they r my joy


You did the hero gig? Tell me there’s a costume and you still got it.


Q: What’s Next For you?

A: The goal now is to earn money off of my music, and ultimately use that money to further invest in my craft, while striving to gain nationwide recognition for my talents as a singer. My song “Selfish” was released on May 5th 2017, and is well on it’s way to reaching 20K Plays on Soundcloud. It’s June 15, at the time of this interview, which means Selfish achieved a milestone for me in a little over a month’s time. Seeing that sort of reception proves to me, and everybody else for that matter that at the very least my work has market value.

Q: Wait, how come you weren’t able sell your music before?

A: Well, for starters I made 17 tracks in my career as a singer thus far. However I didn’t own any of the 17 instrumentals I sung over. They were all MP3 rips off of Sound-click, or Youtube. If I were to sell any one of those songs I would land myself into some deep legal trouble with the many different producers of those beats. That’s something I couldn’t afford so early on in my career. So instead I released those songs for free both as a labor of love, and a body of work that speaks to my creativity.

Q: So you’re making your own beats now?

A: I wish! Nah, I’m actually investing money into purchasing exclusive rights to instrumentals. Plus I also have an in-house producer who’s working with me on several projects. This just means I won’t be singing over MP3’s anymore, and instead I’ll have tracked out sessions for all my work. Unlike before I’ll now be able to edit every sound, and blend them perfectly with my vocals for an unprecedented, professional sound quality. This will be how it’s done from here on out. It’ll take me longer to release songs. But it’ll be worth it.

Q: Honestly the sound quality was my biggest critique of your previous work. I could always tell that you were able to sing really well. But the songs always felt like they could’ve been mixed better. is that a fair assessment of your work?

A: Yea, I’ll say that’s fair. I’ve always been aware of this draw back. This is a problem that presents itself when you sing over MP3s. My vocals can be buttery smooth in the recording phase, and mixing phase. But as soon as it’s time to master the track I get snagged on a rope. You see an MP3 is all the sounds that make up the beat on one track, and when you master a song you essentially edit your vice, and the beat at once. Usually the beat, and my vocal clash because for example the Hi-hat might be too high in a particular song. but lowering it also lowers a part of my voice, and I almost always have to reach a compromise on quality to prevent the beat, or my voice from sounding too harsh. So in the end It’s not something I’ll miss.

Q: Good! You deserve sound quality that matches your high skill set as a singer. Is there an Album, or an E.P in the works?

A: No album as of yet. But I am currently working on my very first completely original single. The song’s title is “Kawasaki.” It’s a trap, and R&B fusion record. In it I touch upon an array of topics like a bull shit record deal I was offered, where I come from, artistic independence, and my resistance to any negativity. This track hits real hard, you can bump it in your car, at a party, and anywhere else you’d like to get turnt. I’m actually glad it’s the first record I get to sell because I’m confident it will do extremely well.

Q: Well! That’s exciting, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait to hear that. Thank you for interviewing with me.

A: Thank you for having me!


Officer Yang Seungbae, coming soon to a uni near you

songs i believe will change your life

part 1 of 3 important musical alphabets

a: a moments grace, boy and bear
another love, tom odell
australia street, sticky fingers

b: be like you, ed sheeran
buy the stars, marina and the diamonds
bright blue eyes, nina nesbitt
backseat freestyle, kendrick lamar

c: cocaine lion, ball park music
colors, halsy
cosmic love, florence and the machine

d: drop the game, flume and chet faker
dust is gone, mø
do I wanna know?, arctic monkeys

e: everybody wants to rule the world, lorde
entropy, grimes and bleachers
explosions, ellie goulding

f: forever, haim
fallingforyou, the 1975
flaws, bastille

g: greatest prize, nat and alex wolff
growing up, alex g
global concepts, robert delong
ghost, halsey

h:, the 1975
heartstrings, leighton meester
hey ya, sarah blasko

i: i wanna get better, bleachers
if I could change your mind, haim
it will all end in tears, the drums

j: joy, ellie goulding
jack and jill, katie herzig
just for you, sticky fingers

k: kicks, fka twigs
kiss me, ed sheeran
kids, mgmt

l: lolita, lana del rey
love love love, of monsters and men
lyall, san cisco

m: my dear, kina grannis
masquerade, sleeping at last
my love, sia

n: neutron star collision, muse
never think, robert pattinson
numb, marina and the diamonds
no control, one direction

o: oblivion, bastille
old money, lana del rey
over you, ingrid michaelson

p: paper hearts, tori kelly
pendulum, fka twigs
past lives, børns
proof, alex g


r: red eye, vance joy
running if you call my name, haim
rollercoaster, bleachers
reflection, fifth harmony

s: say you love me, jessie ware
someone new, hozier
shades of cool, lana del rey
sweatpants, childish gambino

t: two weeks, fka twigs
the writer, ellie goulding
tough love, jessie ware
trouble (stripped), halsey

u: u r in love, taylor swift
unwritten, natasha bedingfield
use somebody, kings of leon

v: video games, lana del rey
v. 3005, childish gambino
video girl, fka fwigs

w: white blank page, mumford and sons
waiting game, banks
wash, bon iver


y: you break me, ed sheeran
youth, daughter
youth, foxes


God, humble me. Allow me to love others the way you love me.


I woke up this morning overwhelmed with love in my heart. Goodness, all I want to do is love on people…on my family, on my neighbors, my coworkers, my friends, and even you. My heart is overflowing with so much joy that I’ve literally been teary-eyed a l l  m o r n i n g.  Where does this joy come from? My Father. Oh my, how He really truly loves us. and OH HOW I LOVE HIM. My beloved Jesus. And I have the biggest urge to spread this love…because it. is. so. beautiful.

 St. Teresa of Calcutta puts it perfectly, “The success of love is in the loving- it is not the result of loving. Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person, but whether it turns out that ways or not does not determine the value of what we have done.”
May we love till it hurts! May we love until we are so broken of ourselves and our humanness that all we have left within us is Christ and His love pouring out through us.

“ Jesus what a Saviour
What a brother, what a friend
Lifter of the lowly
God You meet me where I am
Your heart, it knows
No borders, knows no walls
You’re constantly moving
towards me with open arms
I’ve never known a love like Yours”- Jesus What a Savior by Housfires