they r so cuuuuute

BTS as Kuroko No Basuke characters (Vorpal Swords)

Here is a thread no one asked for :)

Kim Seokjin as Murasakibara Atsushi

  • Food is love
  • Food is life
  • Will kill you for food
  • Will probably eat you after killing you too
  • Very possessive 
  • Seokjin about his looks
  • Mura about his basketball skills
  • Soft
  • Like the softiest
  • Act like children 
  • literally
  • basically a 5 yr old stuck in a grown ass man’s body
  • but they’re very supportive
  • and innocent
  • like they’re downright pure
  • fucking angelic i tell you
  • one of a kind
  • lowkey will mother you
  • highkey will mother you
  • and bitch if you don’t behave you better best believe you’re dead meat
  • they will cook that meat and eat it
  • also hair goals
  • they’re prettier than 99.99% of the population
  • go cry in your nosebleeds ladies 
  • Very underappreciated
  • *cough* don’t get much screen time *cough*
  • we have become so heavily deprived of these two
  • its a famine out here fam (seokjin would be so proud of this pun)
  • They protecc they attacc but most importantly they snacc

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anonymous asked:

agh @ that anon i love the kiddo boxfam aus,,, btw ur baby rays r so cuuuuute,,, they made my heart burst.

Oui thank you,,, even though havent drawn bab Ray in awhile—