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June 26

In 2003, 2013, and 2015, the US Supreme Court did three excellent things.

First, in Lawrence v. Texas, they ruled gender-based sodomy laws unconstitutional, so gay folks could engage in sex without it being considered criminal.  Second, in United States v. Windsor, the justices decided that the Defense of Marriage Act was an unconstitutional pile of shit and needed to go away (that’s quoting Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I believe).  And finally, in Obergefell v. Hodges, the sane members of the court ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry under the 14th Amendment.

So, really, there’s a LOT to celebrate today.  Do something fabulous.

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Just wanted to stop by and say I hope ur having a great day and I'm really proud of you and everything you've accomplished! I have a really serious question that's been on my mind for a long time okay so I was wondering what's the best fries you've ever had like where were they from and like was anything on them k thanks this is v important cause u know getting that perfect fry is a blessing also just realized how long this sentence is wohooo!

this is a really serious question that requires a lot of research but I really do like shake shack fries is that a bad one idk

  • person: make free art for me
  • me: im terribly sorry, i dont do requests, i dont really have the time for them o v o;;
  • person: wtf yes you can you just gotta make time
  • me: ...
  • me: why. yes. i will just fabricate time. how did you know i was secretly a time bender. the world cannot find out. you must be silenced.

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Just wanted to let you know, you're a true inspiration for trans girls like me! Keep being awesome and have a nice day!

Aw my gosh thank you sweetie! I had a really nice day though I’m tired and cold and I miss my girlfriend. :v

I’m doing my best to just at least show that the possibility of being a happy trans girl actually exists ;^^

Starry Nights Part 2

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Soulmate Au

Warning: Language, Suggestive Mentions

Soulmate Au: At first eye contact with the soulmate, will be able to draw soulmate, and have 15 days to fall in love or will never be able to meet again.

You were dreading to go to sleep, but Yoongi did not really do anything, simply glaring at you all the damned time. It was quite late at night, well, more like very early in the morning. It was 1am, and Yoongi was simply working on his songs.

“Uh, hi-”

“Shut up. You’re disturbing me.”

You grumbled under your breath. You did not want to disturb him! You simply wanted to thank him for letting you wear his clothes! You did not really care whose clothes you were wearing, but Hoseok seemed very, very eager and excited for you to wear Yoongi’s, for some reason that you did not know.

Yoongi, on the other hand, was completely flustered and mad at himself for being so taken aback by your presence. Ever since he saw you, he could barely get a wink of sleep, which was very strange for a sleep lover like him. He could barely concentrate on the song he was currently composing, I mean, what man can keep his cool seeing such a cute girl in his oversized clothes? Yoongi bit the inside of his cheek, breathing deeply to try to get you off his mind.

“Um, Yoongi, your phone is-”

“I know! Just-just keep quiet for once, okay?!” He snapped, grabbing his phone, cursing at himself for being so harsh with you. Yoongi did not enjoy that scared, or simply irritated look you had everytime he glared or yelled at you, but he was embarassed at how flustered this soulmate of his could make him. He glanced at his phone, eyes widening at the sight of the caller ID.

You stared at the man warily, watching as his eyes turned darker as he quickly rejected the call, going back to his work. “Uh, are you okay?” You asked nervously, expecting him to snap at you again, but he did not. He simply hummed, not a word coming out. You stood up, heading to the bathroom, but before you reached the door, you rubbed on Yoongi’s shoulder gently. “I don’t know what happen, but don’t be sad, okay?” You said with a small smile, heading outside.

Yoongi stayed in his position for a few seconds before his face landed on his table, completely flushed. He was not the type who has love at first sight encounters, but there was something about you that attracts him. Like a beautiful flower attracting a bee. He cringed at the weird example he made up, looking at you with a soft expression he never showed you as he watched your pretty face turned horrified at the scene before your eyes. Jungkook was punching Jimin’s ass. Yoongi chuckled as you backed away slowly, running to the bathroom, saying something in the lines of ‘Why is this Jungkook so weird…’

You were disappointed. You could barely get a conversation started up before Yoongi snapped at you again. You tried to be nice and friendly, but he simply glared at you. You were on the verge of snapping and leaving this place as you slumped down onto the dirty couch. You had just got new information from Taehyung about this soulmate thing. Apparently, you had 15 days to make him love you, and for you to love him, or else you will literally be unable to meet him again. And seeing that yesterday was the 9th day you have first seen him, you are literally left with only 5 days. You silently sobbed, wondering why you wasted the entire 9 days doing nothing.

“(Y/N)~~Aren’t you going to eat dinner?” Taehyung asked, plopping down next to you. You stared at the food. It was (Least favourite food), and you almost puked at the sight of it, so you shook your head. “Hm…can (Y/N) rap?” He asked again as he started to use his phone.

“Well, a little.”

“Good!! How about…Cypher? Can you do Cypher part 3?? Yoongi-hyung has the best part in it!!” Taehyung asked excitedly, searching his phone for lyrics. You stared at him blankly. You have heard of Cypher, but never actually listened to it. You watched as the boy excitedly started blasting Cypher, dancing and dabbing to it. You started to read the lyrics to it, slowly enjoying the rap song, unknown to you that you would get addicted to this art.

In a few minutes, the boys, excluding Yoongi who is in some sort of daze, were all shaking with laughter as they watched the two of you vigourously and violently dabbing and screaming the the broken lyrics to the rap song. The rap line, other than Yoongi, were laughing the most at your attempt at rapping. You were okay with rapping, but not raps as quick as this. Even Jungkook was smirking at you, amused.

As Yoongi’s verse came up, you two Cypher fans grinned widely, and the others, still except for Yoongi, were practically sobbing with laughter as you two screamed, “ SU.G.A. A.K.A. AGUST D!!!”

Yoongi finally snapped out of his daze, his jaw dropping at the sight of a girl dabbing violently in oversized clothes and flapping sleeves, making a very poor attempt at his verse in Cypher. His face flushed, silently cursing at himself as he focused on the food in front of him. Hoseok, meanwhile, was staring at Yoongi, pleased that his best friend was getting flustered, knowing that it was a good progress you were making.

You and Taehyung were sweating like crazy as Namjoon managed to calm the both of you down. “(Y/N) did you listen to Agust D?” Taehyung asked, secretly smug that he caught Yoongi’s attention. You shook your head, unaware of Yoongi’s disappointed look. “It’s a mixtape, its really good! Jungkookie cried listening to it!! It’s got really great songs like-” Before Taehyung could play any of it, Seokjin stopped him. “Yah, Taehyung, (Y/N)! You’re going to go crazy and dead tired if you continue rapping and dabbing like that!” He said, earning a small pout from the two of you.

Yoongi was even more disappointed, as he wanted to see your reaction to the mixtape he worked so hard on. A sly grin formed on Hoseok’s face. “Someone’s sad that their soulmate can’t listen to-Whoa!” Hoseok dodged Yoongi’s punch, almost falling onto Jimin. A glare returned to Yoongi’s face as he went back into his room.

“Okay, so-(Y/N) stop rapping and go to sleep.” Seokjin scolded, obviously trying to get you to be spend more time with your soulmate. You rolled your eyes, not stopping your rapping though. Guess Taehyung’s love for Cypher is a little too contagious.

Yoongi watched you walked in your room, mumbling the broken lyrics under your breath as he smirked. “What’s this? My soulmate is so bad at rapping…tsk tsk, what a shame.” He said, shaking his head and clicking his tongue. Honestly, he liked your rapping a lot, but being Min Yoongi, he had to tease you.

You glared at him. “Well I’m sorry, lead rapper of BTS.” You muttered, frownig at him as you rolled onto your bed, picking up your phone. Yoongi eyed you curiously. “What are you doing?”

“Searching for your mixtape. I wanna hear it.” You replied, eyes lighting up when you found it, playing it softly so that the others outside will not be disturb.

Yoongi watched as your eyes widened, jaw dropping as you muttered, “Oh my gosh, this is so good.” He looked at you fondly, smiling at how much you were enjoying the music he created, smiling at how much of a cute fan you became. He could not take his eyes off you as you excitedly clicked onto the next song, smiling so brightly and happily. “Aw, is someone liking my music a little too much?” He asked with a teasingly smile, watching as you rolled around happily, thanking all the gods that you found such a great mixtape.

“You seemed to be talking a lot, aren’t you?” You fumed, looking around. You needed a change of clothes, you were too sweaty from all the rapping from just now. “Hey, Yoongi, do you have an extra shirt? I’m really sweaty right now.” You asked, looking at him. He almost choked on his spit, silently questioning why are you so bold to ask a guy for his shirt just like that.

“Yeah, sure, the one I’m wearing right now.” Yoongi said, smiling at you innocently. Your eyes almost popped out, remembering how you practically drooled at the sight of his oh so- You slapped yourself before any more inappropriate thoughts could come to your mind. Yoongi stared at you, slightly startled by your sudden slapping, grinning at how badly affected you were by his mere words. “What? Are you imagining-”

Your entire face flushed, smacking the side of his arm. “Bastard! Huh! First all you ever do is glare and yell at me! Now all you do is tease me?!” You spluttered, glaring at him with your bottom lip slightly tucked out. He almost swooned at how cute the annoyed you looked, but stopped himself. “Well, would you rather I just glare at you all day? Hm? I mean, I knew you were pretty weird, but not a masochist-” You smacked him again, trying your best not to strangle him.

“Asshole! Just-just shut up, god!” You snapped, lying on your bed face down. You could almost hear someone outside saying, “Lovers’ quarrel.” Yoongi was silently laughing at your flustered reaction. He felt really bad for treating you so coldly, besides, teasing you gets such a cute reaction. Yoongi heard from Taehyung about 15 days thing, and was shocked to hear that the two of you only have 5 days left, so he knew that treating you coldly was simply going to make it worse.

Day 11 You woke up, fumbling for your phone to check the time, almost falling off the bed when you could not reach the table. When you stumbled up and glanced at it, you realized you have slept until 11.45am. You sighed, knowing that by this time, the others would be out, doing whatever they are doing, and Yoongi should be sleeping. Strangely, as Seokjin told you, this man either sleeps in bearprint pyjamas or just underwear. And it had to be the latter. You thanked the god that he was curled up under his blanket or else you would have not survived that sight.

You walked outside, noticing that there were some food on the table, with a note that said: ‘Jungkookie made it! And please wake Yoongi-hyung up before noon, and make sure he checks his phone! -Taetae :T >○

“Yoongi, wake up. Please don’t kill me, but they want you to be awake before noon. They said they want you to check your phone.” You said, nudging him as he groaned. It took you quite a while and he finally jolt up, eyes barely open as he fumbled for his phone. “What the hell, why is there 48 messages?” He grumbled, squinting at it while you went to the toilet.

You were about to come back when- “HELLO!? Are y'all dip shit crazy?! I don’t have time for that kind of bullshit! BEGGING IS USELESS SHUT UP. No!! I’m not taking her out what the actual fuck?! Don’t call me a wimp, you golden maknae, I will whoop your ass. You kids think you can rude to your hyung, huh? Shut up Seokjin! For the last time, I am NOT TAKING (Y/N) OUT-” Yoongi’s face turned white, his phone dropping onto his lap the second he saw you standing outside the room with a sheepish look.

“Uh. Hi. You okay?” You asked nervously, not sure to go in or not, but slightly amused by his flustered look. You watched with a small smile as the boy frantically denied everything said on the phone that you were here, cursing at them before hanging up, looking at you with an innocent smile. “Nothing happened. You heard nothing.” He said in a calm voice, but you could tell that he was pannicking.

So you sat on your bed, looking at how the usually savage man was trying to avoid your gaze. “So, what’s this thing about taking a girl out….hm?” You teased playfully, wathing as he glared at you, his tongue poking the inside of his cheek. “It was their idea, not mine…” Yoongi mumbled, obviously embarassed right now.

“Nah, forget what they said. I don’t do dates anyway.” You reassured, still gazing at the fidgety boy. “But, we only have 4 days left, (Y/N). Maybe we should-”

“Go on a date?” You jolted up, interrupting him eagerly. Yoongi stared at you with a deadpan expression. You were not lying about not entirely enjoying this date thing, but with Yoongi, it would be fine. “Are you kidding with me right now? You literally said you don’t do dates 10 seconds ago.”

You hummed, agreeing with him. “Yes, but, I don’t enjoy dates, but you’re a special exception~!” You said, grinning sweetly, causing the poor boy’s face to heat up again. You could hear him grumble a string of curses as he reshifted his postion, glancing at you. “You’re literally still wearing my clothes. People will think we’re like a couple or something.” He said in a pathetic excuse. You rolled your eyes. “Ahem, soulmate. You’re saying that we will literally stay as friends for the rest of our lifes? Ouch. Friend-zoned by soulmate is harsh.” You mumbled with a fake sob.

“What?! No I mean-AGH. Fine. Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know. A cliche movie and candle lighted dinner date?” You said, shrugging.

“What? That’s boring. And why candle light dinner? The whole place could burn up and we could die on a date, literally.” Yoongi said with a sigh, shaking his head.

“Hm, then the arcade?”

“Too noisy.”

“Uh, music store?”

“Too many middle school brats.”

You glared at him. Why was he so troublesome?! “Why are you so picky? Fine! You decide!” You frowned, crossing ur arms, watching as he finally decided to put on a shirt. “Well, my ideal place would be right here at home, and besides, none of the boys are here, so you can be as loud as you want.” He said, yawning slightly, smirking at you. You stared at him for a moment before you realized what he meant.

“What the hell?! Are you insane?!” You spluttered, trying to stop your face from heating up. Yoongi gave a teasing smile. “What? Do you know how fast a rapper’s tongue can move?” He asked playfully, walking towards you. You panicked, grabbing the pillow and hurling at his face. “Yoongi! What the fuck?!” You yelled at him, face completely burning right now, amusing the man even more.

Yoongi practically died laughing from how adorably flustered he made you, as he simply sat on the chair in front of you. “What? Too hot for you?”

You almost choked on your spit. The sass with this boy is real. “C-can we talk about something else instead…” you mumbled, burying your head in your pillow, almost dying from embarassment, making Yoongi was absurdly pleased. “Hm, how about we go to the studio? Can you play the piano?” He asked as you slowly looked at him. “Sure, but I can only play a little.” Yoongi grinned at your response as he stood up. “Good, now get dressed. You can’t be going out looking so cute like that.” He said, tossing you an oversized shirt, which could literally be a dress for you.

“I, uh, take that as a compliment. Thanks.” You mumbled, taking the shirt. Yoongi stared at you with a slight smirk. “(Y/N)-ah, if you attempt a strip tease I will-”

“MIN YOONGI I WILL NOT DO A FUCKING STRIP TEASE-JUST SHUT UP AND STOP LAUGHING!” You screamed at him, marching out angrily and into the toilet, ignoring the chuckles.

After a few minutes, the two of you left the dormatory for the studio. “Do you mind walking there, takes about 10 minutes, or do you want to take the train?” Yoongi asked, glancing at you. You looked at coat he gave you, the sleeves that were a little too long for your arms so you rolled the sleeves up. “Walking’s fine.” Yoongi hummed at your reply, grabbing your hand gently, tugging you along. You entire face flushed at this foreign feeling. His hand felt so warm and large, and yet it fits your exactly. You were unable to think straight, so you tried to say something to disract yourself. “Uh, so 4 days left, huh?” You stuttered.

Yoongi hummed. “You fallen in love with me already?” He asked playfully, smiling at you. You heart sped up as you silently cursed at yourself, but then you realized: he was probably right. You did not want to admit it and sound like some love obssessed school girl, so you said, “Good try, sweetheart. What about you, hm? You seemed really calm, you know.” You had the same teasing smile on your lips, like his.

“I’m calm because I know for a fact that you can’t resist me anyways~” Yoongi said smugly. You rolled your eyes playfully. God he is really confident of himself, huh? “Jesus Christ your overconfidence is really amazing, huh? Stop. I get it. You’re handsome and a genius. Okay?” You said with a pout, accompanied by a fake sob. Yoongi smiled brightly, an adorable gummy smile you have never seen before.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that? (Y/N)?”

“Oh my gosh do it again! That smile of yours is so cute!” You blurted out, a red hue spreading across your cheeks. Yoongi stared at you, slightly embarassed. He was not the type who enjoys compliments, but hearing you say that is making his heart flutter. “No way.” Yoongi grunted, focusing his sight on anywhere but your bright smile.

Soon, the two of you reached the studio, where the others were practising a dance. Jimin noticed the two of you first, speaking excitedly, “Hyung and (Y/N) are holding hands!!” You turned red, expecting Yoongi to let go of your hands to snap at that boy, but he did not. “What are you, a kid? Getting so excited about holding hands?” Yoongi said with a sigh, clicking his tongue, tugging you along into a different room. There was a beautiful black piano.

Yoongi sat down in front of the piano, gesturing for you to sit down next to him. “What songs can you play?” You asked, watching as he played a few notes. He simply smiled that sweet gummy smile, and his fingers started to press down onto the white jade keys, music forming beautifully as he nodded slightly to the rhythm of the song. You watched with your eyes slightly wider than usual, his pale hands swiftly and skillfully creating music, smooth like fluid. You did not know what song it was, but you have heard it before. It was one of BTS songs that had a very sweet yet sad melody to it. You have always watched many others online playing the piano, but Yoongi’s way of playing the piano is simply so beautiful, so enchanting, so addicting.

“Uh, (Y/N), the song’s over, you can stop staring at the piano keys.” Yoongi said, waving his hand in front of you. You looked at him with a new form of respect. “That was beautiful!! Really!” You gushed, eyes sparkling as you grinned widely. He seemed startled by your sudden outburst, but smirked slightly. “Well, they say that pianist are very good with their fingers.” He said with a shrug.

You were about to agree when you realized what he meant. “You just ruined my new found respect for you, sir. Why are you like this?” You wailed. He chuckled, patting your head slightly. “Calm down, (Y/N), no need to get so overwhealmed by my fingers, sweetheart. Can you play the piano?” He asked with a small smile. You only knew very simple songs, and you could barely understand the music sheets, so you admitted, “Barely. I don’t think I can play to save my life.” Yoongi nodded at your response, “How about, Chopsticks?” You knew that song, but not the chords though. You placed your fingers on the keys, and started to play the quick choppy notes.

Yoongi could not help but smiled at your cute attempt on the piano, joining in, playing the chords to match and harmonise with your melody. You were starting to enjoy is until you heard someone outside say, “Gosh! Yoongi-hyung and (Y/N) are so cute! Playing the piano together in a date, wow!” Your notes turned sour the second you heard Seokjin’s comment as Yoongi chuckled at you frantically trying to get to the correct keys again but failing miserably. “Sorry, I ruined it…” you mumbled, looking rather disappointed.

“Ruined it? No way. Its just the troublesome hyung of mine that disracted you. Besides, you seemed pretty good at this, aren’t you?” Yoongi assured, giving you yet another gummy smile. Soon, you started playing simple melodies while Yoongi matched your melodies with his own chords, creating a new piece of music.

“Not bad! Not bad at all!” Yoongi said with a wide grin, humming the music the two of you created as he replayed the chords. You felt as if this was not real. I mean, you were not very good at playing the piano, and yet this pianist just complimented your attempt on Chopsticks and composed a simple yet really nice melody with you? What?

“Hey! The two of you lovebirds! What do you want for dinner?” Seokjin called from outside. You almost leapt up, glancing at the clock. Guess time really does flies with Yoongi. You were about to reply when Yoongi said, “Lamb Skewers.” With that, Jungkook from outside suddenly screamed, “THANK YOU HYUNG!!!”

You looked at Yoongi curiously. “(Y/N), you do know what are lamb skewers, right?” You shook your head. “Hm, then you have to try it, but please don’t get as obssessed as Jungkook.” He said jokingly, turning his attention back to the music instrument, pausing for a moment before his fingers pressed down onto the pure white keys again, producing yet another beautiful piece of music, one after another.

You almost fell asleep, too immersed in the sweet melody and his special way of playing the piano, but Yoongi stopped you from falling off the chair, amused by how cute you were. “Do you want to head back to the dorm? You can eat while walking back, well, unless you want to be stuck here with 6 other sweaty dudes.” He said, shaking you lightly to get you out of your sleepy state.

“I want to go back.” You mumbled, your words slightly slurred. Yoongi hummed, his hand wrapping around yours as he tugged you lightly. For some reason, you were very, very tired. Maybe its because you usually sleep for very long hours, but now you stayed up a little too late watching Yoongi worked on his songs. You did find him really handsome especially when he was concentrating on something. “Oh, (Y/N), hold on a sec, I have to take something.” Yoongi suddenly said, going back to the studio while you walked out, enjoying the cool air and the dark night. You noticed a little white cat purring at you in a distance. You were not a huge fan of cats (the cat hair gets everywhere!) but little sweetie seems to want your attention so much you walked to it. The cat pounced into your arms, meowing at you sweetly as you smiled.

“You’re right. Chicks really do love cats.” You heard a gruffy voice said. You turned around and noticed three strangers looking at you while you stared at them blankly. “Oh, is this cat yours or something?” You asked curiously. One of them snickered, nudging the other, “Damn, that chick is really dense, isn’t she?” You glanced at him sharply, slightly offended. The tallest one stepped towards you. “Let’s just say…we use things to lure in cute looking little girls like you.” He said with a smirk. You twitched. Little girls? You were not very tall, but you were not short either, and you, like Jimin, absolutely hate being called short.

“Excuse you sir, at least being short I can be further away from that shitty face if yours.” You snapped angrily, very much offended now. “So feisty, huh? Damn, girls like her are really troublesome.” The other said with a sigh. You were so pissed off by them, but then you remembered Yoongi and his lamb skewers so you ignored them and walked back towards the studio, not before allowing the cat to wander away from you.

“Yah! You bitch!” One of them cursed at you, grabbing your shoulder and it was then you had enough of their nonsense. You spun around, landing your fist right in his face, just quick strong enough to knock him off balance and break at least his front teeth. “Holy shit! Dude, why are you so weak?” The other scoffed, walking up towards you ‘menancingly’. He grabbed your wrist harshly, but before he could do anything, you heard a yell.

“YAH! You fuckers! I swear to god if you hurt (Y/N), I will snap your fucking necks!!!” Yoongi roared, rushing over to you. “Oh, hey Yoongi!” You said with a grin, throwing another punch in his face. Yoongi stared at you with his jaw dropped, eyes widening as he watched you smacked the third guy down without a sweat. “Okay, so can we go now?” You asked with a small innocent smile as if you did not just beat up 3 taller and more muscular guys.

Yoongi chuckled, letting you hold his hand as the two of you started to walk back to the dormatory. “My soulmate is really strong, huh?” He said teasingly, handing you the food, watching as your eyes lit up the second you tasted the lamb skewers.

“Strong? I just don’t like people who call me short, or little girl.” You replied, smiling brightly at your discovery of such a delicious food. Yoongi nodded, almost as if deep in thought, before saying, “I guess it is true that short noodles like you get angry easily, huh.” He laughed as you smacked his arm. “I’m joking, geez. But really, you’re really cute, shortie~” Yoongi teased, earning another glare from you.

“I won’t break your face, Yoongi, only because you’re an exception.” You muttered through gritted teeth. Yoongi smiled adorably at you.

“Alright then, shortie~”

“Stop calling me that!!”

The two of you finally made it back to the dormatory without you murdering him. “God! I’m so tired!” You mumbled, tossing yourself onto your bed. Yoongi rolled his eyes, saying, “You literally played the piano and ate lamb skewers. How are you tired?” You glanced up at him.

“Because you, Yoongi, keep me up at night.”

“What? I did?”

“I can’t sleep because of your genius and handsome aura.”

Yoongi chuckled at your drowsy state, taking his coat off you, causing you to pannick instantly. “Oh my god, Min Yoongi! Don’t. You. Dare.” You warned, inching away from him. He stared at you blankly before his lips curled into a smirk. “God, I was literally only helping you to take off your coat. What were you thinking, hm? You’re such a pervert, you know?” He said teasingly.

“W-well it’s your fault, right?! All you did was make all this dirty remarks here and there and-”

“What? Can’t stand a little tease? Hm?”

You glared at Yoongi’s smug look, throwing a pillow at him as you pulled the sheets over your head. “Geez, (Y/N), I was kidding,” Yoongi laughed, tugging onto the sheets. He could barely hear your muffled voice as he chuckled slightly, going back to his work.

Day 12. You woke up to a familiar sweet scent you always were surrounded by due to you wearing Yoongi’s clothes, but this scent was much stronger and nicer, you’re eyes fluttering open and almost screamed when you saw Yoongi lying next to you. “Yoongi! What are you doing?!” You hissed frantically. He glanced at you. “What? You were too cute, I have to have a closer look, right?” Yoongi asked innocently, in that deep raspy voice that made you shiver. Still, you were tempted to smack him, but his scent made up for it, so you did not.

“I’m kidding, (Y/N), your spot is cooler than mine.”

“So you decide to sleep on my bed because of that?”

Yoongi hummed in response, tilting his head lightly as he observed you intently. Your face instantly heat up, not familiar with this sudden attention as you tried to avoid his dark eyes. “Say…(Y/N)-”

“Yoongi-hyung~ (Y/N)-ie~ We brought food for you!” Taehyung said excitedly as he bounced into your room, smiling widely. Yoongi face-palmed while you leapt up, a little too shock by Taehyung’s sudden entrance. “Oh…was I interupting something, Yoongi-hyung?” He asked, realizing how irritated Yoongi seemed. “Oops~Sorry then! Continue with whatever you two were doing! Bye!” He said, bouncing out of the room, closing the door behind.



Yoongi snorted at your response. “I was about to ask you if you wanted to eat. You need holy water for that dirty mind of yours.” He said with a teasing smirk. You grumbled under your breath, pouting slightly from frustuation with dealing with this person. “Uh, s-so, do you want to eat or starve in here?” Yoongi asked, nervous for some unknown reason as he looked away from you. Before you could reply, Yoongi’s phone started ringing.

Yoongi picked up his phone, showing the same wrath filled expression he shown just like that time. His eyes turned cold and dark as he quickly rejected the call. “(Y-Y/N), why don’t you go eat first? I have some stuff to take care of,” he spoke coldly, without a single emotion in his tone. You were slightly worried, but went outside anyway, not wanting to bother him.

Jimin noticed you, smiling widely as you sat down at the empty place next to him. The older ones were in their own conversations, while the maknae line were bickering with each other, arguing something in the lines of 'No you ask her!’ You stared at them curiously, and Jimin cleared his throat. “Uh, this kid-” Jimin pointed to Jungkook. “-wants to know what you and Yoongi did last night. I mean we did come back pretty late last night compared to the two of you. And from what Taehyung said just now-”

Jimin instantly stopped talking, smiling nervously as you glared at the three of them. Taehyung turned to Jungkook, asking, “Why are you suddenly not awkward with her?”

Jungkook grinned, somewhat like a rabbit’s grin, saying, “She doesn’t even act like a girl and she likes lamb skewers!” You were not sure to be happy that he is finally not that awkward with you anymore, or insulted at the fact that he just said you were not even girl like. “What did you and Yoongi-hyung did last night??” He asked, a little too excited for he seemed to be a typical innocent boy.

“Uh, we didn’t-”

“Yoongi-hyung was bragging about how you two made a really nice piece of music!!”

Oh. He meant that. You mentally scolded yourself for taking things in that kind of way, feeling embarassed as Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows at you to tease you for being such a dirty minded person. You were about to say something when you heard a loud shout from your room, scaring the absolute hell out of all 7 of you. It was Yoongi. And you could tell from the tone of his voice that he was absolutely raging mad.

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Tae vs namjin. A study.

Many people have been asking masterposts about jealousy and taejin jealous moments. We all find it cute and mesmerising when our ship displays jealousy, it’s like a confirmation that there is something else there other than just friendship cause ya know bros don’t go mad cause some other bro just touched your friend. But usually there is more to jealousy than just possessiveness. So let’s do a masterpost and talk about VV first. 

What’s with Tae’s jealousy + possessiveness lately? I mean we know he has always expressed jealousy in the namjin moments but lately… on BTS Home Party Encore, Jin actually had to check with Tae after helping Namjoon (gifs coming soon on my blog).

Could that be one of the reasons why V is so determined the taejin PDA to be recognised? Could it be cause he wants taejin to be THE JIN SHIP? He was side-eyeing even Jimin and Kookie when they interact with Jin! I’m sure he has nothing against Namjoon but perhaps he despises namjin interaction so much cause he knows how the fandom ships them and he wants even the “public Jin” for himself. 

♡ When there is unstoppable Namjin pleasing the masses, Tae is like:

♡Tae really really really gets upset with Namjin push:

If you put yourself in V’s shoes, it is probably so frustrating to see many people shipping and pushing your boo with a friend, calling Jin someone else’s wife, while nobody gives credit to your real relationship. Can you imagine how it sucks for your relationship to be called “mother & son” when you are being legit romantic with your own significant other? It probably feels like lack of approval, like he is not good enough and that kinda worries me on Taehyung’s behalf. 

♡ A few of the many Taejin moments ppl claim as a “mother & son” (or worst like “stop cheating on Namjoon with your son”) when neither Jin or V called themselves as mother and son, not even as a joke:

I think that for V it was like being thirsty for years, the ups and downs of showing affection and then retrieving, like what would Jin think if he acted this or that way. He likes to touch his friends and everybody, but with Jin it was almost as he had to control himself constantly to the point of being insecure and avoid Jin. I think he had to police himself constantly to don’t look too much obsessed, to don’t let anyone know he was enamoured with a bandmate cause he was so young and trying to figure out what was that affection about. And now it’s like he can finally express whatever he wants with Jin cause Jin knows and accepts whatever feelings he’s got. Now that he’s got permission to be affectionate, of course he will. 

♡ Heart eyes and the thirst:

V has changed so much since last year, and he’s determined to show us (and himself) that things have changed for the better between him and Jin. He wants people to acknowledge their relationship. If he wanted things to be private he’d probably wouldn’t be doing the things he’s been doing since mid 2016. And I’m focusing this on V cause it is in Jin’s nature to keep feelings and what is private to himself, to be self-aware but that doesn’t stop him from indulging V’s constant need for PDA like he knows that this is important to V. They are in this together. 

♡ Tae always happy with Jin just for himself:

So perhaps that’s the main reason why namjin bothers V so much, not cause it’s real or cause he distrusts Jin, it’s mainly cause namjin is easily accepted as a sure thing (as a joke or not) and Taejin, a relationship that for V was so hard to achieve, is mostly ignored or mocked as a mommy + son dynamic. It reduces taejin to just Jin being a mom and him just one of the babies (even less shipped than Jin with Kookie or Jimin). It also adds up to the theory on why V is acting all grown up after the Taejin Love Conquered phase, it’s almost like he doesn’t want to be seen as the cute baby anymore, he wants to step up, to be treated a an equal, to be worthy of Jin, to match him (couple outfits and all). Being the emotional sweetheart Tae is, I can understand the need to “claim Jin as his” all the time. 

In my opinion it’s best when public figures can separate what’s real from what’s staged and keep the important things to themselves. Perhaps with time and emotional maturity Tae can get to that understanding. It’s something he will have to learn how to deal with cause people will always ship what they wanna ship, that’s how it is. Ships ain’t going nowhere even if Taejin gets like married. You gotta coexist…

And that my friends was a little conversation on the reasons why Taehyung is indeed a possessive partner.

If you want a Jin version, send me an ask!

Lots of love.

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I love your bnha au so much!! I was wondering, when you finish with Karasuno, are you going to do other teams or characters too?

Ahh thank you!!! I really appreciate your support for the au 💖 and yes the plan is to eventually get to characters from other teams, probably from Aoba Johsai or Nekoma first… hopefully I’ll still have some good ideas ; v ;

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Darlin' I'm on mobile so I can't really see any links or anything, but do you have a post about commissions or is it just email and talk to you? And if so do you have a preferred email? :) Thank you kindly!!

Hello Hello! ;v; I have a post right here

You can also dm me on here and i can give you my email if you wish!

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18, 29, 30 and 38 if it's okay to ask more than one question :)

18: A LOT. XD 

29: Uhm… I dont really have one in particular… But right now. This one:

30: AAA DONT DO THIS TO MEH ;-; Uhm… Maybe Dragonforce or Green Day

38: Mainly to post my translations (In this blog at least)

Hope the answers had NO TYPOS! Because i typo all the time XD

And hope this answer the questions :3

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Hey, how are you doing? Hope you have a great day ^v^

Hi, anon! I’m alright. It’s been a very long and tiring week for me, hence the radio silence here. I’ve been really stressed out with work and a bunch of other things so I haven’t written much. Hopefully I’ll have a couple of asks for you guys tomorrow though. Things are really just ramping up on my end right now and I’m trying to find my footing again.

Thank you for your well wishes <3 I hope you have a wonderful day as well. 

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Could you please do 24 and 29? ❤️

Yes, thank you, love! <3

24. Any unpopular opinions?


Archie Andrews is THE most self absorbed boy. I really do not like his character at all, but I hope that changes in season two. Archie/Val was so unnecessary and stupid, sorry, but I hated it. I want Cheryl and Archie together. V*rchie doesn’t really do it for me, sorry again. There’s like… no chemistry whatsoever. I loved them in the comics and in the TV shows, but not on Riverdale. Jughead Jones deserves better and real friends because besides Betty, all his friends suck. The idea of B*ronica is ridiculous as all hell and I hate the writers for even hinting it. Sorrrrrrry. I’m sure I have a lot more (some that would probably piss off a lot of people lmao) but I don’t want this to be too long so these are the main ones. :)

29. Any predictions on season two?

I predict that Archie is going to get on my damn nerves. He was pissing me off in the season finale because I feel like he’s suddenly going to decide to have random romantic feelings for Betty that are based on the fact that he’s jealous she’s in love with Jughead and NOT him. I predict Fred Andrews will SURVIVE. Betty and Jughead will be a beautifully healthy couple, but I hope they have some ups and downs, because you guys know I live for the sad shit. 

Idk, I kind of hate making predictions because then I get ideas in my head and if they don’t happen, I get mad lmao. 

Feel free to send me more asks, guys. <3


I want a Saeran Route so I can protect him!


Let’s meet the BTS PETS:


Jin tweeting “Jjanggu who’s ugly but cute” (Savage dad)


Suga tweeted “Holly only likes the people who give him food” (savage dog)


Jhope tweeted “ Don’t you think you’re too cute? Why are you so cute?” (Indeed a cutie)


Namjoon tweeted “I want you Monie Monie“ (Like the chorus in BS&T)

JIMIN: DOSUN (RIP the cutie passed away T^T and so far Jimin didn’t get another pet)

When asked about his dog he said “I don’t have him anymore. Dosun are you doing well?”


When Tae tweeted “i miss soonshimie..” He really adores animals and babies!


When asked about his dog Jk said “I have a Maltese at home. It’s name is Geureum (cloud) and I miss him/her a lot.” (Awwww)

BTS are perfect as they are, but knowing that they love animals just make me adore them moooore. 
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Hey! So Emmy nominations begin this and next week. An Emmy nomination for Infinity Train would be a preeeeeetty big deal and would show that people really want it to exist. All I want to do is make it exist!

So if you’re an academy member, I would really appreciate the your vote! If you’re not an academy member and know someone who is, show them the 2.3 million view short on youtube, bake them some cookies, and please ask them to vote for it!

Your support support for the project so far has been outstanding and I can’t even begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for you.

Thank you so much!

HELPLESS (animatic) - DESTIEL ver.

this is not really good, not even Close, I know ! this was my first attempt for an Animation vid. and well .. I struggled hard
I would LOVE to get some advise ! I mean.. look at the Timing !! how do you do dis Kind of stuff…

anyway… it’s some Destiel stuff because no one seems to have done that by now ! And yeah, maybe Castiel should have had the Eliza part but idc-