“I guess we all do…”

You gave a long look to Yoongi, he suddenly felt far away from you, even though you were so close you could hear his calm breathing. He was very beautiful, even if he was looking a bit like a kid sometimes… Here, was standing a man, staring at the ocean, expecting nothing but the waved to keep on moving. You turned your gaze to the waves and smiled when they reached your covered feet. You liked water, ever since you were a kid, and this was almost strange for you to not already be in it. This moment, when you decided to go for a swim, you realized he really made you feel protected, you turned your back on him and took your shirt off slowly. You knew he was looking from behind as you, took your bra off, then short and panties. You threw them a few meters away, and slowly got closer to the water. It wasn’t cold, just like the air maybe, and you enjoyed the wind coming to caress you breast and thighs.

When the water reached your hips, you turned to face him. He was standing on the beach, hands in his pockets, and eyes running over your body. You smiled as he started to take his clothes off. The spectacle was splendid, his skin was white under the moon rays, and it made your heart go a bit faster when he took his boxer off. Your eyes wandered to his dick and you bit smiled. He wasn’t hard, as you expected. He walked to you, and each step he took closer, you took back. He smiled stopping when the water covered his nudity, the water was licking your breast. Suddenly, all smile left his face as he looked behind you, you frowned as he took a few steps back, his lips forming “shark”. You froze and gasped, not daring to turn to check, you swim until you noticed his laughter. You sighed and stood up when you reached him.

“That was stupid!” you yelled, hitting his thin torso, he nodded and grabbed your wrist. “What if I had a cramp and drowned?”

“Well, you would have drowned…” he replied smiling, bringing you closer. “Because I’m too lazy to go this far…”

“Liar… You would have come.” you whispered, as his face went to your neck, his lips grazing the skin, his hand grabbing your hips and bringing your center to his.

“I most certainly would have…” his thumbs caressed your hips’ skin and his lips caress began to deepen, sucking on the skin. “So the rules… No hickeys, no bites, no…”

“What are make-up artist here for, then?” you asked smiling to the stars as he suck on your skin.

“Don’t mark me, my skin is too sensitive, it’ll never leave…” his hands tighten on your sides, and you drove your hands to his lower belly. “Really, you’re straightforward?” he left your neck and looked into your eyes frowning as your hands closed around his shaft. “I wouldn’t have think so…”

“Let’s say I wasn’t impressed by what I saw and was hopping that when you were hard, you’ll go bigger?” he shook his head at your amused tone and caressed your lips with one finger.

“I don’t have to be elephant dick to have fun…” he muttered, he opened his mouth slightly as you suck on his finger when he pushed them in your mouth. “Plus, what’s the fun if I have to be careful every time I move?” he asked, you nodded as he spoke the truth. “And if I’m not big enough for you, you can go back to your room…” He pushed his finger further and closed his eyes, hissing a bit as he got harder.

“Maybe I should…” You said, taking a step back, he threw his head behind, and you took time to take the sight he was offering to you in. Naked, in the water, the waves striking his balls, making him react even more.

“Honestly, I’d follow you up there, kick your roommates out and…” he stopped when you swam further until you weren’t able to touch the bottom. “Come on… Y/N! I don’t want to swim…” he called out when you went even further. “I just want you, not the sea…”

“Oh, quick question…” You stopped your run and looked at him, the water was reaching his belly. “Can we consider that you are currently fucking the sea?”

You both laughed and he shook his head, you dive into the water and swim back to him, stopping when you reached his thighs, you kissed them, going up and felt his hand going to your hair, caressing them, you kissed the tip of his cock and got out of the water, finding him with a serious face on.

“Is that too selfish and too dangerous to ask you to suck me underwater, or…?”

“A bit, yes…”  

You caressed his torso, not getting up and pushed him a little, so he was only half out of the water, the waves stroking his balls as you caressed his penis who got out of the water from time to time, you took a breath in and locked your lips around his tip. You enjoyed the ocean’s saltiness melting to the taste of his precum. He brought his hands to your head and helped you going up and down on him, your eyes closed, you could only imagine how the tension was building up in him by the strength he held you with underwater. You were going up and down, your body laying underwater, his eyes were roaming on your pale figure when they were open, he smiled just thinking of the situation, and one of his hand ran to caress your back who was going out of the water. He kept you under water around him, and when you release the oxygen you were keeping in, bubbles ran around his intimacy making him growl strongly enough so you could hear it, you smirked as he brought you back up, bending to kiss you with a passion that surprised you. He smiled, his eyes closed, pushing his forehead to yours.

“This is the most amazing thing I ever felt…” he finally said his breath short, you kissed him slowly. “You look like a siren down there..”

“I’m not done, yet…” he smiled and kissed you once again.

“Those words just became my favorite lyrics…”

He sighed as you took a breath to go down on him once again. You focused on his balls and tip for a few seconds, and felt him rush you to cover him completely. You obliged, letting him thrust a bit inside your mouth, he held your head and thrust gently, steadily, forcing you to drink some water, you pinched his thighs when the air started to miss, just a bit after you released the bubbles he liked so much around him, almost choking, he groaned violently and let you come back up. You cough a bit, as he hugged you tenderly, caressing your back.

“I can’t go back,” you muttered, apologetically in his ear when the coughing stopped.

“I guessed,” he kissed your shoulder “but that was amazing, you know, and… The sun is setting…”

You looked at the sky, getting clearer and sighed. It only meant you had an hour, maximum to keep this going. You looked at him for a while and he bent to kiss you, his hands running to your thighs, bringing your legs to his hips, he carried you to the beach, almost falling when he tried to sit.

“Muscles aren’t my forte…” he explained, as you sat on him, forcing him to lay on the sand, he sighed as your mouth ran from his neck to his belly. “Y/N… We don’t have time for this, really…”

“Oh? You’d refuse a blow job?” He nodded and caressed your cheek, you could see he was restraining himself from talking. “Come on, I’ve got ways to make you talk…”

“Come here…” He brought you to him and, hid your head in the crook of his neck “I can’t say something this cheesy when you look at me, I’ll die of embarrassment…” he cut you when you started to groan in disapproval, his honesty really had the power to silenced you. “I want the more intimate part… It’s reflecting how I feel better…”

You smiled, and kissed his skin as his hands went to cup your sex. His finger exploring the wet folds and suddenly engulfing in, making you sit on him. He was looking at you in awe, as his thumb ran on your swollen clit. To your defense, the underwater blowjob drove you crazy, and wetter than expected, his finger sliding with ease inside of you. You couldn’t help the movement your hips were following as he kept on caressing you faster. You bit your lips to keep your moan in, shyly. Offended by your restrain he pushed a second finger in, and a third in the following thrust, is thumb only accelerating. Your nails digging in his skin, you hissed and bending finally let a moan go. You were in a haze and when you felt his hands leaving your swollen bud and skin, you threw him the darkest look you had on shelf making him snort.

“That’s hell of an attitude, Babydoll…” he said sitting under you, making you slide to his still hard dick, you nodded and caressed him.

“I’m older than you, you should respect me a bit more…” he rolled his eyes up laughing.

“If I wasn’t respecting you, we wouldn’t be here, I would spend my day telling you you are dumb and…”

You silenced him with a kiss and grabbing the base of his shaft, slowly rose, bringing him to your entrance nervously. It had been a while since you lived this with someone, actually you couldn’t recall when. He kept you from going down, and kissed you, slowing you.

“Don’t go too fast…” he almost begged, laying down, his hand running to you nipples, rolling them under his fingers. “That’s the best part…”

You shared a long look, and you slowly impaled yourself on him, he arched his back groaning as you contracted your muscles around him. This stroke you as the best picture you had of him: him tensed under you, one hand gripping your hip, the other running to your neck, his black hair melting with the sand. Your hips easily found a slow rhythm, you clenched your walls around him every time you went back closer to him, making him groan. Only after a while, his hips started to join your dance, making his high closer. His hand around your neck started to close a bit. He was biting his lower lip, looking at you, tightening his grip, you almost jumped when you felt his other hand’s finger find your clit and circle it faster than you expected. His hand loosened a bit around your flesh, only to tighten a bit more, keeping your breathing away from you. You felt a rush of panic as he frowned and accelerated his thrusts. You stopped moving, unable to take the pleasure and rush of blood at the same time, making him smile of contentment as you tightened your walls even more around him.

“Enjoying?” he asked letting go of your throat, you nodded and caught his hand, bringing it back to your neck, bending and kissing when he brought you to his lips, his fingers cutting your breathing again.

You couldn’t really notice, how fast he was going on your clit, your head lighter than ever. You took a deep breath when he relaxed his hold on you for a few seconds before going back to it. You moaned as he kept his thrust and caress at a rhythm that brought you close to Nirvana, faster than you ever had been. Your walls closing erratically around him, forced him to let go of your neck, and clit, his hands grabbing your hips. Shivering over him, you felt a wave of pleasure strike your lower belly, and a second, and a third until you lost the count and his hand covered your mouth, keeping your loud moans away. His hand fell on your pulsing clit when you finally silenced, enjoying the astonishing pleasure of what was your strongest orgasm. As you almost fell on his chest, you heard him grunt as you felt his semen spilling inside of you in powerful squirt. You kissed him as he lowered his head to check on you, catching his breath. Kisses came one after another as your breaths calmed slowly, coming back to your senses as he slowly fell out of you.

“I think we should go…” Yoongi mutters kissing your forehead, and sitting you up. “If we don’t they’ll…” he fell silent as he turned to the villa and froze.

As you followed his look, you found almost all of your members waving at the two of you, while drinking having breakfast. Yoongi and you shared a long look, before laughing.

“Tell me you didn’t do it on purpose…!” you growled putting your shirt back on, Yoongi smirked as he found his pants.

“Well, I’d like to say this was one genius plan… But that truly only is a big mistake.”

“Pleasant one…” you said as you both got closer to the villa, he grabbed your hand. “That could have been worst…” he looked at you quizzically “There could have been a shark!” you said making him laugh.

Storyteller (Philip x Reader)

Just a little idea I thought of while I was supposed to be reading a book for english. Also, I love Jordan Fisher, so he’s who I’m am picturing while writing this, but please feel free to read it as whichever person you want it to be! :) I’m sorry for all the changes between past and present tense, it’s harder for me to write in second person. :/

Prompt list//Request Something

requested: no

Warnings: angsty poems that I wrote, but ends with cute fluff

Summary: Philip has a way with words, which attracted the reader to him. His blinding brilliance leaves the reader amazed and in love. The reader thinks he doesn’t feel the same, but Philip changes that the only way he knows how-through his poetry. 

words: 3072

Originally posted by jordan-fisher

You had always been an avid reader, to say the least. You were constantly searching for a new book or story to immerse yourself in. You were also a writer, but you only wrote stories so that there would be more things for people to read.

That’s why you were drawn to Philip. He was like you, a reader and writer with so much love for the written word. He was in your creative writing class, and his works were so genuine and raw. The way he wrote drew you in, and you found yourself befriending the boy.

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ciaccona17  asked:

I'm really enjoying the ASG story <3 Andy is the best.

(meme link) (fic tag link)

(Content notes: overdose/suicide mention, discussion of the mental health issues of a third party not present, discussion of being closeted/coming out and biphobia)

Andy feels sorry for the Bittle kid, or else she’s looking for a fight; either way, she finds him again at a new, emptier table, and sits next to him as the lunch crowd trickles out. He eyes her warily across the stretch of tablecloth.

“So,” she says, “I’m just double-checking, the… thing you discussed last night at dinner. I didn’t hear the end of that conversation. I’m presuming it’s something you wanted everyone there to keep confidential?”

“Yes,” he says, after careful consideration of her motives.

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Viktuuri Wedding Headcanons

Welp, like most people on here, it seems, I’m at the very bottom of the very deepest level of Yuri!!! on Ice hell, and loving every second of it. I can’t stop fantasizing about Viktor and Yuuri’s wedding, and I can’t get much else done at the moment, so here, have my headcanons about it, lol:

  • Phichit is Yuuri’s best man, but really he winds up becoming more of a crazy amalgam of the sassy gay wedding planner and overeager maid of honor stereotypes. (He also calls dibs on being in charge of the photography, obviously.) He goes full ham Bridezilla for Yuuri, who himself is totally fine, aside from nerves. No one particularly minds, because Phichit is, rather unsurprisingly, kind of fantastic at all the wedding stuff, but they are all scared shitless of him, whether they admit it or not.

  • Chris is Victor’s best man, and predictably throws what is quite possibly the lewdest bachelor(s- everyone conceded to a joint party because Viktor and Yuuri are just too goddamn inseparable, and Viktor in particular would sooner die than miss any event in which Yuuri might give a repeat performance of his GPF banquet shenanigans) party that anyone in the world has ever attended, or ever will. Yurio tried to get out of it, but wasn’t allowed, and wound up thoroughly traumatized. He got his revenge, though, by getting trashed in the hopes of being able to forget everything that had transpired, and then puking all over Chris’s shoes.

  • Axel, Loop, and Lutz gleefully share the role of flower girl, while Yurio is made the ring bearer, which he is vocally and violently fucking indignant as all hell about, but once again, is not allowed to back out of. Viktor, Yuuri, and Phichit were all very insistent that he had to participate somehow.

  • Georgi sobs uncontrollably throughout the entire ceremony and uses up an entire box of tissues and Yakov’s handkerchief.

  • Leo DJs the reception, and does a fabulous job. Phichit gives him a somewhat lengthy playlist of super corny romance songs that he demands must all be played at some point, but otherwise says he trusts Leo’s judgement, and no one is disappointed.

  • During dinner, Phichit surprises everyone with a video montage of Yuuri and Victor’s lives, featuring as many embarrassing clips and photos as he could get his hands on, naturally. At first, Victor has no idea how he even managed to get most of the ones of him, until the end credits roll, complete with Phichit’s extra-special “thank you”s to Mila, Yakov, and Yurio. His loud, tearful accusations of betrayal faze none of them. Mila points out that it wouldn’t have been fair to only embarrass Yuuri, Yakov claims that this is well-deserved and frankly very merciful payback for all the years of strife Victor has put him through, and Yuri just laughs evilly, sporting the most delighted, shit-eating grin anyone has ever seen. (“Hey, you were the one who said that I had to participate in your dumb wedding. If you don’t like my method of participation, that’s not my problem. Be careful what you wish for next time, stupid old man!”)

  • A small, temporary ice rink has been established at the reception venue, and Yuuri and Victor’s first dance as a couple is actually a pair skate, of course.

  • It’s hard to tell whether he means it as retaliation for the unflattering photos and videos, or whether he’s just being his usual, innocently tactless self, but Viktor casually steps on a hell of a landmine when he cheerfully asks Yurio how he and his “date” (a.k.a. Otabek) are enjoying the party. Otabek winds up having to physically restrain Yuri to keep him from strangling Viktor. (However even with Otabek’s considerable advantage in size and strength, an angry and embarrassed Yuri is a force to be reckoned with, and he does manage to land one good kick before Otabek can pull him away and calm him down.)

  • Though, it’s also possible that Otabek might not have tried quite as hard as he maybe should have to hold Yuri back, because he might possibly have also been feeling a tiny bit embarrassed and spiteful, because Viktor really could be a tad obnoxious sometimes……..and also because he might have been ever so slightly considering maybe, just maybe, trying to find a chance tonight to ask Yuri out for real, and Viktor had definitely not helped boost his confidence at all. (Just how the hell was he supposed to interpret that reaction, exactly?!)

  • After a few awkward minutes and a glass of champagne each to help settle their nerves, though, both he and Yuri calm down and wind up having a great time. Otabek can’t even be bothered to feel rude about agreeing for once when Yuri complains about Viktor, and they basically end up just talking and laughing the whole night.

  • (Though, unbeknownst to them, Viktor, Yuuri, and Phichit are all watching with fond amusement and gossipping about how cute they are, although Yuuri does scold Viktor for teasing them. Viktor and Phichit choose to ignore this, too busy discussing a wager over how long it will take for it to become official.)

  • Mari, Sara, Mila, and Georgi all dive desperately for the bouquet….and wind up fumbling it right into Guang Hong’s lap, who picks it up on reflex and then screeches at what he’s done. Leo, who had been trying to get a shot of the action on his phone, not only drops his phone, but trips right off of his DJ platform and kind of just….lies there. Luckily, Yuuri was one of the only people who seemed to even notice- most people are still focused on the beet-red and stammering Guang Hong, the miffed girls, and the once again sobbing Georgi (and Mickey, who is crying tears of relief that his sister missed. She smacks him upside the head, while Emil just laughs and tries to calm both of them down.) He discreetly snaps him out of it and helps him up, and Leo resolves to send him an additional wedding present later on.

  • Unfortunately, Phichit also not only noticed, but somehow managed to react quickly enough to snap a picture of his spectacularly inelegant tumble and subsequent dazed sprawl- that boy does not miss anything, damn. He proceeds to tease him mercilessly about how he’d obviously “fallen head over heels” for the other boy. Leo only manages to keep the pictures off of social media by threatening to pack up right then and there, and throw a huge wrench in Phichit’s perfect wedding plans. If anyone else notices that he and Guang Hong can’t even look at each other for the rest of the night without blushing, well….at least no one mentions it to Leo.

  • Seung-gil does not understand why he was even invited, or why he accepted said invitation, but it’s clear to him now that it was a stupid idea on both counts. Yuuri tried to hug him again, twice, and Sara keeps trying to catch him and get him to dance with her, and he is rapidly running out of excuses, hiding spots, and dignity. (Having to exchange apologies with a very flustered Minami, after the boy had accidentally kicked him in the face, because he had been hiding under a table was a definite low point in his life thus far. He’d managed to talk his way out of it by claiming he’d lost a contact lens, but still.) He wonders how long he has to stay before it’s considered socially acceptable to leave. (In the end, no one knows when it even happened, but sure enough, by the time the party is winding down, they finally notice that Seung-gil is already gone without a trace.)

  • The next day, pictures and videos from the wedding are already spreading across SNS like wildfire, mostly courtesy of Phichit and the triplets, of course. Almost everyone who was there is online gushing about how sweet and beautiful and perfect it was, and how the reception was the most epic party ever, and how the whole thing was basically just the best fucking wedding that it could ever be humanly possible to have, and the fans are all eating it up and just going absolutely nuts. (JJ and Isabella are positively green with envy, and pretty much triple the amount of lovey-dovey posts on their own accounts, but nobody outside of JJ’s fan club really notices.)
WE: An honest  WIP review (that probably says more about me than the book)

As a natural cynic, “coper” and self-help avoider, my first perusal of WE was less than satisfying. Dipping in and out I saw words like “miracle” and “sacred vessel” that made me want to run screaming back to my comfort zone. Skimming the surface, I couldn’t see the feminist fighting spirit I’d hoped for and I seriously considered pretending I’d never received a reading copy, enjoying the events I had committed to attend, and then shoving it to the back of my bookshelf. And then I landed on the page that summarises the book’s nine principles. Acceptance… Kindness… Humility… principles that I had definitely not embraced as I approached writing this review.

I began reading this book not as someone hoping to transform their life, but as a pessimistic publishing professional with an interest in Gillian Anderson who figured they’d give it a go. And so, I had not really read it. I’d perused it through the trappings of my ego and expectations, and as early reviews began to trickle in I began to suspect that in doing so, I had entirely missed the point.

So I started again. 

I forced myself into the unnatural position of someone who might gravitate naturally to this type of book, left my preconceptions at the title page and tried to read with an open mind. And what I found, once I pushed myself past the occasional word that set off my “woo-woo” alarm, was rather more interesting, impactful, and considerably more inconvenient than what I’d expected.

I would like to add a caveat before I get into my thoughts, addressing the elephant in the subtitle… because this is not a manifesto, or at least not in the sense one would expect as a regular reader of modern feminist publications. In fact, the final section explains as much. If you go into this expecting a feminist rallying cry, you will likely walk away disappointed and that would be a shame. What this book is, is a call to women to take care of themselves, support one another, and some good advice on how to go about doing that. While self-care is an inherently political act, reading WE through the lens of politics is setting it up to fail.

Read it instead as you, the you that exists for those precious few moments in a day (if you’re lucky) when the world is shut out, the makeup is off and there’s a moment for reflection. Read all the words, even the ones that make you cringe a little, because they come from a positive place. Under all the motivating quotes, the structure of a “guide” and the language of self-help is a very simple intention; a couple of women, average in some ways and exceptional in others, who have survived their lives so far and then taken the time to think through and write down how they’ve stayed afloat in order to pass it on.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do andreil trying to annoy the shit out of kevin and/or aaron! What you did earlier with the pro game + kevin made me laugh sm!

okay i love andrew and neil messing with kevin so here is 1600 words of them doing just that!

  • so i know i’ve written about andrew and neil messing with kevin when they’re all on pro teams but let’s imagine all the shit they get into messing with him while they’re still at PSU
  • there’s two main ways they do this, on the court and off the court
  • off the court it’s way too easy to mess with kevin (since they all share a room after all)
  • once neil and andrew are together and the foxes realize that they’re actually together, not just having sex, kevin get’s very cautious anytime he goes into the dorm or the house when they’re in colombia
  • although kevin’s brain is mostly always occupied by thoughts of exy, he starts to learn when he shouldn’t go back to the dorm
  • after every time kevin walks in he gets annoyed and upset but can’t really do anything about it and is forced to go hang out with nicky in matt’s room which is one of kevin’s least favorite things to do (nicky won’t tolerate any exy talk, of course kevin hates spending time with him)

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Now it is time for our amazing, ever so talented rapper producer all around beautiful human being, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka back to the discussion of Save Me, can I just mention how happy I was about the line distribution like all three rappers got a good bit, the vocal line all shared the choruses and it just made me really happy to see bc I love seeing all of them do what they do and the song itself is incredible A+ as usual bts for me personally, I don’t think they’ve like ever really disappointed me?? like they just get better and better with every comeback and that says something bc even their debut was fire (pun intended)

  • Yoongi would be a bit of a mixture tbh
  • He wouldn’t be as social as Jimin and Jin
  • But he also would try to go to more events than Jungkook
  • He wants to have a name for himself and he doesn’t want to be just a stranger who only shows up every time someone goes missing
  • So he does make himself at least show up at a few dinners, a few parties
  • If he’s really bored, which he normally is bc this is s o not his crowd, he just starts doing a bit of digging bc information is always good to have
  • He is quite charming though let’s be real
  • Like he’s sarcastic as fuck but he also knows how to talk to people he isn’t best friends with
  • He obviously isn’t going to be calling them all idiots when he’s there, he’s a smart man
  • He knows how to talk their language
  • He knows all of the right things to say, when to say them and how to phrase it depending on who he speaks to
  • He plays his game well don’t doubt Min Yoongi
  • Okay but we have to talk about the looks for a second
  • He would dress up a bit but he wouldn’t go out of his way to impress people
  • Like he’d have on some nice pants and a nice shirt but no ties
  • He borrows one of Jin’s ties once and ends up getting his wrist stuck in it so he gives up on that idea
  • Just picture this for a second
  • Green haired Yoongi with a white dress shirt that’s unbuttoned just enough to give a lil peek of chest and some black pants
  • And his hair would be all ruffled up bc he’d probably just rolled out of bed beforehand
  • The hair though
  • With every move, he dyes his hair bc that helps him keep his identity a bit more hidden
  • Sometimes he just dyes it black or blonde but sometimes he gets bored and goes with pink or green
  • It really just depends on his mood when he dyes it
  • He normally gets you to help to help him dye it but sometimes you’re busy so he gets Jin to do it instead
  • You'd be his partner in crime tbh
  • You would handle all of the phone calls, the setting things up
  • You’d go with him to the parties, point out who he’s been assigned to, suggest a game plan that he usually follows
  • Sometimes though, situations carry out differently than expected and he has to improvise
  • You’d also have your own shit going on, it isn’t all just helping him out
  • He’d love that though??
  • Like he’d love that even though you could be the brains and could basically give him a step-by-step guide on what he should do, you could also be the one that does it
  • Even if you didn’t, he’d still be v v grateful that he has you to help him out
  • You two have been friends since you were toddlers
  • You were his neighbor and his best friend all throughout his school years so obviously you are the first (and only) person he tells about his secret job
  • You’re not on board at all at first
  • But he’s your best friend, he’s always stuck by you and you’ll always stick by him so that’s exactly what you do
  • You two have been dating for five years
  • After he’d began to get a reputation amongst the assassins, they’d sent a few people in to get to know who Min Yoongi (or Suga as they knew him) really was
  • You had been over at his place just to hang out bc best friend
  • He sees the cars pull up, he sees the people come out and he’s just like we gotta gO
  • You’re kinda ?? bc at that point you hadn’t really seen much of the assassin side of him but you’ve never seen him move so fast
  • Within like two seconds he’s got all these bags out and he’s ready to go before you’ve even gotten off of the couch like what is even happening
  • You two sneak out of the window as they’re coming in and you just book it
  • He makes you wear one of his hoodies and one of the face mask things even though it’s kinda hot
  • He explains that those are not nice people and that you two have to leave town as you two are running over to your car
  • In all of the rushing out, he fails to notice that when you climbed out of the window, you got a lil scratch on your leg
  • It isn’t until he makes it to a motel a few towns over that he notices it as you’re trying to find something to wear to bed
  • He goes lowkey !!! bc he’d always promised himself he’d never ever e v er let you get hurt and now here you are
  • It isn’t even that big of a scratch but he still has you sit on the bathroom counter so he can clean it up
  • The entire time he’s just got this look on his face that he always gets when he’s deep in thought
  • He tells you about how he’s wondering if he should’ve gotten you involved in this, if he should’ve just kept it a secret maybe put some distance between you two to keep you safe bc now you’re gonna have to be on the road with him and that’s a risky business
  • It’s one of those moments where he truly fully opens up to you
  • He offers a way to get you out of all of this, to get you back somewhere safe where you’d never have to worry about anyone hurting you or anything bad like that
  • You don’t hesitate at all when you tell him you’re staying
  • “When we were five, we made a promise to each other to never leave other alone, no matter what, just bc it’s nearly two decades later doesn’t mean I’m gonna break that promise”
  • That night is the first time you tell each other that you love each other bc it just ends up being a really sweet conversation about the future
  • He tells you he doesn’t plan on being in this business forever and that when he does get out, you two will live somewhere nice with a cute lil house and a bby running around maybe a cat first
  • He tries to lowkey downplay the fact that he just said something really cute
  • “Probably a cat though do you want a cat we should get a cat why are you smiling don’t give me that look”
I'm already 25!!!

Sooo, I’ve been thinking, what if I stop climbing mountains? What if I just make myself an ordinary girl who likes staying at home, reading books and sleeping at ease on her comfy bed? Or a normal working girl doing her job at the office and spending overtime work on weekends? What if I stop camping? What if I start being conscious and maybe even insecured about how pretty I look?

I left those questions unanswered and decided to be a part of a traveling group who helps local communities instead. Okay, I’m not girly or pretty or sexy or cool or “well-behaved” girl. I don’t actually care. Being who I really am and doing what I really love PLUS helping people - well that’s more important for me.

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What Comes Next

Originally posted by seekret-fanfic

Author: locke-writes

Title: What Comes Next: Lies, Spite and Possibly Love Chapter Two

Synopsis: Mike and Quinn discuss exactly what the nature of the fake relationship is going to be.

Rating; T

Word Count: 2,490

Warning: None this chapter

Tagging: @aryn-the-wolfheart @kjs-s @thatgirlwhosalwayssinging @mrschiltoncat @sergeantdodds @myminddoesmindactually @midorima-bakaro (ask to be added or removed)

Previous Chapters: One

Based On: Imagine being Dodds boyfriend to piss of his father From: @thranduilsperkybutt

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've gotten one like this, btmut Barry's just a regular CSI, and he takes his super villain fiance to his high school reunion. Maybe bounce Len scaring the crap outta Woodward?

You know, I’ve missed writing Coldflash…

Fic: Face Blind (AO3 Link)
Fandom: Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen/Leonard Snart

Summary: Barry’s just a regular CSI. Totally 100% boring, normal, and standard. 

Except for the fact that he’s dating a supervillain.

(Prompt: Barry’s just a regular CSI, and he takes his super villain fiance to his high school reunion. Maybe Len scaring the crap outta Woodward?)

A/N: Willing to write more in this verse, but have no more ideas. Feel free to toss me additional prompts for it.


It just sort of happened, okay?

Barry’s a regular guy! He has a Netflix subscription, a part-time ownership agreement with his neighbors over their cat (who goes by the name of Number 2 and who seems to think Barry’s apartment is an extension of his property), an excellent best friend who’s getting married (Iris! Married! How?!), a regular but kick-ass job (CSI, just like on TV except for totally not like that), a standard but not excessive amount of work drama (Singh is getting better about Barry’s punctuality thing, he hopes)…

He’s also kind of face blind.

That last one is particularly relevant. Not to his job as a CSI, mind you, because he can compensate with any number of things and it’s not like he’s a sketch artist or a detective or anything, he analyzes the scenes, not the people.

Just, you know, to…everything else.

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43 kisses

pairing: Yoongi/Jungkook

rating: Teen and up/PG-13
status: Complete [1/1]
word count: 5897
warnings: None

summary: In which the entire student body is convinced Jungkook is dating the school’s sweetheart Lee Jieun, which would be great if Jungkook was just slightly straighter than he actually is. Meanwhile, a certain Min Yoongi is being forced to run a kissing booth. No one is happy about this (except his asshole best friend Hoseok and maybe Jeon Jungkook, just maybe though).

links: [AO3]/[AFF]


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“Two’s company” -h.s. Part 6

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Your apartment was so ridiculously quiet that you felt on edge when you stepped into it late, late the next night. Ruby had dropped you off after a long car ride of asking a million questions about your trip, the culture, the people, and mostly - unfortunately - about Harry. 

“He waited with me for like an hour,” Ruby said, swishing her long red hair over her shoulder. “He told me all about your trip and how you two kind of like took on an entire jungle and I seriously cannot believe you were able to do that! He’s so sweet. I remember you two were so close in school and everyone was jealous.”


“And I mean totally not that it was probably like being with a celebrity and all since you knew him from school but was it weird being with him again? Why’d he even go?”

“He had the time. He was bored. My mum was nervous about me going on my own.”

“That’s so interesting! Was he different than you remember? He seemed really tired and exhausted when we talked but obviously it was because he’d just gotten off his flight.”

The conversation had gone on for a little while longer. You’d given small little answers for everything but mainly you lulled in and out of sleep. Your apartment was far too quiet when you arrived though and you almost wished you’d have Ruby’s constant talk to fill the void. Your bed was too comfortable too, and too large to sleep in all by yourself. 

So that night you barely slept, scrolling through your laptop and catching up on two months worth of social media and information in a night before sleeping for maybe an hour or two. You were making coffee in the morning when your mum showed up - muffins in one hand and a big hug looping around you from the other side. 

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A Week in the Life

Happy Birthday @rtarara! You are a magical creature and I love your face- so here is a little ficlet to celebrate the day the universe decided to grace us with your presence. The fic has absolutely nothing to do with birthdays, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway. :)



Cat narrowed her eyes at the scene unfolding just beyond the glass walls of her office, at the sight of her otherwise loyal assistant jumping up to shower yet another undeserving soul with affection. This was the seventh time it had happened this morning and it was getting out of hand.

It wasn’t that Cat was jealous, of course not, she was far too evolved for such a petty emotion. It was just that… well, those hugs were long, dammit, and while Kara was free to hug whoever she wanted, why wasn’t Cat ever one of those people? Kara gave out hugs like candy and sunshine, and how much more obvious could Cat get without giving herself away completely? Hadn’t she switched out two of her whiskey decanters with M&Ms? Didn’t she always time the dramatic removal of her sunglasses just right? Adding the perfect flourish to direct the movement Kara’s way? She was basically screaming her desire to the world. Any fool would be able to see the intent behind those actions, so why couldn’t Kara? 

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10 Days - Part 9 - AU Series

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,248

I don’t own any of the gifs seen here. Credit goes to those they belong to.

Around 2 years and 5 months before.

How damn much does a bouquet of roses weigh? Apparently, a ton! Y/N was struggling in order not to trip and fall at every step of the large stairs that brought to Sam’s apartment. Because, of course, when you need the elevator, it’s out of service. Damn karma! Let’s hope it gets fixed soon or this is gonna become like an episode of The Big Bang Theory! She thought, arriving in one piece at the front door. She managed to knock with her foot, but, when the door opened, she didn’t get the help she was expecting.

“Who is this?” Amelia asked surprised. Well, she had every right to know since all she could see were red roses and a pair of legs.

“Santa Claus! Who do you think it is?!” Y/N snapped.

“Y/N?” Her friend questioned involuntarily.

“Can we play ’10 questions’ later?” She sighed. Man, receiving flowers could definitely change your mood; not as much as carrying them around, though. Finally, Amelia seemed to notice her fatigue and took the roses from her hands, setting them on the coffee table, in front of the couch.

Wow, they were a lot of roses!

“So, were is my favorite niece?” Y/N asked immediately, feeling like the only thing that could help her was seeing her beautiful Mickey.

“She’s out with Sam…” Her friend answered distractedly, still looking at those flowers with wonder. She loved roses!

“Seriously? O c’mon…” Y/N whined, “Of course I come here to see her and I find only you.”

“Are those things roses?” Dean questioned, moving from the kitchen to the living room.

“And Dean, great!” She muttered. Damn karma! Damn stolen candy! She sighed, throwing herself on the couch. Had that piece of furniture always been so soft and wonderful and-

“Y/N!” Amelia called her, impatient to know the story behind those red pieces of wonder that other people simply called roses.

“I don’t know… Someone left them for me,” She replied with closed eyelids. She could definitely fall asleep there, after the really tiring day she had experienced.

“And why are they here?” Her friend asked, both confused and happy about it.

“You like them, I don’t. They’re yours.” 

Dean in the meantime was eyeing those flowers with suspect and a little bit of jealousy, still standing pretty far from them. He saw them as a danger, that much was sure. His brain was fuming, trying to understand who had sent them; he needed to know. He didn’t even notice that his sister-in-law had left the room to answer to a phone call from work, “So you don’t know who sent them?”

“No clue,” Y/N replied yawning.

“Maybe someone has been acting strangely around you, recently?” He offered.

“Aside from you?” She answered, really annoyed by his questions. She just wanted peace and silence and quiet and other things that basically had the same meaning.

“You know, I’m just trying to help,” He continued, not able to let it go. Red roses mean passion. He suddenly had the urge to play ‘She loves me, She loves me not’ and tear them apart! Plus, he wasn’t getting any answer from her so he was starting to feel restless and a little nervous.

“Mark is acting strange, now that I think of it…” She said, more to herself than to others. Yeah, he had beeen giving her attentions and smiles and kindness whenever she would meet him.

“Mark?!” Dean asked, incredulous, “The lawyer, Mark?” He was going to lose it. Jeez, that guy just didn’t want to surrender! Of course he had sent the flowers, mystery solved!

Y/N frowned, “You know him?”

Dean scoffed, “Do I know him?!” He muttered angrily.

She was starting to become really confused by his behavior, “Do you know something I don’t?”

“It’s nothing…” He replied shrugging, suddenly worried of having said too much.

“Talk!” She demanded, glaring at him.

He sighed, knowing that she would keep asking until she would have an answer, “I met him, once, with Sam,” he said, hoping that it was enough. But it definitely wasn’t…


“And he asked about you, okay?!” He continued, feeling anger again at just the thought of that guy’s behavior.

“What about me?” She inquired of him, really surprised by that news.

Dean closed his eyelids and inhaled; he needed a deep breath to calm himself down, or to try to calm down at least, “He found out Sam knew you, so he asked if you were single,” He explained more collected now, sitting on the couch next to her.

She could sense there was something more there, that he was leaving out something, “And?” 

“And I said no! Okay!?” He snapped, standing up again. The nerve on the guy! Sending her flowers after that. He couldn’t stand him already.

Y/N frowned at first, unsure whether what she had just heard was real or not, “I’m sorry, what?” She asked incredulously.

“Well, I didn’t like him!” He stated matter-of-factly, “And apparently I was right,” he continued, really convinced of his actions, “Who send roses to someone who is already in a relationship? I’ll tell you who. A douchebag!”

She stared at him with wide eyes for a few moments. Was he serious? She honestly didn’t know what to think, “My God! When I think you can’t get worse, you actually do!” She exclaimed angrily, standing up. Not only he had cheated on her, but now he acted like a crazy person too!

“Great… We are fighting again…” Amelia sighed, entering the living room. She was so tired of their discussions and curious at the same time. There was some sort of secret between those two and she wanted to know it.

During this day she and Sam started collecting clues about them, getting nowhere. Even when they fought and when they were angry at each other, Dean and Y/N never exposed their secret to anyone; it was like an understanding between the two of them. It was probably the only thing they both agreed on.

Now. Day 7.

“Hey, guys!” Y/N greeted, stepping into the apartment, after her short work out at the gym, “Tell me it’s not Frozen again,” she hoped, starting to feel really tired of that movie.

“No, it’s ‘Tom and Jerry’,” Dean replied from his position, on the couch next to his niece.

“Really?” She asked, moving in front of the TV, “This is a really sad cartoon.” 

“Sad?” Dean frowned, “It’s hilarious!”

“Duh! For the mouse! But what about poor Tom?” She replied, feeling sorry already for the poor cat.

“I’m really not following you,” Dean stated, confused about her strange idea. She had her own vision of every possible cartoon or movie; this had actually always interested him, because it was like discovering another side of the world.

“That cat has been chasing the mouse for his whole life… I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to eat him, he just want to be his friend!” She explained sadly.

Dean scoffed, “Yeah, right! Friends!” He chuckled, “After all that chasing around he won’t be his friend, he will devour him!”

“You just don’t get it.” She sighed.

In all truth, both of them weren’t getting it. They were basically talking about themselves without even realizing it. Dean had been chasing her for all his adult life and now he wanted to be her friend. Was that truly enough?

Y/N glanced at her niece for a second and something was wrong there! Now that she thought about it, there was something wrong with Dean as well, “What are you two hiding?” She inquired of them, and the eyes of both went wide. Oh, I’m so good at this! She complimented herself.

“Can you tell me something?” Dean replied, genuinely concerned about her question, “Do you, like, read people’s minds?”

“Who do you think I am? Sookie Stackhouse?” She replied sarcastically.

Dean seemed lost at this answer. He was trying to remember if he knew the chick she had mentioned but, if he did, he definitely didn’t recall, “Who’s that?”

“Just a girl that should really stay away from vampire’s eyes,” she shrugged, sitting on the couch next to him.

“Yeah, whatever that means,” he muttered, shaking his head.

They watched cartoons for a while and, while Dean felt relieved that she had forgotten about her last investigation, a memory resurfaced in her mind, “Mark is invited here for dinner tonight…” She started, still fearing his reaction whenever she would mention her fiancée, “Amelia invited him before the cruise. I was wondering if that’s okay with you…” She concluded glancing at him.

He nodded, “Yeah, of course. I should start new with him as well.” 

Man, even he couldn’t recognize himself at the moment. Had that sentence really came out of his mouth? Apparently, yes and he actually didn’t seem to mind.

“Okay… So I don’t have to expect a fight or something like that?” She added, just to be sure. Until this moment Dean had despised Mark with all himself and now, in the matter of a day, he had changed. That was surely a strange behavior.

“I’ll be more polite than my brother,” he promised, smiling.

“Nobody is more polite than your brother.” 

“Well, I’ll be.”

“All right.” She replied, hoping for him to keep that promise, “So, did you guys eat the pie I had bought for tonight and hide all the evidence?” She then asked, returning to her original question.

Dean closed his eyelids and sighed. “I really think you should be a cop or something.”

“I know,” she admitted satisfied.

So a question is obvious at this point: how, with her intuition, had she fail to notice that Dean had been waiting for her for 10 years? It’s not like he was that good at hiding his feelings and some days he actually hadn’t tried to hide them at all. Her brain, though, was really great at hiding stuff, even things that were absolutely evident. When it came to her feelings, she wasn’t intuitive; she was absolutely blind.

That evening, when Mark arrived at Sam’s, Y/N went outside to meet him and have a few words.

“Hey.” He smiled and greeted her with a kiss.

“Hey you,” she smiled back. 

“So long story short, Dean doesn’t hate us and want to start new. Okay?” She said quickly, hiding a little information from him. A useless information anyway, since Dean claimed not to have feelings for her anymore.

Mark frowned,“You sure about that?”

“Absolutely,” She affirmed, convinced, “He said he’s going to be more polite than Sam.”

“No one is more polite than Sam, baby,” Mark replied matter-of-factly.

“Well, he’ll try… so, can you do that too?” She asked with a sweet smile.

He shrugged, “Well, if you’re asking… I will.” He answered smiling.

And he did.

And Dean? Well, he did too.

The dinner went smoothly, and, by the end of it, the two of them were acting like old friends. Mark just couldn’t stand to be hated, especially without a reason. So if Dean wanted to start new, he was glad to do it.

During the entire evening Sam and Amelia kept glancing at each other, they knew something had happened during their cruise because there had to be a reason for Dean and Y/N’s behavior. They weren’t fighting, they weren’t insulting each other… They acted like friends. The married couple was now even more curious than before. They wanted to know their secret so badly, they were on the verge of exploding.

The two of them will have to actually endure this feeling for the rest of their life; the secret will never be revealed to them.

After dinner and a few hours spent together, Y/N gathered her things to go back to her apartment. Mark said his goodbyes and started to take Y/N’s stuff in the car. She took her last things and then went to knock on Dean’s door.

“It’s open,” Dean called out, putting his clothes in a duffle bag in the meantime.

“Hey, so you’re leaving too?” She asked, noticing his actions.

“Yeah, I haven’t been in my apartment for more than 2 months… I’m actually kinda worried about what I’m gonna find there,” He replied, zipping his bag.

“I wanted to say thank you,” she started, “You really were more polite than Sam.” She had been worried at first, to be honest; she had feared some burst of anger from his side or something but he had acted like a very calm and polite person.

“See? What did I tell you?” Dean said smugly. He had honestly been having troubles recognizing his actions as his owns, but there had been a positive outcome: he and Y/N weren’t fighting anymore and they were able to actually talk to each other again. So he decided that this course of actions was going to be kept.

Having said her goodbyes, Y/N left the apartment and got into her fiancée’s car. At that moment she asked briefly to herself if she was doing the right thing, marrying Mark and all that.

But of course she was, right? He loved her and wouldn’t hurt her. Her heart was going to be safe with him.

And she was absolutely right.

She was failing to notice the reason of it though. 

Only someone that you actually love has the power of breaking your heart.

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Back To Basics Pt. 14 | Rucas

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone for so long.

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Chapter 14 - “Significant Things.”

Seeing the typewriter and note Lucas left sent Riley over the edge. She was flooded with emotions. She didn’t know how to feel or what to think. Part of her was still in shock. He left her 6 months ago, basically told her she wasn’t worth fighting for that what they had wasn’t worth fighting for and yet here he was leaving expensive gifts and ambivalent notes. Suddenly she knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to confront him and there was only one place she could think to look.

She grabs the first thing she could find. She throws on a tank top, distressed shorts and slips on her converse before running down her fire escape. She didn’t bother taking her phone or grabbing her handbag, all she cared about was finding him.

She arrives at the Antique Store, where Lucas used to work, 15 minutes later, hair still wet from the shower. She stands outside the door trying to convince herself to open it. It hadn’t occurred to her that confronting him would require her to come face to face with the guy who broke her heart. But she’s determined, so she reaches for the handle and pushes through.

The store is almost empty apart from a few boxes on the floor and some books on the shelves. There were signs posted up on the wall that said ‘final sale everything must go.’ She quietly moves towards the back but is greeted by a familiar face. It was the older man who woke her up that morning she stayed the night here with Lucas. He must have recognized her because he greeted her with a warm smile before holding his finger up to excuse himself. As he walked to the back room she heard him say, “You have a visitor.”

In a panic she turns her back to them and tries to compose herself before he walks out. She can hear his footsteps approaching from behind her. She takes a deep breath and then hears his voice for the first time in six months.

“Riley?” His voice is gentle and almost quizzical like he either didn’t recognize her or was surprised she was there.

She braces herself before turning to meet his gaze. The one thing she didn’t anticipate was how much it would hurt. How much looking at him, would hurt. She lets out a shaky breath. “Lucas.”

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no offense but i can’t take you seriously if you think there were zero good things about jess’ relationship with rory or if you think he was solely responsible for the issues in their relationship.

he wasn’t always reliable and he was a jerk at times, mostly towards the end, when he was dealing with a bunch of other stuff that he didn’t know how to deal with, because you know, he was a kid. but for the most part, he did treat rory well and he put in the effort to make their relationship work and make her happy.

like, the whole storyline with him not calling her didn’t really make sense because up until that point, he was a pretty reliable boyfriend. and it was just a way to compare him to dean, who was a creep and called her ten times a day, but i digress. jess had issues, and he didn’t handle them well, and he took his anger out on rory at kyle’s party, and that’s not okay. but he was a kid who didn’t know any better, unlike in rory’s relationships as an adult with dean and logan, who both did things they should’ve known better than to do (and i like logan, i do, i just don’t think he’s a soulmate for rory by any means. especially when people make the argument that he was her only adult relationship. like what? how does that make him her soulmate? anyway).

and rory is just as much to blame for what happened with her and jess because they were both terrible at communication. she wouldn’t tell him she was upset about him not calling, and then when she ended up going off on him, she told him to delete the voicemail. like, ultimately, even with jess going through stuff with school and his dad and rory constantly comparing him to dean, the main issue was that they wouldn’t talk to each other. that’s why things fell apart. i’m not saying they would’ve been together forever if they HAD talked to each other, but i think it would’ve given them more time.

but anyway, let’s have a look at the good things he did while they were in a relationship. this first one is just basic human decency, but he accepted her being friends with dean, asking only that she tell him those things, unlike dean, who yelled at rory virtually every time she hung out with jess. he was at the very least polite to the people in her life, even the ones who made it abundantly clear they did not like or approve of him. they are clearly able to have discussions and enjoy books and movies together. and they can compromise! almost famous and indian food! (okay, i’m reaching perhaps, but it’s still a positive about their relationship) also they canonically were having these movie nights three nights in a row, so it seems like it was a very regular thing. but jess wasn’t reliable, apparently. okay. sure. and even after the disaster dinner at emily’s – which rory should not have attacked him then and there, come on, she could’ve waited to ask questions later – he agreed to give it another shot, though obviously, they never got a chance to do that. and then before everything fell apart, we learned that he planned for them to stay together! he looked it up! he hoped and believed they would still be together months down the road!

jess loved rory and rory loved jess and they both did some shitty things, but they were two eighteen year olds who didn’t know how to have an adult relationship. because even though legally they were adults, they were still just kids.

but jess was nice to her and (somewhat) to the people in her life, he made her laugh, he challenged her, he treated her like a person and not like an object. he loved her as she was, not the idea of her, not this idealized version of rory that so many people had. of any romantic relationship she had, jess understood her best, and never wanted her to be anything but herself.

so if you don’t want to look at how jess grew up and made something of himself, look at how much he cared for rory, even when he was a kid who couldn’t care for himself.


emberia said:

Dear Auntie MJ, senior year of high school has a lot of accompanying feelings. Prom is coming up and it’s looking like I’ll be the only one in my friend group without a date. However, I think I might be catching feelings for someone I barely know. Is it worth trying to strengthen that connection, even though we will part ways for college soon? And how can I make the most out of the prom situation? Xoxo

Dear Emberia,

There are two questions here, and they require two distinct answers. Let us divide and conquer.

Question one: Is it worth trying to strengthen the connection with someone you barely know right before you leave for college and ask this person to prom?

Answer: Sure. Why not? Going to college is not like going off to the Hunger Games. It’s just moving to a different place. Sometimes it is not even that. Yes, things get shaken up, but that’s okay. I think the implication here is that asking someone to the prom is a Big Deal and if you have feelings, what happens to those feelings when you move to a new school? I don’t know. But I think you should go for it. Don’t use college as an excuse not to get to know someone. We have the internet now. And even without the internet, people did this kind of stuff all the time. Auntie MJ sees no downside to taking a chance on this. If you need inspiration to take a chance, watch this and be inspired by their sweaters.

Question two: How can you make the most of the prom situation?

Answer: Auntie MJ had to sit back and take a deep breath before answering this one. She thought of her own prom. She wrote about this prom back in 2006, but that is long enough now (and the post has been partially eaten by a web publishing service that shall remain unnamed but is Wordpress). I managed to dig up a copy of what I wrote, and I think it bears reprinting here, in the hopes that you can gain Wisdom from my experience.

See, our prom was about rules. It was about obedience. It was about training. And they started us early.

From our first days at school, we were taught that as formless, breastless freshman*, we were way too clueless to be allowed to wear things like heels. There was a complicated order to things relating to yearly dances, and each year it was reinforced in our heads. It went like this:


NOT A PROM. A freshman dinner dance. Party dresses only, knee length minimum. Heels at a maximum of one inch. No limos. No tuxes.


NOT A PROM. A Soph Hop. Slightly more fancy party dresses, knee length minimum. Same heel height. No limos. No tuxes.


A PROM. Tea length dresses permitted, knee length minimum. NO FLOOR LENGTH DRESSES. Two inch heels. No limos. No tuxes.



Now, it got complicated.

Floor length dresses were permitted. Tuxes were permitted. Limos were permitted. Heel length remained constant at two inches. The main thing to know is that we weren’t permitted to wear strapless dresses. No way, no how. That went for any dance, and this fact was drummed into our heads on every possible opportunity. However, every year the faculty actually voted on whether or not seniors could wear spaghetti strap dresses. This was such a huge deal that it merited a yearly discussion.

It was vetoed for our year.

We also had, like I mentioned previously, prom classes. This is when our senior year religion class was taken over for a week or two, and we were taught things like plate settings. This is when we had the mysterious Kleenex discussion, and when we were told not to get out of the car until our date opened the door.

And we also learned the schedule of how our prom was going to go down, just in case we were even thinking of having any fun.

Our arrival was to take place between 8 and 8:30. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to show up by 8:30 could result in the holding of our diploma.** Departure could not be before midnight, but could not be after twelve thirty.

The school brought in a “beauty expert,” a truly odious woman who taught us things like an exercise to keep our chins from getting flabby (slapping them) and that the cure for acne was more makeup. She was so insidious that at least two of my friends managed to walk out of the assembly, which was no minor feat. At my school, that was basically the equivalent of setting fire to your chair.

I bought a white satin dress for the prom. In retrospect, this was a strange choice, as I am pretty white myself. I am the color of porcelain and whole milk and daisy petals, if you’re romantic, and like someone in need of a transfusion if you’re not.***  I loved my white dress and white gloves. My dresses for the other years had all been a bit tragic****, but this one, this one I loved.

Exhibit A: The author of this piece and her friend Laurie (in green), on the way to prom. Laurie is, quite fairly, questioning the expression on my face. I think she sensed that I might be going into this thing with a less-than-enthusiastic attitude. This dress *looks* sleeveless, but what I did was pull those sides up over my shoulders so it had the appearance of sleeves. This would be a key factor in my arrival at the prom.

A group of us all went off to the prom together, after driving from house to house and picking everyone up, getting 200 pictures taken. Then we divided up into cars. I got into the one with one of my best and closet friends in the whole world. Her name is Kirsten. We left in plenty of time to get there by 8:00 or 8:30.

Kirsten’s boyfriend was driving us. She was up in the passenger’s seat, and I was in the back with my date. I remember it being a fun ride, right up until the time we got stuck in a massive traffic jam at 8:10. But we weren’t that far. We still had more than enough time.

Except that we hadn’t moved at 8:15. And not really that much by 8:20. Or five minutes after that. By now, Kir was getting seriously, seriously nervous.

“Re,” she said, leaning into the back seat. (My nickname is high school was Re. Only people who went to high school are allowed to call me this. It’s kind of a personal rule.)

“Re,” she said again, drawing me back from my own parenthetical interruption. “It’s 8:25.”

I looked at the clock on the dashboard. She was right.

“Well,” I said. “How far are we?”

“About seven or eight blocks,” her boyfriend said.

“We’re almost there,” I said to her.

“Yes. But we’re not there yet. And we might not be there in five minutes.”

I saw her point. We were going to graduate. We were going to get out of high school. 

“We can go seven or eight blocks in five minutes,” I said nervously. “Right?”

Wrong. By 8:28 we had gotten about two blocks closer.

“Re,” she said, leaning back again. “This time, seriously. We have to go.”

“Go how? We still have five or six blocks left.”

“I know. That’s why we have to go. Now.”

She opened her car door and got out. I followed.

“What are you doing?” I said, following her to the sidewalk. “We have two minutes.”

“If we don’t go,” she said. “They’re going to hold our diplomas.”

“And so, what? We run?”

Instead of answering this question in words, she responded in action. She started running down the street. And I ran right after her.

I’m not sure if you’ve tried to run in heels and a floor-length dress down a city sidewalk before. You probably haven’t. I don’t really recommend it. Especially if you are trying to preserve you hair and makeup and not get anything on your stark while dress and shoes, and if you are carrying long-stemmed roses and a purse. I didn’t spend a lot of time in heels back then. Our days were spent wearing our fabulous and sensible school shoes, so I wasn’t all that steady at normal walking pace. So running on a sidewalk (notorious surfaces on the best of days) was really a lot more than I was ready to take on. Also, we were the official show of all that stopped traffic.

Exhibit B: Our actual school shoes. They float in the clouds because wearing them is like being in a dream.

Bizarrely enough, this may have been the one physical act that my school had truly prepared me for. Since we didn’t have showers, we were always told to try not to sweat in gym. This doesn’t seem like something you can normally request or control, but we had actually learned to do this.

So we ran. We ran because we actually believed that we might not graduate high school if we didn’t. Kir and I, aside from being the non-Catholics, were both honor students. We weren’t at the very top, but we were far from the bottom. And yet, we were still afraid that we might not be able to go to college or ever, ever leave our high school just because we got stuck in traffic.

We arrived, out of breath, at 8:32. Our dates had no caught up with us. We barged into the hall on our own. Our principal was waiting there, clipboard in hand.

“Running a little late, are we?” she said.

It had to have been completely obvious that we had just been running. Our hair was all blown around, we were breathing too heavily to answer.

“And where are you dates?” she continued.

We heaved for breath and pointed at the door, indicating that they were somewhere in the world.

“Girls,” she said, in a warning tone. “You were told when to arrive.”

“We got stuck in traffic, Sister,” Kir said.

Sister shook her head and wrote something down.

“Bring your dates and go and greet everyone,” she said. “Everyone has been waiting for you.”

That last bit was meant to sting. See, it wasn’t over yet. At our school, there was a receiving line at the proms.

“Receiving line?” you ask. “What do you mean by that?”

I mean that you had to walk around and introduce your date to every single faculty member that turned up, and they ALL turned up. An entire WALL OF NUNS. I’m talking about twenty-five or so. Seriously. And you had to say hello to every single last one of them and have your date shake their hand, and if they wanted to talk, you stood there and talked.

And here’s the really important part of this: the lobby area of the place where we had our prom? Mirrored on all sides. So it looked like THOUSANDS OF NUNS. I think this is the same trick they used in that last scene of Star Wars, when they go and get their medals, and there are millions of rebel alliance fighters all lined up. And not just thousands of nuns … thousands of nuns that had been denied the pre-dinner snacks because Kir and I were “late.”

Exhibit C: Let’s go to the prom.

In a class of 125 girls, having twenty five to thirty dedicated chaperones patrolling the edges of the floor, ready, willing, and able to bust in to any couple making out for more than 30 seconds (the limit) … it all makes for a fairly controlled experience. Kir and I spent the whole night not really knowing what had been written on the clipboard, and it was a while (weeks, really) before we were convinced that we were in the clear.

How does this help you, my dear Emberia? I admit I am not sure. It proves a person can run in heels and not sweat. That’s something, isn’t it?

I guess the best lesson is that the prom? Is a dance. It’s not the be-all, end-all of anything. Anyone who thinks that the prom is somehow a measure of what the rest of life will be like has either not left high school yet (and thus has no idea that they are wrong) or are people think life is high school. Which it is not.  Dance if you want to dance or sit around and talk if you want to talk. If it’s extremely fun, great! If it’s boring, no big deal! If it’s a disaster, you will have a story to tell FOR YEARS AND YEARS. If it is a weird list of rules and you have to run down the street to get to it and there are millions of nuns there, you will become a YA author and live in my house.

Good luck out there. I will be thinking of you.


Auntie MJ

* Our chests were measured in the gym a few weeks before Freshman year in order to order our vests. The highlight was that we had a Breast-Size Guessing Nun who could just look at us and predict how much we would grow, chestwise, in the next four years and she would SHOUT THESE RESULTS across the gym, because the person writing down the sizes was across the gym for some reason. So people would be evaluated by the BSGN and she would say things like, “THIS ONE IS FLAT AS A BOARD. GET HER A SMALL. THAT’S ALL SHE’LL NEED.”

** They really hammered this home.

*** Recent events and blood tests have shown that I am exactly the kind of person who needs a blood transfusion. The pale skin is due to very low iron. We didn’t know it then. We just knew I was the one person who never really seemed to tan.

**** This is an understatement. The other dresses were all J.C. Penny closeouts from the bridal department. I’ve lost all records of the first one. The second one is a massive floral print, like something designed to attract sight-impaired bees. The nicest thing I can say about the third one is that it looks extremely flammable. 

bistiles  asked:

I saw this gifset somewhere of Sheriff and Talia get together and Stiles and Derek become step brothers. Problem is they HATE each other. And by hate it means they really want to bang each other and don't know how to express their boner feelings.


“I mean, don’t college students usually study abroad or get summer jobs, or, I don’t know, do something to prove they’re functioning adult members of society?”

Silence answers him, and Stiles swivels to scowl at his best friend, who’s staring down at his phone, texting away instead of listening. So Stiles picks up a discarded t-shirt, balls it up, and lobs it at his head. Scott startles at the impact, looking up guiltily.

“Um… yeah, definitely?” When Stiles’ scowl doesn’t ease up he sighs, dropping his phone to the mattress and sitting up slowly. “Sorry dude, just… you’ve been talking about this all day.”

It hadn’t been all day. Not really. Maybe he’d brought it up when he’d gotten to Scott’s house, because it was significant news and best friends shared that kind of thing. And then maybe complained about it a little while they were shooting the crap out of enemy soldiers during their gaming session, but that’s just because shooting things and venting totally go together, and then he’d maybe started complaining a little bit about it when they’d been flipping stations and stumbled past the history channel, because the stupid history channel will probably be on all summer now, because Derek’s a History major of all things, like way to pick the dullest, least sexy college major ever, right?

Not that Derek even needed to try to be appealing, ‘cause he’s had girls falling all over him since they’d met, and when Stiles’ dad had married Derek’s mom two years ago it had gotten to be unbearable, the way girls who’d never paid Stiles the slightest bit of attention before would suddenly be super friendly just to try and get some kind of twisted in with Derek.

And Derek didn’t even take advantage of what he had. That was the really grating thing, Stiles had long ago decided. That’s what really gets him about the whole situation. Derek’s all stupidly perfect body and the jawline and that stubble that had started growing around junior year and just never gone away… like Christ get the guy a razor, right? And girls were all falling all over him (and falling over Stiles for a chance to get to him), and instead of appreciating what he had, he’d basically never dated. Just hung around their house with his stupid stubble, watching his stupid documentaries and generally rubbing it in Stiles’ face how easily he could have anyone he wanted, and didn’t. Like he was above it all.

Scott’s eyes narrow.

“You’re just complaining about him in your head now, aren’t you?”

Dude,” Stiles crosses the room to flop dramatically onto the space Scott’s just vacated, arm flailing out and smacking down hard on Scott’s knee. “It’s the whole summer. He’s gonna be home for the whole summer. This last year was so good, man. So peaceful. Now I’ve got to share my bathroom again, and, like, see his stupid stubbly face at dinner every night, and—”

Scott snorts, and Stiles squints over at him.


“Nothing, just… I can’t tell if I should tell you to be glad or disappointed you don’t have to share a bedroom too.”

Stiles grimaces because ew, brother. Like, stepbrothers yeah but still with the married parents and the having lived together and shared a bathroom and… and Derek’s a jerk anyway. A boring, frustrating pain in Stiles’ ass and no amount of stupidly perfect stubble is about to change that.

Scott just smiles innocently, and Stiles scowls.

“You’re a horrible friend.”

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