they ranked so hight on music chart


Before the buzz of Bar Bar Bar and before they have their loyal fans who follow them in every gig and scream the loudest of chants, Crayon Pop used to have troubles in having a performance in tv music shows. While promoting Dancing Queen, music shows denied their appearances.

Instead of waiting for music shows to invite them, Crayon Pop and Chrome Ent. decided to just make guerilla performances in the streets of Seoul. And it’s not like your usual guerilla concert where the stage was ready and the fans were waiting. They literally roaming the busy streets of Seoul at night when it’s freezing cold in winter wearing their bright, neon-colored tracksuits and ridiculous beanies to find a spot for them to perform. They always bring a big sign board and a big boombox with them everywhere they go. When they finally found a spot, the boombox would play Dancing Queen and they would perform in front of random people.

Among all those people bustling in the streets of Seoul, the girls might look so ridiculous, but they always put on the brightest of smiles and dance energetically as if it was a real performance.

So for those of you who think Crayon Pop doesn’t deserve the rise they’re having right now with Bar Bar Bar because of their quirky and playful concept and because they come from a small, unknown company, oh please, they deserve it.