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Am I Still Your Hero?

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Written by Danielle 

Category: fluff

Word Count: 2,074

Request from Anonymous:  Hi! Can I request a scenario where Peter and the reader are childhood friends and the friend walks in on Spider-Man and she starts freaking out that Peter’s in trouble? And can Peter troll her into confessing how she truly feels for her childhood friend?? Sorry if that made like no sense.

A/N: After writing this I realized the anon could have been asking that the reader doesn’t know Peter is Spider-Man but I had already read it as she has always known, so sorry if I misunderstood. I hope you still like this fic <3 I absolutely loved the childhood idea and hope I could do it some justice. I don’t know if he really trolled her lol because I couldn’t think of something clever, but I hope you still like their conversation in this. :) Loved your request! Thank you!! <3

“I see a dragon! What do you see (Y/N)?!” Your best friend Peter asks you excitedly as the two of you lay on the summer grass looking up at the big fluffy clouds.

“I see a unicorn. Right there!” You say as you point to the cloud next to Peter’s dragon. There is a slight breeze and it feels good with the hot summer sun beating down. Even with all the clouds, you can still feel the sun’s warmth on a beautifully perfect day like this. Nearby, you and your best friend’s favorite climbing tree stands tall, branches scraping the clouds. You’d probably attack it after looking up at the clouds for a few moments. At seven and eight years old, you and Peter spent your days running around in the field, climbing trees, staring at clouds, and looking for little critters in and out of the river. Every day was always full of adventure.

“Race you to grandmother Willow!” Peter yelled suddenly as he rushed up. You were right behind him as you two ran to the grand tree you loved so dear. Peter had named it grandmother Willow after the tree in one of your favorite movies, Pocahontas. Peter had beat you to the tree like he always had.

“One of these days I’m going to beat you, Parker!” You tell him while using his nickname trying to catch your breath.

“I’m a superhero, (Y/N)! And superheroes always got to come in first place so they can save people.” Peter exclaims as he pushes his glasses up.

“You’ll always be my hero Peter.” Smiling to Peter, he gives you a smile back as the two of you start climbing the tree.

Although all of your days weren’t spent living in the outdoors, Peter and you always managed to have fun.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!!!! Don't know if you're still taking prompts but if you do, here is mine :) imagine an au where everything is different and Jamie has the chance to court Claire properly (in the 18th century) An au completely different from the show or a "what if Jack Randall never met Claire" kind of au. I can't wait to read your works as always, thank you ❤


Claire giggled as she ran through the thick grass that grew along the outskirts of the forest, ducking and diving under branches as she darted as far as she could from the ever watchful gaze of her protectors at Lallybroch.

“Claire Beauchamp…amongst the savages!” She could hear the mockery in their tone even now, her relatives aghast at the idea of Uncle Lamb bringing her to such a place, especially so close after the horrors of Culloden.

But Claire didn’t mind; in fact she prefered the vast Scottish landscapes to the dense cities of England. Here, people didn’t care as to her name, or her position. Here she was just allowed to be Claire.

Spared from the ravages of the British Army, Broch Tuarach lay hidden just a stones through from Bewley, and only a carriage ride from Inverness. The inhabitants, Clan Fraser, had escaped relatively unscathed during the conflict, having hovered only on the periphery for a time. Brian Fraser had steered his men well, keeping the majority of them on neutral ground during the conflict. Their direct relatives, Clan Mackenzie had not been so fortunate.

Still, Brian and Ellen had three young children to raise, and embedding themselves in a merciless bloody war wouldn’t have been wise.

At the thought of their wee brood, Claire’s cheeks flushed pink, the spread reaching the tips of her ears as she raised herself just high enough to see through the grass and down into the valley.

There, at the bottom of the hill with his hand shading his eyes from the sun was Jamie Fraser. The youngest of the Frasers.

Claire’s heart raced, the blood pumping thick through her veins as she slid closer to the ground, pulling her skirts around her as she tried to cover herself. Licking her lips, she could still recall the tingle she’d felt after their first stolen kiss.

Rolling onto her back, Claire gazed up at the sky, her eyes glazing over as the afternoon sun warmed every inch of her. Toeing off her ragged shoes, she slid her feet through the shorter grass beside her, enjoying the heat as it surged through her.


They had only been acquainted a month or so, him having been at school in Paris when Lamb and herself had arrived, but the moment he’d caught her eye she’d known. Smiling, she bit her lip, a strange sensation taking hold of her, making her breasts almost…ache. Clenching her thighs together, tight, she pushed herself from the ground and scuttled sideways into the dense tree line, abandoning her shawl completely as she sought refuse amongst the low boughs.  

Finding a relatively safe spot, Claire leant against a tree and closed her eyes as she inhaled a rather large breath. Something about Jamie called to her. The soft swell of his boyish chest, the way certain curls flicked from the top of his head as he moved about the place, the carefree glint that lit his sea-blue irises. Everything about James Fraser called to her.

Suddenly, a strong pair of arms gripped her waist, turning and pinning her against the trunk of the tree, his hands wrapped solidly around her wrists as he ran his nose along the length of hers.

“Thought ye could outfox me, did ye, sassenach?” Jamie purred, his pet name for her warming the butterflies in her belly as they flip-flopped.

“Maybe I was luring you out here, did you ever think of that….” she cooed in return, a roll of her hips bringing their midsections in direct contact with one another.

Both of them knew that they were skirting a fine line.

Neither of them cared.

“Aye, I ken ye might do that…wee fairy temptress that you are.” He whispered, nipping the lobe of her ear with his teeth as he finished his teasing.

Taking his lips against hers, Claire ended their conversation, pulling Jamie to her with a passionate kiss that made her belly throb and her knees wobble.

His tongue probed at her lips, gently licking her sensitive skin as she tipped her head to the side and opened her mouth, answering his silent question.

“We ha’ to tell them, Claire,” Jamie murmured between caresses, his sweet breath fanning over Claire’s burning face as she bent forwards, trying desperately to bring him back to her, needing the contact, “I want to court ye properly, no’ in secret…please…”

Picking her foot off the floor, Claire wrapped her calf around Jamie’s bottom, driving him closer to her, as close as he could possibly get –for the moment.

“What will they say do you think?” Claire returned, worry niggling on the boundary of her happy place, locked together here –alone with Jamie.

“I dinna ken precise actions, Claire,” Jamie soothed, letting go of her still-restrained hands and running just the tips of his fingers over her damp brow, shifting the wisps of hair that clung to the skin there. “But I think they’ll be pleased.”

‘I think they already know,’ is what he didn’t say, unsure as to how perceptive Claire had been on the matter.

But Claire did know, her eyes holding his as they communicated silently.

“Pleased…” Claire whispered, her tongue peeking just between her lips as she spoke.

“Alright,” she declared, an assertiveness to her tone that Jamie knew all too well, “let’s tell them….” Pausing, Claire looked beyond the tree line and back again, her brows furrowing for just an instant as she processed Jamie’s request. “B-but –tell them what, exactly?”

Jamie smirked, his lips twitching and his eyes lightening as he dipped his head ever so slightly.

“That, Claire Beauchamp –Fraser–, ye are to be my wife.”

Hal paced the worn rug, his boots ruffling the loose hairs on the weave as he stomped up and down in front of the fireplace.

“What *is* Quentin thinking?!” He muttered, ill at ease with the thought of his niece and that…*Scot*. “I told you, John. Didn’t I say!” He spat, flicking the contents of his finished pipe into the roaring embers of the fire as he twisted to face his brother.

John sat rubbing his chin, gazing at his ill-tempered brother, watching as a stray bead of sweat slid down his forehead, across his temple and down his rosy-red cheek.

“Marriage?! Has he gone daft! They’re *farmers*, Scottish farmers at that. They’re probably still harbouring fugitives of the law! And our young Claire…”

Shuddering, Hal gave John a despairing looking. “Send for them!” He finished, sensing little to no cooperation from John. “Bring them both home. I won’t have them dishonouring us like this.”

John tried not to laugh, swilling the remaining contents of his brandy around the bottom of the crystal glass he held between his fingers.

“Quentin loves Claire like a daughter, Hal,” John appeased, finally breaking his silence, “he wouldn’t let her come to any harm. You know that–”

The door slammed open, the handle hitting the wall with a soft thud as Hal’s wife, Minnie, barged her way into the sitting area.

“Hal, could I have your opinion on something…please?” She asked, batting her eyelashes at Hal in a move far too feminine for her.

Winking secretively at John, she led Hal out into the hall and shook her head, closing the wood solidly behind her.

Sighing, John took a final swig of his drink, the cool liquid setting the back of his throat on fire as it ran down his oesophagus.

Claire was just like her mother, and Hal knew it well. He’d been just about ready to remind Hal of the fact when Minnie had, rather appropriately, interrupted.

He’d send the letter, as requested, but both he and Minnie knew what the result of that action would be. And it certainly wouldn’t be Claire and Quentin reunited with them on English soil.

The letter came soon enough.

Claire was excited, bouncing on her toes as uncle Lamb ran his finger under the seal, popping the wax, his eyes flitting across the page as he read Hal’s words carefully.

His smile dropped, his hands beginning to shake as he turned to Claire, a look of distress plastered over his usually jolly features.

“Claire, darling…” he cooed, trying to calm her before he’d even revealed the news.

“He said no –didn’t he?” She whispered, her voice breaking as her heart plummeted.

She hadn’t even considered that he’d turn her down.

“He did. I’m sorry, my beauty.” Sighing, Lamb re-folded the note and placed it carefully into his pocket. “But that’s not all, I’m afraid.”

Claire saw the truth in his eyes before he’d even voiced the words.

Backing up, she shook her head as she fled the living room, her sobs echoing through the empty corridors of the big house as she slammed the door to her rooms, cupping her hand over her mouth as she slid to the floor. Letting the agony consume her. Claire crawled towards the fire and curled up on the large rug. Wrapping her arms around her knees she cried, her tears dripping onto the thin fibres of the neatly woven carpet.

“You can’t make me leave,” she wept, her words only audible to herself, “I won’t let you take me back…I won’t!”

Sneaking into her room, Jamie carefully closed the door behind him as he crept over to the fireplace and wrapped himself around her. The embers had long since died out, leaving her in a tiny frozen ball.

“I had to wait, Claire, I’m sorry…” he spoke, his warm breath fanning over her chilled flesh as she linked her frigid fingers with his hot ones, “yer uncle has been packing for ye.”

Claire shook her head, fervently disagreeing with any idea of leaving Lallybroch and Jamie.

“Hush now, sassenach,” he soothed, feeling her distress as he tried to quash her fears. “Ye havena heard the story of my parents first meeting, have ye?” He continued, hope igniting his tone as a stray flame danced to life in time with his words.

“N-no.” Claire stuttered, her eyes suddenly blinking open at the hint of optimism in Jamie’s voice.

“Then let me tell ye now, aye? …and ye ken already that it has a happy ending.”

Locking her hands with his more solidly, Claire nodded, the lead weight lifting from her chest as he began to recount one night, long before his birth, where two lovers slipped away into the night, leaving behind the dark cloud of those who wished to keep them apart…

Lost and Found || Core four

Originally posted by joelshammonds

word count : 1, 206

pairing : Core Four x Reader

warnings : A v. v. stressed reader, reader getting lost?

summary : With everything going on in Riverdale you decide to go for a walk in the woods behind your house, to bad you are horrible with directions and everything looks the same. Now Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead are going crazy to find their missing best friend.

a/n : because i seem to have no self control…of course one of my favorite characters and who i usually write for find you. but like…no spoilers. haha. btw, if you guys ever need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open; i don’t have to reply publicly either, just let me know! your issues are valid no matter how big or small and i’ll always try and help <3


     Between a murder walking around in Riverdale and the whole thing with with Archie and Miss Grundy, you had ever right to be stressed out. You weren’t one to show it cause you wanted to always be their for your friends. It didn’t help you made your own problems, though valid in their own way, seem much smaller and nonequivalent to everyone else’s. You generally just put up with the stress you felt, you were strong and you could take whatever was thrown at you. But today things just seemed to weigh just a little to much so you thought a small walk in the woods. You didn’t even think about the fact you got lost in a paper bag and everyone knew the cell service by your house was completely shit. 

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Never Say Never (Part 10)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,431
Warnings: Cussing. Violence.  
Sequel: Part 10/? of  Never Say Never

Special thanks to @lucis-unicorn because she’s the bestest and did the beta and idea-bouncer thing again for me !

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Imagine a Mission Interrupting Your Wedding to Eggsy

A/N: This was requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch so I hope you like it! Love the idea and I spent most of this writing time on wedding Pinterests but whatever  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A bit of swearing and blood in this one but nothing too bad! Enjoy pals :D

“You look wonderful, Y/N. He’ll die when he sees you, I promise,” Roxy twisted the final strand of your hair on top of your head, and grinned as she looked you up and down. 

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Imagine Tony is neighbors to Steve and Bucky and Tony's cat always ends up in their apartment bc she likes to nap in their dog. Sometimes Steve and Bucky's dog sneaks into Tony's apartment bc he misses the cat and Tony's sweatshirts are so comfy

I am so so so so sorry for the long wait! School was crazy, work was crazy, family was crazy. bla bla bla bla. But now the only thing that I have to do is focus on the exams. And after that I have a summer break of nearly four months, so enough time to write, before I start university. For now, I’am aiming to publish one story a week (I am still looking for a suitable day). Anyways. I present you fluff!


It was really too cute. Far too cute. Sensory overload. So cute it should be illegal.

“So… I am most definitely not waking them up,” Steve said, while softly cooing at the two animals. Once again, Tony was in the new neighbors’ apartment looking at this little traitor of a cat, that was cuddling Steve’s and Bucky’s Labrador. The white fur of the Maine Coon could be seen only if you looked from the top of the two animals, so  engulfed was it in the dog, which had rolled itself in a ball as if to protect the cat. This was the sixteenth time  in a month and half that the cat snuck out of the apartment just to go and have alone time with the neighbors’ dog. 

※ ※ ※

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Just a short little thing I was feeling…

In which the zombie apocalypse is consuming the world and Sirius and Remus get separated in a food run.

The cut running along the side of Remus’ forehead throbbed with the sweat and blood quickly drying in the hot, noon sun. His stomach felt like it was concaving into itself, his muscles ache from sleeping on the ground all night. His feet kept sliding on the dew soaked morning grass, and each time it got harder and harder to catch himself. By the time the camp finally came into view he felt ready to drop, vision swimming slightly from lack of water.

He didn’t know how it had happened. They drilled, practiced, planned so this exact thing didn’t happen. It had been a food run, one of the most routine outings. They’d been in broad daylight. Sirius had been right behind him, he’d been making a joke, Remus had wanted to laugh and then…

His mind played the familiar sound of the undead breathing and he flinched. The next thing he remembered was waking up in the dark, and was forced to hide for the night. The dark was not for the living anymore.

He’d been walking for hours, made to feel longer in the heat of the day, hand glued to the gun at his hip, when the camp had finally appeared between trees. He let out a breath that he felt like he’d been holding for the entire night.

He waved his hands in surrender when he heard the familiar sound of a loaded gun being aimed in his direction and a shout from the watch towers.

“It’s me! It’s me..” Remus ran out of breath at the end, practically limping to the now slowly opening metal gates. He could understand their confusion. He was hardly walking like a human being right now. Remus looked up, chest flooding with relief at the sound of his name.

“Fucking hell-“ Sirius was squeezing his way through the doors before they had even opened properly and Remus practically collapsed into his chest. He felt an arm wrap around his waist, holding him up, the other pressing to the back of his neck, feeling heavenly against his clammy skin, “Jesus, Remus. Remus-“

“‘m fine… I’m fine-“ He could hear Sirius taking shaky breaths and Remus fisted the back of his t-shirt, pulling himself closer, “Pads, I’m okay-“

“Fuck.” Sirius pulled back, the hand that was on his neck sliding around to cradle his cheek, thumb tracing over the sticky cut on his temple, “God, I thought you were right behind me. Fuck, Re, I didn’t mean-You have to know I’d- I’d never just leave you out there-“

“Pads, of course I know that. Of course I know that-“

“Then you weren’t there.” Sirius’ breathing was escalating, his eyes wild, “You weren’t- I was holding your hand but…” Sirius shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut and letting his forehead drop to Remus’, “Jesus, Re, I thought you were…“ Sirius’ voice broke, “I thought you were…”

“I’m not. I’m fine, we’re fine.” Remus leaned into the hand stroking his cheek. He was slowly loosing the flood of adrenalin at seeing Sirius again, and he was more tired than before, “‘m not a zombie, however I am severely dehydrated.”

Sirius let out a slightly watery laugh, opening his eyes to see Remus smiling at him, and pressed a long kiss to his forehead, “You can have all the water in the world as long as you never leave this camp again.”

Remus laughed as he was pulled flush against Sirius’ side, “No promises.”

The warmth of Sirius’ body felt warmer than the sun in ever sense of the word, and their feet nearly tripped over each other as they walked into camp, letting the gates shut slowly behind them.

(Newt Scamander x Reader) Back Massages [SMUT Alternate Route]

Title : Back Massages

Request : Yes? Maybe?

Smut : Yes

Word count : 3,646 (bear with me lmao)

Warnings : heavy make out sessions, sex, handjob, attempts of strip dancing

A/N : As promised, the alternate route, with smut :)) I hope you enjoy it as much as the first, if there are grammatical, vocab, or other sorts of mistake, please point it out so I can fix. Building critiques and messages are highly appreciated, please tell me what you think and what should I write next? Anyways, enjoy!

The original story : ———————————-

“Newt, get off, this is important!” I said, pushing him off my laptop.

“But this is fascinating! This device doesn’t have any magic on it but it can project images of the beasts! What are they called?”

“Well.. this is Geographic Information System. It can project images from far away from the satellite so you can study thr object without being close to them”

“Is it because muggles can’t use magic?”

“Yes Newt, we can’t use magic to teleport ourselves,” you said as you watch him amused, as his eyes fixed on the screen.

Tomorrow is the fourth day of your final exam, it’s 11PM, and you’ve been studying until Newt decided to pay you a visit. He was going to tell you about some new beast he discovered but the subject was long abandoned when you accidentally opened a site where it shows live stream of wild animals.

He said he had never seen those “beasts” before and he wanted yo study it. The “beasts” he refers to are actually Australian Golden Kangaroo from Papua. “Why have I not seen them before? They are ordinary animals, are they? But they look so unique! Unlike any other animal back in England!” he exclaimed. 

You chuckle as you see him still examining the creature in awe, his cute features getting ahead of you.

See, you’ve met Newt a year ago, when you stumbled into him in a Sumatran forest, travelling by yourself with the purpose of photographing wild animals.

You were taking a picture of a Sumatran tiger on a tree when he appeared out of nowhere and decided to approach the creature.

You screamed at him to run. He didn’t.

On instinct, you jumped off the tree and ran to him. But to your surprise, the tiger was curled up against him as he scratched its ears.


Anyway. Back to the moment.

“[Name]? Are you alright? You seem to be in a daze there,” he asked.

“I’m fine, I was just remembering something,” you smiled, assuring him you’re okay.

“Humm alright then. By the way, did you say this was important?“ 

“Yup. It’s a part of my final exam,”

“Merlin’s beard! I’m so, so sorry. I got carried away… I’ll leave you to it, [Name], I am terribly sorry,”

His face shifted to guilt and he takes out his wand, ready to teleport out of your room.

“Newt wait! It’s okay!”

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re not bothering me, it’s okay. In fact, perhaps you can help me with some of them?”

“Does the subject you are studying also includes a study on beasts?” he asked, delighted with curiosity.

“Umm.. Yeah! I’ll take out my book. Hold on.”

You lied. The subject you are studying does not include a study on beasts. It’s Geography. A study on earth.

You take out one of those animals encyclopedia you keep for yourself and hand it to him.

“Interesting,” he said.

He opens the book and you can see a smile begin to form on his face.

“[Name]! This is just like my book! They are describing beasts of the muggle world!” “Yup, do you want to borrow it? I still have lots of them,” you replied, holding back an urge to pinch those rosy cheeks. “May I? Oh, yes please! I’d love to study new beasts of the muggle world!”

Without realizing it, you ruffle his fluffy hair, and he looks up at you, surprised. And as soon as those green orbs meet yours, you pull back your hand.

“Oh my God, Newt, I’m so sorry. It was so rude, I didnt kno-”

“[Name],” he cuts you.


He then stands up, towering over you, and takes one step towards you. Your smaller figure backs up and you stumbled and sit on your chair as his eyes never leaves yours.

‘What the fuck is this, Slytherin Newt?!’ you screamed in your mind.

Newt rarely looks at you in the eye unless it’s something important or something he’s passionate about. With blood pumping in your veins, you can feel your face getting redder and redder like a tomato.

He suddenly kneels in front of you and say, 

“If you want to ruffle it, it’s fine! Some beasts consider it very soft, so I understand!”

Aaaand back to Hufflepuff Newt. What did you expect? Him to kiss you?? The last thing he kisses will be Douglas. Not you. You bet on the stars his love for his beasts is bigger than anything else.

“Ah, okay Newt, thanks,” you sighed, a bit disappointed but still take on his offer.

Your hand goes back to his head, ruffling and petting the light brown hair. And man, it is soft. No wonder even those beasts of his are fond on his head. ‘I bet I can do things with it too,’ you said in your mind.

You decided to test the water and tug on his hair a little bit. 

He freezes. But you keep petting, with a little pull and tug in between, not realizing his reaction.

You tangle your fingers between the hair, again, tugging harder. This is like a little game to you, pulling here and there, making sure you don’t leave any hair unpulled/untugged.

Then, you hear it.

“Ah… [Name]…” moaned Newt.

You immediately pull your hand to your chest, not expecting that kind of reaction or that kind of sound from him. 

Newt has never been the typical person that depicts pure, untainted, kindness. And the moan that he just did, was not pure at all.

Well, it is pure…

Purely sexy.

He looks up to you, face flushed pink, with beads of sweat on his forehead. As he covers his face with his hand, he silently asks,

“P-Please don’t do that… I… I am extremely sensitive to hair pulling… Especially when it’s done by an opposite sex…”

He looks so adorable right now that you can just pounce on him like a cat on heat. But you wouldn’t do that.

Or would you?

“Oh, I’m so sorry Newt… I thought it might be nice, you know, like, my mom used to do that to me, gently pulling the roots, as a form of massage…?”

“Ah, yes, I’ve heard of it…”

The atmosphere in the room feels like it’s sucking you in. You can even smell the awkwardness in the room. 
He just stated that hair pulling turns him on, and it’s only you and him in your room. 

Hoo boy.

You decided to ignore the situation you are in, and continue your study. “Newt, um… I’ll continue studying, and… if you’d like, you can read my books there,” you said.

“Oh, alright, thank you [Name].”


You try to focus on your study, trying to get your eyes and mind fixed on the screen and the book in front of you, but all you can think of was the moan he made. It’s like a broken record, playing itself over and over in your head.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can see Newt reading your books, his eyes following every sentence and scanning each animal on the pages. He really is a passionate man about animals and beasts. And that’s what you love about him.

A deafening screeching sound suddenly emanates from your laptop, and you lower the volume. Apparently, the Geographic Information System has caught sightings of a mating dance of a male bowerbird courting the female one. You sigh at the coincidence and lower the laptop screen.

As the screeching continues, Newt recognizes the sound and snaps his head towards the laptop’s screen and then scrambles on his feet towards you. He carefully open the “muggle device” and look at the bird with fascination.

“What sort of bird is this? Those vibrant colors surely are mesmerizing!”

“Um, it’s a bowerbird, a native bird of the Papua New Guinea, considered rare and endangered. Why, do you like it?”

“Yes, yes, very much so! I actually learned how to perform the Erumpent’s mating dance from various beasts, such as this bird! But only little parts of it,” he smiled brightly.

“Oh? How about human mating dance?” you tease him.

He glances at you for a moment before casting his eyes down, then up, and say, “I- I can show you if you want…?”

Your eyes widen and you swallow your spit.

“Entertain me, Mr.Scamander.”


What you have expected as a human mating call was apparently strip dancing. He said that a girl he met couple months ago in some bar in England taught him how to do that. The thought made you boil with jealousy, but it subsides as he adds that the girl slapped him in the face for not being ‘turned on’.

“Perhaps she figured I had a light bulb with me, or something to turn on. Isn’t it [Name]?”

You thank heavens for this man’s innocence.

“Yeah Newt, probably,” you laugh.

Your laughter stops when he takes off his coat, leaving him in his white shirt and brown vest which shapes his body nicely. You drink the sight before you. He then ruffles his hair, making it slightly messy, but not decreasing his appeal.

“Now [Name], before I start… I warn you that this might not be as good as my beasts’ mating dance… Since an opposite sex showed me theirs and I don’t know how to do the male ones, and–“

“Newt,” you cut him.


“You’ll do fine, just start already!”

“Alright, alright.”

He snaps his finger and Earned It by The Weekend starts playing out of nowhere. The lighting in your room is also reduced to a pink, soft glow.

“Didn’t know you like this kind of music, Newt,” you say.

He puts a finger on your lip, which indicates you to be quiet. You lick your lips at his actions. This is not the Newt you know at all.

Newt starts his ‘mating dance’ with unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt, exposing his toned chest. His right hand very slowly travels to his neck, while the other, down to his stomach, then his crotch. He then moves his body, following every beat without missing any of it. Once in a while taking a step, making his way towards you.

You glance at his crotch, face bright red when you see his manhood rising slowly beneath the tight fabric. His hands never stop moving, from the neck, to his hair, then to his face. All he does while his eyes are fixed on you.

You can feel the burn under his gaze, slowly melting away on your wheelie chair. He then turns around, so his back and his ass are facing you. Again, he unbuttons his vest, all the way down, and taking it off. He throws the vest to his right, then with an agonizing pace, he hugs himself and then squat on the floor.

‘Holy fuck, holy fuck,’ you thought, never expecting this to happen. Both of your palms are sweaty, and you can feel sweat trickling down your back.

He then turns towards you, still on the floor, then crawls on all four to you.

Once he reaches you, he touches your knee and you tense up at his touch. His burning touch. He smiles and mouths, ‘Relax.’

You close your eyes, too embarrassed to see him, and imagine something else.

But before you know it, he then sits on your lap with a bounce.

A whimper escapes your mouth at the contact. His eyes show a glint of worry, afraid if he is too heavy for your smaller figure. But you just nod for him to continue.

He takes both of your hand in his, guiding them to his shirt, which clung to his shoulder.

“P-Please undress me,” he says.

The music fades from your ear and is replaced by the hammering drums of your heartbeat. Shakily, your hands slide his shirt off his shoulder, exposing the cool skin to your skin, brushing against them eventually.

You look down your lap – his thighs – in the whole process, unable to face him in your position. He is your best friend, well, crush, and what will happen after this is over? For him, it might be the same, but you. You can never look at him the same way again.

When the shirt reaches his wrists, you help Newt to take it off him. His breath softens as he leans down to your ear. He then whispers, “I-I’m sorry for this [Name],” before kissing you on the lips. He seems hesitant at first, afraid of your response of his actions. But when you kiss him back, he slowly loses control.

Your hand instinctively goes to his face, cupping him, and deepening the kiss. He does the same, still gentle with a little tenseness between the kisses.

Breathless, your right hand goes to his hair while the other one still cupping his cheek. You do what you did before, but with a little more strength. And with that, he cries out your name, and bites your neck, trying to suppress the sounds he is making.

“You like it, don’t you Newt?”


You pull his hair again, this time exposing his neck. Licking your lips, you kiss the skin of his neck, looking for a spot that makes him whimper the most. You can feel the bulge in his pants growing even more.

“Newt…” you moaned.


“Do you really want this…?”

“[Name]… I-I want you…”

“How much do you want me? Do you think you’re enough?”

"I want you so much… I want all of you… But I-I’m so scared I’ll never be enough and I-I’m not good enough, and- and I-“ he can’t seem to be able to finish his sentence before you feel your left hand getting wet, wet from his tears.

“Oh no, Newt, please don’t cry… I’m so sorry I asked that… It was very stupid of me”

Despite your efforts of trying to calm him down, he can’t stop the tears from flowing down. Those emotions he has been hiding pours out of his head when you kiss him. He never thought that someone would like him back. All those years of rejection…

Newt then feels your hands around him, hugging him tightly. His breath hitches on his throat.

“Newt. You are enough. You have always been and you will always be,” you say.

“B-But those people…”

“Who cares what those people say? You are Newt Scamander and you are perfect. I would never think that you are never good enough for me because you. Are. Enough,”


“I’ve never told anyone this before…  Except maybe Queenie who can read my mind, but I love you. I love you so much. And I would trade anything in the world just to be yours, and you to be mine,”

The looks on his face writes dumbfounded, by your confession. Your face is visibly red and warm, even in the pink, soft glow. You decided to kiss his forehead, but before you do, he lifts his face so his lips meet yours again.

“And I, you, my love”

As you kiss him, you can feel his hands going up and down your sides, to your shoulder, then your arm, feeling every inch of you.

“This-This situation reminded me of a beast…” he said.


“Where the female is the dominant one. And the male is the submissive one,”

“Are you saying that we are like those beasts?” you ask.


“Or are you saying that you want me to be dominant?” you add.

“May- No! No, no. I- I want to try to be dominant… For once… Is that okay?”

“Of course Newt. Let’s get up first, my thighs are getting sore,”

“Ah! Right, right! I’m sorry, I’m sorry,”

Newt stands up and your thighs relax. Standing next to him, you stretch your legs then plop down your bed. You pat the spot next to you, inviting him to your personal space.

He obliges and sits next to you, the bed sinking down on his weight. You cup his cheek, wanting another kiss. But he stops you.

You raise your right eyebrow in confusion. “C-Can I dominate you…?”

A smile begins to form on your face as you take off your t-shirt, leaving you in a bra and a pair of shorts.

“Please do, Mr.Scamander.”


He lies on top of you as his hands touch the skin on your body, feeling every part of you. Newt’s expression shows adoration, love, curiosity, and a hint of lust. In return, you also want to feel him. Your hands roam the bare, toned torso of his, feeling the warmth radiating from his skin.


“Yes, Newt?”

“This, this is actually my first time…”

He blushes then looks away, completely ashamed.

“Newt,” you say, tilting his head to face you. “It’s my first time too. And… I trust you.”

“I-I trust you too, [Name]”

He begins by trying to unclasp your bra with both hands, and seem to have a little difficulty. You smile and help him. In one swift motion, the bra is tossed aside, and your nipple hardens as it hits the cold air.

“May I..?”

You nod. His hands gently play with your breasts, occasionally fiddling the nipple. He also gives it an experimental lick and suck between every touch. You moan and sigh at each touch, every one of them leaving you wanting more.

As he plays with your breasts, your hands sneakily go down to his crotch, zipping down the fly and pulling down his boxer, releasing his hard manhood. Your right hand wrap itself around the shaft, while your left go his tip, which is leaking with precum.

Your hand begin to work its magic, the right pumping up and down, and the other rubbing the tip, making a circling motion. He moans onto your breasts, the vibration sending chills down your spine. This goes on for a minute until you decided to pick up the pace.

As you pump his cock faster, he also sucks on your nipples harder, each one of them getting the same attention he’s giving.

Soon enough, he comes onto your hands. You bring your hands to your face, and you lick them clean. Newt blushes at the sight as he rests his head on top of your chest.


“Newt? Is everything okay?”

“I’m so lucky…”

You were about to ask him what he meant until he position himself at your entrance. Before he enters you though, you swiftly reach to your bedside and pull out a condom, unwrapping it and placing it on his cock.

It tenses back when you touch it, and you know he is ready for what’s about to come. No pun intended.

“If this hurts… Tell me to stop, [Name]. I don’t want to hurt you,”

He slowly slides himself inside of you, his cock stretching you slowly, painfully. You cringe and whimper at the burning sensation, and you cling onto his shoulder for your dear life. He stops moving when your nails dig into his skin, worry flashes in his green eyes.

“I’m okay Newt, ah.. Give me some time to adjust..”

You try to move your hip so his cock goes deeper. Newt understands, and he slowly sinks himself fully inside of you.

As the burning sensation subsides, you begin to feel pleasure. The feeling of being full, it makes you go crazy. And you want more of him.

“Newt, you can move now,”

He starts thrusting in an out of you with a slow pace, still testing the waters. He wants to make sure that you are in your most comfortable position. With each thrust, his moan gets louder. And with each thrust, he picks up the pace.

You don’t know what to feel anymore. The sensation in your abdomen or the spinning in your head. Everything happen all at once, and you can’t contain it anymore. You beg for him to go faster, harder, and he does with every thrust.

Symphony of your love making fills the air, both voices complementing each other. Him calling your name, you moaning his name, him grunting and you whimpering at every thrust. You reach your peak when he hits that spot inside of you that builds up your release. You brace yourself on his shoulder, while kissing him before it happens.

“I love you [Name]… Ah… So much…”

“I love you too Newt…”

He comes first into the condom, you second after he finishes. It’s the most amazing thing to ever happen in your life, and even now, you’re still seeing stars. Your body feels like a jelly too. Both of your panting is the only sound you hear for a minute, until he breaks the silence and asks,

“So… How was it?”

“Really Newt?”

“Um… Am I not supposed to ask that…?”

“You did great Newt, I love every second of it,”

“Oh thank heavens, I thought you weren’t enjoying it as much as I did,”

“Trust me, I really did. And now, thanks to you, I don’t think I can concentrate on the test tomorrow”

He gives you a guilty toothy smile, and mutters a series of sorry to you.

“It’s alright baby, I’m sure I’ll nail that nest,”

“Are you really sure?”

“I am,”

“A hundred percent?”

“A hundred percent sure. Now come here and let’s sleep. I feel very tired,”

He scoots down next to you, pulling the cover over your and his naked body. You curl up next to him, and he wraps his arm around you.


“Yes, love?”

“Please don’t leave me,”

“That’s my line, sweetheart. Now, let us sleep,”

“Goodnight Mr.Scamander,” you smile.

“Goodnight too Ms.[Last Name].”

The last thing you feel before falling asleep was his lips on your forehead.

Creepypasta #1107: I Think I’d Encountered A Wendigo

Length: Medium

My wife and I have been running the rat race for years. A family, a house in the city, two dogs, and a cat. The stereotypical American Dream. But the city took its toll. The neighborhood got worse, the crime rose, and we found ourselves looking for a way out.

Our opportunity came when I was offered a new job out of state. It was a great career move, but we didn’t want to move to a new city just to have the same problems again. So we started looking around and found a great mountain community about an hour and a half from the job. There was a great ranch style house with a big back porch, windows everywhere, and a lot of property. The back yard had a big grassy area, a creek that cut the property in half, and acres of woods beyond. It’s huge. The house is more than twice the size of our house in the city. It’s all updated and has no neighbors within a mile. It’s a radical change from the life we lived in the city. Best of all, it was less than half of what we were paying for our old house.

The house was a foreclosure and when we asked the listing agent about it, she simply said the old family had abandoned the property. We really didn’t think anything of it.

The first three months were uneventful. We settled into our new life. The kids got used to the new school and new friends, and we got used to the big house and property.

But then the weather turned cold and things started to get weird on the property. It started with noises from the back property. Things we chalked up to being in the woods. Then the motion lights around the house started going off randomly. Once again we just chalked it up to being in the woods.

But last night, it all changed. Last night was the most terrifying night of my life.

One of the dogs was at the back door whining and scratching. I assumed he needed to go to the bathroom so I grabbed my flashlight and walked out the back door.

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A Raven Among Crows: Pt 6

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part Five  

(Y/N)= Your Name

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name 

Warning: Awwwweee sheeeettttt sooonnnn thheeee fffeeeeeeellllllssss

You couldn’t get the idea of you and Tormund out of your head since the climb. You stared at him all the time and remained close to him for you felt like you owed him your life. He didn’t talk to you much after words, you turn back to see the cold ice wall stand where it’s supposed to be stood. 

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The Moon’s Dagger and The Sun’s Arrow -Jaemin!soulmate au

@idontknowahaechan - oooooohh soulmate!jaemin (this is4morgan n viv)

so in that case I guess i gotta tag you two dudes as well @secretlymadeoutofcups @jaeminnana and also @jaeminniemouse

Member: Na Jaemin

Type: Fluff mostly but maybe a slight bit angsty

Warnings: Mentions of death and suicide but it’s not that bad, Blood?

Plot: In a past life you and nana were soulmates but that ended badly thousands of years later he finds you again even if he didn’t know he was looking in the first place.

A/N- I personally cringed writing this not because it’s cringy (wait it might actually be idk my cringiness is clouding my judgement) but more because of how bad I think it is

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It was a myth of love and heartbreak. The myth was about two people from different kingdoms, enemy kingdoms, who fell desperately and hopelessly in love. Due to the kingdoms ban on interactions between the peoples of the two kingdoms the two were forced to keep their love secret meeting only in a pavilion surrounded in a pond, flowers and vines in the silence of midnight. The legend says the soulmate’s love for each other was so greatly powerful that with the two of them together they could summon the light of the moon and the sun combined, the lights would dance with the couple encouraging their romance.

This paradise wasn’t eternal; war broke out and the couple was separate. One was injured, with an arrow whilst the other died in battle stab through the heart with a danger. There are two versions of the myth one states that so full of grief and rage, they would rather have died than be parted from their loved one, that they drowned themselves in the pond. The other version of the myth says they buried the dagger and the arrow under the pavilion and swore they would, in another life, be reunited with their lost love.

 You closed the book and set it down, you had read it again for what felt like the thousandth but you didn’t care it was still your favourite story whether it was real or not you didn’t care, it was hella cute even if it wasn’t a happy ending.

You got up from your pillow fort and walked over to your bags which lay packed ready to go. Your friends and you were going on a school trip to a camp an hour’s drive away for an ‘education experience of myths’ which in other words means the school wanted to get rid of the troublesome kids so they could redecorate the teacher’s lounge.

A text from your parents told you to clean your room and go through your packing list so you’re ready to go when they swing by.

You gather all the pillows and stuffed them under the bed along with most of the junk on your floor, this made it look clean but what your parents don’t know can’t hurt them soo.

You grabbed you bags and opened them, riffling through them with the speed of light and closing them again. Cleaning of the room, check and making sure I’ve packed properly, check.

The camp was big, like we’re talking so big it had a Museum of Myths (you we’re freaking out about this one), a lake, group activities and enough cabins to fit two schools, which it was. Another school was there when your bus stopped, a private school.

The two schools would be competing for ‘fun’ though out events in the camp. You wouldn’t take part in any events just watch from the side-lines and support your school.

The schools were way more competitive than the teachers had probably planned. Shouting swears and going as far as to pull pranks on each other. Fish, frogs and mouldy food had found its way into many peoples’ bed from both schools. Buckets of soup, lake water and spoiled milk had been placed all over the camp sending panic and chaos through ever camper.

One of the events was badminton, not wanting pranked you sat at the back whilst the players stepped onto the court. Then it began the shuttle was launched, players hitting it back and forth. Then you spotted him hitting the shuttle on the opposing team’s side.

His hair curled the colour of hazelnuts and chocolate, a cheeky grin spread on his face gracing the world with its presence, plump pink lips and kind charming eyes. He seemed to radiate positivity and sunshine. He moved with grace and elegance trying to defeat the player from your school.

His school was winning and only had one more point to score before they took the victory for that event. That’s exactly what he did, smacking the shuttle out of the reach of his opponent reach and claim his school another victory. You didn’t care about the game or who wins it but when he got the victory you couldn’t help but feel happy for him, even though a wave of swears and hatred went through your school

He beamed a smile and did a cute little fist pump in the air. He looked over the audience and his eyes met yours, his smile faltered for a minute while he looked at you. Averting your eyes, you started to talk to your friends at your sides, but you still felt his lingering gaze upon you.

After dark the hatred remained and the schools increased the horridness of the pranks after the badminton game. Some kids had been thrown into the lake others had all their clothes hidden after showering. You had managed to stay clear of all the awful things until midnight when you desperately needed the bathroom. You were slightly terrified of the dangers but screw it you needed to get it over with.

Slipping on your converse and taking a flashlight you headed out into the dark.

You got far enough to trick yourself into believing that you would be fine but stupid universe just wasn’t gonna let it happen that way. You walked right into a trip wire and set off a chain reaction which led to the bucket of fish guts above your head. The bucket tilted ready to spill its contents all over your head a hand swooped in snaking around your waist ripping you from the danger. The figure didn’t let go after the fish guts hit the ground inches from where you both stood, instead they led you out from the cover of the trees and out into the open. The moonlight acted as a flashlight shining on his handsome features as he smiled down at you.

“Hi, found you” he smiled at you, hand still around you.

“H-hi, you were looking for me?” you timidly said confused about what that meant.

“Yeah I remembered you from the badminton and I had to find you after the game” he said giving you a cheeky little wink, he continued to speak “I want to show you something, follow me” he let go of you and walked back into the trees.

“Wait one minute boy, I don’t know your name let alone trust you, a stranger, to walk me into the forest” you half yelled, but that wasn’t completely true you did have this extremely odd feeling that you could trust him which is why when he didn’t answer you ran in after him anyway. He waited for you beside a tree and when you caught up he took your hand in his intertwining your fingers with his.

You weren’t too shocked by this because the feeling of this being so right pushed those thoughts out your head.

“My names Na Jaemin” even in the darkness you could see he had given you another smile which for first time you retuned, he then began to walk again you slightly behind him.

The walk went on for a good twenty minutes and then you saw it, light from your flashlights illuminating the waters of the pond and the white marble of the pavilion. An audible gasp escaped your lips as he led you closer. A bridge took you both across the pond and he parted the vines and pulled you in after him. This place seemed so familiar to you, Jaemin seemed so familiar to you.

Jaemin led to the centre and let go of your hand walking up to a pillar and taking matches from his back pocket, striking it and lighting a torch, the flame from the torch carried on in a line around the pavilion until the small space was completely lit. You could see the floor pattern now a Heart with a dagger and an arrow through it.

Jaemin stepped back into the centre and took both your hands.

“You know what my name is, shouldn’t you at least return the favour” you pondered what he was asking.

“Y/N!” you sorta blurted out. Then blushed. A LOT.

He hysterically laughed at you then stepped close letting go of one of your hands and brushing his thumb over your cheek. You looked into each other eyes before your eyes flickered done to his pink lips then back to his beautiful dark orbs. He moved in closing the gap connecting his lips lightly to your own his hand cupped your face while the other set itself on your hip. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you both started to move your lips. The emotion in the kiss made it seem like you were both making up for thousands of year’s worth of lost time.

You opened your eyes and immediately stopped kissing him looking down at his chest were under his shirt a bright golden light illuminated and spilled out spiralling around you both. Focusing on his chest you hadn’t noticed the silvery light spilling out of your own chest. Jaemin seemed just as shocked as you gaping open mouthed as both the lights tangled together like intertwining threads.

Your vision began to go blurry like a silk vail shielded your vision, then you remembered the war, the pavilion and Jaemin your very own sunshine. You looked down and saw a dagger plunged deep into your chest and the pain and heart break you felt knowing you were dying leaving Jaemin behind. Then the memory ended and you found yourself sitting on the floor looking at the floor of the pavilion where the arrow and dagger looked back. You looked up, Jaemin sat in front of you still in a trance, you crawled over to him cupping his face in your hands as the memories of your past life flood your brain causing your eyes to tear up.

Jaemin’s eyes opened. He reached up and pulled you to him to reconnect your lips this time he knew why he was so madly in love with you. You broke apart from the passionate kiss.

“Found You” he said a smile plastered on his face “My precious moon light, my soulmate, my dagger”

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Ok, so not sure if i like this one but I’m gonna post it anyway just in case it’s not as bad as I think it is, yo does that even make sense?

sangrites  asked:

“There’s three things in life you can’t escape - death, taxes, and me.” + harrymort

“There’s three things in life you can’t escape - death, taxes, and me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Harry replied, not daring to turn around as he ran through the trees. The wind whipped at his face in reprimand, but he could not slow down lest he be caught.

“Prove me wrong, then.” Voldemort’s voice echoed around him. He could be anywhere. Still Harry pushed on.

“First: death,” Harry panted, ducking a branch. “You’ve escaped death by creating horcruxes. I’m- I’m escaping death by being a horcrux, so there!”

Voldemort might have been laughing, or it might have just been Harry’s imagination; the snow crunching underneath Harry’s feet was so loud in his ears he could barely hear anything else.

“Second: taxes,” Harry continued. The frost was biting at his fingers, swelling them uncomfortably. Harry just wished to be safe, warm, anywhere but here… “Do- do wizards even do taxes? You haven’t let me live long enough to care!”

“Harry, dearest, I am letting you live. Come with me and you will be safe. Or… prove me wrong.”

Harry was growing tired. Making mistakes. He didn’t notice the puddle of frozen ice in front of him until it was too late. His leg sank in, freezing, and the shards of ice cut into his skin so painfully. He muffled his cries of pain in his hand as he pulled himself free.

“Three… you…” Harry moaned, sounding desperate even to his own ears. He trudged on- he had to escape, he had to, or he would be letting everyone down.

Every footstep was a name to keep him going. Ron. Hermione. Luna. Fred. George. Ginny. Neville. Fleur.

But Harry could not keep it up forever. His list of names ran short, and so did his energy, until he could to nothing but collapse against a cold, rough tree. The bark dug into his fingers, his side. His body screamed for breath, but- but-

He pushed away from the tree, gasping, only to fall into Voldemort’s waiting arms.

“You’ve tried admirably, Harry,” Voldemort murmured, holding Harry in a tight, confining embrace that Harry could not break out of. “But there is nowhere you can go. There is no escape from me.”

Harry sagged. His leg throbbed. His fingers and toes were quickly numbing.

“Come, dearest. Let me take care of you… heal your wounds and let you regain your wasted energy.” As Harry nodded in defeat, Voldemort added one more thing, hissing it into his ear in a way that was both threatening and pleading at the same time. “Never leave again.”

Voldemort apparated them back to his manor. And Harry never did.
Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 7 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 12768 -> Chapter 7 word count: 3867

Chapters: 7

Chapter 7 summary:

Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan)- a wordless, yet meaningful look between two people who both desire to initiate something, but both are too scared to initiate themselves

Only five more chapters to go after this one! Can you believe we’re this far into the story already?

I wrote this whole chapter in one night so I’m sorry if its not cohesive ^^; Also, there might not be a chapter next week? Maybe? I’m not a hundred percent sure yet, it depends on what happens with my tests. If I have to push it back a week I’ll make sure to leave a note somewhere on my tumblr. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this chapter! This is the last semi-fluffy chapter for the rest of the story, by the way.

Thank you in advance for reading!

“How’s that list going?”

Gon glanced over his shoulder, brow puckering. “Huh?”

“Your list,” Killua repeated. He dug the heel of his sneaker into the dirt and pushed himself forward. “Don’t tell me you can’t remember. I know you’re forgetful, Gon, but c’mon. I’m hurt.”

Gon stuck out his tongue. “I didn’t forget! I just…”

“You just-” Killua grunted as he threw his leg over a fallen tree trunk, “- what, exactly?”

“I ran out of people to add to the list,” Gon admitted.

Killua took a second to catch his breath, looking over at his best friend. Gon’s face was a blotchy mess and shone with a layer of sweat. But the way his hair flopped over, falling into bright gold-brown eyes, was enough to make Killua’s heart lurch.

He abruptly turned away, ears burning. It should be illegal for Gon to look so damn good like that- all disheveled and hot and-

“Killua? Are you oka-”

“Fine!” Killua straightened up and started the long and laborious trek the hill again. He could feel Gon’s worried stare digging into the back of his head but he ignored it. They’d been over this on the drive here; Killua could spend one day out in the wilderness with his best friend. The marigolds inside his chest wouldn’t stop him from enjoying the first warm day of spring.

Or he hoped so, at least.

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Evgeni Malkin - Nightmares

I really really love Evgeni Malkin. Could you write some hurt/comfort thing after he wakes you up from a nightmare? I hope that’s okay. Thank you.

Author’s Note: I am the queen of nightmares! So am sorry if this got to vivid. -Julianne

The green fog was starting to drive you nuts. You couldn’t see a damn thing, and why was the fog green was that normal. Can fog be green? You thought to yourself. You kept walking down the narrow path in hopes of finding what ever it was you were trying to find.

You stopped at a tall black tree. It stood out from the others and for some reason it felt like you knew something about it. Was this what you were looking for? You began to walk closer to the tree, until you felt something whisper in your ear.


Chills went down your spin. You turned around and saw nothing nor no one. That was always a fear of your. Hear your name being called and see no one. With a deep breath you began to walk again. With each step closer to the tree you felt like you were being watched by what, you weren’t sure. As you got closer to the tree you began to panic less.

Until you saw that tree.

The tree was covered in blood. Just as you were about to walk backwards a body come out from behind the tree. Only it wasn’t alive. Fear ran through you, yet you could move. All you could do was scream.

“Whoa! Why we scream?” Geno asked as your body shot up screaming. You looked over at your boyfriend and realized that it was all a dream. You let out a deep sigh.

“Nightmare.” You said pushing your hair back.

“Come here.” He said as he wrapped his strong arms around you. “I make better.” He placed a kiss on your cheek and laid you two back down with you on his bare chest.

“I here, now. I here.” He said calming you down. He ran his hand through your hair and the other laid on you bum.

“Want to talk about dream?” He asked pressing kisses to the top of your head.

“No, I just need cuddles.” You said snuggling closer.

“Cuddles I do.” He laughed.


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  • everybody’s favorite puzzle lover i will never let this go is here!!
  • ill have fun with this cause jaebum is my warm father whom i love and would go to war for
  • also bambam is in this one :D
  • speaking of fathers, jaebum basically is one
  • instead of haunting a house per se, he haunts a whole neighborhood, the one where he grew up
  • the way jaebum died was fucked up bc he was with his brother kunpimook one halloween night, trick or treating
  • jaebum had thought it’d be fun to go down to the more closed off part of the neighborhood where people rarely put up decorations or did anything in the holiday spirit
  • he had only meant to spook his brother, to maybe disappear behind a tree and jump out at him later
  • but then these assholes playing around with some knives try to freak them out
  • well, one of these assholes in particular got too close to jaebum’s little bro and to protect him jaebum got up in that dude’s face and shoved him away
  • the asshole didn’t like that
  • jaebum noticed that the demeanor changed from just teasing to something serious bc these guys really thought they were something, and here jb was, “threatening them”
  • jb told kunpimook to run back home to his parents bc he didn’t want him to get hurt and kunpimook did run off, but bc he was too afraid for his brother, he hid behind a tree to watch
  • one of the guys lunged at jb and he dodged, but there were four against one and he was steadily losing
  • then out of nowhere one came up behind him and kunpimook yelled his brother’s name to warn him
  • jaebum whipped around too fast
  • the knife was already hilt deep in jaebum’s midsection by then
  • when the other guys realized what happened, they panicked and ran off and kunpimook ran over to his brother, grabbing him before he could fall onto the cold gravel
  • “i thought i told you to run” jaebum coughed, his mouth filling with blood
  • kunpimook was freaking out like he didn’t want to leave jaebum there, he wanted to pull the knife out but he knew it would just make it worse, and there was no way he could get anyone’s attention fast enough from where they were
  • still, it didn’t stop him from yelling for help
  • his voice broke with every second that passed and the colder jaebum’s hand began to feel his voice turned hysteric
  • “run, bam. go get mom. everything will be alright” jaebum tried to reassure his brother, but kunpimook was already bawling his eyes out bc nothing was going to be alright. jb was dying and he knew it
  • “no it won’t. not without you”
  • jaebum just smiles as best as he can, his chest heaving for air as the world starts to daze away
  • before he dies though, he feels his brother close his hand around his, whispering things like “stay awake okay? you promised you were gonna take me to get really good bbq, after i graduate high school school remember?” “we can go home and watch all your favorite movies, even the boring ones” “i’ll even lend you my comic collection” “please don’t leave me, jaebum”
  • just made myself cry wtf
  • it’s only a few weeks after his funeral when jaebum suddenly finds himself in the neighborhood where he died, standing outside his parents’ house
  • kunpimook is helping his family pack up their things, and when jaebum realizes what’s going on he panics
  • “bam!! bam it’s me!” he yells, running in front of his brother to get his attention, but kunpimook only flinches, grasping at the box in his small hands a little tighter before walking right through jb
  • bc ever since jb’s death he’s been having nightmares, seeing jb in the corner of his eye even though he knows he’s not there
  • jaebum is losing his mind trying to comprehend what’s happening, trying to understand why no one could see him, why his brother just walked through him like he was a-
  • ghost. he was a ghost now.
  • the realization is so painful for jaebum that all he can do is sit in the driveway, screaming and crying and wishing his family could hear him
  • they don’t
  • they’ve packed their car to the roof and they’re pulling out of the driveway and the last thing jaebum sees is kunpimook peeking out of the window, his eyes wet with tears as he stares at the house and jaebum thinks for just a minute that his brother sees him but by then they’re already down the street and out of sight
  • turns out, kunpimook did see him
  • everyday since then, kunpimook thought of ways to explain what he’d seen, trying to reassure himself that he hadn’t seen his big brother crying in the driveway when he’d been there to see them lower his lifeless body into the ground
  • to cope, he starts researching ghosts
  • he knows everything about them, how they inhabit, how they are sometimes unable to move on, and he thinks that maybe jb hadn’t moved on yet either
  • determined, he dedicates his time to research and promises himself that he’ll go back to his old house one day and basically that’s what he does
  • in comes you, a medium
  • ever since you were a kid, you had always been really in tune with spirits and the like and no one knew why, but you decided to make a living out of it
  • your speciality was communicating with spirits and helping them talk to their loved ones before helping them cross over
  • you also happen to live in the same neighborhood bam and jb did
  • one day you get a call from a young man explaining that he needed to speak to his older brother, and believed he was still walking the neighborhood he died in, so you set up an appointment to meet 
  • when you met bam, you were immediately taken aback bc hey, this kid is super young
  • not super young but you know,,, you’ve got some years on him
  • anywho he’s very polite and tells you to call him bambam bc he doesn’t want the meeting between you two to be so stiff but you can tell by the shake in his hands that he’s nervous beyond hiding so you just give him a reassuring smile like “it’ll be alright, communicating with those who’ve passed can be intimidating but I believe we can do it together”
  • kunpimook can’t help but feel like that comforting tone of voice is familiar, but he can’t place it just yet
  • you two end up visiting his house, which hasn’t been sold since the Im family moved out due to the rumors about the family’s son’s death
  • you had been a bit older than bam when the news first came out, and while you had never met the Im family, they seemed so nice
  • your parents wouldn’t shut up about their dead son for so long that you swore you started seeing him in your dreams, asking you for help
  • which is partly why you took the job when you realized who was on the other line
  • “jaebum right?” you ask kunpimook, who just nods with his hands stuffed deep in his pockets “im going to call on him okay? don’t be alarmed if things start flying or the temperature drops” 
  • kunpimook stands in the corner, watching as you begin to feel around for energy, your eyes shut tight
  • slowly, you call jaebum’s name
  • to your shock, you feel freezing all of a sudden
  • you reach up to warm yourself when your hand hits something hard, and your eyes immediately fly open, staring face to chest with none other than jaebum himself
  • immediately you fly back in surprise, bam runs up to you, grabbing your arms to steady you with a “are you okay? what’s wrong?” 
  • and you just stare at him like “can’t you see?”
  • for a minute, he surveys the area and his eyes pass over jaebum’s stoic figure a few times before he looks back down at you, shaking his head
  • at this, you hear a suppressed sob, and look back over to where jaebum is, now turned away from the both of you with his hand over his mouth
  • gently, you tell bam to stand outside for a minute, and reluctantly he agrees
  • as soon as he’s gone, you whisper “jaebum? that’s you, right?”
  • “why can’t he see me?” is all he can repeat, dropping his head against the wall across from you
  • you’ve never heard such a sad, hopeless voice before and immediately your heart breaks
  • “he’s just not used to it. i’m sure if we try again-” “he saw me when he moved away, and now he can’t see me at all”
  • gently, you reach out, and when your hand makes contact with jaebum’s shoulder, he gasps
  • “y-you can touch me?” he sounds so surprised that he’s momentarily distracted from his grief
  • “i’ve always been able to touch spirits. just as i’ve always been able to see them. bambam called me to help find you, you know.”
  • jb’s so overwhelmed bc you!! someone is touching him!! someone can really touch him and if you’re here, then maybe he can talk to his brother
  • you’re able to slowly get him to open up, asking him questions about his life, checking to see how much he remembers and what he’s been doing since he died
  • turns out, jaebum has been protecting the children of the neighborhood
  • he tells you stories about how ever since the night he died, he’s become fiercely loyal to the other children that might be in danger 
  • every halloween, and really every other day, jaebum watches over the kids and makes sure they get home safely, protects them from bullies, and scares off robbers and predators alike
  • he’s basically become the unsung hero to the neighborhood, and bc of this, there hasn’t been an incident like jaebum’s in years
  • finally, jaebum asks if there’s a way bambam can see him, and you tell him that you’ll try your best
  • bringing bambam back in, you tell him to focus on his memories of his brother and tell jaebum to focus on being seen
  • for a while, it seems like it’s not working, but then bambam stumbles upon a rather strong memory of his brother and him as children, playing in the pool in the summer heat, and when he smiles, he makes eye contact with his brother
  • almost immediately, bambam collapses into his arms and hugs him close, his tears free flowing bc he’s finally in his brother’s arms again. they’re colder, and they’re not as strong as they used to be, but they’re his brother’s and they make him feel safe
  • the two stay like that for a long time, holding each other and speaking about how much they miss the other, and when you’re just about to leave, thinking it’s time you give them some space, jaebum calls for you and with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen, he thanks you
  • after that day, you can’t seem to stay away
  • bambam comes down to the house with you every weekend when he’s out of school, and the two of you summon jb to talk for hours
  • at first, it was really just bam talking to jb about all the things he’d missed but slowly jb becomes curious of you, and you tell them all the stories of spirits that you’ve encountered as a medium
  • you tell them funny tales of demons trapped in ouija boards and all the funny celebrities you’ve called back to life to talk to you when you were bored
  • you even find yourself going to the house without bam just to talk and jaebum doesn’t seem to mind at all
  • you find out jaebum has an affinity for mind games
  • you bring him things like puzzles, sudoku, mahjong, and he just plays them with you for hours
  • tells you about how popular he was amongst the ladies when he was alive 
  • “i had so many girls you could call me a nunnery” “please never speak to me again”
  • jaebum asks you to summon michael jackson once but it doesn’t work
  • whenever bam is telling stories about his time in college, he has to be v v careful about what he says
  • one time he was like twenty minutes into a really funny story about how his friend got arrested for streaking on campus and he was about to mention how he had gotten blackout drunk but jaebum just gives him this look. you know the one. the dad one
  • bambam decides he won’t finish the story
  • on actual halloween, you and bam follow jaebum around the neighborhood and help him keep an eye out for the lil kiddies and you swoon whenever he looks at them and smiles bc he looks so fond of them all and it’s so sweet how protective he is
  • “you would’ve been a great father” you tell him once, and you swear you see a flash of sadness in his eyes for a moment before he laughs it off with “bambam’s already been enough to take care of in the first place”
  • cue an offended high pitched “hey!!1!”
  • tries to catch onto the latest #memes but bam always shows him outdated ones on purpose just to make fun of him
  • when jaebum brings up you guys possibly trying the cinnamon challenge you know bam has to be stopped
  • of course bam teaches him how to dab
  • now whenever you guys summon jb he immediately dabs in unison with bam
  • you: i want to strangle both of you to death
  • bam: heh, but jb’s already dead *finger guns*
  • jb: *finger guns*
  • once jb finds out how to appear in your house, he does it all the time
  • showering? jb is scolding you about cleaning your shower tiles more
  • cooking? jb has a lot to say abt the amount of junk food you consume
  • watching a drama? “back in my day, dramas were a lot less cliche” “back in your day the cameras they used to film dramas captured like four pixels so piss off”
  • tries to style his hair like the male leads you like in the drama but whenever you ask him if he’s imitating them he claims that he’s always looked like that
  • one day bam has the gall to say that if jb was still alive, he might’ve made a move on you
  • to your surprise jb doesn’t even deny it
  • he just shrugs like “prolly still will tbh”
  • when bam spills that jb used to sing him to sleep, you summon jb to your room one night and ask him to sing you to sleep as well
  • jaebum acts like it bothers him but he really doesn’t mind, slipping in next to you under the covers and absentmindedly carding his fingers through your hair like he used to do bam
  • you blush when he leans in a little more, complaining about how “small” your bed is before he begins to sing softly into your ear, his mouth inches away from your ear
  • despite being flustered by his proximity, you fall asleep very quickly, and jb watches with a warm smile, gently pressing a protective kiss to your temple before he whispers back “sleep tight, sweetheart”
  • jaebum is reluctant to admit it, but you’ve strangely become someone he wants to protect too
  • he thinks in another world, had that night never happened, he might’ve liked to be with you
  • bc you’re everything he’d want in someone tbh
  • you and bam get along like brother and sister, you understand him so well, and you’re kind and empathetic
  • you make him feel alive
  • jb knows he doesn’t have a chance bc honestly, he’s dead, there isn’t much he can do for you
  • and he knows one day you’ll find someone for you that can actually take care of you and it scares him, in a different way than it would if bam found someone bc of course bambam would always come back to jb no matter what, that’s his brother, but you don’t have any ties to him. if bam didn’t need your help anymore you might’ve moved on with your life already
  • still, when he hears your laugh, or he sees you smile, or he feels your hand ghost along his skin, he forgets that
  • even if just for a little bit
  • sometimes you catch him when he’s thinking like this, eyes focused on a part of your body, usually your lips, while you’re telling him about something going on in your life
  • “jae? are you okay? you look like you’re thinking about something heavy” you ask him, frowning as he slowly comes back to reality
  • “yeah, sorry, i was just… don’t worry, keep talking.” because even if he never tells you, you’ll always be his favorite “if only”

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This sounds fun! Could you please do sirius black and numbers 4. 10. 11. 13, 18 and 21. thanks so much <3

4. Best places to kiss on their body

Sirius loved having his forehead kissed. It was something that he often saw mothers do to their children, but he never had done to him. It made him feel most loved. You loved kissing his chest though. When you’d give him hugs, and bury your face in his chest you couldn’t help it. You’d peck a soft kiss at his chest because he, he was home.

10. Fears/phobias

  • Being alone
  • Losing the people he loved
  • As a child, house elves. Kreacher was terrible and would haunt his dreams for years. 

11. Bad or petty habits

Oh lordy, he has many. 

  • Biting his fingernails
  • Running his hands through his hair when he was nervous
  • Making a terribly annoying tapping noise with his quill during tests
  • Making sure that he always stole a bite of your food, just because it bugged you
  • Having the last say in arguments
  • Winking at everything that breathed (yes, this even includes the horrible Madame Pince)
  • Transforming into his animagus form some nights because don’t look at me like that, it is cold and I am warmer with fur.
  • Chasing his tail when he is bored

13. What gets them flustered

Not much makes the heartthrob of Hogwarts blush, but when you bit your lip and winked at him after failing at flirting with you for weeks, he faltered. He felt the warmth in his cheeks, and he couldn’t help but gulp. 

What did you do to him?

18. Things they’ll never admit

  • That he was wrong (unless he really, really fucked up)
  • That he actually lost the bet with Moony on when James and Lily got together. He totally was right. 
  • That he was glad Regulus was in Slytherin. At least his parents had one kid who wasn’t a disappointment
  • That he missed coming home to his slightly cold house during holiday breaks. Even though his home life was shitty, he still missed being there. It was his home, and he wanted to be able to come back. 
  • The fact that he came to the Potter’s house crying the night he was kicked out
  • That he was kicked out. He told everyone that he ran away. Not that he was forced out after he watched his mother burn his name off the family tree and call him a stranger. 

21. Turning points in their life

  • When he realized that blood purity wasn’t an important thing in deeming someone a good person. He was six. 
  • When he felt the stinging on his skin after Walburga slapped him for the first time. He was nine.
  • When he was sorted into the good house. The house he wanted to be in. The house he could call home. He was eleven. 
  • When he found out Remus was a werewolf. His friend’s eyes grew misty and he repeatedly told him that he would do anything as long as he didn’t tell a soul. He would leave rather than have people find out. He was twelve. 
  • When he saw Lily Evans crying in a lone stairwell after her best friend called her a Mudblood for the first time. He was fifteen.
  • When he felt the burn deep in his bones and heard a scream so inhuman that it scared him. It was his. He was under the cruciatus curse. He was sixteen.
  • When he showed up at the Potter’s home hours later, bruised, scared, and now with a new family. He was sixteen.
  • When he stood beside his best friend at the alter and watched him marry the love of his life. He was eighteen.
  • When he cradled his first love in his arms days before that wedding. He was only eighteen.
  • When he watched his friendships slowly fall apart because of the strain of war. He was twenty. 
  • When he saw James’ dead eyes staring back at him, heard Harry’s cries and smelt the sickening smell of burnt skin. He was twenty-one.
  • When he had his first encounter with an Azkaban Death Eater. He wanted to die. He was only twenty-one. 
  • When he saw Remus for the first time in twelve years. He was thirty-three. 
  • When he held Harry in a tight hug for the last time. He was thirty-five.

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They were both looking around frantically, calling out your name. The others, weren’t as worried. You always seemed to get lost, distracted by something or another, but you always made your way back. The brothers didn’t have the same patients. “I’ll go looking for her!” Fili offered. “Perhaps if I climb the tree, I could get a better view!” Kili began. “You will definitely end up hurting yourself.” You chuckled, walking into view. The two ran to you, colliding with you and bringing you to the ground. “We thought we lost you!” Kili cried, hugging you tightly. You laughed, winded and hugged them back. “Don’t worry, I’ll always be around. You can’t rid of me that easily!” Fili sat up and looked serious. “We never want to be rid of you.” Kili nodded, still holding on to you for dear life. “I love you guys too.” You smiled. 

Nanny Cam

“Open it, open it!” My nephew was bouncing in my brother’s lap, his pudgy hands balled into fists of flailing excitement.

I’d never seen a kid who liked to give presents more than receive them until Noah came along. He’d barely paid much attention to his own gifts, which he’d left scattered about the floor around the tree, and instead insisted on handing everyone else’s out. He was watching me closely with a wide, delighted grin, eager for me to dive into the wrapping paper.

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The Mysterious Little People of Alaska

The most common name for them is Inukin and they’re generally small in stature but big in strength and supernatural powers. They dress like Natives and have Native habits like smoking, but pull off their hats and hoods and you see their pointed little heads and ears.

In 1993, the Arctic Sounder ran accounts, republished in the Anchorage Daily News, from people who had seen or heard stories of Inukin. Flora Penn described seeing a little man sitting on the root of a driftwood tree smoking a pipe while she was out berry picking with a friend on a trip up the Noatak River in Northwest Alaska. 

“He had a pointed head, a big nose and pointed ears. We tried to hide and watch him for about an hour. He just smoked and looked around. Suddenly he jumped up and began to run toward the high mountains,” Penn told the Arctic Sounder.  Old stories say that the little people used to stay with the big people long ago. Until one time a little person’s child was playing with the big people’s kids. Just playing and a dog gobbled up the baby of the little person. Ever since then the little people could never stay among the people. 

Joe Sun a villager recalls a story her heard “I hear from my parents in the Maniilaq area that there was this man hunting. He had a real rifle. (Not the old kind that you had to load through the barrel with a rod.) He saw a caribou he wanted to get close to, to have a shot at it. He saw another person trying to hunt this caribou too. When this man, a big man, got close to shoot the caribou it changed into a little man. The big man jumped at the little man who escaped and began running and climbing up the mountain.”