they really said that

i lost my voice for a week & nobody noticed because i never freaking talk

I doodled @gutter-girl-100! I think that they are a very beautiful person, and that they deserve all of the love and appreciation in the world. Please go check them out if you haven’t already! And maybe even send some love their way~ <3

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I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Can you recommend me more blogs like yours?

Own! Thanks so much anony! This means a lot to me! Yes, you should follow these blogs and the others in my blogroll! All of them are really amazing! (。’▽’。)♡

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When I was in high school I read a little bit of manga, but not very much, and there was only one series I actually owned any volumes of. This meant it was the only manga series my mom ever saw and it has apparently become the definition of manga in her mind.

…she now thinks I’m in the “Inu-Yona” fandom

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Noah fence but if you think Angelina Jolie's head photoshopped onto a Brazilian woman's body on whom you've used a psd to whitewash to oblivion is somehow less problematic then honey you've got a big storm coming.

Noah fence but if you think that all la.tinas are brazilian then you really need to 1. fact check 2. reconsider everything because eriana is actually cuban lmao. repeat after me folks, not all poc are interchangeable !

ok so the first time i read this i was Legitimately worried bc i’d never thought about it as whitewashing because i’m literally only using her body (and, the last time i checked, certain body silhouettes / muscular structures are not exclusive to race? like … they really aren’t), and i still don’t think it is, especially after consulting a bunch of my friends (who are all woc), two of which are in fact, cuban. both of them said that they saw absolutely nothing wrong with it, and i’d really rather trust their word over an anonymous asker who can’t even get their ethnicities straight.

but i’d also like to explain exactly why/how i use her? eriana is STRICTLY a body reference, and in no way, shape, or form do i have the intention of somehow exploiting the fact that she is a woc. i don’t use her face / facial features, i just use her body, because it fits the most to what i’ve always imagined nat’s to be. (also shoutout to @vrooms for actually finding her for me after I Quit looking for body claims bc i couldn’t find any myself.)  irt to the ‘whitewashing’ though, both of the aforementioned cuban friends who i spoke to both said separately that they are very fair skinned, which is very common for white-latinxs, which eriana most likely is. the thing also is that she’s a fitness model / body builder, and they often, no matter what race they are, tan themselves to accentuate their body / muscles. again, i can’t stress enough that i’m Only using her as a body reference because no one else works. & even then, she’s not EXACTLY how i imagine nat’s body to be, but she’s the damn closest.

but if anyone else wants to talk to me about this privately then i’d be very open?? like at this point i’m convinced this Lovely anon is a yt s.jw and it’s rly off putting but i’d love to discuss this with anyone who shares their views, i really don’t want to offend anybody who actually knows what they’re talking about (and would be willing to direct you to everyone i talked to about this before replying)

I picked up a ‘CAUTION’ thing for their collar(s) today but was hoping to find something that said ‘NO DOGS’ or something more specific…There are leashes online that I can get but probably wouldn’t get here for a couple of weeks. It would be nice to have something so people can see that Lola and Kilo aren’t dog friendly from afar. 


i think we all know how Bum reacted: 

im still not over his black hair ok somebody please help me bREATHE.



jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago

here’s the thing: I liked la la land. It was a cute movie. the dancing was fun. cinematography wise? breathtaking

but you know what really, really bothered me while I was watching it?

all of the diversity in the background

they’re in LA. there’s men and women of every color dancing and singing in the opening number. it really reflects how diverse and wonderful LA really is!

and then the story begins and we zoom in on… two white people falling in love

one of whom is obsessed with preserving Jazz as a musical genre

look me in the eyes and TELL ME WHY a white actor had to play that role

Jazz has DISTINCTLY black roots

we could have had an interracial couple

HELL, we could have had a struggling black musician and a struggling black actress trying to get her big break

and it sucks because while I DO love Gosling and Stone and they did a great job

all I can do is look at the movie and feel the POTENTIAL that it had, had they casted their leads differently

so yeah it bothers me when they act like la la land was “such a feat” and they were “worried it wouldn’t have an audience” when like… come on. two well known white leads falling in love. gimme a break.