they really don't make em like this anymore

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A few years ago I had a pretty bad experience in a group cosplay. I had made a costume I was really proud of, but the rest of my group didn't like their own costumes and they put down my costume too and it really upset me. I don't talk to those people anymore, but since then I haven't been able to make a new costume because I'm too afraid I won't like it or that no one else will like it. Do you have any advice or words of encouragement? I'd appreciate it.

My first words of advice in these situations, as always, is Fuck ‘Em. 

Screw em, those guys are dead to you. 

My second words of encouragement is – think of how good its going to feel to BE something new though. 

My main motivation for making new cosplays is knowing how much I’m gonna love being that character. Even if I didn’t really like the one I just did. 

Sometimes I make a cosplay and feel kinda 'meh’ about it, like my Elsa. And I get insecure or not satisfied – but every cosplay is different. So just because I didn’t like my Elsa doesn’t mean I’m not going to like my future so-an-so costume. Like my Inquisitor, which I love!! 

My last words of encouragement are – don’t let THEM be the deciding factor that makes you stop cosplaying. Only you should have that privilege.