they r my joy

SakurAoi / AsaGami

playlist for aoi asahina x sakura oogami.

She - Dodie Clark

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Riptide - Vance Joy

Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pilots

Jelly Jelly - TWICE

Chewing Gum - That Poppy

let me know if you want anything changed!

( BONUS: Mischievous Kiss Opening)

( @wormykind )

- Mod Fukawa

a summary of my experience of JUPITER ASCENDING, the greatest cinematic achievement of our time
  • Mila Kunis, incredulously: Could this get ANY WEIRDER?
  • My friend, audibly: YES
  • Thirty-something dudes in front of us, appropriately: *HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER*
  • /scene