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Does jimin feel insecure about his looks? I hear he's voted least good looking :( like I saw post about his abs and it made me sad how much he thinks his fame depends on his abs.


jimin has always been the least confident person and he’s the most concerned about his image. u notice how in interviews they’ll be asked something like …. maybe “what’s something u want to do?” and jimin will say something along the lines of “i’m a person who strives to be cool”?

and he’s ALWAYS felt this way. he felt this way pre debut long before he signed a deal, post debut when he lived in the dorm, and he says he felt it the most during debut. 

the original choreography for “no more dream″ involved everyone lifting their shirts but somewhere along the line it was decided that only jimin would be doing it and that’s probably the key moment where jimin started becoming really really focused on his looks. he wanted his abs to be perfect because he didn’t want to give anyone a reason to make fun of him when he lifted his shirts so he worked his ass off for months!

and at first he had a lot of confidence and it was great. but then he started feeling the pressure that came with it. he noticed how much people loved his abs and how little people seemed to love him so he made his abs his goal, his identifier. 

idk for as long as i can remember jimin has had severe self-esteem issues and the members are always trying to reassure him (especially taehyung). taehyung honestly takes every opportunity he can to tell jimin to stop dieting. he told him when they did their group blog for the new year that his health was more important than a jawline. he tells him in interviews constantly. and ofc there’s always the stuff he does away from the public eye.

and part of taehyung always telling him that in public could be that he thinks that if more people know, less people will put all this pressure on jimin. if they know that he’s killing himself to be a certain way, they wouldn’t focus on that one thing anymore.

and then there’s jin who says after himself, jimin is the most handsome and that jimin has changed the least since pre debut because he’s ALWAYS been the most handsome. small comments like that, constant reassurance but it doesn’t always help

but honestly…his confidence is in a much better state than it was in the past. notice how now he doesn’t hide his face under a hoodie or behind his hands when he takes a selfie? or how he used to take selfies in full make up because he didn’t feel adequate enough to do it without but now he be takin barefaced selfies, selfies where he has a pimple on his face like ‘yeah i got a pimple still hot as fuck tho’

it’s like he’s learning to fake it and in faking it, he’s gaining more and more confidence as time passes and it’s a great thing to see. jimin always makes taehyung really proud lately because seeing jimin go from absolutely hating himself to acting like he’s god’s gift is really beautiful tbh.

because of his confidence issues jimin has always gotten immense support from fans and people are always kind enough to make projects in his name (and i hear there’s a new one) which i don’t doubt has helped him a lot

so here’s to hoping one day we have a totally confident jimin ^.^

So here’s a thing that’s been on my mind for a few days and I just really want to say it: Bioware may not be perfect and their portrayals may not be perfect either, but they at least put women in their games. They at least try. As a kid growing up I remember being perpetually disappointed in the fact that I could never play as a female character or that the female characters in a given game were either unrelatable or damsels-in-distress. Bioware’s games were seriously the first games I ever played that allowed me to choose my character and how I wanted to interact with others. And on top of that they gave me interesting and problematic female NPCs. Bioware still has a long way to go, but they are trying and I’m not going to fault them for that. Unlike fucking Ubisoft (I’m forever bitter about Assassin’s Creed).

also my whatpumpkin order from the gigasale arrived and ohhhh my goodness, pyralspite is so soft and squishable bless this dragon

unfortunately the land prints are too big to fit anywhere atm THEY’RE BIGGER THAN I ANTICIPATED…  I’m also glad i bought the miniprint for dancestors instead of normal sized, but the colors seem a little off.  Hmm.


More gem silhouettes! They’re not SU gems though. That’s right, these characters belong to bunny-virus. They’re her markigem (Pink Tourmaline) and gemsona (Hemimorphite). 

Thank you bunny-virus! I really need to practice on making gems and these were just perfect. Sorry if their gems don’t appear that clearly here, I wanted to use the same background and camera distance as the SU gems.

i love this phenomenon of calling fictional characters “mom”. thats so much better than calling them our waifus i’m so here for us all having moms, female characters get respected, we get strong, talented moms to take care of us

like where did this come from. steven universe came just in time for the rise of the Moms so its perfect really but i noticed the trend before rockmoms was a really big thing, like i’ve been calling jaya ballard my mom for like a year, and we’ve been calling pharika snek mom since theros, and now apparently i’m also fire mom and you’re all my spawn. im so proud of u

thinking about it, that is something that i just started doing for no reason and pharika actually is a snek mom and none of these are even slightly related to rock moms, i think this is just something that evolved simultaneously and the universe has aligned perfectly to allow this to happen. thank u fate mom

I swear to god, this Whedon bashing thing only really started when TWS came out and people realized he wasn’t perfect and that it could be done better. 

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You know how sometimes someone you really like and respect gets you a gift and you don’t really want it but you like them and you don’t want to hurt their feelings or even admit to yourself that maybe they have shitty taste in gifts, because that would involve admitting that they either don’t have the best judgement or that they don’t know you very well, so instead you end up convincing yourself that you really like the gift and it’s perfect and there’s nothing wrong with it?

That’s Terezi in the upd8 right now, except Vriska is the shitty gift and the doomed Terezi in the red scarf is the one who delivered her and this Terezi is trying really hard to accept Vriska as the leader despite her misgivings because she has always had this problem where she looks up to teal-blooded role models a little too much.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Katie this season, I am going to now start crossing my fingers that we get a Green Arrow and Black Canary in the DC movie verse and that, somehow, they don’t get screwed up. I want to see a Black Canary who is one of the top martial artists in the DC universe. A woman who can kick Green Arrow’s ass, and he’s not only fine with it, but PROUD of it. I want to see a Green Arrow who has a snarky sense of humor, who fights like hell for the little guy, and who sticks to his ideals.

Obviously, Arrow wasn’t made for fans like me who came in with an emotional attachment to these characters. Obviously, Marc and co. don’t care much for the source material or for actually telling a good story. It’s a shame, because Flash seems to really be embracing its roots and while it’s not perfect, it’s a whole lot more enjoyable than Batman lite/Arrowlicity has become.

Entertainment Weekly Posts Expanded Interview with Joss Whedon
  • EW:Let’s talk about the relationship between Black Widow and The Hulk. You decided to push them toward a tentative romance.
  • Whedon:[Sings the Disney Beauty and the Beast song] ‘Tale as old as time …’ [Laughs.] For me, it was interesting just because they’re outsiders in completely different ways that match up really well. It made perfect sense to me. It doesn’t make perfect sense to everybody on Twitter, but I think when they see the film, they’ll see that there really is a connection.
  • EW:I always thought of her as more of a big sister to the Avengers. What led you to thinking the team needed a love story? Is there a danger of Yoko-ing the team?
  • Whedon:All of the descriptions—den mother, big sister, babysitter, Yoko – she’s an Avenger.
  • EW:What I mean by all that is she seems to be in more control than all of them.
  • Whedon:Yes, absolutely, which is why I’m interested to find out the person who’s the most in control with the person who has to be in control all the time, because he’s the least in control. Just to have that chemistry and to see how that would break them down a little bit and open them up just seemed logical to me.
  • MY THOUGHTS:To those who felt Joss was trying to force Nat into the stereotypical "female" role in the movie and in the love story--look here how he defends her from being pigeonholed by her gender. He adamantly points out here that ultimately she's an AVENGER, not a reduced to fulfilling the stereotype of den mother; sister, etc. Her traits of control and responsibility are not exclusive to her femininity, but am integral part of her role as an adult who is a competent and compassionate team member.
  • And the "Yoko" comment was particularly sexist and asshole-riffic, Entertainment Weekly. Just a shitty comment. In the end, Yoko has a managed to maintain her independence and creativity and is a survivor--her as an "band breaker" is an outdated, lazy insult.
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