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Hello! I am Park Woodam. Being on HeyoTV today was so so fun. Honestly, I was worried a lot about this being my first time but it was so much fun! Thank you for watching!!❤×100
Hello!! It’s Jinyoungie. Hehe I also had so so much fun today on HeyoTV. Hehe Although I am still lacking a lot and awkward, I will show you all a better, prettier image!!! Thank you. Hehe

A Bundle Of Joy (Avengers Imagine)

A/N: Heyyyy!!! So this is kinda like my first imagine where there’s like no reader buuuut I guess it’s alright haha, I find this request really really cute tho, but I feel that I didn’t do it much justice to it as I’m not really good at writing baby stuff haha😅 But anyways, enjoy!!

Request: Ok i have an imagine idea where pietro finds an abandoned baby & is like ‘aw u r so cute imma keep ya’ & takes her back & everyone is like tf & piet is like 'can i keep her’ & wanda is like 'hell nah u had a fish for 3 days & it died’ but piet is like 'fuck yall’ & keeps her anyways & is like a father to the baby & everyone is like'aw so cute’ bucky especially likes the baby & just FLUFF with piet & the baby ughh itd just be so damn adorable

It was a good day for a run, the sun was setting, the wind was cooling yet not too cold. But well, to Pietro, every day is a good day for a run to the speedster. He would usually jog past a few blocks before testing his speed, it was a daily thing ever since he and his sister came to live with the Avengers.

Pietro was going to start running when he heard a baby’s cry, making him slow down his jog. He frowned as he scratched his head, trying to see if he was just hearing things or was there really a baby crying. He saw that that no one was doing anything so he decided that it wouldn’t hurt trying to figure out what exactly is that sound.

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How would the RFA members react to their s/o's being extremely short? Like 4'11 or something~.

OHOHO A SMOL BEAN… since I think headcanons are easier I’ll just write some HC’s if that is fine for you! And I’ll just add some reactions I got by myself because people say I’m small too! - Lizz 

|| Just wanted to add that I’m shorter than 4′11 and this absolutely adorable and precious. -Ellis ||


  • he isn’t the tallest one of the group but when he finds out that his s/o is smaller than him
  • boi…. the teasing begins
  • whenever he has the opportunity he just puts his ellbow or rests his chin on your head 
  • and whenever his s/o can’t reach a thing he laughs saying things like “aw u r so cute my small bae” but can’t reach it by himself.…..
  • SOMETIMES WHEN YOU’RE NEXT TO EACH OTHER HE’S JUST LIKE “wait.. WAIT… WHERE’S S/O? oh nevermind i didn’t see you”
  • or he’s putting things on your head (an apple, a cat, a mug…) just because he can
  • at the end he just loves you being smol and always picking you up to kiss you 


  • he thinks you’re so adorable??? like the first time he sees you he’s like… wow… so precious..
  • so adorable…
  • needs to be protected at all costs…
  • he feels so good when he stands next to u.. he feels so tall and he has the need to protect you (but you beat him in arm wrestling so a plus for u)
  • whenever you ask him if he can’t grab something for you he’s like “SURE HAHA” but has problems by himself.… 
  • he loves hugging you when he’s sitting 
  • you guys always hold hands when you’re in a big crowd because he’s afraid to lose you


  • he thinks this is too cute.. he clenched his heart and had to rest on a chair
  • he loves patting you on your head when you’re happy 
  • when you’re taking a selfie the first time he forgot about ur height and on the photo u guys couldn’t see ur face…
  • after this horrible experience for u he just goes on his knees whenever you take a photo together
  • whenever you can’t see something bc you’re too small he loves just holding you so you can see it


  • at the beginning she kinda felt anxious because she thought she was too tall for you
  • but now she’s used to it and she feels like the one who needs to protect you
  • (even though you’re the one who protects her most of the time)
  • she loves picking up things from a higher place from you 
  • and always watches you when you have to go on the tip toes… 
  • too cute…
  • one day she almost dropped her mug because you were too adorable
  • and then there was this moment.. 
  • she was too busy with work and her head was full with thoughts and she just crashed into u because she didn’t see you and…. 
  • she’s still sorry.. to this very day………..


  • the first time u guys met he didn’t even see you
  • you waved from down there (boi jumin is like the tallest one in the group what do u expect) and then he saw you
  • he was embarrassed…… 
  • big bean and smol bean
  • since he’s afraid this will happen again… he loves to take your hand every time he can… 
  • and whenever he has the urge to give you a kiss… he just picks you up 
  • but sometimes he’s also bending down to give you a kiss (it looks really funny but also super cute!!)
  • “S/O.. do you think I should hire an assistant for you too? So he can pick up things for you that are too high-” “no…” “you are right.. this is my job”

me: aw gosh boys r so cute I’m gay!
me also: anxious & touch-repulsed, gets really scared any time someone says they like me, has never dated anyone in my l i f e

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I think u and ur boyfriend r so cute together!

Aw, man. That’s so kind of you to say that, but I must inform you that we are no longer together. (ah, please do not feel bad about sending this though! I think it’s extremely sweet of you to want to tell me that and I hope you are having a lovely day!)

Helping hand

(This is the bad jeffclarence fanfic i was talking about. Prepare to cry about my shitty writting)

“You should try it once, you know, asking him out”

“I can’t…He’s obviously not interested in boys….or even girls..”

“That’s because he has never been with any of them, he has no opinion yet”

There was a short pause between both of them, the air was tense, so were the kids.

“He had a girlfriend like 5 years ago, Sumo…”

“We were 8y/o kids by then, he didn’t even know what to do..”

Jeff saddened a little bit, he really liked his friend Clarence. He had been liking him since the moment they met, it was a really deep feeling. He really wished that the other kid felt the same, but it was almost impossible.

“I don’t know…”

He softly replied, falling into his own thoughts and becoming silent for a while. Sumo looked at him and crossed his arms, he was really worried about both of them. He KNEW he had to do something, they were his friends after all. He stepped back, ruffled Jeff’s hair and waved goodbye.

“I gotta go now, Jeff, see you later at my house!”

He said then and ran away, he already had a plan.

“Um…okay, see you there…”

—- —- —- —-

“Hey! Clarence!”

“Sumo!! What a surprise–”

The smaller kid grabbed the other’s arm and pushed it with him. He had to do it because of the plan.

“What are you doin’..” He laughed.

“No time to explain, we gotta go to the shop and make you look cool after your date”

Clarence’s eyes widened. Did he hear date? Who was the one he was going to date?? He was really really confused by then, he started sweating a bit too.

The two kids arrived to the shop Sumo always went to buy cheap stuff, they came in and Clarence smiled, he liked that place tbh.The smaller gave the other lot’s of different options to try on, and they finally decided for one set; a greenish sweater, brown coat, dark pants and blueish shoes. It was really small for him but he still looked nice. After they bought the set, Sumo looked at Clarence.

“You’re ready. See you at my house at 6pm, i’ll be waiting for you!”

He ran away again, now going to Jeff’s house.

E.j Randell opened the door, smiling at the kid with her eyes and mouth. He did let him come in, so he went up to jeff’s room.

Knock knock

Jeff appeared throught the bedroom’s door, looking confused at his friend.

“What are you doing here, Sumo? Wasn’t the meeting at yOUR house?”

“It is at my house, i just wanted to tell you to dress up very nice, you’re gonna be surprised there…”

The square headed child looked even more confused now, crossing his arms as sumo talked.

“Okay…? I will, if that’s what you want somehow…”

“Great. See you there at 6pm!”

And sumo ran away again. He was already tired of hurring everything up, but he couldn’t stand to see his friends feeling bad. He went now to his house and prepared a tiny table with some flowers and two candles at each side of it.

The time passed and, exactly at 6pm, jeff arrived. He was wearing a light blue no-arm sweater and a white bluise, brownish pants and black shoes.

“Woah jeff, i thought i told you to dress nice.”

He said mainly to make him angry. Jeff instantly looked at him with a death glare.

“So, what are we going to d-”

The taller kid stopped talking as soon as he saw a person at the other side of the…garden. Could that be….Clarence?? He panicked. Why was clarence there, dressing THAT good?! He looked at Sumo and widened his eyes, again death glaring him.

“Oh! Hello guys!…haha jeff what’s that you’re wearing! You look like a gentleman!”

Jeff swallowed saliva and blushed. Sumo invited the two others to sit at the table he prepared before and as soon as they did, he left.

“S-sumo! Where are you going?!”

Jeff almost screamed.

“I have stuff to do so, you two stay there and eat that cheeto puffs next to the table! Don’t wait for me!”

He was gone now, and the other two kids stood silent. Jeff was feeling nervous, his hands and legs trembled as he tried not to look at clarence. They kept this silence for a while, until Clarence started talking.

“So Jeff, tell me, why are you dressed that way? You look cool!”

“UH, UM, i …i always dress up like this! Haven’t u noticed my fashion skills? ” he laughed.

“Haha, aw that’s great…”

Clarence grabbed the bowl of cheeto puffs and ate some of them, then looking at jeff and offering him some as well.

“Oh, no thanks… I’m okay”

He smiled then. This was weird and was making jeff more nervous than ever, you know, to be with your special someone all alone.

“S-so … Sumo told me you had something you wanted to confess to me”


“Yeah, is that true?”


The two of them stood silent again, now they were both nervous.

“I …also have something i’d like to tell you”

Jeff’s eyes opened like golf balls, he sweated and began talking again.

“What…is it?”

“You’d have to tell me first! Hehee”

Clarence giggled and eated another pile of cheetos. Then he looked at Jeff straight to the eye.

“Are you going to tell me, then?”


Jeff was really trying to do it, but the words couldn’t come out off his mouth. He panicked internally and began to tremble again. His cheeks turnt bright red, he was scared about saying it, but he also wanted to take that off his brain.


Clarence’s smile didn’t help at all, that made Jeff even more nervous and blushy. Why did he have to smile now! Now it would be even harder for him to tell him his feelings.


“Would you like me to say my secret first?”

“….would you?”

“Yeah, it’s okay!”

Jeff moved his arms to the bowl of cheetos and ate one out of nowhere. He chummed the orange puff and swallowed it. It wasn’t that bad, to be honest.

“The thing is……I like you, jeff”

The thin kid chocked. He was blushing harder that before and his heart began racing faster.


“I…think i …like-like you…”

Clarence smiled and blushed as he finished talking, he was free now, no more secrets.

At the other side, Jeff was red as a tomato, he had his whole body trembling. He couldn’t help but cry, after all, his emotions were flowing freely now.

“Oh my god, Are you okay Jeff?!”

Clarence stood up quickly and hugged Jeff. Caring his back.

“I’m sorry, i shouldn’t have said …that”

“N-no! It’s okay!”

They stared at each other for a while, eyes shining like stars.

“I… you too, Clarence..”

Jeff said, hugging the other harder and letting out a big sigh. The light haired one giggled happily.

After a moment, clarence sat in the other chair again, smiling at the other kid.

“I guess we…could start dating now…?”

“we’re 13…”

“I know, but i think it would be great!”

“Just if you want to….”

“Do YOU want to?”

he nodded.

“Then let’s do it”

The silent stare appeared again.

“…okay then”

Jeff blushed and hid his face between his hands. Clarence stood up and hugged him again, kissing his forehead softly.

“What do you wanna do now, b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d~?”

“AH! Stop it!!”

“Aw, so cute..”

They laughed and standed up, hugged and cuddled. They were happy after all !!

And there, Inside the house, Sumo was smiling, he really did a good job getting the two together.

The end.

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Do u have any written work of A+H? And I love your art btw and Haley and Vincent r so cute ⭐️:3

Aw thank you! And I do actually, but it’s just what I managed to finish for shortaki week. I got stuck on day four and then got busy so I sadly didn’t get to finish all the prompts. What I did finish is here:

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judy begging to stay the night with beth and daryl :)))

[Tiny Apartment Verse]

“Da-wul, Da-wul, Da-wul!”

Judith’s little chubby legs churned, the pitter patter of her feet echoing through the room as she ran towards the door and flung herself at Daryl, giving him just enough time to lean over and catch her as the door to the day care closed behind him.

Rising up with the little toddler in his arms, Daryl held her close and gave her a little smile. “Hey there, sugar. You have a good day?”

“Uh huh!” Her twin pigtails bounced as she exclaimed bright, “I drew Scwap ‘n Bethy hung up! An’ we had apples, an’ we sang, an’ Bethy said I have pwetty voice.”

“Well I reckon she’s right about that, sugar. You’ve got one of the sweetest voices I know, right next to Beth’s.” Speaking of Beth… as Judith babbled on in his arms, Daryl looked up to see her coming towards them, a smile on her face as she crossed the large open play area of the day care, hips swaying in her favorite jeans with her natural, graceful gait. Instantly he smiled. His gaze was riveted to her as if he didn’t get to see her like this every evening, didn’t get to fall asleep with her in his arms or wake up to the sight of her curled against him. She was the prettiest girl he’d ever known, and he’d never get enough of looking at her.

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