they really kissed

I kind of just wanted to send this to @abutterflyobsession but it felt too weird to just throw an au idea at her… not that this feels any less awkward.

Have you guys seen French kiss? It’s really good. Basically this American woman is afraid to fly, so her fiancée goes to France with out her for a history thing (he’s a historian I think) and he falls in love with a younger French hotty. So American girl faces her fear of flying, knowing in her heart that if he can just SEE her he’ll fall madly back in love with her.

Sitting next to Kate (American chick) is a French guy that’s kind of shifty, bristly, and doesn’t care much for lofe. He hides a plant in her bag and gets separated from her.

Later he finds her and in an attempt at getting this plant back (that secretly is hiding a very expensive necklace) tells her he will coach her in how to win back her ex.

Of course the plan works but now Kate can’t understand what she ever saw in her ex to begin with.

It’s a really good movie and I just feel like it would work so well in the strange magic fandom.

Do you think that Sportacus can tie cherry stems in a knot with his tongue?

Do you think it’s a common thing for Sports Elves, who are so extra™ about everything, to think of their tongue as just another muscle that they can train and so it’s a regular thing for them?

Do you think Robbie has gotten so used to suffering™ because of Sportacus that he’s not even surprised that this is a thing? Of course it’s a thing.

Robbie lets it slip one day that it’s apparently a sign that someone can kiss really well and Sportacus is floored because the thought honestly never occurred to him before.


Zombie Apocalypse 
1. I haven’t seen a real person in forever, and I’m really sorry for kissing you when I saw that you were an actual person.

2. You and I spent hours before bed arguing over what to call the zombies.

3. I was raiding your campsite when I realized you have no food, do you maybe wanna come with me? I have lots of supplies.

4. You were hiding in a tree and you kept throwing acorns at me, and do yOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE DEAD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE WHY ARE YOU SO CHILDISH?! 

5. We were hiding out in a car, and I know we just met, but its freezing so let’s cuddle.

There’s still a little shadow on the inside of my lip
from that last time and I don’t think it’ll ever go away.
—  Letter From My Mouth To Yours, by S.M.

Stiles doesn’t really think about kissing you, even if the perfect opportunity to do so presents itself. Not that he doesn’t want to, but more like he simply forgets that he’s allowed to do it. 

You’re usually the one that has to take the first step, and every time he reacts in the same manner; he looks like he stopped breathing in shock of feeling your lips on his, mind going totally blank for a minute. 

But once you get him started, you can be sure that you’ll have to be the one to stop him, otherwise he’d keep going all day and all night long. He just loves locking lips with you. Sometimes he stops to look at you, with a smile you just can’t resist on his face. 

And if you allow him to go a little further with the kiss, it won’t take long until you’ll feel his hands roaming your body, waiting for an invitation to slip under your clothes. 

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Omg that anon who's embarrassed looking at gifs of The Kiss is so cute. Meanwhile I'm over here rewatching the sex scenes from A Man and a Woman for the 100th time. Lmao I'm too thirsty. You think we're gonna get a really hot Shintak kiss in the next episodes? Like pushing her up against a wall and snogging the crap out of her hot? I need it if I want to live. Actually that might just murder me but it'd be worth it.

Such sweetness and innocence… Stay beautiful Anon… don’t become like us lmao. 

Omg… A Man and a Woman is so damn good (Gong Yoo and Jeon Do-yeon are just flippin amazing), but it does have its’ share of scenes that may make people uncomfortable and especially the plot, but it has such an amazing story. Personally, if you love to venture outside the box and you aren’t uncomfortable watching things that might challenge your beliefs… WATCH IT! (triggers: adultery, sex) 

Oh… gosh I am thirsty af for a hot Shintak kiss… like KGE is a pretty damn good kisser herself… ugh… how can these two amazing kissers be deprived of a fuckin sexy kiss when they’ve finally co-starred in a drama together Dx (I was so freakin mad how we didn’t see the first 5 seconds of episode 13′s kiss - THAT WAS THE GOOD STUFF OML)






If this kiss happens… I’ll live and die happily and even go through 300 years of torture for my thirsty sins. #NoShame #NoRegrets 

I saw people being miffed because you couldn’t really see the malec kiss in 2x03 because lighning (I didn’t mind, since I was working through my feels and also “omg they are doing the cliché thing, but it is also so tragic!”, but I get it, bc the lightning was truly terrible), so seeing as I’d worked on some stuff for school, before going to sleep I thought “and what if I upped the brightness? Will their lips be visible?” so I did that, for science, and the answer to that is, yeah, you kinda see them. Not perfectly, because I cannot do miracles, but a little? yeah.
If any of y'all want me to upload the vid, let me know.


Masha: So you’re saying that we, on that *points* we-
Ossian: -haaad sex. Yes.
Masha: Right.

Right?! Not right! What was this. She had mind blowing dream-sex and then it turns out it was real? With her roommate? Oh, wow this was not really what she had planned at all. Quickly running through last night in her head and she could pinpoint where she was and what she drank, then she danced, then drank, then danced, she fell at one point… or did she. She kissed a really hot guy and then they went back to her place and-

Masha: With you… *frowns*
Ossian: And you enjoyed it very much.
Masha: *covers chest* Stop staring!
Ossian: Hah! Way too late.
Masha: Oh shut up.

What now, what now, she thought. It could have been just a quick fling or whatever, right? But she really didn’t want it to become awkward… but she didn’t want to ignore it at all. She bit her lip, thinking.

Ossian: *smirks* I’m gonna take a shower.
Masha: Mhm.
Ossian: Unless you want to join?
Masha: Go!

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Ok, one time i was with my friends driving and we saw this really cute wlw couple kissing and holding hands and it was so goddamn cute and we're all lgbt+ so we were like omg yeah same! and it was so cute and i think it added at least 10 years maybe more

this is so pure…. im so happy for u anon omg congrats <3 <3 Wholesome and Quality content

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Any dating Millard Nullings headcanons?

My time has come *cracks knuckles*


-Nervous at first though, he gets comfortable with time.

-So nervous on the first date that he blurts out facts of random shit when there’s an awkward silence. 

-Asking for permission when doing anything cute, like holding hands.

- “I. uhm. I really want to kiss you.. can I?”

-Blushing a lot but you can’t tell because duh 

-Being an absolute goofball on like 3rd month +

-lots of baking and failing but eating it anyways

-Dates at the bookstore

-also walks at the park

-Him feeling down sometimes but not admitting it, so you just hug him until he smiles

-him hugging you back until you can’t breathe

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart

How I draw kisses!

A quick tutorial/cheat sheet on how I draw kisses!! I’m going to assume you already know how to draw a head and how to angle it, because that’s an entire procedure in itself. I’m going to focus on mainly the lips and also try and tackle some common mistakes when you’re first starting out. 

Pursing the lips

So this is boring but crucial. If you don’t purse, their is no real kiss (take notes) bc placing your lips on top of someone else’s is not how you kiss… The most important part are the corners of the mouth, especially from the side view, because that’s what changes the most. 

The actual kissing yeee

Let’s start do a basic side view kiss on the lips. And believe it or not, I think this one is the hardest!  

Think about which parts of the face are going to be in front of the other! This can take some time to get the hang of, but once you get that down it’s easy. Also, focus on getting the heads at the right distance and angle. A common mistake is drawing them too close. 

The Lightning Shape: 

Still keeping in mind which part of the line is “Red’s” upper lip and which part is “Blue’s” lower lip, play around with the shape of the lightning. Very subtle changes can have a very strong impact! I usually go by feel, so take your time, but here are some things to look out for: 

Details squishing etc.

So yeah once the lightning shape looks good, I usually add details and squish parts of the face that will touch. Which usually includes the noses, but from this angle they won’t squish unless you intend on making nice big noses <3. By now it should look something like this: 

You don’t have to add the corners of the mouth! I usually do when I want to show that the character is smiling. 

One technique used a lot in anime/manga + other cartoony art styles, is fading lines where two soft-ish objects press hard against each other. The picture above explains it. 

Common mistakes

Getting down the crucial kissing part of fanart is hard and you will mess upp SO MANY TIIIIIIMES, but you learn from your mistakes, so don’t be discouraged. There are some things though that I frequently see when people draw kisses that makes it look awkward and stale, many of which I used to do myself. Here are some examples:

Try your best to avoid these. Most of the mistakes have little to do with the lips and more to do with the angle of the head. So getting that down before you move on to the lips is important. 

¾ view Kissing

There are not a lot of angles where you actually see the lips meet (or at least not that I can draw…). Depending on how the heads are placed in relation to each other, you may or may not see the lips in a ¾ view. The way I have demonstrated is done in a way that the nose will bump into the other’s upper cheek. 

Aaand that’s about it! These things will make more and more sense the more you draw them. At first it can seem very hard with so many things to keep track of, and it is, but practice makes perfect! 

Rule of thumb: does the angle and position of the heads make sense? How are the lips going to align? What parts of the face are going to be in front of the other? How much will the lips purse? And finally, what is going to squish? 

Thank you for reading! 😘

(☞゚∀゚)☞ now draw kisses