they really do look like ketchup and mustard

Taehyung Scenario: Starlight - Part 1.

Request: Hii,can i request a fanfic based on taeyeon’s starlight music video with taehyung please since the mv looks really nice if it could be turn into a fanfic,thank you❤️(sorry if my english is bad)(p.s i love roman holidays and i was made for loving you by you guys its amazing) 

Genre: Angst / Romance.

Part 2

You weren’t planning on doing this, when you got out of your tiny rented apartment earlier you really didn’t plan this. But seeing the pig that was your ex boss looking at the new waitress like she was new meat you knew you had to do it.

The old man hadn’t seen you, so you tried to sneak closer to the fast food truck as swiftly as possible, you took the two big bottles that were left on an empty table and moved fast.

-Hey!- you shouted making your ex boss turn to you. He was pink like a big and when he saw it was you he was ready to yell you out of there. But first you squeezed the ketchup and mustard bottles hard, the yellow and red sauce flying his way splashing his shirt and face. Everyone watched with mouths agape, some of the people already laughing as the man fought to wipe the mess out of his face.

-You little skank I’m gonna grab you-

You jumped, starting to go for a run out of there you turned around only to smash into someone, you squeezed the bottle of mustard that you had still in hand smearing the guy’s white shirt. The guy let out a low curse but when he looked at your face his eyes were more surprised than they were pissed, so you gazed up at his face only to find out that you indeed knew him. Your neighbor and until not so long ago almost boyfriend, almost because you really didn’t get past a few dates and flirts since he suddenly disappeared.

-Get back here!- your ex boss shouted and you went back to reality. Letting the two bottles fall you ran away leaving Taehyung and your ex boss behind.

You had been able to escape without much trouble, but now you couldn’t wait to confirm if what you had seen was true, if it was really him or if your mind had played you.
So you waited at a spot by your apartment building that you knew he’d have to go across to be able to go home, if he still lived in your same apartment.
The spot wasn’t much of a thing if you passed by in a hurry, it was just a street really, a plain and lonely street with a big wall, but in the wall you could see the amazing art that changed from time to time. Right now it was all in black and white, the letters were smaller at the bottom, with designs that cluttered against each other mixing phrases and faces, but as you looked up the letters got wider and bigger, the black background making the white letters standout, it had been painted like they were dripping white paint to the floor and if you stared hard at it you thought that you’d get splashed.

-Hey, mustard girl!-

You were startled for a second, but then you saw him. Taehyung was standing a few meters away from you, he had still his shirt dirty with mustard, but that didn’t diminish how handsome he was. You really liked him, because of that and because he was the type of person with whom you could speak whatever was on your mind, just a talk with him made you brighter, seeing him making jokes just for you to smile and laugh had been a pleasure for you, and you could tell he liked to be with you, it had showed the interest in him, so you really didn’t understand why he had disappeared so suddenly.

-Look who we have here, the gone boy-

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Kim Mingyu | Highschool!AU

i might have gone overboard w/ this one but i cant help it!!! mingyu is so nice to write for, i love him. bulleted post bc i tried so hard to write a thing but it was too much for me to handle..

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shittyselfieteam  asked:

what condiments do you not like? actually, wait, no. i dare you to eat a sandwich purely with mayo, mustard and ketchup. and maybe a little bit of hotsauce sprinkled in as well.

“A sandwich with nothing in it? What are you, mad!?”

“I mean, I guess I can do that. It’s not that hard and not too dangerous like the last dare.” Crow grabs two slices of bread, spreading mayo, mustard, and ketchup on both of the slices. They also put a few drops of mild hot sauce. They enclose the ‘sandwich’ and looks at it disappointed. 

“Bottoms up I guess?” They take a bite into the sandwich. They weren’t disgusted or anything. It actually wasn’t that bad. It just felt as if something was missing. Their mind keeps saying that there should be some sort of meat or fish or really anything in between these two slices of bread other than condiments but their taste buds begged to differ. After a while, Crow finishes the sandwich and goes along with their day.

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Tsukishima with all of those headcanons if that okay? I love you guys and your blog deserve so much followers as possible❤❤

☾ - sleep headcanon

He’s a night owl and tends to sleep late because he studies until late. What a studious guy~

★ - sad headcanon

He has a hard time being honest with his feelings so he’ll mask his sadness with his usual saltiness and snark. 

☆ - happy headcanon

Reading while being under the kotatsu during winter makes him happy. It’s one of his favourite things to do.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

He’s so intimidating when he gets angry. He gets really haughty and will say a lot of harsh things that he doesn’t entirely mean.

✿ - Sex headcanon

Omg he loves blindfolding you. He tells you it’s because every other sense is heightened when you’re blindfolded and you’ll feel a lot of pleasure. And oh boy, he makes you feel really good.

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

He’s very organized and his room is clean. He can’t stand it when his room is messy so he cleans up every week. There’s also posters of some of his favourite bands and posters of his favourite movies on his walls.

♡ - romantic headcanon

He’s not into PDA and the most he’ll do is hold your hand. But when you guys are alone, he’s very into letting you cuddle against him. 

♥ - family headcanon

Whenever Akiteru is in town, they have family movie night at least once. Tsukki won’t admit it, but he enjoys those times.

☮ - friendship headcanon

He has a hard time making friends because of his personality, but when you become one of his close friends like Yamaguchi, he really does treasure you. He knows he doesn’t show it often, but judging by how he doesn’t get all snarky, you know that you guys are good friends.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

He organizes his notes with little sticky notes and uses red ink or highlighters for what he thinks will be on an exam.

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon

Likes: fried chicken, discovering new music, reading/bookstores, watching American comedy shows.

Dislikes: Having to explain himself, tiresome people, doing the laundry, loud and crowded places, mustard, overly spicy things, when someone interrupts his study time.

▼ - childhood headcanon

He and Akiteru tried making their mom a cake for her birthday once when they were kids. Though they left the kitchen in a mess and their cake looked less than stellar, it tasted really good. And Tsukki was so proud!

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon

Honestly, the salt ages along with him so now it’s become premium salt. 

♒ - cooking/food headcanon

He likes to put ketchup on his eggs and hashbrowns. But surprisingly, he doesn’t eat fries with ketchup.

☼ - appearance headcanon

Doesn’t really care much about his appearance. All he really does is run a bit of wax through his hair.

ൠ - random headcanon

In his spare time, he self-teaches himself English and that’s how he’s gotten really good. He did it for his future because he knows it’s good when you’re looking for jobs.

All-Night Liason...Part 5

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 6)

Holding the take-out burger trays as you step gingerly out of the car, you balance the drink holder in your hand as you use your hip to slam your car door into place.

Walking up to Aaron’s front door, you see a pair of eyes peering at you from the corner of the window before you see the door handle turning quickly.

As the door swings open, a beautiful little boy…with Aaron’s eyes and cheeks…comes bounding out onto the porch as he slowly takes the bag dangling from your arm.

“You must be Miss Y/N,” he beams up at you as you crouch down to his level and flash him a gigantic smile.

“And you must be Mr. Jack,” you state back.

“I am,” he says firmly.

You giggled at the realization that he also has his father’s glare.

“You like burgers?” you ask, motioning your eyes over to the bag in his hands.

“I do,” he states.

“I see you’ve already met Jack,” Aaron muses, standing in the doorway with his shoulder leaning against the frame.

“Unless you have another child I don’t know about,” you say as you slowly rise to your feet, “then yes.  I have.”

Quirking an eyebrow at him as he flashes you a kind grin, you feel Jack grab your hand as he begins to pull you into the house.

The three of you quickly fall into a nice rhythm.  You opened up the trays and divvied up the fries, while Aaron grabbed plates for everyone and Jack grabbed all of his favorite condiments out of the fridge.

“Jelly?” you ask him, your eyebrow hiking itself into the air as Jack lets his arms go, the condiments tumbling onto the table.

“You never know,” he says, shrugging as he goes back for the slices of cheese.

“Sweetheart!” you call after him without realizing what you had said, “Your burger already has cheese!”

“But I want more!” he calls back, throwing the fridge open as you chuckle and shake your head.

And all the while, Aaron was staring intensely at your face.

Snickering as you shake your head, the three of you finally sit down to eat, with Jack dominating the conversation.

“So, what do you do for work?” he would ask, and before you could finish he would be on to another question.

“Do you like the color blue?”

“What’s your favorite dessert?”

“Do you like movies?”

“Do you have a TV?”

“Do you run like daddy?”

“Alright, buddy,” Aaron urges him, placing his hand lightly on the kid’s knee underneath the table, “I think Miss Y/N probably wants to chew her food.”

“Oh no, Aaron, really…it’s alright,” you reassure him as he throws you an apologetic look.

“Any other questions?” you ask, taking a bite of your burger as you see Jack nod his head vigorously.

“Yes,” he says with a mouthful of food.

“Well, swallow your food and then you can ask,” Aaron says.

Smiling as you grab a french fry to dip into your ketchup and mustard mixture, you bring it to your lips as Jack asks, “Do you love my daddy?”

Locking your eyes onto the little boy as the drenched, limp fry hangs in front of your face, your eyes dart quickly between the two men as Aaron catches your hesitation.

“How about we start getting ready for bed?” Aaron urges, rising from his seat as a defeated look runs behind Jack’s eyes.

Slowly lowering your fry as you watch Jack stand to his feet beside the chair, you try to turn your gaze elsewhere as you listen to the muttered conversation between father and son.

“I just wanted to know, Dad…” Jack trails off.

“I know.  But that’s a very personal question.  Remember our talk earlier about personal questions?” Aaron asks.

“Yeah…” he begins, “questions about likes, and not about feelings,” he recites.

The sentiment made you smirk.

“Let’s get ready for bed,” Aaron urges, standing to his feet as Jack’s eyes raise upwards.

“You just deserve to be happy, Dad,” Jack says.

And as your eyes trail to Aaron’s face, you hear yourself clearing your throat as they both turn their eyes to you.

“I have to agree with Jack on that one,” you say.


After a relaxing evening of light conversation and even lighter wine, your jaw peels open for a yawn as Aaron reaches his hand out and places it on your knees, which are curled up on his couch.

“It’s getting a bit late,” he begins.

“I know…” you trail off.

Taking another sip of your wine, your eyes raise up to his as he studies your face intently.

It was painfully obvious when he was profiling you.

“What do you see?” you ask, lowering your glass into your lap.

“What do you mean?” he fires back.

“It’s obvious that you’ve been profiling me most of the night.  And I assumed it would’ve stopped when Jack went to bed…but here we are, three hours later, and you’re still doing it.”


“So,” you begin again, “I want to know what three hours of non-interrupted studying have gotten you.”

Smirking as you raise your wine glass to your lips, you hear Aaron clear his throat as he begins very broadly.

“I know that it’s hard for you to be vulnerable with others,” he starts.

That was obvious the first night the two of you spent together.

Or rather…the morning that you should have, but didn’t.

Not jutting into his thoughts, you listen to him intently as he continues.

“I know that the time that we spend together is frightening to you because it challenges and mocks your need to be impenetrable.”

Feeling your hand begin to tremble, you quickly set your wine glass off to the side as your eyes lock onto the profile of his face.

“I know that you crave the attention of others, as well as the need to be validated in your line of work…not because you’re a woman, but because you view yourself on a lower pedestal than others seem to put you on.  That tells me that your self-esteem isn’t what you portray it to be.”

Feeling your breath hitch in your throat, he turns his head to you slowly as his eyes beg you for the answer he needs.

“Are you sure you want me to continue?” he asks.

You knew he wanted you to say no.  His eyes were screaming for you to say no.

But you were hooked.

“No…” you breathe.

Sighing as he slowly leans back into the cushions, you closes his eyes as he continues.

“I know that the dress that you were talking about wearing earlier was brand new.  It was the tone of voice and the way you referred to it that tipped me off.  Meaning, you weren’t interested in impressing me until now.  The night that we spent together, I know it’s the most vulnerable you’ve ever been since your loss, because of your insistence of having the light off during our escapade.  I know you didn’t stay because staying made it real, and you wanted it to be less than it was.  You wanted it to just be an encounter, but it was more than that.  It was you opening up a part of yourself…indulging a part of yourself…that you haven’t for a very long time.  There’s a good chance that someone talked you into going to that bar that night.  Meaning, you don’t get out much.  Meaning, you probably sank yourself into your work whenever your loss occurred.”

Feeling the tears spring to your eyes, you didn’t realize they were running down your cheeks until they dropped onto the back of your hands.

“If you take all of that into account, coupled by the ever-so-light tan line around your left ring finger…”

Glancing down at your hand as you take in the slightest pigment distortion on your skin, you feel your jaw begin to quiver as you clench it tightly, closing your eyes as the last of his words pour onto your ears.

“…your loss was…well, you know,” he murmurs.

It was the way he said it.

The way his voice lilted. The way his gaze turned downward into his lap.

The way the guilt wafted through his eyes…

You wondered if he had known at the bar.

Letting out the breath you were holding, your hands trembling visibly in your lap, you feel his hand slowly enclose them both as you rake your eyes up to his face.

And you were shocked to see that his, too, were glistening.

“Did you know-”

Shaking your head as you close your eyes again, you feel him squeeze your hands lightly as he says, “Do you want to know?”

“No,” you say, shaking your head vehemently as you open your eyes and connect them furiously to his, “No,” you say more sternly.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N…it’s just my job…” Aaron gruffly trails off.

“That-…that wasn’t…your job,“ you breathe, your voice trembling, "that was…”

“…experience,” he finishes, breathing your sentiment as you sigh heavily at his confirmation.

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” you whisper.

You didn’t know what else to say.

“And I’m sorry for yours,” he says, sincerity dripping from his lips as he shifts his body, turning towards you.

“Anything else?” you ask sarcastically, bringing your hand to your face as you quickly wipe your tears away.

“Always,” he admits, scooting slightly closer to you as his free arm extends the length of the couch cushions.

“Sounds like a terrible way to live,” you breathe, sniffling hard as you inch closer to you.

“Not always,” he admits, a shadow of a smirk resting upon his cheeks, “sometimes my powers of evil can be put to good use.”

Chuckling as a smile springs to your face, you feel his hand leave yours as it flutters up, cupping your cheek as his thumb graces the apple of your cheek.

“There you are,” he muses.

Locking your eyes with his, your knees knocking together on the couch, you feel your neck begin to flush as his eyes dance in between yours.

“Aaron?” you ask.


“The reason I didn’t stay wasn’t because you weren’t good enough,” you state.

You watched a flicker of surprise flash behind his eyes.

“The reason I didn’t stay was because the emotions I…experienced…with you…waking up beside you…it…it would’ve…made them more real.  They were…things I haven’t experienced since…since my husband…”

Reading his face for a reaction, you nuzzle into his hand lightly before turning your head and pressing a chaste kiss against his palm.

“Aaron?” you breathe.

And as you feel him jolt from his trance, his arms descend around your body and pull you close into him as your head settles onto his chest, his hands dancing along the sides of your torso as the two of you tangle into each other on the couch.

“Looks like I’m not the only one with superpowers,” he muses as a muffled smile crosses your face.

“Guess not,” you whisper.

cryingoverapplejuice  asked:

It's a bit early, but what do you think Clear and Noiz would wear on Hallowe'en?

(this got buried im so sorry) Noicle AND Halloween?? now you’re just combining two of my favourite things. >:)

I doubt Clear would have the slightest clue what halloween is but after a brief explanation from noiz and a trip to the local halloween store he would go absolutely bonkers with the halloween spirit and decorate the entire house and buy like smoke machines and sound effects and Noiz would totally go with it because he’s like 8 irl

Honestly I could totally see Clear insisting they do some sort of adorable and embarrassing couples costume and it would be so innocent like mustard and ketchup or some shit and he’d take Noiz out to a party and just “Look everyone!! Me and Noiz-san are matching!!~” and again Noiz would be rly embarrassed but probably think its adorable and not resist much.

I can also see Noiz taking the golden opportunity to get clear some sort of really sultry costume for the bedroom and Clear just wholeheartedly agreeing to it because maybe he thinks its just a normal part of halloween and Noiz is all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anonymous asked you: Ian collects really cheesy mugs from dollar stores/ thrift stores but is too lazy to make hot drinks so he just puts snacks in them and carries then around everywhere.

ian isn’t really into having copious amounts of “stuff” laying around, so i can’t really see him buying cheesy mugs. if he finds one that is PARTICULARLY AMAZING he might buy it and give it to someone else. HOWEVER this really sounds like something jules would do!! except she’s not too lazy to make hot drinks. she probably drinks every liquid out of mugs. probably a lot of solid foods too.

Anonymous asked you: i bet ian hoards condiment packets n stuff from restaurants bc food ANd stuff to add to food is too much buying

ha ha ian doesn’t really care enough about how food tastes to actually… use condiments…… he has very plain tastes. like if you’re cooking something and you ask him if it needs more salt he will just look really bewildered. maybe he has like packets of ketchup and mustard in the fridge FOR GUESTS

Anonymous asked you: Ian is afraid of heights

NAH. ian has less than the average amount of fear of heights (he’s also not bothered by enclosed spaces)

stunrunner asked you: Headcanon that Ian has accidentally made poisonous gas from combining chlorine and ammonia at LEAST once while cleaning due to drunkenness/sleep deprivation/general “no this will totally work” syndrome TRUTH. sometimes it’s 3am and cleanliness comes before physical health. HAVING AN IMMACULATE BATHROOM IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL STAVE OFF THIS PANIC ATTACK

50shadesofsnapple asked you: Ian has a texture thing. Like maybe he doesn’t like the texture of shrimp or sushi or somethin’?? i never thought of this before but yeah! i wanna say COCONUT SHAVINGS but that’s just because i myself hate the texture of coconut shavings. maybe i’ll just have all of my characters hate the texture of coconut shavings, that’s how much disdain i have for coconut shavings. COCONUT SHAVINGS Anonymous asked you: i feel like under emotional duress ian would either cling to th few people hes comf with of severely distance himself from touch at all (even for him) definitely the second one. if he’s stressed enough he will try to just up & remove himself from the situation. if he can’t physically get away then he tends to mentally dissociate tylerhooper said: Ian learns to play the trombone. U DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS. ian does not have the lung capacity for brass/wind instruments (also he doesn’t like the idea of having to put your mouth on things/cleaning out all the spit tubes omg gross)

Anonymous asked you: Ian likes flowers but Donovan likes cacti NAH ian likes cacti (the ones that are easier to keep alive when you forget to water them). donovan doesn’t really have much regard for plants in general

Anonymous asked you: When Jules first met Donovan she got all protective over Ian like “ you aren’t good enough for my boy” haha that’s flippin cute blue-angels-and-zen-cops said: IAN RAPPING

Personally, I don’t like condiments. At all.

Ketchup? Yuck

Mustard? Even grosser

Mayonnaise? Forget about it. 

Everytime I tell someone this, they look at me with an expression of horror and they always ask “How do you eat things?!”

Hamburgers? Plain.

Hotdogs? Plain.

Fries? Plain.

Salad? Plain.

I just find the taste of condiments, (Or atleast the mainstream ones like Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, salad dressing and etc) really revolting. Though it’s just a personal opinion.